Basketball Wives Episode 4 Sneak Peek: She’s Quick To Flip


Everyone’s gossiping about everyone else in this week’s episode of Basketball Wives. We all know that Kenya‘s issues revolving around her video shoot have made her look like a walking disaster, but Suzie heard through her publicist that it’s even worse than we originally thought. Watch this sneak to find out all the ways that Kenya wanted to cut corners at her shoot (like serving Kool-Aid instead of liquor), and then watch as Kesha confides in Evelyn, which is going to cause some serious drama for her in the long run. Basketball Wives airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. trisha says:

    I am truely not understanding Suzie attitude nor Evelyns, Evelyn looks and acts as if she can’t find happiness so shes settling for anything with Chad, I call it a mid life crisis..The two new girls, well Kenya needs help, shes stuck in a time warp ,if she is trying to make it in the industry she needs to just go low budget all the way, and Kesha her voice is annoying. Royce needs to find herself to love before falling in love again, I feel her father, she doesn’t have to be sleeping with these men, but she is not allowing herself time to figure out what she really wants as of love from a man. I love Jen shes getting her life back on track ,dead the weights that are holding her down and keep it moving, she is entitled to feel that way when Evelyn tears keep falling on her shoulders over the same mistakes, thats called insanity, so for Jen to stay on track rid the crazy fokes including Eric washup behind he did a B…h move throwing that drink in her face. I want to know why none of the girls address Shaunie about the things she add on to the kaos at hand? Is Basketball wives of L.A coming out with a season 2?

  2. Love says:

    Now Tammi is at it again, with Kesha Nichols… Last time she went to trip in Italy, she insulted and physically hit Meeka for being too blacked skin and that’s why she was no longer renewed… As we know it dark skin doesn’t pay, as far as the media is concern… Now Tammi is starting with Kesha, because she is JEALOUS! Kesha is mixed beautiful light skinned girl and young,where Tammi is an old used up ghetto (THR = Tammi HoodRat Rammon). Now she wants us to feel sorry for her for being raped and abused, and try to justify her behaviour, so she can BULLY some of the girls… Kesha all you have to do is press charges and eventually she will try to put her hand on you, and just press charges and take her for the little money she doesn’t have…

    Tammi HoodRat Rammon get a live and stop BULLYING little girls, deal with girls your own age…

    Evelyn did disrespect you when she tore up the peace of court paper you were trying to hand her at dulce…

  3. Teresa says:

    Keisha you dont look BLACK, and you sound like a wannabe Kardashian with your snobby voice. I am disliking you intensely. Kenya just seems like she is trying to fit in, and Keisha thinks she is already in the circle. Tami is going to check her ass on that…

  4. Danielle says:

    Once again, a group of childish women! I thought this season would show or at least expose some of the positive things that they are doing. Instead they are increasing their ratings by making a spectacle of themselves. (The unnecessary arguments). Life is too short to even want to deal with all of their mess. Get some real basketball wives! Not ex-girlfriends nor ex-wives or soon to be football players wives.

  5. angel says:

    I have watched this episode and I was wondering where in the hell did kesha here that she wasn’t black enough when all i heard was her ask what Kesha’s race was. I didn’t here anything offensive about that.

  6. Disappointed says:

    Shaunie what happened? It’s so sad to see grown women acting this way. Tami says she is trying to deal with her anger issues but she has now teamed up with Evelyn to be the leader of “The Mean Girls.” It’s almost as if she has forgotten that she was once on the receiving end of Evelyn’s tirades. They are bullies who figure that the louder they get, the more they address others as Bi _ _ _ _ s the more airtime they’ll get. Oops wait a minute my bad they do get more airtime, It’s pathetic. Susie needs a muzzle, she obviously didn’t learn a thing from her time spent on the outside of “the circle.” Jen and Royce appear to be the only ones trying to do something constructive. I used to enjoy this show but now I just see it as a bunch of Ghetto women (most who are no longer girlfriends nor wives) behaving ignorantly. But that is just the opinion of one disappointed ex-fan. After all it’s all about the ratings.

  7. Lisa Griffith says:

    Jen, you need to learn how to fight. Kick Evelyn’s ass. She’s not really bad, thats why she keeps picking on you. You need to leave these ghetto chicks alone and find you some real friends. I hope to run into someday in NY. Stay strong both physically and mentally. Don’t let Eve’s trash talking, ghetto ass bring you down. You are better then that.