Your Word Against Mine: Jennifer Williams And Evelyn Lozada Both Blog About Last Night’s Basketball Wives


Throughout this season of Basketball Wives, we’re happy to announce that Royce Reed will once again be recapping every episode exclusively for the VH1 Blog to give the world her completely unfiltered take on the show. But we also wanted to let you know that Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada will also be writing their own show commentary on their personal blogs which we’ll be monitoring and we’ll be filling you in on what they have to say for themselves as their drama continues. Here are some excerpts from their recaps of this week’s fiery show, and we’d love to hear from if you their explanations sway your opinion one way or another.

Jennifer Says:

As you heard on tonight’s show, Evelyn is upset with me about a blog that was written by my publicist. Reason being, I didn’t have time to personally do it because I was on vacation in Italy with my girlfriends. I honestly didn’t think she wrote anything awful or harmful. It stated my opinion and I feel I’m allowed to have one. Take a look for yourself. Was this statement really worth all the drama?

“The idea of me being jealous of Evelyn’s engagement is a bunch of crap and NO I don’t mess around with the same type of guys that Evelyn dates. I am just getting out of a ten year relationship and am very cautious about who I go out with.”

What I really have a hard time understanding is that this blog came out July 19th, 2011 and the first time I heard about Evelyn being mad was in November 2011. When we filmed the reunion in July the blog was out and she didn’t mention it then. It is just absurd to me that we are fighting over something so simple in my eyes but I guess not in hers. So be it!

Tonight the world witnessed for themselves the type of evil I am dealing with. These words pretty much sum up the state of affairs.

Evelyn Says:

Her comment tonight, “I can F*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no damn athlete!” was again, very hurtful. Basically she is still dissing my relationship and my fiance. What type of so-called friend would have the audacity to do that? And why would she contradict herself? Didn’t you just say on the show “I can f*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no damn athlete!” I don’t get it! Whether you are having sex with, marrying, dating or not you are still sleeping with athletes and my man happens to be an athlete! DUH! That would be the same type of person!

And what is so crazy is that Jen was OUT having “relations” with athletes and trying to play the innocent role on the show. Last season Jen was dating, however, she acted as though she wasn’t to viewers. At least, I give our viewers ALL of me; I don’t lie to any of you guys regarding my personal life, friendships, etc…This is very hurtful to me because I thought she was a true friend, I was loyal and I seriously thought she would have been happy for me. We were friends for twelve years and regardless she has judged Chad and me. Meanwhile, she is doing the same thing. I hope this clarifies a few things for everyone.

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