She Said/She Said: Jennifer And Evelyn Recap Basketball Wives Episode 2 On Their Blogs


As we mentioned last week, both Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams will be maintaining their own blogs this season in order to give their own sides of the story presented onscreen on Basketball Wives. We’ll be checking in with this blogs each week, as well as posting Royce Reed‘s recaps which are exclusive to the VH1 Blog to give you guys the most comprehensive coverage we can. So what are Jen and Evelyn saying this week? Well, first of all, Jennifer starts things off on her blog being fairly vague but diplomatic:

I am definitely in a happy place in my life. Some days I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I do know I want to remain in this happy space. Focusing on my independence and my future has left me very little time to dwell on drama. My livelihood is my main concern at the moment. To others it may seem as if I am a “new person” and they are right. Life is about advancement and I am a different person than I was a year ago. I wasn’t happy and I was facing a tough decision to stay in my marriage or leave. Not to mention, this whole thing was playing out in front of the cameras for everyone to see something that was so painful and private. I left, I feel free and I am having fun! Something I haven’t felt in years. Therefore I wont make excuses about changing or what I like to call evolving.

Jennifer doesn’t address her situation with Evelyn in more depth than that, but Evelyn certainly does, here’s what she has to say:

I don’t want anyone to think that I was banging on Jennifer regarding the way she grew up. The story that I told on the show about Jennifer’s Dad making airplanes and hearing the Porsche coming around the block is something that Jennifer would constantly bring up throughout the years of our previous friendship. She always made it a point to remind us that she grew up wealthy and her dad had a Porsche. In no way shape or form was I hating on her and I needed to make that clear…You know what’s funny; the fact that Jennifer brought up my daughter is disturbing. I say this because Jennifer doesn’t know the half about being a mother…she isn’t one! Jennifer has been in my daughter’s life since Shaniece was six years old. Recently, she saw my daughter in passing and didn’t say two words to her. With that said, she needs to keep my daughter’s name out of her mouth and I am VERY serious about that.

Evelyn finishes her blog by discussing the conversation she had with Chad, wherein she opens up about her permissiveness regarding Chad’s cheating. She explains below:

People honestly thought my relationship with Chad was fake from day one and now I think they know it’s real. Are we perfect? Absolutely not, however, we do love each other and are both focused on making this work. I would never involve my daughter nor would he involve his children in something that wasn’t real.
I am not condoning Chad for cheating; I am a realist as to the world we live. When your relationship is high profile and publicized like mine, I don’t put anything past anyone. Who is it to say that either one of us will eventually fall into that temptation one day? We don’t know that. My thing is, I want to take my wedding vows and say, we want this to be forever, but you never know. Chad and I are open with communication, we talk all the time and he is a work in progress. This is LIFE. I am hoping that men and women both can relate to us because there will be temptation, but it takes a strong bond to defeat it. I love Chad, my focus is him and vice-versa and we are going to do this thing and work it out. A lot of times people say you shouldn’t be open with your dude and tell him what you have done in the past and vice-versa, but it works for us, he doesn’t judge me and I don’t judge him.

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  1. Trailmix says:

    Jen and Evelyn were like those kinds of friends that get along, because they both ass kissed each other a bit as the friendship went along. Evelyn would have problem with someone and Jen would co-sign and vice versa. I think they were more of good acquaintances then best friends. I don’t feel like they were the type of friends to talk about when they annoyed each other or gave really good advice as far as tough love goes. That’s what real friends do. They tell you when you’re messing up whether it will hurt you or not because they care. And because Jen probably has never done that, it took Evelyn by surprise and ultimately ended in the demise of their relationship because Jen crossed boundaries that should’ve been crossed sooner. Boundaries that would’ve let them know whether they are really best friends or not. Because real best friends would’ve recovered from that and established a new way of communicating. Best of luck to each of them though.

  2. CS3 Fan says:

    I don’t understand why Evelyn would say “I want to take my wedding vows and say, we want this to be forever, but you never know.” If that’s the way you feel after being engaged as long as you have, then you shouldn’t take vows, period. Everyone knows about “cold feet”…I’m getting married a year from now and sometimes I get a little feeling in my stomach like “wow, this is going to be forever, can I handle it?” but ultimately I know that I can trust my man, he loves me and he’s going to put work into our relationship just as I will do for him. Evelyn and Chad are already discussing how hard it will be to be faithful! That’s just nuts to me that you would have conversations of that nature BEFORE you even get to the dang alter! Evelyn, the reason you are scared that this marriage is going to fail is because it probably will. Just real talk.

  3. Dalel says:

    Evelyn presents herself as an angry female.
    She come across as being under a lot of pressure + she is not sure if she can trust her hubby-to-be + she still suffering from past relationship failures = An Angry Woman

    The sad part is that she is taking it out on Jennifer. I truly feel Jennifer is a true friend and true friends should tell the truth, even if it hurts.

    Jennifer will be there for Evelyn, when her hubby-to-be go astray. Jennifer is not afraid of Evelyn, she just do not want to fight her .

    Jennifer has her faults too , but she does not present herself as a violent female.

    Evelyn, Jackie Christie, and Chrissy Lampkin would make excellent buddies, because they are all suffering emotionally.

    If Evelyn want to attack someone, Royce will give her a run for it. Royce is a strong, little fire cracker. I love Royce, she is not afraid of anybody.

    These females should stop the madness , before someone get hurt beyond repair.

  4. Jussara says:

    Evelyn, you are so jealous of Jenn that it pours out in everything you say, and it’s making you look physically ugly. Stop being such a jealous project girl. It shows how much of a piece of trash you are. You have absolutely no people skills or common sense. I don’t blame Jenn for not speaking to your daughter. She had no idea how you might have acted had she spoken to her, and I’m sure she didn’t want a scene in front of your daughter. It’s clear you’re a pathetic nut case. You might have flown off the handle. You laugh and cry almost simultaneously. Jenn has class. That’s why you were up under her in the first place; you were hoping that class would rub off on you, but… It didn’t. I don’t blame Chad for trying to be around emotionally grounded women. When he wants circus entertainment, he can come home to you w/ all those wild colors and clothes that you wear. Ridiculous!

  5. Jussara says:

    Jenn, remember to keep your sophistication, and don’t over do the physical affection (on air) with the guys. It takes away from your classy demeanor. Evelyn is a nut case. If you had spoken to her daughter, she would have flipped. Since you didn’t speak, she’s trying to make a case out of that. She’s so jealous of you that no matter what you do, she’s gonna try to knock you down for it. She was never your friend. She was around you to try to get some of the class that you have. She was always jealous of how you grew up; now, she’s trying to criticize that as if being well provided for is a crime. Yet, she’s chasing basketball stars so she can have that life for herself and “her daughter”. She’s a nut. Don’t even mention her or think about her; treat her like the insignificant person that she is. Do your thing, Jenn. Come up with a way to make your own money and your mark in the world. Take care, girl.

  6. ohsotrue says:

    If Evelyn has to already question Chad about rumors then this is waving a big bright red flag. She has truly put herself out there and doesn’t want to look like a fool but sometimes it might be best to look like a fool. I don’t think either is ready for this ‘marriage’ thing with Chad being a ‘work in progress’, but the best of luck no matter how things play out. This argument things with Jen & Evelyn is a plain stupid and maybe a plot for a story line.

  7. Jussara says:

    Jenn, even if you and Evelyn speak again, never trust her…never let her get too close. She’ll never be a true friend to you, and you can see that from all the garbage that she’s talked about you.

  8. monica says:

    ev u are pittiful

  9. Deborah in Pomona says:

    Evelyn,.It is your obivious desperation to be married. It appears that you have very little self worth and do not esteem yourself. My wish for you is that you seek therapy for yourself.Your family must be horrified concerning you discussion with Chad wanting to have sex with other woman and threesomes. Eck!
    Girl learn to love yourself first,then consider marriage. This is not a good start.l

  10. Jussara says:

    Evelyn, the one positive thing I can say to you is that I”m glad you accepted your mother’s suggestion to have your brother-in-law give you away. In the past, you made your mother feel like what she said wasn’t good, like what you said was better. Even your mom said, “See, I can have a good idea,” when she made the suggestion to you. And…you can’t blame your father’s absence for your behavior. You were old enough to know right from wrong. Get yourself together.

  11. danielleluvsjizzy says:

    First off, i just wanna say that i am not a big fan of jens at all, however i feel like she has some very real and interesting points. I mean people change and some dont… I feel like evelyn is mad at the fact that some of the things that jen is saying has some very real truth to them {concerning chad} and that really bothers her. but at the same time if they were really friends they would have been able to come to some type of agreement because thats along time to just throw a friendship away! hey but were talkin about Evelyn here, she just has to bring the hood out of her ass everywhere she goes. Guess thats what keeps her relevent!!!

  12. Denise says:

    My comments are for Evelyn, who use to smile and seemed happy, now all you do is scream and curse, your obviously not happy Boo-boo, stop taking your anger and misery out on Jennifer who is displaying such class compared to you,… right now your looking so stupid……
    Do you realize on national tv your gave your future husband permission to sleep around on you…REALLY ARE U THAT DESPERATE TO MARRY ??? …… You have a daughter what example are you setting for her ?? Your saying it’s okay if your man sleeps around and disrespects you as long as he has money…Your selling your soul….just to say you married a football player….WOW is it worth it ? You lost a friend because she made a statement on a radio show, but your ok when your future husband tells you it’s going to be hard to be faithful…..REALLY EVELYN REALLY ???

  13. YOU says:


  14. If what Evelyn said is true about Jennifer crossed paths with her daughter whom she’s known since the age of six and didn’t speak, say hi, kiss my — or nothing. That’s not cool, unless the daughter was nonchalant to her. What did the daughter do? Jennifer, aren’t you like an aunt to her? Man, that is bogus! People change due to circumstances, but for the better. Jennifer you made a wrong turn. Don’t let your ex husband and ex best friend change who you are. They lost a good wife and good friend. Evelyn should have been there for you during your divorce. I understand that she let you down as a best friend. Instead she started a relationship with Chad. That’s why she has problems with him now she jumped in too quick. Jennifer just sit back and watch! And Evelyn don’t be dumb, in love or not a man that loves you is not gonna tell you to shut the f— up. I wish my man would tell me that I don’t care how much money you got or how low you hanging bump all that. Where is your self esteem?

  15. YOU says:


  16. Team Ev says:

    Maybe Ev is being a bit outlandish by not forgiving Jenn; however, Jenn should have never publicly exclaimed anything negative about Ev supposed best or her fiancee! I’m not refuting that the comment should have been made; I’m simply arguing that the statement should have been made IN PRIVATE!!!Lets not forget how Ev has stood behind not to mention up for Jenn WHEN she was too weak to stand up for herself. Shall I remind you of Tammy and the food stamp; the cheap chick that was sleeping with Jenn’s husband, or Royce and the twitter war!!! Yes, Ev has her fault and has definitely paid a part in destroying this farce of a friendship, but please lets not put Scary Spice-Jenn so high up!!! She has lived through Ev all this time, and I for one am glad that she is leaving her OWN footprints in the sand now!!!!!!

  17. YOU says:



  18. Evenlyn you cannot accept a man who cheats. Your self esteem is at a all time low and you are making a fool of yourself. Whats wrong with falling in love with someone who will love only you and your daughter. Please consider making up with Jen and remember the things that you said about her husband in the past, you are at fault. Is money and fame worth all of this?

  19. juliette says:

    I love Evelyn!!! I do not like her ways at times but she has the right to be mad at Jen for running her mouth about her marriage. Jen should not have a reporter writing tweets about Evelyn without her knowing. I still like you Jen but im on Evelyn’s side.

  20. MARIA says:

    EVELYN WAKE UP GIRL ! U R LIVING IN A BOWL OF B.S ALL U DO IN THE SHOW IS TRY TOO BE A BAD ASS IN REAl life Ur fake . You like too look like u R soo bad but you will meet your mach cus you did back out with Tammy. The hole world knows what kind of man u R about to marry, we all cn his show… Soo women u R fool p.s don’t be mad at Jenn for saying the truth

  21. INGRID says:


  22. Ch1naDoll says:

    Girl Pleaze!!! When U love someone n they love u bac for reals there’s no eyes or room for another> when u say i do to the vows u take thats an oath to Ur significant other n God! Pleaze U sound like U r a HOODRAT!!! Ur so whipped n dumb ur jealous of a real friend who u will need to apologize to when its all said and done, cuz now u just gave chad a out….He’s not ready Yet n Ur so damn jealous n insecure about who u really r u cant see it! Gurl except and Embrace U r a Rat and thats that! Dont be mad a Jen cuz she still has her youth n ur insecure tryna keep a man that aint ready to be Keep!!!! AND THATS REAL FACTS!!!!!

  23. RORO says:


  24. RORO says:


  25. Alishae says:

    @Dalel , i agree that Jenn is a true friend to Evelyn.
    But, Evelyn is not a true friend to Jenn.

    Evelyn cannot be a true friend to herself. Therefore, she cannot be a true friend to anybody else.

    Jenn maybe calm and she may present herself as soft, but these tyoes of people have proven to be hell to deal with during a physical attack.

    Evelyn is mad with the world. She has created a BIG mess of her life on National TV.
    Her behavior is causing much grief, because she is suffering mentally and emotionally.

    She is crying out for help and nobody is listening because she is always at war with her own self.

    Her daugther is beautiful, trying to make something of herself, while her mom is on National TV degrading her self.

    Violence is not medication for a mental and emotiona problem.

    VH1 should demand Evelyn to seek professional help. Her behavior is totally unhealthy.

  26. Elaine says:

    Evelyn has destroyed herself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her beauty is demishing quick, fast, and in a hurry.

    She has all the signs of an emotional challenged individual.
    She is hurt, she is getting weaker, she is overloaded with anger, she is totally unhappy with herself and her life.

    She should put God first , put herself before any man,put herself before money$$$, stop the wedding, and seek professional mental help.

    Red flags are flying all over the place.

  27. momof3wifeof1 says:

    Ev sweet heart i know this has been said over and over again but sometime it take someone on the outside to tell you or help you see what going on on the inside. Why r you so blind i knew from the jump Ocho was not serious with you he baited you to sleep with him on the first night. To the point he made you have some good nah nah girl how many time have you heard that from an ordinary non famous dude please. Jen was your magic googles boo and you sent her to the left. You wanna be married so bad before yourforty(u have the thrity blues) take it from me baby w/o love and respect along with fidelity your marriage will not last. I dont know you personally but im sure i’m with a millon others who knows the type of guy your willing to throw a over decade relationship with away. Your mad cuz jen called it right Ocho is only interested in boosting his career and he’s doing by riding on the shirt tails of yall show. I bet he’s talking spin off Ev in Ocho gets married, Ev and ocho has twins. Oh you hungry too and you should beget yours but leave Jen alone You played yourself. Ps.
    some stds u can get w/o or w/o a condom girl you took independant women back whole century allowing you man to cheat Your beautiful find a man who loves you and would love you and not cheat on you if a fine ass woman stands in front of him naked. WOMAN UP MEN COME AND GO BuT true friends never die.

  28. Dubai says:

    Evelyn, It is obvious that you are very miserable and just trying to make something work. The fact that you grew up without a father’s love is very evident. It is also very obvious that you are jealous of Jennifer. She… at the least has some dignity and class. Your sluttiness just shows right through all the lights and makeup. PS. what does that tatoo say on Chad’s wrist? LOL you big dummy! That dude has been engaged numerous times! You might make it down the aisle because there are cameras rolling right now. Good luck.

  29. Nonya says:

    Dear Evelyn,

    It’s sad to see a beautiful woman act this way. I don’t judge but I think you need to regroup and stop it. You both are in this public game, but you wanna control her mouth and what she saids. You can’t. She is entitled to her opinion and doesn’t have to agree with everything you say or do.

    If I can give you any advice it is this:You need God in your life. You need to love higher. I understand love, Lord know”s I’ve been there but it comes a time where you have to step off the ride and have a sip of life not moving swiftly.

    What I saw was pain. You poured your heart out to a man that cannot help himself, let alone you. You aren’t fooling anyone sister, his cheating is kicking your ass, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. His behavior will NEVER changed because you are doing the same thing: you’re staying put. I’m coming at you with vintage been there done that.

    You are way too cute to be crying over dick that likes variety. There are plenty men out there who is willing to retire their dicks for you. You are that special. Chica, pack your bags. Only then will he have to truly make that choice: What is more important? What I have or what I’m waiting to tap next?

    Be strong and Be Blessed!

  30. Nani says:

    Evelyn has been NOTHING BUT REAL sorry, and Jennifer became fake who talks behind her friends back. Shes a phoney and she was never real from the get go. TEAM EVELYN ALL DAY.

  31. Davide Fazio says:

    @ Evelyn -

    I have to give you props for discussing the whole possibility of Chad cheating when he is on the road on last episode. I’ve never seen it done RAW like that on t.v. It was actually refreshing to hear someone being real about that possibility – you were letting him know that would definetely be hurt, but you understand what comes with that lifestyle, and you would rather be upfront about it and deal with it head on than having some chickenhead trying to split a wedge between you two by trying to let you know that Chad has cheated.
    This is the 21st century. There are so many possibly good relationships that do not work out because they lack real communication. I’m glad to see you both making YOUR own RULES for you marriage. You DON’T need to answer to anyone. I wish you all the best. I hope to see your brother in law walk you down the aisle. Your family is very passionate and reminds me of my own. God bless and I’m rooting for you.

    -Davide Fazio

  32. Desi says:

    Jenn was more of a friend to Evelyn than Ev was to Jenn. Jenn wanted what was best for her friend and Ev missed it. Now Ev is on a quest to prove to EVERYONE that her and ocho are ‘real’ despite all the flashing DANGER signs. Ev is like all the woman who sees what ‘they’ want and chase after them driving 100 miles an hr on a cliff ignoring the signs of danger. She will end up like the all the woman who marry have a beautiful wedding for all the world to see and a terrible terrible marriage behind closed doors. She will have many restless nights and days full of teary eyes, because even if she reads all those comments she will then be really determined to prove all of us wrong and end up in the very same trap of many woman from all walks of life thru past generations. She is full of pride and that is the beginning of her downfall. Maybe that’s why Chad choose her because she really is a ho, anytime a man tell u what if he sees a girl he likes and want to bring her home and u say what ‘if’ i dont like her. So are u saying u are game for a threesome. He was testing u out to see how u would react and u fell for it. Chad could care less for Ev’s feelings. Point Blank. Look at the irony in this she dismissed the one who cares and is sleeping with the one who dont. tsk tsk.

  33. Fatima P says:

    I have to agree with Evelyn…Jennifer hasn’t been supportive of Ev’s relationship since day one. Friends don’t blast their thoughts about a friend’s relationship on a blog – they talk about their disagreements so that everyone knows their place. Jennifer is supposed to be a friend and even though she might not agree with Ev’s decision to be with an athlete, she should still stand by her side. And in the worst case, if it didn’t work out, then Jennifer should be there wiping her tears. That’s what friends do – they love each other unconditionally.

    On another note – the whole daughter thing… If Jennifer didn’t even speak to Ev’s daughter, like she mentioned, then she is wrong! It takes a strong woman to be a good mother, and Evelyn has obviously done something right. Her daughter attends college, and seems to have a pretty good head on her shoulders. Team Evelyn – all day!

  34. Tnetta says:

    I think Evelyn is being ridiculously petty putting a man before a friend. She will see in the end that the friendship she had with Jennifer is not worth losing over Chad. He has already shown his ignorance by asking her to do a threesome. She is very desperate to accept that request.

  35. evelynWHO?? says:

    The first 27 out of 29 comments pretty much says it all ;)
    Evelyn, money is not everything! you are slowly sinking and you still dont know it because your too focused on Fame and money.
    did you even really realize that Chad just step down and spit in your self respect o National tv??

  36. jade says:

    I love Evelyn even with all her drama she is one of my favorite characters. I think she is misunderstood because remember what we see on TV is only what the producers want you to see not the entire reality of the situatuation. I really feel like she felt betrayed by Jen because not for what was said abot Chad but if you guys dont remeber last season when Ev went to see Chad and they slept together Jen made a comment implying that Ev was a little loose with it. I think that as Ev friend she should have just not commented at all Ev was single at the time and come on lets be realistic she can do who ever the hell she wants to. Jen acts like she is all proper and she has good morals but I think there is a lot to be questioned about her honestly I dont even know why she is still on this show this season she is so boring. Another thing I wanted to point out is that Evelyn has always been there for Jen and until now I have never herd her making any negative comments about her.

    Tammy is my absolute favorite, and I cannot forget about Royce she is a spicy little thing!

  37. OPEN YOUR EYES! - PLZ says:


    STOP! take some time and make sure that this is what you want for your life.
    Seriously, no MAN, or piece of —-, is ever worth loosing your self worth and respect.

    The confident strong women that came onto this BK Wives very 1st season, is no longer visible. You seem, to be holding back what you really think, and how you really feel, about you, CHAD and this relationship, all for the sake of marring CHAD. Like he is your only option to being in love and having that love returned to you. You are a BEAUTIFUL WOMEN – don’t settle for less, You are WORTH, SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. tubby kemp says:

    @logan, thank you, no one could have said it better and no one has!!!!! YOU ARE DEAD ON POINT WITH EVERY WORD!!!!

  39. Bobby J. says:

    I’m just looking at the commentary.

    You guys read into a lot of this, huh?…

  40. Michelle says:

    I feel Eve is still going through a lot with her own family but as tht saying goes the way u treat people will come back in hunt u. The way she is sooo anger with Jen does not make no sense, u should never hold grudges against anyone and for her to hold a grugd against Jenn is crazy. Let go and let God handle it bc at the end of the day Jenn did not really mean what she said and I’m sure the stuff she said about Eve was not meant to b said but it was said out of anger. I think Jenn really dont want to see Eve hurt again dating a “pro ahtlete” again bc Eve was sooo big on saying that she was not going to dat another athlete again and she did.

  41. JuceeJ 702 says:

    I am definitely TeamJennifer. Dont get me wrong I do appreciate Evelyn’s openness and I do like her as a person; however, she is just doing too, too much. Take that mess back to the NY. Calm down, chica, you are about to get married to who, oh yeah, what’s his name? Concentrate on your nuptials and take it easy. Jennifer is evolving and a lot of times after a divorce it does take time to redefine your self.. Stop complaining about everything in life and take it in stride before you have high blood pressure, hypertension and all the other bad stuff that comes with stressing over everything.

  42. dee says:

    Evelyn everything you say about Jennifer is true. When woman become friends their are certain things you two cannot share. Even though we think being friends means tell all it really do not. I learn this from experience. Their are certain things you tell each person in your circle and the most part to discuss your man is a no no. You and Jennifer was best friends for a long period of time this confusion you two are having has just not started. i can not see you being jealous of Jen you were to happy for her in storms. She feels that you were so against her husband cheating situation and after she got free of her storms you in up with Chad and he is in sports. She assume you and her was going to be fancy free and doing the wild thing. You jump the script by getting engaged to Chad . She feels you use her and yes shes putting that stuff on the blog. She not a dumb woman she knows the consequences of writing false info she can sue her publisher. I fell like the fighting is not showing your daughter how to handle situations and the viewers. By Jennifer not speaking to your daughter that shows she in-mature. You know the old saying how can you be friendly with family members and hate me. You two should just be cordial and call it it what it is.if you can not get over it treat her with a long handle spoon and make the handle iron so the next time she bite she brake her teeth. # 1 Fan

  43. Sadie says:

    I truley agree with daiel that my feeling about the problem Jen has grow up an ms Evelyn is a fool to want to married a man is cheating now she is saying to him u may do this tome an it’s ok
    Wrong wrong way to go

  44. QueenBee says:

    Evelyn, (boo boo)

    You look downright messy!!
    I know you say as the show goes on we will see a different side of the story but I doubt it. I think you love being the center of attention and flaunting and flossing but you have shown aside that does not look to good on you chile. I understand you want to be honest in your relationship but you do not give a man a greenlight to have an affair and to tell you before he has one. I don’t care if he is a RAPPER, ACTOR, BALL PLAYER whatever. You deserve MANAGOMY!!! know your worth! Chad is a smart man and he’s traveled and honey he has lived…he see’s directly through you. You say you’re a pitbull but boo crying like that and giving dude the green light is real poodle-ish. yes, a man will have wandering eyes but sexually you should be his end all and be all. SO the F what the publicist wrote the blog. AND?! is that a reason to hop over tables and act straight classless in loubontins? NO WAY! take a vacation figure out what really set you off and regroup. without chad with your FAMILY. your roots. CLEAR your head and press rewind. YOU’VE come to far to go backwards. Do you and really really take care of yourself mentally and spiritually. You’re all over the place. JEN is killing you right now with kindness. Your blogs on your site have been strictly JENN…you’re giving her life right now. BE A BOSS boo. stop letting us see u sweat…sweat in the dark. YOUR SHOEGAME and fancy clothes and Chad can’t cover what’s truly going on from within. YOU’RE one of those women that are very transparent. I know because I am too. I love you and i’m praying for you! :-) NOW BRING BACK THE EVELYN WE KNOW AND LOVE. Apologize and move forward. DO what you need to do to be stronger and wiser….the strongest people need love AND support. It makes us stronger. Us as viewers only know what show so don’t get offended at us viewers for having an opinion about what you give to us. you seem to be angry with Jenn for finding her voice and getting to a place that you seemed to have always been. boo people don’t stay miserable forever you need positivity in your life and you need strong women. Give her praise for finding a voice and feed off of one another. You take from her and she can take from you. Your hot and gorgeous. you have the most followers people love you!! You have no reason to be as messy as you are this season. Keep your head up and stop being so open. You give women the secrets to what your man likes and who you are as a woman. We know your weaknesses now. TIGHTEN UP!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  45. Angeljoyce says:

    A woman has to be absolutely insecure when they tell their man…it’s ok to cheat!!! Evelyn wants the limelight that bad that she gave her so call fiance the ok to sleep with other women. Don’t we call that a golddigger by all means necessary? I knew she was full of it …she aint real…she just want to be Shaunie…LOADED!!! A WORD OF ADVICE EVELYN …IF YOU DON’T DEMAND YOUR RESPECT…YOU WON’T GET IT… BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT WORTHY OF RESPECT!!!!!

  46. christine says:

    Even though Jennifer try and play that dumb bimbo ” i don’t know what you’re talking about Evelyn ish,” I still don’t believe she was trying to dog Evelyn out about Chad. She was just telling the truth. I mean Chad does’nt give anyone anything to think positive about as far as being in a commited relationship. He proved that on the last episode when they had that talk on the sofa. Now why would you want to marry a person like that. I can understand if you didn’t bring a wedding ceremony into and you just want to do your thing with him. There is no way she is going to accept that once they get married. Right now she is saying that because she know that Jennifer was right. They all act like 7th graders. Shaunie know this and that is why she make sure she don’t say too much on the show. She see axactly how they look. I’m neither team Jennifer or team Evelyn because i’m not in 7th grade.

  47. CANDACE says:


  48. nick lopez says:

    Well i think you need to grow up. Jennifer did alot of growning and she is not on this silly thing. from what i understand tha tshe said that her and her friends do not date the same guys. So who says if that is a bad or good thing. If this is making you upsetyou need to be the mature adult and talk with her in a nice respectfull manor and say i do not like what you said. it hertaed my fellings and ask her do you understand. You should also tell her she needs to watch some of the things she says because she dose not know how people fell about things. and ask her to apolgise. please do not get angery at me for the thing i said i just wnat to give advicve becaues i am only 15 and at the end of the day we only have each other and our selfs. I am not on anyones team i just like you both this hole incdient is petty. you guys have been friends to long for this and just go in there with a possative attusie and just say calm because you are lrtting th devil get the baest of you . you should also say ok i will keep all the thing you say in mind but i just have to find out for my self because last time you wre talking abot punching her in her mouth i woul have had in attudie with you to. I think if yall fight each other yall will regerat is. so please talk to njennifer and keep these things in mind. i know this is non of my concern but i like to help people.

  49. paige says:

    kmsl thats a sham but thats what jen get she will never learn until elv do her like tammie did me`ka smh

  50. raven says:

    The relationship between these women was based on some shared agreement that they could be narcissistic and disruptive (the charity event they crashed and ruined), as well as vicious and mean (you were a “non-@%* factor/”what does a food stamp look like…”). People that think and behave that way don’t have the values to maintain a friendship, so the breakdown between Evelyn and Jennifer was inevitable. Evelyn is clearly creating drama where none exists because the full interview with Jennifer would not be even mildly offensive to a sane person. But Jennifer was a willing accomplice when Evelyn turned the crazy on others and so it is hard to feel sorry for her. They are both being consumed by their own negative energy. It’s like a case study…

  51. ChanelDior says:

    Evelyn girl you look very dumb in desperate….#Jen slap your friend

  52. ChanelDior says:

    I just saw that blog post Evelyn claim she so mad about i dont find that blog rude at all Evelyn

    just dont want to be Jen friend because she letting Evelyn know Chad dont want to be tied down

    in Chad probly mad that Jen is telling Evelyn this stuff in dont want Evelyn to be friends with Jen

  53. Amina says:

    let me first say that i love this show. and for these to be successful black women they sure do act like gators. Evelyn im praying you see this blog because if you were so confident about your relationship then what Jennifer or her publishish has to say about you wouldn’t matter. You werent really Jennifers friend in the first place. So your right, its beating a dead horse with you! you need to try coming at someone that you know that will automatically knock your head off your shoulders because I wouldnt want to be a friend of yours anyway, you have a whole lot of growing up to do and you not really about nothing but drama. What the truth hurt!? because here it is you seen your man having lunch or dinner with another women and what was his excuse, he know alot of people because he a football player. So because your own suppose to be friend spoke the truth it hurts. Yup I must agree with Jennifer, I can $%ck passer times of players but I surely wont be marrying one. You have alot of heart to approach classy women that dont have time for you and your drama but you wont approach a real cannon boo. You didnt even approach the unknown women that your man was having lunch with. so save it for someone that cares. Boi I surely wish I could call my cousin B Brooks a real football player and come see you about something and show you how a real cannon do it. and i hope and pray that you catch Jen on a period day and hand your aZz right over to you. As a matter of fact you not marrying a basketball player so go to football wives because you are no longer wanted nor respected on this one.

  54. dana says:

    To put it simple. Evelyn lost Chad respect on their first date. Females that try to go full force on the first date with a male will very rarely get a real man. Because females that go full force on their first date with a male, comes across as being easy, cheap, useless, hungry, thirsty, and down right dirty. Females we can not force a man to change, we can not use sex to keep a man, and we certainly we can not give into a man fantasy when it includes a third party.

  55. Mac & Olivia says:

    Jenn do not need Evelyn in her life. Evelyn is in a whole different world right now., which is a world of self destruction. Jenn is not perfect, but she is definitely playing her part very well. She is representing real women across the globe, with her smooth, cool, and tolerance level.
    She is not letting Evelyn get the best of her. We pray that she will stay calm in the midst of Evelyn emotionally challenged moments. But, by no means let Evelyn abuse her physically. Jenn stay alert, stay focused, and definitely stay on ready.

  56. amelia says:

    i saw last weeks episode where Tammi and shaunie try to get evenlyn and Jen back as friends and I saw that evenlyn was trying to be mature and calm and jen was yelling and trying to show evenly she wasnt scared of her and that she can say what she want to say but by her yelling she didnt accomplish nothing. Im glad evenly you apoligized for talking about jen about she grew up and putting it your face that was good. I think jen should looked over her blog before it went out she showed that she didnt care what was on her blog.

  57. amelia says:

    Im going to comment on what someone said on this blog about evelyn being easy she was because he told her he got her a hotel she didnt have to stay the night with him but she had to say she didnt come all the way out there to stay in a hotel by herself and went and put on something sexy so what man aint gonna go for it maybe she thought that how she can get him to be her man that wasnt a good example for her daughter she could of saw that episode and think thats how she can get a man thats not good at all or for any young lady watching.

  58. Dominique says:

    I think that this whole fight is stupid. I really don’t see why Evelyn is mad at Jen. So they don’y date the same guys soo what. I just think that Evelyn knows that ths whole thing with Chad is not going to work out and she wants to blame the one that told her not to rush into this realtionship in the first palce. This fight should have never happened but I think im gonna have to go with TEAM JEN

  59. hollywood!!! says:

    OMG… these comments are on point… …
    Ev sticking with Chad while he does the same things she encouraged Jen to leave Eric over…. maybe that’s what is upsetting to her…. that everybody already knows that she’s desperate…

  60. Aaliyah says:

    From the begining I believed that chad and Evelyn realtionship was real. I hate it when others try to talk about them. I actually like seein chad and evelyn together. Both of them seem like cool people. Both of them outgoing and etc. So, I feel no one should judge thire realtionship in a negative way. So all i got to say is Im happy for Eve and Chad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  61. Jussara says:

    Evelyn is just like a hooker for Chad, and he’s not ready to be on “lock down.” He needs to live his pro ball life and get all his play out of his system. If they take it to the alter, it’s not going to last. Evelyn needs to read the writing on the wall, but she’s desperate…hungry.

  62. Teetee says:

    Show strength Jennifer don’t cry in front of Evelyn anymore. They are all mad because you are not a follower anymore.

  63. Teetee says:

    You are a hateful person, if roles were reverse you would feel you are right. You are not right about everything. Furthermore I would not want a friend like you because people like you only think about themselves. You think when you walk in a room when perfume is sprayed you better than everybody too. So don’t get mad when someone follows you to fit in.( Its really something you would do anyway. Wake up to reality sister! Chad is going to cheat on you too!

  64. Kizzie says:

    I am so happy to see that most of you guys believe that Evelyn isout of order. She really thinks that all the things she said about Jen’s “husband” not her indecisive lover, her okay. Real friends don’t just tell you what you want to hear. Let me tell you, Evelyn, Chad will make your heart ache everyday if you marry him. You can’t handle a man like this, unless you want to be unhappily married. Pray about it and stop attacking Jen. She has grown up and moved on!

  65. Jussara says:

    Evelyn needs to punch herself in the face, because she’s an idiot. She is soooo jealous of Jenn. She’s creating all this drama, because she didn’t want Jenn around Chad, especially w/ all the wedding prep. This was a good way to keep Jenn away.

  66. lmar says:

    I think that Angeljoyce is right…Evelyn wants to be Shaunie.She want that financial security so bad that she is willing to do anything to get it. I don’t think that she care about Ocho,she care about his money and if this wedding and those twins come to pass,oh she will get exactly what she really want MONEY!!!! I don’t think he want to marry her at all. I think that he saw her as he see himself, somebody that just want to have fun and when it has run it’s course move on to the next. He didn’t know that she had an agenda,a reason to hook up with him, money,honey. Hence… sex day one,putting up with his smoking,seeing him with another woman, allowing him to cheat on her,and saying it’s ok to share their bed with another woman.I think he did and said all that to try to get rid of her,thinking to himself surely the last one would be a deal breaker, because if you are a straight woman you don’t want to bed another woman,and she knows that he will ask her to get it on with the other woman. Condoms will only protect so much….what about his tongue?

  67. Hazel says:

    Evelyn, you need some serious help. Are you still in high school or what? You are catty immature and fake, god help you. You can never be a friend to anyone because your mean spirited and nasty. Women like you never accomplish anything in life, apart from your looks which are fading quickly, you have nothing going for yourself. Get a life. Jennifer you are a real women, forget about evil evelyn, she is a waste of space and not worth a dollar. Sit back and get ready to laugh at her fake wedding to her played out unattractive dirty dog chad.

  68. jasmine says:

    Evelyn and chad are both bum’s, they love attention and are both desperate for fame. Evelyn how do you throw away a friendship for a man you just met? That is so low down, and just goes to show how desperate you are for a husband. I hope this so called relationship is worth it, all this fighting and carrying on over this fool chad I hope it’s all worth it in the end. if it does not work out you will look boo boo the fool.

  69. marsha says:

    Jennifer is so classy, you doesn’t need evelyn, focus on yourself and keep moving forward. Evelyn is a nobody that’s why she needs a man to validate her. Jennifer has big things going on and went to college and is ambitious. Evelyn is a groupie, she chases ball players for a living thats her claim to fame besides laying on her back.oooh, I forget she has a shoe store that never has customers in it. Evelyn has been linked to how many different men? She is nasty, mean while jen has been with only one man who she was married too. Jennifer move on and find real friends, that won’t trade you in for a man.

  70. valarie says:

    I think everyone shouldn’t be so hard on Evenlyn. Evenlyn you are looking for love in all the wrong places.Don’t rush to marry this man. I think you should take your time and be sure this is the life you really want.I think what Jennifer was trying to said it’s ok to date Chad just don’t marry him. I don’t think he will ever be ready because its just too much temptation out here for him. I don’t think you are a mean person. you are just putting your anger too the wrong person which is Jennifer. You should really work that out with her. Because men come and go but a real friend you tells you the truth with always be there. I think you are a beautiful person but don’t settle.Chad get your self together and leave these nasty low life women alone.

  71. Tashon says:

    I agree with Evelyn. Further, I think that it takes a very strong woman to acknowledge the fact that things can and do happen in relationships as well as being open in communication with her man about these things when they occur. I for one, feel that this will only make the relationship stronger. By the way, for all of you gullible women out there who think your situation is picture perfect (just because he hides things and doesn’t share w/u), you’ll learn the hard way that it is much better to be open and have your man be comfortable sharing with you than 2 be left in the dark. Kudos Evelyn…….really routing for u and Chad!

  72. Desha says:

    All of you guys are judging Evelyn & Jenn’s relationship. How would you feel if your best friend was publicly speaking about your relationship. I think Jen was very messy for that. Also to comment on her & Chad’s relationship is messed up. No relationship is perfect. No one’s life is perfect. So, think twice before you judge. A true friend doesn’t talk behind your back. Neither do they write a blog claiming their publicist wrote it. Evelyn never commented on Jen’s & Eric’s marriage & I think Jen shouldn’t have spoke publicly. She didn’t have to like that Ev & Chad are together but as a true friend she should respect it.

  73. maderma says:

    @ Desha

    What exactly did jennifer say about evelyn and chad and did she specifically say their names?

  74. darrius says:

    I do not feel people are hating on Evelyn, they are voicing their observation based on the manner in which she conduct herself (reality), and putting her personal business on National TV. I know Perfect relationship does not exist. I think Evelyn overall representation causes everybody to view her as very outraged, depressed, at a complete loss, emotionally challenged, troubled, resentful, and flat out miserable. Hostility and fighting will not fix her dilemma. No matter how attractive an individual is on the outside, if they have inner problems, they will never be happy. However, prayer and professional help will assist and guide them on how to be more comfortable and civilized.

  75. denise says:

    @darrius, we totally agree with you. Evelyn presents herself as a very mad and vicious female. It is not lady-like at all. She is attractive, but her behavior over shadow her beauty. She is looking exhausted, stressed, and depressed. Evelyn has the Chrissy Lampkin syndrome, it is all about her man. She is eating for her man and she is taking in air for her man. She is not living her life, but living her man life for him. No self-love period. She is addicted to her man. She cannot live without her man. Her man is her world. She is always living in the protection mode. Money cannot buy you true love. We must love ourselves as such, as we love our men. Otherwise, we are setting ourselves up for complete failure. Being self-sufficient is the key to happiness and loving yourself will being about a bright future.

  76. Lynn says:

    @Darrius & @Denise, Amen. Keep the positive comments coming. I am learning a lot about myself as I read your posts. Women must love themselves as much as they love their men. But, we must put God first. God will never hurt us, leave us, cheat on us, lie to us, mislead us, or turn his badk on us. God love is unconditional. Always put God first and we will have brighter

  77. Lidia says:

    It should not manner what people think about you or about your relationship, when you decide to put it all out on National TV. It is not about placing judgment. It is not about placing blame. It is about voicing opinions about what we hear and what we see. Now regardless to what Jenn said or did not say, she should never be verbally attacked or physically assaulted. Honestly, comments/gossip usually hurt when it is the truth, especially in times of distrust. When you love someone or think we love someone, we do not want to hear any negative comments/gossip. Because 99% of the time what we feel is negative comments/gossip, is actually the truth. Now Jenn is not perfect, she definitely has issues of her own. Maybe she should watch how she makes comments about her friends. True friends will tell you the truth and protect you from being hurt by others. Just maybe Jenn felt since Evelyn offered her advice to her about her divorcing her husband, that maybe she could do the same for her about her hubby-to-be. However, she went about it the wrong way. Evelyn maddness is caused by much more than what Jenn did or did not do. She is unhappy with her life and she has to take it out on somebody. So she felt Jenn was the weakest link. But, we must never under estimate how a weak link might react to pysical attacks.

  78. Jasmine says:

    I don’t get if its just a blog y is evelyn being so defensive over it jennifer must have been telling the truth and y would u marry someone that is a cheater. I don’t think evelyn and chad go make it to their wedding date he’s a DOG and watch how she go be right at Jennifer’s door step and if I was jenn if she show up at my door I’ll slam it right in her face.

  79. Faye says:

    In order for Evelyn to be a best friend to anyone, she must first be a best friend to her self. Jenn will be there for Evelyn after her wannabe hubby is gone. However, Jenn should never, ever, ever, ever put her trust in Evelyn again. She can forgive Evelyn, but do not forget about her vicious actions. Fighting is not how a real woman presents herself, when a problem like this one happens. Just talk it out ladies, talk it out. Do not disgrace yourselves for the sake of fame and money. Once the money is gone, once the man is gone , your image is still destroyed.

  80. tiffany says:

    i actually agree with evelyn on this one. Jennifer is kind of a spoil brat from what she shows on the show.

  81. Jennifer says:

    If you don’t like my future mate or fiance that’s fine, but bashing him in public and in interviews is not necessary. Since Jen doesn’t approve of Chad, it’s a no-brainer that she wouldn’t be included in her wedding. This also lets us know just how strong their so-called friendship has been. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.

  82. katherine says:

    Evelyn is not being true to herself. She know Chad is cheating on her, but she is not a strong woman. What women will do and give up for maybe a year perhaps for wedded tragedy. Just to say I was married to a football star. Come on now Evelyn. You know it ‘s not going to work out. And Jennifer will have the last laugh on you. Just as you interfered into her marriage. Eric Williams warned Jennifer, you don’t know Evelyn. But Evelyn what goes around comes right back around. You deserve the lashing you will receive. Jennifer, sit tight, it’s not going to last, watch and see.

  83. Dlo says:

    Evelyn just doesnt seem the same this year to me. I just think she is way over doing it this season poor Jen. Evelyn act your age and set an example for your daughter!!

  84. Deloris says:

    Evelyn is in running herself raggedy seeking Fame, Fortune, and Love. She is allowing her history of mistakes and hurts, take over her life in the most evil way. Physically assaulting others can not erase her past. Verbally abusing someone can not wipe away her past. It is not everybody fault that she had a rough past. We all will experience failures, mistakes, hurt at some point in our life time. But, we can not go around attacking others that maybe handling their past failures, and hurt in a more mature fashion. I knew Evelyn had completely lost her way when she got up on that table in rage. She is completely wired and heartless. I hope she come around and realizes how serious it is for her to seek mental help ASAP. Because she is on a mission to self destruct. When she self-destruct, she will be without a job, without friends, and definitely without Chad. Because she is running everybody away with her madness.

  85. Dafinee says:

    @Deloris, we agree with your post. Evelyn must understand that she cannot demand respect and she cannot force Chad into being a faithful partner. Without respect and faithfulness, you can never have True Love. You cannot force True Love, because it is automatic. Evelyn should seek professional help so she can learn how to love Evelyn first, focus on Evelyn, trust Evelyn, and be honest to Evelyn. Otherwise, she will continue to struggle with deceitfulness and self-denial.

  86. mari says:

    Evilyn is a joke why does she care if someone talks about her. the woman is almost 50 years old. Once her mind catches up to her old body she will realize people will always talk about someone and she has to learn to brush it off. What a horrible example she sets for her daughter. I know people at her daughters school must tease her about her ignorant momma

  87. taylor says:

    Tami & Evelyn please think about your daughters before physically attacking another female. Your attacks are totally outrageous and humiliating. You are totally upsetting your children. What child wants to see their parents fighting like hoodlums? Your children are probably too afraid to let you know their true feelings about your immature actions. It is very sad, bit very true. Money is the root of all evil, and the two of you are letting evil take total control over your life.

  88. Brenda says:

    @Taylor, I love your post. These young girls need real women in their life. Tami & Evelyn need to stop thinking about beautifying themselves and give their children love and attention. A female jumping up on a table in rage, is very unattractive. Parents acting like gangsters and wannabe bullies on National TV is just plain ugly.

  89. Lena & Danny says:

    VH1, we would love to see a Reality show with Tami Roman, Evelyn Lorada, Chrissy Lampkin, Laura Govan, Jackie Christy, and Marlo Hampton.

  90. Denise says:

    Sad, sad, sad… that’s what I’m using to describe EVELYN this season, the comment Jennifer made was not that serious, but Boo-boo your acting like she spoke death into your life. Your acting like an angry, desperate, mean spirited woman who need counseling; when you seat on national tv and let man say to you ” what if I see someone I like can I just bring her home “…. REALLY ? ; and your angry with Jen for saying you all dont date the same guys !!!! There is definately something wrong with you, You need to act your age. You, Shaunie, and Tami ( the Circle ) are so messy and jealous hearted. Your definately not the same person from last season.

  91. dale says:

    Tami & Evelyn are on evil pills. They are taking their mental abuse, physical abuse, unhappiness, anger, resentment, and jealousy out on the other female cast members.

    VH1 should demand both of them to seek mental help ASAP. The other female cast members should not be put in danger for the safe of VH1 ratings.

    I know Royce and Kesha can handle themselves under any sittuation they are faced with. Theses two are not afraid of Tami and Evelyn at all.

  92. Betty says:

    Evelyn you need serious therapy! You are a very cold and heartless person. How could you throwaway a 10 year friendship just like that? I’m sure you will do the same with your marriage. I feel sorry for Chad; he must be totally blind. Except for Royce and Kesha, you and the rest of the basketball wives are a bunch of uneducated and obnoxious women. Kesha was right in giving you all a pep talk at her charity show because you all don’t know how to behave in public; have no manners whatsoever and have nothing better to do in life than to swear and talk about others. I don’t even know why there is such a show because non of you are married to a basketball player! Please bring on women like Kesha on the show who have decorum! You girls are setting an appalling example to our youngsters! You all need to check into a long term program for etiquette and Shaunie is not a fine example at all! Basketball players, please find yourselves women with class as your wives and these trashy women.

  93. Betty says:

    No more trashy women on the show. We need classy and educated women who can set a fine example to our young ladies! Do you girls ever take a minute to look at yourselves and your behavior on the show? If you do, and don’t see anything wrong with it then you seriously have a problem. Kesha, continue to be who you are and DO NOT lower your standards for these obnoxious and uneducated women. They all need to wash their foul mouths out. Men, how can you be with such women when there are millions of beautiful and classy ladies out there. Well, I guess that’s why they play around with other women.

  94. vicki says:

    Jen iam glad that you are on this show If there are young girl are watching they can see how woman with class acts . And how to dress you are the best dressed on the show i Love all your clothes. Keep up being strong black woman with class.

  95. Dawn B says:

    Chad is not the only work in progress..maybe he is about fidelity but you too have things to work on..I hope you see that cuz I would really love for the 2 of you to defy the odds.

  96. vfocused says:

    I think Ev and Chad make a good couple. They seem to be the same type of person. Evelyn needs to stop having beef with Jen. Jen has a right to change and be in a different place cus she is no longer married to an athlete. Ev goes and gets involved with one too quickly and the two had know time to be single together,but Ev has that right, I just think it was too fast for Jen. and the two expected to still be bff’s but when you’re in a new relationship it can be hard sometimes to stick to that same friendship schedule that you have had for years! They should still not have let this come between them. They just allowed other people too to divide them, when they should have stopped the riff from happening. Now its just rediculous cus the show is so ghetto now that everyone is negative toward everyone right off the first episode. No ev, you did not make Jennifer. I dont like the comment ” you are here because of me” isnt Jen the only one that was actually married to a basketball player out of all the girls? You are not a bbw and Jen started her own business (Lucid lip gloss) not you. Jen is a college grad that did have a life b4 you. Jen did everything the way you are supposed to. She would have been revelent without you, sorry but true. You got pregnant and shacked up with a athlete and as soon as you date the next one, you sleep with him. You do have that right but dont hate on Jen because she is done with the blues and drama. Ev was ok when Jen was down and out about her marraige but now that Jen’s life has changed for the better instead of being happy for her you want to keep her down and keep her miserable cus you are not happy. Stop concentrating on Jen and be more concerned about that man you are about to marry and the babies you are about to have. Leave Jen alone. Since you dont care about the friendship you had then keep Jen’s name out of your mouth!!!! I know that Ev cares cus she would not be so angry about it. She is treating Jen like a scorned husband would a wife instead of ex-friends. I would not want to be around someone who want even talk as a woman but threaten me every time I’m around them. Jen is not a fighter and she dont need to take this intimidation when there is no good reason. Its stupid!! Cant wait til Ev and Tami have beef again or even Ev and Shaunie that will really be the end of the show! It would not surprise me if this whole thing is staged for the purpose of the show! Heard Ev and Chad are getting married July 4th 2012 , hopefully Ev and Jen can come together by then. If Jen is not at the wedding then I will know this beef is for real, but if she is there then, that is SUSPECT !!!! Was Team Ev and still luv ev but I got to be Team Jen right now cus she needs someone on her team. Dont like them ganging up on her when they are used to be together. Do you Jen! Never let them see you sweat!!!

  97. Seriously, Jen is definitely a lady at all times and moving forward being comfortable in her own skin without necessarily needing validation from her role in the show or from the ladies. She’s doing her thing and venturing out on her own…..on the other hand Eve seems to have somethg to prove, whateva! And to give advice to Jen that she doesn’t practice herself leaves me wondering her motivation, loyalty she saids at Phillipes, ???. Anyway, unless she gonna b throwing fistacups with Ocho or the women he will be messing round with, I wonder what they could possibly do that interesting on their new show but good luck!!!!!

  98. GG says:


  99. margo says:

    I hate to see two best friends that can’t resolve. Things are getting too violent too out of hand-not a good look. It takes the beauty from them-mean girls with ugly ways- Some one is going to get hurt-

  100. cookie says:

    I REALLY WISH ALL TV AND RADIO STATIONS WILL STOP INTERVIEWING evelyn cause she is a MONSTER LOL she may just explode on the interviewer for no reason lol

  101. keke smith says:

    I think Jen and eve needs to make up because its stupid you guys are grown. Jen and eve have been friends for a long time I would never break up a friend ship that last that long you cant get mad because of someone feels eve. Jen try to be friends because I really like both of you guys and a lot of people like watching the show because of you guys acting like that the show is not the same with you two not speaking I hope that you guys will find that place in your heart to for give one another one day.

  102. Coff says:

    Blah blah blah… Evelyn still sounds like an extremely insecure and immature woman. Regardless of how Jennifer said she grew up, for Evelyn to comment on it *now* … since the demise of her and Jennifer’s friendship still indicates (to me), that she had deep-seated resentment about it, even when the two WERE on good terms and has been waiting for the opportunity to slander or at least humiliate her former friend. I’ve yet to see any legitimate cause for the resentment Evelyn has for Jennifer… the blog post didn’t strike me as all that horrible. Evelyn drones on about loyalty, yet doesn’t seem to be all that *loyal* herself… otherwise she’d cut her loss, move on, and stop with dredging up OLD gossip or dirt she has on the woman, that she’s OBVIOUSLY been champing at the bit, to broadcast.

    The friendship was obviously a superficial one at best and seemingly based on who had more dirt on whom. MOVE ON Evelyn.