Jim Jones Arrested And Released Again After Facing Allegedly Bogus Charges


Jim Jones‘ trouble with the law continues, he was arrested once again, this time in New York City on charges of driving with a suspended license. Jones was arrested yesterday but release just a few hours later, and a rep for him stated that it was a mistake, saying “Jim does not have a suspended license.” TMZ also reports that the arrest was bogus because he had been sitting in the passenger’s seat when cops asked him to move the car, and when he got out to drive it, they arrested him.

This dustup has nothing to do with his arrest just three days ago at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut though, where he was taken in by police and charged with assault on a police officer and breach of peace.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Dave says:

    Allegedly Bogus Charges
    Sure Bogus!!!

    This is not a surprise, this is what happens when you go around presenting yourself like a wannabe bully.

  2. Kara says:

    They need to take his aggressive chick Chrissy to jail, Jim is pretty harmless. She’s the crazy one

  3. Delia Steinbrenner says:

    Dude is on the edge. I thought he was rational after watching Love and Hip Hop but now I see that he and Chrissy deserve each other because they are cut from the same cloth. Just plain thuggish and ghetto! He wants to be Don Corleone and all Chrissy does is ask questions then turn around and answer them because she does not have effective communication skills. Bums, just plain BUMS.

  4. Evelyn says:

    Im not surprised!!! Since he’s not the brightest star in the universe!!ijs

  5. sexyblack says:

    Jim i remmber when you were all that, i was so proud of you,showing the world that you belong,your swag was tight,now i see a different person just get back to you the greatest rapper in the world

  6. Dana & David says:

    We should try to safeguard those that have lost their way. We we’ll all get lost at some point in life.

    Their creator blessed them with food, shelter, good health, and a job. Chrissy and Jimmy did not do it on their own. They have lost their way. Chrissy and Jimmy are on a mission to “Self Destruct”.

    Money ($$$$) – is the root of all evil, and evil is taking over.

    Because, physically attacking people can escalate to a whole critical level.

    No one should be physically violated. Violence is not the answer.

    Chrissy and Jimmy should seek help from their Creator, and seek professional before someone get seriously injured.

    Celebrity Rehab should be in the works for these two.

  7. Khandi says:

    I understand, we as humans we make mistakes but, this guy has shown an ounce of maturity. He is rude, unsure of himself and a whack rapper. Where is the growth? This is why I love Common, Jay Z, Wayne, Drake, you see growth. Jim needs a lot of help , he and crazy ass classless Chrissy.

  8. Cassandra Wike says:

    Jim Jones was in Virginia Beach a few years ago at a club performing and there were gun fired while he was there … Rumor was that either him or someone in his click did it and a few people were hurt while everyone was running out of the club … He never took responsibility for it … I love Love and Hip Hop … Have been watching it since day 1 but he is not the same person when he first came out … Money sure enough changed him …

  9. DiamondInTheRough says:

    Kimbell & Yandy’s Karma!!!!!

  10. Michelle says:

    @Khandi – Are you serious? You respect Drake, Weezy, Jay – Z… all of which refer to you as a b****…. Like, seriously?? I’d respect Jim before I respect any of those other rappers… Jim has a hot temper but look who he was raised by… Look at his mom… He’s just a product of his environment.

  11. @mya36 says:

    Damn Jim, u drove when u wasnt suppose to,so u need to deal with that like every other man r woman…y would they say he was drivin if he he wasnt?

  12. Evalyna says:

    Jimmy and Chrissy need to acknowledge the red flags that are flying all around their heads. Every place they go – fights and trouble follows. This is an unhealthy environmentt for them and those around them.

  13. Channa Thompson says:

    I went through the same thing with my license and guess what i got pulled over thousands of times for the mva and there mistakes so I understand it>

  14. earline says:

    Jimmy and Chrissy prtoblem is not just a suspended license issue, these two individuals are terrible two’s. They are both power hungry. Chrissy is a control freak and anybody that do not agree with her, she goes off into her emtionally y challenged mode. They are not happy at all, a wedding band and wedding ring will never bring about happiness, when you are living a life style of corruption and destruction.

  15. Honey says:

    All I can say is Jim Jones is going down and there will be no wedding for Chrissy.
    What a drag.

  16. Keshia & Jerome says:

    We wish Evil Chrissy and Sleepy Jimmy a brighter future. But two troubled individuals = disaster . Their relationship appears to be very unhealthy, and troubled. Physical assaults is their way of acting out. They are not happy at all. Wedding rings and wedding bands can not create happiness. People can pay billions of $$$ to unite as one, but a wedding rings, a wedding bands, and a wedding ceremony will not cure an addiction anda control problem.
    Professional help is the only answer.

  17. stlmidwestgirl says:

    He’s having a concert in St. Louis – tickets are $15 and they’re being sold at a rib shack. For real tho.

  18. danny says:

    The ticket could be free to tyje concert and I would not attend. I do not like to be among haters and fighters. I like peace and harmony.

  19. mrsdyer says:

    I do not understand all the hate. Yandy initiated the trouble with Jim and Chrissy by overstepping her boundaries, and Kimbella was a walking train wreck. How is that karma? He doesn’t mess with Yandy anymore.. She put his business in the street and repeatedly disrespected his woman, that was a violation of trust and not professional at all. I would of sued her behind for defamation, and breech of contract when she made me loose money. The troubles he is having is not of his making, read the full contents of the article before judging. I wish Jim and Chrissy much success in their future endeavors.

  20. danny says:

    I do not think the viewers are placing judgment on Jim and Chrissy; they are only voicing their opinions based on Jim and Chrissy unprofessional and violent behavior on the show. Yandy made some mistakes, but under any conditions does she deserve to be physically attacked. In which wannabe bully, Chrissy was attempting to do. I believe Yandy can handle her self appropriately, be it business, be it personal, or be it confrontational. She is the only female cast member on the show that is not afraid of evil Chrissy. Yandy was very smart by not turning her back to Chrissy. She knew Chrissy is a sneaky and nasty fighter. All the viewers know Chrissy is too afraid to fight fair. This proved this when she sneaked up and physically attacked Kimbella. To be honet, Kimbella should file a lawsuit against Chrissy for her physical assault.

    People should start making Jim and Chrissy pay big time for their physical attacks and unlawful conduct.

  21. Keekee says:

    @Danny, I agree with both posts.

    I do not feel viewers are hating on Jim and Chrissy, they are only expressing their honest opinions.

    First, I would not attend a Jim Jones concert, even if the ticket were free.

    Second, I would not pay a ticket to attend a Jim Jones concert.

    Who want to see Chrissy- attacking Jim Jones, if he let his female fans get close to him?

    Who want to see Chrissy-attacking Jim, if female performers get close to him?

    Chrissy is a total mental case, and Jim Jones is allowing her to destroy his professional image and allowing her to run his fans away from him. Because everywhere Chrissy and Jim go, trouble follows.

    Fans do not want to attend concerts or events, when they know fights will break out or their life will be in danger.

  22. HATERS says:

    I agree viewers do not hate on Jim and Chrissy. These two start fights all the time. It gets very old. People probably hate to see them coming, knowing there will be trouble. This is not cute at all. It is not entertaining at all. Two adults going around acting like wannabe bullies, is not a pretty picture. These two act as if maybe they are the influence of some type of mind alternating substance. Violence follows them around. This is not healthy at all.

  23. alicia says:

    I think it’s Karma Yandy gave her a book and did a dance, did it hurt Chrissy, yes, did Yandy try and fix it? Yes, but Chrissy still disrespected her , accepted the apology in a sense at the fashion show, but still wouldn’t let it go and got Jim’s mom involved after Yandy apologized. Jim cursed out Yandy and let his girl continue to disrespect her after having a working relationship for 8 years. Chrissy and Jim was carrying her and Chrissy tried to fight her in public I would put his business out there too