Basketball Wives 4 – Episode 1 – “I Can’t Believe It, Evelyn And Jennifer May Not Be Friends Anymore!”


Welcome back, Basketball Wives! We’ve missed you, we’ve missed the drama, we’ve missed those frenemy-ships, and or course, we’ve missed Suzie being Suzie. In this case, Suzie being Suzie involves inappropriate public displays of mimed pepper mill molestation. What else did you expect?

The episode beings pleasantly enough. Sure, in the “Last season on…” we were reminded that Evelyn and Jennifer has their differences last year, but I thought they resolved all of that in an Italian hotel room while Jennifer cried and Evelyn still half-watched TV while lying in bed and accepted Jen’s apologies.

I really never would have imagined that they could have backtracked to the point where Evelyn threatened to punch Jen in her “mother-f—ing face” right there in front of everyone. But we’ll get to that. Let’s begin with the pleasantness.

Evelyn is meeting with Diane Valentine, the world’s most appropriately-named wedding planner. Evelyn wants her family, specifically the five children she and Chad have from previous relationships (no Pepe and Esteban for them just yet), to be the focus of the wedding. Not the focus of the wedding: bridesmaids.

“I only want the people who have been positive from day one to attend our wedding,” she says, which means, obviously, no Jennifer.

Jennifer and Suzie are both living in New York at the moment and meet up for drinks to set up the fact that Jennifer hasn’t spoken to Eric since their drink-toss disaster (“What kind of man throws drinks?” Suzie asks, scoffing at Eric’s behavior. Yeah! What kind of man throws drinks?? I guess just the kind of man who hangs around women who throw drinks.) nor has she spoken to Evelyn for who-knows-how-long?

Evelyn meets up with Tami to tell her the exact same thing about her friendship with Jennifer, that it has pretty much run its course and she’s made no attempt to get in touch with her. Tami is genuinely disappointed by this news,

but Evelyn doesn’t care anymore. Her feelings on Jennifer are thus: Just do you, girl. Just. Do. You.

It wouldn’t be Basketball Wives without some fresh blood to be put to the test. Last season, obviously, Meeka was not a welcome visitor, but so far, Royce seems to have befriended Kesha.

“You’re like a breath of fresh air,” Royce tells Kesha who, despite being engaged and then left at the altar, seems down to earth and has a lot in common with Royce. Royce has also befriended a jacket from Michael Jackson’s blue period.

Before Kesha can meet the other women, she takes Royce to meet Kenya, whom she has known since both of their significant others played ball together. Kenya is a singer, a shoot-for-the-moon type whose goal is to win a Grammy. Forget that she hasn’t actually released any music yet, but at least she has goals.
Kesha and Kenya have yet to meet the other women, and they are dying to know how Royce feels about everything, but Royce doesn’t want to cloud their brains with all her own bad experiences, so she pleads the fifth and tells them to form their own opinions. “You’ll see,” she says. “You’ll see.”

These lips are locked.

Hopefully Kesha will not pull a Meeka and immediately start turning around and talking to everyone behind everyone else’s back.

First, Kesha eases into “the circle” by meeting Suzie. “Kesha walked in and my first impression was ‘Wait a minute, this doesn’t look like a Kesha,’ and she sounds like a redneck hillbilly,” Suzie says. Suzie can deny that she has foot-in-mouth disease all she wants, but I think from this statement, we can all confirm that diagnosis.

Suzie and Kesha swap stories about the dating scene (“Dammit! I’m going to be forty in seven years!” Suzie says, not realizing she’s the unironic version of Sally in When Harry Met Sally) and then Kesha wonders how she’ll fit int the circle because, she says “I’m a drama-free person. I’m sweet and I’m southern, but people are not going to walk all over me and disrespect me.” Kesha seems to like Suzie up to this point but (there’s always a but on this show), the next time they meet, with Jen and Kenya thrown in the mix, things get turned on their head. Did I say head? Sorry, that must have been Suzie’s influence.

When Kesha meets Jen, her first impression was…not great “I’ve never used this word, ever. But Jen is the epitome of bougie.”

Her second impression was that she felt like Jen wanted to be impressed. “She gave the overall feeling of Kenya and I are there to prove we’re cool enough,” she explained.

Then there was Suzie, who gave a full-on demonstration of how to please a man by miming a waiter using a pepper mill.

That made the new girls uncomfortable.

The newbies, still on their whirlwind tour of meeting people, are whisked off to lunch with Royce and Tami next, where they regaled Tami with their tales of their bougie/blow-jobby night with Jennifer and Suzie. Kenya claims that she loves bougie, so therefore she loved Jen, and Tami agrees that “she got bougie covered.” When Tami reports back to Jen and Suzie, they both take offense to everything the new girls said, even though it was all, you know, the truth. I mean, look at this. It’s a lil’ boug.

“Jen, you are bougie, girl. It’s not like they were lyin’!” Tami says.

There’s a common theme, and I wonder just how much it will stick this season, and that is the theme of forcible peace. See, everyone seems to take the same “It is what it is” attitude when it comes to their relationships with everyone else, but on Basketball Wives, just like on Scooby Doo, no one gets away with anything, and it’s all because of a few meddling kids. The kids in this case are Suzie and Tami. Suzie wants to get Jen and Royce together because I think she feels like since they’re both estranged from Evelyn now, they’ll be able to talk again. And Tami wants Jen and Evelyn to get together because they’ve been close for over a decade and it just seems wrong that they’re drifting. “Y’all are the weirdest best friends I have ever seen like, in my entire life,” Tami says she wants everyone to get together in a group because she doesn’t want this to be a she said/she said situation, she wants everyone to hear everything from both sides. Jen is open to that, but as you can see, when everyone does get together…It blows up.

Finally, the core group, the inner circle, including Shaunie (welcome to the show, Shaunie!) gets together to learn just what is at the root of the Evelyn-Jennifer tension.

Evelyn explains that after their trip to Rome, she read a blog post that Jennifer wrote that said something to the effect of “How could Evelyn say I chase the same type of men? How could she say such a thing?” and Evelyn, who was already heated to begin with but is getting more heated by the second, says “That means that I’m a liar, right?” Jen pawns that off saying her publicist wrote that blog post, and Evelyn says “You think it’s real smart to have people writing stuff for you that you don’t approve?” and Jen basically fails to see what the big deal is. “I’m really not worried about blogs, I’m probably sipping champagne on a yacht somewhere,” Jen “How dare anyone call me bougie?” says.

“What do you want from me, Evelyn? Do you want an apology?” Jen asks, and she’s also getting pretty heated at this point, but she’s not like, going crazy or anything. But Evelyn doesn’t like what she’s hearing and tells her, “Jennifer, tone it down, I’m going to punch you in your motherf—ing face.”

“I don’t know if it’s with malice or if Jennifer’s just stupid.” “My thing is this: We don’t have to be friends but we don’t have to be enemies.” Jennifer says.

“You’re not my friend. You are my enemy,” Evelyn replies. As Jen cries, Evelyn tells her “Take your crocodile tears and go talk to your publicist.”

“You’re a mean bitch, Evelyn,” Tami tells her.

Your intentions were noble, Tami, but…So much for making peace.

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  1. all says:

    I just wanted to say that no, I dont know any of the women on basketball wives However, from what I’ve seen on several episodes is Evelyn is such a bully and thinks she can beatup the world.
    WHAT A HOT HEAD! i’ll pray for her she really has issues!!!!!!

  2. Bri Cokley says:

    Hi, I used to be a big fan of this show until tonight. I was anticipating for the season to start and was so excited when i finally saw the previews for it, BUT when it came down to actually watching the show, by the time it went off, i was absolutely disgusted. I was so dissappointed with what i saw from evelyn, because i was #team evelyn all the way. I bought her shirt and and i was behind her all the way but after seeing the first episode and the previews for what’s coming next i’m just absoluetly disgusted, i could tell she had a temper and what ever, that was fine with me, but seeing how she’s going to be acting in the next episodes, im ready to return my shirt or just burn it because i do not condone behavior like that. and here’s the thing i’m only 16. This show is not being good role models for young black girls or anyone else. I have never been disgusted by someone that i have never meet but liked so much. #get it together

  3. lynn says:

    Its sad that evelyn and and jenn are not friends anymore. but they don’t have to be enemies, tammy pretends that she is upset about the situation. but she is NOT, all i can say is i really hope this marriage to cinco works out. because evelyn nose is wide open and she has it on lock for now.lets just show maturity this season ladies. evelyn calm your ass down, stop being such an animal fighting makes you look ugly and unlady like. think about your daughter the shame you bring to her.

  4. Lisa says:

    You know what they say “A friendship that can end never really began.” Evelyn seems like a miserable person. All these women seem to old to have these high school fights.

  5. Tamika says:

    I still don’t see the reason why grown women in their 30′s or 40′s or however old they are can’t agree to disagree and move forward. Jenn seems to be making an effort but it Evelyn just likes to hold on to drama to make her self relevent. So what if Jenn has an opinion with regards to who her BFF is engaged to, she is entitled to her opinion and Evelyn does not have to like it, but at least she should respect it an move forward. In the end, Evelyn will find that Jennifer’s comment about Chad is sooo true. Team Jennifer!

  6. Evonne says:

    I just watched the new episode of Basketball Wives and I am truly disgusted with it. I wonder why VH1 keeps running this mess. It’s an embarassment to African American women who take pride in themselves, their fellow sistas, and their heritage, to see them on national television disrespecting themselves and their fellow sistas. Tami and Evelyn are haters. Jen should count her blessings that Evelyn no longer wants to be friends with her. And I could tell when Tami asked Keysha if she was white that she wasn’t going to like her. Tami is rude, obnoxious, disrespectful and has a very nasty mouth. These two new young ladies would do well to stay out of the gang and go their separate ways. I’m liking Royce more and more. I don’t blame Gloria, Laura and Meeka for not wanting to do this show another season because it’s a hot mess. If all this cussing and name calling keeps up I’m going to stop watching myself. I’m currently hanging by a thread. This show has got to get better or my lady friends and I will stop watching. Get some class ladies. And Evelyn jumping up on that table at the end of the circus was truly GHETTO! These famales’ children should be a shamed of their mothers!

  7. rodmanXXX says:

    I was eager to see the the new episode start, I just wish the entire first show would have went gone firgt free. Starting the new season with numerous arguements and fights makes for a good show, but makes our people, black people look like thats all we do. I love tammy’s straight up here I am, what! attitude. That’s sexy, she’s sexy.
    Evenlyn should not throw a 10+ frienship away. Atleast be sociable if nothing else, but she’s being a ride and die chick for her man. I don’t think it will last because of him, but she is sticking with her man and all guys want a woman like that.

  8. Janet says:

    Evelyn is getting on my nerves, she is a very beautiful woman but her mouth makes her look like trash. It’s funny watching these kind of shows because where I’m from we fight first and talk later. X out all the name calling, those are fighting words. When we fought we fought like soldiers not with all that pulling hair and scratching. I can’t take watching this show, it make me want to jump through the T.V….. Buuuutttttttttttt, as older women its time to pull up and be mature….. I guess if you all be mature Baskestball Wives would not have any views.

  9. Joanne says:

    I watched the previous seasons of Basketball Wives for entertainment. The episode featured tonight was disgusting.These females are too old to be acting like they are acting. No wonder none of them have a man! And I’ll believe Ochocinco will marry Evelyn when he actually does. Evelyn is a gold digger and Ochocinco knows it. Tami and Evelyn need to be in an insane asylum because they are both too short-fused. My 9 year old, who is hot tempered, has more self control than Tami and Evelyn. Last season I thought these females were beautiful! Tonight, all I saw was ugly!!!!!!
    They need to get it together and take lessons on trying to act mature before they appear on national television again. Shaunie, what gives. I always saw you as having class. Your show is proving the opposite. Royce is the only one who is genuine. Jennifer: News Flash! When someone is so quick to give up on a ten year friendship then flies over the table to sucker punch you, that person was never a friend. Let if go! You’ll be better off. And stop allowing Tami to manipulate you into keeping the mess going! When you let go, let go for good! I am no longer a fan of Basketbell Wives!

  10. Ms M. says:

    I knew that Jennifer would eventually find out what a non factor Evelyn really is. I just hate it took so long. Evelyn seem to hate Jennifer so bad and Jennifer has not done half as much as Tami did to her. Tami damn near killed Evelyn’s ass last season or on season 2 and now she is all up Tami’s ass. Well-dam! I hope that Chad will wake up, get hit in the head in with a football or something and come to his senses before he runs down the isle with Evelyn. Chad, next time Evelyn is after you to have kids, just say I have enough kids already. My personal opinion is that Evelyn wants kids by Chad to get mega child support and that’s all it is to it. Damn, she started out by asking for two, the more you have the bigger the check I guess. I personally feel that she has no intentions of staying with Chad. If she was such a loyal and good person, why not stay with Antione Walker? Especially, after being with him so long. When you run out of money, you don’t run out of love. Sticking together through money and no money is love. Chad, I’m praying for you!!!!
    Jennifer, please count this as a blessing and move forward, but put a stop to the verbal abuse and someone acting like they want to fight you. Whatever you have to do to protect yourself, do it! Jennifer, it’s just a case of jealously. You are beautiful, and your reputation does not proceed you and when you have something that someone wants they go to all different lengths to destroy you. Jennifer, hold your head up and keep this gold digging, first date screwing (who does that with a young teenage daughter watching), wanna be bad chick out of your life. Nothing gained and nothing lost. The reason she keeps coming at you she needs the attention. You are a grown woman and keep speaking your mind whenever the hell you get ready. No one has the right to monitor and bully you about what you say whether they like it or not. It’s called freedom of speech!

  11. Angela says:

    I really don’t like Evelyn.. I couldn’t be in the same room as her. She bully’s everyone , she thinks she so pretty. Take all tha make-up off and look at ur old ass. I would love to show her who’s boss.i wish Jen would drop tha b and shut her mouth for her. Let me be on tha show and show her some tricks. She talks about everyone….

  12. Sandee says:

    I did not want to watch tonight’s episode after Wendy Williams on her show declared that she is done with grown ar$e Eve jumped up on a table to fight. I did not realize how bad it was. Evelyn seems very troubled and it shows in her behavior. In upcoming episode she throws her shoe at one of the new ladies. Why is she fighting everyone? She needs a shrink. I cannot believe that she is still upset over what took place last season in Italy.

  13. Imjustsayin says:

    these girls are just doing way too much now, I can’t take the attitudes anymore especially Evelyn. I use to think Evelyn just voiced her opinion but know it just seems as if she so stuck up chads behind she’s losing site of reality. Old women fighting over blogs is just outrageous and Evelyn should be ashamed of herself. She looked like a fool, bully, idiot, hood rat, and just a low class dummy…ugh get it together

  14. nevahapin says:

    Jennifer, you have too much class to scuffle with Evelyn. Sorry, Evelyn. But, Jennifer, stop imitating Evelyn’s crude behavior, coarse attitude, and foul garbage mouth! You are talL, gorgeous, and SINGLE. Please, don’t imitate former porn stars. Assume your heritage of royalty. End close contact with Evelyn. Evelyn is getting married. Married women are not going to have their fine newly divorced friends around their husbands. You apologized to Evelyn one time too many. Jennifer, go to therapy. Don’t grieve over Evelyn. “As it is, it will be”!
    She, Evelyn is insecure about herself, her father, and her fiancee. Sorry Evelyn, go to therapy. . Evelyn is obviously jealous and insecure. Evelyn, you create your own drama. Jennifer, don’t get into physical altercations with Evelyn and her family. It is beneath you!

  15. rina says:

    I look forward to the time when Evelyn get that fake weave whipped off her big head….I doubt this “wedding” to Chad O ever takes place….seems like he’s stalling and she is too stupid to see it.
    Evelyn is a 40 something and acts like a teen bully. Add that to the fact that she looks like a man and I’m not seeing her getting married anytime soon to anyone…

  16. Aloreeng says:

    I have to believe that Evelyn is purposely acting like a fool because she thinks it’s going to get her a show or another ghetto t-shirt or something because I really can’t understand why a grown woman would want to come across to the world like that. Yes, she’s a bully. Yes, she’s ignorant. No, she’s not classy and no, she’s not a lady. Trash is a good word for her and ugly is an even better word. Not her looks, but her ways and her attitude. Her daughter appears more mature than her. I don’t understand women that think their friends are supposed to agree with their every move and not keep it real. I sincerely hope the marriage works out because I’d hate to see Evelyn show her behind and act like such a complete fool all for nothing. Jennifer, move on honey. Evelyn is not worth demeaning yourself. You’re a class act and I hate to see you lowering your standards to her level.

  17. Lorenzo says:

    I just want to say that the way Evelyn conducts herself is just disgusting. Its just sad theat she would let a friendship of over 10 years get caught up in some much drama. Maybe if Evelyn stayed off the blogs and took care of her “business” at home she would be a little more content and thus wouldn’t even notice rumors and bs. Jennifer was completely correct if you are my close friend and you even think i said something wrong call and ask me first, but to wait months until “taping” begins is completely stupid. Evelyn is a bully and acts like a” class-less” hoodrat, and from the scenes from upcoming episodes it only gets worse. Thats all!

  18. willeeme says:

    after watching the first episode, Evelyn and Jennifer fight, i was like seriouslly!! Evelyn is soooo fckn ridiculous and ghetto! is this the example you want to set for your daughter that is in college.. i can only imagine what her friends are saying about you! saw the first episode and will not be watching anymore….. we need more peace in the world and not example of cold heartedness and unclassy ladies… Ladies you all need to get it together!!

  19. Stephanie says:

    How old are you all on this show 12? Wait, I am the grown ass woman partaking in such childish entertainment so no one to blame but myself for watching. Evelyn is always sitting there with her lips poked out….mad about something. Why do the ladies allow her to irritate them so badly? Silence is the best remedy for someone with such a horrible attitude. Evelyn if you are as happy as you claim to be, you certainly should work on showing it. If this is all this season is going to be about (from the previews appears to be the “Evelyn Show”), I will have to find something else to watch on Monday nights. Maybe they can create a football wives show solely for you because you no longer fit the criteria. Come on women of color we are about more than drama!

  20. sattisfire says:

    Evelyn is a gold digger , she would not look at Chad if he was not in the NFL.

  21. Carol says:

    I was very disappointed with this episode. As a African American it is very disppointing to watch such negative behavior from women that have children. Evelyn can dish it however she can’t take it. Jen was giving her the attitiude that she give all the time to people. Jen apologized however Evelyn wants her to run up behind her like a sick puppuy and constantly ask her to forgive her. Evelyn has bigger issues than she is showing and need toseek some professional help with anger management.

  22. SMH says:

    Shaunie as a black woman should be ashamed of herself for promoting this kind of crap. Why as a black woman would you produce a show that shows black and latina women in such a bad light. I know this is manufactured BS, but people who don’t know any better will watch this crap and think this is the way we all behave. All these chics do is go out to drink and talk s*** about each other. Shaunie who supposedly is the peace maker sits back and just let s*** unfold, then act like she’s surprise……….please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely cannot take watching Evelyn one more minute. So after what I saw last night and in the previews, I have made a conscious decision to stop watching this show. Women over 30 years old should not behave like they’re in middle school. This chic Evelyn epitomizes the stereo type ghetto and classlessness. I know her daughter has to be embarrassed of her. If my mom was acting out like that on TV, I would be. She keeps doing the same things over and over again. Bully whoever she can and get away with it. It seems like this season, Jennifer is going to be her target…………. All these women are pathetic. But I do feel sorry for Jennifer though, I hope she gets a backbone and stand up to that wench Evelyn. You can be classy and laid back, but if someone assaults you the way it looks like Evelyn and her assistant has, it’s time to put all that boogie aside and put a whoopin on that ass with class.

    Tami is just as ghetto as her. And I would bet my last dollar she wouldn’t have gone at Tami like that because she knows Tami wouldn’t have been afraid to stomp her ass back to the dominican republic.

  23. lyric says:

    I was team Jen and Ev, but after the super trailer and last nights episode.. I’m off Evelyn… I’d supported her and purchased her product as well as jen’s.. Now i’m extremely disappointed. i agree that she comes off as a bully. she is too beautiful to have such a nasty attitude and temper. This could explain why she hasn’t been married yet nor will be! I don’t believe for a moment that Chad will marry her and if he does, it won’t last but a minute! it’s understandable if you felt disconnected in some way by jen’s words but that anger/hatred is unwarranted unless there is more that we don’t see on film. She seems to harbor lost of hatred for jen and wants to physically harm her.. i’m lost!!!

  24. Deletha Carpenter says:

    You come across as a gold digger on tv. What is love? Can you define the true meaning of that word? Evelyn you are one lucky girl. Y? Cause you haven’t ran up on a real woman; but when you do she gonna kick your a$$. You don’t pick with Shaunie or Tami (O and Royce-she almost gotcha last season) cause you know you would be the one gone(The Circle). You act just like a high school girl that needs HELP. So keep pickin with the ones who will not raise their hand cause you do that better than anyone else. Forgiveness is such a strong meaningful word but yet we ask GOD for it and we can’t forgive other. Read the Bible BOO BOO!!!

  25. MS. ANNE says:

    I agree with everyone’s comment. Now what get’s me is how Shaunie can sit back on the sideline and never say anything. These are grown women with children. What do your children think about this type of behavior. Now as far as Evelyn she does not seem to understand that she has NO CONTROL over what people say about her. The sad part is that the only way she feels she can resolve anything is by fighting….wow what class

  26. Ms. Ang says:

    I have read allot of comments about last nites show and I thought it was just me that thought Ev is a gold digger and thinks she’s all that. Well that was def not a news flash…. She is a hot mess and too old to be acting like that… I like Tammi but yeah she can be crazy too…. Jen I dont like and I dont even know her but she stuck up too…. I thought new season was giong to be great from previews but I was just shocked… Poor Royce they do nothing but put her down just because her pockets (supposedly) is not fat like theirs, but she’s real about hers… Susie girl go get some new friends and stop being the middle person U talk to much, next yo eye gone be busted up… Shaunie, I don’t know about you, still trying to figure U out and this mess, but aint U a gold digger too? Splurging with Shaqs money treating them to Italy….. Huh

  27. Gloria says:

    Wow! Another season of so-called successful women showing their “black a**” so disappointed!

  28. exabria says:

    Ev come on now the wolf tickets are getting old. You are getting old. I mean Tami damn near killed your ass but your friends with her. I hope the #85 ride that you are on never stops bcuz you may need some friends if that doesn’t pan out. I don’t know how the mother of such a nice, mature looking young lady could be more immature and ugly acting and please don’t blame on the Bronx cause some of us know how to act.

  29. misses jones says:

    i am truly happy that i did not waste my time tunning in to the first show of this season. From the comments on this site i am not missing a thing. One thing ladies and gents who watch the show…IF YOU WOULD NOT BE CAUGHT DEAD AROUND THESE FOLKS WOULDNT HAVE THEM OVER FOR DINNER…WHY IN THE HECK ARE YOU ALLOWING THEIR NEGATIVITY INTO YOUR HOMES/WORLDS….GET IT DOWN JUST PUT THE REST OF THE SEASON ON DVD AND PUT SOMETHING ON THE STATION THAT MAY ACTUALLY HELP SOMEONE.

  30. smooth says:

    i was very disappointed when i watched the show last night . How can two best friends become enemies over something that can be resolved. I was so mad to see grown women acting so catty to be so grown you are acting like grammer school girls and are not trying to send any positive messages to young women at all that may have or are going thru the same thing you two are going thru .Really evelyn walking on the table how classy is that and for your manager or whoever she is to go and slap Jen I would sue her she has no business putting her hands on anyone i hope as the show continues that it will start having more positive episodes or i will not be watching so disappointing get it together girls 0hhhhhhh i am sorry i mean Women

  31. Yolie says:

    What a doggone shame. I must say that Evelyn, Shaunie, Suzie, and Tami are nothing but poor examples of how women are supposed to conduct themselves. What a disgrace group of women who are supposed to be mothers are acting and to not to think of how this could impact their children’s reputations as well. Shaunie, as I have said before, you’re just a pimpstress taking money to to bank everytime and its a shame that these women are foolish enough to make her rich. I though Shaq did that when he was married to her?

    Jennifer, you’re beautiful, but you need backbone because Evelyn is trying you hard and sometimes, needing to pull of a COW (Can of Whoop****) is what is needed. I’m not encouraging violence, but self defense is important. I toss my hat off to you for launching your business, but you need to stand up for you.

    Royce, you’re the most mature of all of these women. I hope you and the 2 new women on this show steer clear of the Wolfpack (Shaunie, Suzie, Evelyn, and Tami) because these toxic women will poison you. Yes I have said toxic because BBW Season 4 will be nothing but that. To be truthful, this show was toxic ever since BBW Season 2.

  32. disgustedtothefullest says:

    Where do I begin… I use to be a fan of basketball wives but after last night and the preview of what will transpire in the upcoming episodes I must say I am uttterly ashamed. Evelyn has brough the entire show down she has no class and really gives women especially black women a bad name. She is so angry and needs to go see a psychologist to deal with that anger or she is going to run up on the wrong individual and they are going take care of business on her A**. Her anger should be channel toward her “fiance” who continue to cheat and thinks thats it ok. What type of role model are you for your teenage daughter fighting and cutting a fool everytime someone talks about you get yo life and grow the hell up.The saddest part about it all is how we allow these producers to pimp us out of being classy and sophisticated for a dollar. Money shouldnt mean that much to you for you sell yourself this short. And what does this say about us (the people who are catering to this foolishness and watching this mess) please everyone we need to do better. If the producers are going to make our people act in this inappropriate manner I suggest we BOYCOTT these type of degrading shows. Anyone who has a child particulary a teenage girl should feel me on this and BOYCOTT this pathetic and degrading show. Just something to consider

  33. willeeme says:

    Wow… i was sooo disappointed! !!!Evelyn… looked sooooo stupid!!! To be so upset over what your good friend of so many years supposedly said without even confronting her in private to address the issue show that your are unclassy and trashy! You were never a realf friend anyways… Real friends don’t act or react to differences with their friends like that…. From the previews of this season Evelyyn you doing WAYYYYYY to much over something that its that serious!! Jennifer… please girl, keep your classiness and do not lower yourself standards to the ridiculous behavior of these other chicks! Jennifer you are beautiful.. a little booggie but beautiful and have way to much to offer…dont even associate yourself with Evelyn, she’s really loose and trashy and a unclassy act!! Chad aint gonna marry that chick.. she going to look really stupid after its all said a done!

  34. Nesha says:

    I think people are misunderstanding Evelyn, I believe she is just as hurt as Jennifer maybe worse because she has not been able to let it go. The only way she knows how to express that hurt is through violence. I really feel it for them both I hope they will be able to resolve this. One things for sure going around badmouthing your friend and her fiance is not cool. Probably best she had not said anything. I think there is an element of jealousy .

  35. marian says:

    Evelyn, you scare me, I can’t believe women like you exist. You are one evil green eyed puerto rican monster, you need major help boo boo. How does a women over 35 behave like this? Are you serious? Jennifer please move on this evil creature is not your friend she is negative,mean and has nothing going for herself. Lying on your back and getting engaged every other year to a different man is so low down and nasty, but that is evelyn’s only claim to fame. Evelyn obviously has low self esteem, and does not know what the word friendship means. Any women with any intelligence would not put a man before a friend. Chad is not handsome or attrractive, but you put this man before a friendship you had before you knew this man existed. Men come and go, just remeber that. When chad leaves you, you will be looking real stupid and alot of people will be laughing in your face, including me.

  36. keisha says:

    This show is something else, evelyn, you frighten me. I hope to never meet a nasty rotten women like you. Your a gold digger, your lose, your rude and you have no class. There is nothing nice about you, hence the reason most of the cast hate you. You need a brand new personality and a brand new attitude. Your a broke down bird from the hood, you need to get a therapist and get some class. Your approaching 40 and this is how you behave? Where were you raised on a farm, because you act like a wild out of control zoo animal. I hope chad never marries you because having you in his family will be a total disgrace, and a shame, no man should bring home a women like you.

  37. kita says:

    I think eventually these two will get it together. Personally I really don’t think its thatt serious but I do think they had help blowing it out of proportion. I find it funny Tammi is planning the mediator this season, that’s totally not her character but i guess she is turning a new life. I love Jen and Ev as friends and I’d love to see her in Evelyn’s wedding. But we shall see!

  38. Kelley says:

    There is no way I can watch this season after this first episode. I was completely exhausted after watching all the upcoming fights. nothing new with these women. Evelyn should be on cloud 9, but instead she’s still fighting with her ex-best friend Jenn. Granted, I would be upset too if my so-called best friend kept publicly doggin my fiance’ too. I cant say I understand where Jenn is coming from. Jenn says she’s sorry and then does the same thing again. that’s not a friend. All Eve asked was for Jenn to stop speaking about her and Chad publicly, no matter how Jenn feels about the relationship. keep it to yourself and be a friend to Eve. And if Eve’s world comes crashing down on her, just be there for her. that’s all. is that too much to ask??
    As for this season, cant do it.

  39. Betty says:

    I think that Tami should tone down her attitude and stop being such a bully. Suzie comes across as a gossip and runs back to Tami because she is so afraid of her!! Shaunie as the producer of this show should demand that these grown women act with more culture and respect for themselves as mothers and young black women.

  40. Andrea says:

    I will no longer watch basketball wives if evelyn and Jennifer is no longer friends,their friendship kept the show going,so if they will no longer be friends no need to watch anyone else,it break my heart to see Evelyn and Jenn act that way ,I wish you both will get it togather
    Evelyn good luck on your wedding I love you both and wish you well.

  41. C-Love says:

    I have read some of you guys post saying Jen should not have said anything bad about Evelyn and Chad. Ok point taken but as humans we all make mistakes, we make our husband’s mad, children, family, and even friends, but does it make it ok to act like a total bully better yet a total a$$ hole? Evelyn needs to check herself fast. Every time she heads home something seems to going and her behind is always crying…….NEWS FLASH Evelyn you should expect good things to come to you when you behave in the manner that you do. I just wish I could shake some sense into Evelyn. JEN keep taking the high road….. It only proves that you are on a totally different level than your counterpart.

  42. C-Love says:

    4-Line. To be going on
    5-line. Shouldn’t

  43. Sistah Deluxe says:

    Ladies!, ladies, Please can’t we all just get along. Please get along with the positiveness about
    the women of color. Is it too hot in Miami that you all have to fight to be cool? Susie you don’t know anything about that. Stay out of the sisters situations. You are trying to be a part so hard that you are causing problems between the sisters. You start the drama then you spread it like the plague. Then you sit back thinking you look pretty, really Susie you look quilty and we all know you are the mole like Tami says. Shaunie have you had enough of these chicks messing up your plan of what our fortunate housewives are doing. Really they know they don’t do any of this without the cameras. Evelyn is in Boston and for real she is in the right place, I lived there for a while and the sister there are not as weak minded when it comes to friendships. You will know who your freinds are when you leave there. I’m from Baltimore Md and whenever you want the show you intended contact me and I will give you the city and state’s top housewives and all the postive contribution to our communities that we have set forth to put Baltimore on the map for housewives. Not the housewives of D.C. We are different from them also this is without all that politics. I’ve gone many place and I’ve met many people but when it come to home there is no place like Baltimore. I’m Sistah Deluxe and my husband is a local celebrity, Shaunie we are waiting for you, we hold the secrets and we will only tell you personally. Call us we got your back!! Baltimore’s Unknown Real Housewives.Peace and Blessings

  44. CS3 Fan says:

    Regarding Jenn and Evelyn, I figured it was only a matter of time. Evelyn is such a volatile person, I don’t think she can keep a friendship afloat. Obviously she is insecure about her relationship with Chad, otherwise she wouldn’t take such offense to every little thing that anyone says about him.

    What really suprised me about this episode was how Tami met with Kesha and Kenya and then totally twisted their words and intentions when she met with Suzi and Jenn afterwards. She made it seem as though Kesha and Kenya were talking mad -ish- when they were just stating their basic first impressions. I didn’t think anything they said was offensive, but Tami made it sound totally different. C’mon Tami, be the real chick we know you are!

  45. CS3 Fan says:

    Oh, and I just also have to add that Evelyn only starts fighting when she knows people are going to hold her back. She is cray-cray.

  46. Kel says:

    The statement Suzie made about her giving good “you know what” only proves what everyone in America already knew. You were a groupie that had more experience in oral presentations than the others your kids father slept with and thats how you beat the other girls out. Another thing before you comment on someone else’s speech how about you work on that LISP you have Sylvester the cat!!!!!!!!!!!! Suffering succotash Looks like during the off season you would have built up your self esteem and gotten a backbone, you stated that you are 33 act like it. Stop looking for approval from women that really arent your friends and stop betraying the one person on the show who really has your back. Grow up. Wasnt it season before last that you were in Jen’s position. Running and hiding from Evelyn????You truly are pathetic

  47. Edward says:

    Shaunie you are beautiful & smart .Honey make your money ,don’t let your money make you . Evelyn Lozada you are a very insecure and childish . Grow up. Chad is going to dump your ass very soon .He can’t take trashmouth woman to his mother’s church .