Karen Gravano Talks Footwear, Skin Care, And Her Brand New Book On Big Morning Buzz Live


Mob Wives star Karen Gravano is having a busy week. Not only is she celebrating the fact that her book was released yesterday, but she was here in our Big Morning Buzz Live studio today to talk to Carrie Keagan about it! In the clip above, Gravano reveals her excitement about the book, but she also talks about how she’s not about to rest any time soon. In addition to being an author and starring on a hit show, she also plans to get back into the skin care industry by going back to her aesthetician roots, working with a plastic surgeon and developing a skin care line. In the TMI portion of the interview, Gravano admits that as a skin care professional, her favorite part of the job is blackhead extractions, so now you know something you never thought you’d know about this woman! Mob Wives airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and if you want the chance to win a copy of Gravano’s book, Mob Daughter, check out our trivia contest which is running all week here on the VH1 Blog.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Your character on Mobwives, if it is mostly true of your personalities, then, you are the least respectable… you pretend to cry and tell people they judge you for your father’s murders he committed. Yet on the show you are all about being tuff.. and Im coming for you.. your book is blood money from the victims families, and I say that because of the way you behave on the show. and you have a daughter .. shame on you ….you deserve respect from anyone. respect is earned . not demanded..

  2. Kelley says:

    Lisa……I couldn’t have said it better. Karen is trash and a wannabe gangster !!! I know her daughter is so embarrassed, poor thing.

  3. Stella Rose says:

    I am a big fan of Karen and was eagerly waiting for her book to be released…many good wished Karen and now let me order one..!!

  4. Sam says:

    I don’t know how she plans on tending to anyones skin care, she looks like a dog so I never let her even think about touching me. I don’t know anyone who wants to read her book and I think its funny that VH1 is GIVING it away. I think that she should focus on things other things like losing weight, or buying a car so she doesn’t have to drive in her broke friend Romona’s car, or maybe even trying not to start unnecessary drama with people. Her and her friend Romana should stop hating on Drita and Carla and focus on why they are both trying to be like Drita and Carla and understand the fact that they will never be in Drita, Carla, and Renee’s friend circle with big Ang. Karen is trash and her book is just a way for her to continue to live her gross life. Here’s a tip, stop meeting everyone to go out and eat and start exercising. Anyone else find it funny that she walks everywhere and she is still a tub of lard.

  5. Kelly Ferro says:


  6. Kelly F. CHICAGO says:

    Karen is a joke! What is the purpose of her book? We dont need to read your fabricated life story. Do you ever think about the victims families? It seems like you are trying to live a “life-style” that doesnt exsist anymore. Its pretty pathetic that you are trying to make a buck from your fathers criminal past in a book. You claim you grew up in the “lifestyle” but I highly doubt it because a real women would keep her mouth shut and not act like she’s from the streets of Compton (that cobra-necking is tacky).