Basketball Wives – Episode 2 – Haterade


Now I understand why these women throw drinks so often. They’re pretending they just won the Super Bowl and they just want to pour some Haterade on someone’s head. There was a lot of mean-girl activity this week, right?

Before we get started, can I just throw this out there: Everyone had their moments as far as mocking, making fun, and smack-talking, but when did Suzie get so mean? Discuss. Moving on.

From our perspective, it looks like when Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tami get together, they are all on Team Evelyn and it’s a grand ole sh*t on Jennifer party. They’re there to rehash the fight between Evelyn and Jennifer and figure out where Evelyn’s head is at the moment, so Tami asks her “So what’s going to happen with y’all?” and Evelyn replies “Nothing, I just ain’t f—in’ with her.” She clarifies, saying “Jennifer is so caught up in her own little world right now that the people that really mattered don’t matter.” Then she makes my favorite face ever:

And whether it’s bitterness or confusion or just mean girl-ness, the three of them make fun of Jen’s bougie upbringing and impersonate her, and their mocking brings them much mirth and glee. I know Shaunie and Tami have claimed neutrality, but it doesn’t appear that way here, at least.

Over at the nail salon, Jen and Suzie are discussing the fight too, but while the other three ladies are all up in arms over Jen’s non-apology, Jen and Suzie are still wondering what she needed to apologize for. The blog post that upset Evelyn contained a line about how she and Jen don’t date the same kinds of people, which isn’t necessarily scathing, so clearly there are either other issues, or some subtext that has offended Evelyn. But Jennifer is only looking at this and judging it by the words that were printed, and she and Suzie fail to see what’s the big deal. “I’m worried about my own vagina, not yours,” Jennifer says. “You should do the same, I just don’t get it.”

Suzie hopes they can repair things because, as we’ve heard about forty times by now, it would be sad to see a friendship of over a decade end, but Jen tells Suzie “I’m eliminating the drama out of my life. Eric went, your ass is not exempt.”

Evelyn and her sister Sylvia meet up to discuss wedding plans because the wedding is just six months away, and Evelyn tells Sylvia that Jennifer won’t be invited, but that her wish is that her brother-in-law, Anthony, who’s currently battling cancer, will be able to make it. Later, Evelyn meets with her mom who suggests that Anthony be the one to walk Evelyn down the aisle, it’s an idea Evelyn never thought of but she loves it. “I would trade everything in to be able to just give him life. Every time I think about this day, I think about if he’s going to be there,” she says as they both break down.

“We YouTubed Kenya,” Suzie says, sitting down to lunch with Jennifer for their own round of mockery during this episode.

The watch Kenya perform in a music video she made, the video gets a 0% on their Rotten-Tomatometer. “We saw her acting like a wild f—ing animal on YouTube. I’m like, oh my God, how embarrassing. Look, I’m not gonna lie, Kenya making a video like that at her age is just off. Someone needs to tell her it’s not cute.”

“Maybe it’s for a pageant or something,” Jen says, offering the benefit of the doubt. But it’s too late, there’s already a lot of doubt cast over Kenya for these two.

Kenya’s music is also causing problems for Kesha, who has signed on as a consultant of sorts for Kenya, helping her coordinate a video shoot at the Juliet Supper Club, “the hottest club in New York.” Kenya and her entourage arrive at the club to arrange the shoot, but they’re a little deluded by how much time and money it’s going to take to pull it off, and no one is willing to spend the $8,000-plus it will take to rent out the space.

“Kenya and her team came across just…kinda clueless,” Kesha says. “She baffles me.”

Later, Royce joins them to discuss the concerns Kesha has about the video. (Off topic: How good does Royce’s hair look right now?)

But Kesha tells Kenya “I don’t want to extend myself if it’s not going to be an amazing production.”

Kenya thinks the girls are being pessimistic and this won’t be the last time that she’s going to face criticism from people this week. This episode began as “Everyone sh*ts on Jennifer” but it shall end with the sh*t falling on Kenya.

Suzie, who is also still baffled by Kenya’s homemade music videos, calls Kenya out on them when they all meet for lunch. She tells her she looks like a psychopath and asks “What is the point of putting yourself on YouTube in your thirties?” This statement, as insane as it sounds, actually makes some sense. When you think about the reasons people go to YouTube, it’s usually to watch kids doing/saying crazy sh*t, animals doing/saying crazy sh*t, or elderly people doing/saying crazy sh*t. So in that regard Suzie totally has the Internet figured out. BUT, I’m pretty sure she’s actually implying that there’s an expiration date for putting sexy videos on the internet which is just kind of weird and age-ist and doesn’t hold water. Kenya’s not pleased by the feedback.

Royce isn’t thrilled either. “I think Suzie needs to tone it down, it’s not a good look.”

Suzie meets up with Evelyn to continue the Kenya hateration and she shows Evelyn Kenya’s music video. “It seems like Kenya is singing on a treadmill and then there’s a fan blowing, I don’t know from where,” Evelyn says, which is all very true. But then she becomes my mom when she says “These YouTubes, I don’t get it!”

They then turn their attention to Kesha, because Suzie says Kesha called her out for being a pervert after her whole blow job/pepper mill incident from last week. “Maybe that’s why you were left at the altar, ’cause you weren’t giving any blow jobs,” Evelyn says. I mean, seriously. Damn.

Royce, who has thus far been staying out of trouble and staying focused on her acting career, meets with Tami because she does have some drama in her life at the moment, though it’s not related to any of the other girls. Royce has been in a serious relationship for a while (no, not with Brian from last season), but with a Tampa football player. Her dad unfortunately, is not on board and they’re currently not on speaking terms. Which is why it’s bittersweet when Royce finds out that she got the role she auditioned for in an off-Broadway show, and has to call him to tell him.

His response is underwhelming (when she tells him she got the part, he replied “All right”). Looks like even her good fortune isn’t going to cause them to reconcile any time soon, but that definitely hurts.

Back in Miami, Evelyn confronts Chad with some rumors of infidelity. She’s been reading all kinds of stories on Twitter and various websites that are calling Chad out for various indiscretions and she tells him “I don’t want to deal with this.” He responds that he’s a work in progress but she’s worried that the progress isn’t happening fast enough. “Everyone else wants us to fail,” she says, tearing up.

What follows is so confusing. Is this scene for real? Evelyn tells Chad she just wants to know what he’s up to when he’s on the road, and then he proposes that they pick up a woman to have a three-way, as long as they both like her. Ohhhhkay? I know this conversation has been edited down, but it makes no sense to me. A transcription of the most confusing part:

Evelyn: “I want you to be one hundred with me. And tell me. I’d rather know.”
Chad: “E, man, look, I’m on the road, I’m tryna—what’s up.”
Evelyn: “Tell me.”
Chad: “And then what?”
Evelyn: “I want to know…Got to the pharmacy and get condoms. I’m gonna be sick like a motherf—er but what can I do but respect you and know that you’re telling me the truth rather than you hide it. ‘Cause at the end of the day, you don’t have to tell me nothing.”
Chad: “All right.”
Evelyn: “I don’t want to have to babysit you but I’d rather you be real with me because Lord knows what could happen.”
Chad: “E, I think we should go out some time and if I see somebody I like, I think we should be able to bring her home.”
Evelyn: “Yeah but how ’bout if I don’t like her?”
Chad: “Putting any man back in that position of being able to discipline himself to deal with that one woman for the rest of his life…a lot have failed trying.”

First off, I call BS on Chad for basically saying that he’s just not capable of being monogamous.

So either they’re agreeing that Chad can cheat/pick out a three-way partner, and that’s cool, or we, the audience are majorly being f—ed with and they are masters at manipulating their image. I’m still not sure what the right answer is, but they are certainly geniuses when it comes to giving us a reason to keep our eyes on them. I mean let’s me real, now, we can’t take our eyes off of them no matter what.

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  1. nisa says:

    Kenya Bell she is so fake

  2. nisa says:

    Jennifer @ Evelyn stop acking like little children…… Jennifer, Evelyn was there when u needed someone an u stab her in the back think before u leap, u ar good friends an say ur sorry. Evelyn is a true friend becz u will never leav a friend on the road but no one stands at ur side when u need them

  3. Candae says:

    Susie is soooo messy……it’s funny how we tend to forget when we’re out the “circle”,…. Susie I’m talking to you.. You go from group to group spreading mess…talking about people. All you do is run your mouth… was not to long ago when Evelyn was about to beat your butt!!

  4. deelee says:

    Evelyn is desperate. Why would she want to put herself through something like that. She’s better off just not getting married Chad has basically told her he can’t guarantee he’s going to be faithful. She should just enjoy what she has and skip the wedding.

  5. Brownsugar says:

    Evelyn life to show for the kitty issues about a dog gone blog. So what that how Jennifer feels you cn’t get mad. You talk mad trash about Eric when Jeenifer was married to him. Now she said something things about Chad nowmyou mad. you shouldn’t dish it if you can take it back. Grow up you have a child. Act like grown woman….let it go…

  6. Maylon sargent says:

    Suzie… Is a real true peace breaker. She is playing all of these ladies!!! She is two faced like a dog!!! You ladies need to cut that girl a loose! I don’t know what day y’all sit out trash! But she would be in the next pick up! She is passed messy!!! She is keeping alot of crap up! Ugh

  7. Ashley says:

    Oh!!!!!!!!! And SUSIE!!!!!! Please stop being so judgemental, PLEASE!!!!!!! People need to get the raft out of their eyes and evaluate their self before you judge the next person. That’s what’s so wrong with this world now. Everything that’s going on this show….. I HOPE IT’S STAGED because they make women look bad. But Royce that don’t include you baby :) Royce is herself and she’s not into all the material things etc…… That’s all they do is talk about Royce and her fashion….. hahaha but after that what else can you say about her???????? Lets hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CS3 Fan says:

    Suzie, you’re SO mean! what the heck happened? It wasn’t so long ago that Evelyn was making fun of your speech impediment and giving you death stares…now you are treating Kenya the same way. BOO on YOU!

  9. ohsotrue says:

    Royce is the true diva on the show. Royce has been Royce since the beginning. Since her dad might not like the men Royce choices to have in her life he has to admire her no nonsence, this is me attitude. Not once has she tried to refriends any one she stopped being friends with. Too bad Evelyn has a hard head otherwise she would know what a huge mistake at this time it is to marry Chad. Chad has and will if the opportunity presents itself will cheat but I don’t think in his mind he thinks he is cheating. It’s a guy/road thing, baby!!!!! lmao, yeah right! I get Evelyn believes there are good men out there ready to committ to one woman and Chad might turnout to be that man just not right now. Evelyn knows that but she is willing to take the chance. Hopefully her heart is ready too bc it most likely will be cracked. Jennifer has gotten to big for her birches. She is not that important, she acts like she is the new chick on the block but the block has been condemed, lol Jennifer and Suzie are 2 dizzie broads who sound so stupid. Jennifer already sounds mil-retarted when she speaks all slow but hearing her and dumdum was extra stupidity. Talk about judging and not knowing. I like the knew girls, even the crazy one. I so love Kesha, she knows her homegirl is out there but still tries to back her up (as difficult as that may be). She observes, doesn’t say much, takes it all in. Kenya is crazy and seems fun. Tammy thinks she is the new Evelyn, like someone needs her approval, that’s a joke. All that eye rollin’ lip smackin’ is like for a 16 year old, even her girls are past that stupidty, grow the hell up already. Oh, Shaunie who???????????????? I don’t think well hear too much about that whole “circle” nonsense…….lol

  10. Jussara says:

    Chad when you get over you color complex issue, maybe you’ll get with a woman who has class, quality, and a hint of some brains, unlike Evelyn. People go through those “just something to do” periods, and I think that’s where you are right now. You don’t seem to be one to go along with stifling who you are, who you can be with, and what you can do, but you’ve got to see for yourself. Oh, a famous person once said, “When people show you who they are, believe them.” Evelyn’s good at crying; it’s manipulation. Look how many times she’s cried on the show. She needs to go into acting, because she’s good at playing people. She’ll say and “do” whatever it takes to walk down that isle. Beware. Take care.

  11. Jussara says:

    Suzie is an instigator! I’d like to see her come at someone like Tami the way she did with Kenya. Suzie, you were way over the top. It was a good act. Kenya should have gotten up and let you have it. That would have put things in perspective. The way Suzie treated Kenya was rude and disrespectful. It didn’t call for all of that. It was none of your business in the first place, and who are you to try to kill someone’s dream? You set out to embarrass her, and that was wrong. Suzie, what goes around, comes around.

  12. RORO says:


  13. darrius says:

    Did Evelyn agree to have an open marriage. If this is correct, why get married?
    Is it that she will do anything to marry a man with money?

    Is Chad is telling Evelyn in plain english on National TV, that he will not be a “”One Woman Man” married or noyt married ?

    Is Evelyn going to be a Jackie Christie or Chrissy Lampkin, going around fighting every woman that comes close to their man?

    This is an unhealthy way to live your life. Miseery will live with her every single day, happiness will have no place in her life.

    Because she will forever live in the protect and attack mode, every where they go .

    Stop the wedding.

  14. Linda says:

    Evelyn should seek guidance from God first, place herself second, never place a man and money before herself, stop the wedding, and seek professional help.

    She has lost her way, she is on the road to “Self Destruct”. Because, she can not fight her way thru life to hold on to a man or anybody. Her behavior is unhealthy for her, and it is very unhealthy for the cast members.

    Jenn is the best friend Evelyn will have, because Evelyn has destroyed her self image and relationship with just about everybody. Evelyn need to put an end to the madness and check herself.

  15. Deborah says:

    Suzie is the Chrissy lampkin of the show, she is always going around spreading gossip, she is a She Saider. She start the fights, then lay back , laugh , and watch the females physically attack one another.

    She has no life of her own, she is another unhappy individual on the show. Why is Suzie on the show?

    Royce should never trust Suzie at all. Royce should stop lowering her standards to hold a conversation with Suzie.

    Suzie is wicked, wacked, and useless.

  16. ChanelDior says:

    I meant this season these girls is being haters towards one another in unreal and phony Shaunie just be standing back looking at they a** to funny keeping acting like a lady Shaunie in let them clowns clown….

  17. Tequila says:

    I think Suzie is just as dumb as they come and if your gonna say your a pervert make sure you know what it means before you call your self a pervert because an example of a pervert is basically when a man is looking in a woman’s window watching her undress or looking under a woman’s skirt those are some example of what a pervert is so if Suzie is saying she is a pervert something is really wrong with her for real I like talking about sex to don’t get me wrong but it is a place and a time to talk about and just meeting ppl for the first time you don’t know in a nice resturant is not the place have some class about your self and respect because right now you make your self look like a unclassy lady that’s why your still single huh a man wants a woman in public and a freak in private and you said your competing against females in their twenties well as long as your acting like your 21 acting the way you do your losing by far Suzie go and get a job and quit living off your baby-dad’s child’s support money child’s support is for the kids not you everybody else in basketball wives is doing something with the lives working on shoe lines books plays their own shoe stores lip gloss and more you the only one thats haven’t done anything like quit talking about sex unless its paying your bills your like thirty something act like sex is good but not to the point you make your self look classless hello

  18. deloris says:

    Shaunie is not a peace-maker, she is a money-maker. These ladies can rip one another heads off, Shaunie will just lay back, watch the fight, and make $$$. These ladies should wake up and smell the coffee. They are destroying their image.

  19. lorna says:

    Suzie need a man, fast-quick-ASAP. She is too busy being two-face and starting trouble. Suzie need a life.

  20. Nita says:

    I watched the show tonight, and all I gotta say is “Hateration is in the building.” Suzie is rude and has shown no respect to Royce. I believe Tami is cool, but yet messy. And trust me when I say cool, meaning she’s funny. Evelyn, is not a lady. I know that at times we all use language but WOW! what a nasty mouth. I imagined Ocho would pick someone of higher class, on second thought nevermind, since he wants to smoke a black and mild on TV. As for Kenya, if you feel that you can pull a music career off, then honey screw those women and what they think. I think your beautiful, so Hollywood will pick you up in no time. And that’s all I gotta say~