Poll: After Their Friendship-Ending Fight, Are You Team Evelyn Or Team Jennifer?


Okay, there’s no point in avoiding the issue: On Basketball Wives this week, Jennifer and Evelyn‘s relationship was effectively ended when Evelyn said that she and Jennifer are no longer friends and in fact, they are enemies now. All because Jen (or her publicist, whatever) wrote a blog post that Jen thought was innocent enough but Evelyn took offense to. We know you all have an opinion, so tell us…

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  1. Perfectly Imperfect says:

    It’s sad 14 years of friendship should mean a little more, but I guess ratings are most important.

  2. Sidney Escalera says:

    I think Jenn Is so Free Spirited and She’s so in her Own world she doesnt Mean Any Harm! She
    just went through a Divorce and even tho she doesnt show it, She’s Probably torn inside and does not Noe which way is up!! Yeah she shouldnt had even mentioned chad in the Interview and skipped the question but she meant to harm in what she saidd..Evelyn..even tho i love her She lets her Tempter take over her true emotions, I noe evelyn is hurt and Upsett but REALLY? your goanna throw away a friendship over something like this? Its sadd..and Evelyn is just trying to keep the drama alive..were as jenn is trying to put it out – in my opinion

  3. Glamourgurl says:

    I think VH1 realli needs to let Evelyn go, she is one rude crazed out woman, obviously Ocho needs to focus more attention on her. She is finding it on t.v. too much this season. Maybe she needs to cross over to Bad Girls Club. She would definitely fit in there.

  4. ceecee says:

    Evelyn is so much drama……I thought I was watching love and hip hop with all that glass throwing, I don’t care #I’mteamjen

  5. LISA says:

    Evelyn is a mean and bitter bully. She needs to get beat down one good time to teach her a lesson.

  6. Niecy says:

    Evelyn, you are wrong!! I want to know more, there has got to be more!!!

  7. Kimmie says:

    I feel that Evelyn is being so mean that it’s making her look ugly on the out side. She need to have a little more heart about friendship.I also feel that they been friends for a very long time that you don’t just throw it away over some non sense. But good luck to Jennifer healing her broken heart over them not being friends any more hopefully they work it out……BEST WISHES…

  8. olivia libby carothers says:

    i think jen understands everrry thing eve is sayiing!!! if not u must really b RETARDED.#justsaying.

  9. Will says:

    Evil E is a big ass baby… Looking for attention and trying to MAKE AND SELL A NEW PHRASE off of Jen… Ev need to go sit down and get married already and no one one to be her BRIDESMAID any o way…

  10. Heidy says:

    I believe that a long time friendship should be something to hold on to and not be easily dismissed just bc of a silly blog! Evelyn is naturally being a drama queen and is good at holding grudges for stupid reasons, I don’t understand why she couldn’t forgive Jennifer or accept Jennifer’s apology… If your bestfriend is apologizing why not accept her apology. If Evelyn was able to forgive her man for past indiscretions why not her bestfriend??. I have learned that men come and go, but a friend will always remain.



  12. Ton-Ton says:

    Did Jennifer finally get some balls to stand up to Evelyn, that’s what happens Jennifer when you get a voice and your long time friend ain’t use to it!

  13. samantha says:

    Gotta go for team evelyn. Just seems like whenever jennifer is confronted, she avoids the situation. She starts going in a completely different direction. Grow a pair n own up to your actions.

  14. yvette bailey says:

    I like evelyn she is trying to let jennifer know the facts but she is not listening. she also{jenn) feels she did nothing wrong…I REALLY THINK SHE IS JEALOUS CAUSE ELELYN FOUND LOVE AND SHE LOST HERS!!!!!

  15. lola says:

    Team Jen..Eve is acting jealous of Jen ..

  16. GINA SLUGG says:


  17. diane moore says:

    Don’t let something as petty as this come between u guys friendship, u both have been friends for 2 TOO SHORT!!!!

  18. Latiyah Leavell says:

    i thank that jen should not say aney thang bout evelyn if she is truley a frend, ps frends dont do that lol lads. and also jen criying dont mean nothing wen you do thangs like that you no what you did evelyn do you you no misurey . com jen

  19. soblessed says:

    Evelyn will never have anything good happen in her life. To be her age and act the way she does is simple pathetic. I really truly hope its acting because to think that there is someone out there so stupid and childish is crazy. Her life will always be filled with depair .
    Hopefully, Jen will see she doesn’t need a friend like that If i was her, i would RUN from that friendship. Jen, you’re better off. Trust me. Move on sista!

  20. KV says:

    I think they both too grown to be acting the way they are….Evelyn is just a bitter woman, and Jennifer just need to own up to wat she did. I think this is too small to end a friendship…however I’m on Jen side…they need to be like Tammy and be straight up about everything

  21. nakima says:


  22. karen says:

    I think Elvelyn is so classless, all that cursing and wanting to fight is so not cute, Why are you so mad, I think she need to set up a counsling session with her and her dad, she cant be that mad all the time about small things, she seriously need help.

  23. Sweet T says:

    Evelyn is retarded…I hope she didn’t let her assistant hit Jennifer…what kind of friend was she to let someone else hit her even though they are beefing. Jennifer needs to go on with her life and not let petty Evil- lyn get to her. Whatever happens between them doesn’t give someone else the right to but in and get in your battle. She was never your friend Jenn she was just faking it.

  24. Womanwithprinciples says:

    Evelyn you look ridiculous! What type of example are you setting for your college bound daughter! That this is how you settle disputes! Sounds like to me the truth hurts! If there was no truth to what Jen said on some blog you wouldn’t be so upset! You are too old for this fighting and standing on tables! Grow up and plan your wedding and keep both eyes on Chad! Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself as well! You have tong children that your raising and these are the example that your showing them! “Sit back and be quiet and let the sparks fly, Oops I meant fists and whine bottles and you can become a business mogul like mommy! Sad and you don’t need the money that bad to sell your soul, principles or values!

  25. Kenya Holmes says:

    Can’t wait to see it…on Cali time…Evelyn is a mean girl. So glad Jen broke away from her. It would be funny to see the shoe on the other foot, and Evelyn be treatef like an outcast. Gotta admit Evelyn makes the show, but she needs to bring down a notch or four..lol…she’s too intendr. I love Jen..#teamjen all day baby!

  26. Donna says:

    Whoa never thought I’d say this but team Evelyn all the way. Either Jennifer is as clueless as she seems, stupid, jealous orbitter over her own failed marriage. From what I’ve read on his tweets(not to me drama hush) amongst his friends and fans, there’s more to him than his ego! I’m my number 1 fan too!! And friends are happy if their friends are happy!! Not catty about your fiance!! Evelyn & Chad show you who they are, who is Jennifer besides her clothes and make up? Still felt for her when her ex threw that drink like a girl!! Really Kunta Kinte??

  27. Chic says:

    Jennifer should move on gracefully from her friendship with Evelyn. Evelyn is a toxic, slithering, lying, tasteless, deceiving, shallow, and wounded individual. Evelyn will betray anyone to get her meal ticket – someone has to pay for her maintenance, as she will do anything to avoid looking like her mother, father, sister and brother. . .

  28. marquetta says:

    Nothing should come between a friendship. No matter what is done or said. They should reconcile evaluate and at some point apologize to each other.

  29. mikie says:

    I’m soooooooooooo sick of Evelyn! Jennifer, needs to go to the WIZARD and get some COURAGE and beat her ass> She should be tired of gettin PUNKED all the time! DAMN

  30. Paula says:

    I think that Evelyn has lost her mind and has gotten to love being in front of the camera, however has she looked in the mirror at how she is acting or is this about the ratings and her check. This should not have blown up in this manner, she is acting like a teenager what does her daughter thimk????? No wonder Ocho won’t marry her, what a loser. Maybe she is jealous of Jenn. GO JENN!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Okisweetpea says:

    Evelyn is so childish. She was still harboring negative feelings from the first incident. She contradicts herself so much…she needs to get over herself. Come on now…y’all aint 20 years old. So classless!

  32. angel2cute says:

    team eve, jen u r wrong frens don’t talk about each other on radio n blogs tell her to her face i see y she wanna beat u down u r sayin it ur publicist then she’s goin to found out its u u r a likkle devil (10yrs r more thou u guys need to work it out)

  33. Truth says:


  34. Marjorie Hubbard says:

    If they do not get back together as friends im not watching anymore so dam childish of Evelyn when Chad is gone Jen is still going to be her friend Shaunie fix it or you will lose a lot of fans

  35. Ariesallday says:

    Evelyn is a grown woman with a child in college and acting like a dam Ghetto HoodRat…Red Bottoms and Diamonds can’t buy u class..

  36. Kim Givens says:

    Evelyn just makes me tttttttiiiiirrrrreeeedddd! It’s time for Jen to move out of her shadow. Evelyn wants some to kiss up to her and she dislikes anyone who doesn’t. Except shaunie because she wants to be her(shaunie)!!!!

  37. stillwater414 says:

    This is another case of THE TRUTH HURTS. Jen has never hid her feelings about Evelyn’s relationship. And I agree same man different name. This marriage is not going to work and Evelyn knows it she just wants to get married. Poor Thing!!!!

  38. Jabelle says:

    Wow I think both ladies are at fault. Jennifer should have never said what she did to the public but to Evelyn herself and if she still had a problem talked to her then too and Evelyn is letting her temper get the best of her and it is making her look crazy but I totally understand where you are cOming from. Jennifer I am glad you are standing up for yourself but you act like you are hollier than thou and you need to stop. There is a way to come into your own without acting that way and I do wish them both the best and if there is a way to work things out then do so but if not oh well.

  39. dadiva says:

    Good for Jenn for standing her ground. Evelyn is like one of those litttle dogs that bark whenever someone rings the door bell. She wants to be the hbic sooooo bad. Can VH1She wants to be the star of the show. She seems to be trying so hard for a spinoff.

  40. Jennifer Harris says:

    I am so over Evelyn. It is apparent that she has some deep personal issues that she needs to resolve so she can stop taking it out and fighting with everyone else! Even if Jen did say something about you on a blog, get over it!!! That’s life you can’t fight and act a fool everytime someones says something about you. Try working on you and being quiet for a change#getoveryourself

  41. hmm says:

    Evelyn talked about Jenn’s husband constantly and she holds a grudge because Jenn said something about Chan? Really, Evelyn? She is pathetic and a waste of time and space. Jenn is a class act and doesn’t need to be around this foul mouthed, squawking bird.

  42. Barbara says:

    Evelyn is a bully and will push you over if you allow it. You see she doesn’t mess with Tammy anymore, but Jenn has allowed her to bully her for such a long time. Jenn has kissed Evelyn’s butt for too many seasons for me to side with her. Evelyn talks about Jenn thinking she’s “all that” but Evelyn thinks when she walks by the parade is over. So they are both two peas in a pod if you ask me. So if the friendship is over….so what…let it be!! The beat goes on!

  43. Sandee says:

    I am happy to see Jen stand up to Evelyn – FINALLY!!!! Something is wrong with Evelyn – in the upcoming episode she fights with one of the new comers. These women are too grown to be so juvenile. But I am proud of Jen and Evelyn was lost for words.

  44. marie says:

    I am choosing not to watch this show anymore if Evelyn is on it. i have come to this conclusion after just seeing the first episode and the pre-views for the next. Not impressed by her negative attitude and anger issues.

  45. mrs clyde says:

    Evelyn is wrong, he was known to date a lot of women and she does seem to date men in sports. So if the truth hurts change up your game because their wasn’t nothing wrong about what she said. I think your just trying to stay on the show but fighting all the time looks bad and it sets the wrong image for your daughter and other young women, fighting is not the answer, learn to use your words. And furthermore, when you say something is over be a real women of your word and let it go, don’t sit back an wait to pick apart every word that person may say in the future, just to start some more stuff.
    You need to learn how to forgive a person and forget because we all make mistakes no relationship is perfect. And a real relationship will last a life time but you have to want it too.

  46. denise says:

    What did Tammi tell Evelyn B…… You mean, and she didn’t say it nice. And evelyn crack a grin , because Evelyn know if she had respond in the wrong way. A slap to the face like she gave Meeka. Of course Evelyn is scare of Tammi. huh you met your match, Evelyn and so did Chad I wish You luck I really do , But two peas in a pot will not be getting alone. And leave Jenn alone , just because she won’t kiss your butt no more. File charge on them Jenn , Evelyn needs anger classes.

  47. Stephanie Hill says:

    Evelyn says that Jennfier is crazy. Evelyn is the one that let a man come between a friendship that was establish over ten years ago, now that’s crazy. Evelyn I herd that best friend are like family. Family don’t always agree on everything we do are say, but sometimes our family be right.They also see things that we can’t see because we are to close. I hate to lose a friendship over somthing that could be right. A man can leave, but family and friends will always be there. Only death can separate family. Evelyn I have a best friend and I know that only death can seperate us. I just saw the preview for the next show. I love to say Evelyn that if this situation can pull you out of the little character that you think that you have. I know that you are that dead horse. I know that when you ask for foregivness, that you have the right to move on with your life, and that is what Jennifer has done. Now we see who is the true friend. I know that Jennifer truly love’s you. I wouldn’t stop my life either because somone don’t like me.Now I say to Jennifer keep your head up, and don’t express your feeling about your family are friends to nobody else without their permission.We live and we learn. We have to learn from our mistaks.When we learn from our mistaks that is proof that we have matured. I love when we all can just get along, God bless you all. ps. I need yall to stay drama free, you are suppose to be ladies! You are in the spot light, so lets make a good path way for our future ladies.

  48. patsy says:

    I really think y’all should try to work it out cause y’all been friends to long to let something crazy come in the way of y’all friendship. I no y’all acting like y’all don’t care about each other but y’all do so just work it out life is to short. Jennifer how will u feel if one day someone told u something bad happen to Evelyn and Evelyn how will u feel if one day someone told u something bad happen to Jennifer y’all will be hurt and then u look back u never got to say i’m sorry or i love u. Life is short so y’all need to just go back to being friends and just love each other.

  49. patsy says:

    I like Tammi very much she keep it real she a real woman and she don’t play.

  50. roxyrue says:

    I was totally disappointed in the Monday’s edition of” Basketball wives”. It was so childish for Evelyn to act like a spoiled brat. She doesn’t seem to be happy about anything and I don’t see how she is going to be happy in a marriage. There was nto reason for Jennifer to be so ups, Evelyn is going to need her friendship in the future.

  51. mkraamm says:

    Who in the hell is hatin on evelyn and that fake ass relationship she has with Chad!!! They are both thirsty for fame and attention and i think the arrangement is an understanding..agreement to help with their careers. Little do they know after BB no one is even going to remember Evelyn and Chad’s Football career is numbered. Where as Jen is establishing businesses, deals, and getting her things together. She has a degree and graduated cum laude. You can tell her relationship with Evelyn was more of a henderous than a real relationship. She don’t want to be fighting over stupid crap every 5 minutes, cussing people out for nothin, and basiclly looking stupid every where she goes. Evelyn is taking advantage of the fact Jen is not a fighter. But when she went up against tami barbaric ass she hurried up and made up with her cuzz she knew she couldn’t match her! Evelyn is classless, uneducated, demonic, and stupid. She not worth jen’s time! Good riddens. But Good Luck to Jen’s Business adventures!!!

  52. nette smith says:

    Evelyn have got into with everybody on the show except shauna so I where hope sh didn’t come back because she love to kept u mess and chad is a cheater .

  53. Sandra thomas says:

    I think jennifer should move on.evelyn dont want to be friends anymore.cause jennifee dont like here man!!!

  54. NikkiWhoElse says:

    first and for most I never relly liked either women but I must say that jen is just plain old dumb u let them convince u to brake up with your husband and now u lonely and everybody else has a man what kind of friend bashes her friends man on the radio and on every interview u do if she was a reall friend then she would never have put her true feelings about chad out their for the public my friends date guys I do not approve of but I love my friends and would never hurt them like that so this time I have to agree with evelyn jen you wrong and if u didnt feel what ya publicist wrote u should have fixed it and apologized for the mistake but because u dont think it was wrong u ran with it but this is just ya plan to get in the lime light u must of been tired of be evelyn’s lack’ee for so long that u want ya own shine and what better way to do it then try to steal somebody else’s sad and very pathetic

  55. fee says:


  56. L.T. says:

    Evelyn needs to cut the crap. Yes she is “ticked” but jumping on tables to fight? Ridiculous. She’s pushing 40 (if she’s not already). She’s supposed to be a “lady” she should conduct herself as one. SMDH.

  57. Kie Ley says:

    Im with Jennifer, cause elveyln has this attitude problem and think she can run and woop everybody. Jennifer reached out to her and she shut her down so what she think she gone do. Apparently Jennifer cares about Elvelyn and she cares more about this man she aint knowm but 10 minutes now she about to marry and been no Jennifer for about 10 and more years. And she sat around talking about Eric, Jennifers hubby or x to be. Whats the difference.. Jennifer girl move on, good luck with yours. And one day Elvelyn will wake up.

  58. deelee says:

    Evelyn REALLY needs to cut the crap. The way she’s acting is ridiculous. She pushing 40 (if she’s not already) and chooses to act like the common “ghetto hoodrat” jumping on tables to fight someone is insane. The only reason she did that to Jen is because she knew Jen wouldn’t retaliate. She pretty much ran from Tami. Don’t get it twisted I like Eve to a certain degree but she really should start acting her age and not her shoe size. This is no way a future wife of an NFL player should act.

  59. Desirae Taylor says:

    I have to say that I am Team Jennifer. Why? Because Evelyn clearly knows nothing about loyalty. How can you speak of something that you, yourself are not showing Jennifer? When you are truly someone’s BEST friend, you don’t throw a friendship away because of a man. Reguardless of how Evelyn feels, she is stubbornly keeping up drama with Jennifer. Most friends would not pubilcly humiliate themselves with tears for your friendship if they were fake. By Evelyn being so spiteful, she is dooming her relationship with Chad. If Jenn didn’t take the intiative and you see that she is just stuck on the fact that he is an athlete, then you should have sat her, “YOUR BEST FRIEND”, down and had a conversation with her-on or off camera. Jenn not liking Chad for you is her trying to defend you. She may or may not have been still messing with athletes all the while, but the truth of the matter is that she ISN’T marrying one. A true friend who’s been there for over a decade doesn’t walk out because you don’t approve of how she feels about your soon to be husband. Now a fake one, takes the first exit which i what I feel Evelyn is doing. If she truly was Jenn’s friend, there would be a solution. But because she wasn’t, there isn’t. #TEAMJENNIFER

  60. elle says:

    jennifer will not take responsability for what she has said. she wants to act like she does not know what she has done.SO……………Stupid

  61. BJ Jenks says:

    I can’t stand Evelyn… She is so childish and stuck on herself!! This is high school mess just end the friendship and move on. All the other drama isn’t necessary; she’s doing all that because she knows Jenn isn’t going to get on her level and fight!! Why didnt she do Tammy like that? So, fake just go on with her man and enjoy her life. Life is to short for drama grow up and be a woman!!!

  62. MICKY says:


  63. denika says:

    Evelyn i like u,and i also like jen but, u need to stop you an Jen have been friends for to long to let something that petty come between the two of u,and i don’t think that she wanted to hurt u yall need to sit and talk just the two of u alone

  64. Lola says:

    BBW is really pushing the envelope this season. If you have a 10+ year friendship, how do you throw that a way? What does Evelyn want? An apology? Jen to fire her publicist? Granted if Jen publicist did and is writing on the blogs, s/he should be reprimanded.

    I don’t agree with all the violence taking place this season, and I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Shaunie. She is still playing that “neutral” role. IMO, she likes to see the girls bicker; Shaunie claimed during her media blitz, that she and the show would show more positive plots, judging from the promos, I’m not seeing. Thus far, they are teasing viewers with bar scenes, restaurants, and fights. How about throwing in some philanthropy? REAL girl time? And more importantly, the show should be renamed to “Former Basketall Wives”…no one is married, either divorced, pending divorced or left at the alter. REJECTS.

    I may have to join Wendy Williams and not watch the show.

  65. stacys says:

    Evelyn you make ethnic women(women period) look bad. Not only are you ugly on the inside but you are ugly on the out side as well(maybe its that bright lime green eyeshadow with a gray top). Evelyn is IGNORANT!! and I will not watch this show anymore and hope no one else does either.

  66. Joi says:

    Evelyn is a very poor example of a mother, daughter, future wife or lady. We all get upset & don’t always agree with people but as an adult & mother you have to compose yourself. It is ok to be upset & not like certain people. That’s natural but you are old enough to know how to express your feelings and get your point across without using profane language & acting as if you’re going to fight! You make yourself look like an old, alley cat woman with no home training. And Tammy, I’ve watched you on TV as a teenager on ‘the real world’ and your behavior leaves a lot to be desired as well. You too are a mother & should do better. Who says that “keeping it real” means you have to curse, fight & act like classless women? I understand that acting like a fool & being catty gets you airtime but consider your children if nothing else. I use to enjoy the show but it is too much for me. I won’t be tuning in anymore!

  67. MIZZ.B says:

    even though they have been friends for over 10 years, i think that Jennifer should have never said anything negative about Evelyn if she knew that they both have been there for each other through thick & thin….this whole fight is ridiculous!

  68. jewels says:

    I think maybe chad likes jen n eve knows it so she mad and dont want jen around chad cuz she so insecure she will loose him. mayb while doing it w eve, he mentioned jen’s name instead hers. nothing less explain the fight.

  69. Cheryl P says:

    They have been friends too long. At the end of the day, family and friends is all we have. Let it go girls and let live.

  70. Classysanantonio says:

    Evelyn is gross, ghetto, tacky, and needs to stop. She should be embarrassed by her G_d awful behavior. How does she even have a “man”, or is he? Doesn’t say much for those who are around her. Also sweet Evelyn, you should microderm the deep groves those hateful expressions left in your face. Jenifer you are sweeter but just own it. If you were upset, it’s okay to share you were. If you felt you could only vent via whatever blog, then let that be therapy for you, but own it.

  71. marie says:

    OKAY SO JENS VOICE IS SO DAMN ANNOYING EVERY TIME I HEAR IT I WANT TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL. Evelyn is just a bunch of talk and she is always in some drama with someone, one day someone is gonna put her big ass head in place. Honestly this show is old already the only one who has any sense is Shani. There is a reason none of them are married or have a man. why is the show even called Basketball wives

  72. NettaJ says:

    I feel sorry for all he women on that show, what they have done is allowed miniority women to be protrayed in a negative light. Susie is the same wanting so badly to fit in and be accepted by someone that all she ever does is backstab. It would appear that fame has come at a high price for all these women.

  73. Betrina Lumpkin says:

    I am team Evelyn because she is real. She doesn’t go behind people’s backs and talk about them, she tells them what she feels straight to their face. Evelyn also seems to be a loyal person and doesn’t seem to be a backstabber. That’s why Evelyn reacts so hard because she’s loyal and when someone stabs her in the back, it hurts. That’s just a natural reaction. And for Jennifer to talk smart and yell at Evelyn after she backstabbed her, just made it worse; she’s lucky Evelyn didn’t get up and smack her that day. If Jennifer was a true friend, she would’ve been happy for Evelyn regardless of Jennifer’s personal feelings about the situation. Evelyn is a grown woman and can make her own decisions about who she wants to be in a relationship with and it’s none of Jennifer’s business what Evelyn does. A true friend does not talk behind your back or talk negative about the people you love. Is she jealous? That’s what it seems to be to me. That’s why I don’t have any friends; you just can’t trust them. Continue keeping it real Evelyn; you are a strong woman and you don’t need anyone’s approval with making your life decisions.

  74. nita says:

    i am all for jen… evelyn, get over yourself, please. u r not the Queen around there. how can u get mad at jen for voicing her own opinion. it’s her opinion. jen, i am so happy that u r finally standing on ur own two feet. u continue on doing what u r doing. hey, if u lose her as a friend, believe me, u can find another one. its sad to see a friendship die, but like jen said, i dont have time for the drama and evelyn, my dear, u r nothing but unnecessary DRAMA!!!

  75. jusdoinme says:

    REALLY…..team Evelyn even though I really didn’t like her at first like so many other people.Now I feel like Jennifer (who is always following the leader) has to have a mind of her own now.She does not have Evelyn as her bodyguard or mouth piece anymore now I really want to see how much mouth she’ll have because being real Evelyn has always told it like she saw it.She has never beat around the bush,even though Evelyn and Jennifer was always like 2 peas in a pod Evelyn has always held her own.I know that they have been friends a long time and good friends are hard to come by but Jennifer seems a lil shady.

  76. dan says:

    Team neither. Jennifer is so irrelevant, and boring.
    How do you let someone slap your face and sit there. VH1 must have wrote Jen a big check for that one.
    Evelyn is a nasty snake and working what her mamma gave her. Her game is pimping with rich ball players and she is good at that. Now hopefully she will get married and stay married for more than 72 days.

  77. zatimes3 says:

    People are saying Jen is wrong because of the blog. She did try to reach out to Evelyn but she never responded to her. Jen hasn’t said anything in public about chad that she hasn’t said to Evelyn’s face. What makes Evelyn look like a poor nut is she keeps trying to fight someone that she knows has not fight game in her. She knows Jennifer can’t beat a fly but she keeps trying to fight her. To me that makes you look even weaker, don’t speak to her anymore if you feel that passionate about it and keep on moving. btw this is the time that Jen needs a friend like Chrissy.

  78. liz Smith says:

    evelyn you’re such a bully..not mention ghetto, like where do they do that at? evelyn needs someone like me in her mist. Jennifer keep your head up hun.

  79. Thelma says:

    I think jen needs to leave this evil thug alone. Evelyn is so horrible, she is a hood rat with a gucci bag, she need some help. She is so mean and unhappy all she does is fight and start trouble. How can anyone stand to be around this women, I think she needs an exorcism. Jen stay away from this women and surround yourself with positive peopl. Evelyn is miserable and confused and that is how she will always be. Jen you are to good for evelyn, your a classy girl from the suburbs and evelyz is a bum from the section 8 housing project in the bronx.

  80. manns1963 says:

    I really like Tammi, she kind of reminds me of myself , keep it real, say how you feel and there won’t be any shockers. I like Evelyn as well she’s so pretty but the temper is short…….I think at this point unfortunately she and Jennifer won’t be besties anymore. But I just wonder how Jennifer feels now that she is on the outs. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to play bully because you never no when you’re going to have a dose of you own medicine. I really hope that Jennifer takes some time to re-evaluate things and perhaps bring her attitude down a couple of notches. May then she and Evelyn can possibly rekindle a friendship that was precious. I’m not saying that Evelyn is all right either but obviously Evelyn’s fiance is a very touchy subject for her and that’s water that no one should tred if you’re going to be negative about it. Jennifer hurt Evelyn with the things she said and as it looked she was not apologetic about anything. I don’t no, if that was a conversation that took place between Jennifer and Evelyn then perhaps things may have played out a little differently but instead it was something that the general public could hear, I think at that point I too would have been perturbed. IJS

  81. cassey says:

    Evelyn is acting brand new because a dude in the spot light is paying her attention, if u remember jen told Evelyn that she wasnt happy with her even visiting him. but Evelyn made the comment that jen shud take the stick out of her ass. this is not new news whether it was on radio, tv or in private. evelyn chose to ignore her and now she has chosen a man over her friend, i bet chads friend talk about her all the time and i bet he dont even care what they say about her, even if her name has been called all over the east cost. i used to like evelyn but she is acting stupid and dumb over what.. shes lame and making a show out of nothing… chad is her last chance and what ever happend to those twins..

  82. Sweetlady says:

    What kills me about Evelyn is, she talked about Tammy and how she slept with her man and how Tami lost her mojo.She talked about Ashley and her fiance Rafer Alston and how they relationship was fake, even went so faar to call Ashley the maid. She called Royce all kinds of bums. Talked about Jennifer and Eric like a dog too… So what’s the big deal. Did she not think she could get talked about?? I just don’t understand why Evelyn so mad now.. Okay, Jennifer said Chad is an attention yo and she and Evelyn don’t date the same kinda men, big deal… Evelyn is making a mountain out of a molehill and looking real sideways in the process… I seriously believe either this beef is fake, or Evelyn is crazy either way it makes for good ratings… Toodles!

  83. jussara says:

    Evilyn is jeasous of Jenn. You can see it when she looks at Jenn, and right aft the fight, she put on heavy green-eyed monster eye shadow. She difinitely doesn’t want Jenn around her husband. That’s part of the reason why she says she doesn’t want any bridesmaids; she’s intimidated by other women. Evilyn looks just like that yellow monkey from Asia.

  84. jussara says:

    I feel sorry for Chad getting caught up with Evilyn. The way she’s acting with Jenn should tell him something…beware. Evilyn is trifling, and she’s trying to be a Diva when she never had nothing on her own. She’s a Gold Digger.

  85. marley4life says:

    I hear both sides. I feel Jennifer, is absolutely wrong on how she went about expressing her feelings of,Evelyn’s fiancé. On a radio show where things are recorded or on a blog where it’s possible to be forwarded to others. It’s very hurtful and she’s being two faced smiling in her face and suppressing feelings. Like @?!&?, who are you. I honestly think that despite how Evelyn may be towards new people or others because she has her guards up as everyone does..I think that she was a a good friend to Jen..Now Jen smelling herself and acting brand new is just wrong..Oh yeah, and who doesn’t proof read anything before they press send?? Just saying!! She knew what was up up and playing dumb..

  86. Tonya Crockett says:

    I feel that they need to think twice about everything that they are doing a homie is for life a man can last a min

  87. Carmele says:

    Evelyn needs to get over it, she’s always in some type of drama with somebody except Shauny. I guarantee any amount of money she would never be on Tammi like that, cause she knows Tammi would get on that ass…

  88. Carolyn says:

    I really liked Evelyn and Jennifer and admired their friendship. To see their friendship come to where it is now (over a man) is very disappointing! When Tammy initially entered the show and was gonna beat Evelyn down in her own store I was praying that she wouldn’t lay a hand on Evelyn. Now that has changed in light of how Evelyn has turned on her own true friend Jennifer….jumping on tables to try to get to Jennifer, acting like a crazed person with no self-control. She wasnt so gangsta when Tammy was gonna give her a beat down. And this is a person who wants to be a mother I wish now that Tammy had beat her azz.. Evelyn is blinded by this “Chad” love which will eventually run its course, fizzle out and end with Evelyn possibly being another baby momma if she can manage to get pregnant. Word to Evelyn….you should have listened to your friend Jennifer….she’s only tried to save you the heartache of “athlete love”.

  89. Gabe Ornelas says:

    Evelyn is a soon to be 40 years old woman .. she need to sit her ass down !! Jennifer needs to sit her ass down as well !! let’s countdown all there drama scenes ..
    Season 1
    Evelyn fought with Suzie
    Evelyn fought a woman who so calls “stalks her”
    Jennifer fought with the blonde groupie

    Season 2
    Evelyn fought with Tami (which got her ass tore up)
    Jennifer had a small beef with Tami (ABOUT FOOD STAMPS)
    Evelyn and Jennier developed a beef with Royce

    Season 3
    Evelyn fought with Royce
    Evelyn fought with Jennifer (about an interview about Chad in Italy)
    Jennifer’s beef with Royce turned out to be even more (about ex- hubby Eric)
    Evelyn fought with Tami (about t-shirts)

    Season 4
    Evelyn fought with Jennifer
    (as seen on the trailer) Evelyn fights with Kenya Bell

  90. jgraves58 says:

    Everybody on this blog knows Jennifer has been trashing Evelyn’s relation from day one, repeatedly. Everybody on this blog knows that’s what Evelyn is hurt and upset about. But check out how many people are siding and making excuses for Jennifer just because they don’t like HOW Evelyn is reacting. Right is right and wrong is wrong people. Whether Evelyn reacts as you would consider adult-like or whether Evelyn reacts like a 4 year old, Jennifer is still dead wrong for what she has been doing. Let’s keep it real people.

  91. Nikki Crawford says:

    If Evelyn has no time for the bull like she says. Why is she spending so much time reading blogs, apparently her life is that busy or interesting. Play your wedding and get a hobby besides reading blogs.

  92. Standstrong says:

    Yea Yea, Evelyn said the same thing to sorry butt kissing Suzie and they now laughing and talking to each other again. What makes anyone think she won’t get back with Jen? Time sometimes heals all wounds and after Eve calms down she may speak to her again too. Maybe not be BFF’s , but I think they will eventually speak again. Evelyn, newsflash,,,who died and made you Queen of all baller wives? You can get ur stuff smashed too, there is always someone badder than you. Be careful ghetto girl. Chad keeps an account just for fines in the NFL, he may have to consider an account just for the all the lawsuits you may bring with your drama. I’m not on either team, you all including instigating Shaunie, need to grow up. From what is portrayed on the show from the edits and all, still paints a very ugly picture and yes, it is entertaining but a bit too much and you all are too devious towards one another & gossipy. They all say they don’t like drama but they all keep it going and taking info back to one another instigating even more drama, even you Tami. And they all call themselves classy, if that’s classy…the world is in trouble.

  93. standstrong says:

    Oh Nikki, I was saying the same thing. Jen let Evelyn those talk her out of her marriage thinking she will be able to hang out with the single, so called happy friends..i.e EVELYN, and it backfired now she has lost her husband and just lost her best so -called friend. They’re sort of switching places before Jen divorce could even be finalized good, Evelyn planning a marriage. Yes, I see Evelyn’s point, it was supposed to be squashed in Italy but I don’t condone her unprofessionalism.
    Look people, as entertaining as this is, they are probably reading these blogs too & they may be estatic in seeing that people are actually watching and interacting with them, giving them the ratings they want. Thats the way the producers want it to be, bringing drama, leads to viewers, leads to ratings, and then the ching ching. And yes, half of it is fake because it’s script and Suzie role is the be the instigator and two faced one to add to it. Chad even likes the attention, he lives for it. But that’s Chad, he cool people. Evelyn and the girls, wow,,,this relationship may have a sad headline someday, not to be pessimistic but I just don’t know how this relationship will turn out. Insecurity wears out at some point & someone may give up but hope that they both become humble and look back at all of this and realize, what the heck were we doing or even thinking for that matter. Let’s prove the world wrong. I really do hope the best for them. Some people don’t realize how silly they look until years later or sooner than later when someone shows them a clip of themselves. Don’t want this to be another Late Whitney and Bobby story. They tried to prove the world wrong for at least 13 years but could no longer fake it. And yes, one blogger said, this too may be a publicity contractual agreement stunt, whatever, it puts no money in my pocket. Each’s own and I wish them the best. Evelyn you gotta grow up and Jennifer, you were nasty and being a follower and now you see where it got you. You were just showing off for Evelyn and trying to be something you are not, letting Evelyn boost you up like you scared to voice your own true opinion about things, trying to impress Evelyn when you in front of her. Evelyn is for herself and you would have thought that she would be a bit apprehensive about dating another athlete after her 10 year engagement and that could be why she so insecure now. Material things is all she wants anyway, so who cares, once they say I DO, unless he has her sign a pre-nup, she will still get paid, at the end of the day; especially if they have those kids they discussed, child support is automatically, pre-nup or not and even with a pre-nup it can still be a set amount set aside to give her at divorce even without kids. Can’t hate her, she’s a smart gold digger. She knows how to pick him.

  94. Paula says:

    I feel as though Jennifer was wrong. She shouldn’t have went behind Evelyn’s back and blogged negative things about Evelyn and Ochocinco’s relationship. I think that Jennifer is jealous of their relationship b/c her marriage did not work out and last ,”death do us part.” With friends like that, who needs enemies!

  95. Retired says:

    I am so disappointed by the direction of this show — the fighting each week is like Jerry Springer — I thought Shawnee was trying to do something tasteful and inspiring. Evelyn needs to go to counseling — she is not ready for marriage as her man is definitely high profile and prone to being a female magnet — she cannot handle the pressure and to plan a wedding with no bridesmaids — that’s different. Jennifer is totally fake and has gotten worse since she is no longer in Evelyn’s shadow and control.

  96. erica says:

    I am on team jennifer because all the faithful viewers know that what was said in the interview was said to Evelyn face to face in season 2 when she told Jen she went to be with Chad that very first weekend. So that was not a big secret,so what is the real problem Evelyn. It seems as though Evelyn is so desperate to be with someone she will do anything. In the words of grandma, Baby girl you betta stand for something or you will fall for anything.!!!!! She fell real hard. LOL

  97. LISA says:

    Evelyn is a hater… She got a football player and now she fronting on Jennifer. She was negative about Jennifer marriage and the moment Evelyn got somebody financially secure she went left on their friendship. She was negative about her lipstick line and now she is promoting lip gloss. Its like come on chick. Jennifer been consistent. She acts classy and anytime a black women does not act all sassy and loud and ghetto people dont know how to handle them. Jennifer does not act like a wild animal or like she belongs in a zoo. She really is what the wanna bes on that show pretend to be. “CLASSY”….

  98. Michelle says:

    Even though It truly does not matter to me who wins or loses this poll…I decided to play the game anyway…I chose Team Jennifer. I did this just for the simple fact that she makes me feel like she was hurt by the break-up of a relationship that lasted over a decade…due to her expressing her feelings on something she does not think will be a healthy life choice for her long time friend to make. Also she never seemed to get out of the classy way of conducting herself. I have so many more reasons but, I’m tired of typing and, it’s just not that important to me to go any further..

  99. Alexis says:

    I can’t believe that some of these obviously mature women are doing fighting all the time. I can understand disagreements and misunderstandings, but to act like high school girls is ridiculousl! Some of them have the nerve to sit up there and criticize and put down people that they dont’ even know as if they have thier own life together. I know it’s hollywood but I find it rather sad that some people feel the need to costantly put others down, I guess in an effor to lift themselves up they feel they have to do that. I also don’t understand all this physically threatening people and telling that person to their face what you’re going to do to them physically. It is so childish. I have watched Evelyn and she is so mean spirited and angry. She needs some serious therapy! To sit before the world and say it’s okay if her fiancee brings another woman home with them as long as she likes her is SICK! Eveylyn you can;t judge anybody because you have deep issues that yo neeed to resolve before you think about marrying anybody. What are you getting married for?Relationships like yours is what gives marriage a bad name. Dump the “tough” girl attitude! It’s not becoming. I don’t care how tough you are or think you are, there is always somebody a little bit tougher. Elevate your mind and your spirit Evelyn and your whole life will change. Anger is not becoming to you or anyone else.

  100. Priscilla says:

    Evelyn is an idiot and needs to be on medication.

  101. Choc says:

    Evelyn needs to stop harassing Jen and get on with her life. No wonder Jen stayed in a relationship as a “fiance” for 10 years and is willing to “share” Chad with other women. She has a problem with “rejection” and she’s “insecure”. She is “jealous” of Jen because Jen was strong enough to walk away from Eric’s cheating and she isn’t strong enough to walk away from Chad’s cheating. Jen also has her own money and doesn’t need to depend on a man, like Evelyn, also she has a college degree. Evelyn didn’t even graduate high school.

  102. Lisa says:

    I am with Jen.Whatever Eve read on Jen’s blog shouldnt have upset her because she heard it before.Girl get a life and leave Jen alone.It doesnt matter to you anymore,remember? Jen is shown to be the classy person in this mess and you the look like the jealous,insecure,unclassy bully. You cant concentrate on you and your man for worrying about Jen. You should know what Jen, your loyal friends,who is saying things behind your back,and even your soon to be hubby,told you that he doesnt know if he can be faithful,not to get yourself into something like this marriage. Dont be so desperate to be with Chad and all the other women he will be with during your short marriage.As Jen said,move on,let it be,you dont have to like her but you can be respectful to her when you are at events.

  103. Jennifer PI says:

    Jennifer should’ve respected Evelyn’s relationship, and there friendship. Jen is a phony just like suzy. Jennifer you are not better then anybody, you married into money with that ugly ass basketball player. Don’t forget who you use to be a MAN, and people still excepted you. now you want to give your ass to everybody cause you made a lipgloss, I’m happy for you. Please stop trying to sound like from New York last year you sounded like 90210.

  104. Ggee says:

    I actually liked them being friends But sometimes it dosn’t work out. Unfortunately Evelyn is coming off real getto this season with her agressive behavior. Charm school that’s all I’m saying

  105. ROBIN says:

    MESSAGE TO EVELYN & TAMI —- Your viewers are waiting patiently for the two of you to STOP THE VERBAL ABUSE & PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Because BBW is not DISNEY WORLD. BBW is not FANTASY WORLD. BBW is not HIGH SCHOOL. BBW is not ELEMENTARY. BBW is not a POPULARITY CONTEST. BBW is not a BOXING RING. BBW is not a WRESTING RING. BBW is definitely not a DAYCARE CENTER. The two of you are on a REALITY SHOW, so viewers across the globe are waiting for the two of you to recognize, that you are not before a live audience playing ring-around-the-chairs, with cartoon characters, and paper dolls. You are working with real people; you are working with human beings. Therefore, human beings deserve respect. Your viewers deserve respect. Your cast mates deserve respect, even though you do not respect yourselves. Your hostility, criminal behavior, and disgusting mind-set are very offensive to millions of viewers. VH1 needs viewers to support the show, and to maintain high ratings. If your violence and disrespect on the show continues, VH1 will continue to loose viewer due to low ratings, Boycotts and Petitions until they remove the two of you from the REALITY SHOW.

  106. APOLOGY says:

    KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE – Do not need an apology from Tami & Evelyn for saying what was truly on their cold-hearts and idiotic minds. Tami & Evelyn have done enough damage to themselves with their hateful behavior and offensive verbal attacks. The only thing KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE really need from Too Tall Tami & EVIL EVELYN, is fo them to stay in their own little miserable world. KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE keep smiling. Give Tami & Evelyn your support by issuing your signatures of approval for their NON-EXISTENCE. Tami & Evelyn cannot and will never be able to survive in KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE’s classy and successful world.

  107. HEARTLESS says:

    KESHA,JENNIFER, & ROYCE stay focus. Enjoy your roles on BBW to the fullest. We wish you much success. Our advice to you is that TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beautfy of CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  108. RICKIE says:

    It is very hard for us to see Tami & Evelyn as pretty, because of their nasty and corrupt behavior. Pretty has no place in their personal description internally or externally. They are paying millions of dollars to beautify themselves externally, while placing their psychological problem on the back burner. Evelyn & Tami have shown to the viewers their true self. Their true self is very nerve-racking and distasteful, and very shameful. Self-indulgence is taking control over their life. They must realize Fame and Money comes and goes, materialistic things have very little value, but they will always need their brains to continue to survive.

  109. Dana says:

    Tami & Evelyn are hurting from their past personal damage. They are taking their past out on innocent bystanders. Misery loves company. Tami & Evelyn needs Celebrity Rehab fast quick and in a hurry, before they harm themselves or someone else beyond recovery.
    Suzie – Is just plain messy. Being paid to go around and gossip about everybody. Just like a snake waiting to attack somebody/anybody gossip so she can spread it around. Suzie is a professional troublemaker. AA may be in her near future.
    Royce – Is in midst of a lot of life challenges (father relationship, mother role, upcoming marriage/wedding, ex-issues, role in a play, role in basketball wives). She can handle them all if she take her time, do some soul searching, prioritize her tasks, keep destructive and jealous people out of her personal and professional life, and more important; stay away from evil so call friends. Because negativity will only slow down her progress. We wish Royce the best.
    Shaunie – Is a silent partner, hide from view her weakness and breakdowns. Viewers are aware and talking about her past nasty behavior. However, she is being smart by gaining notoriety and making that $$$.

  110. KINGSLEE says:

    What is likeable about anyone that goes around jumping on tables in rage, throwing wine glasses, and slapping people in the face? This is VIOLENCE. If you read the recent social network sites 99% of the viewers are not in support of Tami & Evelyn’s VIOLENCE. To add to the already disgrace, Tami had the nerve to try to make racial remarks to Kesha. It was wrong, wrong, and wrong anyway, you put it.

  111. Deloris says:

    @KINGSLEE, very true ocmments,Tami & Evelyn daughters are beautiful and appear to be motivated professionally. However, I agree that these girls are probably totally a shame of how immature and vicious their mothers are acting on National TV. It is one thing to act emotionally unstable in private, but to make it public can do much damage to them (personally and professionally). Grown women jumping on tables, slapping people in the face, and throwing wine glasses are all acts of outrageous and mentally unstable children.

  112. PitBulls says:

    Kenya, Kesha, Jennifer – when will the three of you learn not to stay idle, when PitBulls are in the process of attacking you? Kesha, Jennifer, and Kenya Get yourselves in a self-defense class ASAP. You don’t just stand still and act speechless, when Evelyn and Tami are verbally attacking you. They are only testing your fear. and waiting for the opportune time to physically attack you. If you choose to stand in shock, at least silently think of how you will defend yourself.

  113. Public Eye says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having heart attacks, climbing on tables in rage, thrpwomh around wine glasses, and getting slapped in the face. What some people will do for the love of money, fame., and fortune. I am not a fan of Shaunie’s, but I will give her crredit for being smart in the areas of business, and for having the skills to maintain her cool in public.

  114. Public EyeApril says:

    4, 2012 AT 6:56 AMShaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having heart attacks, climbing on tables in rage, thrpwomh around wine glasses, and getting slapped in the face. What some people will do for the love of money, fame., and fortune. I am not a fan of Shaunie’s, but I will give her crredit for being smart in the areas of business, and for having the skills to maintain her cool in public.

  115. CHURCH says:

    Do any of these females go to Church? If so, how can they face their Pastor and the Congregation? They are fortune to have a job, food to eat, and clothes for their bodies, and shoes for their feet. There are trillions of people suffering from poverty, hunger, unemployment, under-employment; disabled cannot work, in nursing homes, cripple, blind, and homeless. BBW wake up, clean up your act, and thank God for mind, health, and strength.

  116. CLASSY says:

    I love Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer on the show. Some of the females on the show must have some class, for the show to be interesting. ROYCE- Stay busy with your life, and stay away from Tami and the wild crew. Royce do not ruin your image by hanging around such vicious females. ——————————- KESHA & KENYA – Please watch your back, and watch your surrounding when you are under attack by a set of PITBULLS. Stare them in the eyes, and silently work on a plan of self-defense at the same time. Do not under any circumstances display a sense of fear. Tami & Evelyn gets a high on putting fear in those people they feel are a threat in some way. I do not like violence, but I do like to see people stand firm and defend themselves. Enroll in a self-defense class.. —————————- TAMI & EVELYN – Please seek professional help in the areas of Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse. In addition, Mental Health. Because, only people that are under the influence of insanity, drugs, and alcohol conduct themselves like wild animals. . ——————————- SHAUNIE – Stop running around playing the Mediator, You do not have those types of skills. You are lacking severely in the areas of leadership, and interaction skills. Shaunie you are an accident that is waiting to happen. You will eventually be hit by a wine glass, or slapped in the face trying to play go-between. Stop dropping your head and putting your head in your hands, and screaming ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV. You have every opportunity to be honest with Tami & Evelyn about their criminal -like behavior. ——————————-SUZIE – You need to stop spreading gossip. . You are like a snake in the grass. You wait around for gossip and Kesha, Kenya,and Jennifer are not wise enough to realize that they are talking to the trouble-maker. Suzie concentrate on getting yourself a man and a side job.

  117. Shstarlight says:

    Are you serious!! Evelyn never graduated from high school!! OH MY GOODNESS!!

  118. Shstarlight says:

    I said the same thing, that If was Evelyn’s daughter I would be ashamed to show my face in public. I would have to hide my face. I know its embarrassing for her to see her mother acting like she in 9th grade. As for your photos Evelyn, you are not Beyonce!!

  119. Shstarlight says:

    To add to my comment, Beyonce is classy and she don’t throw stuff at people, and she graduated from high school!!

  120. Lorraine says:

    Evelyn is a bully so what Jen or her assistant wrote things about Chad. Its all true he ‘s a hoe and so is she. Women said their your friend but if you said something about their Boo all bets are off. True friends tell you the true even when your trying to turn away from it. Evelyn acts like a teenage girl .Grow up please!!!

  121. MsD says:

    Not a fan of either. Is this show scripted? Will not watch anymore. The girls are too messy!!! I hear from too many people how disappointed they are in the show!

  122. Shstarlight says:

    Somebody is going to throw something real good at Evelyn’s ass one day and she will be shocked as hell. She not going to know what happened. That will be my very first favorite episode!

  123. Ej says:

    Everlyn is just very jealous of Jen until its about to kill her. Jen don’t look back again. She even had her friend come at you they had that planed. You all are saying Kenya want to be Jen I don’t get from her at all. And a sense I think you wish you were Jen. Because not one time on the show have i gotten that from Kenya. She’s just being herself that all and the others don’t like it . Because she keeps it smiling even when they’re attacking her and by the way I enjoyed her video . Don’t listen t those other girls Jen you and Kenya should remain friend. You can tell someone wants to be like you any women can and that’s truly not the case with Kenya, Kenya also has class in the way she carries herself. They have no reson to treat you that way and Kenya either. Make your own judgement don’t allow them to choose who you want to be friends with. Drop loose lips Susie your secrets are not safe with her, she talks to much and plays both sides. Drop Everlyn for good a friend will never want to fight you, she’s never been a true friend to do this to you Jen and to have someone else try to fight you too. Man!!! That’s sad….

  124. Ej says:

    I meant I think Everlyn wish she could be Jen. That’s a lie the other girls are saying Kenya want to be Jen. And be all of them. That’s bull!!! Why would she want to be all of them. And Royce why is he trappin on Kenya cause her friend little sneaky Kesha had some words, because when they first came the show she had things to say about Everlyn too, she’s not innocent and beside Kenya and Kesha started out being friends until she meet Royce. Now because of the fall out between Kenya and kesha, Royce got to get up and voice her opinion of her video. And bad mouth her. Royce get your wave mixed and set down. Tami my girl what’s going on with you ! Everlyn screwed your husband and now you’re on her side. Come on now Tam! Are you really serious.whats your beef with Kenya and Jen they haven’t done anything to you.. If anything you three really have something in common as well as Shunie. You all are original b/b wives . Come On sis don’t trying to kick it with that h??. She did it once and she’ll do it again. Tam girl!!!! Come on now you my girl. Yeah she loose tell her I said it …. Throw a bottle!!!

  125. sonia jones says:

    Evelyn is a hood rat with money, she needs to grow up. One day someone is going to bust her UP! Shawnie is PHONY! No wonder Shaq left her alone!


  127. Deepdimples says:

    I’m on neither one! They both need to grow up. Jen is wondering why Evelyn is angry with her, despite Jen going on different shows talking bad about Evelyn; and Evelyn needs to get over it. Enough all ready!

  128. Sad Women says:

    Ms O’neal should be ashamed of herself and also the show that she is puttin out. Black women have a hard enough time now with trying to prove we are not loud, dumb, money hunger women, hoodrats but Basketball wives is an open book of what people think we are. Please this show should be called Wanna Be BW becuase no one is Married on this show, theses are woman who use to be married/babymama, or were going to get married. of all people I thought Shaunie would have try to turn the page but instead she is the puppet master of this mess. As one of the dumbasses of the show Thanking Shaunie for the Bankaccounts thats all its about is the money and not having a true meaning of anything. You done see true basketball wives on shows like this, etc; Mrs Billups,Mrs Garnett,Mrs Hill, I can list a lot more but no need becuase trust they are laughing at yall dumbass, put i guess if its about money.. Congrats to you and your bankaccount… Dumbasses

  129. Marta - Get The Legal System On Your Side says:

    Royce,, Jennifer, and Kesha —- stay sophisticated, peaceful, fresh, and fashionable, while getting the legal system on your side. Make Tami & Evelyn them put you on their payroll, while you relax and enjoy yourselves.

    Make these two criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, harassment and WHILE YOU ARE AT IT MAKE A request for them to be removed from the streets.

    Tami & Evelyn are two of the most unsophisticated, badly informed, cold-blooded, bad-mannered, polluted and foolish females that I have ever seen on National TV.

  130. VH1 - Job Requirement says:

    VH1, Producers, Shaunie — When will you wake up and put an end to the violence on the show? Are you going to wait until someone is terribly hurt, before addressing the violence that is taking place on the show? Are you more interested in making money and the show ratings and less interested in the safety of your cast mates? Are you afraid to reprimand Tami & Evelyn for their unlawful behavior? Do you drug test your cast mates? Do you conduct background checks before hiring cast mates? Are you more interested in Basketball Wives that are suffering from psychological and anger management problems? Is having a criminal background, psychological problem, and anger problem your top hiring requirements?

  131. KeeKee - Season 4 Reunion says:

    VH1 Producers & Shaunie — why would anybody with a sound mind, wants to be in the audience during the taping of Season 4 Reunion? #1 the show is very disgraceful, distasteful, and unhealthy for the viewers and the cast members. #2 VH1 Producers & Shaunie do not protect the people in the audience from verbal attacks and threats from Tami & Evelyn, whenever they ask questions. #3 VH1 Producers & Shaunie should demand that the cast members respect your audience at all times. #4 the cast members are working for VH1, they are paid by VH1, and therefore as any employer that you work for, you represent that employer at all times. To be perfectly honest, I would not let my puppies nowhere near Tami & Evelyn; in fact, I would rather be in the audience at a dog show. The dog shows are more civilized, peaceful, and the dogs are classy and intelligent. Which I cannot say that about Tami & Evelyn.

  132. SISTERS says:

    Evelyn — is suffering from a serious mental breakdown. She is totally sick, foolish, enraged, and mad at the world. Any female that has class, beauty, intelligence, business sense, and has an uncompromising personality is a threat to Evelyn. She fears rejection, and she demands love from her man under any condition. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug.

    Tami – is suffering from a severe case of self-denial, low-self esteem, mental/emotional trauma, and fault the world for her personal tragedies and failures. Any female with beauty, talent, intelligence, motivation, happiness, and have a strong personality is a threat to Tami. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug, alcohol or both.

    People under the influence of mind-altering drugs and alcohol usually conduct themselves very abnormally like Tami & Evelyn.

    VH1 Producers & Shaunie, stop ignoring the danger signs for the sake of ratings and money. These two females need special medical attention, before they hurt themselves or somebody else.

    This is not a matter of fear; this is a matter of saving a life.

  133. Daisy says:

    @SISTER, you got your point across very well, and we totally agree with you. These two females should be off the streets and behind jail bars. Tami & Evelyn are criminals, paid to harrass and violate the other females on the set. This is unlawful and a total shame. VH1, Producers and Shaunie STOP THE MADNESS

  134. JAZZ- Stay Motivated Jennifer says:

    @KeeKee – Season 4 Reunion —-Who wants to watch Tami & Evelyn snap their fingers, twist their necks, cross their legs, throw around threats, violating the audience and their cast mates with their profanity and offensive language? Tami & Evelyn are always dressed up all pretty for the Reunion, just to come on the set to act like a PITBULLS and a ROTTWEILER. It is a terrible site to see, and we are very embarrassed for them. We feel sad for Tami & Evelyn, because they are emotionally ill and nobody is running to help them.

  135. heidi peterman says:

    im so sick of watching evelyn almost get into a fight every single episode.. its def not classy and not a good look.. She just looks real dumb 4 a woman in a show that actually had lots of class in the 1st episode . what happend

  136. Heidi Peterman says:

    Im just curious what does tami have 2 do with the question above? Personally i think Tami has definately got rid of lots of her anger fromk her first appearence… Shes definately not a criminal …Speaks her mind and actually with class my opnion

  137. cj says:

    This show needs to do some recasting or be taken of the air. Tammi and Evelyn need to go. seriously! Leave Jennifer alone. I appreciate how she handled herself on national TV.

  138. Shar says:

    You know it is really embarrasing watching two grown women that have personal issues take their problems out on everyone around them. I know teenage females that don’t fight and talk like they do….it is just RIDICULOUS!!! Ev and Tami both need some help FOR REAL!!! Jen needs to be a little more secure and self assured. She is definitely heading that way though. She is standing up for herself more and she did the right thing by filing a lawsuit against that girl for smacking her instead of fighting her back. They are GROWN WOMEN!!!! Don’t try to gain the whole world and lose your soul!!!!

  139. SUPER LADY says:


  140. charm says:

    i love this show but evelyn and tami make the show look so ghetto they r bulls in a pen can’t stand them they love to pick on the weak ppl like jen and kesha but me know that if jen r kesha was a jamaican tami would not hear the end of it not sayin we r bully like tami but the way she get on with kesha really got to me as a black woman and yes miss tami u was goin there about her looks yes she could pass for white to me shaunie just sorry for tami and make her get some money.

  141. Tee Young says:

    you can clearly see that evelyn is clearly jelous of jennifer. tami and shaunie are jelous also stupid tricks