Your Word Against Mine: Jennifer Williams And Evelyn Lozada Both Blog About Last Night’s Basketball Wives


Throughout this season of Basketball Wives, we’re happy to announce that Royce Reed will once again be recapping every episode exclusively for the VH1 Blog to give the world her completely unfiltered take on the show. But we also wanted to let you know that Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada will also be writing their own show commentary on their personal blogs which we’ll be monitoring and we’ll be filling you in on what they have to say for themselves as their drama continues. Here are some excerpts from their recaps of this week’s fiery show, and we’d love to hear from if you their explanations sway your opinion one way or another.

Jennifer Says:

As you heard on tonight’s show, Evelyn is upset with me about a blog that was written by my publicist. Reason being, I didn’t have time to personally do it because I was on vacation in Italy with my girlfriends. I honestly didn’t think she wrote anything awful or harmful. It stated my opinion and I feel I’m allowed to have one. Take a look for yourself. Was this statement really worth all the drama?

“The idea of me being jealous of Evelyn’s engagement is a bunch of crap and NO I don’t mess around with the same type of guys that Evelyn dates. I am just getting out of a ten year relationship and am very cautious about who I go out with.”

What I really have a hard time understanding is that this blog came out July 19th, 2011 and the first time I heard about Evelyn being mad was in November 2011. When we filmed the reunion in July the blog was out and she didn’t mention it then. It is just absurd to me that we are fighting over something so simple in my eyes but I guess not in hers. So be it!

Tonight the world witnessed for themselves the type of evil I am dealing with. These words pretty much sum up the state of affairs.

Evelyn Says:

Her comment tonight, “I can F*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no damn athlete!” was again, very hurtful. Basically she is still dissing my relationship and my fiance. What type of so-called friend would have the audacity to do that? And why would she contradict herself? Didn’t you just say on the show “I can f*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no damn athlete!” I don’t get it! Whether you are having sex with, marrying, dating or not you are still sleeping with athletes and my man happens to be an athlete! DUH! That would be the same type of person!

And what is so crazy is that Jen was OUT having “relations” with athletes and trying to play the innocent role on the show. Last season Jen was dating, however, she acted as though she wasn’t to viewers. At least, I give our viewers ALL of me; I don’t lie to any of you guys regarding my personal life, friendships, etc…This is very hurtful to me because I thought she was a true friend, I was loyal and I seriously thought she would have been happy for me. We were friends for twelve years and regardless she has judged Chad and me. Meanwhile, she is doing the same thing. I hope this clarifies a few things for everyone.

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  1. cappy says:

    Evelyn I fully understand you being hurt by Jenn’s comments, but seriously??!!! Were the two of you really friends to begin with? Ok, so she does’nt like your Boo, does she come at him or you? Why can’t you at least be cordial? Why is she now your enemy? She made a mistake and apologized for it, now it seems like you want her to suffer. her statement on her blog, is not that deep, that you would end a 12 year so called friendship! Even Tami is taken abck by how mean your being. Back to the original question, were the two of you EVER REALLY FRIENDS??!! It’s so sad to see you, a beautiful woman, about to get married, and you’re acting like a teenager. you’re way to classy for all this DRAMA!!!!

  2. Tracy King says:

    The issue Evelyn is so upset about is trivial! I don’t find Jennifer’s blog from 2011 was offensive at all. Evelyn just wants to be mad about something. Jennifer is entiled to her opinoin and he she doesn’t approve of the Evelyn’s choice in men then so be it. People have the right to disagree and not approve of their friends choices. People are not going to agree on everything. That’s what makes us individuals.

    I truly hope Evelyn behavoir is for t.v. ratings and does not depcits how she truly is. I will not be tuning in to anymore episodes because of Evelyn… Who fights at 30+? What message are you sending to the younger generation?

  3. Candy says:

    I really hope that evelyn and jen don’t end up embarrassing themselves on T.V.
    It was very sad for me to watch both of them sssooooo hurt.
    I love Tammy for trying.I can’t watch this fight,this hurts my stomache.

  4. Julisa says:

    I can see both sides.
    it appears that Evelyn is upset because jennifer puts up a front like she is better than, and a goody 2 shoe. when she is doing the same thing she tries to throw evelyn under the bus for. remember birds of a feather flock togehter. and both jen and ev need to be upfront and stop being passive agressive about their feelings.
    okay obvious jenn does not approve of chad. everyone has friends that dont approve of their friends significant other. but that should not come between the friendship. they need to evaluate whether they were true friends to began with. otherwise keep it moving, and stop spitting venom. women of color need to stop tearing one another down making fools of themselves on national tv. it makes you look, insecure and class- less. For women who have it all money, and fame why so angry and bitter? Get it together.

  5. Sexiiracs says:

    Ev, I would be upset as well. The thing that hurts Ev is the fact that she expected more from Jen. She’s hurt that Jen didnt put aside her feelings and wished her friend the best of louck and well wishes. She secretly hates Ev’s decision of a mate and instead of being a friend and supporting Ev through everything, shes catching feelings and doing interviews n blogging about the issue. Everyone can see Ev is passionate about her friends, her life, her men so to know that a friend who you’d do anything for isnt being a friend by supporting you is nonsense. Jen is smelling her damn self and being too cocky and obnoxious. Throughout te seasons Ev has been the same Jen has changed. And while change can be good, tossing ur friend by the wayside aint cool.

  6. Tresa Reynolds says:

    TO:Jen and Evelyn. I do understand how you both may feel but to be grown women, that has everything that most can only dream of is a bit much. I think its a bit trivail to disreagrd 12 years of being friends. Yes, freinds have their down falls but to constantly fight over a pure misunderstanding is just crazy. I love both of you ladies personality but it is really sad to see/hear such hatred and violence. I personally think that this whole situtaion should have been approached when it first happen, not months later especially not during the new year. There are bigger issues that needs to be resolve.

    Now I do understand Evelyn point of view, friends should be supportive no matter how they feel.
    I understand Jen, the statement that was previously re-posted, didn’t sound like she was hating and to me it was not worth the big blow up. I do hope that you two can at least be civil and show respect to each other, life and each other opinions. Oh, what happens between the two of you is between the two of you. Other friends should encourage a closure verus violence.

  7. NEICY says:

    I think Evelyn is a bully! It’s just that simple. If Jen had spunk to put Evelyn in her place just as Tammi did, Evelyn would already be sitting down or knocked down. Apparently this thing goes deeper than what Jen supposedly posted or tweeted or whatever. First of all, if Evelyn is really secure in and with her relationship with Chad this thing would be over and done with. Evelyn is going to run up in the wrong face and a beat down will be on the horizon for her. My girlfriend and I wish we were Jen because Miss Evelyn would already be sipping threw straws from having to have her mouth stitched up. I’m just saying sit down and leave Jen alone. I also think that Evelyn is jealous of the lady-like manner that Jennifer carries herself.

  8. Mia says:

    We all know Chad’s history with women so the fact that your Friend is not happy with your choice comes as no surprise, and the fact that you think your special or different than any other girl he has wronged is almost too funny. I think deep down you know the chance of your marriage is surviving is slim to none. Jen was going through a divorce that you helped encourage her to get out of so I’m sure she thought you two would enjoy the single life together. Instead you with went and hooked up with one of the biggest himbo’s in sports. I hate to say it but I give you marriage maybe 73 days. You’re gonna need your friends (like Jen) when your marriage fails which I think deep down you know it will. Jen is hurt and probably jealous that she is losing you to someone that is inevitably going to break your heart.

  9. Latasha Tankard says:

    ok Evelyn it seems like u have alot of growning up to do. i mean you gonna let sumthing like that destroy a friendship for ova a decade now. U always talkin bout keeping it real, then u need to do that keep it real. U consider urself to be a grown woman but its like u steady wanting to fight somebody, to me that seems to be very childish. Grow up and let da petty stuff go. Jennifer, im glad that u were trying to b cordial with her but hun jus let it go kuz Evelyn aint trying to hear it. Dnt continue to make mends with her and she wants to constantly disrespect u!

  10. shlbro says:

    REPOST FROM TAMI ARTICLE: I think Jennifer can’t accept Evelyn being with an athlete! If you go back to the beginning, they both vowed they’d never get involved with another athlete – at least Evelyn did. When her and Antoine broke up, she said she wouldn’t do it again. Jennifer didn’t want her to go back in that arena because it caused Ev so much pain. Once Ev started dating Chad, Jen thought it was just a fling at first. When the relationship heated up, Jen wasn’t excited because of Ev’s pass relationship and Jen’s pending divorce. As a friend, you have to have balance! Tell your friend the truth and then get pass the negative feelings. My mom taught us, “If they like it, you must love it”. When you hold negativity on the inside, it’s equivalent to suppressing a tennis ball under water – it’ll eventually find it’s way to the surface. Whatever lies in the heart of a human, it’ll come out of their mouth! Congrats to Ev & Chad! I love you Tami! Jen, I’m praying for your strength. My best friend is going through a divorce and I feel like I’m suffering the most, so I can only imagine her pain. To lose a good friend and your mate has to be heart wrenching. Stay strong and be completely honest with your friends; immediately! They will love you regardless! It’s the little things that destroys something good. ~~~God bless you all

  11. milly says:

    P.S. I love the both of ya!!! However, Evelyn I think u wrong. I don’t think that Jen said anything wrong on her blog for u to just want to end a friendship of 12 years. I think that maybe u have something else against her and u are not saying what it is. Remember some friendships last longer then a relationship. N u never know when u might need of her help!!
    B bless!!

  12. rrowe says:

    Yes…Jen need to get a clue and know her limits… even if you don’t agree with something out of respect for your “best friend” who you “love” you should be sensitive of the way you say things… I’m not saying be fake and sugar coat… tell her the truth out of love behind closed doors… don’t go out publicly dissing her choices.. you should always have your friend’s back. she should be able to trust that you’ll have heres… someone should be able to come and say “Jen said this…” and she should be able to be like ” get outta here Jen would never.” … Jen seems like a Foe to me.
    Lesson learned: tighten your circle be aware of the characters you keep dear to your heart.

  13. Renzo says:

    I totally do understand where Evelyn is coming from about her relationship. Jen should have been honest and just told her how she feel. She is just trying to move on, but she hurt her bestfriend. I know this is just for tv., but I really do hope they work it out. If not. totally understand. i loved seeing them together, but i did know that was coming.

  14. Mrs.Thompson says:

    Ladies This whole thing is dumb as hell
    1.evelyn who cares that jen don’t like chad ppl don’t like me and my husband marriage and?
    2.evelyn since you got with chad you have change you lost sight of you when i got married I’m
    Still me
    3.Jennifer stop saying anything about chad cause evelyn is not tiring to hear you
    Evelyn and jenn i don’t believe you two was even friends forreal cause thid right here
    Is crazzzzzzzziee as hellllllllll

  15. toro says:

    One more thing it takes a real friend to disagree with you and if Jen is against your relationship I am sure it is for a reason. However respect is always something a friendship has to have .
    She doesnt have any reason to be jealous of you Evelyn. Evelyn should NOT have to tell Chad not to have lunch with another females in public smfh. I think you just want to be married so bad that u are blinded by the truth will here is the truth for you cupcake :God has a way of humbling you into being a better person. Dont burn your bridges just because you think you have made it to the other side safetly. If you were in need of a friend I know for a fact Jen would be there in a heart beat. Dont let the little fame go to ur head because that forehead is big enough. #thatisall

  16. Kay says:

    If you were a “friend” to me and we end our friendship so be it but to say you’re done as if I made you type thing was childish. If I were Jen I woud have corrected her by letting her know I’m here b/c I was married to a basketball player something you can’t say you actually did! As women if they aren’t going to be friends fine but who is Evelyn to say where another adult can and can’t go that was very immature of her.

  17. Nikki Smith says:

    I must say I am thoroughly disgusted with Evelyn and have been since the prior season when she talked to Susie like a dog. When I watch the show I feel like these women should be Middle School age children the way they act and talk to one another. I know this is what creates the drama for this so called Reality Show but to see someone who is almost 40 and calls herself a Woman act so completely trashy, classless, and childish is disgusting. Evelyn and Tammie might need to take some anger management/ bullying classes together. Evelyn called Jennifer insecure, but I think it’s the opposite. #TOO OLD!!

  18. Danielle Jones says:

    It seems both parties are focusing on irrelevant details. For instance, who wrote the blog, when it was written, the time lapsed when Evelyn address the matter, the approach(private or public) used to address the matter. All these details are irrelevant too a much bigger picture. Jen: if you disagree with the blog, then print a retraction; if you don’t, then leave as stand, however you must accept the consequences of those comments. Evelyn: there’s a middle ground, try to understand her intent and lose the harden exterior, you’re to pretty for that. Also STOP wanting to fight so much…that’s not lady like….ugly! If you’re truly happy in your space, act like it. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you, that person doesn’t become your enemy. Alright, I’ve said enough…Good Luck girls, and may God continue to strengthen you!!!

  19. stacy says:

    personally I think Evelyn is using those comments as an excuse not to be friends with Jennifer, if my friend has issues with my fiance i would out why and see how best to resolve it. Fighting is not the way to go and I think that Evelyn is acting immature for fighting, if she doesn’t want to be friends then leave it as that like she said she is planning a wedding so shouldn’t on her wedding and not some comments that was made last year. I don’t think those comments that her publist tweet was rude it was just her opinion and you kill someone for their opinion. Evelyn seems to the big bad bully in all of this and what focus on is her marriage because she is marrying an athlete with a reputation. Evelyn be the mature on leave it alone, if you don’t to be friends with Jen don’t be but fighting doesn’t make you look like the mature one, it makes you look immature.

  20. Evette says:

    Both of your need to stop all this mess because men comes in go and friends are forever so i truly think that the both of your need to sit down with out everybody else in your busy to have an heart to heart talk about everything that your need to get off your chest. Hopefully that will give both of your an chance to say everything that your need to say to each other an maybe your can get your friendship back on track where your left off at but remember men comes and go and friends are FOREVER.

  21. Neena Fields says:

    no matter how long time has passed you don,t dog your friend or her fiance that,s suppose to be behind close doors not for the public to know about especially if that,s your friend for a decade you hollar at her about your feelings that,s what friends are for she might not like what you have to say but atleast she won,t read about it on the internet and your friend will respect you more and no one will end up with a shiner lol

  22. Benson says:

    Evelyn, for someone so happy and in love and getting maried, you have alot of time to be mad over foolishness. Jen said nothing for you to be this upset over. You seem to be unhappy and in true bully fashion, you prey on who you perceive to be weak. Jennifer is not going to physically fight you so you keep going after her, Why don’t you direct your anger and frustration to the person who is really making you mad and stop acting like an animal on tv. Ok, you are hurt that Jennifer does not like your man, Move on and act like an adult. Everyone is not going to like everybody!

  23. hopeuno says:

    So, now they can’t talk about each other’s men? It’s a shame that Ev didn’t feel this way for the last 3 seasons as she bashed Eric on national tv incessantly. Ev is looking for a reason to be mad at Jenn and she just comes across as a loud ghetto bully. Jenn is classier than Ev, sorry, that’s just the truth. The only person that Ev has not had beef with is Shaunie and that’s for obvious reasons. At the end of the day, Jenn is better off discovering who her friends are and Ev is better off by herself chasing after some washed up athlete with a million kids.

  24. Freda says:


  25. MISS JONES says:

    Evelyn are you a spiritual person if so you can not enter into a union originated by God with all this hate and not forgiving Jennifer. You got to let it go or anything you pray about is not being heard by God. You are only hurting yourself. JUST LET IT GO. I know that is easier said than done by don’t continue to make it an issue. Free yourself you look just rachetted acting with all that coonery.

  26. Basketball wives fan says:

    Hi evelyn, I admire your strength as a woman, but what i dont admire is how easily you and jen can turn on each other after twelve years of friendship.Now you guys are not friends you shouldnt even be telling the world who Jen is sleeping with. that means your 12 year friendship was fake! That’s why Royce is my number one girl on this show, she is flat out real and honest!

  27. 1hipchic says:

    Evelyn has become a mean hateful person. Why does anyone care that much if their friend likes their fiance? I think Jen is just skeptical of Chad, as a real friend should be of any man their best friend is marrying. I let my friends know I’m giving their men the serious side-eye, so they don’t get any ideas about hurting my friend either physically or emotionally. As, a friend Jen should have accepted Chad, but let Evelyn know that she was going reserve her judgement. As a grown woman Evelyn is horrible, despicable, and infantile. She has no class never had any class, because if she ever did she would not behave in the manner in which she behaves. I guess that is what happens when you leave home early, you become stuck in teenager mode.

  28. Mulan says:

    Now this is just my Opinion, I understand why Evelyn is so upset. she explain it all and i get it

  29. Lala Lewis says:

    My opinion goes like this i feel Evelyn is a bully she seeks out her prey Evelyn you are to old to be fighting over what someone said on a blog , you already know Jen was riding your coattails and she may be a bit jealous of you because she ‘s no longer in a relationship and when she was she was very unhappy but you are a lady and you need to carry yourself like one . Forget what the haters say . congrats on your Engagement and Marriage.

  30. TruLee says:

    I think all the ladies on Basketball wives are full of it. Tami seems to think she can solve everything with her fists. I wish I was sitting in Meeka sit when that trick rose-up. I wish I could be there every time Tami raises-up; I betcha I could break that habit. Shaunie believe everything Tami says; when she shouldn’t. Someone needs to teach Suzie how to keep her mouth shut. The things Evelyn should get upset about she doesn’t. e.i. Tami calling her a fake and phony …. The things Evelyn should not get upset about she does. e.i. The radio interview. These girls are totally twisted. I want to watch the show, but dang it’s too much drama. Take the dums to Africa or something, Jesus. They give me headache every time I watch the show. Tami needs to be voted off.

  31. bling says:

    I commend Jennifer for not fighting with Evelyn, she is absoultely right. It is young women watching the show, Evelyn has a daughter in college what kind of message is she sending her, and all other young ladies. After watching her jump across the tale was the tackies thing that i have ever seen. Evelyn should sue her and her assistant . I am so disapointed in the show last night, It is enought violence in this world watching these ladies fight like dogs and cats was absoultely discussing, I know Shaunie want the rating but, people watch the show for the class and elegance these ladies had, Get it together Shaunie or you will loose your viewers quickly., you are turning into Jerry Springer ! Hats off to you Jennifer for not lowering your standards!

  32. Tamika says:

    I really hate the fact that you ladies are fighting like this. I watch the show because I love the both of you. The friendship that you ladies have is something special. I hope that you ladies can patch this up and move on.. Evelyn, I totally understand your position, but I honestly believe jennifer didn’t know how to truly express her thoughts without being so judgemental. I watched the show, and I was like the convo was taking a turn for the worst. I truly believe that you can patch the friendship up.

  33. sjay8 says:

    Evelyn, why does “not being friends” equate to “being enemies” for you/ Just agree to disgree and keep it moving. Furthermore, you are too old to be jumping across tables and cursing in restaurants like a commom hoodrat! There is nothing classy or sophisticated about any of your actions. Do you think Chad’s granny, kids, and family are impressed by your embarrassing behavior (let alone your own child)? Please grow the hell up! The funniest part of it all is that Shani sits there and let you all make fools of yourselves while her checks roll right in. Please, please, please stop being the stereotypical gold diggin ghetto chic!!!

  34. ebony says:

    yea but i think evelyn is reading into it to much and making it something that it’s not, everybody can interpert it differently but i seen nothing wrong with what was said. If she don’t mess with the man you mess with that’s a good thing cuase you know you’ll be able to trust her round yours. God knowns it hard to have honest girl friends you can trust around your man.

  35. Renee' says:

    Is it necessary to fight about everything? Just agree to disagree, move on….it’s so amazing how Evelyn was able to move past her issues with Tammie, and the numerous other cast mates, but her so called FRIEND, she can’t forgive. I understand being mad, but I would never talk to another human being the way Evelyn spoke to Jen….are they both wrong YES, but act like ladies, more so act like friends, and speak to each other like intellegent women, not like 16 yr old high school girls; I’m just saying. There are bigger things to fight about, and this ladies is not that bigger thing. Life is short, enjoy each other while life lasts. Just be friends it makes life soooooo much easier :)

  36. Lita Williams says:

    Evelyn seems to be trying to keep the spotlight on herself by fighting with Jennifer. That blog or what she said on the show isnt worth all that drama. i think something else is going on that we dont know about but as the season moves on I think we will find out the real deal.

  37. Lina says:

    sisters before misters! Enough said.

  38. PR Diva says:

    ….I am eating my popcorn & jr. mints (super size) and drinking my orange soda…..Trust me this season will be interesting…..I like the fact Jennifer….Evelyn and even Shaunie are ALL ready to film with Royce……HUMMMM…

  39. quettahot says:

    i understand both of them ladies,evelyn gonna have to understand jen is going through a divorce,she has a lot on her mine.;-(there is no way she gonna be all that happy for you.& seriously its sad that a friendship has to end like this,regardless if she did blog it that’s how she feel & that mean you want her to be fake & not tell you how she ‘feel’ the hole thing is stupid & its not worth a friendship & jen all though she is ‘marrying’ an athlete that’s your friend you are suppose to except who ever she ‘choose’ to be with,you are wrong for judging her husband you do not no him or do not no anyone that was a chapter in his pass…& the rite thing to do was tell evelyn one on one how you felt about her husband & why you feel that way,

  40. S says:

    …and another thing…all these people are hatin on Eve! Why?? She is the way she is and thats what got her to this point! Shes doin well for herself! Jennifer was NEVER a FRIEND to her!! Look up friendship..they didnt have that! Gawd these people!!!!! LOL #teamevelyn

  41. Rose says:

    Really Evelyn Lozada?!?!? Get over yourself!! This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo petty!!! Find something else to do with your life.

  42. Tina says:

    Evelyn really thinks she’s entitled? If you are so confident in your relationship it wouldn’t matter what anyone says. Please get it together!!!

  43. NicoleN says:

    Evelyn!!!! For Real???? No! No! Seriously! For Real????? ….The way you verbally dogged her husband Eric Williams, and not to mention(did you forget) you suggested she leave him. Why were you on the show anyway?…You were never a “Basketball Wife”… Girl get your self some help “Boo!”. Before Ocho makes you a “non mutha f#$%% factor!” Grow-up.

    JEN: I hate to be so harsh but she never was your friend. A friend would have never told you to leave your husband. A friend would have never mingled in a marriage!!! Evelyn appears bitter and enraged with unresolved pain!!! And JEN (you are bougighetto) go take a self defense class and come back and shut Evelyn’s aging lips!!! …LOL. :-)

    OCHO: run to the hills from which commeth your help brother. RUNNNNNN!!!

  44. breree says:

    Evelyn and Jen, stop it. This is so stupid it is making you two beautiful ladies look like complete idiots. Even for the money or the show this is insane. You guys are so good together when you are friends. Evelyn you are way too old to keep acting like a teenager, all of this fighting with people just needs to stop. Tami doing her thing, about to be on the big screen. What are you two doing? Making yourselves look really stupid. Please stop it now. God bless you both. I am praying for your friendship to stay strong. And Ev how can you say you are either my friend or my enemy, you can not be that stupid. What, there is no in between? Everyone is not your friend and everyone is not your enemy. Girl, pull yourself together.

  45. Stacey says:

    Evelyn, I am been watching your show since the beginning but I have to tell you from looking at the previews of how the season is going to go I am disappointed. It seems all your doing is fighting. I love your spunk and willingness to fight for your man but fighting! I am 40yrs old and that is the last thing I am thinking about is physically fighting. I hope you will watch the episodes in the future and see how unnecessary it all was.

  46. maderma says:

    There is a BIG difference between someones character and personality vs. their occupation. If two people have the same job that doesn’t make them the “same type of person”.

  47. Shae says:

    The way Evelyn L. went off on Jennifer W. is as if she has never been the focus of bad press. Knowing how scandalous the media can be and knowing how the media edit things to have a particular slant , it is a possibility that Jennifer is being true. Take a time out Evelyn and just listen for little more and think a little. Everyone is not against you Evelyn, including Jennifer.

  48. Sam says:

    This show is crazy! Jennifer, I know it is hard, but you need to let that friendship with Evelyn go. She asks as if you should be jumping for join regarding her and Chad. When she was not there for you when you were ending your marriage. What kind of friend is she. She wants you to do cartwheels for her but she was not there for you. Evelyn, get a life and move on. You have Chad and you must think he is all you need. You are letting go of a 10 plus friendship over something so stupid. Your friend is not jumping for join because you are getting married. How can she when she was ending a 10 relationship. WOW are you that selffish. Wait I know already know the answer. YES! Jennifer you will be alright, keep your head up girl.

  49. Sam says:

    Why is Evelyn still on the show. She was NEVER a basketball wife and now she suppose to be getting married to a football player.

  50. Footsteps01 says:

    Ladies, it is time to stop and think what you are doing to a long time friendship, how your fighting is effecting the people around you, and how you are beginning to look to us. You are taking this issue, which should be private, a bit too far. Jennifer and Evelyn, the one thing you should have learned about marriage is you keep your friends out of it. Jennifer, this where you made your mistake. Evelyn was your girl but, not the best person to discuss your marriage with. Evelyn’s role should have been to listen and support whatever decision you made. That is it! Not cheer you on to leaving him. And Evelyn, you found the love you have always wanted. You are all turned around because Jennifer is not providing you the type of feedback you want about your man. If she told you how she really felt, would you still marry him? Of course you would. So what difference does it make how she feels or what she says or supposely said? All that matters or should matter to you is you are going to marry this Stop looking for Jennifer’s approval because you are not going to get it. She is still healing for her marriage don’t you get it? Start acting like the women I know you can be. Come on now!

  51. Rifa31 says:

    Evelyn and Jennifer,
    It appears as though this friendship fell apart because at the time Evelyn was falling in love, Jennifer was falling out of love. You both were on opposite sides of the fence which made it hard to genuinely provide support during each others life changing events. Evelyn needed Jennifer’s support as she embarked upon a new relationship but was hurting dealing with her divorce so it makes it hard to be completely supportive. On the same token, Jennifer was going through a sad time in her life an like most women, when we are in a new relationship (Evelyn) and things are all new, we’re happy and want to share our happiness with the world but how rude would it be to flaunt your happiness around your closest friend who coming out of a long term relationship. And this is where it all begins. I feel that Jennifer (as much as I hate to use this word) maybe a bit jealous of Evelyn’s happiness and now cant have her friend to hang around as often as she would like because she is now tied down. I also think that the things she had to say about Chad were unnecessary. On the flip side, Evelyn’s reaction was overboard. I appreciate her for defending her man but once you realize that your questions arent getting answered or that things arent making sense….fall back, smile and keep it moving. I understand the frustration as you both have been friends for 10 years which is heart breaking to the both of you, im sure. But you both should be honest with yourselves and think about what you could be missing potentially from the lost of this friendship. If its not enough to hold on to, let it go. If there truly is a bond and a love for each other there then be big little women, bury the hachett (did i spell that right?) and be there for each other.

    P.S. – Im speaking from experience….I was the ‘Jennifer’ in my scenario but one thing i didnt do was speak ill of my friends man. We just simply began to lose touch as i was coming out of a rough time and relationship, my bestie was getting married. We’re still good friends but I barely see her or speak to her now. Some times friends grow apart. It is what it is.

    BBW Fan and unofficial sociologist (LOL),


  52. zet says:

    Oh B.S Evelyn ! You’re a fake, you are no ones friend but your own! Jennifer helped you through some really rough times with your last FAILED relationship WITH AN ATHLETE, she was going through a divorce from being married to an ATHLETE. You expect her to jump up and down for you knowing the hell BOTH of you went through? A FRIEND would have taken all of that into concideration, but you expect her to not voice her fears for you or to you, her Friend? Her interview on that radio show, she wasn’t saying anything the public wasn’t already aware of. At this point I’m thinking you’re not good enough for Chad. He loves his women not woMAN, women. He loves being romantic,doing the unexpected. He’s Chad the cad, but a gentleman. He’s the type of man women love to date but know they can NOT marry.
    You want to be petty because Jennifer is not being fake pretending she is happy that you are marrying Chad, so you’re being the hypocrite! She told you point blank to your face how she felt, you using some fake blog as an excuse because she is not smiling in your face, lying and telling you how happy she is for you. That is not a friend, your FRIEND told you what she thought. that’s why you acting more stupid and petty. or is it that you’re mad because you know deep down she is right?Jennifer, I hope you read this as well, move on, forget Evelyn. You don’t need a so called friend that turned on you the way she did and talking her mess. With or without Chad. She is no longer a factor, you keep doing you.

  53. missy says:

    Hi Evelyn,
    You are such a beautiful girl, I think because of your r/s with your dad you get yourself into these relationships that you settle for. You deserve better, how can you say it is okay to be with a man that is not 100% committed to you. You should have more respect for yourself, especially for the sake of your daughter. What are you teaching her, pls love yourself, don’t settle for less.

    Or do you just love the money and be blind to his infidelities?

  54. Relei says:

    Eve for real, like she didn’t even mention you. She simply stated she doesn’t share your taste in men what’s wrong with that. And the fact that she doesn’t want to marry an athletes is her personal taste don’t you think she has that right or do you just wanna be surrounded by yes people?

  55. Chica says:

    I read the blog Jen wrote and there wasn’t anything offensive in it. I think Evelyn doesn’t want to address her real issues for fear she would loose Chad so she’s taking it out on Jennifer. To wanna punch someone in the face over that but won’t punch Ocho for cheating shows me she wants to have an excuse to have beef with Jennifer for being right. Evelyn knows she making a mistake but that money, fame, and wanting to prove everyone’s wrong is more important than her self worth. Shaunie and Tami aren’t her friends because they want her to fail, so they’ll say nothing so they can talk about her later. Evelyn needs to sit in someone’s chair. I’ve dated athletes too, but I have a self esteem and refuse to stay with a man who will put my body in danger by sleeping around, and condoms are never 100%. I married a man without their accounts, but respects me. That’s more important, but some people equate happiness with money but in the end there’s nothing but pain at the end.

  56. bombshell says:

    Evelyn & Jen,

    Ladies this argument is petty, how would you feel if something happended to either one of you, and the other didn’t get to apologize you would feel real dumb! I shoulda did this, I shoulda did that. Appreciate each other while your here on earth. And Evelyn, I say this out of love, but it seems like its okay for you to raise your voice at folks but when they do it to you its a problem. Don’t get me wrong I like both of you ladies, this little riff/ disagreement is so dumb. Life is too short for bull. Evelyn I hope things work out for you and Chad I like seeing you both together because you are so real, and yall seem to really love one another. And you say what most of us as ladies are thinking. I really wish you and Jen will make up. Evelyn, Jen doesn’t have to be supportive of your relationship she is just being cautious because what she has been through. Her husband treated her like crap when she didn’t deserve it. I couldn’t stand the sight of him talking to her like that! And Jen I say this out of love to you, when Evelyn found out about her brother in-law having cancer you should have been supportive, swallowed your pride and picked up the phone. At the end of the day if you ladies do love each other you will bury the beef!!

  57. yogigee says:

    Could someone PLEASE explain to me the purpose of this show? Who’s married? Evelyn’s not even engaged to a basketball player so why is she there? For entertainment? I’m not entertained, I’m embarressed for them and for me for being a African American woman! It’s bad enough when we’re judged just for being black, so when BLACK WOMEN get on tv acting like these women, it makes us all look bad. I really wish that tackey Tami would stop with that smushing and smacking of her mouth when she talks! I will not be watching this season nor any other season if it comes back…

  58. rb11 says:

    all of you were pressuring jennifer to leave her husband and saying bad things about him, that was true. the things about chad as we see are true. why is jennifer getting flax for doing the same things elvelyn shaunie, and the other girls did to her. elvelyn knows what she has in chad and its not fidelity. she did no more to you than you did to her. you’re unhappy, every one sees it. but you’ll hand on to marry chad. don’t blame jen. Yes, she did get slap in the face, it was not a push.

  59. Lavonne says:

    Evelyn, how old are you, you act like a junior high school student. Please grow up,and do it fast.
    Stop being petty and catty, jennifer is a good person,unlike yourself. She has been a true friend and a real person. You need to take her advice since she has actually been married before and may have some great advice. You have been engaged how many times and still no husband, you have a pattern going. Get some help and get over yourself.

  60. bling says:

    I was excited to see the show return, but I was so disapointed to see the fighting that is been displayed on the show was discussing. Evelyn mouth is like a garbage can, she is to classy to act the way she does, what example is she setting for her daughter and other young girls who admire her. Jennifer and Evelyn friendship style, laughter and loyalty added such a nice flavor to show they really set the example on friendship hope they will work it out !

  61. Kee says:

    If Evelyn and Jennifer were really friends to begin with they should be able to get pass this little kid stuff. PS. When your GROWN you don’t talk about each other because you are no longer “friends”.

  62. Ady says:

    OMG You can tell this girl (Jennifer) has no friends. No LOYALTY! How dare you talk about your friend’s man like that?? Regardless if you feel a certain way about him, you need to let her know. Not go around BLASTING it on the radio/blogs. She’s your friend above anything and you need to have her back not make her look stupid for dating the guys she does. Look her you were married to?? Evelyn, truly you remind me of myself. I am such a loyal person and I’ve gotten hurt with “friends” in the past but I’ve realized this happens to ppl like us bc we care too much. A lot of ppl don’t see it like we do and once we call someone a friend, we mean it! Most people ONLY look out for themselves and don’t really care. JENNIFER, GROW UP! And get over yourself. Just bc you have money doen’t mean your BETTER. In GOD’S eyes your just AS equal as a homeless man on the streets. Stop trying to be something that your not just bc u have FAME. && EVELYN avoid giving yourself so much to people that don’t deserve it and I’m sure you’ll avoid getting hurt again. TRUST ME i had to learn the hard way:/

  63. Ros says:

    Jennifer, keep doing you! Jennifer is a very classy lady and unfortunately she just happened to take friendship with a miserable, classless, gold digging, #6 train low life who’s looking for company. I things really went south for Jen’s relationship with the girls, but especially Evelyn, when she launched her lip color line. They all showed their hating once they found out that Jen DOES have a mind of her own and was doing more than following that sorry Evelyn around. How dare her be about her business. I’ve lost all respect for Shaunie because she tends to cosign for all of Evelyn’s self righteous indignation toasted all of the other girls. Note: you notice she can’t stand any of the classy and educated women who are moving up and doing things with themselves? Evelyn is just a hood rat…a low lifer hood rat who has the nerve to walk around like her so called “real-ness” is the most important factor in life. What she should do is figure out why she all but told Chad that he can cheat on her as long as he wears a condom and tells her….WHAT? Is fighting her best asset? Why is it that she has no goals? That sorry shoe shop of hers…please….did she sell her dignity instead of a pair of shoes? Please….

  64. Kathy says:

    This is the most rediculous thing I have ever seen on television. Perhaps in middle school I may have witnessed something so childish. Evelyn, I would have been through with you after the way you performed in Italy (for ratings I’m sure). Grow up and stop acting like you the big bad wolf. It’s nott becomming. You comment over and over about Jen’s contacts yet you have some surguries (alot different that simple contacts) so keep it real and tell the viewers about that why don’t you. Jen, I and many others are proud of you for how you are handling the situation. Personally I am so sick of this show and I am going to start a petition asking viewers to join me in boycotting this show as well as your so-called show with Chad. I have had enough of you. As for Shaunie, I have lost all respect for you. I really admired you and thought that you were ALL THAT but you are just as pathetic as Evelyn. You pretend not to like drama while you encourage it at every turn. Stop hiding behind VH! as I believe the credits show you as the Executive Producer. Well you all betterget you 15 minutes now because this show is a turn off as you will soon see!

  65. cindy says:

    Tonights Show was sad, because once again it protraded women in a negative light. All black women don’t fight they have learned how to us their words, too get their point across. I’m so tired of Evelyn acting as if she represent women who’s been thru something but at the same time she sold shoes at a $1,000.00 a pair. And Evelyn don’t get mad because your man is known for getting around and everybody’s aware of that fact, as you say, It is what it is, so sit down and find your lady button and push it. I have no respect for people like you or your assistant, who just wanted more airtime. Good for Jen I wouldn’t want to be around women like you either, try growing up and act like a real women, wife, mother, sister or keep acting like the man you’ve become!

  66. shame on you says:

    Jennifer, keep being the women you are and let the ghetto animals continue to be animals
    Hint (Tami and Evelyn)

  67. tireofgettobasketballwives says:

    I feel that Jennifer has a right not to deal with those getto bunnies how old are you really? are you as young as your children mentally? Who handles disagreements by fighting? If that is how they are know wounder they feel Jenn thinks she is better because she is and on grown up status….who has children that has graduated high shcool and still conduct themselves in that manner. Tammi and Everlynn need to check that ghetto no body is scared of that attitude.

  68. cweed says:

    Evelyn you are making a big deal out of nothing. it’s ok if jennifer disagrees with that does not make her not your friend. Please stop making an issue out of this and acting like jennifer really hurt you your man is already the person he is I can see you being taken advantage of. right now you’re only making people hope your marriage tear up worse than anybody because you’re so busy getting fired up at jennifer because she has an oppinion, I think her statement was not at you but a general statement she’s not joined to you at the hip. You think it’s all about you she is divorcing a man who is an athlete and you said yourself with nher how athletes act. You have made youself look like a bully.Are you? And it’s Jennifer’s business if she don’t want to let the world know what’s private to her that’s a choice you all make that makes it 1oo%. You and Chad are hopefully not keeping it real if so you deffinately should’nt marry him he dogs you out what he says is not funny it shows he will not treat you like the woman of his life trust me girl i married a man who was the center of all attention and talked me like chad talk to you . we’er divorced i never felt special to him he flirted in front of me yeah i felt it was no big deal but it was. please slow down with jen it’s like you want her to be your yes girl let her stand on her own two feet. you say she’s not happy for you but you’re not happy for her new life either. i care about friendships and i was’nt going to watch the show if you did’nt come back but your attitude hurt my feelings