Suzie Ketcham Explains Why Drugs Are Bad On Big Morning Buzz Live


When Basketball Wives star Suzie Ketcham appeared on Big Morning Buzz Live today, she told quite the cautionary tale of why you should never do drugs. When she first walked on set, we noticed immediately that she has a new hair color, but perhaps more imperceptible are her new braces, which she got as a result of a serious jaw injury…which she got after a night of eating too many pot cookies. Suzie also discussed another night she spent partying a little too hard, the night of Royce‘s charity event where she got a little too tipsy. She tells host Carrie Keagan “I got there a couple hours early and I had too many drinks…I didn’t realize how loud I was.”

Suzie also gives her opinion on the rest of the cast, including her take on Jen and Evelyn, who she thinks will eventually be able to kiss and make up. IN-teresting…

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  1. AH says:

    Suzie is a dumb woman who can’t hold water. She tells everything the she hears. she is a dog who always has a bone to carry. I want someone to punch her in her face and knock her crazy self out. Why is she on Basketball wives anyway she was a girlfriend not even engaged to a basketball player. SHE IS A WANNA BE!!!!!!

  2. Dawn B says:

    No offense Suzie, but brains are not your strong point. You too have become a mean girl. You seem to forget what it is like to be the new girl who had to “interview” for friends and how bad most of these girls treated you. Now you are turning on the ones that stood by you through thick and thin and actually liked you for you and not what you could do for them. Karma is a b and it will come back around…do yourself a favor and just stay quiet..try not to tell everyone, everyone elses wonder you have no man in your life.

    Also, those people who talk about sex non-stop are normally the people who are not getting it. Just because some women choose to have a little class and not talk about every little thing they do in the bedroom does not mean they are prudes it just means perhaps maybe they like to be a classy woman and keep some stuff in their lives private. Tell me what is the reason you think the entire world wants to hear your sex antics? I think less people want to know than you think. I think you talk about sex all the time because you don’t get it….what man would want to be with you probably afraid you will tell the whole world everything you all did together..just seems stupid.

  3. Roxie says:

    Susie you look like a stupid fool that runs around starting trouble. You need to keep your mouth shut sometimes, but at the rate you going either you will be kissing much butt or getting you butt kicked just keep doing what you doing.

  4. arnease williams says:

    Suzie, are you a woman or a child. You run back and forth telling tales out of school. Why can’t you keep your mouth shut sometimes. It’s like you can’t wait to get with one group to hear what they have to say so you can run and report back to the other group. You really work my nerves. Sit down and act like an adult.