Style Seen: Drita D’Avanzo Shows Off Her Tattoos And Dresses To Suit Her Mood


When Drita D’Avanzo swung by VH1 recently, we wanted to take some pictures of her. It was a week before the Super Bowl and she told us that at the last minute (actually as Carla‘s car pulled up to her driveway to take her into our office in Manhattan), she changed out of her Giants jersey in order to put on something a little cuter. So we apologize to all the New Yorkers reading this who would have loved to see Drita showing off her red, white, and blue pride, instead, you get Drita still looking gorgeous and showing off her tattoos instead. In our interview with Drita, below, we talk about how she dresses (all depends on her mood), her new makeup line, and what it’s like dealing with sudden fame. To put it in Drita terms, it’s “f—in’ nuts.”

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Is your ring an evil eye?

Yes, since I’m a little girl, that’s what I wear. And now I really want to start making them, believe it or not. Albanians truly believe in the evil eye.

And you have the eye tattoo, too, are they the same thing?

The tattoo is the eye of Horace which is similar to the evil eye, but it’s Egyptian, and it’s my own eye, I had my eyeball drawn. The eye of Horace was put in the pyramids to bring money and gold, it’s a lucky thing. It’s a double thing, I feel lucky when I wear them both.

You sold some of your diamonds this season, have you gotten any new jewelry that’s like “independence” jewelry?

Yeah, you know what I did, I’m not into diamonds, and I like costume jewelry. I like to match everything I wear with something, and I like fun, chunky fashion jewelry. A lot of times I go to boutiques and I buy things that no one has.

If you dress up, what do you like to wear?

I’ll be honest with you first I shop on the internet. I go through whatever color I want, what length I want, I go through that first to find the dress I want, then I go to the store, whatever it is, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and I go try it on.

Do you have a go-to style or silhouette that flatters you, or do you like everything?

Everything! It depends on my mood, everything I do is on my mood. I can dress like a tomboy if I’m just in that chilled out mood. Hat, jersey, all that. Sometimes I’ll dress like a rocker, sometimes I’ll get really fancy, it’s just how I wake up, I know it’s weird but it’s true. It’s why I have so many clothes. If you look at me now, I know it doesn’t make any sense that I would wear jersey, sneakers, hat, but that’s what I like. And sometimes I like to get dolled up. But I was always a tomboy wearing sneakers and sweats, I only got into fashion now.

You have your makeup line coming out soon too, how long have you been into makeup?

I was a makeup artist for like fifteen years and when I was younger I never wore a stitch of makeup. Just red lipstick if I had to wear something. Its a dream for me to sell my own line, a makeup artist wishes for that. As for fashion, I really picked up on it quickly.

When does your makeup line launch?

Well, I got it already but I want to make videos for my website because if there’s one thing I want to do it’s help my fans choose what colors to wear. Fans are always like “Oh, I love the color lipstick you’re wearing in episode four,” and I want to show that on my website, wouldn’t you like thay? Who likes to pick a color from a f—in’ screen? How can you do that? I don’t know how people shop like that. I’ll actually put the makeup on my friends and have people see it. I’ll do a video for girls with dark hair, dark skin, light hair, light skin, everything. I used to run the cosmetics department in Saks and I know exactly what I’m going to do with my makeup line because of that. I used to work with fifty-five women at that job. Fifty-five women and I never told a person, ever, about Lee. One girl I ate lunch with every day for two years and I only told her about Lee after two years of seeing her every day. I never told them stories. Imagine when they watched the show??

What was the difference between working at the Saks makeup counter and being on Mob Wives?

Nothing. Same sh*t. Same drama, cattiness, and viciousness. Listen, that’s why I hung out with the boys when I was younger.

How was it the first time someone recognized you?

I jumped out of my skin! It was late at night, I was going to Wendy’s, on my way home, f—in’ hungry, I pull up to the window and all of a sudden I hear ‘AHHH!‘ and I was really scared as s—, my heart stopped, i was like what the f— is going on? I thought they were getting robbed. And the girl at the window was like, ‘I’m sorry if I scared you, Drita.’ This was after one episode. I bugged out. I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t like it at all. People are like ‘How’s Gizelle and Aleeya?’ and I’m like this is f—in’ nuts.

[Photos: VH1/Jennifer Marigliano]

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