New Friends Chris Brown And Ramona Rizzo Spotted Together


Two big things happened on Sunday night for Chris Brown. The first was the fact that he won a Grammy and performed in front of millions of people — some adoring fans, and some haters. The second was that on Mob Wives: The Sit Down, Ramona Rizzo said that Brown would be her celebrity hook-up if she had the chance. (Watch it here, that segment begins at the 15:36 mark.) Clearly, Rizzo falls into the adoring fan category, and if you watch the clip we linked to, you’ll see she’s also a fan of, uh, his Lil’ Chris Brown. So she must have been stoked to actually meet Brown this weekend, as you can see. We’re going to keep it classy though and not get into whether or not she met Lil’ Chris.

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  1. grownsomeoveries says:

    what happen to VH1 posting the episode 206 the facial one??? when are you going to post it???? yo post all the extra and not the actual show

  2. Bobby rovani says:

    Ramona Rizzo is not a real Italian with a real Italian, traditional upbringing. If she was, she would not be messing around with black men. The real mob would not allow this, she would be disowned from the family forever!

  3. kim says:

    what is that but i have to give cretek for the girl she is soooo

  4. staclnn72 says:

    WOW!!! Ramona thought you were about being with the REAL people, not the VIOLENT people. Chris Brown…woman beater/biter/unapologetic loser of the last few years….I had respect for you, but now that I see that you have NO SHAME in photographing yourself with this loser, I’m re-thinking you intelligence.

  5. lilmamabutterfly says:

    Ramona needs to sit down somewhere…can’t stand her!

  6. HUSTLERS WIFE says:

    Who said they were together!! people believe everything they read!! neither one of them has said that its a picture and Im pretty sure VH1 wrote that story soo think before you spkeak idiot!!! I think Ramona is one of the real ones people hate when people tell the truth!! if everybody else is talkin trash why cant she, she keeps it 100

  7. Linda Dewald says:

    Good, Let Ramona Rizzo go with Chris Brown and his crew. Maybe she will get her ass off Mob wives

  8. LadyLestat says:

    Good! She can go with Chris Brown, so that way if my girl Drita doesn’t tap that a** first he could do it. Instead of Drita splitting her lip next time it will be him.

  9. corcheezy215 says:

    say what u must………she made her decision and is unapologetic about it………..i know it hurts but all women gush over blackmen……….its just a fact………latina, ital, asian, white etc. etc……….so let the hating commence in 5,4,3,2…………