T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 11 – What Would Bill Cosby Do?


“The fun police has arrived.”

That’s how Tiny puts it when T.I. arrives at their daughter Zonnique’s photo shoot with her group, OMG Girlz, and T.I. shoots down everything from eye makeup to outfit choices to those notoriously slutty wedge sneakers.

Tip is always dealing with parenting issues in every episode, but this one posed some challenges he has yet to face: young adulthood. Specifically, female young adulthood. Zonnique is about to start driving, she’s working on a music career, and she wants to wear makeup and high heels, and while Tiny defends her right to do all that, Tip is at a total loss how he should parent this teenage girl. “I don’t know what to do, I really don’t,” he says. “What do you expect me to do? Somebody get Bill Cosby on the phone, ask him what he did.”

We think it’s cute that Tip is so protective and doesn’t want his kids turning into bad seeds (once again, he repeats his mantra that his only obligation is to keep his sons out of prison and his daughters out of the strip club), he’s definitely taking things with Niq Niq seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. Fortunately, she understands that he’s a dad and this is what dads do.

Weigh in and let us know, is he going overboard?

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  1. alexia says:

    i like the omg girls they are the most coolest keep it movin girls

  2. Nia Olivia says:

    I think it’s good that he’s being protective but he shouldnt go overboard and sometimes i think he has a double standards when it comes to his girlsandboys.

  3. Khallela Ahmad says:

    I completely understand how T.I feels because my father was the same way. I didn’t like it when I was growing up, but I totally agree with have two daughters of my own. Keep up the go work T.I.P!

  4. Ivonne hunter says:

    I’m extremely impressed with the man & father I see you are. My husband & I are a young bi-racial couple with kids (5) and we agree wholeheartedly with everything you teach the kids. It’s refreshing that your so young & yet very well grounded. We loved your music before the show but now a new found respect has been born for you. Keep up the great work, your a role model! Oh yeah, don’t let tiny talk you into eating the girls grow up so fast.

  5. Rene' Gade says:

    Seriously, I can see her bra and stomach…that is NOT appropriate. No teenage girl should be showing that much…that is what college girls wear to the club trying to catch something!

  6. new orleans says:

    he doing what he suppossed to do ya heard me

  7. new orleans says:

    No matter what you have seen me do or go through i expect more from my child i know my child have their own life to live but i EXPECT more
    i respect this man to the fullest a child needs to feel that disciplinary security in order to blossom with the fullest level of respect for themselves
    we saw lil nique at the scream tour out here and they were the first performance did a very good performance she is a part of our family now my baby girl took pics with baby girl and we see her everyday on our wall
    listen many girks desire to have someone anyone there for them believe it or not

  8. miss b says:

    I agree with T.I on this,the kids cloth is to mature.As for the wife saying they grown at 15,I am glad T.I is the brain of the family!!

  9. latoya brown says:

    i love the omg girlz ,zonninque,bre,and bahja they are like the hottest girl group and i stay in atlanata and when i saw them and talk tot them they were so nice and they got swag love the omg girlz

  10. serenity says:

    I like tiny big dagther hair.

  11. sakita johnson says:

    I think ti is very reasonable because my daddy an mother was the same way to make sure i knew about the real wrold an life because this is a very cold world an being a careful driver is very very improtant……

  12. Orville says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, TINY dont go into business with Shakina, or how ever you spell her name, I think it would be the worse. Shes to emotional to put it lightly. If anything just pay her for the Idea and do it your self. SERIOUSLY.

  13. moeriyah foots says:

    i love omg girlz so much that they got me starting my own group. we are call uncommon because we dont got anything in common. i hope i can meet them really soon.