Well, This Is Weird: Tough Love Miami Star Leilani Dowding Is Reportedly Being Harassed By Stephen Dorff


Here’s a possibly disturbing story that we hope is not true: Radar Online is reporting that actor Stephen Dorff has recently been threatening his ex-girlfriend, Leilani Dowding. Dowding, you’ll recall, was Miss Superficial on Tough Love Miami this past season, and we’re sad to hear that she’s not only still unlucky in love, but that she’s going through a potentially scary situation. (Also, what happened to George???)

A source told Radar that Dowding has been receiving threatening text messages from Dorff, including one that said she should “go back to England in a box” after the two broke up recently, and she is “contemplating going to the police when she gets back to Los Angeles over the weekend. She wants the harassment to stop and she did nothing to deserve this.” The two had been dating since January. As a fan of both Dowding and Dorff, we really hope these reports aren’t true.

[Photos: VH1/Getty Images]

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  1. Pj says:

    I’m not surprised that Leilani and George didn’t work out. I said it from the beginning that Steve handed her EXACTLY what she wanted in a man and never made her really work on her superficiality.
    Although, that aside, I sincerely hope that this story is not true. NO ONE should have to tolerate that kind of behavior from someone else, no matter who you are.

  2. Heather H says:

    Poor Leilani, and yes what happened to George??? I can belive that Dorff is doing this, his popularity has gone down the drain, what a horrible stunt he’s pulling. I hope she takes legal action against him!