Win A Trip To See The Basketball Wives 4 Reunion, Courtesy Of Dave & Buster’s


Do you love Basketball Wives? Of course you do! Well, thanks to our friends at Dave & Buster’s, now you have a chance to meet them in person!

Entering the Basketball Wives Dave & Buster’s Sweepstakes couldn’t be easier. Simply go to and, using your Twitter account, follow @VH1 and retweet the following tweet: “Follow @VH1 & RT to win a trip to the #BasketballWives Reunion + Party Night @DaveandBusters!”. From there, you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize, which includes a round-trip airline ticket to the taping of the Basketball Wives 4 reunion later this spring, as well as three days and two nights hotel stay and five $100 Dave & Buster’s gift cards.

Before we let you go, here’s some shots of Royce, Suzie, Kesha and their friends hanging out at Dave & Buster’s recently. Enjoy!

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  1. Latavia says:

    I love the show and i admit to being a addict of watching the show. Im always wondering what happens next!

  2. Latavia says:

    Love the show!!!

  3. Narian S, Pankey says:

    I truly enjoy this Show. Tami is my favorite simply because she doesn’t change no matter who else enters the show. I do hope that your inward devils are vanquished. I was really surprised by Evelyn and Jen’s failed friendship, but in light of the reason for it, I shouldn’t be surprised. The spin off doesn’t begin to hold a candle and I wouldn’t miss it if it never returned. maybe the original has to visit the spin off and show them how the show is supposed to go.

  4. Leatra ahmad says:

    I love Basketball Wives.

  5. LaVonda Meredith says:


  6. LaFonda Smith says:

    I love the show. I look forward to watching Basketball Wives every Monday night it is like my Monday night Soap Opera

  7. LaTonia Leatherwood says:

    I love basketball wives!!!!!

  8. TERRI M says:

    Jenn>Bougie,Evelyn >fake, Shaunie>fake, Suzie>a trick n a drunk shank, Tammy> MY GIRL

  9. SUSAN PINCINS says:

    Love the show!!!!

  10. Annette C says:

    I like the show but Tammi really needs to take her old tired behind some where but I guest she needs the money. If she was my wife or mother I would tell her that enough is enough.

  11. Old fan says:

    Basketball wives was one of my favorite reality shows, but lately it has gotten ridiculous. Shawni I realize you are making your money, but this is really starting to make you look BAD. Think about your kids. Would you approve of your kids acting this way for a DOLLAR.

  12. Done says:

    I am officially done watching. Tami may be ‘real’, but who is she to treat people the way she does? ocho should be ashamed to be engaged to a ‘woman’ with the attitude and nasty mouth that Evelyn has. I’m not perfect, but I would never act the way they do on national television. Get some class….or don’t, I’m not watching.

  13. Jan says:

    Tami said she and the girls know how to conduct themselves when they are out in public…tonight’s show and Tami’s behavior proved that was a lie. She said she’s in a whole new place, Really? And the most pathetic thing is Tami tried to blame Keisha for her conduct. You’re a grown woman ( and I say woman very loosely cause you don’t act like one) Not so, she needs to really work on her anger and her behavior. She thinks the world revolves around her and everybody has to act like she wants them to act. The majority of the girls, well let me name them, TAMI, Evelyn, Suzie, and Royce act like junior high girls.. Someone comes to them and talks to them about someone and they can’t wait to run and tell what was said instead of stepping back and letting those two indivduals work what ever differences out they have. Keisha called you all women, but you’re not you are girls who have anger issues, gossip, and don’t know how to show some self control.Keisha gave Tami more respect than she really deserved. Tami is a bully who is out to attack because she is insecure and in pain. She and Evelyn need to leave reality tv and get their lives together because eventually they will explode and go down a road they will truly regret. All of you have children and they are the most important thing and you are not good role models for them and Jehovah God created you for so much more. Satan is really ruling.

  14. I always want to see the life of the basketball wives , Because u never hear about the women in there life , U just hear about the basketball player and I think it was time to hear the wives point of view, Because everybody have this misconception that they live did life of luxury , But they go throw lies, pain, hurt, Why the basketball player get all the glory, When the wives is the one holding everything down!!! I’am so proud of the Basketball wives for telling there story!!!

  15. Nae says:

    Horrible!!!!! I used to like this show in the beginning but now it is just so drama filled. Everyone is saying that Tammy is so real, try a real disappointment. She does not set an example for her daughters and no one else’s daughters for that matter. And the others where do I start…Evelyn is sickening, Shaunie is just as childish because she will throw a rock and hide her hand. Suzie is just a blame idiot. They carry messages back and forth like some freaking kids. I didn’t do crap like that is high school. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed in drama filled ignorance that has become everyday tv. (ugh) So you are real because you say the first thing that comes to your mind. It really shows how ignorant some people are and the ladies had the nerve to get upset when Kesha talked to them like children. All I can say is people treat you how you act. I am glad that Jennifer is being so mature. If being mature is the same as boushie these days well sign me up. I will take boushie any day. Jennifer handle your business I am proud of you girl. I am so concerned about the world that my six year old has to grow up in. There seems to be no positive role models, particularly women, on tv right now. These ladies may need to watch TI and Tiny’s show for a better idea of what reality tv is about. They seem far more realistic. I know…I am going off on a rampage but I am very disappointed in how these ladies are acting.

  16. Nae says:

    I must have been typing my message at the same time that those of you from 9:00 on down were typing yours because I truly thought that I was the only one who felt this way. This show is an absolute waste for any adults with real lives. I agree with Done after tonight I am officially done with watching this show.

  17. I love the Basketball Wives show. Everytime I watch the show I can’t get enough. The ladies are so interesting that I hate that I have to wait a week to see the next episode. I make sure I do not miss any episodes by recording them on my DVR. I love the stylish attire the ladies wear and their hair styles. I would love to meet these ladies in person.

  18. jo ann oliver says:

    love basketball wives !!

  19. Wan says:

    When the original shows aired there was something entertaining about the show. As time has went on I’m beginning to feel quite embarrassed as to how these women (as primarily black women) are being portrayed. I would really like to see women in general displayed in a more positive manner. But I guess then there wouldn’t be a show!

  20. ALISHA says:


  21. Me'shell Jolley says:

    I <3 the show n on the edge of my seat. I luv u ladys for allowin me to follow u evry wk.

  22. Zadous Pollard says:

    I loooooooooooove basketball wives! I watch faithful! I play college basketball myself so I relate so well with them! Please pick me!!

  23. Cherita Rose says:

    I love Basketball Wives. I’m sad that Evelyn and Jennifer are not speaking anymore..but it is what it is.

  24. Taylor says:

    I watched the horrible episode last night and I was truly disgusted!!!! When those old birds attended the charity event, they sat there like a bunch of 80 year olds!!!! Would somebody please refer Tammy to Dr. Drew as she’s in serious need of help!!!! Shawnie, it’s time to hang it up boo…where are your kids? You would rather travel the world, creating drama with those tired hethens, mean mugging everyone rather than watch your kids grow!!! As for Ev…she needs anger management and mark my words, the cops will be called to her and Chad’s house daily due to her fighting! Chad better have a separate bank account available because she’s going to have plenty of law suits because she like to hit and throw things at people! Susie, whay can I say…she behaves like a little high school girl…there’s something mentally wrong with her! Go Royce and Jenn…you girls are doing your things!!!!

  25. Jasmine says:

    Love the show…

  26. sonia dokes says:

    I am the shows biggest fan and always party at dave and buster’s

  27. I have retweeted followed and i am a serious Basketball wives junkie.God help me

  28. Ashley says:

    I love the show. It would be nice to see the cast of basketdall wifes.

  29. Cassandra says:

    I would love to win.

  30. trish4real says:

    It is official Kenya does have some talent, Suzie has nothing to offer that is why she is jealous and hating on Kenya. I can’t wait until Tami gets her long chicken neck next week. She so bad when she is talking about Kenya she is a wanna be bully, with her scary self……

  31. Valerie says:

    I love the show so much!!!!!!!!!

  32. SOULSISTER says:


  33. No more says:

    At the beginning, I thought perhaps this was going to be a show worth watching but as time has gone on, I am ashamed that it’s still on the air. Not only have they disgraced Black women but women period!!! All of them, including Shaunie are a bunch of no class, low rent, gutter mouth, insecure little girls!! Tami, there is nothing cute about the way you act…you should be ashamed at your own behavior, but like they said, trash will do anything for a dollar and I guess you are proving that to be true. Evelyn, Really!!! You are no better than your BFF (Tami “gutter rat’). Both of you all act as if you have no home training!!! Perhaps you don’t!!! Suzie…two words for you, “GROW UP.”
    You are not 15 anymore!! Start asking as if you are a mother and not on your kids level. So, after seeing the last show, I will no longer watch BBW MIami!!! Wendy williams you are correct. No decient human being act in this matter, Slapping people, Walking on tables, calling people out of there names because (Tami’s vocabulatory is limited)!.

  34. marirlyn moffit says:

    love you guyz

  35. Suqaiyah says:

    Ever since I started watching basketball wives season 1, I have been hooked and still continue to be a watcher! Keep it coming Tammy!!!!

  36. I love Tami and is very relatable with her. (whats aired). would not watch the show if it wasnt for her. Tami is simply my favorite.

  37. winnlu says:

    no thank you. its bad enough to see the ignorance on t v, don,t want to see it up close and personal. you can take tthe girls out of the ghetto ,but you can,t take the ghetto out of the girls. that,s for tami and evenlyn, please send them to anger management. then put them in class to teach them how to behave like a lady. shaunie you should be ashamed to have any connection to this travesty. the love of money makes you lose your sense of how you are exploiting these women. shame! shame! shame!

  38. SANDY says:

    I love the show all the ladies have their own opinion about each but that it what make us better. I think Evelyn and Jen’s are just upset with each other right now 14 years of friendship that should be worth fighting for. I love Tami she is so cool she remind me of myself cut the B.S we keep it real.

  39. Yolanda says:

    I know the show makes for good entertainment, but it is very upsetting to witness the demise of a friendship in any arena. I have seen the ups and downs between Evelyn and Jennifer and I think it is time for a truce. You have been friends for so long and have been there for each other through so many things and from what was publicized to me the good definitely outweighs the bad. If Christ can forgive our sins then far be it for the two of you not to forgive each other. The media is totally responsible for finding vulnerable areas, preying on your weaknesses and pushing the wedge between you.. let it go! You are bigger and better than that. Don’t let them win.

  40. shamika says:



    This would be fun to win….

  42. CUPPIE LOVE says:

    This crew is hard, I would love to meet them because more often than not each of them will pull something stupid out of the air, at first Evelyn was telling demanding Jennifer not to be Royce’s friend niow look at this retarded Evelyn HoZoda, Uggggh she gets me.

  43. Candi says:

    I have been a fan of the show since the very begining it would be an honor to attend the reunion show, please grant this wish.

  44. i would like to win im fan of basketball wives all the seasons

  45. rosie says:

    lov it..

  46. SISTERS says:

    The Basketball Wives 4 Reunion, Courtesy Of Dave & Buster’s

    We would never accept an open invitation to have dinner with Chad & Evelyn or try to win a chance to attend The Basketball Wives 4 Reunion, Courtesy Of Dave & Buster’s.
    We would not be able to enjoy ourself for watching and waiting for Evelyn to get mad about one of Chad’s female friends offending her. Next, would come her screaming profanity at the top of her voice, throwing dinner plates, wine glasses, and jumping on a table in rage (too funny and very sad).

  47. MAKE THEM IRRELEVANTtoo small to see) says:

    Jennifer you should keep Evil Evelyn’s name out of your mouth. Why are you not focusing all of your energy in your business and yourself? The viewers are aware that you have done some dirty deeds and gossiping too. Clean up your act, grow up, and stay away from the messy and nasty circle (Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami). I would never lower my standards to mention any of these four females’ names in any conversation period. They should be totally gone, forgotten, and invisible. Keep it moving. I must say, if you were smart you would not trust Suzie period. She is a faker, snaker, and snitch. I am a viewer and when I am out and I hear conversations about BBW, I listen, but I do not join in on the conversation period. I am too ashamed to let anyone know that I have watched such a violent show. However, after the last episode I am finished. Because I found myself disturbed and thought about things that would definitely lower my standards if spoken. If Evelyn and her crew wants to be IRRELEVANT, then make that happen by making them totally invisible/ too small to see.

  48. BOBBYE says:

    VH1 STOP THE VIOLENCE, Tami & Evelyn must practice self-control or be removed from the show. We cannot believe VH1 offered Evelyn a contract with Ocho, this proves to the viewers that VH1 supports violence. BBW has highly upset viewers everywhere, due to Tami and Evelyn’s violent verbal & physical attacks. VH1 must STOP THE VIOLENCE or petitions and boycotts will take place around the globe. Because our children are watching (college students). Parents across the globe are pushing for LAWS to STOP BULLYING in schools and STOP BULLYING in communities, while adults on NATIUONAL TV are participating in and supporting such criminal behavior.

  49. Frank Winter says:

    Have a great day.

  50. ilka says:

    cant wait to see them… im from miami .

  51. Harriette says:

    @SISTERS, @MAKE THEM IRRELEVANT (too small to see) , great posts.

  52. pamela gwinn says:

    You must enter a comment

  53. Niecy says:

    Tami, needed to check Suzie at shaunie birthday dinner gathering but Tami is wrong about the way she came at Keisha. I don’t think Evelyn in any way tried to start anything between Keisha & Tami “at all.” Evelyn merely attempted to defuse Keisha’s thought about the way Tami questioned her ethnicity and Tami was upset wit that. Keisha wasn’t talking behind Tami’s back. Understand ” Keisha is the new chick trying to fit into this already webbed circle; so she was trying to gain some insight on how to deal with this very uncomfortable comment made to by the already circled Tami in this group. She didn’t mean any harm in asking Evelyn on how to deal with the discomfort of Tami’s questioning. Relationships with girlfriends can be just as intricate then a love between a man & women; if not more!!! Evelyn’s feeling are very much hurt but she just needs to lay the cards out with Jen. & rekindle sista hood. Evelyn’s pride has been hurt & very much understood @ the reason why, but Evelyn really cares for (Jen) who does deserve’s a pop in her mouth for the things she’s said about Ev’s relationshop but she really does care for Jen. So Jen. Step up and sincerely take the beaten @ Evelyn be the big sis u have been to Jen and swallow Jen’s girlie immaturities by telling her where she went wrong becuz she obviously too immature to have seen it! But once u check her let it go and advise her ” that!” A situation as such can’t happen again!
    Right now!!! Evelyn obviously isn’t ready to part ways from Jen soooo Evelyn must go about it a different way or Evelyn wouldn’t feel the need to continuously take jabs at Jen every chance their in the same room.

  54. Edward Jameson says:

    I refuse to watch these foul mouth, ghetto fabulous hoes. What a waste of air time and affront to “Black Womanhood”, I’m done…

  55. sheniqua johnson says:

    i love basketball wives especially evelyn n tami because they keep it real no matter what and i keep up with all the seasons

  56. Alfonso Arce says:

    Love to see the wives shoot hoops

  57. Georgette Ingram says:

    I love the show. I only continue watching it is because I love to I see what they are wearing. Im thinking they COULD be the classify girls from the hood. I think they are all to pretty to talk to each other the way they do. Tami’s a bullie. Why everybody must explain how they feel about her. So what!!!!.. Who you??? Shawnie the punk, an the classie one of all . She keeps it moving. Evelyn is beautiful. No class, an a dum beauty. My man better not even think he can keep me an tell me he wants that other girl. She lose all respect when she excepted that mess. Evelyn you can get another man that will love you unconditional . Royce has grow up this season, an is a lady all the way. Susie is still daa..

  58. Netta says:

    Basketball wives is one of my favorite shows.

  59. Melissa Houser says:

    I have been a huge huge fan of the show since day 1!!!! I would so love it if you would pick me to be in the audience! Please Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Beverly says:

    I just sat through another episode of Basketball Wives and was disappointed again at the level of immaturity these females continue to display. I like that Jennifer is standing up to Evelyn. It’s hard to believe they used to be friends for eleven years and is now allowing a male to come between their friendship; mister pink pants/yellow shirt/red tennis shoes-wearing Chad Ochocinco, of all people! I think the show should get rid of Tammi, Suzie, Evelyn and Kenya, they are messy and an embarassment to women. I don’t like bullies and people who throw sucker punches and run like Evelyn and Tammi have done. They are cowards and I don’t like them. And the cursing Tammi and Evelyn do reminds me of something my older brother used to say to me when I was a teenager and used to curse a lot: “people who curse a lot don’t have a large enough vocabluary to express themselves intelligently so they result to cursing.” They sound like gutter trash with all the foul language they use. I can see why Tammi’s husbad left her! Royce has become my number one favorite and I’m liking Keysha as well. Shaunie is nuetral and can swing with whomever she happens to be with at the time. I can also tolerate Jennifer, she’s not messy and as confrontational as Tammi and Evelyn are. The next fight I see I’m removing this program from my schedule and won’t be watching it anymore. I’d like to see some classy, intelligent women who are doing positive things and not going to have drinks, lunch, dinner and talk about eachother with messy gossip. I expected more from these females. I’m sure they are an embarassment to their daughters. I’m embarrased for their daughters. Signed: No Longer A Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  61. Joanne says:

    How old are Tammi, Evelyn and Suzie? 12? I think Keysha has class, I like her. I like that she told Tammi that calling her b***h, b***h, b***h, was “so sad!” It was sad, sad, sad and dumb, dumb, dumb. I don’t think Tammi is that bright and doesn’t know how to have an intelligent conversation with someone; that’s why she is so confrontatonal. She’s in her comfort zone when she’s combative and wants people to come down to her level in order to communicate with her because she can’t come up to their level. Royce has come up in this series and I’m liking her. She’s doing positive things with her life. Kenya is a joke. I already envision the girls taking advantage and walking all over her. This show isn’t fun this series. It’s tacky and full of negative and unnecessary drama! I miss Gloria from the first series. She had class too.

  62. Patricia Baltodano says:

    I love this women, some of them more than other of curse, I would love to be there to see them face to face ..

  63. david butler says:


  64. Tiffany Esparza says:


  65. Kim says:

    This show is pure comedy, love it.

  66. PRECIOUS says:

    I would love to attend the Reunion of this Season because of the two new girls, 1st Tammi knows that she knows better than to question someone’s race that $hit is past awful, even for Tammi it’s foul. 2nd Tammi knows when a person is a professional and when they are in the up & coming stages, so to go to the rehearsal/taping and criticize this nuttier than nutts girl was wrong.

    Evelyn I would ask her “who does she think died and left her queen” bcuz the jewels in her crown are tarnished. From Season 1 Evelyn has fought with every co-star, starting with Royce, Gloria, Meeka, Susie, Tammi (4 having sex w/Tammi’s husband, she said Tammi was insecure& hearing things) now all of a sudden Evelyn & Tammi are bestties child please. Furthermore Evelyn all of a sudden just hates Jennifer, it was Jen who was ALL the way up her @ss during Season 1,2,3 until Jen said Chad is a media hore. Well he is and he’s a street hore too. When a man tells you he’s gonna bring a woman into yo house with you’re there get busy and let’s you know you can join in, what type of impression does that leave for Evelyn’s wits……S T U P I D as H E L L !

    Man it would truly mean a lot to me to watch the Reunion & I pray John Sally is NOT the host this year bcuz he doesn’t ask the right questions, he skips over important issues, he doesn’t reply to answers to questions or get the ladies individually to express their answers, However he is what he is…… and if he’s deemed the host I’d still like to join the cast for the Reunion, it would be an honor.

  67. Jay Hamilton-Wright says:

    Reality TV + Entertainment = Basketball Wives! Thanks VH1…Something to look forward to after a long day of work.

  68. ZANA DELSORBO says:


  69. lisa harris says:

    i really want to win

  70. From Cali with Love says:

    I really don’t mind the drama this ladies bring to the table. It is actually fun to watch that even money can’t completely change you. I love Tammi, Evelyn, Suzie and Royce is the reason I watch this show. With out them I think the show wouldn’t have show. Jennyfer well you know no matter of a man or not, friendship should really stick together. And to be honest Jennyfer does seem very confuse of what Evelyn is trying to get across. Shaunie is amazing of how she stays so calm, and I just love of this woman that keep real.


  71. Janay Flewellen says:

    I love this show! I’ve been watching it since the first season…Love the fashion too especially the earrings :) I would love to win a trip to see the reunion it should be very entertaining

  72. nikita renae says:

    I really hope I win @Kita Renae, I’ve went thru a lot this year with my mother passing from cancer and my dad going into a mental institution because of her passing. I just need somegthing good 2 happen in my life right now.

  73. Terry says:

    I don’t get it? These women are so beautiful, but their attitudes make them ugly. This show in no way reflects the identity and nature of Beautiful Black Queens. Its been often said that black women have bad attitudes. Now this show gears towards confirming it? NOT! These women are selfish and self-centered. They demand respect but give none. They have a priviledged life but seem so unhappy by displaying short fuses. Anything sets them off. To get dressed up and go to classy places and drink to the point of hostility, leaving yourself no other choice but to lanch out, never giving thought to who’s present (someones mother, grandmother, etc…), is terrible. I am so ashamed. You’ve been given a voice, and this is how you choose to use it? I pray that our young girls don’t take on the examples that you’re setting. Its a gang initiation. Meet the approval of the lynch-mob and maybe we’ll let you hang with us. We look down on folk. Thats what we get together to do. What kind of real man is attracted to this kind of woman?
    What do your Moms think? Even more important, What does God think? Of all the things to portray in a very public forum, Nasty, unacceptable behavior sells. I’m ashamed, really ashamed. Try encouraging, helping or even blessing for a change. That’s probably too boring for yall. Anywho, do what ya do.

  74. Donald Cormier says:

    Should be fun

  75. Snay says:

    Love to see the wives shoot !! :)

  76. Kay Star says:

    You must be kidding me! Even if I registered and won a trip to sit in that dumb audience to watch and hear all of that bull that’s going to go down, I would tear my ticket up! I would rather be anywhere but there! Disgusting!

  77. Janice Reilly says:

    Would love to win this contest!

  78. REALbballwife says:

    Va’Shaundya Nelson.

    Now THAT is FUNNY!!!!!

  79. Denna says:

    Hello, Ladies I love the entertainment keep up the good work and keep 100o matter what your going threw.

    God Bless

  80. Maria Grant says:

    Love the show, wonder who knows how to shoot hoops and who will miss them all.

  81. ljdukes says:

    who in the hell is evelyn ,she and tami that everything has to meet their excpectations

  82. T. Bone says:

    I just want to add, before I call it a night, Tammi Roman, I love u. You r my girl. I first became aqauinted w/ u from the Real World, and I LOVED u! Why, it’s in the title of the show, usa real one baby, a REAL one. So, it makes me no never mind what people say about you. You keep it 100 and that’s what I love and appreceiate about you.
    I’m glad that ur feeling better and I’m loving the fact that u have taken the inititive to work on urself, and get to the bottom of all the anger, which a lot of times, for the most part, turns out to be hurt and pain that has festered and manifest into anger. Just remember, nobody’s perfect. We all have sinned and come short of God’s glory.
    Have a blessed and peaceful night.

  83. T. Bone says:

    Oh! Almost forgot…. I would love to win a trip to meet the girls, mostly Tammi, Royce, Jennifer, Shaunie, and the rest. I’ve had such a rough yr. w/ my grandmother’s (who raised me) passing and then, 29 days latter, my brother (whom I was extrememly close) passed away w/ sickle-cell anemia. We, he and I both, were born w/ this horrid disease. Talk about painful!!
    I was already dealing w/ depression, but loosing the only two people on earth that loved me unconditionally and had my back no matter what…. (crying now) It’s still very fresh. I will NEVER get over loosing them. It’s like I lost my whole family and now, I’m in this world alone, w/ nobody to turn to but God. If it was not for God, I don’t know where or what… Bless Him!

  84. Tasha Spain says:

    Basketball wives is my favorite show I look really look forward to the show very Monday

  85. pam says:

    Omg Evelyn u r so angry

  86. yuzetta anderson says:

    It will be an awesome opportunity for me & my girls to come! I believe my group of friends remind me of evryone on the show including me!

  87. I love the show!!!! ready for the next season to start!!!!!

  88. Giana says:

    I love basketball wives every monday I tune in and laugh my butt off! Evelyn is crazy she looks like her eyes are about to fall out her eye socket shes so upset. Especailly when she and jen how you gunna come out of no where and hit that girl with your bag she was ready to fight lol and kesha whoa she was about to be swiming in wine becuase Evelyn was about to handle her. How you not remember nothing you say but remember what everybody else says and then smile in the chick face smh that deserves a butt whoppen lol that girl is so lost she just needs to carry a notebook around or a tape recorder and write down what she says I have never met nobody who cant remember what they said but they can remeber what the chick next to her said. Lol she just didnt wanna get her butt whopped lol Basketball wives makes our lives look so amazing lol

  89. Del says:

    OMG……come on Evelyn you are way too pretty for all of this. I wish you were as pretty and sincere on the inside as you are on the outside. Please pause and take a break from the drama. You are way too much!! I pray for you often. I am so happy to see that Tami is seeking help for her anger issues and facing it like a REAL WOMAN…..I love you Tami!!

  90. Lanice says:

    Where can you purchase tickets to go see the reunion, or do you have to enter a contest?

  91. linda says:

    I have always wanted to meet the basketball wivies in person, hope my wish comes true!

  92. kristie says:

    I really want to win this trip

  93. Yvette says:

    Why do they have to gang-up on one person ALL the time. This is so juvenile.

  94. OsoBlessed says:

    I have been watching you all for a while now. I have come to one agonizing conclusion, Yall ladies are nothing but Ghetto acting snobs. I have never seen a bunch of women who use such language on TV and fight as much as you all do. If I had a daughter I would not allow her to watch this show, I wouldn’t want her to think that this is acceptable behavior for women. if you all are not scheming to get at one girl, then you are ganging up on another. I have not seen where you all do anything positive with your money you obtained by marrying ballers or being girlfriends to ballers. What do you all do besides drink alot, and throw parties. Is this what having money all about. This show is a waste of air time

  95. veronica says:

    there need take all those women that never been marrige to basketball player.Evelyn need be take off show .she laid low and spread wide lots basketball . playerShe season meat she need said .her behind down .Very nasty month to be woman.dont have no class.Just want said.I am glad jennifer went her way she good..Suzie want be friend with everybody she all over the place.try keep friends there going turn on her next. It come

  96. Inez says:

    I enjoy the crazy ladies especially my girl Tammi a very well spoken fearless woman who say what means and what says.. My coworkers say we are alike in many ways well I say go for what you know girl. Let them know you don’t take any well you know what I mean. Well Evelyn well well well she is the drama queen and its always got to be about her in the show lately, get married and stay quiet. Suzie she is a messy mess maker and sometime loud drunker.Jenn you got it going on but babygirl loose the wanna be more than you are. Royce you are a very nice individual and I like you. Kenya girl stop trying to be like Jen and wear your hair like Tammi and believe you cannot and I repeat not dance. Shaunie you the only sane one on the show. Keisha the jury is still out on you, still trying to figure you out Ms. Country.

  97. Lakiesha Joichin says:

    I really enjoy Basketball Wives every season an I really wanna win the tickets…………

  98. butherfly says:

    I’m with precious the majorty are classless. Evelyn is stupid to allow ocho to say things like,can he bring other women in her camp, hell naw igga! Eve let him know he is dealing with a queen,but sweety you have to know your a queen. Tammi i,m glad your in counseling, because you have been deeply wounded. Heal baby heal! Royce because of your dad you are headed in the right direction. Kuddos to your family. Kenya let your resume speak for itself, former ms Michigan,BS and master in engineer, hello. Keysha stay classy and Susie get a backbone dang girl. Jen do you and keep it moving. Shaunnie I see you girl get that paper but don,t make our women look to bad:( Remember your raising a young lady.
    Love from the”D”

  99. Jeannen says:

    Tamia you are my girl lets just keep it real. How can you talk about Kenya it wasnt to long ago when you came on the scene wearing rainbow dresses and that bold Dora explore weave.

  100. April says:

    I love this show. I talk about all the ladies as if they were my own girlfriends. I always have to pick a side, whether its wrong or right the side with the most drama usually wins. Also I love that fact the show has a crazy person on it now, it adds nuts to the hot wasabi. You gotta love the kitten heels.

  101. Love Basketball wives,TI and Tiny really all the shows

  102. pat says:

    Basketball wives is anoyher jerry springer…………

  103. michelle says:

    Really Nia and Evelyn need to grow up and act like ladies. Why are they so pressed with Jen. They are being immature. I feel Jen has every right to ignore them, this is why they’re acting childish. Every where they go its drama. Sick of all these women. Guess that’s what makes the show, however enough Evelyn-let it go. You’re no role model for being a good friend. You should deal with Jen without all the other women. I wish the show would stop this jumping over the tables, taking the earrings off, cursing every minute it really makes black women look bad! Miami is looking like a hot ghetto mess!

  104. Priscilla Greene says:

    I agree with ccbaby37 Evelyn needs to act like a lady!!!! I’m very disappointed with the basketball wives this season. I’ve been a loyal fan since the show started. Now, they are more violent then the thugs in the city I leave in. I say call Evelyn thug wife!!!! I’m very disappointed with Shawny and Tammi for following Evelyn, it makes them look like thugs themselves. I thought these were women of class. I have been around women who were married to proballers and they sure didn’t act like Evelyn. I say vote her off the show. TALK ABOUT SET AN EXAMPLE!!!!!! Just to think they have children!!!

  105. Act like a lady says:

    I’m very disappointed in the direction this show has gone. I remember, during the first season the ladies portrayed themselves as classy, sophisticated and poised. Now, Shawny has allowed these ladies to change the perspective of basketball wives. I would love too see these ladies in a waiting to exhale setting , where everyone is getting along. The ladies are laughing, crying and parting together and having a true discussion that women love too talk about. However, it horrifies me to see strong ethnic women throwing bottles and acting ghetto and uncensored. It seems as though Royce is the only one trying to avoid confrontation with the other ladies and she seems to have the most class on this show. Wow! Ladies, I implore you, please put down the bottles and put more emphasis in helping your community, because that resonates more with your viewers than busting your cast members upside the head with a bottle. Let go of the angry and pray!

  106. MeMyseld&I says:

    VH1 – I can not believe your company support this disgraceful show. Shauni – you ought to have enough money from your divorce, but the continuous of this drama, distasteful, group of bullies changes your face to me all together to me. How could you allow Jennifer to be hit and pretend you did not know what was going to happen. Let’s keep it real, would you have wanted some one to do that to one of your kids, who entire life has been previledged…NO you wouldn’t. You are the one she be suing, you caused that and allowed it to happen.
    And Tammy – PLEASE, stop pretending you are a peace maker, you are the bully of the show, and truly you have not met your match apparently. But I am sure you are aware what goes around comes around. You disgust me with your BULLY and drunk approach to everything. I invite you to my zone, I have had issues greater than your, yet bullying has not been my choice. Why hurt others cause you have been hurt, is that a good feeling? Think about that because you have daughters.
    I am not into this reality mess, but turning the t.v. on and seeing this is so awful and to think that girl Jennifer thought you all were her friends, who in the room helped her or even tried. Haters, is what you all looked like and because of what, she is the same Jennifer you guys met from day one. Let’s be real of course Jennifer is no saint, who is? But did she really deserve that? If I was her I would not have anything else to do with any of you, because you all have no idea of what friendship, celebrity is at all.
    VH1 – needs revenue is a more positive way.

  107. One says:

    Evelyn, you are very trashy and not scarring anyone, but your make up artist, when that vein shoots down your big head. You really are making your self look foolish and insecure. You are obsessed, let it go. Make peace with Jen or leave it alone, it’s obvious you miss her friendship. Jen did better than me because I would have not apologized to you at all, especially when you were in the wrong. Just let it go, you wasn’t crying at Jen words with her arguing with your assistant you was crying cause you miss her, let’s be 100%. You really should remember what and who was there, don’t be bought forever, WAKE UP – because soon your reality t.v. is going to take a turn kido.

  108. Colletta says:

    Did you see her???? I’m talking about that WILD CHILD…EVELYN!! She is like a wild animal! I don’t know what man wants that for a wife. She is totally embarrassing.. Even Tami has calmed down and began to act more “ladylike.” However, I don’t know if there is any hope for Evelyn. She is straight up and down G-H-E-T-T-0!! I mean is anyone supposed to just sit back and take that abuse??? I see that the show’s contract has them basically agreeing to “assume the risks” of any physical and emotional abuse. “Assumption of the Risk” is a defense in any NEGLIGENCE TORT. However, it is no defense to an INTENTIONAL TORT, such as Battery and/or Assault! And…if they are implying that the Cast members have “consented” to any physical or emotional abuse that might occur…well, that too is vitiated when the Conduct ‘EXCEEDS” the consent. I’m glad that Jennifer is suing for Battery…Perhaps they will understand that you cannot just go around hitting people willy nilly..without any consequences!

  109. Colletta says:

    Tami…I just want to say that I am proud of you. You are behaving in a more ladylike, self-controlled manner. You look softer…You look more beautiful!

  110. Evelyn and the Teenagers says:

    The ladies hating on Jen big time. They posse up against her, attack her, and then Evelyn talks about people looking down on people…really…I heard her putting down Royce about her clothing and called her a bum b….. several times. She also talked and laughed about the other teenager Tami for the same reason. Shaunie comes across the fake teenager. Tami the fake bully teenager. Nia the angry project teenager. Need to rename the show…Evelyn and the teenagers produced by the Shaunie.

  111. LIke to watch and see someone else have drama in there life besides me LOL!

  112. Harry says:

    Shaunie and VH1 should pull the plug on this show if they cannot get it together. We need a Positive show with a lot less drama. The violence and arguments are embarrassing.
    This show has become the last show I would watch and the first time I wanted to post something about a show. Just Stop the violence!!!

  113. Ms. T says:

    This years show is the wrose!! Evelyn is acting like a teen!! I wonder when she watches the show how does she feel. Mine you she has a daug. Where is her class??? Maybe she thinks its in the things she wears. Jennifer has moved on and it seens like Evelyn has a promblem with it. What grown lady with class jumps across a table?? Come on now.. This show is not showing anything postive, I see why the lady 2 year ago got off. There othe way of making money than sellimg you self to the devil!!!!!

  114. i would love to win this contest i love the show

  115. me says:

    Boycott this show sign the petition at www, (takes 30 secs) Join the movement of promoting black women in a more positive image and not promoting violence.

  116. Marva Gibson says:


  117. Ireta says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments….Let me give you my take on these so called women….You all, Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, Nia and Susie….I am through watching this show. You are like a bunch of bullies, and your silence when all this goes down, says you agree! Grow Up Ladies and get off the air….You just lost a fan.

  118. Julie says:

    Tammy is a BULLY! She gets mad at people who file lawsuits or call the police and said they’re snitches. BUT didn’t she try to file a lawsuit against Evelyn? She’s the biigest hypocrite on the show! Get rid of this bully! And all you sit there at the table when she bullies keysha and said nothing!!!!!!

  119. OMG says:

    OMG! I am sick and tired of hearing these “ladies” using the word relevant. These girls are looney. Do they think they possess the power of relevance or conferring relevance on someone else??? What insane God complexes these trippin’ girls have. Excuse me delusional ones God makes everyone relevant…not you!!!! What a turn off.

    Jen, lose these haters and rage machines. Their egos are way too large and it won’t be long before the helium in their heads begin to spew out of their over inflated craniums.

  120. CDJohnson says:

    Susan is the snake to be watched. She has no life and loves to carry tales back and forth keeping things stirred up and tempers flying. Maybe if she got a man instead of always talking about sex she would find a life.

    Shauni, Evelyn and Tami are much too old to act like bullies all the time. Teach the younger ones how to become better women instead of always bullying the younger ones and showing how ignorant they are.

  121. Jezebel-BELL says:


    I read your bio and Jen’s and I now realize the issue you have with Jen. You come fom the projects and Jen comes from upscale New Jersey. The problems started long before you got to the show. And I realize why Tami is so angry…she was married to money but left with no money because of a prenup, hence the comment about food stamps. NOW I UNDERSTAND!!!

  122. classyact says:

    Tammy Roman is a complete classless piece of trash. She needs therapy and anger management issues are the least of her problems. She has alcohol issues and she needs to be committed. Whatever ‘world’ she comes from, she needs to go back there and stay.

  123. mbthetravelers says:

    Susie, is the most 2-faced of ALL these trashy heffa’s. I don’t know who is worse, Evelyn or Tammi, both of them need therapy as well as medication. Shawna condones this mindless ghetto behavior, the more they act a fool, the more she gets paid.

  124. Anti-Bullying says:

    Just watch Tami bully and emotionally abuse and torture Keisha. I was so disgusted. I want to find mercy in my heart for Tami because she had to be an abused person as the abused often become abuser. She is emotionally abusive, physically abused and verbally abusive. Tami please continue with therapy and take responsibility for the pain you are causing others. It is very hard to epathize with you as you are bigger and hostile and aggressive to physically smaller women. It is adult bullying. You owe apologies and need to ask for forgiveness from the ones you have intimated and hurt. Nothing good can come from this behavior. You also blame the people you are victimizing for your behavior. This is classic abuser behavior. Evelyn has to take responsiblity because she is an enabler of Tami’s behavior (Shaunie too). Evelyn started this with Keisha as she ran and told Tami which she knew would set the poor child off. She should cry but also take responsiblity for lighting the match.

  125. Mama K. says:

    Kesha seems cool but Tammy is a mean-spirited bully. Look, the show has shown Tammy in a sensitive light at times but her behavior continues to be manipulative and way too aggressive. Nothing wrong with demanding respect, but how you do it and why is always important and telling about your character. Ugh; Shauni — You are the best, but please stop all this madness; If not, just stop showing it on the show.

  126. What???? says:

    Just read that this show’s producers are thinking of suing Jen. Whatt???? It claimed that her bad mouthing is ruining the basket ball wives brand. Excuse me???? It’s the cast members horrid behavior that is ruining your brand. Any lawsuit is further abuse to abused cast members. if they proceed, I ask everyone to boycott this show permanently. They need to clean up their act and present a better production. These ugly antics must end!!!!

  127. KIM says:


  128. lena says:

    Shaunie Oneal – you fool I will never buy anything you sell or endorse (charity or product ever if this is what u represent- loser!!! Take the show off. this is an embarrassment to all women. That over sized monster Tami looks about fifty and the other monster Evelyn -don’t have to worry Ochocino will give her exactly what she deserves heartache an all the pain she deserves. A bunch of losers everyone will stop watching after this.

  129. Kim Harper says:

    The last episode I thought was terrible how Tami harrassed that young lady Keisha. She displayed the true meaning of a bully. My heart went out to Keisha. These ladies are to old the act the way they are acting. If things keep going the way they are going someone is going to truely get hurt.

  130. minks130 says:

    I just watched the show and was so disgusted!!! It’s very simple Evelyn nor Tami have not run up on the right one yet! I was in total disbelief! Shaunie, you condone this garbage. The fact that you have not tried to talk to that monkey shinning clowns Tami and Evelyn shows that you love the bullying and bafoonery as much as they do. I have signed the petition and will no longer watch this sad portrayal of African American women. All of you need counseling, Tami you are sick and delusional. Evil-lyne your issues with your father spills over into all of your relationships. Shaunie , a real sneaky snake and Susie a wanna be and desperate…..

  131. Sylvia says:

    My roommate wanted to see this program because the comment Wendy Williams made about this woman Tami….
    I have never in my 56 years old have seen such a “old” bully, vulgar, obnoxious, bitter, did I said “vulgar”, you are disgusting and an embarrassment to women and your culture.
    Are you still married….??? Who would want you….???? You need therapy to get all that bitterness out of your soul woman, great example for your kids, you will take them to the circle your mamma sent you…
    You are an embarrassment and your “co-stars” are a bunch of cowards for letting you bully Keisha…. Get help womannnnnnn

  132. mary says:

    i had stopped watching this show last season, but surfing channels, i caught a fight going on with jen and evelynes friend. waited to see when it came back on . it was terrible ( i am glad jen filed charges). it was a set up deal and the ladies as usual are only tough with a group to back them up, cant do crap one on one. and evelyn acting so hurt about a remark about what one has , is so fake, she has made fun of so many people (roice and others) who didnt dress to her standards. then the fight with kesha and tammy (the bully who wouldnt fight evelyn for sleeping with her husband). all the ladies wanted this to happen so badly and enjoyed it (no one defended kesha) they didnt ask tammy to stop. yes tammy did steal keshas purse, and the girls talked about how they felt so bad for kesha, then went to her room and hid old fish everywhere. bs , they added to keshas pain and loved doing it.

  133. tina Musk says:

    I could not believe these two ladies (Shaunie & Evelyn) stood by & let Kesha be bullied by the that monstrous woman Tami to such an extreme that she will perhaps be mentally & emotionally distressed for a long time. The scene disturbed me so greatly i had to ask my daughter to leave. How would Tami feel if that were her daughters in the future being bullied by someone like her for doing only whats natural in society. Tami just proves that it’s not just our children that get bullied its our sisters, Mothers, And anyone who cannot or refuses to be physical. Suzie has been on the receiving end and I am appalled that she would still stir up trouble just so these woman can fight. I also feel Evelyn is a bully this season as well. I do hope that Mrs. Oneal allows all of this just for show & its all just an act
    Tina Musk From NJ

  134. dk says:

    Really Shaunie is suprisingly not smart. I understand these shows need drama but really for her to continually allow Evelyn to take this show down with her stupidity is frankly alarming.
    Jennnifer has nothing to do with the events as they have exploded. You want courtesy and yet act like you are truly down with stamp tramps. You figure out what that means. To playout jealousy, mean girl for no reason and envy like this with your age and so called caliber of economic standing is outrageous. I would’nt blame another NBA player for never taking his relationship to the next level with the girl he met next door. Thanks for your true revelation on how you see NBA wives it is deep. Don’t you wonder why no caucasian or other really diverse women signed on) OOOP’s!!!!! I hope Jennifer really gets the last laugh. Also about your comment about you being thought of as a ghetto rat you said it just OWN it now. So fake you are and ignorant, I’m sorry as well that you allowed that fish to be placed in the room
    REALL?Y Is this how you treat places you stay at to play a game on someone. If those (girls) knew what was best for them they would lawyer up to (like real women do) to get out of this filthy contract they signed on to with Madame EX NBA TOO TACKY & WACKY. Let me identify that this is you Shaunie. The shrewd one is SUZY Q get your money girlfriend. The smart one and only ONE is ROYCE. TAMMY talk to you for what STOP you was real but you have allowed Madame EX to make even you look like a fake for the right price. I hope the price is right thnI can’t be but so mad…get your scting on and stay in your organization work. (But I do like you girl and hope you land on two feet when this is over) One thing shots is not your thing. LOL
    EVELYN is the crazy one or else that premenopause is onset at her age it is possible.
    Evelyn wishes she was Jen serious you get real Jen is a bum then you are a bigger one cause she is fly and always was. Now stop talkingabout sex without condoms you jumped on that Fiance of yours with out one. PLEASE stop looking for beef. I Vote get Evelyn off the show if you even have the option of that now Shaunie cause I think you need to go as well. : )
    Ciao its been real interesting. I’m hoping for more of La La’a full court now thanks to your trashy show. Now that’s a NBA wife an real woman representing.

  135. Jessica says:

    I am very disgusted in the way that the basketball wives miami are acting. They are an embarrassment to themselves and to others. How can they treat people the way they can and have a smile on there face at the end of the day. Tami you don’t have to always act out the way you do. All of you guys are adults and is supposed to set and example to children who are growing up and watching your show. You guys would rather trash your name and images in order to get a good rating. This show is really upsetting. It went from being one of the best shows to one of the worst shows. I am really disgusted that this show is actually on TV. After watching this show this one last time. I am completely very dissatisfied with the show. If I can vote in anyway I would have this show cancelled. Ladies need to learn to be proud and happy with yourself on the inside. You should want to empower other women, to be better for themselves not the opposite. If your kids were being treated the way that you treat each other and other people, I know you would want the person “Head”. So why would you do that to other people and think that it is ok. I do wish you women all the best, but honestly I believe that you all have some soul searching to do.

  136. reneeinlovesmith says:

    I used to love this show but it seems like the show is not doing what it was intended to when it was first started. now there is so much bullying and drama, i dont even watch it all the way through. Tami used to be my favorite because i loved how real she was. now, she just irks me because she says she wants to be peace maker and then she stirs up trouble so she can see a fight. i was so upset at how she bullied that girl Kiesha. how can you argue with someone whos not arguing back? these are supposed to be grown woen and they remind me of middle schoolers. Evelyn is the same way. she has her moments where shes cool but when theres an audience of people around her, she has to blow things out of control. i love this show and i pray they start to do things that are beneficial to women instead of hurting one another. encourage one another, draw strength from each other, and embrace each others differences. if not, you will lose so many viewers.

  137. I must say I loved the show, but the direction has changed. It’s showing the reality of each of these women’s dirty side to some degreed. Tammy I remeber watching the real world years ago and meeting you in Los Angeles at a bar. I’m shocked to see you act like this you have come such along way girl. Anyway Ladies please start acting like Ladies believe me I’m not one to talk because I’ve had my flip crazy moments where grapping someone out their skin seemed more reasonable then talking to them.

  138. katbunny says:

    This show make black women look bad.

  139. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn and Tami are bullies. The do or represent black women. They are …behave like animals. They need prayer. Shaunie is that girl in high school that instigates things to start fights, arguments, etc…..but pretends to be innocent. She is in the middle of mess.

    Jennifer ad Keisha are right to NOT want to fight like animals. What ever happened with using words to express yourself?

    The reunion show will most likely drag Jennfer through the mud to help the show’s image…sad, Shaunie.

  140. Be a Lady! says:

    i just cant believe what has happened to these beautiful women!!! well the first person my mind is targeting on is Evelyn. smh. evelyn you are a beautiful lady and it just saddens me how you act towards jen and Kenya, not even! Just how you act!!!! And the main thing about it is that you are getting married!!!! im pretty sure that he wouldnt want to get represented like that Eve. but just please stop.Tammi, mmmmm Tammi girl now you used to be my favorite and all of a sudden it went down hill. i understand where you came from in the past but Never show how you feel when your mad because you know what? You are better than that. Shauni i just cant believe you sometimes like, to me you can really be an instagator. yes i understand you would like for all the girls to get together but like if you know that they dont like each other THEN?!!!! dont try to bring them together to see if it would work because it hasnt girl but aye, i still love you :)
    Kiesha girl you are sweet and i know it can be hard to relate with the other women but you just really have to be careful what you say to them especially behind their back! :) Kenya. now with you your just sad like im surprised that you could remember your own birthday and your own gender but you could NEVER remember what YOU said!!!! like come on girl you know what you said and just say it!!! because if you dont then like your gonna have a hard time getting around. Tell you the truth JEn i am jsut so sorry for you. you have came along way from getting a drink thrown at you,slapped and the face, and hit with a clutch. but girl you have to say strong dont always go to the lawyers girl because theres gonna be that day when your gonna have to tell yourself that,”its my turn to take this person on” you know? but hey you are strong you just have to show it! Royce girl i really like you but when it comes to things like with Tammi and Kiesha just dont look at Kiesha’s side all because Tammi doesnt like her. remember girl theres always two sides to a story. :) Suzi girl to me you just have to watch out for some things but overall your good :)
    the last thing i just want tio say is that im just overall dissappointed about how things could turn this way. i reallt wished it was so much freaking drama. but aye i guess thats how it is in life now.

  141. victoria bones says:

    I don’t like the show anymore. Shawnee deserves to be sued.She is always in the middle of everything in a bad way. I would sue to if I came to work and got hit with bottles and purses for no reason . Tammy is a bullie. Evelyn acts like a monkey jumping across tables.

  142. EloiseM. says:

    I absolutely LOVE Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie. Susie too. They are true to themselves. I personally thought Evelyn was cute diving off the table. If the new women and the one with amnesia(Jennifer) wouldn’t talk trash about them BEHIND THEIR BACKS, there would be no need for any adverse actions. When they are asked to engage in an intelligent conversation regarding offenses or differences, the new one and the Amnesia one don’t want to participate. But they have no trouble talking SMACK in their personal interview. They look like fools. Evelyn, Tami, Susie and Shaunie look like the REAL TRUE ones. Kesha should absolutely not come back on this show. She is a troublemaker in every sense of the word. I personally wish Jennifer would get lost also. She is an unthankful person who will regret her choices real soon in the real world. You don’t burn bridges like Jennifer has done to people who had her back for years and be sucessful for the long run. She is getting some bad advice.

  143. Nikki D says:

    I watched the reunion and the first thing Shaunie ( who I am very surprized at ) to allow people like Tami and Evelyn in your presence when you are making all that money is STUPID. Coming from another well off business women its like you Pastor said you are in a valley and you are gonna have to come out and leave some people behind they are not gonna like you and they may even talk about you but who cares. You were given the opportunity to show the world a different side of black women and what did you do, let two bad apples spoil the whole bunch. I dont care what no ones says Tami is a hater and she is not classy at all. Evenlyn brought the bronx with her to Miami. ( as it states you can bring a chick out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the chick and both of them are pure GHETTO. If you was sitting in a meeting with me after seeing the show. Would wonder who the real Shaunie is because having women like that in your presence reflects alot about you. And Mz. Suzie is a rat if I ever seen one she will be your Judas in the camp. You better not let her see nothing you do out of the ordinary because trust me she is storing everything up and waiting to throw you under the bus.(So Sad). Tami and Evelyn will meet their match and I hope you show that on basketball wives. STOP making excuses for these women who have children themselves and making a complete fool of themselves .