Evelyn Lozada Talks About Her Miami Style And Her Plans For The Future


When I visited Miami recently, I got the opportunity to hang out during the filming of a scene from Basketball Wives featuring Evelyn Lozada and Suzie Ketcham. (I may have even walked past a camera, so fingers crossed I’ll get an onscreen debut this season.) After her scene was over, I sat with Evelyn for a few minutes to grab some photos and talk to her about her crazy, busy schedule these days. Up until two weeks ago, Evelyn was shuttling back and forth between Miami and Massachusetts to maximize the amount of time she spends with fiance Chad Ochocinco, and while he might be in the off-season now, Evelyn’s fourth season of Basketball Wives is only just getting started. Here’s our chat, along with some great photos of Ev from that day.

What’s the difference between your Miami look compared to when you’re elsewhere, like in New York or New England?

It kind of depends on the weather. When I’m up in Boston, I’m usually in Uggs and jeans.

Do you have a favorite designer?

You know what? I like a little bit of everything, I like high and and low. The dress I have on now (pictured) is like $80, but I like anything from Alexander McQueen of Gucci or Diane von Furstenburg. If I’m on a budget, I’ll hit up some boutiques in Coral Gables. I like Nordstrom, too.

Do you enjoy doing photo shoots?

I like the final product, I like seeing the photos, but I don’t like all the prepping, just because it’s part of our lives now. Getting glammed up takes time. We’ll be in hair for an hour and makeup for another hour.

When you’re filming, do you always have a hair and makeup person, or do you do any of it yourselves?

It depends, last season I had a little bit of both, this season, I have a makeup artist doing it for almost all my scenes.

What are some of your must have items you keep with you at all times?

My phones, my wallet, my charger, my sunglasses, my earpiece, and lip gloss.

Can you talk about some of the business ventures you’re working on these days?

I have my book deal, I’m doing a makeup line. Because of the show, so many people were interested in my makeup. I have a vodka deal, I’m going to start making maxi dresses, they’re going to be affordable, nothing too high end, but I want viewers to feel like they’re a part of Evelyn and the show. Me and my girlfriend Theresa, she’s Bow Wow‘s mother, we’re going to design them. She has a really good sense of style and I believe in her. But it takes some time.

Maxi dresses are so Basketball Wives, it makes sense that someone’s selling them, finally.

Yeah, I think a lot of the ladies, if you do watch the show, you do want to find cute maxi dresses, especially in Florida, they’re everywhere.

Where are you living currently?

I live between Boston and here now. I just flew in from Boston and I’ll be back and forth at least till February.

Is any of this season going to take place in Boston at your home up there with Chad?

It’s hard for him because his coach is so strict and he wants him to be focused just on football, which is understandable, he runs a tight ship and Chad’s going to respect that, and me too. That should be first. But maybe we’ll shoot at home, but we just have an apartment up there, it didn’t make sense to buy this big house since we’re not sure what the future holds.

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