T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle – Episode 14 – Final Words Of Wisdom


It’s the season finale of T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle [sad face]. But as always, Tip and the Harris family was supplying us with some wonderful nuggets of wisdom, a few jokes, and some familial insight, and we’re going to give you this recap by letting their words shine. It’s T.I.’s AKOO fashion show, and the entire family is getting ready to attend, and some are participating. Now that you know that, here are some of our favorite dictums of the night. Including the best joke ever, courtesy of King, above.

On marketing your product:

On how to treat others:

On giving it your all:

On personal responsibility:

On stage presence:

And finally, on the family work ethic:

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  1. Blessed says:

    We need more REAL “reality” shows like this one versus the drama/fake filled ones like Basketball wives!! There was a lesson behind every episode and I truly enjoyed the show. Refreshing!! Please bring back a second season!

  2. T. J. says:

    Hello, TI

    I been watching your show from day one. I love your show and your family its a beauty thing to have a beauty family like yours. I love what you do with your boys been hard on them and showing them things what you do for living. I seen you on the Mtv a few months ago. You told the announcer that you was looking for female rapper. I have the right one for you! She is twenty years old she look like your wife Tiny, but people get her mix up when she goes to the ATL. But she tells them that she is not Tiny. She built just like her, her style is about the same and she is from Chattanooga, TN just a two hour drive from ATL. She will be moving down there to get her career started in rapping, modeling, and acting. She have taking up drama when she middle school in Chattanooga and this is something that she always wanted to do when she was a little girl. She has her own facebook which you can see how she look and carry herself has a young lady. I told her about this opportunity and she trying her best to get down there, but it something that she has to take care of while she in Chattanooga. Ti please here this artist out she can rapp, she style, and class. She still working own her cd, but she dont have the time cause she work everyday six days a week and sometime seven days. Her name is Tariesha Lovingood but they call her (Esha). She is my daughter I want her dreams to come true this is something that i prayed that GOD answer her prayes. At less give her a chance to her rapp.

    Thank you,

  3. mzriley says:

    I loved this show. It was funny and positive. I like the way there was a lesson in every show and the fact that the kids know they don’t have to degrade themselves to be on TV. I am looking forward to next season!!

  4. kyshalong says:

    i love t.i i love his shows and i love him

  5. Sha says:

    Awesome show…Much Love for T.I. and Tiny! Appreciate your realness and civility. I hope the show becomes a hour long! Continued success!