Renee Graziano Says She’ll Never Forgive Junior For His “Immense Betrayal” Of Her Family


We’ve been reporting on the devastating family situation Renee Graziano has been going through for the past few months as a result of her ex-husband, Junior Pagan, cooperating with the Feds and resulting in the recent arrest of her father, Anthony Graziano. Renee went to court earlier this week and reportedly broke down in tears at her father’s arraignment, and when the New York Post caught up with her the next day, she spoke out against Junior and held no punches.

“They’re in ‘the life’ with you one day, and then cooperating the next,” she said and explained that her son, AJ, has been taking the entire situation hard. “I won’t forgive [Pagan] for what he did to my son,” calling what he did an “immense betrayal.”

Pagan is currently thought to be in witness protection, and Renee admits that she “100%” would have told her father had she known that Junior was setting him up. The Post points out that since informants are the lowest life form in the organized crime world, a tip-off would have almost guaranteed that Junior himself may have been killed for cooperating.

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  1. vera hendon says:

    Renee, I know forgiveness is not in your vocab right now, but remember forgiveness is for your benefit not Juniors. He walks on being the crumb he is and you go on to heal… Sounds fair huh…. I pray you can move on because you deserve to be happy….

    Sending love and prayers your way,

    Vera Hendon

  2. Spookyrich says:

    Test Test Test

  3. Spooky Rich says:

    I really have so many thoughts about this show. First of all, I like Renee because I think she has a big heart. That said, how many times is she going to put her hand over the fire and then be surprised that she gets burned? I feel bad for her as she is soooo lost. She sees a shrink because nobody sees the “real” Renee yet any time something happens she immediately calls for her “mob backup”. She is not in the mob and is living this “life” because someone (her father) pretty much decided she would. Can’t have it both ways. You can’t turn your back on it when you are doing the self examination thing but then call on it anytime it is convenient. She also needs to learn not to use her house for parties as they will always only go one way. I know this latest party will not work out. If you are reading this YOU know it will not work out. How is it that she keeps saying YES to get togethers at her house?
    But wait there’s more…call now and we will double your order…er…forget it.
    Is it me or has the show lost it’s focus? Last week it’s Karen and Ramona having lunch, afternoon drinks, dinner (choose one) so they can do nothing but gossip about Drita & Carla. Then it’s Drita and Carla having lunch, afternoon drinks, dinner (choose one) so they can gossip about Karen and Ramona. Then it gets really good. Karen and Ramona having lunch, afternoon drinks, dinner (choose one) is joined by Renee so all 3 can gossip about Drita and Carla…but then it’s Drita and Carla having lunch, afternoon drinks, dinner (choose one) that are joined by Renee so all 3 can gossip about Karen and Ramona.
    Do I have that right? LOL
    Lastly…Karen and Ramona are making me get ready to tune out. They are all the “V” words I can think of… Vulgar, Vile, Venomous, Vapid, Violent. They live to have one violent in your face confrontation after another. The two of them put out so much negativity that you end up feeling bad by the end of the show. I want to see what happened when Renee learns about Jr. but after that I’m gone…if I have to watch any more of the Karen / Ramona venomous hatred I think I’m gonna whack myself.
    Anyway…my apologies to you guys for ranting like a lunatic on a Mob Wives blog site. I must have problems…love you guys
    Spooky Rich

  4. d'marie says:

    Very much agree KAREN & RAMONA are the Cancers of the group. They both act like street thugs, its rather disgusting to see their act. How tough they want to be portrayed, so this is the “life” of a mobster….maybe they should be on Thug life instead. And the show is called Mob Wives, I get Drita, Carla and Renee but Karen & Ramona??? It was her Dad, she is not a wife and Ramona cmon..her grandfather like really?? And speaking of being married into it and not born into it – it was your grandfather please not your father or your husband….They are the wannabe’s and really do not belong. Last season Karen was not like this billy bad ass this season she with Ramona she’s tough guy! Really like Drita, Renee and Carla and big Ang…do away with Ramona and maybe we can tolerate Karen then.

  5. evely valentin says:

    i dont blame you and i wouldnt forgive either stay strong girl

  6. Emily says:

    I don’t blame you Renee for being so upset…but this is the life you are in..try to put it in perpective..your ex is not good for you or your son..get past it.
    I actually am the biggest fan of Drita!!! she tells it like it is, pulls no punches (pun intended) haa and Karen is out to get her for the Lee thing..Karen always says it’s not about Lee..BUT it is all about the Lee thing!!! She will never get over that Drita and Lee were married and had children together. That is why she hates Karen..all because of jealousy. Karen should go back to Arizona and be with her daughter..NY is not a good place for her to raise a Arizona people don’t know all this stuff about her past and she should do what is best for her daughter instead of wanting to get back at Drita.
    Drita you have the funniest lines in this show..I love it when you called Karen and Ramona..(Fatal attraction and what was it you called Ramona??) I laughed my head off..
    anyway I love the show!!!

  7. anna doyle says:

    I field very bud for Renne I really like her very much she is a good person she remainds me of my
    self sometimes the people we love the most is the ones who does the worst warm…I field for
    Renne .Please try to stay stron is this dificult times do it for you & your son….. L, Anna

  8. RachelK says:


    I am so sorry you have to go through all of this emotional strain.

    Betrayal is so hard to forgive.

  9. Hal says:

    She should have known something was up because Karen Gravano is a convicted drug dealer out on probation. The feds don’t let convicted cons (her husband) associate with other know felons like her husband.did with convicted drug dealer Karen Gravano. And at all those parties too. Plus at those bars with other convicted felons from organize crime. They put convicted drug dealer out on probation Karen Gravano in there and let her “hang” with them on top of getting away with physical assaults plus threats for a reason, too.

  10. tonya says:

    Hi Renee

    I know it is hard but you are truly a good person and it is just time to believe that for yourself and hold your head up for that. An be proud that YOUR (RENEE GRAZINO) and that is all that matters. Cause no matter what roads our lives takes us down as long as you are behind the seat driving there is no stopping you from anything or anyone.

    love ya

  11. JARPINK69 says:


  12. Pat says:

    I feel so bad for Renee and her son. She loved Junior with all her being. She acts tuff but this is probally killing her. Worst of all things is a teenage boy now having to decide between father and grandfather.

  13. gayle says:

    sorry to read about your father, you should know that there are not many “stand up guy’s” left.
    I hope your son dosen’t suffer from the aftermath, with that being said, How can Karen even have a say.Karen was never married to a “made guy” sleeping her way w/whoever is not the same.I don’t know anyone who wants to read her book much less buy it.I think she should be careful of what she say’s there were alot of people hurt by what her dad said.
    I think you ROCK you will never get all the girls to make nice,but i do hope thatDidra kicks karens butt big time
    love from oregon

  14. M & M says:

    Am I the only sicko here who thought Junior was hot?

  15. Angel says:


    I cannot express how it must feel to have gone through a situation like this. Hopefully you have been able to keep your head up and move on with your life. You are a very strong woman and have good friends by your side to help you through. Embrace your family and forgive to let go of others that have done you wrong! Good luck lady with everything you must endure during this time.

  16. Marie says:

    I feel for Renee, it’s a double edge sword! Not only did her father get arrested but she lost the love of her life at the same time. Junior not only betrayed Renee by ratting out her father, as if thats not bad enough but to do that to there son??? He should be scared! he messed with the mother bear! I hope he finds a good hiding spot and stays there, because if the mob don’t get him Renee sure will! Renee is my all time fave on the show!!! I wish her nothing but the best! and I hope she can have some peace, love and joy in her life again!

  17. Fairjudgement says:

    You would think Karen and Ramona would not rat so much on friends but that’s all they do! Rat, rat, rat!!! Well Karen did learn it from her father so she’s a pro. I can accept Big Ang because she innocently points out the obvious she does not Rat! Renee hun Im so sorry for you what a blow! Drita take those babies to see their dad. And Carla why would you assume Renee knew about this whole bombshell it’s disgusting! Go wash your mouth out you little back stabber! Renee needs you now and you say this about her! Wow what a jerk!