Jennifer Williams Tells Power 105 About Her Divorce, Her Dating Life, And Says “I Don’t Hate Evelyn”


In this clip from Jennifer Williams‘ interview with Power 105 from yesterday, the Basketball Wives star talks about all the drama from episode one, but she also gets into all the drama that’s about to go down in subsequent episodes. (For a look at some of that, check out our supertrailer.) If you haven’t been keeping up with all the real-life drama Jennifer has been dealing with on- and off-camera, the supertrailer will be a little primer for you, so she talks about being slapped by Evelyn Lozada‘s assistant and the charges she filed against her. In the end though, she says “I don’t want to be fighting on TV. I’m not going to hit you physically, I’m going to hit you with a lawsuit.”

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  1. Gee says:

    keep it grown and sexy girl!

  2. imadivaalso says:

    Keep it Lady like Jennifer! Evelyn is such a drama Queen….Represent for us Sexy Chocolates out there

  3. Miss C says:

    I was proud that Jennifer finally got tired of being up Evelyn’s butt. With all the money (Chad O) and fame (being easy) Evelyn has you would think she could afford to buy a better personality. She acts like she stole it from the 5 and dime store! and Boo you are on T.V. not the corner.

  4. NINA GROSS says:


  5. Robin says:

    keep it mature and why would they air that situtation thats why people are put bad label on black women because women 40 and over acting like an bunches of drama queens

  6. Nancy Upson says:

    I think Evelyn Lozada is horrible, vulgar, and over-bearing. I truly wish Jennifer wouldn’t even sort with her kind.

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  8. Ron says:

    I just want her to stop wearing colored contacts. That is all.

  9. Adaya says:

    I love you Jennifer, you exude a class that Evelyn lacks. I didn’t care much for you while you hung with Evil-lyn b/c I felt she overshadowed you and took away your voice and position as a person. You are doing absolutely right, hit any of them classless women with a lawsuit if they touch you. I feel you because “No” why should you have to learn to fight. People need to keep their ratchet attitudes to themselves. The only reason that Evi-lyn wants to continue to BULLY you and attempt to fight you is b/c she thinks u r soft, but if you don’t want to hit her back…at least try to stay out of harm’s way……but if Evi-lyn touches you, I would race to court to put a lawsuit on her a$& & take her for pain, suffering, mental anguish, etc!! I love you because you do have enough class and not to fight. OK, so what if you are bougie, I like you because you are the epitome of what ALL the other women (on the show) WISH that they COULD be. CONTINUE TO STAY TRUE.

  10. dene" says:

    jen u r so fake and if eve was ur bestie like u claim u wouldnt do interviews about her and chad regardless if u want her wit him or nt!

  11. Caramelito says:

    Jenn just forget about the 10 year whatever friendship. She has cross the line big time. Damn Evelyn can’t be polished. U can get out the hood, but u could never take the hood out of a person. Stay classy and lady like. Her kind get no where.

  12. ursula rudison says:

    I love Jennifer i think she is so sweet and adorable and very lady like

  13. Alberta Hill says:

    I don’t blame you Jennifer,what better way to hurt a person than in there pocket book…..keep your hands to your self…know body in there right mind is going to sit and let some assistant hit them not even me……Evelyn get it together… are getting ready to get married……stop being a bad A….,and as for your assistant you must be paying her some good money for her to have the balls to slappe one of your co stars…….

  14. mssjay49 says:

    Me, personally I’ve always felt that the friendship of evelyn and jennifer was that of a superfical nature, so I am not surprised about this “break up”. I have always felt that Jennifer suck up to Evelyn and I didn’t get that. Evelyn is disgusting, and Jennifer you have too much class for this. I just didn’t like the way you always sided with Evelyn. Be your own person and seek true friendships. Evelyn was just passing time with you until she latched on to the next gold mine. You have to question a person’s character and moral fiber when they are so quick to end a decade long friendship for a man she has not known but for a minute. She is definitely an embarrassment to women of color

  15. Tawanna says:

    wow wow wow I understand Jen would like to take the high road but I would of knocked the mess out that chick. I am glad that you have finally came into your own cause it did seem like you were Evelyn’s co-signer. It really is a shame that the friendship had to come to an end after all these years but for her to be so childish as to say you are her enemy is just childish and sad somebody please give that chick a cookie for her tantrums! And from what I read the blog isn’t anything new this is something from July 2011 so why didn’t she bring it up in the last reunion show. Maybe she’s the one that’s jealous about Jen and her new found freedom and independence and she’s bout to go down the same road again.

  16. I watch the show and have watched all the ladies change for the good and the bad. For Evelyn and Jennifer it has been the most extreme. I think Evelyn is so over the top and extreeme, she says that she is classy and actually she is most Ghetto, ignorant attention seeking chck. She does not know how to carry herself like an adult lady. Jennifer is way more classy than Evelyn and a bigger person, Really Evelyn a fight every time you see someone, step your game up it’s not a good look!!!!

  17. hollywood!!! says:

    so it was ok for Evilyn to talk about about Eric but heaven forbid somebody says something about that wanna-be-hispanic idiot who changed his name??? maybe the truth offends and evilyn is going on the same ride while Jen is doing her own thing and not screwing for fame…. who should be more jealous than who…. good for you Jen

  18. Deresha says:

    TEAM Jen all da way if u ask me eve is alittle jealous of Jens new found fame!

  19. sandy says:

    I like jen, she is styish, classy and has alot going for herself. She needs to leave Evelyn alone and find real friends. Any female that would out a man over a friend has some serious issues and low self esteem. At the end of the day men don’t last forever, they come and they go. Having a great friend is more rewarding than having a man, but some people are not mature enough to realize that. Some females need a man to validate them, to make them feel like there worthy, and that is the case with evelyn. Jen and evelyz have been friends for over ten years and im sure that in ten years chad will not be around any more. Relationships these days don’t last that long, and chad is also a womanizer and has a terrible track record. If chad was not famous and didn’t have alot of money evelyn would not be with him..

  20. KT says:

    Evelyn evidently has psychological problems. She has had a beef with everyone on the show. I think Ochocinco needs to reconsider his proposal to this women with anger issues. Psycho B!!!! should be on the front of a t-shirt with her face on it as well. There are too many attractive women out there that conduct themselves like ladies, not Tasmanian Devils. Get help Evelyn.

  21. Marsha says:

    This show is more and more ridiculous. evelyn needs to get sued. Who does she think she is to think she can fight people. Yea Jenn is booshe, but she does have the class that Evelyn has. yes evelyn is a bully and needs to be checked!

  22. Rocky says:

    Is everyone forgetting that Evelyn was ALL IN Jennifer’s business when she was going though difficult times in her marriage. Evelyn was like No way never date an athlete and when her ass met one is was like oh Jen forget t.hat I told you we would never date athletes anymore and girl bye!! I got me one now get you one

  23. Shani Blanco says:





  24. maderma says:

    can someone PLEASE tell me what jennifer said? because from what they are talking about on the show it seems like absolutely NOTHING!!!!

  25. D-rock says:

    Jennifer keep it classy. Evelyn needs to see a professional for her deep rooted anger and get over herself. Its really too bad that she chooses to represent herself in such a poor light – Always fighting, always with a nasty mouth. Chad and Evelyn are classless people that don’t know how to act with money and fame. Get a grip! Peopl like this will never get any higher.

  26. keep being classy………..i always liked u and evelyn, but she behave liked a hoodrat.she is a lone disgrace to woman…….regardless what ever she see on the blog…..she could had deal with it better,because she know u wont fight back…………i cant stand her no more…..she was never your friend…………why didnt she behave bad with tammy when tammy use to dog her, duppy know who to frighten………jus be the lady u r……..luv.