Celebrity Rehab Star Sean Young Arrested After The Oscars


Celebrity Rehab alum Sean Young had a rough Oscar night last night, TMZ reports that the actress was arrested after being asked to leave the Governor’s Ball, for which she didn’t have a ticket. TMZ writes “Sean left but came back shortly thereafter, and when security asked her to leave again, a guard may have placed his hand on her arm when Sean allegedly slapped him. She was then placed under citizen’s arrest for battery.”

In a somewhat confusing video, posted after the jump, Young explains that the Academy’s lawyer is the person responsible for getting her arrested. She ended up spending four hours in police custody.

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[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. I feel kind of sad for her. I know she’s had some problems with addiction and of course something inside does make you tend to wonder if she was under the influence of something when this happened because drugs or alcohol do tend to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do and slapping a cop is never good,been there,done that-well not me but my older half brother whom has also had problems with addiction for years punched a cop whom tried to pull him over for driving under the influence,he tried to flee and then tried to resist arrest and he ended up going to jail,and it can be pretty embarrassing and humiliating for the addict and the loved ones of the addict. Hopefully,she will get the help she needs and get a handle on her addiction and I will pray for her and her loved ones.

  2. Denice Watts says:

    Sean seemed perfectly sober on tmz video. so many addicts are so use to drama and I think she caused it by slapping someone, if she did. Nobody has the right to hit another unless defending themselves. Hollywood is so over the top with appearance, material objects and who you know. People need to realize that we are NOT what we GOT.. When he appeared on the earth through our mothers vagina we had NO material things with us and when we leave we are not taking anything with us either. One’s purpose should be how nice we are to others and how much we help others. Because in the end, when we are fading out and going back to spirit world we want loved ones around us to see us off. I am sure we will not care if our vehicle is close by. So Sean, look for the lesson in this and next time try to better. That is it from Watts Happening with denice-watts.posterous.com EVERYONE PLEASE THINK PEACE…..

  3. rcadia says:

    I think Sean’s problems stem from her not getting the breaks she felt entiteled to. She started off in her career as a very good actress. She had a Joan Crawford aura but brought Joan’s attitude. Wrong decades for those escapades.