Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 3: Excuses Are Tools Of The Weak


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


Strength in Numbers


Where is this “nice” side coming from? I haven’t seen in it a while and due to the fact you refuse to film with me I guess I won’t see it anytime soon. It was sweet for you to take your sister out. I couldn’t tell you the last time I got my nails or feet done so I can definitely relate. I’m sure she really appreciated that and it shows you have a heart. That pretty much all I have to say about Evelyn besides the fact I almost dropped my “tea” when she said Kenya’s wig was “leanin’.”

I’m still confused, so I’ll just say you found negativity in a remark meant to help you. No,
Kesha didn’t want to work with you anymore in terms of using her company (which was her professional decision), but she was still willing to be there for you as was I on a personal level for support…and entertainment. Although it wasn’t shown, please remember your audition was very unorganized. I asked you about taking photos, resumes, asking them to perform/walk, etc. since it WAS a dance and modeling audition. You told them to freestyle and assumed they could learn choreography from doing the two step. You had no idea what to ask them. You wanted people there so much you had them coming in off the street asking “What is this? They just told me to come in.” FACT IS, sometimes you need to just sit back and listen instead of thinking everyone is a “hater.” If your dream is to become a successful performer you need to learn and find strength from those of us who have been there, still there and doing a pretty good job at our crafts. Kesha tried to help you, I tried to help you, and Tami also.

Speaking of Tami…Kenya, in that business meeting, at NO point should you have not been prepared to sing or dance. Me being a dancer, you had on a pretty loose fitting outfit. You could’ve asked me to perform and BABYYYYY I would’ve given you Janet Jackson and Alvin Ailey in 6 8 counts. So yes, you did do that bad but use it as a learning experience and do better! Please remember the phrase: “Excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent. Used to build monuments of nothingness. Those who excel in it seldom excel in anything else but excuses.”


Wow! I’ve always said there’s reasons for people to be so defensive and closed in. No, that does NOT excuse or condone their actions but it definitely gives you more patience and reason for trying to understand them. I love Tami, we are close, and to find out this information hurts but also makes me angry. I wish I could just give her a hug because as you will see I’ve been very vocal to her this season but I don’t think for one time I actually asked her WHAT HAPPENED to make her so angry and flip out. So many of us have been through something similar to this in our lives and we still find a way to fall apart instead of coming together. I am here for you Tami, you know that and you know me. Please try to find your strength in those who truly care for you and maybe then you will learn how to overcome such a tremendous obstacle.

Lastly, I don’t want SoberLESS Suzie to overshadow a huge charity event shown on last night’s episode. She was not invited but apparently showed up to “support me.” I beg to differ because rather than deciding NOT TO DRINK at an event meant to honor those involved in Preserve Our Legacy, her uninvited ass found a way to become drunk and ignorant. But, I digress. Preserve Our Legacy is an organization used to increase the knowledge of minorities and getting them to become bone marrow and cord blood donors. Minorities make up less that 10% of the bank and we are losing our children every day. I became a part of this organization because I have a four year old, and after hearing about Jaden whom the organization pushed for Jaden’s Law and the Jaden Hilton Initiative I was brought to tears. Jaden was three years old and after just three years of laughter, smiles and then pain he lost his life.

As a parent I can’t imagine trying your hardest to save your child’s life but due to the lack of knowledge in our culture, their life is cut short and taken. Please take a moment to visit for more information on becoming a donor or even possibly sponsoring an event in your town. We as a people have strength in numbers!!! It’s painless and it literally takes about 5-10 minutes out of your life to become register to SAVE A LIFE OF SOMEONE ELSE. What else could be more rewarding!

The surprise I was given last night was receiving Proclamation by the City of New York!

Until next week, I’m outtie!!!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I really like the way you stick tio your guns and that you don’t let “The Haters” change who you are. I am so gla your eyes have been open to side tallking Suzie, now that’s a heffa that needs to be slappped.
    Keep doing you Royce….Peace

  2. Cheryl Lee says:

    Royce, As I watch the show, I am learning that we as women go through life not realizing what cause and effect that we have on others, especially women of color. I like the fact that you stood true to not even giving in to needing friendship from ones that don’t or wont appreciate you, I commend you, that you are your own person and many want to be like you but don’t have the courage. I’m not a suzie fan, she is a bandwagon barbie and still is trying to find her way, Continue to be you, because there other person that you can be better than you….You Rock!

  3. Royce you are my favorite. i like you more than i like Shaunie, and Eveyln. To be real I only like you Royce, Tami and Jennifer the rest suck. They two-faced backstabbin tricks and i dont like them they are too fake! Royce for you to be the smallest out the group you got alot of strength. Your strong minded and mature. You better do it rise to the top girl. In their face! Especially Evelyn and Shaunie uhh I cant stand them two!

  4. lala says:

    I you wan’t to be taken seriously as a writer you need to edit your work and brush up on your English. Seriously!

  5. kimmie says:

    Royce started off Rocky and now you’re doing Great im so proud of you congrats on you getting the part in the play.

  6. Love says:

    i love you Royce keep doing you and do not listen to the HATERS they want to put you down but keep doing you. you the mean reason i watch basketballwives because you teach me so much about myselp and just want to take this time to tell you thanks and keep doing what you doing to be a help to others like me. God Bless you and your Families.

  7. royce i loved wat u just put on the VH1 blog u put it exactly how it is and i think it is a wonderful thing that u did at the charity, im glad u are back on season 4 of basketball wives u are one of the realist ones on the show , im looking forward to see more of you this season

  8. sylent says:

    I have a question, I just read an article that stated that Chad Ochocinco was married to some chic from a reality show, but isn’t he engaged to Evil-Lyn

  9. Aaysia says:

    I love that picture of Royce she seems to be going quickly up the success ladder especially in New York the land of plenty where dreams come true.

  10. candy says:

    you go royce you tell it like it is be a strong women that you are i love you girl

  11. Faith says:

    @ lala, You stated that Royce needs to edit her work, just check out yourself, here is your quote
    “I you wan’t to be taken seriously as a writer you need to edit your work and brush up on your English. Seriously!” Seriously lala, I you…. is that’s how you write and talk, check yourself 1st before you TRY to check a SUPERSTAR with MONEY and BRAINS….

  12. Faith says:

    Royce you are a wonderful and sweet young lady, keep it up!

  13. net says:

    Royce u never cease to a mays me. U are a true phony. U and Tami deserve each other. U are all about fame and fortune U could care less about anybody else. U r not real, u talked about Suzie being drunk, u and Eve, Tami, and Suzie belong together. LOL

  14. PJ says:

    I just wanted to tell Tami that she is extremely courageous for sharing her experience in this episode. I myself have similar experiences that I have never told anyone b/c I was a young teen at the time and the abuse came from a relative that I adored and put on a pedastal. I am 32 now and I have often felt that it was my fault b/c of my age at the time and that I must have done something to invite such behavior. Obviously, the logical part of me knows it isn’t true. I just wanted Tami to know that there are a lot of women with similar experiences who never talk about it and we are mad (for me its.. I feel shamed b/c I was so innocent) for whatever reason.
    Tami, I think you are very strong for sharing and I thank you. Please don’t feel like you are not a strong women you are!!!

  15. BasketballFan says:

    What’s up doe Royce? As always, loved your blog.. Lemme throw my three-cents off up in hurr… LMBO! Kenya, I fell so sorry for her because now she’s the new punching bag I see. Yeah she could’ve have kicked with Kesha in private, but to her defense, Kesha was kinda mean even if her heart was in the right place. I remember when you Royce were getting your fashion show together and how the girls treated you. I remember when the circle talked about Tami’ weave, clothes, and the whole foodstamp debacle, so I don’t understand why you and Tami can’t be a little more sympothetic to Kenya’s situation. Don’t get it twisted, brutal honesty is a good thing when it’s balanced with a few words of encouragement. I like Kesha, but I don’t know about her just yet. For her to get so offended by what Kenya said and not think she may have offended Kenya on TV about her craft is beyond me. Evelyn, I’m still on the fence about ole girl.. It’s going to take me a while to get use to this softer side of her beause she’s so darn evil at times…Tami, I love me some Tami Rroman and I’m proud of her for letting go of some of that hurt… That takes some bravery. I just hope she help Kenya and remeber she too was in a situation where everyone had something negative to say and it’s hard to hear constructive criticism when it’s drowned out by negativity.. Suzie, Suzie, oh basset hound Suzie… I’m really not liking her at all. she’s doing to much to be in that circle.. Finally, Shaunie, why is she there? It must be nice to be producer because she basicly sits back and does nothing. Basicly taking up space…As always Royce, I love reading your blogs and I like you’re straight up no chaser approach no matter who don’t like it or agree..Stay Up, Stay SWEET, and STAY BLESSED!

  16. BEN says:

    Royce sure is bout it bout it

  17. mecah jelks says:

    Royce, from day one you have been my favorite. at first it was your feisty swag then that daddy’s little girl smile, finally you just plain saying “I don’t give a damn!” Now that’s a statement worth printing on a tee. You may not be a wife yet but when you do finally take that walk your going to be great at it because you have what half of black women in America, a father’s love. Keep doing what you do Royce you deserve it all. I have a question, “what is your take on the “besties” breakup?”

  18. Miss I don't know anymore says:

    Royce, you are indeed whack as hell. I have no idea what Dwight Howard saw in you. Other than available pussy. You talk so much smack about Evelyn & Jennifer, but your ugly ass want to dress like them just a tad, but you just don’t have no clue how to put your fashion together. You want an athlete just like them and you wear the big ear-rings just like them. Girl stop frontin. You don’t favor nor resemble Lark Vorhiees from Save by the bell. Lark should smack you in your dark ugly face.

  19. exparte says:

    First off, Thank you FAITH for putting LALA on blast because I was thinking the same thing when I read that mess she typed!! LMAO! Anyway, Royce do u, u are one of my favorites on the show and I personally hope that you and Eve will get back cool again, not saying you guys have to be friends but just cool because she had some pretty nice things to say about you on her blog and the whole reason she wasn’t cool with you is because of weak ass Jennifer and trying to stick up for her “Friend”. Anyway, so proud of you! Keep up the good work;)

  20. carla franks says:

    I love royce she a beautiful girl and I love the way she carries herself a little edgie but still a lady that’s what you call class eveylnn

  21. krystle says:

    Royce from season one i always liked you always kept it 100%.

  22. BasketballFan says:

    oh yeah, one more thing Royce, it’s obvious kenya is a little green. Yeah, she’s a little un-organized and stuck her foot in her mouth. But again, she’s green/new to the game. Don’t hold it against her. It’s okay to keep it real, but at the same time, remember, you,Tami, Kesha, Shaunie, Evelyn, all of you are seasoned VETS. Kenya is most definately gonna make some mistakes. If you Royce, can understand Tami, SUZIE, EVELYN, AND JENNIFER, than you can have a little understanding for Kenya. That is, if, you’re not turning into one of the mean girls.. Kenya is from DETROIT noone knows what Kenya has been through to get where she has.. and the fact that she’s an engineer speaks volumes.You gotta be smart to be one of those… give Kenya the benefit of the doubt, she may just suprise you, and watch your back around Kesha, she seems like she might be something else… just my thoughts…

  23. Trish says:

    You go Royce!

  24. Stacey says:

    @Style, the article states that he was with Evelyn and Darrelle Revis (NY Jets football player)

  25. Stacey says:

    My post was for Sylent not Styles.

  26. Phyllis Faberge Johnson says:

    Good for you Royce… I see Shaunie is easing ….some positiveness onto the show….Good for anyone of you ladies that have it to offer. ;o)

  27. Shelly says:

    Royce please do not force fans to go south on you. You need your fans to be successful. Stay neutral regarding Kenya and Kesha. If you have negative thoughts, keep them to yourself or confront Kenya & Kesha face to face, without an audience. Because in the past all of old female cast members have left you out of their circle. Do not let Tami or any of the female cast members kick you off course. Your fan base is growing this season. Do not disappoint your fans. Tami & Evelyn have already done enough damage to themselves, now their fan base is dropping like dead flies.

  28. Patty says:

    Royce keep it real. Stay calm, stay away from Suzie and Tami, they do not have your best interest in heart. These two are trouble-makers. They are miserable and misery loves company. Watch your back. I would like to know, how can Tami be so very close to Evelyn (knowing Evelyn strongly dislikes Royce) and still be so very concerned about Royce?
    If I am correct, Tami & Evelyn had a hate thing going on between the two of them at one time. We love the cool, calm, and collective Royce. But, what we loved the most is how you handle your business during a confrontation.

  29. Sandra says:

    Royce you are doing so many good things!! Keep it up! You have a good heart!!

  30. Sheena says:

    Hey Royce I’m not sure if it is u who write your blogs but they do be straight I can’t say it any better mysel. Big ups to you on your career and personal life keep keeping it real with the blogs and continue to stay true to who u r and you can’t go wrong. Hate ur girl Suzie always did but it seems like u have wised up when it comes to her fake ass>>>

  31. laylay says:

    Great job Royce. Your time and support to is appreciated. We cannot help but to wish you much success. You have not had such a good relationship in the past with the old female cast members, but we believe you have lived it and learned from it. Suzie should be removed from the show. She is a trouble unhappy, insecure, negative, bad-mannered, desperate, and just plain messy. Suzie was very unsympathetic during the event, she ignored the fact that she was attending a charity event and not a party, Royce stays on the positive side by keeping your enemies close.

  32. Shun says:

    Typo- yourself*

  33. I LOVE ROYCE!!! says:

    I love you Royce…..I find it funny that Evelyn is sticking with Shady Shaunie and STILL not filming with you which I find just amazing…..Really! Shaunie and Evelyn…..grow up!

  34. I LOVE ROYCE!!! says:

    @lala……at NO time did Royce say she wanted to be a writer…..all she wants to do is give HER OPINION and THOUGHTS on the episode the viewers just watched! Should she do a better job at proofreader her blog…Yes, .but, does it matter to those who read Royce’s Blog. NO! It just a blog….not a book on the New York bestseller list…..take it for what it is …..a BLOG!

    HATER party on ONE!

  35. Char says:


    Thanks for this particular article/blog. I am a friend of Jaden’s grandmother and I was so very surprised to read about your efforts with Jaden’s Law. Excellent…Keep up the good work!

  36. ATL says:

    Royce do you but what the hell is wrong with Evelyn thirsty ass. She want Chad ass that bad she decide to settle for his bull—-! Really Evelyn get off Jennifer bra strap you hater and on Chad you know what!!!! Be bless Royce Oh yea stop talking to that dum ass Suzie.

  37. Venise says:

    Royce stay real and earn your $$$$ by staying clean and true. Keep Evelyn, Tami, Suzie & Shaunie at a distance. All of the female cast members are shady. I would not put an ounce of trust in them. They are all about the $$$$. Therefore, If making $$$ means they must fight, kick, step on, trap, or slap their closest friend to make that $$$, that is exactly what they will do.

  38. Tif Young says:

    Congratulations on your audition for the play.

  39. lynn says:

    Royce is a true friend to Tami. Unfortunately Tami is in no way a true friend to Royce. Tami can not be true to herself, therefore she cannot be true to anybody else. She looks so silly and immature chewing on gun and talking out of her head. Her personality stinks. Tami acts like a male and not a female. I think Tami is confused about her sexual preference. Because she definitely do not represent a real woman. Maybe Tami & Evelyn should hook up.