Drita D’Avanzo Is Going To Be In French Montana’s “Everything’s A Go” Video And She Can’t Contain Her Excitement


Last week, our esteemed colleagues at Tuner spoke to rapper French Montana, who just cast Drita D’Avanzo in his upcoming video “Everything’s A Go.” He said “I love a gangster chick,” and revealed that in the video, he’ll be robbing a bank and she’s going to be his getaway driver. “She’s the best one that fit that role,” he explained. And Drita could not be more excited. As a longtime fan of Montana’s she told us yesterday that she’s basically going insane with excitement, but that she’s going to have to keep her distance on the video set because she tends to fall in love with bad boys. Oh, and this isn’t Drita’s first appearance in a music video. She told us about her first video, for Frankee‘s “FU Right Back” from a few years ago, and of course we dug that up, you can watch it below.

So you’re going to be starring in the new French Montana video —

YES! [To everyone in the room] Do you know I’m doing French Montana’s music video?? Do you know how excited I am?

I want to hear how excited you are.

SO EXCITED. You know I’m a huge rap fan, this is huge for me.

How did you get hooked up with him, have you been a fan for a while?

I’ve been a fan of his. I know the music, I know the song, it’s crazy to me. Anything to do with rap, especially gangsta rap, is my cup of tea. I know everything about it, I know underground musicians, all those artists, and he’s amazing, so I’m pumped.

He was here a few days ago and he actually sounded like he had a crush on you.

No, he didn’t! I watched that video. No, he didn’t. Not that anybody in my family understood what he said, but I did, word for word. My mother was like “That is nice, I don’t know what he said but he’s sweet.”

You know, there was a little section of his interview that was cut from the final version because he actually knocked some things over when he was talking about you, he got flustered.

NO! TELL ME EVERYTHING. Where can I see that? Oh my God, I’m so flattered.

Is this a love connection? Do you have a crush too? Are we going to see Drita and French Get Married on VH1 next year?

This is a demented connection. Can you imagine?

I like Drita Montana as a name though.

Me too, I’d have to go with that. Drita Montana. But you know what? My whole goal in life is to stay away from bad boys — it’s so hard — hello! I can’t help it, that’s all that attracts me. I’m not at fault. The average Joe is intimidated by me, but that type of guy is like, my cup of tea. I’ve been in those types of situations with my boyfriends where there were fights, arrests, and I was the girl that stuck around. They used to call me and Lee “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Swear to God. So wait, back to the video. My manager calls me and is like “You have no idea how excited you’re going to be, Drita,” and I’m like “Why?” And she goes “You’re going to be in French Montana’s new video for ‘Everyting’s A Go.'” I really flipped out. I’ve been doing so many wonderful things that are a dream for anybody, but this is where I feel at home. And I feel like he knows me so well for someone that doesn’t know me.

Is this your first video ever?

No, I did “F U Right Back” by Frankee, I played her best friend in that video.

Frankee - F.U.R.B.

pImP wItH a LiMp EaTiN sTeAk N sHrImP | Myspace Video

I had black hair then. And years ago I was in the A Tribe Called Quest “Hot Sex On A Platter Video” but none of the girls ended up in it, they cut us all out. But my heart was always in rap music.

There have been pictures of Ramona out there with Chris Brown and you have a huge connection to rap, is it your lifestyle or how you all grew up that draws you all to this music?

100%. The neighborhoods I grew up in, that’s what you heard. Spitting lyrics and rhymes, that’s what we did for fun. You dance on cardboard boxes, I played double dutch, if I wanted to cool off it was the fire hydrant, and you’d rap. I could spit when I was young.

We’ve seen the videos, that’s your thing!

But what people don’t realize is I’ve been doing it since I was seven. I know every lyric to every rap song. I just love it. I can relate to it. These are the men I’m with.

How is it knowing that someone you love, like French, is also a fan of yours? And did you know that Anthony Hopkins said he watches too? You have all these celebrity fans.

He does? I didn’t know that. That’s crazy. I think everyone can relate to it in some way. It bugs me out. When I watched the video of French Montana talking about me, I was bugging out. I’m amazed, I feel so blessed. When I see famous people and they meet me and I see the way they react, my heart is just pumping because I’m not that person who’s like “Yeah, whatever cool,” I’m like “Oh, SH*T!” If I go to the video set, I’ll tackle him!

Are you going to be like, super sexy in the video?

I know they have a jumper for me to wear, so it’s definitely not sexy. Some psycho guy might think it is, though.

But you haven’t actually met French yet, right?

No, I can’t believe that I’m going to meet him on the set when we film. It’s going to be weird.

Maybe that initial chemistry between you two needs to be caught on film.

We’re definitely going to have chemistry. I can see it. But I can’t like bad boys, I need to stay away from him. And he likes guns. As soon as I watched him talk about me on the video saying “I just can’t see anyone else go rat-tat-tat with me!” I was like oh, no, I need to stay away.

We’ve got more footage from our interview with Montana here:

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