Mob Wives Sneak Peek: You’re Hurting My Eardrums


Renee and Junior had a pretty big blowout in therapy last week, and their fight’s not over yet. In this sneak peek from Sunday night’s upcoming episode, the two try to work on their issues but Junior’s not in the mood to listen to Renee, and after listening to her yell for a moment, he walks away, telling her “You’re hurting my eardrums.”

Later in the same episode, Big Ang and her son AJ talk about their big plans for the future, including a possible move to Florida. “That’s what I’ll do, I’ll retire in Boca,” Ang tells him. On the one hand, don’t leave us, Big Ang! On the other hand, could anything be more perfect?

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  1. Linda says:

    I love Renee too, I love all tha mob wives, they r so real, but Renee should have done more 2 his tatting ass!!!!!!!

  2. christine says:

    I think Renee needs to give Jr a chance to prove himself and stop living in the past are it will not work

  3. Beatriz says:

    Renee really needs to stop constantly arguing with Junior if she really wants a relationship with him. She needs to work on letting the past go and work toward making their future successful as a couple. Junior needs to reflect and determine within himself whether he truly wants to form a relationship with Renee or not…Junior needs to show more affection…Not fake hugs…Go away on an extended weekend and get to know eachother again…lean to talk with eachother not at eachother…accept that a relationship requires hard work to succeed…I love Renee and love where she is trying to go…

    Karen and Ramona really…what does one say? Lost cause? Ramona talks a good game but doesn’t back it up…Stop looking to fight everyone…You lived in the Mobster life but you are not “Mobsters” What kind of example are you all setting for your children? Do you really want
    better or are you just talking a good game? Stop looking for Drita…we get it…you hate her…NEXT…Do something constructive…we don’t see her looking for you two…You two are always looking for her…Get a new project please you look like two High School Nerds who are jealous of the Cheerleader…

    Love Carla…Keep on standing on your own two feet and do what you want…You are not in the middle but you know what you need to do and do it no matter what anyone tells you…

    All in all you are women and look like assanine idiots when you work to pick a fight…Tell your story and show others how to overcome and be something better…We need true role models and you all are definitely not…

    Big Angie is a riot…She is comfortable in her skin and just takes things in stride…