Evelyn Lozada Talks About Her Miami Style And Her Plans For The Future


When I visited Miami recently, I got the opportunity to hang out during the filming of a scene from Basketball Wives featuring Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham. (I may have even walked past a camera, so fingers crossed I’ll get an onscreen debut this season.) After her scene was over, I sat with Evelyn for a few minutes to grab some photos and talk to her about her crazy, busy schedule these days. Up until two weeks ago, Evelyn was shuttling back and forth between Miami and Massachusetts to maximize the amount of time she spends with fiance Chad Ochocinco, and while he might be in the off-season now, Evelyn’s fourth season of Basketball Wives is only just getting started. Here’s our chat, along with some great photos of Ev from that day.

What’s the difference between your Miami look compared to when you’re elsewhere, like in New York or New England?

It kind of depends on the weather. When I’m up in Boston, I’m usually in Uggs and jeans.

Do you have a favorite designer?

You know what? I like a little bit of everything, I like high and and low. The dress I have on now (pictured) is like $80, but I like anything from Alexander McQueen of Gucci or Diane von Furstenburg. If I’m on a budget, I’ll hit up some boutiques in Coral Gables. I like Nordstrom, too.

Do you enjoy doing photo shoots?

I like the final product, I like seeing the photos, but I don’t like all the prepping, just because it’s part of our lives now. Getting glammed up takes time. We’ll be in hair for an hour and makeup for another hour.

When you’re filming, do you always have a hair and makeup person, or do you do any of it yourselves?

It depends, last season I had a little bit of both, this season, I have a makeup artist doing it for almost all my scenes.

What are some of your must have items you keep with you at all times?

My phones, my wallet, my charger, my sunglasses, my earpiece, and lip gloss.

Can you talk about some of the business ventures you’re working on these days?

I have my book deal, I’m doing a makeup line. Because of the show, so many people were interested in my makeup. I have a vodka deal, I’m going to start making maxi dresses, they’re going to be affordable, nothing too high end, but I want viewers to feel like they’re a part of Evelyn and the show. Me and my girlfriend Theresa, she’s Bow Wow‘s mother, we’re going to design them. She has a really good sense of style and I believe in her. But it takes some time.

Maxi dresses are so Basketball Wives, it makes sense that someone’s selling them, finally.

Yeah, I think a lot of the ladies, if you do watch the show, you do want to find cute maxi dresses, especially in Florida, they’re everywhere.

Where are you living currently?

I live between Boston and here now. I just flew in from Boston and I’ll be back and forth at least till February.

Is any of this season going to take place in Boston at your home up there with Chad?

It’s hard for him because his coach is so strict and he wants him to be focused just on football, which is understandable, he runs a tight ship and Chad’s going to respect that, and me too. That should be first. But maybe we’ll shoot at home, but we just have an apartment up there, it didn’t make sense to buy this big house since we’re not sure what the future holds.

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  1. edie jones says:

    I love your fashion sense when it comes to shoes. I looked up your website and the shoes are gorgeous, but they are so pricey. I wish you would make a line that is more affordable to the average woman. And make some that dont have such a high heel. Some women, like me, like a nice, classy shoe in a lower heel, like maybe a three inch for us more curvy women.

  2. Hate Evil says:

    Damn Evillynyou look old and ugly from the side! Chad must be desperate for some fame!

  3. nrosa says:

    you leave me lost for words, I just want to say. you make all latinas look bad and an embarrasment to all latinas, including your own daughter. Its a shame you have such a bad character that all you can bring to a show is Drama and ignorance. I finally quit the watching the show. you are disgusting.

  4. L2 says:

    I use to love the show until african american females were portrayed negatively on your show. The disrespect and fighting does not dipict our lives and should not be allowed to continue. I know you say if you don’t like it don’t watch. Guess what, I won’t watch it and will encourage all of my friends to stop watching as well. If you looking for a good example of how women with money and class behave check out The Housewives of Beverly Hills. Evelyn you are setting an example for your daughter and your fiance’s kids, what a mess.

  5. Sailay says:

    Why is Jen so upset that Evelyn is going to marry an athlete? To each is own. Just because your marriage didn’t. last, oh well. You should still be in her corner, whether you like who she’s with or not. If that’s your girl. As long as she is happy, that’s what really matters. I can see why Evelyn would be upset, but at the same time it’s not that crucial.

  6. monica says:

    When u know how 2 fight, u don’t throw bottles!! Evelyn should have put that energy into fighting when Tammi put her hands on her…not that mess with Jennifer. But I do think Evelyn has tried to be a loyal friend…Jennifer should not discuss their business with anyone. Furthermore, the only Basketball wife that can really get down is Malaysia…she only fights to defend herself…no ridiculous antics like jumping over tables and throwing drinks.

  7. Mrs_panamenian says:

    Evelyn, what would a woman do to make money? Hoping that ur behavior isn’t to make the show hot because u getting look like the 50 yrs old woman that embarres herself

  8. Babygirl41099 says:

    You are a hot mess. You are to old to be acting like you do.

  9. beautifulNclassy says:

    Im not sure if you even see the show after you film BUT I recommend you see how UGLY you behave and are!!! Im so sad for your daughter!!! Your are a very poor nasty example of a mother. Its not tough its ugly and it makes you look ugly!! Why must you jump around like a monkey throwing things and gettign physical like your a gorilla!!! Your a mom a woman not an animal. I feel so sorry for you your mom and your daughter. You dont scare me you embarras me to even be in the same gender. SAD SAD SAD your UGLY and not tough nor beautiful. UGLY UGLY UGLY gorilla!!!!

  10. Tanya Jones says:

    Evelyn is a very passionate person that loves hard and value loyalty with her friends. She could have been exposed Jennifer for the trick that she is but she kept all her secrets to herself. All she want is loyalty in return. Its no telling what Evelyn knows about Jennifer but she remains loyal to her. I think being that Jennifer isn’t loyal like Evelyn is a big problem. Accept her fiance and keep it moving. Evelyn is super cool until you cross her! So yall quit hating on Ev. And the reason she is clowning so bad is because she’s hurt by Jen ole boogie ass!

  11. Entertained_by_BBWives says:

    Big Ev,

    You look great in this photo shoot. Too bad when you open your mouth, the beautiful picture is ruined.

    I just watched the first episode of season 4 tonight and I must say you did NOT disappoint. Unfortunately, you disappointed yourself with your immature and crass behavior. Chad must be terribly embarrassed of you. He has afforded you an extravagant lifestyle with fine clothes, shoes, jewels and cars, but even all of those “things” cannot make you a lady. Jay Z said it perfectly…”you can buy school, but you can’t buy class”. Don’t you get it? By being engaged to Chad, you are on probation. Too many missteps and he won’t marry your a$$. Chad is an esteemed professional football player. Marrying you…will tarnish his image.

    In watching the previews for this upcoming season, the thing that is most alarming about your behavior, is how you choose to resolve all of your issues with your fist. Did you not learn from watching Tami last season? Sadly, you have taken her title of ghetto bird by trying to fight everyone. It is so sad to watch you make a mockery of yourself on national television.

    In closing, it is very apparent why you have chosen to not forgive Jen and discontinue your 10-year friendship. You now have a “man” by your side, so you feel you don’t need your girlfriends anymore. I truly hope your marriage with Chad is fulfilling and enduring because if it is not…you will be left with ZERO girlfriends and completely alone.

    BTW, that comment you made tonight “if you’re not my friend, you’re my enemy” is probably the most insensible thing I’ve heard this year. Keep the silly comments coming. They are quite entertaining.


  12. Unique Woman says:

    Evelyn, the way you handled that situation was horrible. I understand and would be upset if my friend posted a blog about me. However, when you sat to talk with Jen, your attitude was wrong. I would have reacted the same way Jennifer did because you appear to me to be a “bully.” You said some things out of your mouth. You did criticize Jen when she was with Eric. Now, you want to be the married one. When Jen was married, you wanted her to act as if she was single. Look at the other site. You are wrong and evil. Jen should knock you out. Acutally Jen has been in a higher social and financial class well before you (she grew up in it)., So what did you mean, you’re not ready for this? You need to realize where you came from before you open your mouth. I have no respect this type of behavior.

  13. hope says:

    evelyn are you serious, I’m waiting to hear something really really bad happened between you and jen, and all I heard was a bunch of childish bull you are to grown for that, you and jen have been friends for over a decade and you can’t respect her opinion, you don’t have to like it but the silly reaction is unnecessary, it’s just her opinion, I do understand that you all need to get off of that social media talking about each other like children, grown people talk to each other, your about to get married you have a child and your daughter acts more mature than you, get over yourself and make up with your friend, stop letting other people attack her, she did not deserve that, I may not watch this season just because of that, you don’t have the right to put your hands on anybody, now grow up, get married, and get your fried back, it’s pathetic!!

  14. kim says:

    I think what reality show cast have been saying is true,That is the producers stir up the drama between different cast members.I remember the beginning of last season when Jen told Evelyn how she felt about her dating Chad,Evelyn seem to except Jens opinion about Chad.They squashed it and moved on.Then at the end of last season the producers seem to me that they tried to reintroduce it.Look, Evelyn friends should be able to voice their opinions to their friends,as long as it’s not disrespectful.You and Jen are grown women you should not let a man come between you.I read somewhere that Evelyn got a little jealous because Jen had started to hang out with some new famous friends like NeNe Leaks,Toya carter and some others.Evelyn Jen was there when you went through all your trials and tribulations with your last relationship she just does’nt want to see you hurt again.You can’t blame a friend for that.Evelyn your not going to marry anyone if you don’t stop behaving so ugly, don’t forget you reap what you sow!

  15. Khandi says:

    Evelyn is a sad case of ignorance. I can’t believe this trashy woman is a mother to a college student. Everyhting about her trasy. This really proves money can’t buy you class, as far as her style, she looks like a regular women who likes fashion, there is nothing special about her. What she needs to do is get her family out the hood.

  16. Jennifer says:

    While her behavior is less than desirable, love her or hate her, Evelyn always looks great on the show! Hair, makeup, earrings and her bomb ass SHOES are on point.

  17. DiamondsForever says:

    Evelyn please go away and marry your hubby to be so we can get some class acts on basketball wives. If you are not done you should be, even the ones that loved you before are having second thoughts and want you to take your fighting ass back to the hood.

  18. Lauren says:

    Evelyn you need to really stop acting crazy and get your friend back. Forgive and forget and move on. You are really going to regret your actions one day. That’s not cool throwing bottles and jumping on tables you look really mental. Stop doing that!

  19. Yolie says:

    Evelyn, you’re a poor class of a woman and I can see why your daughter wanted to attend college far away from you. I’m sure she’s embarrassed to call you mom and you’re hood rat mentality will get you taken care of if you don’t change your ways.

  20. Yvette Brown says:


    I just watched the last episode of Basketball Wives!! I’m done. To continue to watch you is embarrasing. Your dirty mouth and ghetto actions is more than anyone can stand. Are you on drugs?!? What is your problem? Do you watch yourself on TV? and PLEASE don’t represent yourself to be associated with Boston. I look forward to the Patriots letting Chad go and you can follow him back to wherever!

  21. tica1960 says:

    Oh, my God, Evelyn grow the hell up. I do not like to fight, but this girl who is just like you came up in my face and came after me. I tried to walk away because I knew it was a waste of time. Putting her hands on my was and experience she will never forget, and I hear she keeps her mouth shut now. The moral of my story is, is that you will meet your match, you will meet that one woman who will not tolerate your immature, ignorant ass. This woman will put you in your place, trust me. I then know that you will not come back for the 5th season. You are not embarrassing the other women, you are an embarrassment to yourself. A Therapist should be your next move. You are not a nice person.

  22. mrsrosser1 says:


  23. C-Love says:

    I have been watching the show since season 1 but I’m not feeling what I have been reading and seeing! Evelyn I used to really like you but this temper is just too dam crazy. Girl you need to really get a grip on what matters in life and besides……your ass is too old to be doing all that arguing and fighting, boo boo that ain’t cute by no means and you are a pretty lady so you need to act like a lady. You need to concentrate on your man and family……you should be grown enough to have friends, associates, and enemies, not friends or enemies. Let’s grow up this season please………

  24. sharon says:

    Hello Evelyn, I think its time for a little botox between the eyebrows and to the forehead because when you talk and express yourself those lines come out full force. Noticeably, this side pic is exposing the wrinkles and ageing. Maybe you should go a little softer on the arguing and fighting. They say that kind of thing promotes lines and wrinkles…. Lol! Well wishes to you and yours.

  25. Robyn says:

    Evelyn, I guess every show needs a no class chick that will do anything to get what she wants. Shame on you Eve. You used to be my girl. Now you are just cheap trash that needs to be taken out. You are so stylish and pretty until you open your mouth. Buy some class and some respect for yourself. I feel sorry for you daughter. Evelyn you are setting an example for your daughter or do you even care because you are trying to get your next dollar or snap shot. Get over yourself, that body is looking 30, but that face is looking 50 !!!!!!

  26. shay says:

    WHERE CAN I GET THIS DRESS???????????????????????

  27. Creolegirl says:

    Whew girl that side view is something honey….her sense of style is about the only thing i can stick up for…..I always love the Maxi dresses she wears, cause down here in the South it gets hot and those dresses are cute and comfoy and you can stay cool while looking cute. That’is’all…