T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 12 – 60/40



This week we learn that T.I. and Tiny have very different experiences when it comes to doing business with their friends…First, let’s discuss Tiny’s hair-raising situation. Hair-brained scheme? Whatever!

Put Shekinah in the Shark Tank, because this lady has quite the invention! When Tiny drops by her salon, Shekinah shows her a new innovation in hair drying that she’s come up with (ignore for the moment that it involves straws and duct tape), but it’s a method of hair drying that will shave hours off of drying time. “It’s an invention a ghetto b*tch came up with!” Shekinah says.

Tiny totally wants in on this new invention and tells Shekinah to make a better prototype, like, one without duct tape and straws. Not a moment later, hell breaks loose when Shekinah cuts her hand open with a pair of scissors. A now-bloody pair of scissors.

The ladies mend her hand as best they can. but that still doesn’t stop her from screaming bloody murder.

It’s bad enough that she asks the women to call her an ambulance, but she frets that her injured hand will mean her work will suffer.

When the paramedics arrive, we finally see her injury, which they tell her is not that bad at all.

Nope, it’s not life-threatening. “That girl had us thinking, like, she was gonna have her finger cut off. What is wrong with her?” Tameka says when the paramedic tells Shekinah she’s good as new and can go back to work immediately.

They do a test to see if the invention works, and while the dryer is in action, Tameka talks business for a second. If she’s putting up the money for the investment, she’d like a 60% cut, which Shekinah is not having.

They scream and they scream until someone realizes that the girl sitting under Shekinah’s newly invented dryer is done. They pause just long enough to do a group hair-feel and freak out at the realization that this inventions actually works.

Tameka asks her family for advice about whether or not she should go into business with Shekinah in spite of their tumultuous friendship. Niq Niq, Tip, and Major all say no. Major and his lollipop steal the scene though (although I wonder how that red candy made it past the guards of the White Room).

The best way to handle the situation is by visiting a mediator who can hep them figure out the business side of their partnership.

While their bickering was funny at first,

it escalates more and more

and even the mediator can’t mediate when these two are going at it.

To put less stress on his eardrums, the mediator brings Shekinah to the break room to fix her some coffee, and all of a sudden this show becomes a Keurig commercial.

After they mediate the flavor of coffee Shekinah wants, he soothes her a little bit and asks her what kind of agreement would make her happy. She agrees to a 56/44 split, and they bring the number back to Tiny, and she agrees to it.
“I’ve been doing this for twelve years,” the mediator says, “and I don’t think I’ve heard that much profanity in 2000 mediations.” Well that’s because you never mediated Shekinah before.

Tiny and Shekinah found their collaboration full of drama and hurdles. But Tip also finds himself in collaboration mode this week, with his old friend Usher, and their pairing couldn’t be more perfect.

Tip fully expects the record they’re working on to be a smash. “It’s like if Tupac were able to do something with R. Kelly,” Tip says.
Snake is like, “If you say so!”

On second though, he’s actually just confused that there are spinach leaves on the dip tray. Doesn’t matter though, the important thing is not about what vegetables are on the dip tray, it’s that all those vegetables can work together in peace and harmony. And that’s one to grow on.

Next week: King becomes a movie star!! Maybe!

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  1. Orville says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, TINY dont go into business with her (Shakinah) I think it would be the worse to say put it lightly… Just buy or pay her for her Idea and do it yourself. I’m sure alot more of YOUR friends may have told you the same, Im just saying

  2. Sunshine says:

    For real that dog gone Shequanna needs to have her own show!!!!

  3. TicTac says:

    To be quite honest, I have only started watching this show in recent weeks. In the few episodes that I have seen, I have gotten to see more of Tiny’s friend Shekinah (or whatever) than I should have. She is an ungrateful, resentful, jealous, and questionable friend to say the least. I find it very loyal of Tiny to even be associated with such an ingrate at this point. As Tiny said in this particular episode “there are plenty of stylist” in ATL. Tiny, I think it would behoove of you to find one, and abandon the thought of going into business with such an unprofessional person. She has made you look bad on several occasions without thought or consideration of your image. Good bless that mediator, as well as Tiny in making the right decision. All money ain’t good money.

  4. Carla says:

    Tiny, you really should shake your friend. She obviously wants what you have thats why in every episode I see her in she brings up the fact that you’re rich and she’s not. Her financial situation is not your problem. She is ungrateful and has no class and I think she tries to put you on a guilt trip so you can help her out. Enough is enough Tiny. Listen to your family and don’t go into business with this chick!

  5. Hair Diva says:

    I am an experience Business Owner myself and like Mrs. Tiny when you see great potential you want to make things happen for them especially if there your friends,but through the years I had to realize that you can’t make a person become professional. For one, all the exposure you have given Shekinah ,you would think ,by now she would understand what it takes to become a professional.Tiny, You saved her the cost of costly advertisement. You would think ,by now ,she would have come up on her own ,use what you have given her and be able to pay for her own invention,but instead she wants you to continue to help,carry ,her then she got the nerves to act a fool about it. Shekinah needs some serious business 101. because being a hair stylist is not enough when your trying to be in a successful business for a long time. I wished ,I had a friend (with great energy) or an investor like Tiny as I was getting my Salon near the island together,but I guess this is why I’m so greatly appreciative because I had to work very hard and had do everything on my own. Truly the split should be 50/50 once Shekinah have paid back all the money you have put in to start the invention, So for now , it should be Tiny 70/30 Shekinah. Yes, Shekinah obvious you have know clue the start up cost for a true invention and you have know intentions of paying her back. Shekinah,girl I know you are so busy doing everybody else’s hair,but honey you need to do something with yours ,you need a break as well and a little bit of constructive criticism don’t hurt anybody Shekinah. You can email or call me for that!:)(constructive criticism and a hair do) Both you Ladies are truly bless in your own ways!

  6. Ms. B says:

    I NEVER EVER comment on the shows that I watch but I just had to say something about Monday’s episode. I LOVE me some T.I and Tiny but that Shekinah chick needs to GO AWAY!! She has no class, respect, tact, professionalism or gratitude. Tiny, please take your husband hint and your chiildren’s advice and DO NOT go into business with the chick. I agree with TicTac, she is JEALOUS of you and has made it known in so many ways. She doesn’t care about the fact that you and your husband are PROFESSIONALS, every chance she gets, she makes a complete fool of herself and is trying to make one of you too. Tiny, cut your ties with this chick, NOW!

  7. Ms. B says:

    ….matter of fact, just take her off the show all together. I know that’s your girl Tiny but she is a HOT Mess!!!!!!!!!!!!