VH1 Visits The Drunken Monkey: A Night With Big Ang, Stiff Drinks, And Hazy Memories Of Staten Island


Last night was one of those times where I had to pinch myself and remember that sometimes this job is kind of insane (in the best way possible). See, VH1 rented a couple of buses and shuttled a bunch of staffers off to Staten Island so we could experience firsthand the wondrous, wonderful Drunken Monkey bar and meet the wondrous and wonderful Big Ang in the flesh. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening!

We drank. A lot. We took pictures. (In fact, we probably annoyed the staff by constantly having our phones and cameras out to catch Big Ang on the dance floor, behind the bar, and of course, posing with us all.) We ate. It was amazing. A few things about Big Ang: She’s really quiet and shy in person. Surprising, right? We don’t blame her though, we’d be overwhelmed if fifty intensely excited people all of a sudden bombarded us at work. But get her on the dance floor and she becomes the star that she is. Also, she knows the words to every popular song ever. Rihanna‘s on? She right there singing every line to “We Found Love.” LMFAO? She’s party rocking with the rest of us. So whats the Drunken Monkey like? We’ve got pictures. Check them out, and then book a bus, train, or flight to New York because you need to go there like, now.

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