Jennifer Williams On Big Morning Buzz Live: “Everybody’s Entitled To Their Opinion, Right?”


Jennifer Williams appeared on Big Morning Buzz Live yesterday (we were enjoying a day off, sorry for the delay!) but of course she dished on all the big drama occurring on the season premiere of Basketball Wives. When she was asked if she was leery of giving her opinion anymore in interviews since it tends to get her in trouble, she told Carrie Keagan “I mean, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I’m not so much leery, ’cause I don’t say anything that I feel is bad, and even if I do make an opinion, I always end it on a good note, but I mean, everybody’s entitled to their opinion, right?”

Watch the entire clip to hear more from Jennifer about the arrival of two new castmembers and her thoughts on being called bougie. “I don’t think it’s such a bad word,” she says. “I’ll take bougie.”

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  1. mymy says:

    i kno errbody is entitled to their own opinion im just glad she finally started openin her mouf to evelyn because i actually thawt she was scared of her

  2. lolilea says:

    I don’t get why Ev so ticked off. She and Chad took relationship to realitytv. All Jen sttaed wa sthe obvious – she is nervous about Chad’s past as an athlete ho. She doesn’t want Ev to go down that road again. So what? BFD!! Ev should understand Jen’s concern. If she doesn’t, then she should stop flapping her trap about other people’s choices. I feel like Ev is not big on ownership.

  3. V.G says:

    Evelyn needs to go to anger management. I don’t thinks she’s a happy person. She is so unhappy she tries to make everyone around her miserable. Jenn is the only classy one of this bunch and I believe Evelyn is JEALOUS. Hey, Jen don’t hollerback girl. Evelyn get a life.

  4. Adaya says:

    I love you Jennifer, you exude a class that EVIL-lyn lacks. I didn’t care much for you while you hung with EVIL-lyn b/c I felt she overshadowed you and took away your voice and position as a person. You are doing absolutely right, hit any of them classless women with a lawsuit if they touch you. I feel you because “No” why should you have to learn to fight. People need to keep their ratchet attitudes to themselves. The only reason that Evil-lyn wants to continue to BULLY you and attempt to fight you is b/c she knows that you are not a fighter, but if you don’t want to hit her back…at least try to stay out of harm’s way……but if EVIL-lyn touches you, I would race to court to put a lawsuit on her a$& & take her for pain, suffering, mental anguish, etc!! I love you because you do have enough class not to fight. OK, so what if you are bougie, I like you because you are the epitome of what ALL the other women (on the show) WISH that they COULD be. Also, you are so right, last season, every time Evil-lyn got the opportunity to bash your husband Eric, Evil-lyn wasted no time. Now, because you speak the obvious and the truth about Chad, Evil-lyn wants to jump bad. CONTINUE TO STAY TRUE.

  5. TruthOfTheMatter says:

    Everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion and in my opinion Jen is the most selfish, woman on the entire show. Think about it! Jen and Evelyn had a friendship that went back to 10 years!! Not 5 months, not 2 years, no they didn’t meet on the show like most of the cast, but they were friends for 10 years! Jen is disgusting in the sense that she went behind her best friends back and spoke poorly about her soon to be husband. She NEVER once brought up to Evelyn how she truly felt about Chad, yet she’s bold enough to share her feelings about him on the radio to the rest of the world? Not only did she do such a cowardly act, but to top it all of Evelyn had to find out that her friend was talking about her behind her back from someone else. Whether Chad has a horrible past or not Jen should have been woman enough to go to Evelyn first instead of the media. If you ask me Jen allowed fame to destroy her friendship with Evelyn. There’s a way you go about things and Jen handled the situation poorly which resulted in the demise of their friendship. Point blank.