Royce Reed Hints At A Surprise Reconciliation On Basketball Wives…But With Whom??


In a recent interview with Loop 21, Royce Reed hinted at many things to come in this season of Basketball Wives and the state of her relationships with the rest of the cast. She also talks about her current relationship, with Tampa football player Dezmon Briscoe. First, about her love life, she says “He knows my ring size and what I like. We talked about the future and a family and he’s really good with [my son] Braylon. He has a son himself, but I don’t know. I finally found the one after so many times.” She also talks about the past relationships that she’s shown on the show, saying “You’ve seen me in two relationships prior to this. Dwayne, I was with for nine months and I ended that because it didn’t feel real, and you saw me dating Brian, but he and I were never official, we were just dating. I’ve never been a serial dater. I’m that girl that can only date one person at a time because I don’t want to call someone the wrong name [laughs]. But this one I met and it was kind of instant. It happened really fast and now we’re seeing how it works.”

And as for her relationships with the rest of the cast, she’s cryptic, but it seems to us that she’s making amends with some people. Royce tells the site “Tami [Roman] is still my girl, Suzie [Ketcham] and I are cool, I love Kesha, and as far as anything else goes on the show, I think you’ll be surprised at who I end up making up with.” Is it Jennifer? Evelyn? Shaunie? Place your bets now!

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  1. Marvin Sanders says:


  2. Jessica says:

    I’d say Jennifer because she and Evelyn are on the outs.

  3. BeShonce says:

    I am 100% positive it is Jen… They are probably both going to be against crazy Evelyn… Good for them

  4. deelee says:

    I’m gonna take a shot in the dark. Her and Jen will become friends.

  5. MELLIE says:

    I surely hope it’s neither of them, she needs to leave Suzie alone too, and just be friends with the new girls, PERIOD!!!!!!!!

  6. SharonG says:

    I think it is going to be Jen also, I agree with Jessica…Can’t wait to see who tho

  7. Nicole says:

    only one i see is jennifer

  8. Tiffany says:

    Royce said we’d be surprised by who she ends up making up with. I say Evelyn. Because I wouldn’t be as surprised by a reunion with Jen. It’s Evelyn.

  9. SharonG says:

    I want to change my answer to Eve, this change came from looking at their picture…from the ratings article…lol

  10. Tiara says:

    I think its Evelyn, only because I remembered a while ago, Eve ask Royce a question on Twitter, and Royce responded. I hope it’s not Jennifer….

  11. Gabe Ornelas says:

    i hope its Evelyn but i do believe it Jennifer .. but i would like her and Evelyn make up!! He and Shaunie as well .

  12. Sexyniq says:

    I say Evelyn only because I read an interview where Evelyn was like I had a beef with Royce because of Jen i never had a problem with Royce before Jennifer’s bs!

  13. kimsme says:

    Its Evelyn……I was part of the Reunion Audience :)

  14. Dezmon is CHEATING says:

    Dezmon Briscoe is cheating on Royce LOL. I have proof!!! Videos, texts, pictures…only a matter of time.

  15. Kendrick says:

    It’s soooo Jen… she dont have a resiion to dislik her any more cuz she sead “she’s cool when she’s not stuck up Evelyn’s ass” … so it has to be her…

  16. denni macklin says:

    WHY IS THAT STUPID SUZIE ON THE SHOW? WHAT DOES SHE BRING TO THE TABLE WORTH HAVING? SHE IS SO PRESSED TO BE A PART OF THAT CREW. SHE IS NOT THE BRIGHTEST CRAYON IN THE BOX. Was Evelyn a teenager when she had her child because research states that you really stop maturing at the age you have your first child, so in essence Evelyn is 13 and Chad Johnson obviously doesn’t see what we see. She is so very petty and really ignorant acting. If Evelyn has bank and has a “shoe store” then why won’t she help her family out of the projects. This show has not changed and it has lost a viewer. All of these women are poor examples for the young female viewers to see.

  17. Deedee says:

    It’s EVELYN !! If u read eve blogs u could see!! She haven’t said anything bad about royce like she did last season

  18. Trailmix says:

    I’d say maybe it’s Evelyn and Jen. I’ve read their recent blogs and both have nice things to say about Royce, more so Evelyn. Evelyn also said on her Twitter that the only reason she and Royce had beef was because she was being loyal to her friend Jen. Jen originally had a problem with the way Rocye dressed and said slick comments along with Evelyn, which led to Royce going off on the season 2 reunion. However, Royce said that she doesn’t have a problem with Jen. It was Evelyn she didn’t like. So maybe it’s Jen and Royce making up. I have my theories, but we will see. Something I would like to see cleared up though, is why Shaunie and Royce don’t speak anymore.

  19. Candice says:

    I think it will be Evelyn

  20. amelia says:

    i think you will make up with Jen but I watched every epidsode since the show came out and I dont remember you having a problem with shaunie.

  21. shade says:

    I now know for a fact that Royce has finally mend what ever differences with Evelyn. I do hope that every one could get along, however, Jen. I am very disappointed with u because I understand what Evelyn was trying to tell u. All Evelyn wanted was for u to just be the bigger person and say sorry for the blog that was posted about her. I know Jen did not mean to sabotaged her relationship with Evelyn, but if u was really her friend u would try to mend what ever differences you guys have, instead of fighting fire with fire. You guys have be friends for to long for it to end on the account of a stupid blog. Shaunie u seems to be the mature one in all of BBW, why not try to make things better among the cast mates by trying to put aside all the bad negative things. All in all, I think u guys are great!!!!!!!!!

  22. Deborah says:

    Royce, yes she can work on developing a working relationship with all of the female cast members. However, she should be very careful about getting up close and personal with any of these females. Keep it all about business and leave the gossip out of the conversation. The show can be very good without violence on the set. Being two-face will only come back to bite you in the butt. Because these females are scandalous. The creator of the show should show the viewers that she is much more than a silent partner. She presents herself as just laying back, earning a big salary, while the other females cast members are tearing one another apart verbally and physically. Shaunie wake up and let the viewers see that you have a voice and not just a sneaky smile on your face. The viewers already know you have another side that is not so silent.