Basketball Wives Profile: Shaunie O’Neal Discusses Her Love Life and How She Enjoys Spoiling Her Kids


The matriarch, if you will, of Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal, may have created the show, but she says she’s still surprised by some of the things her fellow cast mates do, especially at reunions. “Things come out of people and I’m like ‘What? I never saw that side of you!’” Shaunie tells us.

Shaunie also opens up about her personal life in this exclusive interview, talking about her boyfriend and her kids. “Yes, Marlon is still around, we’re kickin’ it,” she tells us. Watch the entire clip above and learn all about Shaunie before the big season premiere of Basketball Wives on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. shaniqua says:

    hi shaunie, i like tht u are laid back n not in the mist of some of the messy drama thats going on the show.

  2. L2 says:

    STOP THE MADNESS! This show is horrible. No story line just a bunch of women disrespecting each other.

  3. Mrs_panamenian says:


    Thank you so much for the nonsense that your show is bringing us, really the show should be called basketball ex because noone there is marry to an athletic just find someone better to produce than so much BS

  4. tbanger says:

    I think your fake and your show is a waiste of airtime. Like they said no one on the show is really a basketball wife, not even you. Fire this cast completely or better yet why don’t you ask the producers to colab with Love&Hip-Hop and see what will happen then? Bottom line your phony and a trouble maker. The women don’t see that your causing fights so your show can get ratings(which I don’t think this season is gonna be so successful) and you feed your family at their exspense. CANIVING!!!

  5. Seriously says:

    Seriously? Shaunie, you are at best a joke. You manipulate situations between the other ‘jackasses’ on the show so that they will have confrontations. Yes, I said ‘other’ jackasses, because you my dear are the ringleader. I watched last nights premiere hoping that this season would offer some maturity… not. Evelyn and Tami are still thugs, Jennifer is still fake, Susie is still stuck on stupid and you are still pimping other people for your own financial gain. And what’s really funny, none of you are basketball wives… not even basketball girlfriends. If I may, here’s a suggestion, ask ‘Hoopz’ to be on your show, she’ll bring some class and she really is a basketball girlfriend. She lives with this guy Shaquille. Oh, but you probably knew that. Smooches

  6. Audrey Brown says:

    Shaunie, the show is called BASKETBALL WIVES – 4REAL – who is a basketball wife??????? Not even YOU

  7. Em says:

    Seriously, your cast could be alot better than what you’ve chosen. These women have add no substance to your show at all. Kudos to Jennifer, Royce, and the new castmate Kesha. I am so disappointed in Tami. Tami came on the show one way, angry yes, past issues yes, hurt, and betrayed yes, but she constantly along with Evelyn likes to fight. These two give black women a bad name. They are not good for this show at all. Not at all. Evelyn and Tami has such a fowl mouth. I hope and pray Chad doesn’t marry this girl. She is so childish. I feel bad for both Tami and Evelyn daughters. Their children seem to be so much more mature than they are. Truly unbeleivable. There is life after Basketball Wives. Money isn’t everything.

  8. charlene williams says:

    More ratings….Tami verses Kenya…..hmmm …that would be interesting and exciting

  9. smiles13 says:

    Shaunie, I am so disappointed in basketball wives, its unreal. I can’t believe all of you (minus Royce & Keisha) claim to be “ladies with class” but yet they only thing you know what to do is fight?? Authorities should be involved every time one of your so-called exwives assault and/or steal from another. Tami & Evelyn have no right to demand respect when they don’t even respect themselves. I would truly enjoy the show without those two. I haven’t cared for Tami since she started much drama on the Real World. Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself as well for allowing and participating such hateful and unacceptable behaviors. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. I only everyone’s daughters do not watch the show.