Suzie Ketcham On Basketball Wives: “Is God Producing This Show?”


Everyone knows that Suzie Ketcham can be unfiltered, to a fault. She’s gotten in trouble for saying things pretty much on every season of Basketball Wives, which is why she makes for such a fun interview. When I met with her in Miami, we talked about how she first got involved with the show in the first place (“[Evelyn] was like, you’ll get paid like $5,000. And I was like ‘Just for eating lunch?'”), her feelings on the show now, and how, in real life, her daughter is totally embarrassed by her. We also took a peek at the contents of her purse and found plenty of surprises inside. If you’re in the mood to be entertained, check out the five craziest quotes from our chat with Suzie, plus a discussion about her purse essentials.

1. She gets along with the whole cast these days

I’m cool with pretty much everyone. I’m just that type of person, I don’t like the tension and all that. And I think that means I can film with everyone so they use me as the connector. Last season that’s what they did and it was looking like I was running my mouth, but that’s just the role they use me in, and I got a lot of heat for that, but someone’s got to be there to bring everything together. How’s Jen going to know Eric approached Royce to be in his movie if I’m not the one telling her, you know?

2. On the reports that Evelyn and Royce might not return for a fourth season…

I would have been very surprised if Royce didn’t return just because, what else is she going to do? Evelyn, I wasn’t sure what she was going to do, if she would go on and do her own thing, but of course I feel like we need everyone. We need the core people because that’s what the show is. Without one of them, it’s gonna be like, things will have to change. For me, seeing other shows with the same formula that flop shows to me that people love our show and they can’t wait for our show to come back on. I don’t know what it is about our show and our group of girls, but it’s like magic. Even the first season, the way everything came together, I was like “Is God producing this show?”

3. She’s annoyed that everyone wears “Basketball Wives” earrings now.

Those big Basketball Wives earrings, they wear them on every show now! Love and Hip Hop, Tiny, it’s to the point where I don’t want to see those earrings anymore, it’s annoying. Everyone wears them.

4. Doing this show is like getting paid to have lunch.

I’m just doing it because…I don’t even know why! [Before the first season began] Evelyn was just like “Do you want to do it? All you do is come and eat lunch! And just talk!” And I was like “That’s it?” And she was like, you’ll get paid like $5,000. And I was like “Just for eating lunch?” So I think it’s strange that there were so many haters and then it became what it is.

5. She’s a totally embarrassing mom.

In real life I’m like, in sweatpants and slouchy sweaters. My daughter was like, “Oh my God mom, I’m so embarrassed when you come to my school,” and I’m like “Why?” and she’s so embarrassed, she’s like “You come to school looking like you’re homeless wearing a big sweatshirt with your hood on your head,” and I’m like “I just don’t want anyone to notice me!”

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