She Said/She Said: Jennifer And Evelyn Recap Basketball Wives Episode 2 On Their Blogs


As we mentioned last week, both Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams will be maintaining their own blogs this season in order to give their own sides of the story presented onscreen on Basketball Wives. We’ll be checking in with this blogs each week, as well as posting Royce Reed‘s recaps which are exclusive to the VH1 Blog to give you guys the most comprehensive coverage we can. So what are Jen and Evelyn saying this week? Well, first of all, Jennifer starts things off on her blog being fairly vague but diplomatic:

I am definitely in a happy place in my life. Some days I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I do know I want to remain in this happy space. Focusing on my independence and my future has left me very little time to dwell on drama. My livelihood is my main concern at the moment. To others it may seem as if I am a “new person” and they are right. Life is about advancement and I am a different person than I was a year ago. I wasn’t happy and I was facing a tough decision to stay in my marriage or leave. Not to mention, this whole thing was playing out in front of the cameras for everyone to see something that was so painful and private. I left, I feel free and I am having fun! Something I haven’t felt in years. Therefore I wont make excuses about changing or what I like to call evolving.

Jennifer doesn’t address her situation with Evelyn in more depth than that, but Evelyn certainly does, here’s what she has to say:

I don’t want anyone to think that I was banging on Jennifer regarding the way she grew up. The story that I told on the show about Jennifer’s Dad making airplanes and hearing the Porsche coming around the block is something that Jennifer would constantly bring up throughout the years of our previous friendship. She always made it a point to remind us that she grew up wealthy and her dad had a Porsche. In no way shape or form was I hating on her and I needed to make that clear…You know what’s funny; the fact that Jennifer brought up my daughter is disturbing. I say this because Jennifer doesn’t know the half about being a mother…she isn’t one! Jennifer has been in my daughter’s life since Shaniece was six years old. Recently, she saw my daughter in passing and didn’t say two words to her. With that said, she needs to keep my daughter’s name out of her mouth and I am VERY serious about that.

Evelyn finishes her blog by discussing the conversation she had with Chad, wherein she opens up about her permissiveness regarding Chad’s cheating. She explains below:

People honestly thought my relationship with Chad was fake from day one and now I think they know it’s real. Are we perfect? Absolutely not, however, we do love each other and are both focused on making this work. I would never involve my daughter nor would he involve his children in something that wasn’t real.
I am not condoning Chad for cheating; I am a realist as to the world we live. When your relationship is high profile and publicized like mine, I don’t put anything past anyone. Who is it to say that either one of us will eventually fall into that temptation one day? We don’t know that. My thing is, I want to take my wedding vows and say, we want this to be forever, but you never know. Chad and I are open with communication, we talk all the time and he is a work in progress. This is LIFE. I am hoping that men and women both can relate to us because there will be temptation, but it takes a strong bond to defeat it. I love Chad, my focus is him and vice-versa and we are going to do this thing and work it out. A lot of times people say you shouldn’t be open with your dude and tell him what you have done in the past and vice-versa, but it works for us, he doesn’t judge me and I don’t judge him.

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