Basketball Wives – Episode 3 – Apple Pie Face


What did we learn this week on Basketball Wives? That Suzie is a terrible drunk, that Kenya‘s career needs a big boost, and the meaning of apple pie face.

Last week we left off with Evelyn and Chad discussing the state of their relationship and I admit to being completely confused because it seemed like he was admitting (and being allowed) to cheat. So Evelyn and Kesha‘s mind after they meet, along with Evelyn and Kenya. Not only does Suzie instantly blurt out that the Empire State Building looks like a penis on this night, but this also marks Evelyn’s first time meeting the two new girls. Her first impressions are that Kesha is thin, cute and stylish, and Kenya’s weave is off-center. “It’s a little the left. It’s leaning,” she says.

The hits keep coming for Kenya too, because they ladies go in on her again for her YouTube videos and Evelyn says “After I told her that her YouTube sucked and she wasn’t sexy, she understood and she took it very well.” Simple as that. Truthfully, Kenya does take it very well and she tells Evelyn she appreciates her honesty. I guess Evelyn offered her a different type of honesty from Suzie who, if you recall, called Kenya a psychopath and a nutball after she watched the videos. Kesha also offered constructive criticism too, by telling Kenya she should take the videos down. After last week’s criticism where Kesha told Kenya her feelings on her upcoming video (To paraphrase “I can’t be involved unless it’s going to be spectacular”), Kenya is still harboring some resentment and it’s all about to come out in 3…2…1…

At the dancer auditions for Kenya’s video, Royce and Kesha show up to offer some advice. Before it all begins though, Kenya has some words for the group. She tells them, along with her entourage, that Kesha never believed in this video but that she is so appreciative of everyone for pulling this together. It’s a little bit of a slap in the face to Kesha,

but at least these guys are like “We will take that compliment.”

“….And the award goes to….Kenya Bell,” Royce says after Kenya’s dramatic speech. She and Kesha are in total shock that Kenya made this announcement in front of everyone. “I was trying to help you,” Kesha tells Kenya, offended. “I’m pretty much done with her.” So soon?? The season has just started!

Royce and Kesha tell Tami about these shenanigans and Tami’s reaction is pure Tami, she says “Now if Kenya gives me all that attitude and sh*t she gave Royce and Kesha, baby, I will be so in the wind and she will be left with that bad weave and that bad ass choreography and them f—ed-up clothes.” (Oh, how I’ve missed this, it reminds me of the days when she would hurl insults at Meeka on a daily basis.)

During their brunch, Kesha invites Tami to a cancer benefit she’s holding that she wants all the women to attend, and then the conversation turns to Lyric and Jazz, Tami’s daughters, who are still working on music but need some help as dancers. Tami asks Royce to help them out and then tells Kesha “You can swing by too, but I don’t need your opinion,” which, I don’t know, could be taken in an insulting way or it could be taken in a joking way. Kesha takes it in the insulting way. Don’t worry, everyone, this will come back as a bigger issue later. They always do.

Shaunie‘s in town to meet the new girls, and since they’re fresh off their awkward audition confrontation, it’s a weird first impression. Kesha tells them that she was offended by Kenya and hasn’t gotten a chance to discuss it, and Kenya’s like “Let’s discuss!” Here? Now? With an audience? Okay! “The vibe between Kesha and Kenya at that table is hilarious,” Evelyn notes. “For once it’s not us!” And Kenya’s not really happy that Kesha’s selling her out.

As Kesha regales them with the tale of their professional demise, Kenya butts in with “Okay, apple-pie face,” which must be a Detroit regionalism, because no one understands what she means. “It’s a term of endearment,” she says. Ohhhhhhh, apple-pie face.

“You’re getting carried away. You need to calm your little self down. Now you’re about to piss me off,” Kenya warns Kesha, who is no longer her apple-pie face because now that Kesha’s getting into all the details, it’s going to make her look a certain way in front of her new friends. Kenya argues that her only intentions were to repeat the “constructive criticism” that she received, but Tami’s like, it seemed like a jab and if it were directed at me, you’d get a jab to the neck.

Still, the trend with Kenya seems to be that even when one of the other women calls her out, she views it as positive, constructive commentary, but when Kesha says anything, it’s just negative and unhelpful. So Kenya meets with Tami to get her advice on how to further her music career because “Unlike Kesha and whatever she supposedly did — but didn’t — do for me, Tami has a good heart.” I mean, seriously. Did anyone expect that we’d need to separate these two? We ALL thought they were friends, but alas. Tami is happy to help, although she (and Evelyn) have both expressed some reservations about Kenya, like they’re waiting for some shoe to drop with her.

Tami brings in her Glam Squad to help with Kenya’s image, too, which is very generous because, she says, they flew in for this meeting, but Kenya is unprepared, forgetting to bring her computer, not having any headshots printed out, and using a hotel CD player to play her music. “I was very offended,” Tami says. “I think everybody at this table thinks Kenya’s a hot-ass mess.”
They also take aim at her hair (that hair has certainly been a target all night, huh?)
“You look like one of our aunties,” Tami’s stylist says.

Kenya’s also not prepared to show the Glam Squad any dance moves, and Tami’s disappointment continues to grow. “You ask me to do a monologue, I got five on deck. Be prepared,” she says. So Kenya, in her big peasant coat and bulky skirt, gets up and she attempts a few moves before declaring “I can dance, but I can’t dance in this,” and sits back down. “Beyonce can dance in anything,” says anther stylist. This is officially making me feel better about every job interview I’ve ever bombed ever.
This is the look that sums up how we’re all feeling:

Royce partners with a charity called Preserve Our Legacy, which has asked her to host a benefit. She’s invited Suzie, Kenya, and Kesha to attend, but when she walks in and notices that they’re all at the bar, she says a prayer. “Lord, please don’t let this become a sh*t-fest.”

Kesha’s been telling Suzie all about the Kenya drama and Suzie, who is pounding drinks at the open bar, is thrilled to hear that someone else doesn’t like Kenya.

But all I can say is thank God Kenya was there because Suzie started getting out of control. Down the hatch, the drinks went, and she got more unruly as the night went on, checking her phone, loudly asking for spring rolls, all while Royce was tearfully expressing her gratitude to the people at the charity.

“How are you going to put me at a bar at a charity event and expect me not to drink?” Suzie asks, and to which I respond “Because you are an adult with free will.” I’m a fan of free stuff, too, but just because there’s a tray of sandwiches in the conference room doesn’t mean I binge on ten of them (not today, anyway).
Everyone is embarrassed, but Kesha is also worried because she’s holding her charity event soon and Suzie’s invited. So get ready for the most heckle-y charity event ever, Kesha!

In the final scene of the night, we finally get a glimpse at what makes Tami tick. She’s begun therapy to work on her anger management and reveals a whole world of hurt that is shocking, violent, and sad. She tells her therapist about two rapes she endured as a child, being held up at gunpoint, and abuse she suffered at the hands of someone close to her. It’s really no wonder she takes her anger out on others, and doesn’t appreciate hands in her face.

Tami admits that talking through it all in therapy is more painful than helpful, but she’s taking it the only way a person in her situation can, one day at a time.

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  1. erica says:

    In this episode the girls finally seem like real everyday around the way girls.

  2. My Way says:

    Why do they always pick on the new girl??? Anywho,Tammi should know better they treated her the same way when she came on the show, they talked about her HAIR ,CLOTHES and lets not forget the food stamps.. Kenya is just looking for some help and I think she is not a bad person at all. she did not come on the set like: I know I’m the stuff and yall better recognize she seems pretty humble. Suzie WHAT THE! is she trying to make a name for her self or what???????? just messy. Royce always liked her attitude, just a lil go getter Tammi use to be my Favorite but she has changed, and I’m not feeling her Evelyn never cared for her, to messy also Jen like her attitude felt sorry for her during her divorce, but she seems to be about her business now and i hope she lets Evelyn Have it! Im just saying !!!! :)

  3. Retamora says:

    Kenya is just trying to get her dream on the “Roll”. She thought Kesha was going to help her but it turnout she did not. Kesha was too busy judging Kenya for being weird and being personal in judging what Kenya could do by via Youtube performance. She underestimate Kenya awareness about the youtube video not being a good idea. Keaha just need to tell Kenya what the deal is about which is she doesnt trust her decisions. Quick tip toeing around and not hurting feelings and lay it on the woman straight that she needs help. What is the budget like and let her know that she cant help if she doesnt know what she wants. Kesha is the professional and Kenya is the amateur. I understood that Kesha felt that Kenya vision was not professional and Kenya vision will not work professionally for people to take her serious. (2) Kesha used the words similar to I’m stepping back and I am letting you handled this because it is not going to be professional. So it is obvious that Kenya’s budget is not big for a big glamorous music video. As a professional, Kesha should had taken Kenya’s little bit of information given and make a assessment off that. Kesha could have told or suggest somethings in order for the video to be some kind of a success.

  4. Sandee says:

    Evelyn is way, way off and I do not like her behavior. I was glad that Jen was out of this mess and that she is standing up for herself. Shaunie loves the drama and fuels it. Royce is doing her thing in spite of the drama around her. Suzie is a hot mess and should be off the show. She and Evelyn keep the fires burning.

  5. Tam says:

    I enjoy watching Basketball Wives, but I’m hoping to see more happiness and togetherness this season. There are things I like about each character and each character has their faults. Tami seems to be very genuine…the kind of person who loves hard and makes a good friend. But I’m glad she’s working on the anger issues….being quick to anger is NOT attractive…calm down. Evelyn is a glam doll who’s always truthful. She makes many of us ‘former hotties,’ now over 35 want to be glamorous again. But she is a bully. Real soldiers (like Malasia-BW LA) don’t believe in ganging up on 1 person. Royce seems to be a good, loyal friend to all (but Jen), but all don’t seem to be loyal friends to her. Jen comes from a different side of the tracks and that’s okay. She doesn’t seem to be about drama at all and that makes her classy in my eyes. However, something tells me that she’s jealous of Chad because she crushes on Evelyn…I’m just sayin’. Shaunie should show more of her life and she should re-name the show to a more appropriate title that fits. ???? is too agreeing. Ooh, Susie…she goes along with the crowd and wants to always remain on the side of the strong…no backbone whatsoever. Kesha and Jen should hang. Kenya’s (an actual basketball wife) not bothering anyone. She’s just an amateur trying to live her dream. I’ve been there and I understand. Don’t talk about her, help her. I applaud her efforts.

  6. Real Talk says:

    Yo, I see problems already for the new chicks. Tami is gunning for Kesha, and Evelyn is gonna get Kenya. I don’t know why anyone would want to be added to a show with friends already established and on Season 4, but if you (Kesha and Kenya) are bold enough to do it, more power to ya. One observation for Kesha is she seems to have started talking about people too early on, without really knowing the other ladies well enough yet. That’s not a good look. I love Tami and Evelyn, because they seem like real chicks that are down for their friends (just like Chrissy), must be a New York thing. I’m glad that the 2 of them are back friends, because together, they make a dynamic team.

  7. Love says:

    missed jennifer… why are the girls dressing so plain, guess jennifer always made her thing look good…

    LUCID is the best product…

  8. flo & Lee says:

    We think Kesha is beautiful. She has unique facial appearance. I pray that she stand up to those vicious two without hesitation. Because we see jealous all over Tami face. First of all Tami need to focus on improving Tami mentally, and stop wasting money focusing on Tami external appearance. Tami mental state of mind should take priority over her external appearance. Otherwise, she will continue take out her hurt on others. Her past is causing her much grief. She feels unattractive, angry, resentful, used, and abused. However, she cannot go around attacking and instigating the other females cast members. Tami high school days are over, she needs to take on the mother role fast quick and in a hurry.

  9. Debbie says:

    It is very hard for me to feel for Tami, tears or no tears. I do not want anyone to be hurt physically, mental, or emotionally. Tami spiteful, evil, and vicious behavior has just made me numb. Tami physical assaulting Meeka was notorious, down right nasty, and much uncalled for. However, will give her credit for seeking professional help. However, I do not feel that she decided to seek help on her own. Just maybe Meeka lawsuit influenced her decision to seek mental help. Thinking that maybe it will reduce her damages $$$$?

  10. Former fan says:

    This use to be my favorite show and now it is unwatchable. I DVR the show because it is not must see TV but then when I finally watch it I fast forward a lot. But in the producers’ defense, most women like drama and the show is probably very popular. I just want to see the fashions and good life.

  11. PNC says:

    I am done with this show. Too many crazies. Tami, Susie and Evelyn please….



  14. rs says:

    I really use to like this show. Like one viewer said I just want to see nice fashion and good times. But I think that most of the girls act very trivial and messy. I refuse to believe that Tami and Evelyn are such close friends for real. Yes Tami really needs to meet her match because she is such as big bulley. You just cannot fight everyone. I like Jen. Just still a little confused on why her and Evelyn are no longer friends. Maybe Jennifer is or was a little jealous of Evelyn’s relationship with Chad but I think that it is a natural emotion for someone who has just came from a divorce. However, I do think that Jennifer really loved Evelyn. I also like that she is doing her own thing too. Way to go Jen!!! Suzie is messy, she just wants to be on the winning side. I have seen her change this season. More vocal but still lacks a backbone. I think that Shaunie can do more the diffuse the situation but I think that they all are maybe afraid of Tami for some reason. Royce, I never really cared for her. And as for Kenya I think that she is sweet and just a little confused on some things but I think that she is just trying to do what she loves and it is nothing wrong with that. Keisha I think she threw Kenya under the bus. I mean she changed when she met the new girls and friends shouldn’t do friends like that. Last season I did not dislike Meeka. To me she was no different than anyone else. She repeated what was told to her and that seems like a trend on the shows, everyone on the show does it.

  15. Becky says:

    I dont think it is worth watching anymore, just a bunch of rich mean girls. No one has compasion or understanding. If I was Kesha I would get out now. She seem to nice for these people. I really did like the show but now I dont know, it used to be where I couldnt wait to see the next episode now I can careless.