Emily B. Celebrates Her Birthday With Her Two Favorite Mobsters


We’d like to wish Love And Hip Hop star Emily Bustamante a belated happy birthday! We missed it yesterday, but that’s just because we knew she’d be posting great photos like this one from her birthday party that we’d have to post today, of course. Emily posed with her good pals Chrissy Lampkin and Mob Wives star Renee Graziano and captioned the photo “Me and my two favorite Mobsters lol.”
[Photo: Instagram]

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  1. tbanger says:

    Emily I had doubts about you on the show but you showed me different when you stuck up for Chrissy you won me with that one. I see your birthday just passed (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), and your in the picture with one of my favorite reality star Renee Graziano. Keep doing what your doing, be strong and stand firm on your decision with Fab,and be happy. Keep Chrissy close to you bcuz it seems like her friendship is real and she really loves you. O and now Kimbella see how it feels and from what I see she dont like it either? RIGHT!!

  2. Sweetsha says:

    Happy belated birthday Emily!!!! I love u girl! and your fav mobsters lol

  3. alissa says:


  4. sammi2971 says:

    Happy Bday Emily you were always my favorite then it is Chrissy love you both i wish you many more to come just leave everything in gods hand and it will work out. I would love to meet you one day I love you were the main reason I watched the just always keep Chrissy by your side bcause she’ll never leave you. Keep up the good work. You look nice in your picsand sorry Renee Drita’s is my favorite. You are a very beautiful woman just it worked out for Chrissy it will work for you.

  5. ihateghettopeople says:

    Emily, this season,you r sooo fake it hurts. I actually used to like you a lot but you have no backbone and you seem to always spin the truth for your benefit. Chrissy will stab you in the back and Fab if you keep justifying other peoples bad behavior. I do think you are a good person so I hope you get some courage to stand your ground. An intelligent person once said, If you cant stand up for something, you will fall for anything. p.s happy B-day

  6. Chrissy is too old says:

    It is very nice to see Emily B. happy and not sad. I think she deserve respect and she seems as if she is at peace, but lets please discuss Ms. Chrissy Lampkin or shall i say Ms. Immature Lampkin. She is way too old to act as a childish individual who needs to be redirected. Eventough she has a strong personality, she is missing a foundation which is clearly displayed this season. She needs to know that maturity is the key. She wants to dominate the show, but she is acting as if she is in high school wanting someone to take her side and her style (she was a former stylist) is horrible. She stated Yandy looks like a 12 yr old boy, but she look like a linebacker for the NY Jets with those manly shoulders. Chrissy is Jim Jones fiance, but she acts as she is his mother, manager, fiance, and more. She needs to play her position as a fiance and stop trying to be a control freak. Based on her behavior, no one would want to work with Jim Jones and his dominating fiance (who has no boundaries). This will really restrict their income. Fall back Ms. Immature Lampkin.

  7. NINA GROSS says:


  8. MeMe says:

    Chrissy..your the truth..Emily..true friend to Chrissy but don’t let Fab think he can do what he wants to you..you control “your life”..you don’t need a man to make you happy..you need a man that’s concerned about your happiness!!!

  9. Kala says:

    Jackie Christie is missing from the team of wannabe mobsters.

  10. LoLo says:

    Evelyn Lozada
    Chrissy Lampkin
    Jackie Christie
    Tami Roman

    VH1 show have a Reality Show with these females.

    The rating would blow off the roof top.

  11. dyan says:

    I wouldn’t want a friend like emily. I need for my friends to keep it real with me at all times. Not someone who will co-sign my insanity. If I’m making a fool out of myself, check me so I can make some corrections in my behavior. Friends should be offering one another some knowledge. That’s how we grow as human beings/ adults and learn about life on life’s terms. We surround ourselves with people who have something to offer us and that can help us to grow as individuals.

    Chrissy is clearly arrogant, mouthy, immature and very violent. She views everything someone does as disrespectful but thinks her response to it is acceptable. She’s always ready to fight because she thinks that’s the answer to every situation. I guess she never heard the old saying that”violence is a confession to igonorance”. Somone really ought to give her Dr. Phil’s number.