Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 4: “I Love You, Tami, But Once Again I Can’t Condone Your Actions”


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


Well episode four is a wrap so let’s just get right into it…

Kenya‘s music video shoot seemed to go pretty decent. Congrats to her and as you saw in the park scene I had with Kesha, we didn’t mean harm to the girl, we just didn’t want her to make a huge mistake. When people’s first impression and image of you is BS it’s hard to turn that around, believe me I know. It’s even HARDER when it’s something you put out yourself and stand by. I just hope she understands this industry is brutal. It will eat you up and spit you out. We will see which way this goes.

Congrats to Jenn on her retail lip gloss launch. I’ll be the first to say I knew nothing about it and I don’t think Tami did either. Neither of us was invited and I honestly wouldn’t have expected to be. As far as Evelyn,
Kesha came to you to confide in and to trust the advice you gave her. What was the point in saying they needed to talk if you were going to run back to Tami before she had the chance? What some people don’t understand is when you first meet someone and you’ve heard several things about them, you tend to want advice from those you feel know and understand them the most. Yes, Tami said come to her first, but when the image someone knows of you is mushing someone in the face twice, taking your shoes off, and screaming at the top of your lungs, I’m pretty sure most normal people would get advice on how to handle that person first. So Evelyn was wrong in going back to Tami without telling Kesha she was going to do that. But I don’t think the conversation she had with Tami was all that bad. I think Evelyn relayed Kesha’s feelings well, but apparently Tami didn’t think so.

Kesha’s charity event was completely overshadowed by making a mountain out of a mole hill. Was Kesha wrong by the way she confronted the girls about being on their best behavior? Yes and no. She definitely should’ve said it prior to the event if she felt that way BUT let’s not pretend charity events aren’t the place some of my cast members have shown their asses the most. From fighting over food stamps and a hand in my face (yes, I’m blaming myself too) to being trashy drunk to the point you can barely stand up. Yes, a comment should’ve been made, but no, that wasn’t the time nor the place. As far as Shaunie instigating the Debbie Downer statement, I wasn’t there so I can’t speak on it but from what I DID see, y’all were chillin’ despite the comment that was made so I don’t know where and why that comment came up. We’ve all been victims of editing or non-editing, so I’ll leave that one alone.

Lastly, the dinner. Evelyn, you tried to start off right so I’m not quite sure where it went wrong. From the looks of it Tami had no intentions of “listening” to what Kesha had to say because in Tami Law, she should’ve come to her first. Ilove you, Tami, but once again I can’t condone your actions. What you did at that dinner was not “keeping it real” it was “keeping it rude and disrespectful.” There is a way to speak to people, and calling them out their name repeatedly when they are attempting to be respectful to you was not it. It’s sad to say that last night’s episode came across as bullying. That’s NOT the Tami I have gotten to know away from “this situation.” The Tami I know is genuinely funny, kind, professional and respectful. I can call her at any time for real advice and she’s never reluctant to give it. The Tami I saw last night was not the Tami I’ve grown to love as a friend and would be in my wedding. Hopefully more anger management will help because there has to be more to this story.

Off subject:
A few have questioned my friendship with Tami due to me “calling her out” in my blogs. That’s disturbing due to the fact she does the same to me. I blog for, I can’t be biased. I can’t ride or die for “wrong.” Tami and I do not have a co-signing friendship. We are real friends and will call each other out be it right, wrong, bitch, bougie, etc. I will never sugarcoat anything and neither will she. Do we argue? Hell yes. Do we get over it? of course! She knows if she needs me I’m there… I’d be sitting next to her in a jail cell saying “Damn, that was dumb,” (hopefully not though, I’m afraid to go to jail, lol). Point being, That’s a real friendship. How can you expect to grow when no one is there to help you??? *MeSsAgE*

As we wrap up episode four, I’m noticing a lot of unnecessary drama. But hey, the rating are there so it’s okay right? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Until next week, I’m outtie!

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  1. Liz says:

    Tami is a bully she was one on the real world and she’s one now!! Don’t worry karma bit her before and it will do it again!! She never had no class and the fact that she went from looking like a hot mess when she first started basketball wives to catour!! Well just goes to show how money can change a person!! Chick is going to catch a beat down of her life one day!!!

  2. Sophia says:

    I think what Tami did to Kesha was total bullying! HORRIBLE! The poor girl had no chance to speak. Tami needs more then anger management classes. She always thinks she’s right and thinks she can talk to people like they are dogs – that’s just not right! Not sure why she even have friends becasue I would be afraid to be friends with her. You said one wrong thing and she’s yelling at you like a two year old – GROW UP!

  3. Darrlyn says:

    I agree with you Royce. I love all you ladies but the one thing I don’t understand about the show is the anger, the telling off, the rudeness of such beautiful ladies. Yes we all like to keep it real. And yes I agree Kesha should’ve only discussed her kinship about Tami with Tami. This show is betrayed as the life of basketball wife and how they interact with one another as a wife and black women. My first thought about last night’s episode is two-faced and rude. I think Kesha handled herself appropriately at the dinner gathering. Tami’s reactions to what Evelyn told her was sad but only because Tami was rude. But shooting from the hip is the way of some NY women. Another thing I don’t understand why Evelyn had to say anything to Tami about her conversation with Kesha. Where I come from Evelyn and Suzie are two-faced. When I have a conversation about someone, our conversation stays with me. I don’t go and repeat what other people have told me – that’s common courtesy. But then again, you should never tell anyone anything you don’t want repeated. On the other front Kesha should have addressed only Suzie about her drunk behavior and not the entire group. I’m glad Tami is seeking counseling, she needs it.

  4. Pamela D. Cameron says:

    I totally agree with Royce, I love me some Tami but last night she was out of bounds. When someone is respecting you up front it there is no need to go into a name calling scene.

  5. R. Parker says:

    Maybe Kesha has seen past episodes of Basketball Wives and she made the comment about how to act because she has seen how they behave on past episodes. These women are petty and obnoxious and I wouldn’t want to be in their circle. They are tool old to be conducting themselves the way they do. It seems to me they get off on drama and they are always up in somebody’s face. Evelyn goes after people she thinks are weak (Royce and Jennifer). As I recall when she had beef with Tammi she did not act aggressively like she is doing against Jennifer.

  6. Sam says:

    Tammi is a disrespectful bully, used to love her. I would think that because of her past tragedies she would be more HUMBLE.

  7. Maygyen says:

    I watch basketball wives every Monday, love the show. This is my first time reading any of your blogs, and I must say you are amazing! :-)

  8. nikkie23 says:

    This blog was very well put! I do however wish that something was said about the nastiness that Kenya displayed @ the dinner with the ladies. I know that it was minor but Kenya has very poor actions and was being extreamely childish to just sit and laugh in a “supposed” friends face. All to make her feel worse in a time when Kesha displayed a womanly disposition while being reemed by Tami. On Kenyas part that was very childish and then backbitiing for her to turn around and say that they were cool and she doesn’t hold grudges. Kenya is starting to look like the woman who wants to fit in instead of the woman who stands her own ground!

  9. Jasmine says:

    This blog is too real. You couldn’t have said it best. I agree with the whole blog. Evenlyn is very childish for disclousing information that was given to her, and she really needs to grow up and act her age. I love tami because i would always trust her to be honest to me about anything, but i too, do not condone of her actions.

  10. BasketballFan says:

    That’s what’s up Royce! I swear you’re my bestfriend (In my head).. We have so much in common and that’s why Tami likes you too.. IF my breath stank, TELL ME! If I ask you how my outfit look, don’t lie, GIVE IT TO ME RAW! Tami is my guuurl, but at times, she seems like a bully.. Don’t get me wrong I do be feeling her.. But sometimes she’s a bit over-dramatic… As I’ve stated before, I don’t know about Kesha, but at the same time, the TAMI WRATH was un warranted… That’s why Tami needs friends like YOU Royce, to keep it 110% with her at all times. Like me, I can be intimidating and people are afraid to give it to me straight, when that’s what I admire most… I want my TRUE FRIENDS to tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear… I have no RESPECT for “PITTY THE FOOL” type of friends… “FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” and I believe some of the women are willing to sell their soul for ratings (Tami/Evelyn/Suzie/Shaunie)… Just know that I’m holding my breath waiting until all you beautiful ladies set your differences aside and prove us viewers wrong by coming together as women.. As always, GREAT BLOG ROYCE! Stay up, STAY YOU, and STAY BLESSED!!!! BasketballFan out!

  11. MJJ says:

    This is the first time I made a visit to your blog, but I must say that your words seem honest and true. I understand where Tammi is coming from and I’m a firm believer that if someone has a problem because of something said go to the source in a civilize manner and discuss it without second and third party involvement even if its over the phone. Keisha was wrong twice once for piggybacking to Evilyn, and chastising the ladies at the event, if she felt that way about them she should have uninvited them. I’m glad you stayed on for season 4 and it must be nice to have a confidant ……Keisha not Suzie.

  12. Lady K says:

    I agree last night did come off as a bully epsiode! I really like Tami but the Tami I saw last night I didn’t care for. She was rude to Kesha especially when she said she’d respect her when she wanted too. You don’t have to like a person to be respectful towards them. I also didn’t care for Kesha’s please act right speech although the ladies do tend to cut up at social events. Someone should smack suzie verbally since I don’t condone violence

  13. Val says:


  14. Jane says:

    I use to love TAMI but she has gotten to be so damn messy right along side her new BFF EVELYN!!! ROYCE I can tell that you and EVELYN are back cool with each other but you better no they ain’t no damn good!!! SHAUNIE has always tried to keep her nose clean, she want the ladies to act a fool to keep the ratings up and the ladies just seem to fall in line! I’m just like WENDY, I’m done watching, peace!

  15. Lady K says:

    Yeah tami was wrong though i think she should’ve allowed her to speak she only asked Ev for advice cuz they were close. give the country girl a chance! But then again at the charity even kesha was showing her ass tell them to behave hell she should of told suzie how she felt from the jump when she acted an ass in the last charity event. hopefully kesha learns how to speak up to who ever needed. sigh and Kenya smh i dont blame Tami for coming at her she was all wrong!!

  16. roshonda says:

    i agree with everything thaT WAS SAID in this blog. These women truly need to grow up and start acting their ages and not their children’s.

  17. Rupa says:

    I think Royce is the only one who did not let fame get to her head and stayed true to who she really is. I always like Tammi but this season she is becoming the Evelyn of the show. Not interested anymore. It’s like watching mean girls night after night

  18. Pblackfox says:

    These women focus too much on each other and not on what really matters.Tami should be helping her daughters bond with their dad stop drinking in public you cannot control yourself your coming across as a lush and Shauni is cashing in.Evelyn is for whoever has a dollar she talked Jenn into leaving her man and let that monkey do whatever .I wonder what her daughter thinks.Royce is the only only one keeping it real. Suzi is a low life I could never have a friend like this. They all seem to be fighting for air time

  19. Lala says:

    I agree! Tami needs to be kick of the show. What gets me is….All of y’ll are beauiful
    black women and y’ll act so ugly on Tv. This is what the pulbic (white) think we do all the time and its not true. Evelyn needs to grow up. Kesha keep your head up. You are a true sourthern belle. Keep it classy Kesha because at the end of the day Tami will reap what she sow for real.

  20. Raechel says:

    I am glad that so many people are actually seeing things the way that it is on the show. Tammi needs some serious anger management. She tore into Keisha for no reason. I believe that Keisha only spoke from what she has seen from these women and what drama they are able to create between each other. Royce stay true to who you are

  21. cynthia says:

    you took the words right outta my mouth! you stalkin me? haha j/k but i love the blog though. royce speaks/writes the truth!

  22. Sheila says:

    From a mans point of view who watches the show, I think Tammi needs more than therapy for treating that young lady the way she did at last nights dinner. And very surprised at Shaunie for her mean girl attitude, she was absolutely my favorite up until last night. Can someone please send Jennifer to speech class if she is going to pretend to be boujie

  23. deltasweetiepi says:

    I agree totally. Kenya is playing Tami, Evelyn, and Shawnie..basically kissing up to them. I know Suzi your girl but she has diarrhea of the mouth. Evelyn I was surprised that she ran back with gossip..but oh well. Tami is a little bit too old to be carry on the bully routine and it is getting #tired. I am proud that Jen has found something that brings her joy. I applaud you for holding it down and you have matured since the onset of the show. I hope in between my traveling I get the opportunity to see your play. Peace & Love & Blessings to you and yours.

  24. eelorre says:

    Nice recap Royce! I think these grown ass girls needs to start over! Eve and Tami has no respect for themselves because if they did, they would not act the way they do. Where did these people come from? My heart aches for Keesha and Jen! I wish they both meet their match and someone slap the hell out of them! I am so ashame to see two beautiful black women acting like fools! Last night was a total turn off, not sure if I will watch the show again!!!!

  25. MissMae says:

    I’m so over this show and others like it….I don’t see the point. All they do is go out to eat, drink and act a dam fool! All of these women are too dam old to be acting like this….I can’t even say some high schools girls because i believe even they have more respect for themselves. Please VH1 can we have some sustenance in these show. I mean it’s possible to have a reality that’s positive and entertaining in the same light. What I’m wondering is if I start a petition to get shows like this off this off in the current content and see if we can force them to give us something real how much support would I get?

  26. Cherisse says:

    After my family sat and watched the show last night, we all had to agree that last nights episode was a bit over the top with the disrespect shown to the women by Kesha with the whole “Debbie Downer” thing. I think its just amazing that not long ago Evelyn and Tami were at each others throats about to kill one another and now they seem to be best buddies, but “at the end of the day” they’re good now and that’s what best with these two very beautiful women…in that, Evelyn, we all thought you should have been more selective in your discussion with Tami because as a woman Kesha came to you for venting, advisement, and planning to deal with her issues with Tami. We also agreed that Evelyn should have just let this woman (Kesha) handle her business instead of instigating and feuling Tami who is trying to deal with her anger issues. Evelyn, I’m a fan, but not a cool look for you. Evelyn also gets the “cool points” for trying to bring the issues out before leaving New York. Tami, dealing with that anger thing is difficult but just hang in there! I’ve been a fan since the Real World, I’m glad you’re doing your thing!!!

  27. Sharon says:

    Royce, I appreciate you being candid and honest. I winced everytime Tammy opened her mouth and dropped another curse word. All I was thinking was, I would NEVER want my teenage daughter to see me behave that way. Kudos to you for calling her out!

  28. dena & leelee says:

    Tami is a very poor example for a mother. She is a foolish female, that is full of hatred, rage, envy, and low self worth. A real woman would never act so juvenile. Tami daughters act more grown-up. This is very depressing to say, but very factual.

    Tami need to attend high school all over again that is if she attended high school at all.

    Evelyn is just as shameful. Her beautiful daughter must be a humiliated by her jumping up on tables like a blood thirsty PitBull. She is such a poor example of a mother.

    Tami need to stop wasting money trying to beautify herself, it just is not working. She should invest her money to a more worthy cause “Mental Therapy”. Tami wannabe bullying is a way for her to act out her psychological issues.

    She cannot take her past misfortune out on other beautiful and intelligent females. Her insanity must stop or should be kicked off the show. The viewers are sick of her vicious verbal and physical attacks. She and Chrissy Lampkin should hook up.

  29. melody says:


  30. Dani says:

    Come on pll wake up! Editing for great TV. I’m sure there was a lot more one and said, but we all love Tami with the drama. That’s why we watch. I love Tami and I understand her. The problem that I’m hvg is once again, errybody falling for this damsil in distress act by Kesha. Why would you confide in Evilyn when you know that she was going to go tell everything you said?! She knew this b/c Royce warned her, but, Kesha wasn’t feeling Tami from jump and if you play with a bull, you get the horns. LOL well, at least I’m not bored, I wait to watch each week.

  31. Blye says:

    Royce, we can appreciate your honesty. We truly believe you are a true friend to Tami, but we also know that Tami is not a true friend to you. Tami is not a true friend to herself. Tami has only shown her viewers her hatred, rage, verbal and physical assaults. We have no love for evil Tami at all. She is very disrespectful and a very poor example for a mother. Tami and Evelyn are friends now, when they were enemies and attacking one another not long ago. We love you Royce, please be aware of vicious PitBull Tami.

  32. kimberly says:

    The only thing she has been sugar coating is Evelyn’s involvement in EVERYTHING that has been going on. I have a very strong feeling that her and Evelyn are back on speaking terms. SMH, meanwhile THE only reason Evelyn is even looking her way is to form the biggest army she can AGAINST Jenn. These broads are so dumb.

  33. SassyScribe says:

    I don’t know where to begin, but last night was the first time I really looked at Tammi in a different light. Whether or not she is a victim of editing/non-editing, I cannot say, but she was stone cold trifling as hell toward Kesha, and IMO it was uncalled for.

    Tammi has yet to run up on the right one to put her firmly in her place…its so so sad, to see this show feed into the stereotypical ABW societal stereotype…Tammi needs to go, I don’t know how people can put up with her, because having seen her on The Real World back in the day, it does not appear that she has grown and/or matured in any way, shape, or form.

    …after last night, I deleted the show from my DVR…good luck to you!

  34. Mitria says:

    I agree with Royce completely and real friends will be honest. Tami is toooo old to be bullying ppl. Evelyn Lozada is all about her money and she was cool with Kesha until Tami started talking. She a #BasicTrick and a follower

  35. Lizza says:

    Tami LOUD ghetto mouth is embarrassing me GREATLY, white people thinks black women are angry and violent can we blame them look at Tami behaviour, Tami is not keeping anything real she’s RETARDED, CRAZY.

  36. Claudia says:

    I personally liked Tami but she is so damn ghetto. Like she talks about being an adult but no one can say anything to her without her getting all bent out of shape. The more I watch this show the more I dislike. The ladies are nothing but drama except for the few who have class. You other ladies give real women like me a bad name.

  37. Nikkig01 says:

    I love Tammy but she was dead wrong last night. I really hope she reads this stuff and realizes how stupid she looked. I am so shocked by Evelyn. I recall her going to Tammy and Shanuie about the stuff she heard Jennifer said in Italy. She was wrong. I actually like Kesha. It is about time someone handled themselves with class.

  38. msunibee says:

    you can take the girl out the ghetto.but you CAN NOT TAKE THE GHETTO OUT OF THE talk about nerve tammi has was;nt that long ago tammi was tore up from the floor up.she talking about her team.her team needed help.contrary to what tammi believes real women DO NOT ADDRESS EACH OTHER AS the B as a person thinketh in his heart so is he.tammi make young black women who is about something look bad.NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL.A lot of my friends chose not to watch this season.

  39. candy says:

    i just eel you the best royce stay your wn person i love the show cuz of you well till next week

  40. Gretchen says:

    Tami’s behavior is despicable. I can’t understand why she needs everyone to bow down to her bipolar moods. Kesha did not deserve that verbal attack. It did seem that Shaunie was instigating the whole Debbie Downer thing. Evelyn knows Tami and should not have told her what Kesha said although she tried to make ignorant Tami see that she was wrong for saying Kesha sounded white and she was insulting the way she interrogated her as to her nationality.
    Wow Suzie is a hot mess with the drinking. Maybe she should go to rehab before it gets any worse. Kenya seemed to get a lot of joy from the Tami attack on Kesha but she better watch herself next week may be a Tami attack on her. I am proud of you and Jennifer for doing productive things with your lives and staying out of the foolishness. Keep your head to the sky from where all blessings flow. And hope you are doing better with your Dad.

  41. Carm Fazio says:

    Royce, I agree with you 100%. I think Tami was wrong in the way she treated Kesha and I felt bad for her. I used to watch the show religiously because I thought you and Tami were the only real ones. But after last night, this is where I get off. There was no reason to go at her like that and I think Evelyn was in the wrong also. I think Suzi is a two timing friend that only hung around after Evelyn and Tami left just to get any commentary she thought juicy enough to spread. I really think she is a user no matter who she is with, and I am especially glad that you see thru her lies and BS. Its a shame cause I really liked the show but I wish you the best and I just cannot watch Tami take apart an innocent girl just because she had the audience to do it. Good taste would have been to take her to the side and discuss it privately and to let Kesha know that is the way to do it instead of end running to Evelyn. Best of luck, Royce, Carm Fazio RN

  42. Rickie says:

    I don’t think Tami said nothin out of pocket period. I think she kept it short and called it how she saw it. I agree Keisha should’ve went to talk to Tami if Tami would’ve blown up she would’ve known her character it is what it is. If Tami would have been calm and polite then she still would have saw her character on her own. Everybody knows close friends are gonna tell each other what someone says even if someone is sittin up confiding in them. But on another note Evelyn is goin too hard on Jen for real. In my opinion everyone does makes mistakes and what’s gonna happen when Ocho make one are you gonna go that hard on him? Remember forgive and move on.

  43. CS3 Fan says:

    Royce, I love the way you keep it real about Tami. I am a fan of Tami too, but I’ve also been disappointed in the way she’s been acting, especially considering that she has suffered abuse in her life. She should know better than to make someone else feel as badly as she has. You are so right that “co-signing” friendships are not real friendships. That is exactly the type of relationship that Jenn and Evelyn had and look how they ended up!

  44. Jackson says:

    Wow, wow wow…. I could not have said it better myself… You are turning into a lil philosopher…
    I always thought you were the coolest and now you seem to be the most mature. Your future husband will be a very lucky man.

  45. butters says:

    My daughters and six of their fiends were over and watching the last episode; they were so shocked by Tami’s idiotic, ghetto and childish behaviours that we all resolved, never to watch this show again. Out of all the wives, Royce and Kesha are the only wives that act with any sense of decorum.

  46. Angela says:

    I agree with a lot of what Royce has to say. My thing with this season is that these basketball wives are acting like the basketball wives of LA. Evelyn is totally wrong because she really doesn’t have a reason to be mad at Jenn. Shaunie and Tami are dead wrong because they know she doesn’t have a reason. Evelyn has been fighting with Jenn every since she got with Ocho and that’s because Jenn’s been keeping it real. When Tami questioned her about Ocho cheating, she lied and we know she knows she lied because she saw the same clip we did when Evelyn told him to buy some condoms. So, she can’t keep it real either. I guess the group only accepted Jenn because she and Evelyn were friends or they would have kept it 100 and let Evelyn know that she was dead wrong. Big deal, so Jenn said they don’t go for the same type of men (wow). I’m about ready to cut this show go because they all need to grow the heck up. As for Kenya, they need to send her right back to the ghetto.

  47. HP says:

    Royce, Kesha and Jenn need to quit BBW…..those other tricks are some miserable bullies, sad excuses for mother, and females.

  48. maxine says:


    You are alright with me. You are REAL. You never once professed to be perfect and you take ownership for mistakes you admit you made along the way but there is also a caring, genuine person that will have your back without stabbing you in the back and because you stand your ground without kissing ass and making the round, you get hated on but you still come out as the pretty package with the brighter bow. Those other jacked up females are just that: JACKED UP. Royce keep Jesus in the forefront of your life and your beautiful child. I will always be a fan of you. God Bless.

  49. Trailmix says:

    I think Tami was out of line being that Kesha really wanted to handle the situation in a mature manner. I feel as if she was one of those people who go off of their emotions and run with it, which is really harmful to herself because those looking from the outside in start to view her as a bully. Tami, “keeping it real” does not mean flying off the handle all of the time, but I still believe that deep down you’re a good person. Royce, I felt as if Evelyn was going back to being a mean girl when she and Kenya started laughing when Tami was going off on Kesha. That look on Kesha’s face said it all. I really felt bad for her and related that struggle of not being considered “black enough” to others. Suzie is starting to become a mean girl, too. She really should give Kenya a chance and give constructive criticism to her face and not laugh behind her back with other the other castmates. I’m really proud of Jenn for starting to come into her own and not feeding into the whole enemies b.s. w/ Evelyn. That’s really high school. I didn’t see much of you this episode, but hopefully next episode I will. Love your blogs and stay blessed.

  50. veve says:

    Royce I truly agree with you. I like Tami and I was very disappointed with her behavior when she said she wants to work on her behavior. This is not a good behavior to show young woman didn’t she said she support a charity this is not being a good role model.

  51. Classy says:

    Tami is so JEALOUS of Kesha… Everytime they are on th same shot, Tami looks like a used up had been $5 escort while Kesha looks like the queen of the world with class, dignity and nice hair… Tammi (THR), lose some weight, or don’t sit where we could see your fat body boulging out of the dinning table… People need to stop Tami from this BULLING madness! Next week it will be Suzzie turn to get bullied by UGLY TAMI, again… It was nice of Jen not to invite Tami, cause she knows like the rest of us that Tami is classless…. Tammi HoodRat Ramon!!!

  52. My Opinion says:

    WOW…..watching this last episode I was so disappointed at Tami’s beehavior….I actually liked her until I saw this episode….I was disgusted!!!! Talking to that girl like that….Then she wonders why or own children didnt even want her to manage them anymore. Tami needs to learn self control. My momma always said there’s a million & one ways to get your point across. I mean she didnt even give the girl a chance so they could squash it….Sure it was dumb anyway. BTW well said Royce!!!!!

  53. neecey says:

    i am so embarassed after watching this episode. this used to be my guilty pleasure, now i just feel guilty for watching it. i’m ashamed as a black woman that this is the crap vh1 is making bank off of, exploiting these dumb broads as livin the life of the new 21st century negro. get a job, get some papers, get a life, get the f off of my television. ugh. this is the ish that makes me mad to even be black. we are a ruined race.

  54. Maxie says:

    Is it just me or does everyone who eventually hangs around Evelyn turns into a “mean girl”? It’s like their hearts immediately turn black. Think about it….when Suzie was cast out the circle, she “seemed sweet”, then when she went back to the dark side, she became shady and two-faced. Tami was very “real” prior to now becoming this bully/attack dog….for a woman who slept with your husband, called you a non-factor and out your name, talked about the way you dressed and profited from that disrespectful name. Now Jennifer leaves the so-called circle and it appears she’s trying to find inner peace and positive energy while working to be a better person that which she didn’t have with Miss Evil-lyn. I think I know who Darth Vader’s daughter really is. How can she eat wearing that helmet? It will be really interesting to see karma take its place.

  55. LadyLoddie says:

    You are the real deal, continue doing you and be bless in everything you do.
    I was also disappointed at Tami behavior at the dinner. As a woman should have handled keisha situation lot better.. Its not that serious!!! i love the show…But its starting yo show how ignorant black women can be..And we are so much more then that B….

  56. Angel says:

    Royce, you are right on the money. Tami just proved Kesha’s point. Tami is not approachable. Kesha only conveyed her feelings to Evil Eve, because she didn’t know how Tami was going to take it. Especially since Tami has been known to act a fool at times. The mature response from Tami should have went like this, “After speaking with Evelyn, I understand that you had an issue with my asking about your race. Although I was just curious and didn’t mean any harm, I apologize if I offended you or made you feel uncomfortable.” The conversation should have ended there. There was no need to act “Junior Highish” because she [Kesha] chose to confide in someone she thought was Tami’s friend and would know how to approach her.

  57. Gloria says:

    I love that you touched on every subject from the show and was point with everything…Bravo Mama!



  59. Dee says:

    Why is everyone shocked at Tami! She always goes over the edge. She is just testing Kesha and Kesha failed. I know Kesha probably wants to have this certain image but in order to get Tami’s respect you have to get with her then she will leave you alone. That is how Tami works. It is like the is the DP for a sorority or something. That is not condoning her craziness but I have come to expect it Tami. I don’t know why anyone else isn’t.

  60. Dee says:

    Oh and I was trippin of Kenya laughing at the table. I do not feel the Kesha was showing constructive criticism in the way she approached that situation with Kenya even if that was her intent it did not sound that way on tv. It sounded condescending and I bet Kenya enjoyed her gettin cussed out.

  61. Shelly says:


    Your blog was so well written and said everything about the situation so well. Nice to know Tammy allows you to be honest with her. I hope she will give Keisha another chance. My hat is off to Keisha because she handled the situation well. I just hope she learned to not trust Evelyn and just go to the source first. Hopefully Tammy will give her another chance and not beat her up because she has rage issues. Course the show is edited and I’m sure hyped up for the audience but I think Tammy is can be a bully (the same w/Evelyn)..but sounds like Tammy listens to you and hopefully the counseling will help. Congratulations for the broadway show:) Good job.

  62. Londa says:


  63. shonda says:

    I want to start by saying that i am a fan of yours. i love the way you act like you have sense on the show and out of all the drama this season. I don’t think that Tami was right for the way she reacted but i do feel her on the reason she was mad. I think Kesha is acting like a baby cause the things she got offended about that Tami said shouldn’t have been took the way she took them. Kanya two words “hot mess”. Moving on, Evelyn was being messy like always. She really has a lot of growing up to do cause the way shes acting with Jen is so childish so happy Jen is not backing down to her. I’ve been a fan of you,Tami and Jen don’t think il be adding either of the new girls to my list.

  64. Tanya says:

    Unfortunately, Tami does not allow Royce to be honest, because Tami cannot be honest to Tami. Tami does not like anyone to voice his or her honest opinion about her, be it in her face or in her absence. Royce as many said in the past, select your friends carefully. Every single one of these female cast members has displayed a very evil side. The moving part about Royce and Tami so-call friendship, is that we honestly feel that Royce like Tami. When Royce is with Tami, she looks so happy, as if she looks up to Tami. We hope she does not see Tami as a role model, if she does, we can‘t help but to question Royce mental state of mind.

  65. Gina Love says:

    Is Royce going up…..very proud of you girl!!!! I agree with Royce as far as the way Tami behaved with Kesha… was very disrespectful and juvenile…..Kesha keep your head up girl!

  66. comekia says:

    I agree with you, Tami, was way out of line, I thinki cause the other entertain her stupidness, that she feels this is the way to act. Kesha wasn’t talking about her, she went to Evelyn to see how to handle the situation, but of course(just my opinion) since Evelyn is so miserable with how things are turning out with Chad she will and always will be a mess. Beautiful on the outside, but a freaking mess on the inside….I never really cared for Eve, I never understood the way she treated Jennifer, with the crazy stuff she said during Jen’s breakup to now. Hey maybe its me, but i want my friends to keep it real with me about my man, and I keep it real about theirs. Chad is a Hoe, and Evelyn knows this, I don’t think its love at all, its about money and fame for the both of them, and if she ever really cared for Jen like she said she did, she would respect Jen keeping it real about her and Chad, instead of sugar coating it, like the rest of the ladies…..with this said…I think Tami needs some anti deppresants or something, I have been a victim of abuse and rape, and Lord knows I don’t act anyway like she does. Its just an excuse to act a certain way, they all need to really sit and think of how they are representing their children and families,,,,if fame does this too you, I don’t want it…..Classy women don’t act this way… continue to keep this real, and grow up…..Love you all but!!!!!

  67. Paula says:

    Terrible Tami behavior last night was down right nasty. Her anger management is not helping this vicious female at all. Kesha did not deserve such ill treatment. It is obvious that Kenya, Suzie, Tami, and Evelyn are jealous of Kesha beauty and brains.

    Kesha should stand up to Terrible Tami and refuse to let her disrespect her. However, we loved the way she looked at Tami in disgrace. We are happy that Kesha did not lower herself to Tami and her crew level, which is a disgusting level. Tami better wake up, because the calm, cool, silent, country girls can defend themselves very well.

  68. danny says:

    Ladies please remember your children are watching their parents act like their schoolmates. Money, Notoriety, and Wealth, should not take priority over your children well being. You should always remember your children, before you decide to disrespect yourself. It is disgraceful to see gown females jumping on tables in rage, and smacking another female in the face. VH1 should have zero tolerance for physical assaults. Those participating in violent behavior, should be kicked off the show and penalized money-wise. VH1 should start hitting those pockets with fines. The victims of the violent attacks should hire a lawyer. Otherwise, the violence will continue to escalate.

  69. Lisa & Keith says:

    The viewers are no longer listening to Tami words of explanation, defense, and justification, regarding her lack of respect for herself and for others. Her excuses have run completely out. The viewers are taking her at face value, and that is no value at all. She has displayed such violent behavior on the show, that it is turning your stomach. We cannot believe what we are actually witnessing. The profanity, the aggressive verbal attacks, and the vicious physical assaults. Tami & Evelyn are displaying very poor examples as parents. They are acting out like wild creatures. Their behavior is uncivilized.

  70. debby says:

    Royce wake up and watch your back. Tami is not your friend. She is coming after you about your honest comments. Tami refuses to hear the truth from anybody. What makes you trust Tami as a friend, when she and Evelyn were enemies not long ago? Now Tami and Evelyn are tight friends.

  71. Willow, Faye, Lisa & Keith (The Dream Team) says:

    We are faithful viewers. However, we do not endorse of violent behavior. VH1 should have zero acceptance for violence on the set. Eventually, someone will get hurt beyond recovery. There is absolutely no excuse for bodily harm. We do not care about someone past catastrophes; no one should ever be violated for someone else’s misery.

  72. Summer says:


  73. brzz says:

    Royce, I think your recap was right on point. I hope to see a lot more of you this season.

  74. Taylor says:

    Royce does not trust any of the old female cast members. Kenya is debatable too. VH1 why is it you are bypassing the wise and professional Basketball Wives? If Shaunie is doing the screening/hiring, we can understand why she is selecting females that can relate to her personal experience.

  75. Renae says:

    Ok Royce, I was a fan but did you really need to blog and comment about Tami publicly? Don’t you think you SHOULD have said those things privately to her one on one? I agree with Tami in this situation when she blogged she considered you and friend and never made a public blog about or against you. You commented on Jen’s nude photos last season and about her leaking them out personally but some of your photos expose a lot of your body. You may not be completely nude but you’re pretty darn close to it. If you’re living in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones. Try being be more loyal to someone you consider a friend by not talking about them publicly or meeting someone’s husband privately and attempting to tell them after the fact business or no business. At the end of the day you keep proving it’s only all about you and if you need to step on some toes to get you to where you need to be…then so be it. Ladies when will we ever learn? Together we stand…divided we fall.

  76. Linda says:

    Kesha is a beautiful and classy lady, but Evelyn & Tami do not know anything about being classy. Therefore, this is why they were threaten by Kesha’s beauty, smarts, and professionalis. Tami & Evelyn can not relate to real women. So they immediately go into their attack mode. Because violence is all they know.

  77. Rickie says:

    @ Rashad,

    First of all stupid I did not say one way or the other if Tami kept it real or not. I said” I don’t think it was out of pocket”. Secondly you don’t know how I live my life day to day to be a hot ghetto mess.. Maybe you are. This is reality t.v, and & everyone has there own opinion I don’t give a damb about what you think and could care less who and what you are. My point was just Keisha should’ve talked to Tami. But I ain’t got to explain ish to ya. Get real!

  78. Diane A says:

    You know you are writing for VH1 therefore it is ALL biased. As an educated woman, for whom I have tremendous respect (like you care), Royce you know all this “reality” mess is really scripted. The audience sees only what the producers want us to see. Therefore if you are TRULY Tami’s friend you should have approached this with ambivalence. Allow Tami and Kesha to speak their own minds. Your life is free of drama, please do not get back into that mess.

  79. Leesa says:

    BRAVO! Well said Royce! I could not have said it any better! I can not wait to see the tables turn on Kenya though cuz you know what goes around comes around. Shame on her for laughing the way she did. None of them even like her! As far as Evelyn i wrote the exact same thing on Tami’s blog. Kesha went to her because she THOUGHT she was her friend and was looking for advice and Ev threw her under the bus when she knew Kesha was going to speak to Tami when the appropriate time came. Anyways Royce, Good for you for standing up for your friends and keeping it real.

  80. Proud of Royce says:

    Royce I hope you truly wrote this and not your publicist because GIRRRLLL…I am so proud of you. Look at you maturing. Please keep it up. Don’t backslide and let Evilyn or $$$haunie take you out of character. Try to help Suzi, but I think you will have to let that two-faced heffa go. What is her deal this season!!! You can always tell when these Ladies? have some inner turmoil because they act up. Keep your cool girl, stay in prayer and remain around positive peeps. Your is coming even bigger and better.

  81. Willow says:

    Royce stay clear of Terrible Tami, Evil Evelyn, Sneaky Suzie, Strange Kenya, and Profit-Making Shaunie. These females are hungry for $$$ and will do anything and will do anybody to make it happen.

    As regards to Tami comment, that Keisha is NOT innocent in this matter and she does a great deal of lip boxing behind the scenes. This does not validate Tami’s nasty, filthy, sickening, trifling behavior. Kesha did not deserve such foul treatment. We think the problem is YOU. Because Tami, Kenya, Suzie, Evelyn, and Shaunie are simply jealous of Kesha’s beauty and intelligence. See Kesha was born with beauty and smarts. The other females on the set have to buy beauty, but they cannot buy intelligence.

  82. Faye & Stacey says:

    Royce should concentrate on Royce. Royce should just do Royce. Keep it real and honest. Dump the pile of mess (Tami, Evelyn, Suzie, Kenya, and Shaunie) in the nearest dumpster, and keep it moving. Please stop looking at Tami as if you have won a prize, because Tami is not your true friend. Tami is disturbed, depressed, miserable, and vicious. Therefore, she should not be trusted. First impressions are lasting impression; we think Kesha would be a true friend. Kesha is intelligent, gorgeous and professional. However, Kesha needs to be careful whom she trusts.

  83. Queen says:

    Royce, why would you want a friend like Tami?
    Knowing Tami will turn against you at the drop of a hat.
    Knowing you cannot be honest with her face-to-face or via a Blog.
    What do you see in Tami period?
    Because the viewers can only see in Tami, is an individual polluted with wickedness. Tami is upset with the world about her past and her present. She is acting out like a troubled teenager. Tami is a parent. We feel sad for her beautiful and mature daughters. Tami daughters do not want her as their business manager and they are running away from her as their mother. Tami crying on National TV regarding her past is causing viewers to turn away. They are turning away because of the behavior in which she is handling her past misfortune. She is orally offending and physically attacking innocent people. VH1 should implement a zero tolerance policy for physical attacks and violence.

  84. Nip says:

    Tami what happen to u those producers told u to treat people ugly. Remember u have daughters the first time someone treat them that way u will be the first one to say something, just remember their always someone out there think they bad too. Girl u r in your 40s we don’t act like that grow up.

  85. Sisters says:

    It is very hard for us to see Tami as having a pretty face, because of her vicious and violent behavior. Pretty has no place in her personal description internally or externally. She is paying millions of dollars to beautify herself, while she is placing her psychological problem on the back burner. Evelyn and Tami have shown to the viewers their true self. Their true self is very unsettling and very disgraceful. Self-indulgence is taking control over their life. They must realize Fame and Money comes and money goes, materialistic things have very little value, but they will always need their brains to continue to exist.

  86. Ann says:

    @ Rickie, I think Tami said everything out of troubled head period. I think she kept it nullified and called it everything sinful imagination wanted to see it.

    I agree Keisha should have gone to talk to Tami and Tami would have blown up anyway and anyhow, that is Tami’s lack of character.

    Unfortunately, Tami is never, ever, ever, calm and polite and Kesha would have seen her lack of character on her own.

    I agree, that some close friends will to tell each other what someone says even if when someone confides in them. However, in this case it was Evelyn’s overall presentation to Tami about Kesha dissatisfaction. It was a total trap anda total vicious setup.

    However, on another note Evelyn is not a friend to herself. Therefore, she was never a friend to Jennifer and she can never be a true friend to anybody else. I agree everyone makes mistakes. When Evelyn catches Ocho being unfaithful, she will attack him verbally, but she will not physically attack him, until after the marriage. Tami does not know anything about forgiveness. Therefore, her head will always remain damaged

  87. pkell my bell says:

    Royce, thanks for your overview and re cap of Basketball wives. Your point was well appreciated and well received. I am not a super star, a socialite, nor am I in front of the camera, nor do I desire to be. I am a graduate from a major university, a successful business woman as well as a successful Realtor for over 16 years. I have a wonderful relationship with God that I cherrish, and I think I am fun to be around. Neverthelss, your comments within your blog post hit home. Just in my opinion, in order for a friendship to be real, the parties within that friendship must be able to “agree to disagree”. If as your friend, I can’t be able to give you constructive criticism, or “vice versa” then there is definately something lacking within the friendship.

    Honestly, you and Tami remind me a lot of myself. I am a very direct person, and my mouth and fighting has definately gotten me in a lot of trouble in the past. Sometimes I won, and sometimes I lost. However, I have learned, and am still learning from past mistakes(and a lot of prayer) how to control my emotions more. It is easy for the general public to past judgement in regards to people on tv.or those who are int he limelight God hs brought me a long way in life, and I have mastered the art of not being so critical and judgemental of others. It seems society has come to a place where we as people are quick to past judgement and now we have gotten to a point of making a comparison of who’s “SIN” is greater or less greater than the other, when in fact, it is still all, “SIN”.

    I am happy for you and all of your accomplishments. Especially Congrats to you on your getting the part in the play based out of New York. Royce, I can see growth in you from the time you first started on the show up until now. We as people are all a work in progress. Royce, hang in there with Tami as a supporting friend. Although she may come across sometimes as being a bully and controling, I sense that her pain and struggles have been long and hard. Therefore, she may feel the need to put up a wall of protection that will show no signs of weakenss, “Been there, still doing that”. I certainly agree with you, on the part of the blog post in which you pointed out there is never a need to call someone out of their name, or belittle and insult them just because you feel you can, or you feel that individual is intimidated by you. Tell Tami, I speak from experience when I tell you the real “B***h is “KARMA” . What you dish out to others will come back to you, and it is usually 10 times worse than what you initiated.

    I will be opening up a new business in the near future, and I am hoping to invite you and Tami to come out and check the scene out!

    Keep up the good Work Royce!

  88. Cynthia says:

    It is very hard for us to see Tami & Evelyn as pretty, because of their vicious and violent behavior. Pretty has no place in their personal description internally or externally. They are paying millions of dollars to beautify themselves, while they are placing their psychological problem on the back burner. Evelyn & Tami have shown to the viewers their true self. Their true self is very unsettling and very disgraceful. Self-indulgence is taking control over their life. They must realize Fame and Money comes and goes, materialistic things have very little value, but will always need their brains to continue to exist.

  89. Dawn B says:

    Royce, thank you for always keeping it real..staying real and not plastic fake and from what I can tell, not changing with your continued success. I hope you do find real love with the right man because you deserve that and I hope that you and your Father find a way to mend fences. In the meantime, stay real and stay out of the suits you well. Remember class is something that cannot be taught, at least in my you are loads above the others :)

  90. NINI says:


  91. mizlady says:

    I am very proud of your maturity. I see such honesty and growth. You and Kesha make a good logical pair for friendship. Don’t expect Tami not to be jealous! Becareful

  92. Sanya says:

    Why would Chad allow his daughter to interact with a female with such a contaminated personality? Evelyn is not a mother figure for her own daughter, she is definitely not a mother figure for a stepdaughter.

    If Chad wants to put up with Evelyn’s destructive qualities is one thing. However, for him to expose his daughter to such an unhealthy and foul female is a very different situation.

    Chad should ease his daughter into the relationship with Evelyn, because if their relationship
    do not last, this can have a negative affect on his daughter. Because we know, Evelyn is sucking up to Chad’s daughter every chance she gets, hoping this will help get Chad under her wings.

    Who is paying Tami & Evelyn to approve or disapprove of the other female cast members?
    These two evil females do not have the intelligence to place judgment on a dog.

  93. BJ says:

    Royce i have liked you from day one, because you always kept it real, did your thing, not a follower, and remained respectful, I think if it wasn’t for you I probably would not have watched the show as long as I did. The others look so phony, and portrayed an image of being a basketball wife and was not. (you know who I speaking of) Oh my God that Eve, she is as sickening as can be. did she forget that she had a daughter? how could she disrespect herself with chad on the first night like she did? Does she really think he wants her? Enough of her because I could go on and on, I just hate all her episodes, shes a mess, Tami was cool until last nights episode she came off real ghetto and a bully. her day will come when she disrespect the wrong woman. Shaunie needs to just shut it up she looks so stupid trying to be a bad ass because shes really a booty licker with her scary ass l. Jen kick eve’s ass. ImjusSayin…

  94. Veronica says:

    Thank you Royce. You truly understand friendship and womanhood. I find you to be the only bright spot on this show at this point. I appreciate the fact that despite the rudeness, mean spirited, ignorant ways of some of the others on the show you carry yourself like a woman. I read Tami’s blog and I am hoping for her sake she can appreciate your honesty and true understanding of friendship. Real friends don’t just tell you what you want to hear, they are honest and real. No matter how they edit the show they don’t photoshop it. So all of the cussing and disrespect that often goes on occurs. People running to tell Tami things they know will set her off should be Tami’s sign that they mean her no good. Stay real and out the drama Royce!!!

  95. Victoria Banks says:

    Royce you are so real, please don’t change. Tami is wrong 85% of the time, to call her a bully would be an understatement, she is a beast, a classless one at that. I don’t know any man or child that is as uncivilized as her, well maybe a wilder beast! Once again Royce don’t back down you never let you friends hang themselves, if they’re wrong let them know and she was dead wrong as usual

  96. Queen says:

    Tami is an embarassment to Black women and mothers everywhere. I can see why Kenny ran to a White woman after her. What was he thinking when he married her?? She is the most loud, ghetto, nasty mouth, disrespectful and ignorant Black woman on TV.. and a bully to boot. She has the ghetto neck action and mouth twisting thing down to an art. Not an ounce of class. I can’t imagine that Shaunie would be an associate, let alone a friend of hers. Distance yourself because it’s obvious that she has mental issues and will turn on anyone in a heartbeat.

  97. Shelby0411 says:

    I agree with you Royce and although I do like Tami also to me she can be a bit bullyish and as for Evelyn, Shaunie & Jennifer I think that they are all scared of her that’s why they don’t try to stop her tyrades. And please patch things up with your father I lost my mother 15 years ago and although we weren’t feuding I miss her very much.

  98. Rickie says:

    @ Ann,
    It’s your opinion to feel whats worth or of value or not, whatever. Anyway everyone was born into sin, you will see or hear sin everyday. Maybe you should watch stuff with Rating E and I said Evelyn should forgive Jen and move on, I didn’t say anything about Tami.

  99. LINDA says:

    Maybe Chad, Evelyn & Tami should be the first “Threesome” to create the “Open Marriage Certificate & Vows” , from their representation the three of them should be in a relationship.

    I (name), take you (name) to be my (husband/wife), one of my several partners in life and one of my several true loves. I will not trust you and I will not respect you, I will not be faith through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you one hand, half of my heart, and some of my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

  100. Anjelica says:

    I can appreciate Royce for voicing her honest opinion about the Tami & Kesha situation. However, not surprisingly Terrible Tami has turned vicious on Royce on her BLOG. This does not surprise me as a viewer. I felt Royce was smart enough to know the real Tami. After Royce, witness all of Terrible Tami’s nastiness with the other female cast mates. I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before Tami turn against Royce. Tami can not be true to anybody, until she can be true to herself. She must first acknowledge and accept that she is psychologically wounded. The way Tami & Evelyn conducts them selves on National TV is a total disgrace. Anger Management will not help Tami, because she is over the top out of control. However, I also know that Tami is well aware of her addiction to control. If at anytime she feels she is no longer in control of a situation, she goes crazy-lady, like a Jackie Christie. This is a very unhealthy attitude.

  101. ELAINE says:

    This BLOG is for viewers to voice their onions. To be honest without viewers there would be no “BBW REALITY SHOW”. Viewers have the freedom to speak positively and negatively based on what they see and hear as an audience. Unfortunately, Tami presented herself as a racist and made it a racial issue with the comments she made to Kesha. Be it intended or not intended, it was sinful, uncivil, foul, uncalled-for, rude and very nasty. The dinner in the last episode was a complete mess. Evelyn and Tami set this trap up to verbally attack Kesha. Tami and Evelyn not only offended Kesha, they also offended thousands of viewers across the globe with their spitefulness. Tami & Evelyn are so dramatic and over the top with disrespect for themselves and everybody around them.

  102. Shaquana Atkinson says:

    Well said although I think you mean well with the statement about your friend I think she would rather you come to her. All in All she is always portrade as the bad person when if you watch bonus clips or watch some past and current episodes she do mean well. I didnt see where you guys went wrong with kenya but she took it and ran with it. Evelyn went to Tami because she may have felt telling her would help Kiesha out a little but she do in Tami Law let people come to her and I think if for once someone tried it we will know her reaction but since season two I havent really seen no one do that. I would love to.

  103. Shirley says:

    Ladies please act like ladies. Jan stop trying to be all that. Just be yourself. I like you better last season. Suzie , shut up. Why are you on the show?

  104. DAISY & DANIEL says:

    @LINDA – funny vows, “Open Marriage” is exactly that way. It is a half marriage.

    One of my several partners in life and

    one of my several true loves.

    I will not trust you and I will not respect you,

    I will not be faithful through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together.

    I give you one hand,

    half of my heart,

    and some of my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.

  105. MAKE THEM IRRELEVANT (too small to see) says:

    Jennifer you should keep Evil Evelyn’s name out of your mouth. Why are you not focusing all of your energy in your business and yourself? The viewers are aware that you have done some dirty deeds and gossiping too. Clean up your act, grow up, and stay away from the messy and nasty circle (Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami). I would never lower my standards to mention any of these four females’ names in any conversation period. They should be totally gone, forgotten, and invisible. Keep it moving. I must say, if you were smart you would not trust Suzie period. She is a faker, snaker, and snitch. I am a viewer and when I am out and I hear conversations about BBW, I listen, but I do not join in on the conversation period. I am too ashamed to let anyone know that I have watched such a violent show. However, after the last episode I am finished. Because I found myself disturbed and thought about things that would definitely lower my standards if spoken. If Evelyn and her crew wants to be IRRELEVANT, then make that happen by making them totally invisible/ too small to see.

  106. BOBBYE says:

    VH1 STOP THE VIOLENCE, Tami & Evelyn must practice self-control or be removed from the show. We cannot believe VH1 offered Evelyn a contract with Ocho, this proves to the viewers that VH1 supports violence. BBW has highly upset viewers everywhere, due to Tami and Evelyn’s violent verbal & physical attacks. VH1 must STOP THE VIOLENCE or petitions and boycotts will take place around the globe. Because our children are watching (college students). Parents across the globe are pushing for LAWS to STOP BULLYING in schools and STOP BULLYING in communities, while adults on NATIUONAL TV are participating in and supporting such criminal behavior.

  107. MutiDarealdeal says:

    i agree with all thats said about tammy either the show needs to stop herfrom bullying everybody or everybody needs to get e backbone

  108. marty says:

    What I want to know is: Who the hell is Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie to act like these girls or anybody else has to bow down and “seek” their approval? These tricks are a crack up! Shaunie with her Bob Hope V shaped ski slope nose, Tami with her big no shape football player lookin’ bad weave self, Evelyn with her fake balloon boobs and huge acne covered forehead! Jen is winning. Evelyn is obsessed with her. She’s already screamed it out, yet she still goes over the same crap over and over. Issues is not the word. She can’t let it go because Jen hurt her to the core with whatever she did, and the trick can’t get over it! Tami went to see Jen, then talked about her with Evelyn at the birthday party. How 3 faced can you get? Shaunie too. Royce and Keisha are looking like the mature ones here, and I hope Kenya gets hers soon. Sitting there cackling like a fool when Tami was as per usual screaming and ranting and cursing at Keisha. What a psychotic FOOL! Susie is just a doofus idiot. She blows in any and all directions. This is one time I didn’t mind Tami getting her though! Royce should be careful. Tami is already showing signs of jealousy at her and Keisha’s friendship. I’ve never seen any one as thirsty and desperate as Tami to belong.

  109. KeepinIshReal says:

    Lets be clear here! When Tami lunged at Ev and smacked the crap out of her … Ev did NOTHING but allow the producers to protect her! When Tami came into her shop EV did NOTHING but talk. The day I see EV lunge or throw a drink at Tami i will believe she is “about this life” other than that she needs to sit her hollywoodized self down and buy herself some class. Tami – You are a hood rat and its so funny that Suzie reminded you that just a couple of years ago you were on food stamps. Yes you do need to REMEMBER where you came from lol. Oh and being upset with Royce for voicing her opinion only shows how insecure and weak of a female you really are. And just so you know Tami … none of them Really like you. They all made fun of you in the beginning. Every one is just afraid because your the size of a man. Royce Tami isnt your friend. She IS jealous and she is more concerned and has always been about being on Shaunies good side than she has about being “Real”. The only reason she became Ev’s friend is so she could hang out when Shaunie had vacations and stuff. I think I now I agree with Ev though – Tami you are a Non M Effin Factor lol! I think I might just buy a tshirt after all! No not really lol. It goes with out saying that I agree with Bobbye – Its really petition time. I liked the show but there should be some rules in their contracts that they loose money if they fight … hmmm betcha EV would act real classy then!

  110. CHARISSE WALKER says:


  111. CHARISSE WALKER says:


  112. Janet says:

    Royce, I am so glad that there is atleast one girl on that show that knows how to act like a lady!!!! Suzie, Tamie, Shaunie, and especially EVELYN you guys put the M in Messy as and the H in Hell.Jennifer you should very much want to loose whatever you had with Evelyn because it sure wasn’t a friendship. the Heipher was jealousy of you, that why she gave you such wrong advice about your husband and the only problem is the SCANT don’t want what she did to you for you to do it to her. But Jennifer you son’t have to because what goes around comes around. And she is definitely going to get hers. Royce seems to me that you need to school Jennifer in picking up fakes as so called friends and show her what a real friend is. Like what you think you have in Tamie.

  113. Chyna says:

    Royce I love you, and you are still the only reason I still tune in to this show to watch. Tami is wrong for being upset with you over voicing your opinion, because regardless you said nothing that was bad where she felt like you betrayed her. But once again that’s what this show is all about FAKE, FAKE and more FAKE. When you are real they can’t stand to be around you. Tami I really liked you at first , but you have turned into nothing but a bully and you look so phony constantly grinning behind that Saber Tooth Tiger Ev. I wish she one run into a real bout it type woman who could show her what being about that life is really about but she won’t find it on this show. Jennifer I’m glad your standing alone now. Keep it up because you need no co-signers.

  114. Janell says:

    Still the same seward manor Hood-Rat….. I guess the ghetto cant be left behind, like food stamps, or WIC huh!!!! SMH….. What an embarrassment, on 10473

  115. DENISE says:

    Royce, as much as I despise the idea of black on black crime, I despise character assassinations just as much however, my camp brought the following “perception” of Madame Shaunie Oneal to my attention. Can’t tell you who the author is however, it is google-able….
    ” Interestingly enough, Shaunie made no mention of the “scandal” surrounding her first marriage to one of Shaq’s business partners and the “controversy” over whether her first child was fathered by her then-husband the deacon or Shaquille O’Neal the “Diesel.””.

    The airs that are put out by your cast-mates are sickening. Not one of these ladies have anything to toot horns about really. Each of them (to include you) have not so shining moments not meant for public consumption. I will continue to pray for each of you as well as continue my personal boycott of this ridiculous display of buffoonery/”coon”ery! I really need all of you ladies to get back to the basics….I know you understand my dismay, the clip of your very own father has already put it out there (again). Shame on you for allowing yourself to be portrayed less than you actually are. I believe in you and your potential, you don’t really need this type of attention!


    TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL — Evelyn is not picking on Jennifer, she is flat out harassing Jennifer. My advice to Jennifer and Kesha would be to get a third party/legal assistance involved, before Evelyn & Tami provokes them into a physical altercation. Jennifer and Kesha should stay clear of Evelyn & Tami let them talk as much trash as they like. However, if they attempt to take it to a physical level, file a lawsuit fast-, quick- in a hurry. The same holds true for Kasha’s issue with Tami. If VH1 will not and cannot take care of the criminal behavior from Tami & Evelyn, make them pay. Jennifer and Kesha, your supporters/viewers already know that that Tami & Evelyn do not frighten you. This matter is not about fear. This is a matter of making your self-respect, moral fiber, and professional career a top priority. Hit those criminals’ pockets; make them pay you a salary for their physical attacks and harassment

  117. Pat says:

    Thanks Royce…. I couldn’t have said ti better myself. You have matured so nicely and I’m very proud of that you called Tami out.

  118. Pat says:

    Evelyn is made because Ocho is cheating and she can’t do anything about it. She is just a publicity hoe looking for an easy ride. She is a straight-up hood rat. I can’t beliee she is a mother acting like that, so embarassing. Where did Evelyn get all that courage from? Tami, smacked her around and she didn’t do anything. Now she want to bully the new girls. She’s going to mess around and Jen is going to whoop her a$$ and Tami is going to get her’s whoop by the country girl. I can’t wait.

  119. DARRIUS says:

    VH1 can not turn a set of vicious and violent PIT Bull’s (Tami & Evelyn) into a set of loving & caring SHIH-TZU’s, It just do not work that way. ALL the money in the world will not and cannot buy these two females intelligence.

  120. JANIE says:

    EVELYN — Is a very troubled female running wild. She is very unhappy with herself. She is very unhappy with her life. She is very unhappy with her relationship. EVELYN — Is mad with the world. She is crying out for help and do not realize it. EVELYN — Should never let an issue or disagreement about a man destroy a true friendship, which I never believed Evelyn, was ever a true friend to Jennifer. EVELYN — Should seek psychological assistance and take her (suppose to be friend) Tami with her. EVELYN & TAMI — Anger Management will not repair your problem, if you do not accept you have a serious problem. EVELYN & TAMI — Anger Management will not affect your brain, heart and soul, until you acknowledge that you have a serious emotional problem. Mental Assistance and Anger Management will be a waste of time and money, if you keep closing your eyes to your problem, if you keep faultfinding, finger-pointing and playing blame-games. You cannot go around like little kids, physically abusing innocent people because of your lack of confidence, faults, and unhealthy childhood.

  121. LENARDO says:

    PRODUCERS – EDITING OR NON-EDITING; THERE ARE NO EXCUSE FOR VERBAL ABUSE, THREATS & PHYSICAL ASSAULTS VH1 must stop the violence and verbal abuse on BBW. High ratings should never take priority over cast members safety and well-being. Laws against BULLYING are being enforced in our schools. VH1 should have zero tolerance for VIOLENCE for the REALITY SHOWS. Our children are practicing and acting out what they see on TV.

  122. Words from Tami BLOG says:

    Words from Tami BLOG– Shed and the editors, whatever Kesha is paying you, I’ll double it just so the viewers can get the truth. I can’t wait to see how you screw me over with the Tahiti footage.

    VH1 & BBW PRODUCERS – why are you putting up with Tami & Evelyn’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show?

    These little girl are uncultivated, bad mannered, and a waste of time. Tami & Evelyn are getting hate mail all over the place. They lack self-respect, they disrespect their daughters, and they disrespect the viewers of the show with viewer’s offensive verbal attacks.

  123. Janice says:

    Royce keep growing personally, p rofessionally and most important spiritually.

  124. Special K says:

    I’m sick of Evelyn’s petty high school girl-ish behavior. She’s an insecure bully that hasn’t come across someone that wants to drop down to her gutter style level.

  125. smiles13 says:

    I applaud u Royce for not just going along with your friend Tami’s disrespectful and bullying behaviors. U always to portray yourself with grace and class and its much appreciated. I wish Shaunie could look past the two demons and see what a true gem she has in you. Thanks again for not feeding into the drama. I do pray for a deeper and genuine relationship between you and your father.

  126. janet says:

    First of all Royce, you look amazing. Well put Royce, i would say. This is what I call keeping it real. That stuff this season, what was it? far from being real.You are what i call a true person and friend. reguardless of what Tami might have thought, you stayed true to your opinion. You call things as they really are.Tami is a joke, I think back to statements she made to meekia before and keshia. She said, i was going to easy up off ur ass and let you enjoy this trip, do you recall. WHO do she think she is, making that stement? You dont control another person, unless they give you the authority to do so. You would never make that statement, if you weren’t aware of you bulling. Keshia has an in stregth that Tami lack, is there jealous in the air. instead, she tried to show keshia as being weak, put in return showed her stregth. So much for that cause I could go on and on.
    Royce, continue to be a woonderful role model to our daugther! Thanks for being you….

  127. Melinda L. says:

    Royce, Very proud of you this season. Can really tell that you are a strong, determined woman who is a strong role model. Thank you for being honest. Not one fake bone in your body. It would of been nice if Tami would of took the honest criticism & used it to improve on herself. I would want a friend to be honest with me like you were with her, that is what a true friend is all about. Some times we do not recognize in our selves what others see.

    Continue being friends with Kesha. She is a good person & was really mistreated like you were on past season. Good luck with your career & your new man. Make sure that he treats you right, because you deserve that. Stay away from: Tami, Ev, Shaunie, Susie & Kenya – they will only bring you down. Would like to see you & Kesha next season with a new cast & a more positive image for this show.