Drita D’Avanzo On Big Morning Buzz Live: “The Truth Always Comes Out”


If you’re like the rest of us who were watching Mob Wives last night, you were probably pretty shocked to see Renee Graziano turn on Drita D’Avanzo during a trip to the Poconos (a trip Drita wasn’t even on). Renee had heard from Drita that Ramona was talking about Renee’s ex in a very unflattering way, and when Ramona denied it and swore on her kids that Drita made the rumors up, hell broke loose and Drita ended up on Renee’s s— -list. So when Drita was on Big Morning Buzz Live today, that big blow-up was a topic of conversation and Drita assured us that the truth will come out eventually because “The truth does always come out.” Later, in response to comments Karen makes about how Drita lies, Drita defended herself saying “I don’t lie and the last thing I want to do is cause trouble with Renee and Ramona, but Ramona did say what she said and I heard it and I’m not crazy.” Watch the full clip above and decide for yourself who’s telling the truth.

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  1. tringa says:

    i love drita i think she’s amazing but y does karen and ramona have to be stupid dumd asses like there retorted go drita love u girl

  2. audry blake says:

    Drita is the best… She just tells is like it is and it is the truth. Ramona is the liar. She just loves to stir up trouble. What a shame that she swore on her kids. She only said that because she was stuck in the woods and had nowhere to run. Renee was the one that ask Drita the question about Jr. Drita only answered her question honestly. She was not that one that brought the topic up. Ramona get a life. You are useless.

  3. Molly says:

    Drita, can’t wait until the truth comes out. You are so much more of a friend to Renee than she deserves. She’ll use the fact that she dropped her meds as an excuse for not believing you and joining forces with Rag-Mona. I’m glad you didn’t got on the trip.

  4. vincent says:

    Renee should definatley just hang out with Ramona and Karen. They are 3 of a kind. Drita, just stick with Carla and Big Ang, they are drama free, and true friends. Renee tellling carla that she picked the wrong team after freaking out that Karen said the same thing to Carla. If anyone is disloyal it is Renee. Ramona swears on her kids and so now she believes Drita’s the liar. Come on! Carla should have knocked Renee out and then left. I liked Renee in the beginning of season 2. She seemed almost normal. wha happen?? Karen I actually like. I feel she really does want to be Carla’s friend, she just has to get over Lee, because thats the real issue. Drita didn’t steal him. She grew up and went on with her life. Karen should do the same. How many friends all grow up together and wind up with someone elses past boyfriend? a whole lot. That ain’t disloyal, that’s life.

  5. Jane says:

    Ramona ets a racoon

  6. Jane says:

    Hi eweryone Drita ets dhe best she es a albanian princess she does not belong with dhose terble woman specialy dhat racoon Ramona and bio polar Rene lisen iam albanian woman one thing we dont du ets lie ets col BESSA BESS i hawe no idea where dhat Rakoon come from but she est one ogly critcher love mi sister drita ps hey drita read thisTHYJA TURIT ASAJ RAKUNIT TE LUTEM AJO E MERITON TI JE SHQIPONJE E VERTET I WISH YOU DHE BEST LOVE JANE

  7. Lee says:

    Karen didn’t say a word when Renee and Ramona went at it. She was trying to stay neutral! You don’t know who to believe they all talk crap about each other!

  8. Lisa Marie says:

    Drita is a strong woman that does not need all the drama that Karen and Ramona is giving! These two women need to grow up and not act like if they were in high school.

  9. Samantha says:

    I like Drita she is a strong chick!!! I want her and Karen to be friends again, she was the only one who had Karens back when she moved back. They need to cut all the people that are in the middle and listen to their own hearts! Too many others saying things and i think thats the real reason they havent made up!!!!

  10. mary says:

    I am really surprised at how Renee believed Ramona just because she swore on her 4 kids. Can you imagined how many prison inmates swore on their family that they didn’t commit a murder but turns out they did? Geesh, I thought Renee was better than that.

  11. Angelica says:

    Go Team Drita!!!!!

    The Karen and Ramona Bully Show is starting to get annoying & boring, and now that they have Renee on their side, it will become a circus.

    I change the channel every time Karen & Ramona come on.

  12. D Marie says:

    Ramona is a trouble maker… Drita does not bring up Ramona’s name but Ramona always brings up Drita’s name… I watch this and I see what is going on and Renee needs to see through Ramona !!!! Like the trip to the cabin…. Ramona just could NOT resist bring up Drita to Carla… She( Romona) “loves” to start trouble…… As for Karen ,well she is just blind and feeds off of Ramona’s crap !!! Ramona needs to shut her mouth and grow up !!!!

  13. D Marie says:

    I love Bid Ang !!!!! She is a true friend…

  14. Tess says:

    Drita you r definitely a good person and true friend to those who have even doubted you. I am one of your biggest fans and the mobile site could be called the Team Drita site. Come visit us sometime! Joey 2x RAFAel pDawg Love1 r just a few of us who think your fantastic! Hope to hear from you

  15. EsteeDarla says:

    Dita does nothing but LIE ware is all these people she put in the hospital,she couldnt beat anyome up,she had to sucker punch Karen cuase she knowes Karen would of wiped the USA up witaaah her,and she knew the fight would get broke up before Karen could beat the crap out of her,first she says shes been a rapper all her life but yet no one heard anythimg ever about her being a rapper tile she was asked to do that video, ok Drit come send me to the hospital