T.I. And Tiny: A Decade Of Love And Ever-Changing Hairstyles


At the end of 2011, we conducted a poll asking you all who your favorite onscreen couple on VH1 was, and T.I. and Tiny, despite only having been on the network for three weeks, won handily. Perhaps it had something to do with their massive fan following, or maybe their longevity had something to do with it. Or maybe it’s just because they are so perfect for one another.

They’ve been together, through thick and thin, since 2001, and were married in 2010, and as you know from watching T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle, they’re raising six children together, including four from previous relationships. Judging from the show, they’re not just a great couple, but a great family. So enough gushing about these guys, what we really want to do is show you a little retrospective of their relationship which has changed and evolved as much as Tiny’s hairstyles have in the past eleven years. So check out our timeline of T.I. and Tiny, with some special guests thrown in there, too.

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  1. Queen Bee Lady Di says:

    Love the show!!!. Not always liking Tiny’d do’s but thats the style now and I’m old, 53. : ^ } I love Major. He has a naturally funny personality. It’s good to see a black man not being portrayed running the street and hooking up with a bunch of other women when he is already married. Black men can be devoted husbands too. Of course not if you watch Basketball Wives…. I’m rooting for you Tiny n Tip………

  2. Jane Tiberio says:

    Hi, TI and Tiny I hope this message reaches you. I was flipping through channels and I stopped at your show, and thought that it would be just another idiotic reality show. I gotta hand it to you both. You have an amazing family, you are so supportive, uplifting, loving, and responsible parents. You both need to take a moment and reflect on what wonderful people you are. God Bless! Tiny have another one, you can’t ever have enough!

    Janae Tiberio
    Ontario, NY

  3. qttpie2002 says:

    Love their love. This show is so real and filled with love!

  4. Taylor says:

    I Love You Tiny&T.I

  5. Jessica Rogers says:

    This must be before the butt implants!!!

  6. Kim Hall says:

    Look how young! Look at Tiny… how small! Isn’t funny how children will put not only years on you but pounds too! But girl you know you’re beautiful! Congrats on 10 beautiful years!

  7. Kim Hall says:

    Oh yeah… That lil’ King…. LOOKS just like his MAMA!!!

  8. Katrice Rogers says:

    Hi Tiny and Tip, I just want to say that I love, love the show! I laugh, I cry, and I feel like I am not just watching the show, but I am right there with you guys! You guys have such a beautiful and talented family. You both are so business minded and family orientated, I love that about you guys. Big ups to the OMG girls! You young ladies should take the great advice that Tip is giving, many girls don’t have good solid advice from a father/uncle. King and Major, what can I say….they just have to show up and show out! They are so handsome and smart! I think they will do good with acting. Keep up the good work, family is everything! I love you all.

  9. Reminds me of my Love and I ‘Really’. The forever changing hair styles always got to stay in the shop , the cloths cordnation always on point. Come in and shut it down together, Very happy to see real Black Love , believe it can work cause i’m living it.

  10. Horrez White says:

    God bless T.i and Tiny And congratulations on being a real man…You two are BEAUTIFUL! and so are your children…Tiny your beautiful….THumbs up.

  11. ladyy v says:

    about time we get a smile from both of them nice pic. Do ya thang

  12. Sami says:

    Are these pics photoshopped?! Tiny looks so pretty in all of them…must be photoshopped. Also, it shows how much surgery she’s had…butt and breast implants, lips, and other things. But through it all Tiny still loves her, you must admire that.

  13. Sami says:

    *T.I still loves her.

  14. bee gee says:

    TI and Tiny, love your show. I also loved Tiny and Toya and was always impressed with the way they carried themselves on tv. Love TI and Tiny just as much and it shows that he really cares for her and his priority is his family. I will continue to support this show.

  15. Amy Davis says:

    I just love your show ! you two seem so down home, like your my neighbors. All of your children are wonderful, but I just love myself some Little Major, I just want to hug him and give him kisses he is so cute. He need to be on commercials. I will continue to support your show with much love.

  16. Marie says:

    Hi TI and Tiny congratulation I love your show, TI continue to be firm on the children and push them in school. Make sure that school is always the number one priority, it comes first before any fame. Please tell them fame comes and goes, but knowledge will always be with them,as long as school is first. It feels so good to see a positive black family image on tv these days, it reminds me of the old tv shows, example, Good Times, Cosby Show, etc., shows with family falures. It shows that not all black people are stupid, violant, or dum, and we don’t need guns. Tiny keep on top of the children, and both of you be their for them. May God bless you and your family, stay strong.

  17. Rita says:

    Tiny and TI,I know you don’t see it but the three of you are being so m4ean to King and wecan see that it is breaking his heart.Oh you oooh and ahhh Major and laugh at him smile his way and give him needed encouragement.Tj,you pushed him out of your way with a mean look on your face.iny you took him to the other room and gave him so mean words and reported it back to ti.e was afraid,,he is losing his darling sponaiety because the 3 of you are always critical and the little guy is trying so hard.He needs encouragement and loving kindness.You let Major pummel the hell out of King and then King has to raise his hand to speak.I would give the world to have that precious boy.Thank od he has Tiny’s Mon because the one grandma that lives with him is mean as hell.Thanks,I do so enjoy your show but last night I was truly hurt the way ing was treated.You are going to destroy him ti..he wants so badly to please you and you didn’t even let him in your other talented son’s video.I’m sure he was devastated.He asked you Tiny,what did I do wrong.

  18. Ms.Ava says:

    T.I.(Tiny) my granddaughter ana I L O V E your show.
    T.I. I L O V E how strong you are, With your children especially. I have totally raised my granddaughter since she was 2 years old. She’s 13 now. I’ve had hard times and not so hard times with her. Her father,(my son),have been in her life on and off. So she have not really had a guildence of a father. When I watched your show and watch the episode of you teaching your daughter that giving guys her sugar was not a wise thing to do. THAT WAS AWESOME!!
    THAT episode deserves an academy award. No parent / guardian should EVER have to worry about what to say to their daughter to help her to stay strong against these uncaring guys (men) out here preying on these young girls (teenagers) totally destroying there lives. All they (we) have to do is to watch your show. You don’t know how powerful your words are that are having tremendous effect on the viewers lives.
    My granddaughter & I talked about that episode which we did watch separately and ALL the talks, threats I’ve aflicted upon her, that episode hit home!
    I could go on and on and on about how your show PERIOD! is having such a STONG impact / influence on millions of families, single mothers and fathers.
    Your entire show, T.I., is soooo needed. For fun, education, guidence and entertainment.
    I do hope that you, Tiny and your family will last eternally.
    And to Tiny, you got yourself a hell-of -a REAL Man. And it’s a lot of women out here that is sho-nuff hating on you, wishing that they were where you are (including me…..smile).
    T.I. is awesome.
    When I watched Takers, was the first time that I had actually seen T.I. I have heard on the radio about the negative things that the law accused you of. So after watching Takers, T.I.,
    I formed an opinion of T.I. as being a cold gangster. After watching Takers I started hearing
    “Did you watch T.I.’s show?” T.I. got a cool show”. T.I., T.I., T.I.. So I DID watch your show.
    And WOW!!! I’m hooked!.
    Kisses T.I.,

  19. India Shantay says:

    Much love to Tiny and TI….. I respect Tiny for holding down her family and friends in a big way. She is definately a go getter. I used to wonder who was popping all them babies in her back in the Xscape days. Turns out it was the Rubberband man T.I. I love that!

  20. denise jackson says:

    tiny and shekinah you have both are so lucky to have eachother, true friends are so hard to find, if you are ever in ky for the derby i would love to hang, and show you how we do it in the vill. denise louisville ky

  21. Jeff Dills says:

    Tip, I want ed to let you know that I think you are a good father and I like the way your work with your family on values your mother and father have raised you well . I really like your show Keep up the great work!! Keep Hustlin!!!!!

  22. ALTHEDA says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WHOLE HARRIS FAMOLY! Tiny…much respect to you. TI….you have PROPERLY REPRESENTED. YOU can have whatever YOU LIKE!!! To the FAM!

  23. Felicia says:

    Tinys Crazy friend need to stay in the hood. She does not respect Tiny and how Tiny could help her . She keep fussing about how she don’t have money like thats Tinys problem. She’s lucky Tiny still wants to deal with her. Tinys friend need to bow down so she could build her business.

  24. sweetlady561 says:


  25. Jenn says:

    this is a really nice pic of them!!

  26. mrs_b**** says:

    O-M-G TINY….STILL NOT PRETTY !!!! thank goodness love is not built on looks cause tiny is a mess!!!

  27. Pathetic says:

    Shaunie, you are either a pathetic human being, or you take pleasure in the hostility and war of words, or you use Tami & Evelyn to act out how you truly feel inside. Because your reaction at your birthday dinner, was sicken (Evi, Evl, Elv, Elv) . You really helped by saying Evelyn would hurt Jennifer. You knew you were supporting useless Evelyn’s violent behavior. There was not one thing funny or entertaining about Tami endorsing the confrontation, and you supporting and encouraging the confrontation.

  28. lolita says:

    She is really very ugly ,which is O.K to be .
    But damn she really think she fine lol .
    I guess he make her look good lol-ing

  29. rachida says:

    woow, this show was one of my favorite show, i love TI and i think he’s very sexy and his wife is cool even though she ain’t beautiful but she takes care of herself. I love his kids, all of them are cute, and i also have a lot of respect for Ti cuz he takes care of his family and his wife, he always makes sure they are okay love that…………..

  30. lynette says:

    love this show mainly for T.I but i love everything about the show especiallly lil major

  31. Denise says:

    I love these two as a couple and love the show keep it real, but tiny please lay off the plastic surgery it’s making you look bad!

  32. Gigi says:

    Love this couple

  33. ms.mookie says:

    i love dem 2gether….datz real love dey ben 2gether 4 a long time…datz the kind of love i want real love no matter what…i got cha back boy….

  34. chavalia says:

    I love this show too. I love the way they team up to handle they business good example of togetherness.

  35. CAROLYN says:


  36. sylvia davis says:


  37. Atl royalty Tiny and T.I.! What else can I say, They been threw it all together and maintain to keep there love for each other. For some people they need to look at there relationship they my learn a thing or too.

  38. Janice says:

    I love T.I. and Tiny. Your show is such a joy to watch. So real and T.I. is a great father and husband. I hope there will e aother season.

  39. Tiara says:

    T. I you u need to make a show on how to be a good man and father cause sum of Black man dont know to do that. Thank you for showing me there is good man out there.

  40. NeNe says:

    T.I and Tiny is a wonderful couple, i wish them all the blessing to come from their union together, i really appreciate the positivity they represent from the black community, much love!!

  41. Maroonsista says:

    I think she looks the best as a blonde, which is interesting considering I usually don’t get into blonde hair, but her complexion works well with it. I just can’t stand that red hair or the O.M.G. Girlz with the bright hair either. It just looks like Halloween costumes to me. But I think Tiny wears blonde well. Not sure what her natural hair color is, especially considering her mother is white, but brown and blonde look the best on her.

  42. june says:

    This is a perfect sample of black love, i love their show because they do it together, thats what family supposed to do. It’s positive show for the whole family.

  43. andrea garrett says:

    Not for nothing but when you say a decade of love and changing hair styles i have to agree, especially on the love part cuz this girl was very pretty at one time. It can’t be nohting but true love as it should be, cuz I don’t know what happened over the years for her but she look like a case of plastic surgery gone wrong. She look straight up “HIT” in the face.

  44. SOUL4REAL says:

    T.I. and Tiny you can look at them throught their actions that this is “Real Love”! Now this is a “Power Couple”!! “Keep Love Alive T.I. and Tiny”!

  45. I just love this couple and their family. They have my support 100% and my heart. luv you gise and I plan on following you until the end.

  46. Diva Angel says:

    I must say… in ALMOST every pic these two takes, TI hands are always on Tiny, on her shoulder, around her waist, on her hand… it is on her somewhere…. and that speaks volume…. I so love you guys….. muahzzz

  47. Justice says:

    She almost look normal right here. Why did she ruin her look with procedures. STOP THE MADNESS!!

  48. Justice says:

    That little boy look so much like his Mama (the alien), its a shame. He Gucci down doe!! Is that all that matters?

  49. Monique Allen says:

    Keep up the good work u guys,i love ya’ll as a family

  50. Myrtho says:

    I love this couple

  51. courtney says:

    I think you two are the best thing for each other please continue to be that. Please beat the odds because their is noone better for each of you but you.
    through it all love and stand together as friends as partners and as the power couple that you are. most of all parents

  52. i agree with courtney 100%

  53. I love this pic of you both.. sexy in my tiny voice..lol

  54. love that bag , way outta my price range. lol i wish i had money for the finer things in life . maybe one day Right? hopefully the prices arent higher by then.

  55. sheba says:

    Love your show…..Great family show….. Please get more air time… to replace some non-factor show…

  56. Ellie says:

    I truly hope Tiny and TI “reinvent” their lives and continue to jointly move their family and their careers forward in a more positive and productive manner. I hope they work as a cohesive TEAM and survive the odds which are stacked against them to begin with. Everyone is hoping this couple fails, I hope that is NOT the case and I hope Tiny and TI develop a more unified foundation that GROWS their business empire rather than the continued and repeated “drug busts” profile that’s been tarnishing their reputation. Its TIME to move forward in a positive and constructive manner.

  57. Starr says:

    They are too cute…remind me of my husband and I.

  58. phat kat says:

    I know, I agree they need more air time. Which of the show is a non factor.

  59. imari says:

    look at how gangsta he looked back in the day you can tell he was still livin the street life!!!!!!!hahahaha i love them though black love!!!!!! right on yall

  60. Eline says:

    T.I. is my Favorited musician and this couple is my favorite of all couples in town God bless you guyz ……

  61. Mz Tasha says:

    Girl, what happened to your mouth???