Basketball Wives Episode 2 Sneak Peek: Jennifer Punked Out


In this Basketball Wives sneak peek, the ladies all get together to discuss Evelyn and Jennifer‘s big fight. Over in Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie‘s corner, they discuss how much she’s changed lately and even poke fun at her. But over at the nail salon, Jennifer and Suzie are still completely confused by what Evelyn wants her to apologize for. Again, we’re going to let you all form your own opinions. (And hey, if you were on the fence up until now, take our Team Jennifer and Team Evelyn poll, to let us know whose side you’re on.) Tune in to Basketball Wives for the full episode Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Yolanda says:

    I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the show when it first aired. Now it seems like it has taken a turn for the worst. I can’t understand how you have a group of women are always at one another’s throat. EVELYN IS RIDICULOUS!!!! I think that Jennifer needs to not worry about that friendship and just let it go. Obviously Evelyn is not a great friend because instead of threatening to punch Jennifer in the face she would talk to her like a woman should about why she’s upset with Jennifer. Also what kind of respectful woman jumps across a table wanting to fight some one or better yet your best friend of over ten years. What does her daughter think of her mother behaving like that. Evelyn really wants to have more kids. Wow. What a role model. (NOT) EVELYN’S MOUTH IS SO VULGAR!!!! I really hope that she is paid well because that display of how a woman act is not cool. It’s more along the lines of I am ghetto and will always be ghetto. I have wonderful friends and we discuss problems not fight them out physically. Jennifer needs to be thankful that God has removed Evelyn from her circle because as we see she is not worth salvaging the friendship. I am only talking about Evelyn because for one she is not a basketball wife, two she is everything a woman should not be and three what makes her thnk she can fight her why out of everything. Evelyn may want to find out why she really is angry. With all of that being said I and my friends will no longer be watching the show. IT IS A DISGRACE TO BLACK WOMEN. WE HAVE CLASS, LOVING SUPPORTED FRIENDSHIPS AND WE MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE SELF RESPECT. EVELYN YOU MIGHT WANT TO TAKE A CLASS ON ETIQUETTE AND SPEECH. Evelyn If you have any older women in your family ask them how to behave maybe they can help you.

  2. Valeria says:

    I agree with everything Yolanda said, Evelyn is a disgrace to women period. Jen apologized to her I seen the transcript of the enterview and I can’t understand what the problem is. I didn’t see anything that she said that was so wrong. Evelyn is trying to justify why she is acting that way towards Jen, but it’s no justification there. There is no reason why she is acting like that, Jennifer don’t need her, she could find another friends that is more respectful to her. And yes, what do her daughter think about her action, better yet what do Chad family feel about her, that is one Ghetto girl. I sure Chad could fine a better woman then her, she is nothing but a piece of meat to him. Girls, like Evelyn comes a dime a dozen. Jennifer, hold your head high girl and thank God for taking her out of your life. Everyone is not in our llive for ever, sometime when you grow everyone around you are not; some our just standing still. And when there like that you can’t stop your show – for them, you have to leave them behind, and Evelyn is that one that should be left behind, you don’t need her in your camp. Someone, need to just tell Evelyn she is wrong, she friends with the others, I’m wondering why they just don’t tell her. If you have friends you should be able to tell them the truth and when their right and wrong, if I can’t tell my friend when their wrong I don’t need them in my life. When you tell them it should not be a argument either, we should be able to talk like women. And Jennifer is right, if you don’t want to fight, you don’t have to fight making yourself look like some animal that got loose from their cage, and Evelyn’s mouth is a disgrace. Evelyn is a bully, and she know Jen is passive, Jen don’t have an aggressive bone in her body. Is that the type of woman a basketball player want, then that tells you a lot about him and his character. I would think that she would have some class, but like they say you take a person out of the ghetto and dress them up, but you can’t take the ghetto out of them. Jennifer didn’t punk out, Jennifer is a lady, and like she said, she’s not going to be hitting people on tv, she’ll hit them with a lawsuit.

  3. nene says:

    i feel that they are all to grown to be ating like this on national tv

  4. jdybty-us says:

    Jen ! You should have seen it coming evelyn has physically and verbally attacked almost everyone on the show. When a person shows you who they are believe it! That is truly who she is … BULLY! Evelyn may be flying high because in her mind Chad may be the ultimate catch and there is absolutely no one who is exempt from her wrath. If they try and tell her anything different in regards to past experiences dating and athlete she will be defensive and ready to throw blows. Jen you are a beautiful person don’t get tangled in the drama its so ridiculous absolutely foolish. I admire you for your display of classiness keep doing you and don’t do drama. Actually this show is plagued with too much of the drama, messiness, back stabbing, physical abuse, emotional abuse, if you don’t ned the money walk away! ?


  5. Curious says:

    I’m curious, is it me or did Royce have a boob job? Wasn’t it the first or second season when Jennifer those were trying to lift her boobs saying they were too flat?

  6. Curious says:

    Wow, back to the topic. I agree with all the girls comment. Who died and made Evelyn Princes of basketball wives. You have to have class not to bust her in her mug. I won’t have her disrespecting me like that. And yes, the producers want drama for ratings, and they got it with Evelyn. I hope her marriage lasts but if it doesn’t, we will know why and Antwone must have seen it coming thats why he never said I DO to her arrogant stuff. I apologize for the adjective because I don’t want to stoop to Evelyn’s level. I think they all should humble themselves. I prefer not to have friends if all they do is backstab and instigate stuff. Trust no one. Live and learn. Its all about the money and ratings but not at the expense of my character and respect for myself. Chad earned his money being humorous and wild, but when it comes to business, be careful Evelyn doesn’t screw it up for you because of her unprofessionalism when something doesn’t go her way. What goes up can come down and directors and sponsors alike can very easily pull out. Be careful Chad but wish you the best. Come to think of it, first she was sooo happy enjoying her single life, well that was just a coverup to hide how lonely she really was becz soon as Chad came along, ching ching and she wants babies and marriage…ummmmm?????

  7. LaSha says:

    Evelyn and Jennifer been friends for over 10 years they should not let a man come between them. I believe Eric know some stuff about Evelyn and Chad is playing her. Chad is a joke and Evelyn is too. Evelyn better be on Tami’s good side with her scary tail. She goes after the weaklings on the show, poor Royce.

  8. LaSha says:

    I love Tami! She is too real. Jennifer so glad to here you have a true friend Ne-Ne Leaks. Evelyn was just hating on you and your marriage now that your getting divorced its like she wants to rub it in your face. Kudos for her ha ha Chad, he is gonna take her high school childish behind down through there. I will be watching just to see all her cruel deeds punch her in the face. No One likes a cold-hearted B–CH!

  9. Mara says:

    Everly is so dumb and full of crap. Tami hit it on the head when she toldher she was a mean”B”. Everlyn keeps saying she is not about the drama, but every chance she gets she tries to attack Jennifer and stated she was too grown for the drama! Um didn’t they show where she admitted to sleeping with Suzie? She is always trying to fight one of the other women. She is not real, and yes she is quite Ghetto. Since she has been with Chad she has changed for the worse! Then Suzie and Everly judge one of the new girls on her YOUTUBE video! I found the really hypocritical since they obviously have a lesbian relationship. But it also lets you know why she got mad at Suzie for talking to people about Las Vegas. She was scared that it would get out! But someone else put it out and Everlyn owned up to it. Ha FAKE EVIL “B”!

  10. Yolie says:

    I must say that these women give a very good demonstration on how NOT to act. As a woman of color, I get embarrassed because these women are so toxic and so bitter than if one is even suspected of being “not real”, everyone else gangs up on that one like a bunch of bullies. What’s even more sad is that children are involved and this is no example to them. Shaunie, I hope being the “pimpstress” behind the scences and Tami being the instigator and hoodrat only perpetuates this stereotype making all women of color look like fools to the rest of the world. I commend Jennifer and Royce for being classy of them all.



  12. oma says:

    honestly i still don’t understand wat Jennifer will av to apologize to Evelyn for?? wat did she say that was bad cos honestly was i to be in Jen’s shoe i might say the same thing or even more….Jen…i like the way u carry urself keep it up and as for Evelyn…..u really av to apply caution cos ur temper needs to be put to check…….Shaunie…on whose side are u sef?? cos u r worse than Suzy i must confess!! Say wt u mean and mean wt u say!! learn from Tami and Royce!!!