Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 4: “I Love You, Tami, But Once Again I Can’t Condone Your Actions”


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


Well episode four is a wrap so let’s just get right into it…

Kenya‘s music video shoot seemed to go pretty decent. Congrats to her and as you saw in the park scene I had with Kesha, we didn’t mean harm to the girl, we just didn’t want her to make a huge mistake. When people’s first impression and image of you is BS it’s hard to turn that around, believe me I know. It’s even HARDER when it’s something you put out yourself and stand by. I just hope she understands this industry is brutal. It will eat you up and spit you out. We will see which way this goes.

Congrats to Jenn on her retail lip gloss launch. I’ll be the first to say I knew nothing about it and I don’t think Tami did either. Neither of us was invited and I honestly wouldn’t have expected to be. As far as Evelyn,
Kesha came to you to confide in and to trust the advice you gave her. What was the point in saying they needed to talk if you were going to run back to Tami before she had the chance? What some people don’t understand is when you first meet someone and you’ve heard several things about them, you tend to want advice from those you feel know and understand them the most. Yes, Tami said come to her first, but when the image someone knows of you is mushing someone in the face twice, taking your shoes off, and screaming at the top of your lungs, I’m pretty sure most normal people would get advice on how to handle that person first. So Evelyn was wrong in going back to Tami without telling Kesha she was going to do that. But I don’t think the conversation she had with Tami was all that bad. I think Evelyn relayed Kesha’s feelings well, but apparently Tami didn’t think so.

Kesha’s charity event was completely overshadowed by making a mountain out of a mole hill. Was Kesha wrong by the way she confronted the girls about being on their best behavior? Yes and no. She definitely should’ve said it prior to the event if she felt that way BUT let’s not pretend charity events aren’t the place some of my cast members have shown their asses the most. From fighting over food stamps and a hand in my face (yes, I’m blaming myself too) to being trashy drunk to the point you can barely stand up. Yes, a comment should’ve been made, but no, that wasn’t the time nor the place. As far as Shaunie instigating the Debbie Downer statement, I wasn’t there so I can’t speak on it but from what I DID see, y’all were chillin’ despite the comment that was made so I don’t know where and why that comment came up. We’ve all been victims of editing or non-editing, so I’ll leave that one alone.

Lastly, the dinner. Evelyn, you tried to start off right so I’m not quite sure where it went wrong. From the looks of it Tami had no intentions of “listening” to what Kesha had to say because in Tami Law, she should’ve come to her first. Ilove you, Tami, but once again I can’t condone your actions. What you did at that dinner was not “keeping it real” it was “keeping it rude and disrespectful.” There is a way to speak to people, and calling them out their name repeatedly when they are attempting to be respectful to you was not it. It’s sad to say that last night’s episode came across as bullying. That’s NOT the Tami I have gotten to know away from “this situation.” The Tami I know is genuinely funny, kind, professional and respectful. I can call her at any time for real advice and she’s never reluctant to give it. The Tami I saw last night was not the Tami I’ve grown to love as a friend and would be in my wedding. Hopefully more anger management will help because there has to be more to this story.

Off subject:
A few have questioned my friendship with Tami due to me “calling her out” in my blogs. That’s disturbing due to the fact she does the same to me. I blog for, I can’t be biased. I can’t ride or die for “wrong.” Tami and I do not have a co-signing friendship. We are real friends and will call each other out be it right, wrong, bitch, bougie, etc. I will never sugarcoat anything and neither will she. Do we argue? Hell yes. Do we get over it? of course! She knows if she needs me I’m there… I’d be sitting next to her in a jail cell saying “Damn, that was dumb,” (hopefully not though, I’m afraid to go to jail, lol). Point being, That’s a real friendship. How can you expect to grow when no one is there to help you??? *MeSsAgE*

As we wrap up episode four, I’m noticing a lot of unnecessary drama. But hey, the rating are there so it’s okay right? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Until next week, I’m outtie!

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