Style Seen With Karen Gravano: A Mob Daughter Talks Fashion


Karen Gravano hates to shop. That was the big lesson I learned when I sat down with the Mob Wives star and author recently to discuss fashion. When it comes to clothes and jewelry, this woman is low-maintenance (but she reveals that her real vice is shopping for housewares, in another life she totally wants to be an interior designer). In this Style Seen exclusive, we’ve got an interview and some gorgeous shots of Karen who admits that though she dislikes clothes shopping, it’s hard to avoid when you’re a mom to a twelve-year-old who loves it.

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I’m going to be Joan Rivers for a second: Who are you wearing?

Nothing crazy, this dress is New York and Co. I was out in Staten Island shopping and I ran into a store and picked this out, I loved the blue. I never used to wear blue and this year it’s like, I have all blue dresses. And I think my boots are Guess. My earrings were given to me as a gift from a friend. I’m not sure where she got them but I like them.

Where do you like to shop?

You know, I hate to shop. I’m not a big shopper, I just pick up things when I need them. I don’t have the patience. But I love shopping for house stuff. I think in my next life I want to be an interior designer, I prefer to go to like, Pottery Barn and pick out things for the house at this point in my life. In Arizona I must have redecorated my house four times. I get bored.

Does your daughter like to shop?


Does that drive you crazy?

Yes. She’s at that age – she’s twelve, but she’s tall and she’s developing and she fits into the clothes at Forever 21 and that’s all she wants, to be in Forever 21…forever.

Do you ever have to stop her from wearing anything that you think is too risque or revealing?

Yes, but she doesn’t realize it is. She’s at that age where doesn’t really realize what sexy is, sometimes she’s just trying to fit in to an old pair of shorts that don’t fit her anymore and she doesn’t realize they’re too short and I’m like “They have to go.”

She had a big scene recently on the show, was that exciting for her to film?

Yes, and she was mad at me that I didn’t let her get her hair done, she’s looking at it like, she wanted to wear a fake ponytail, and I wouldn’t let her, so yeah we had a big argument that day. She wanted to put makeup on because I had makeup on and she wanted a fake ponytail and I was like absolutely not, you’re twelve!

[Photos: VH1/Jennifer Marigliano]

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