Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 2: “I GOT THE PART!!!!!!”


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


I don’t dislike YOU, I dislike YOUR WAYS!

I am the first person to say I am not perfect and I make my mistakes. I also believe that I have grown from them and matured in a lot of ways. I’m definitely still a work in progress and I am going through a tough time with my father. He wants the best for me and has ALWAYS been in my life. I fortunately was able to grow up with both of my biological parents in the house and lived a VERY structured and strict life. Sometimes I believe my dad still thinks I’m his little girl. In my head, I am at times because his advice means a lot and when I don’t take it I feel like I’m on punishment. I’ve even grounded myself in my OWN house because I felt I had to for going to MY HOUSE too late lol. Seriously though, my dad is my strongest supporter and we have our issues because he just wants me to be 100% happy and sure who I bring into MY life but MAINLY MY SON’S LIFE. I completely understand that. Braylon is not allowed on the show although I wish he was because a lot of my dad and my issues stem from raising him and keeping him grounded. It’s not fair to bring several women…or men in his life nor is it okay to have his raised by anyone other than his parents, i.e. nanny, friends, etc. Braylon is my first priority always, and I just want my dad to trust the fact that the only man Braylon has been around and a strong male figure besides himself, or my brother is Dezmon. Not Dwayne, not Brian. They didn’t have this relationship with Braylon and I made sure of that because I wasn’t sure. Age does not define my relationship. I have uncles and aunts that are more than 10 years apart and have been together 50+ years. I love Dezmon. Over time I believe my dad will trust that. He’s seen me in love once before and it lasted on and off for 10 years. I was engaged then cheated on with my then best friend. Until now, I played it safe.

With that said, I GOT THE PART!!!!!! I’m extremely humbled and excited. My run was two weeks in February and they have extended my contract. We are working now to add more dates but since I have to blog by episode I can’t say much more on that but I had to let you know my run for right now is over before y’all go out looking for tickets hahaha.

Moving on,
Suzie…Suzie…Suzie… Remember when I said I trust her as far as I can throw her? Well now it’s as far as I can flick her which is NOT AT ALL! I’m really baffled that although I’ve told her nothing she’s still managed to say a lot. No, it is NOT okay to talk about BLOW JOBS in a crowded restaurant nor was it okay to speak of the embarrassing conversation in another upscale restaurant with Evelyn. Those men weren’t looking at you because they thought it was cute, they were looking at you because they couldn’t believe what they were hearing from a grown woman. Also in terms of Kenya…I DID NOT BRING HER INTO THIS SITUATION. I told you to meet Kesha. Yea, Kenya’s videos are a little weird but millions of people make YouTube videos so I’m not one to judge. My opinions of Kenya form from other incidents not a couple YouTube videos. I thought your attitude towards her was very judgmental especially when its based off something placed on the internet. For you and Jenn to talk about you don’t like these “Bitches” well, reality check, A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T LIKE YOU EITHER and Suzie you talk behind everyone’s back so don’t be the pot calling the kettle black. Not liking someone you don’t know is childish, not liking their ways is a bit more mature.

My heart hurts for your brother-in-law. I’ve lost many in my family so I can only imagine what you are feeling wanting him to make it to your wedding. I pray that he does because I can see how much he means to you. Outside of the show I did read your blog and I appreciate the compliments. I hope you’re right. Acting is my first love although dance came quicker. I also appreciate the hair comments but wait for it…the ponytails and sneakers come back very soon. HA! Also, as far as you not wanting to comment on me being with another dude. Lets clear that up. Dwayne and I were together nine months and looked at rings although I wasn’t in love. Brian and I DATED a couple months. Dezmon and I have been together almost 7 months. I’m a relationship girl. I’ve never been a serial dater or the girl that just has sex with random men. I’m a one man girl and this show has been going on since filming in 2009. When y’all first met me I was dating the track star for a few months. He never met my son, FYI. But I appreciate you not having an opinion on it, just a little bit of shade. I must say I commend you on being able to have such an open relationship with Chad because I’d be damned if Dezmon asked me to bring another chick in the bedroom or asked me to be okay with him sleeping with other people. I believe in honesty but I think this “work in progress” needs to be concluded before you walk down the aisle. Just my opinion and to each their own. You better than me. :o)~

I’m not really sure what to say about you right now. You’re definitely more outspoken. I will say make sure you can stand by your words. There’s nothing wrong with ridding yourself of the drama in your life but don’t forget you also were a part of it. You’ve started drama with other people as well and before you can point the finger you need to face and fix yourself.

Well, that’s it for this week. My opinions on some people may change but I blog as if I’m in the now which, let me tell you, is hard because this stuff was months ago and things have happened and been said that I wish I could tell you. I just have to woosah when I bring it back to what the viewers are seeing right now. I’m outtie!!!

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  1. mary says:

    @linda & leslie

    I agree with your advice. Suzie is trouble for the hold crew.

    Royce is looking great.

  2. Jussara says:

    Congratulations are still in order, Royce, for getting the part, even if it’s over. It was a big accomplishment. It looks like you fixed your hair–big improvement from the earlier episodes. I’m riding on the side with your dad. You need to TAKE YOUR TIME and date; not sleep around, but date. Give a man an opportunity to prove himself to you, so you won’t have to later beg him to behave like Evelyn is doing with Chad. You’re young. You have a son who deserves to establish a trusting and supportive relationship with any man you “seriously” consider. You need to look at all aspects of the man and have foresight, not just hindsight from your past. Don’t appear “needy,” like you need to have a man. Your son will need a father, not Mommy’s man. You will have to be able to trust the man in your son’s life to act like a loving father to him. It’s too soon for you to assess that. Best Wishes. Jussara

  3. Deborah in Pomona says:

    Royce,you ain’t never lied. Congrats.
    I couldn’t believe my ears of the conversation between Evelyn and Chad
    How desperate can she be to agree to an open relationship six months prior to her intended marriage. How do you allow the world to hear you disrespect yourself.
    EVELYN you need therapy. your daughter must be horrified.


  4. AmarieW says:

    SMH at Evelyn! Not because I care about what happens in her life but because several young ladies watch the show and most likely look up to her. Now that she has openly set the standard so low for women in general, younger ladies will feel its ok to MARRY make VOWS make a real commitment with a man who openly admits he is NOT commitment material. Alot of things evolve over time. But marriage isnt one of them. The concept and the sanctuary of it will always remain the same. Two people who commit to love, trust and honor each other forever are married first in their hearts and then on paper. Two people who can not make this commitment are ONLY married on paper. Basically your an empty decorated christmas box. Some things can be faked. Love can not. I just got married. And my man is no Chad. He doesnt have the body, the face, nor the money. And while some may think thats a bad thing… I can tell you its 100% a blessing. Cuz the tears Ev crys to have a “Chad” I wont … thank God for small miracles. Royce I like you. Keep being self. Never compromise and what ever blessing that God has in store for you WILL come when you finally connect all the dots. Much Love & Blessings Ladies :)

  5. Denni says:

    Congrats to you, Royce! Continue DOING YOU and staying outta that stupid junior high school behavior. Evelyn is the real BUM on the show because she is so money hungry and stupid. Chad told her that he is not the marrying type and that he is still a work in progress and she is still planning a wedding. DUMB BUM! Suzie is a troublemaker who will do anything to be in the group and from where I don’t know, she found a voice and coming out like she is big and bad in front of the new girls when all Evelyn has to do is buck at her and Suzie will pee her pants. Tami is the other BUM. She is so envious and jealous of the everyone. Jen needs to go off the show and get her head together or just work at promoting her lip gloss. She allowed Evelyn and the crew to cost her her marriage and now she is left out there alone. She could have mended her relationship with Eric if she had not had the others all up in her business. Shaunie should know better since she put this crap together. She comes off looking like the instigator. Shaunie, why did you ask Tami to join the show? I know why! I wanted a show with Basketball WIVES. Ex-wives, and girlfriends, and jump offs, and baby mamas don;t count because they are not WIVES. Sorry Royce, but the show has lost a viewer after I saw how Evelyn is gonna jump on a damn table to fight someone! She is a BUMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

  6. bosslady says:


  7. Denise says:

    Royce is looking very mature and attractive, keep up the good work. Do not stray away from your mission to succeed. Your fans love you and you should acknowledge their advice regarding dating and relationships.
    Your son should be her #1 priority, because a relation comes and goes. Your son will always need more love than any relationship. Royce stay focused on your career goals, stay on a mission to earn good money for you and her son.

  8. Dawnielle says:

    I agree with everything you say but as for Suzie she is a hot ass mess and need to be checked she is still a run tell that girl and need to be handled she startin to act like Jen and we all know what happens to dead horses in the street lmao. You continue to do you

  9. I agree with this whole post; no wonder I’m team Royce. I can’t wait to see the ponytails again; keep up the good work Royce & handle your life the best way you can. <3

  10. DeNita says:

    Stay far away from Suzie! That is all. Oh, very proud of u maturing.

  11. Michelle says:

    Royce you are real I would hang out with you any day as for as your man thats you buisness as long as your happy some needs to shut suzie azz up playing both sides of the fence she talks to much and Im glad jenn stood up for herself but she still looks like a frog

  12. Alesia says:

    Great job Royce:
    I must admit in the beginning because of the way you acted I did not care for you much but, thumbs up girl you have matured. You have told the truth to your friends in a mature way I hope that you succeed in your acting career it would be a blessing to you you married one day. At least your not desperate like a couple of those women and jumping into marriage or talking nasty in public think its cute. To me your are top notch and more grown up that at least two of those women on basket ball wives.

  13. ChanelDior says:

    Royce stop jumping on the bandwagon be a leader not a follwer now why you dont like Kenya????

  14. Jasmine Hunt-Smith says:

    Royce Gurl,,,,,,,I really love u on basketball wives and ur the main reason I watch the show. I love the way u dont back down when backed against the wall or by anyone. U kind of remind me of myself.No matter what other ppl say you never let that stop you or knock your hustle which is totally commendable.Whether you’re in the circle or not it makes you none because at the end of the day it’s about u and taking your career to the next level.Keep doing what you’re doing and forget the haters. They are mainly upset with you bcause you are a strong independant woman who doesn’t hav to smash every dude you meet or try to marry a basketball star to make it you have your own and I love that about you.Do you and screw all those haters ,,,,,

  15. AJ says:

    Love you Royce. I was one to judge you the first season, but admittedly not too harshly. I grew to absolutely adore you when you stood your own, and remained supportive and friends with Suzie. Unfortunately she hasn’t returned the favor and I am glad you see what she’s really about now. I actually feel sorry for her children. As for Jenn, remember she wouldn’t even film with you last season and it looks like Shaunie and Tami are riding with Ev. Now she wants to talk? You don’t always have to be the bigger person, Just like she “CLAIMS” to be ridding herself of the drama, you do the same and stay free of her and her drama. She’s not ridding the drama, it’s clear the drama has ridden itself of her . Also, don’t trust Tami, now that she’s “IN” she’s brand new. About as “REAL” as an eight dollar bill. I would never laugh at an insult someone imposed upon someone I call a friend and she’s done that a number of times. She bullied her way into being liked and feared….oops, I meant respected. I thought that convo with Ev and Chad had been a disrespectful edit for effect….Like Seriously??? I can’t call Shaunie, but if you don’t kiss her butt then she’s got a prob with you so hey life goes on. Congrats on Platanos and Collard Greens, my daugther was suppose to pick up the tixs this wknd. so plz keep un posted….Good Luck to you and Dezmon I wish you guys well….Ur Dad will come around once he sees it’s real. Can’t blame him for caring that’s what Dad’s do.

  16. Deanne & Stepfee says:

    We love ROYCE, stay the same and stay focused. Don’t let anybody steal your joy and don’t let anybody get in the way of your mission to success. Keep Suzie out of your business and keep her out of your life. She is an enemy to herself, therefore she is an enemy to everybody else. Royce, continue to work hard, and stay away from troubled females. We love the way you handle vicious and jealous females. You are always cool, calm and set on ready when necessary. Keep haters out of your business life, keep haters out of your personal life and you will go places.

  17. Lisa says:

    Royce you are looking great. I wish you much success. Please do not trust any of the cast members period. Just do Royce. When I said do not trust any of the cast members, that includes those faters that run to you and act as if they are your friend and tthey are trying to promote peace. Every one of these females are for themselves and themselves only. So you be for Royce and Royce only, by watching them closely, and that means keeping your enemies close.

  18. Ebony says:


  19. sheena wrice says:

    Love the blog keep it real Royce I couldn’t have said it better you surely touched base with everyone correctly and as for Ev I feel for her girl Hope she get out before she start she deserves better than Ocho Stinko!!!!

  20. go.royce!!!again lol says:

    …inside and out*

  21. mary says:

    Royce stay real and do not let money change you into something or someone that your child would not be proud of. Always place God first, and every thing else will fall into place.
    Keep representing for all real women across the world. We all make mistakes, but trhe positive thing about mistakes is that we learn something from each mistake we make. You are in a growing stage of life (personally and professionally). Take your time, take it slow, and work it out.. Most importantly, get rid of any resentment regarding your dad , tomorrow is not promised. He loves you and he only wish the best for you. Go to your father, forgive him, and hug him for a long time. There are countless people in this world that wish they could touch, talk, hug, and kiss their deceased parents. You are truly blessed, so work harder to keep the peace between you and your dad. People come and people will leave, but your dad love will never leave you.

  22. Linda says:

    @mary, your comments were very touching.
    Royce your fan base is growing, do not let anybody kick you off track. Strive for excellence in every part of your life. Remember you will be challenged from all directions and sometimes from the people you would never dream would challenge you, stay focused and keep moving.

    Keep drama mamma’s at a distance. Those fake peace makers are actually the trouble makers. They are trying to stay on top of your game and they will turn against you in a heart beat. Do not put trust in any of the case members, producers, creator of the show. Put all of your trust in God.

  23. KeeKee says:

    Royce keep it real girl. You are looking great. Your future is looking brighter. VH1 should keep your contract until the end. They need your realness on the show.

  24. Liz says:

    Everybody needs to relax!!! My Husband and I have am extra girl here and there and it does wonders for your relationship. He is the happiest ever and does not have to hide anything or cheat because he gets it at home! Lot of people have open relationships – and you know what – they have less Drama then most of other people with their jalousy and not trusting issues! Go Evelyn and Chad!

  25. Ladyd says:

    Wedding vows are extremely personal, they’re special words that will marry you, and represent your commitment to one another. .A “Marriage” is the joining of two people in a bond.

    Maybe there should be different marriage vows for “Open Marriage”, which is the joining of multiple people in a bond.


  27. princess erica says:

    hey royce, i just want to comment and say that you are one of my favorite basketball wives. keep up with not fighting with the girls because even though its very entertaining, its getting old. tell evelyn to beat up kobe’s wife since she loves to fight! good luck with everything and continue to strive for your goals…love ya

  28. roxy says:

    i think royce is the realest one on the show, she is the best one, i stopped watching because everone is so fake, and im so dissapointed in who Shawnie turned out to be, evelyn is a mess, she is a classic tale of money can not buy class, anyway no royce, theyre crazy, and they should sgow her dancing more

  29. Dorian says:

    Oh wow! That is as real as it can get. Real Royce speaks again. Evelyn don’t make no sense with the chad situation. She is to pretty for that. If a man needs to include another woman in his relationship, then he is not satisfied at home…….IJS! I am glad Jennifer is standing up for herself. Suzie, IDK she is suzie.

  30. QTEE says:

    It seems to me Suize needs to stop focusing on everyone else and worry about herself, and Evelyn is mad at Jenn because she doing to her what she did to Jenn when she was mixed up on rather she would divorce her husband. Tammy is being the big sister and I cant help but to love her she is the big sister everyone wants.

  31. Chemira says:

    Royce, I totally agree with you Suzie is talking a little too much just like the first espisode. I think that now she is back in the circle she is trying to stay in the circle and trying to act on their level. Evelyn I think there is more to it than what is being said about her and Jenn it just seems like their is more to the story than what she is saying. And her realtionship with Chad yea that through me for a loop last week when she said something about she rather him call her and let her know he’s going to sleep with somebody else and him using protection I was just like did she just give him permission to sleep with other people while their together and bout to be married. I feel that Evelyn is more concerned with what other people think. Cause their ain’t no way in hell its ok for my man to sleep with other girls what the hell is the purpose of being in a relationship and taking that big step to get married.

  32. tati says:

    Hello Royce, Let me tell u that by reading your blog you changed my way of seeing you. I used to get mad at the ignorant way you used to act in previous season, forgive me for that. I’m glad you are more mature and see life with a very positive attitude. You are a very strong and young lady. You know what is right and wrong, and I see that you know how to correct yourself. Don’t feel bad about the ways your parents raised you. I’m hispanic-Dominican. and My biological mother raised me along with stepdad. my mother was always very very strict, in every area of life, before I got married I could not keep a boyfriend or bring a boyfriend home ’cause she be sitting with us in the living room, when I used to go out on a date, she would tell the guys to bring me back home otherwise they would not see me anymore…So, girl I understand where you coming from. After I l left home to go live with my boyfriend today husband, my mother and I stopped talking, that hurt me a lot for good good months. Thank God everything turned out okay after those months, then 3 years ago another confrontation, my mother and I always been very close even though her tough ways of raising me. We built a great daughter mother relationship. But, my mistake came when I had problems I would go tell her everything, that created a chaos, she was telling me what to do…stopped talking again, and we came back as good friends, mother and daughter, but this time i learned my lesson. Now, her and I love each other so much. She retired back home and I miss her dearly. So, I tell you pray for your dad, even though you think you don’t have to apologize or look for him, try to find ways to bring that relationship father-daughter back. Eventually he will see he has a beautiful daughter who is striving to succeed in life. He will always protect you as his little one. But don’t feel bad about it, just continue respecting him and loving him. Eventually he will see that you are happy. Regarding Evelyn, She is a beautiful lady and she deserve to be respected as a woman, but sometimes some woman do things I don’t know maybe to please the man so they don’t leave…I don’t know. But, I pray she stay strong and as a Latina, I hope she does not show Chad weakness. She is getting married, he should have more respect for her as a woman. If he wants other woman around, for that, really stay single. She deserves a man who just don’t have desire for any other lady but her. Hope Evelyn, really wake up and analyze his petitions…I don’t think he is a bad guy, but I think he is not ready to settle down. You take care, I wish I could adopt you as my little friend….just know I keep you in prayers and I pray your dad soon to open the doors to you and share your happiness. Blessings and muchas felicidades in your life.

  33. Tati says:

    One more thing. I forgot….about Suzie…Since I been watching this new season…I keep asking what did you guys give to her? She was not that wild and crazy in previous seasons…yeah, she be telling what other tell her, but like she is now….what’s up with her….I see that you, Evelyn, and others have a very mature attitude, but Suzie, what’s up….lol!what did she eat…and Jenn…She is a nice person, but she needs to watch her expressions and how she says things to people because it is not the first time she says stuff that are not seeing nice, I remember the issue about het food stamp, and now her blogging stuff, maybe she gets nervous and don’t know what to say…now she is buddy with Suzie..oh Lord….Tamy is my great lady…

  34. denisa says:

    Suzie should check on Suzie. She is attractive, yet very miserable and insecure. Now she is turning openly vicious with her unhappiness. It appears as if she feel the only way to fit in is to create drama. A real woman would not act so child-like.

  35. Lynn & Dafanay says:

    Royce should never trust “ANY” of her cast members. She should stay real, stay on her mission, keep it moving, stay alert., and definitely stay in the self protection mode. Money and fame can turn your best friend into your enemy. True friends are very hard to find. Money and fame can make people do vicious things. We are glad you are back on the show.

  36. Liz says:

    Go Royce, the under dog is the brightest star on there!! Evelyn don’t marry Ocho he has no respect for you!!

  37. Kaye & Billy says:

    Royce, we love you girl. Keep learning from your mistakes. Do not let anybody knock you off track. Do not trust those that fake that they are concern for you and your father relationship. Do not give her any information; do not let her get close to you period. Because, you can turn a pitbull into a Shih Tzu. People do not change over night. How can you trust someone that act like a wannabe bully and go around physically attacking other people? How can you trust someone, who is friends with people that do not like you? Royce watch you back, because we see jealousy all over the place on that show from all of the cast members to the creator of the show. The creator of the show is collecting BIG $$$, laying back watching the other females on the show destroy one another. Her quietness doing altercations is purely sickening. She is in no way a peacemaker.
    We wish you much success Royce.

  38. Pam-Ohio says:

    Royce-at least your being honest about it! ALL of it! Wish others would take notice and speak the truth instead of lying. Always hated liers, cheats and cons. Most of all….lairs! HATE IT!

  39. mary says:

    We agree the creator of the show is totally of no use. Why is the creator of the show on the set? We must admit that she is a smart money maker. She is earning Big $$$ watching these females physically assault and verbally degrade one another. VH1, you cannot you have Reality shows without vicious and evil acts of violence. The most violent females on the show are shockingly parents. They have children, and they are letting money and frame bring humiliation into their children life. Our children witness and endure bullying in school and communities every single day, and they do not need their parents participating in the madness.
    Suszie and Shaunie should be removed from the show.

  40. Liz says:

    We agree Shaunie is not a peacemaker; she is a silent cast member. She is not needed on the show. She can lay back and earn her $$$ watching the females destroy one another, off the set. We know that Shaunie has her personal issues too, she may try to be professional and all, but she can be just a vicious. So Shaunie needs to either try to have a great show, by encouraging these females to stop physically assaulting one another or leave the set period. The viewers are sick of her kicking back, smiling, keeping silence in the midst of vicious attacks. Royce can hold her own, this is why the other females cast members did not like her. Royce can handle the evil four (Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie) at any given time.