Love And Hip Hop Star Jim Jones Arrested, Released On 40K Bail


Rapper and Love And Hip Hop star Jim Jones was arrested on Friday night after an altercation at Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut. Jones and four others were charged after a fight broke out at a party hosted by Sean “Diddy” Combs, he was charged with resisting arrest for an alleged assault on an officer and for breach of peace. After the incident occurred, he posted bail to the tune of $40,000 and was released. He tweeted after the fact “40k in bonds 1 night had a ball lets see of I can get tht 40 back on th crap table wooord #vampirelife”, so the arrest doesn’t seem to have dampened his spirits. This evening he also tweeted “This is gettin blown way out of proportion.” According to her own Twitter account, Jones’ fiancee Chrissy Lampkin was also scheduled to attend the party at Foxwoods, but she has remained silent regarding the scuffle.
[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. keke says:

    I think he is dope and people need to stop hating om him.

  2. Kyana says:

    Why should Chrissy comment ? Oh that’s right the author’s of blog’s consider gossip part of news. #TeamJones’

  3. Real Talk says:

    Yo, let me help out everybody who might read this blog. I wasn’t there, but I read that Jim didn’t start the fight. Some drunk dude swung on him first, and he defended himself. The dude’s homies and Jim’s peeps all jumped in it, and that was that. I hate how it is set up to look like Jim just got arrested again. Now maybe he shouldn’t have resisted the cops, but there were several cops around him (I saw on a video), and he was probably “feeling good” if you know what I mean, so it is what it is. People need to stop judging him, Chrissy, and everybody else in the world. They ain’t doing nothing out of the ordinary that other people don’t do, their stuff is just on blast because they’re famous and got paper, that’s all.

  4. Lynn & Dave says:

    If you have to fight everywhere you go, take a few minutes to do self inventory, by asking yourself who is the root of the fight? what am I doing wrong?

    Jim Jones and Chrissy stop the wannabe bully-like and crazy behavior
    before someone get hurt beyond recovery.

    You are not setting a good example for the younger generation, and you are
    definitely not sending out the right message to your fans.

    If you have $40,000 to waste or to simply give away, you should use it more wisely by feeding the less fortunate , homeless, and hurting families across the country.

    Your fans are dropping like flies, they are sadden by your overall behavior. You are sending a message to your fans that you are extremely unhappy. Maybe you are trapped in a corrupt and unhealthy relationship, trapped in a destructive life style or all of the above.

    Your fans love you Jimmy, please seek help fast, quick, and in a hurry.

  5. Monda Franklin says:

    So what if he got arrested people really need to mind their own unless they want to be another statistic. That’s America’s problem too many people focused on other people’s lives.

  6. Ann says:

    Lynn & Dave, we give you much love.

    You shared some very positive comments. We pray that Jim and Chrissy will appreciate your advice. Because,we need to help save our people from self destruction.

    Money is the root of all evil and it is destroying people every second, min. hr. and day.

    Wake up everybody and start spreading more love, unity, and respect.

  7. Truthful Fan says:

    I agree with Lynn and Dave. Jim Jones and Chrissy should check themselves and see if there might be some trouble with them selves. Getting arrested is no joke and people egging them on saying mind your business should be concerned about our people and how we are not setting positive examples for the next generation. Who wants a man who say everything in riddles “you hurd me” and who want a women who fights at the drop of a hat with everyone unless they agree with her. And happy about getting married when you had a Big Gun in this man’s face to get him to marry you. Where is the romance and how are you gong to act ten years from now

  8. Noteasilybroken says:

    Good, That was just pathetic of him. I saw the footage. You are a tragedy. Grow Up

  9. doris says:

    WHO CARES? JIM looks like he,s hi all the time. i am not surprise. have you noticed when he talks to any one, he do not look them in the face. can you expect good coming from bad boy,and bad girl CRISSY.

  10. net says:

    Jim and Chrissy are another classless duo they belong with together.Chrissy needs help and so does Jim.

  11. LASHON says:


  12. Sean says:

    Typical… I mean what else are these dudes gonna do to stay in the press and keep themselves relavant…

  13. Tre says:


  14. the one and only says:

    that’s rite jim kick their asses and chrissy keep holding your man down….

  15. Janelle says:

    Chrissy is a pyshco who is dating a pyscho, screw em both.

  16. Kris Renee says:

    So what?!?!?!?! #TeamJones

  17. Kay Kay says:

    To old for that, Chrissy thts wht u want to marry..Ok he got a lil money but he’s still a bum!!!

  18. grace says:

    Just Pathetic!~ I am glad Yandy got herself out of that sinking ship!

  19. Deloris says:

    We must pray for our sisters and brothers during good times and bad times.
    We are not judging their behavior, but we are concerned. Chrissy and Jimmy behave as if they are an accident just waiting to happen. They are always in the attack mode. This is very unhealthy.
    Unfortunately they made the decision to put their business in the street, when people started making them known//famous. When people buy Jim Jones music, he is making money.

    We have loss too many to criminal like activity. Their maddess must stop.

  20. Lucy says:

    @Deloris, I agree with you. We need more words of encouragement for our people.

    We are happy for our people to succeed, but when they start fighting and hurting one another they need prayer.

    We have been beatdown for yearssss, by the opposite race. Now we are turning against our own. This is very sad, and we must stand together, and pray off the demons.

  21. Lora & Lois says:

    @Alice & Tommy
    We love Somaya too.
    Yandy is all about her business, she just slipped by mixing her personal life and business
    We Yandy is hurt that her relationship with Jimmy had a sour ending,, but our advise to Yandy is to set the friendship and Jimmy free. Keep your head up, stand tall, be pride of yourself and look forward to your bright future.

    You do not need troubled people oin your life. You need to stay focused on your personal life and your business.

    Learn from your mistakes , do not try to mend a destructive friendship and business relationship with Chrissy and Jimmy.

    Chrissy and Jimmy are in a totally different world right now. They are filled with unhappiness, totally confused, overflowing with angry, and do not know how to relate to people in a non-threatening manner.

    Yandy, we wish you much success

  22. JustSayin says:

    I dont think either one of them care what everyone has to say..

  23. Yolanda says:

    He really needs to grow up. Good luck with your child Chrissy!

  24. lucky says:

    Jimmy fans are dropping like flies.

    His attitude is turning his fans away. When his fans turn away, his money will eventually run low, then rhis money will run out..

    His fans helped him to reach this point, his talent did not do it alone.

    He should wake up before his good dreams turn into nightmares.

  25. MaryMary says:

    Hey Ppl are buggin and commenting on stuff they know nothing about, who was there? Not You, not me either … so how is it that you have so much negative to say, have you ever heard “If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anothing…#shutUP Cops discriminate all the time, they dont even know what happen, but I bet you they was like “who’s Jim Jones”???… “why?… Cops: “cause He did it!!! Come on ppl if someone hit me I’m hitting back harder, Also I’m glad he tweeted he was going to gamble , cause Life goes on, it wasnt even a big issue it seem, you must be bored all the time, like I am right now to make something of this (How did this even make news, my son had a fight in school yesterday, I think he handle himself pretty well, can we have 15 min.)…BottomLine -Enjoy Life, cut the nonsense out…#Smile, You just lived another second

  26. jim jones suspose to be coming down for CIAA for WHAT?????????? THE ONLY SONG NHE HAS OUT IS WE FLY HIGH AND U KNOW THIS BALLING!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB

  27. Com on guys. I would think at this point your not attending teen house parties, so its time to get your grown man n woman on, and party without incident. Lets use our bigboy words n keep our hands to ourselves. Everyone!

  28. HarlemMama says:

    It is reported that the fool was drunk, that he taunted and fowl-mouthed Jim and that Jim attempted to walk away several times…until the fool swung…the rest is history. I honestly believe Jim was in the right this time…the press is just havin a field day cause of his hard rep. Shine on Chrissy & Jim!!! Handle urz!!

  29. JUBU UBI says:

    Chrissy knows she is with a thug n .she is not stupid .she herself is from the streets.

  30. Evangeline Hill says:

    Is chrissy Lampkin coming back ? To Love & HipHop.

  31. Nancy & Tim says:

    @MaryMary, no we were not there. However, Jim Jones and Chrissy conducts themselves violently all the time on National TV, why would anyone think the story was untrue. Jimmy and Chrissy have displayed their bully-like attitude on several occasions. One incident was when Jimmy and his crew attacked Somaya‘s, x-business manager. Another incident was when Chrissy SNEAKED up and attacked Kim. Both incidents were notorious and nasty. You cannot go around physically assaulting people period. It is wrong, and it is uncivilized behavior. People madness will always lead them to self-destruction.

  32. Todd says:

    @EARL & @Dave, we agree with you. Security is responsible for monitoring the fans and not Jim Jones and his criminal crew. I would never attend a Jim Jones concert. Jimmy fans are dropping like hot pancakes. The Reality show has really shown his true self, which is not impressive at all. Violence, Violence, and more Violence.

  33. lori says:

    Jim and Chrissy, I’m glad you guys are so awesome together. I think ppl just need to back off and leave you all the hell alone. I think that the cops just look for a reason to make money off of great people like yourselves. Crazy how police think because they wear a badge then it is ok to harass whoever the hell they want. Keep the faith, and the rest of the haters can go to hell. Love you guys

  34. NIna says:

    OK, I Like Jim, but do he EVER open his FREAKIN eyes REALLY??? And as for Chrissy SIT YOUR ASS DOWN SOME WERE,, SO jelous of Yandy…