She Said/She Said: Tami Roman Of Basketball Wives Has A Lot To Say About Monday’s Episode


For the first few weeks of the season, we noticed that both Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams had been maintaining their own blogs in order to give their own sides of the story presented onscreen on Basketball Wives, and we have been excerpting portions of them to give you a complete look at what’s really going on behind the scenes. In addition, we always post Royce Reed‘s recaps, and this week Royce made it known that she wasn’t thrilled with Tami’s behavior on the show, and that prompted Tami to blog as well, so this week we have a special post: Here’s Tami’s response to Royce’s blog post, which is, like Tami, no B.S. (We’ve edited this down, so be sure to visit her site to read the entire post.):

I usually don’t blog, but I felt a need to address a few things…


To be clear, upon meeting you, I asked you respectfully to discuss anything you had to say about me…WITH ME. I wasn’t confrontational nor was I argumentative. Of course that part was edited out of the show; however you, Royce and Kenya know what I said. When you spoke to Evelyn about me; it wasn’t what you said, but the fact that you said it. I don’t walk around with boxing gloves on and I don’t fight everyone I meet. I just feel you should’ve been a real woman and brought your concerns “directly” to me. I can assure you that if you had our dealings with each other might not be so rocky.

Do me a favor, don’t be such a liar and manipulator. I know you have friends in high “Executive Producer” places, but let’s keep this all the way real. When I met you, I approached you in a friendly manner and I did not have any issues with you what so ever. Everyone in this situation knows I was told you were Caucasian, so when I met you that is why I asked you. In that same conversation (which was edited out), upon hearing your answer, I said that I thought you were mixed but wasn’t sure of what it was – to be exact, my verbiage was, “I knew there was something else in you.” I wish you had been woman enough to ask me if I thought you were denying your “black” side and I would have cleared that right up for you. On the contrary, my saying that I thought you were mixed with something was in fact ACKNOWLEDGING that you may be of African American decent. I am a product of mixed heritage and identify myself as a black woman also. I NEVER said you weren’t “black” enough… that is a flat out lie! I would NEVER try to belittle someone for that and I don’t appreciate you implying that I would.


I thought that we were real friends, but I personally feel that your position on this is stepping over bounds. As a friend, I would expect you to have a neutral position and not try to defend a grown woman who doesn’t deserve it. You can be friends with both of us without voicing your opinion on the matter because truthfully you weren’t there to witness ANY of it firsthand. You are watching the edited version and basing your so-called “non bias” opinion on that OR you are taking Keisha’s version of what happened and coming at me sideways. There have been PLENTY of times when I haven’t agreed with things you have done or said and I addressed those things with you in private out of respect for you. I don’t bring my concerns to anyone but you and I definitely don’t discuss how I may feel about certain situations with the other girls. As far as they know, I have always had your back even when you were wrong.

Additionally, there have also been plenty of times when people have voiced their opinion of you around me. First thing I say, as your friend is, “Royce is my friend and I don’t want to get involved.” I would have appreciated you taking the same position. I choose not to get involved with things that don’t pertain to me out of loyalty to the people I call friends. I feel saddened that you couldn’t reciprocate.

We view “real” friendship differently and thus we may not be real friends…


I am NOT a bully. People don’t understand that Keisha is NOT innocent in this matter and she does a great deal of lip boxing behind the scenes. I am not going to try and be respectful when I have been disrespected numerous times…off camera. If you are bold enough to talk behind my back, then you should be grown enough to handle the repercussions of your actions and words. The editors have done a wonderful job of putting my outbursts on the show but not showing the full chain of events. My outbursts are real, but they are also driven by something which is conveniently being edited out when it comes to Keisha. Wish I had an executive producer in my pocket…I’m just saying.

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  1. zookeeper says:

    Tami! you are such a drama queen. you HATE everybody. grow the hell up. your a mother with two daughters. who do you think you are? the cats ass

  2. Precia Raquel says:

    Very well put Tami !!!!

  3. Tye says:

    i totally agree with Tami wether producers edited parts or not.. i love Tami and can relate to her very much so. Kesha seems snobbish and stuck up and i already dont like her. i dont see anything wrong with asking someone what are they mixed with .. i have a lot of mixed friends and none of them have ever taken offense to those type or questions .. you ask the question, get the answer and keep it moving … LOVE YOU TAMI…

  4. ms budda says:

    Well said

  5. Krissy says:

    I must say this to you Tami regardless of editing to us you came across very childish. As a grown women you still did not conduct your as a proper respectful women. You say your not a bully but every time you come across as such. You can’t edit your demeanor or your character. If Kesha does have the executive producer in her pocket SO WHAT! I don’t get why you are so fixated on the fact of what she said or what any one else says behind your back. And sure as hell doesn’t excuse the way you’ve have condone yourself. Everyone in the world knows you are a great person we been watching from the foodstamp incident to the Evelyn sleep with your now ex husband we have been a fan about you being very forgiving n forgetting these situations that has happened. But to stoop so low as to belittle and be catty, while women sit around the table and giggle is plan wrong. You are a grown azz woman and point blank your behavior could and should have been better.

  6. Tarra S Murphy says:

    I agree with Tammy totally, I think if there wasn’t a Tammy on this show I would not watch it I can relate to her because she is real. I am the same type of individual and If people can’t deal with me they don’t have too. But the statement real friends have no comments they don’t join in on something they don’t know

  7. SG says:

    Tami-I understand what you’re saying about respect and being direct, but (though I don’t personally know either one of you), I think you and Royce have a good friendship and shouldn’t throw it away, especially over something like this. You two balance each other out.

  8. Nikki says:

    I really like Tammi but I do feel that sometimes she can be alil….b nice Tami!!!!!!

  9. Tara says:

    See this is how You clear the air!!!!! way 2 go Tami!!!!

  10. Necie says:


  11. Ash says:

    Whoever is a fan of Tammy is a Bully just like her! I would never want a Tammy in my circle! I would be totally embarrassed to take her anywhere!

  12. yancie says:

    Violence is violence and emotionally challenged is emotionally challenged. Violent can make a queen look like a dog with four legs. The insanity must stop. These females can buy all the beauty they want (every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year), but they cannot buy brains.

  13. Heather says:

    The viewers are sick of Tami explanation for her inhuman conduct. Tami past is her past. Nobody should be verbally or physically attacked because of Tami past. We can not believe the immature behavior displayed by these mothers. It is shameful to the viewers, we can’t help but feel sorry for the their children. These mothers are jumping on tables in rage, and slapping other females in the face. Anger Management session appeared to be just a waste of time and money. Because she is behaving like an animals, and not like a human beings.

  14. Leeyah D says:

    Let’s be real and honest here, don’t we all watch BBW for the drama. This show is definitely my guilty pleasure. I do not condone or agree with the way they behave on the show, but at the same time I am a fan. If Tami was not Tami the show wouldn’t be worth watching. And you can tell she puts up the angry shell to protect her true soft and vulnerable feelings she has on the inside. But anyway that’s a different story.

  15. Tamara says:

    The issue is not a matter of liking or disliking Tami. Tami is her own worse enemy. The viewers are basing their comments on what they see, and what they hear on the show. Therefore, if the show did not have viewers, there would be no show. If VH1 is editing the show, it is not the viewer’s fault that they only see the most horrible parts. This does not excuse Tami & Evelyn outrageous conduct. These two females are carrying around a lot of wounds, resentment, envy, hostility, and pain. VH1 should demand both of them to seek psychological help ASAP. Because they are a threat to themselves and to the other cast members. It is not a matter of being afraid of these two vicious females, it is a matter of VH1 protecting their cast members from being harm beyond repair.

  16. eelorre says:

    Tami, you really need to tone it down! Its not pretty to act like an idiot! Right now, regardless of the editting, your beauty is being overshadowed by your mean behaviour!

  17. Kesia says:

    It is true that we dont see the edited parts but this is your life, and this is showing us your fans or people that watch the show that u are like this, yes you shouldnt care what nobody thinks but then again you could conduct yourself in a better way, cause you just said alil too much, and if kesha is really like that behind sense you are sure helping her look good when you act like that…and when it comes to you and royce i dont understand your veiw of friendship, a friend is suppose to be herself, a friend doesnt always have to agree, and its okay if they voice that they dont agree, royce didnt say anything nasty to you or make you look bad she just didnt agree, its not about taking sides its that she didnt agree, you dont have to like her behaivor nor agree with her behavior just the same with her you dont have to agree and you can voice that as well…not everybody thinks everything the same, it doesnt make them any less a friend but it does let u know how they feel on things, so yall dont get that friendship like eyelyn and jen where yall are so loyal to wanna another just baking eachother you but deep down inside never speak your mind or how you feel because out of loyalty…you seem like you try to keep it real so be real in that area and be open to friendly criticism, yall take everything so personal loosin up

  18. Kelly says:

    LOL I remember Tami blaming editing when she was on the Real World. She hasn’t grown much. No matter what they edited out about Keisha the way she handled it was immature, rude and hypocritical. She wants a type of respect she doesn’t give. Tami used to be my favorite now she’s in a tie between Evelyn for the least appealing person on the show. The often come across as old bitter drama queens with a high school mean girl mentality. They bring this show down. They’re becoming increasingly unwatchable.

  19. Yede says:

    Real friends do not keep quiet. My sister would have put me on blast and she is my real friend. My mother would have put me on blast. A real friend can keep it real. Royce is paid for her opinion and not paid to placate ur ego.

  20. kcGIRL says:

    Sorry, this time you were a bully. You were bullying her when you told her “You can drop by but I dont need your opinion”- then you and your lap puppy Evelyn continued to bully her at the dinner table. I just pray the anger sessions work to help you.

  21. Linda says:

    If I may please, I am so tired of you ladies of such status acting like you guys don’t have no class. There is so much “dog take a bone, dog carry a bone” from all of you. I feel none of you are really friends to each other not at all. I would like to see you guys stop acting like “high school teenage girls” and start really giving examples on how young ladies should act. You have such large amount of people watching you. You guys are BEAUTIFUL women who have been given a opportunity to have a voice for others please use that voice in a positive way. Tammy I pray that you will find the peace in you that you would never be offended or hostile by what people think or say….but be confident in who you are and what others think don’t even matter. When there is a bad apple among you, you would just deal with a long handle spoon.

    I want you guys to SHINE in a positive way as friends and as WOMEN.

    I wish you the best Ms. Tammy.

    Best regards,
    Linda Carter

  22. Paula says:

    Kesha did not mean any harm by discussing the Tami situation with Evelyn. But, we are a little confused as to why Kesha would trust evil Evelyn. Terrible Tami behavior last night was down right disgusting to viwers across the globe. Tami Anger Management session is a waste of time and money. Kesha did not deserve such ill treatment. It is obvious that Kenya, Suzie, Tami, and Evelyn are jealous of Kesha beauty and brains.

    Kesha should stand up to Terrible Tami and refuse to tolerate her disrespect. However, we loved the way she looked at Tami in disgrace. We are happy that Kesha did not lower herself to Tami /and her crew level, which is a shameful level. Tami better wake up, because the calm, cool, silent, country girls can defend themselves very well.

  23. Sandra I Riddick says:

    I agree with Tammi and the producers of Basketball Wives should show everything pertaining to a situation so that people don’t get the wrong ideas. Tammi you are still my girl forever!

    Love you,

  24. lynn says:

    Thanks Tami for providing the public with your point of view; that being said, your actions on last night’s episode regarding Kesha, whether edited or not, were disrespectful. First, as a “mother, sister, aunt, or human being”, you don’t call someone out of their name. I can’t count the number of times you use the “b” word in reference to Kesha – even after she respectfully asked you not to call her that name. You have allowed VH1 and Shaunie to label you as the typical angry black woman (and you appear to wear the hat proudly); but, we know there is a different side to you – because God did not create you that way. We will continue to hold you in prayer that you will have the strength to move beyond the Tami Ramon we see on television, and into the woman God wants and deem you to be.

  25. Ronald says:

    Tami is sooo real sometime and sometime not If you or by yourself and you speark your mind than you or real if not then stop making Blk Queen look bad on tv

  26. Mary says:


    You are a trouble maker with a very nasty and bad attitude that needs to grow up. It makes me wonder if you still think you are in high school? Unfortunately, everyone has to grow up. When will you stop being a bully. If I can see it and everyone else sees it, when are you going to stop it? Do you think you are drama queen and want everyone to follow your lead? Well, you just haven’t met your match yet. You do not like anyone, except “Non-Factor H…” Evelyn and “Phony” Shaunie. Isn’t it funny how you and Evelyn seem to be BFF now that Jen is know longer in the picture. I do recall you have had issues with just about everyone on the show: 1) Jennifer – Food Stamps (Season 2 – Episode 4), 2) Evelyn – Kenny (Season 2 – Episode 11), 3) Meeka – Italy Drama (Season 3 – Episode 8), 4) Kesha – Restaurant (Season 4 – Episode 4) 5) Suzie – TBA (Season 4 – Episode 5). Don’t you see the pattern and isn’t this similar to Evelyn’ childish behavior (Evelyn has fought with everyone on the show: Suzie, Tami, Royce, Jennifer, Kesha) Who wll be next? You all seem to talk about each other, but never really own up to what you say when it counts; especially, when you tried to find out what Kesha/Kenya said about Jennifer/Suzie (vice versa). Don’t you think that you should have taken the high road and let the women find out about each other without you having to stir things up. I can see why Kenny is no longer with you or decided to get away from you all together (you and Evelyn are cut from the same cloth). Maybe if you changed your ways, someone will want to be with you again. Is this why you are so angry everyday you wake up? Its never too late to change.

  27. paula says:

    Terrible Tami behavior last night was down right nasty. Her anger management is not helping this vicious female at all. Kesha did not deserve such ill treatment. It is obvious that Kenya, Suzie, Tami, and Evelyn are jealous of Kesha beauty and brains.

    Kesha should stand up to Terrible Tami and refuse to let her disrespect her. However, we loved the way she looked at Tami in disgrace. We are happy that Kesha did not lower herself to Tami and her crew level, which is a disgusting level. Tami better wake up, because the calm, cool, silent, country girls can defend themselves very well.

  28. BasketballFan says:

    Tami, as a Fan of yours from day one, Imma keep it all the way real with you my baby. Your slip showing.. Lets keep it real, you didn’t have to handle the situation with Kesha that way. (and I don’t trust that sneaky heffa) Put it like this, If the shoe were on the other foot and you were in Kesha shoes, you know darn well you woulda beat the breaks offa Kesha for calling you outta your name over and over again. I love you Tami, everything about you. The good ,the bad, and the ugly. However, I don’t like how you can go around saying things to and about people, calling people names, contantly pointing your fingers in other folks faces, but when it happens to you, you fly off the handle. If you can dish it out, you should be woman enough to take it without letting the likes of Kesha throw you out your square. As intelligent as you are, you know good and well you could’ve shut that sneaky heffa down in a nice/nasty condesending sarcastic way. You don’t have use profanity call people out of their names to get your point across. Especially when you know that’s what the producers are counting on you to do. Fans, we like the straight up no chaser Tami. But I’m sure everyone who has an ounce of decency has delt with or knows someone who’s been bulllied.. Noone likes bullies or to watch someone being bullied., even if we don’t like the person being bullied. With that being said, I’m a fan, but I hope you understand that even though the producers or whoever does the editing are doing their jobs, you had full knowledge of this when you signed the contract. You can’t blame it all on editing when you’re giving them the footage.. You have to take responsibility for what you said just like you told Meka. I hope you don’t cut Royce off because she kept it real with you. Because Shaunie and Evelyn are just using you rather you care to believe it or not. They basicly blasted you season 2. I loved your blog and I look forward to seeing more of them. Stay up, STAY HUMBLE, and STAY BLESSED!

  29. Dabby says:

    STOP – VH1or the blog owner is deleting viewers post. The other cast members blogs are not deleting viewers comments.

  30. Mrs. Tomlin says:

    Tammy totally disgusted me. She is rude, obnoxious, bullying, ignorant and GHETTO!!!!!!!!

    That episode had me questioning why I even watch this ish!

    Think i’ll tune into something else.

  31. A. says:

    I’m concern Tammi, if things happen behind the scenes, why do you wait until you’re on camera to blow up.. If you don’t want to be perceived as a bull, then you’re going to have to learn how to play their game. Bottom line, blow up when the moment presents it self, not when the cameras are rolling.

  32. Good girl says:

    Tami u r such a different person from when u came on the show. Ur style has gradually changed i imagine with influence fro ur new friends. This season u r showing out even more. U r unrealistc and THE example of that angry black female. U seem to think every should know who tami is and should give tami what she wants. Ur becoming stubborn and immature and i think the hype is getting to ur head. U have been quite disrespectful especially in how ur treating the new ladies. Everyone isnt loud and foul mouth like u or wants to fight. U too old, intelligent and mature for that. Accept people for who they and and know how to deal with them. Dont always expect people to fit into tami’s world. I would be embarassed if my mom carried herself in that manner and had the mentality u have. Try being humble and more accepting of others. There are many ways the one can communocate…not just tami’s way. I hope people dont watch u and assume all black women r like that. U r a classy lady but right now kisha is ahead of u by far. Look into urself and the way u treat people who r not like tami. Ur too agressive and now ur down right rude.

  33. Kels says:

    So Tami, was it editing in season 2 with your dealings with the ladies and was it editing in season 3 with Meka. If this is truly the case why do you keep signing on for the show if you are being misrepresented??? The money cant be that good because if it was you would step your hair/clothes game up!!!!!!!!!! I hope and pray that your daughters dont have your ways. I see why they didnt want you to manage their careers. Get a grip.

  34. Nikkig01 says:

    Tami I love you and Royce. I love your friendship. Tami you should be proud that you have a friend that will help you when you are wrong. Evelyn is not your friend!! She is a messy lady. She came to tell you that just to be messy!! I am not saying that Keshia was all the way right. But the way you handled it was all wrong. You could have spoken with her in another way, editing or not. Come on Tami, I know you know better than that. Again Royce is your friend! She cares about you!

  35. Elaine says:

    Who gave Tami the right to investigate and interrogate every female cast member that comes on the show? Does Tami think she has to threaten every female cast member, so she can be the Master Bully on the show? Tami has Suzie, Evelyn, and Shaunie too afraid to speak up and challenge her disrespect and outrageous behavior. Evelyn & Tami has the Jackie Christie and Chrissy Lampkin wannabe bully syndrome.

  36. specialk says:

    You’re a bully! You’re angry and the cameras show you for who you really are. Outburst or not, you come off with an attitude as soon as someone states their opinion about you. You are delusional..LOL! Watch your body language… you’re a hot ass mess. You’re all too grown to even have these types of issues about he said she said. Grow up Tammy, it’s obvious to everyone watching, the counseling is NOT working. Evelyn should have given Keisha the chance to call you to speak w/ you, but she did not. However, i don’t agree with how Keisha handle the event, but none the less, your behavior is apawling to say the least. NO matter what is said, you ARE QUICK TO FLIP. Grow up, get a grip. Ever heard of Walking away? Last year you were a NON MFF, now you and EV are BFF’s. A mess.

  37. hollywood!!! says:

    Ok…. if they editing and still getting so much drama and stupidity coming from Tami…. when exactly is she this ‘great’ person… when she is asleep… please… I don’t believe this blog because if she could have a problem with Royce blog (which is done for VH1) in which Royce clearly says she is going on what she saw on the TV then you know she is exactly the type of person we see on Tv or she just slow to understand people… and why can’t your friends have an opinion…that’s what they are there for… to stand by you and sometimes stop you from being your worse enemy… but Tami rather Evilyn version of friendship…. pathetic
    Tami would be acting a fool for the reunion … would she blame that on editing too???

  38. Renea & Danny says:

    Ladies please remember your children are watching their parents act like their schoolmates. Money, Notoriety, and Wealth, should not take priority over your children well being. You should always remember your children, before you decide to disrespect yourself. It is disgraceful to see gown females jumping on tables in rage, and smacking another female in the face. VH1 should have zero tolerance for physical assaults. Those participating in violent behavior, should be kicked off the show and penalized money-wise. VH1 should start hitting those pockets with fines. The victims of the violent attacks should hire a lawyer. Otherwise, the violence will continue to escalate.

  39. jessica says:

    Girl, you ARE a bully. I thought you were working on your anger issues? The drama that you & Evelyn seem to thrive on shows ZERO class in a major way. Aren’t you embarrassed when you watch the episodes play out? You should be HORRIFIED at your behavior. You are a grown ass woman. You should Correct yourself & start ACTING like one.

  40. keesha says:

    Well i love you Tami and i just think that you took it to another level… yes you did tell keisha

  41. Christina says:

    Oh and that whole thing where you were like “b***h b***h and more b***h” or however you said it I mean really how old are you? 5?

  42. LadeeCool says:

    I agree w/u Tami 100%…atleast u keep it real, unlike some of the other ladies….

  43. Willow & Faye says:

    The viewers are no longer listening to Tami words of explanation, defense, and justification, regarding her lack of respect for herself and for others. Her excuses have run completely out. The viewers are taking her at face value, and that is at no value periodl. She has displayed such violent behavior on the show, that it is turning viewers stomach. We cannot believe what we are actually witnessing. The profanity, the aggressive verbal attacks, and the vicious physical assaults. Tami & Evelyn are displaying very poor examples as parents. They are acting out like wild creatures. Their behavior is uncivilized.

  44. Lisa & Keith says:

    The viewers are no longer listening to Tami words of explanation, defense, and justification, regarding her lack of respect for herself and for others. Her excuses have run completely out. The viewers are taking her at face value, and that is no value at all. She has displayed such violent behavior on the show, that it is turning your stomach. We cannot believe what we are actually witnessing. The profanity, the aggressive verbal attacks, and the vicious physical assaults. Tami & Evelyn are displaying very poor examples as parents. They are acting out like wild creatures. Their behavior is uncivilized.

  45. Willow, Faye, Lisa & Keith (The Dream Team) says:

    We are faithful viewers. However, we do not endorse of violent behavior. VH1 should have zero acceptance for violence on the set. Eventually, someone will get hurt beyond recovery. There is absolutely no excuse for bodily harm. We do not care about someone past catastrophes; no one should ever be violated for someone else’s misery.

  46. yvonne says:

    its so sad these woman have to speak the way they do in order to prove their point. evelyn and tamy have great daughters and thank god that their ways of communcating with people hasnt reflected on them. im embarassed for them.



  48. prettypatty says:

    Tami is a bully. Tami is fake. Tami talks out both sides of her neck. I agree Kenya’s weave is tacky but so is Tami’s. For woman with money, you would think heir hair would look better. If they spent as much time on the hair as they do picking out Christian Louboutin’s shoes.

  49. david simmons says:

    Black women stop it is time to turn this show around. I am sure that behind the scenes a lot of charitable work are being done by the women on basketball wives but to watch and discuss women saying she said and she said and she said and she said is just waste of time. My adopted daughter told me about the show and I decided to watch it with her on Monday and I was completely turned off. The show reminded me of girls in high school. Ladies show the positive so my daughter can take example.

  50. Rickie says:

    Well said Tami… I said before on Royce blog I didn’t think nothin you said was out of pocket. I agree the child should’ve came and talked it out with you. Royce is so boring and just ugh.. She need to get on another show b/cause she just don’t do nothin and she so bunk. Suzie can go too. Shaunie need to step up and be present have of the time she ain’t even in the picture. And like I stated before Evelyn need to just quit all that goin hard on Jen..Freakin move on!

  51. ANGEL says:


  52. Lia123 says:

    How is Kesha being friends with an Executive Producer any different from Tammi being close friends with Shaunie, who is ALSO an executive producer????

    In a recent tweet Tammi specifically said that she doesn’t blame Shaunie for how Tammi is edited, because Shaunie has nothing to do with editing. Well, doesn’t the same apply for Kesha and the executive who is supposedly “in her pocket?” Let’s be real.

  53. Chikita says:

    Tami people all over the youtube are talking about your behavior towards Keisha at that table.
    All the BBWives video reviews I’ve seen and the comments I’ve read say the same thing, YOU ARE A BULLY and you were completely RUDE and OUT OF LINE and Kesha has more class in her pinky toe than you can gather for the next 20 years.
    The people who agree with your behavior and admire you probably act the same in their own life.
    It’s pretty sad that you don’t know how to express yourself in a different manner.
    Hopefully one day you will learn the necessary skills to interact with other people in society.
    I hope you seek and find all the psychological help that you need, it’s very sad to see you act like that and be proud of it.

  54. Tricia says:

    Boo Bye!!!!! Tami, You were out of pocket!!!! Grow up, let’s talk…. hmu!

  55. brzz says:

    I don’t feel Royce was wrong for what she said in her blog. I think once again Tami blowing stuff way out of proportion. Every season she has been on she has been in verbal and often times physical altercations with more than one cast member. IMO, that is why people see you as a bully. It has nothing to do with Kesha.

  56. LYDIA says:

    Tami & Evelyn are not Bullies, they are wannabe Bullies. These two females
    are depressed and nasty. Their behavior is so contaminated, that their own daughters are running away from them. VH1 should take Tami & Evelyn off the show, until they are
    Psychologically secure. The viewers are outraged by their behavior. VH1 maybe only interested in the show ratings, but the cast members should not be in the presence of psychological cases. It is not a matter of being afraid of Tami or Evelyn; it is unhealthy for the entire cast.

  57. Marie says:

    What I don’t understand about Tami is she talks behind people back ALLLL the time and expect people to be real to her! WRONG!!! Tami and Evelyn are huge hypocrites to the point where it’s ridiculous. Keisha didn’t do anything massive for Tami to react the way she did. Evelyn tries to act like a leader but she is such a follower acting like she sympathized with Keisha and ran back to tell Tami. Uhhmmmm correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that why she stopped liking Suzie?

  58. Francine Davis says:

    I think is will just stop watching Basketball Wives.
    Too much fighting and cussing for grown women. This show, shows no class for black women.

  59. danny says:

    VH1 please do away with of the wild animals (Tami & Evelyn) and hire some intellectual and sophisticated BASKETBALL WIVES.

  60. Yalondra says:

    Tami ill treatment to Kesha was very pointless. Tami was only trying to flex her masculine behavior in front of the other unsophisticated females at the table (Kenya, Suzie, and Evelyn) by being foul to Kesha. However, it seems Tami behavior has backfired, because the viewers are fuming over her vicious behavior. The viewers are all over Face book, Tweeter, and other Social Networks commenting on Tami hideous behavior. VH1 we are hearing a Boycott is underway to remove Tami from the show. The racial remarks she made to Kesha has struck the nerves of viewers all over the place.

  61. Millz says:


  62. nancy says:

    I cant stand tami she is so embarrassing ,I feel sorry for her kids ,imagine the abuse this kids had to put up with .
    Tami is too old to be acting a damn big fool.i F SHE ONLY KNEW HOW MUCH SHE IS HURTING HER KIDS & MAKING HERSELF LOOK SO STUPID
    I know for a fact tami will not be offered and serious roles due to her getto act
    If she only knew her getto act is most likely costing many good acting roles .

  63. MANDY WRIGHT says:

    The first 2 yrs. were great. I loved Tammi and Royce, NOW THEY RUN THEIR MOUTHS TO MUCH. I know longer watch the show. This show is a soap opera it is not real. I would not have any of these women as a friend. their all back stabbers. But we all know this show is not real. Shani is laughing all the way to the bank.

  64. saria says:

    I now understand why Wendy Williams no longer watch this show, Tami IS AH BULLY! its clear and its sad.

  65. Th says:

    Tami – I agree with you completely when it comes to Kesha. Even with editing it is clear she always seems to add ‘flourish’ to what was really said or done to or around her. She tries to play sweet and innocent but she is so fake. And although a lot of interesting things are said about Kenya – Kesha did the same thing to her. Kenya did not say all of the things Kesha said she did before her dance audition. When she retold the story, of course she makes herself look like a victim.

  66. Mz. Tracie says:

    Only FAKE people dont understand Tami. Tami is a real down to earth GROWN ASS WOMAN. She say what she mean and mean what she say. Dont get it twisted about her being a trouble maker, because that she is not! She just expect grown people to have a voice about who they are and what they stand for. Dont be upset because she has one!! DONT CHANGE FOR NOONE TAMI, THE ONLY ONE YOU REALLY NEED ON YOUR SIDE IS GOD BABY, BECAUSE HE WILL NEVER LEAVE!!!!


  68. Shevetamyasuz RoyKei says:

    You are right. You are not a bully. You are a woman with much inner turmoil so you just fight with anyone you feel threatened by. You, Evelyn & Shaunie should be the more mature ones, but you are just another set of mean GIRLS (not women, for sure) on TV. From no money to new money never results in a class act as you COMMON acting females consistenly exemplify. It’s not cute to watch two late 30something (even 40 year olds) laugh as Tami unsuccessfully tries to have an adult conversation with every other word being a curse word. Why respond to LADIES who are 10+ years younger than you? Why do they even matter to you three. Tami work on that temper so you don’t end up like angry Evelyn who (despite snagging a so-called husband) is angrier than ever that she still has to share her “man?” with other women to obtain material items that won’t hold her when Chad is with other women. Yes EVELYN. Chad will be with other women when you are not around. Hope the new car and jewelry are holding you tight when Chad is sleeping with his girlfriend. Evelyn you are way too pretty to act so ugly and to settle for an uncommitting man and you are more than capable to get YOUR OWN! Shaunie please use Shaq’s money to build-up the image of black women. If that’s too hard for you just start another show or fashion line. Better yet just manage the boxing careers of Evelyn & Tami. There is probably more money in that since I doubt they will change.Please feel free to prove me wrong. PLEASE CHANGE. Tami in honor of your last rant, all I can say about you 3 is…Trash (Shaunie), Trash (Evelyn) and more Trash (Tami). Suzi shut the hell up. Kenya just go away. Royce you are getting there. Keisha stay classy. Jennifer show them how its done, use “what’s his name’s” money for good and not evil. Signing off from watching this ridiculous and embarrassing show!

  69. Sandy says:

    YEs, Evelyn and Tami you are both bullies!! And Tami if you don’t like it and think they are editing things out, then don’t come out on the show. You and Evelyn are ruining the show with your bullying and people are saying it, just look at all the comments. HELLO!

    To all the bloggers, I think Tami sounds a bit jealous since she had to bring up that Keisha has alot of execs in her pocket!! Uhh sounds like jealousy to me!!

  70. Sandy says:

    OH by the way Tami….Evelyn is molding you to be mean and nasty like she did with Jen. Jen used to like who Evelyn liked and hate who Evelyn hated and look what happened to her!! Now Evelyn is doing it to you, maybe even Shaunie is in there doing it too!! Think Tami, don’t let them manipulate you!!

  71. Sierra says:

    Thank you Lord for not letting me be born to Evelyn or Tami. After seeing some of the previews, my mom has banned me from watching the show. Most 17 year olds would be upset, but if every show is about watching women be angry and fighting then I don’t want to watch it anyone. Honestly, I can watch that type of behavior at recess everyday. Thank you mom for being a real mother and role model that I can imitate as I grow older.

    To Tami & Evelyn’s daughters maybe a deep conversation with you will help your mom’s to grow up instead of OUTrageous. I know you love your moms so help them be the ladies they should have been a long time ago.

  72. Leesa says:

    You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl! Tami might have change her outward appearance since coming on Basketball wives but she really needs to get another therapist because this one isn’t working. She still has a Nasty ass temper and is plain pure Ugly on the inside! No one deserves to be spoken to the way you talk to some people. “You’ll get respect when I choose to give you respect” …Who did you think you were talking to? Your kids? All Kesha seemed to be doing was talking to a someone she thought was her girlfriend THOUGHT is the key word here, can’t believe EV threw her under the bus like that, but how is that any different then what the rest of you all do talking about each other. You all do it you know you do! Act like a lady and Show some respect for yourself and think before you speak.

  73. BBW Makes Me Look GOOD! says:

    Wow Tami you were on The Real World when you were what…19, 21 and you act much less immature now than you did back then. Guess it is proof that you can take the chick out the hood but not the hood out of the chick. I understand there are not many acting gigs for acting a plum fool, but you keep up that positive (NOT) attitude SUNSHINE.

    Evelyn too cut to be so filthy. It makes you ugly and do not let Chad play you. Do you think you only deserve to be with a man that cannot commit to you and will tell you when he is with other women? Your lack of a relationship with your father really did jack up your self estem. You are worth so much more than that and there is a man who knows it. You just may want to get that ANGER managed so he can be completely attracted to you.

  74. Sensible Black Woman says:

    Can you please change the spelling of $haunie’s name. Greed has gotten the best of her to put her name on such a degrading show. I’m done watching this mess. Now I see why men are going to the other side.

    Gentlemen we don’t all act like these fools. I promise!

  75. Sandra E. says:

    First of all, you cant be on a “reality show” all this time and claim that it was editing. You are a bully, and you have been a bully the whole time. Telling Keysha that her name should be Lisa, that is a racisit remark, and there is editing around that comment. I was on your side until I saw your behavior this seaons, very dissapointing. Also, one more thing, Eve was asking Keysha what she thought about you, and she opened up to her. So it was not like she was going out there talke s*** about you to everyone. And I would be scared too, on discussing it with you, you are not easy to talk to and you are always on the defensive mode. I would be scared of your temper also.

  76. Sha says:

    TAMMI…….really???? You don’t “carry bones” back to the other DRAMA FILLED chicks on this show?? Something is seriously WRONG WITH YOU!!! “YOU” need help!! So, with that said, I’m going to give you an opportunity to practice the ANGER MANAGEMENT that you CLAIM you are trying to practice. It (anger management) doesn’t work unless you are put in situations to practice it.
    So, here goes: YOU ARE MOST CERTAINLY A B-U-L-LY!!! You try to intimidate EVERYBODY that you come in contact with and you gets NO “COOL POINTS” for that (improper english used purposefully). Furthermore, Kesha simply stated to Evelyn what you said to her. It wasn’t like she called you a “B*%$#”….you know….the word that you so LOOSELY use every other second???? I wouldn’t last 3 seconds on ANY show with you because the SECOND the “B” word would rolll off of your tongue at ME… would be picking your teeth up off the floor!!! Just like YOU don’t tolerate disrespect, trust me….there are plenty of us who don’t either. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.
    Also, the Kesha situation… blew that WAYYYYYYY up!! You got upset simply because she expressed HER feelings. Ok, so what she didn’t address you. Do you blame her? Your known all over the world for hookin’ off on people and therefore you have a BAD REPUTATION as it relates to being violent!! So, that’s probrably why she DIDN’T say anything to you. As far as Royce is concerned, once again, she spoke HER mind and her feelings about your pathetic behavior!! WHAT???? Do you think YOUR the only one that can do that?? Obviously you do!!!
    Tammi, I’m waiting for you to run up on the RIGHT chick!!! WAITING!!! You’ll meet your match one day…..ONE DAY!! Come to Jersey, namely (Essex & Union Counties) with the madness that you display on the show and you would most certainly get “AIRED OUT”!! When are you going to GROW UP??? Are you going to be 50 yrs. old STILL fighting?? You mentioned to Kesha while you all were out to dinner that You & “the circle” (my words) know how to conduct yourselves and act like adults. Have you watch the tape?? Have you seen PAST episodes of the show where you SHOWED YOUR BEHIND as well as the other chicks on the show???? I guess you haven’t. I normally don’t even leave commments on pages such as this, however, you needed to be told a thing or two.
    Now…moving on to your hair, make-up and clothing: YOU NEED A NEW STYLIST AAAAAAND you need a NEW hairdo!! You need a whole new look altogether sweetie. NOTHING that your so-called stylist(s) put you in, does you ANY justice. Really!! Your hair STAYS horrible and your wardrobe is JUST as horrible. It’s one thing to have a bad attitude but atleast be violent AND “FLY”!!! Is there any way we, the people, can write in and suggest that YOU get a GLAM SQUAD because NOTHING works for you….AT ALL!!! If I insulted you…I’ll do or shall I say “say” something you would say but without the profanity…”Oh well”!!!!
    In closing, you really should CONTINUE to seek professional help for your anger issues because it will do NOTHING except cause you grief for the rest of your life. I understand you’ve been through alot but you really need to get it together. I’m simply VOICING MY OPINION. I hope you get it together before it’s too late!!!

  77. Danielle Lynn says:

    I think you are as real as they come, most people are afraid to hear the truth about themsleves. I watched you on The Real World LA and it has bugged me since then. Did you ever live in Fresno Ca for a brief period. If you did, I think I worked with you. This would have been around 1989? Now back to basketball wives. Keep it real.

  78. Anonymus says:

    So Tami thinks everybody is calling her a bully because of this incident with Kesha. No Tami, it was list of things. First off, even if Kesha was lying and manipulating behind the scenes, your reaction was wrong. When you have problems with people, you can handle them in a civil manner. And if she is the person you say she is and the editors didnt give a full picture, you could have been more mature. Using obsene language and becoming violent (or violently threatening) is not the way to deal with people. Your reaction was unneccessary and out of place. And your excuse does not justify what you said or did. Secondly, this sure isn’t the first time you’ve acted this way. First it was Jennifer, when you were drunk and attempted to fight her over food stamp comments, then it was Evelyn (okay that was pretty well deserved) but still. Then with Meeka Claxton, you showed your true colors, and also people remember you from the Real World. I know you’ve grown and changed but old Tami still shows her anger streaks, jealousy, manipulation, and bully tactics.

  79. Kay says:

    Royce and Kesha are the most real and educated women on the show. Regardless of what pretty-face Tami says, she is an out-of-control monster with never-ending anger-management issues. Season after season her bulldog ways continues to progress.

    Evelyn doesn’t have self-love. Otherwise why would she want a man so badly that she would compromise her values? She wants a monogamous relationship, but settles for the materialistic things that Chad provides instead. Know your worth.

    Kenya and Suzi look real ignorant, and shallow. For their sake, I hope it’s just the editing. Shaunie doesn’t share any of her information. She isn’t a mediator, but a BOSS. She just sits back and profits from the misery of her cast. The uncouthly actions of the women makes me wonder how their basketball counterparts behave. I’m not impressed. I’m done wasting my time watching garbage.

  80. Willow says:

    As regards to Tami comment, that Keisha is NOT innocent in this matter and she does a great deal of lip boxing behind the scenes. This does not validate Tami’s nasty, filthy, sickening, trifling behavior. Kesha did not deserve such foul treatment. We think the problem is YOU. Because Tami, Kenya, Suzie, Evelyn, and Shaunie are simply jealous of Kesha’s beauty and intelligence. See Kesha was born with beauty and smarts. The other females on the set have to buy beauty, but they cannot buy intelligence.

  81. You are what you portray says:

    I’m sorry, but you are a bully and have been since the onset of the show. You speak of being a “real woman” but you were anything but that on the show. You called Keisha out of her name so many times that it was actually embarrassing. You say she could have approached you, YOU could have approached producers on how your portrayed on the show. There is a huge difference between keeping it real and just being a real “bully”. You are a bully, plain and simple. Keisha asked Evelyn how best to approach the situation. You always call women out on being “a real woman” but you weren’t a real woman in that situation. A real woman would have sensed that Keisha obviously was intimidated and didn’t know how to approach you in person. You however took the low road and became the belligerent, verbally abusive Tami we’ve come to see on the show. Side Bar: In each of these situations you seem to have a drink in hand.

  82. Gale says:

    VH1 should demand Terrible Tami to seek AAA (Celebrity Rehab) and Psychological Assistance. She is over the top, and her behavior is escalating. I guess her legal issue with Meeka was finalized outside of the courtroom. Otherwise, a Judge would have ordered Tami to stop the violence or serve a jail term. Tami needs to be placed in a straightjacket. In addition, I do not think Tami took it upon herself to go to Anger Management sessions, I believe she was ordered to take Anger Management sessions. To be very honest, I believe Tami’s psychological setback will require hospitalization, because Anger Management will not work. Because Tami hatred, resentment, rage, hostility, and envy is taking total control over her life. It is very hard to connect with Tami and her past mishaps, because her violent behavior overshadows everything about her as a person.

  83. diddly says:

    Tami people have their own way of handling things. You can’t hold other people to your standards if you think you can you really need to get over yourself. I don’t care how many times you tell people to come to you ‘directly’, it ain’t never going to happen because people are naturally contrary like that. And let’s face it, you don’t have the best RECORD of dealing with these sorts of confrontations because you do COME ACROSS AS A BULLY. I don’t blame Kesha for seeking the advice of Evelyn and neither should you. You cannot stop people from talking about you behind your back. That’s just like trying to stop water from leaking through a sieve. It ain’t gonno happen so might as well deal with it.

    The fact is that you women act highschool and Kesha, no matter who she is friends with, handled herself with class and dignity.

  84. Harriett says:

    @Gale, I totally agree with you. It is very hard to feel for Tami and her past tragedy, because her violent behavior overshadows everything about her as a person. She touched many people when she was crying at her Anger Management session, but she turned right around and behaved so viciously to Kesha. Tami is a very disturbed female, she is crying out for help and does not even realize it. Shaunie, is the only female on the set that Tami has not verbally or physically attacked ( I am sure it is because Tami knows Shaunie can take her job away at any given time, if she ever get crazy with her on or off the set). Therefore, Shaunie should put the moneymaking to the side, long enough to open up to Tami and be honest about her seeking AAA & Psychological Assistance. Yes, Tami madness is making Shaunie much $$$ and making VH1 ratings shoot through roof-top, but Tami psychological state of mind should take priority, if she truly care about Tami personally

  85. Ruth says:

    @Kay, it is very hard for us to see Tami as having a pretty face, because of her vicious and violent behavior. Pretty has no place in her personal description internally or externally. She is paying millions of dollars to beautify herself, while she is placing her psychological problem on the back burner. Evelyn and Tami have shown to the viewers their true self. Their true self is very unsettling and very disgraceful. Self-indulgence is taking control over their life. They must realize Fame and Money comes and money goes, materialistic things have very little value, but they need their brains to continue to exist.

  86. Just sayin says:

    I wonder has it ever crossed Tammi’s mind that maybe she comes off very unapproachable. Why would someone want to come and express their personal feelings with her when she has a track record of being absolutely ridiculous and immature if she is offended. I’m sorry but you really need to take a look at yourself. As an adult woman and mother this shouldn’t be the way you show younger women and your kids how to handle conflict. If you are offended you can respond in a respectful way the same way you want people to respond to you. If someone doesn’t give you the same respect move on. It is not an excuse to disrespect them. You tweet a lot about the bible but I don’t see Jesus’s love and compassion coming through you. The Jesus I have a relationship with is very strong and bold but always reacted in love. I’m done watching this show.

  87. whatsupwiththesewomen says:

    Tammi, come on now you were a newbie once. You are unapproachable and talk behind ppls back as well. The comment made about now embarrassing the fundraiser was due to Susie acting like a low class hooker when Royce received her award, and let us not forget when you jumped on Jennifer at another function, and you said you know how to behave at a high class event. How funny is that LOL

  88. Philly says:

    Tami reading this you still do not acknowledge that your a rude witch. you must love the wonderful world of ignorance and you do have an executive in your pocket Shaunie but she know your a loud piece of trash that she can pimp out.

  89. Tay says:

    What is the point of this show? All they do is meet people to fight with. Where is the self-resepct and/or self-esteem at. These ladies are pathetic. What kind of role model are they setting for young ladies today? My daughter is not allowed to watch this crap! Who argues at a charity event?! Who does that? Vh1 come on now! And to the cast pick up a book educate yourselves. When you know better you do better

  90. LEXI says:

    Tami…. really.. dont care what you just wrote… still does not justify what we saw on the last episode, edited or not….. your behavior should be sooo lady like that regardless of any edit your persona exhibits the same. Really Tami i am sure many people are of same view as mine… WE ARE TIRED OF UR ANGRY BULLYING WAYS… it has made the show sooooooo predictable and boring yes who is tami gonna cuss ou next…… whatever…. the drama between evlyn and jennifer is quite shocking … I am more interested in that… words to the producers… FIND ANOTHER AGE APPROPRIATE SENSIBLE DRAMA QUEEN…

  91. KayKay says:


  92. Lisha says:

    We all know the reason Tammi hates Kesha is because she is jealous of her. We also knows what happens to people when keepin’ it real goes wrong. One day someone will put Tammi in her place, but until then she will not change. The fake tears she cried did not fool anyone. She truly needs mental help.

  93. jai says:


  94. Pooks615 says:

    DAYUM Tam. I won’t say that I completely disagree with you because to me there were a few gray areas when it comes that story line with Keisha. It lead me to believe that it was more to it so you being you let MzKesh have it and this blog proves there was.
    If I may be REAL for a moment, more than likely it wasn’t something we viewers or Royce missed and the anger stemmed from the fact that you heard it 3rd party. Nobody likes to hear anything anybody had to say about them from a third party, well at least not a strong willed, peel a mf muffin cap back blue thug like yourself don’t for sure. Sorry Tami but you know you’re “thugged out” on the inside. Hard times does that to a person and as much as you’ve overcome it’s not worth it to overshadow your accomplishments with the petty& bitter BS.
    Lia123 said it best for us all regarding the whole pocket producer issues … REALLY ?!?! C’mon SoN!?!?! . As you are big on keeping it real I won’t suggest toning it down or suggest therapy I will suggest you take a moment with the producer in your pocket in regards to how you’re portrayed. You do come off as a bully because your approach is threatening, regardless if it’s your intention or not you wear your emotions on your sleeve and anger on anyone is threatening the REAL question is if you’re happy with how everything in your life is going why does it seem that you’re so damn mad?
    As far as the Royce thing you’re dead wrong making this about your friendship. Like you said you don’t blog Royce does and has and like many of the VH1 & BBW fans WE appreciate her blog, opinion and point of view. She’s blogged since day one and typically these type blogs are a recap of the episode and are the bloggers opinion on what’s shown to the public not the behind the scenes. It isn’t Royce’s job to blog about the behind the scenes, we don’t see that, they don’t show it & the blog is for your fans to express how we feel about the episode as well as her take. With that said thank you for blogging Tami because although I’ve never really cared for how you’ve been portrayed on any reality show ( MTV included ) I do believe you are one of the most real, reality stars, out there you just get caught up in the anger who doesn’t.(As a matter of fact I like the after shows you did BBWLA. Maybe you should talk to VH1 about blogging behind the scenes, I think we can trust you’ll definitely let us know the real.) My point is the networks you represent consistently cash out and count on you to cut up or cut someone down. Be a fair friend this too will end and unlike before it seems you have genuine people in your corner that do care about you as well as your well-being and Royce seem to be one of those people to me hands down. Her VH1 blog is supposed to be in reference to the episode after editing so do you knock your friend for doing her job??? This isn’t the first time Royce has disagreed with your actions and will not be the last. Since you normally don’t do this, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, I hope you all have a conversation in the near future and you are truly not travelling the low road( blog fight ) while you preach high road behaviors( come to me ). Her blog made a lot of mention to your character aside from the Keisha confrontation and honestly it did not seem like she didn’t support you as her friend just disagreed with how it all went down. I hope you guys are able to resolve this b/c your friendship seemed to be the most real and really gave the viewers a chance to see great things about each of you that we dont always get to see when you all are caught up in spherical images.

  95. amandalouise says:

    There is a such thing as taking responsiblilty for our actions. You truly need to learn that. You are a bully. You yourself talk constantly about other cast members behind their back , including Keisha. so the reality is that you don’t have ANY free speach on that matter. The other thing you need to learn, and accep,t is that NO ONE is required to live by YOUR rules. If someone decides they want to discuss something with someone esle they have every right. People have all kind of things going on in their lives and are not required to cater to you, your insecuritys or rules. Whatever reason you are using to excuss your immature, hypocritical and bullying behaivor are not legitamite excusses. YOU have a problem and untill you accept that you will continue to be a train wreck. Learn what truly KEEPING IT REAL is, from mature women before you make that your excuss for your behaivor and attitude. If you truly cant look at your behaivor on camera and see that the real issue is you , there is a real problem with your vision. But, trust me the day is coming where you will meet the person that’s going to put you in your place and I only hope you humble yourself before you are humilliated. Bottom Line Tami Grow Up!!!!!!! Also get some class

  96. mia says:

    ok so Tami i love you and i really don’t think your a bully i do believe sometimes you can handle the situation a little different on the kiesha part i believe you when you say they only edited what they wanted us too see which is total bs now on the royce comment i don’t think she switched up on you i just think she felt like you could have handled it differntly which i feel the same way i’m team tami and royce all the way i think you should evaluate your role on basketball wives because the producers clearly are out to make you look trashy or should i say GHETTO like they say because it does make you look like a bully and also because you don’t mind serving them at any time it really looks bad. now i truely will say that i don’t think eve was trying to start anything with you and kiesha i just think she should have aloud her to speak to you about her issue on her own because when other people bring things back to the source it never comes out the way it was given again tami i’m from the hood myself and i can get real gutter at any time as well but i just think you should think about some things before you speak on it because as a viewer it does make you look really bad”i’mjustsaying” this is from a loving fan to you. Oh but keep being you at the same time

  97. mia says:

    oh and i do agree they need to get eve off the show she is not a basketball wife and she is truely a mess i’ve never liked her bumpy face azz and i’m glad jen is standing up too her and jen if you fight back i bet you’ll win cause she can’t fight that’s why she always picking up ish she just a hot hoodrat mess and only reason occho wants you is because he knows your down for whatever for that ole mighty dollar…lmao @evelyn lozada HOTT mess hunny

  98. audra says:

    I really like Tami at first she was upfront with people and she is still but she is doing what the other characters are doing. Tami is going back and saying what the others people are telling her and didn’t we have that problem with another cast member????

    I see a big change in Tami she is acting like the other members on the show now and dressing like them as well. I just wanted to say be yourself. I want the old Tami back.

  99. Help Tami says:


    I hope you read these blogs and think on them. Let me say, I am not a fan of the show and I am not here to bash you. I think you need to seek help, seriously. Your behavior is very immature, when I watch you I feel like I am in Jr. High School again. Please understand this is not to bash you. I think you have to take a honest look at yourself and see not the person you think you are but the person others see you to be. What others see is what you portray. Stop trying to be that real girl, tell you like it is girl, the girl that everyone has to tiptoe around. Be a woman. Be an adult. I think you should take a step back and really see what others see. So many people can’t be wrong. If others are telling you, you are in the right. Look at those numbers. There are several more telling you, your wrong. Tami, your behavior is typical of someone who has not grown up and found a niche that some like, bulling, and stayed there. Let people respect you for being honest, sensible, understanding, open-minded. Not this child-like person you are portraying. As much as you want to fall back on editing, look at the dialogue. Example, Keisha asked you not to call her a itch, you could have rolled your eyes, said whatever, any other juvenile behavior. Your response to call her itch several times. How is that editing, you look like a child in elementary school, when a teacher ask a child to stop and the child continues. Back to my purpose, get help, privately. Step back and look at yourself. I don’t get involved with social media, I was home ill and came across this show and your behavior captured me and compelled me to write this. Pleas I ask stop, you are making it seem to young girls, young adult women, and women that this is the way to behave and it is not.

  100. Tracey says:

    Tami is crying out for help, and because of her evil actions, NO BODY IS LISTENING. She is so miserable that she goes around tryin to drag everyone else into her misery. However, Tami’s problem reaches farther than just misery; she is vindictive, bad-mannered, uncivil, disgraceful, jealous, harsh, foolish, lacks self-confidence, lacks self-worth, lacks self-love, lacks self-esteem, and suffering from self- denial. Everybody knows Tami is psychologically challenged. She has verbally abused or physically attacked every female on the show, with the exception of Shaunie. This is why; we know Tami is aware of her nasty action. She will not offend Shaunie. Tami knows Shaunie is the person that is keeping her on the show/payroll. Otherwise, we truly believe VH1 would get rid of her fast- quick- and- in a hurry. Because the viewers are raging (Social Networks across the globe) with anger about Tami vicious behavior towards Kesha. .

  101. CS3 Fan says:

    I think that Tami is a great addition to the show. I think she is also a genuinely nice person. However, when she shows that nasty side, she should know that the producers are going to milk it for every penny that it’s worth. I refuse to believe that she isn’t aware of this and I’ve had up to here with reality stars that continually moan about that their bad behavior is due to editing. It’s clear from how well she wrote this blog that she is smart. Now she needs to get smart with how she’s seen by the audience.

  102. Lovely says:

    Tami, is an angry had been used up BULLY… Now you want to complain about being edited… Shaunie is a sneaky BULLY too… Trashy bitter club of Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie… Get rid of broke a## Tami of the show…

  103. Lovely says:


  104. Seelyman says:

    Seems too staged to me – I’m out. New additions are hot. Tami’s always been the weak link. Too ghetto for the show. Drop her and focus on the new ladies, Just my thoughts.

  105. Veronica says:

    I have to tell you from the beginning you were real. However, this season you have definitely come across the same way you were received your first season. I think about the hurtful comments that were said about the way you dressed and your hair. Now to hear you say the same exact things about the new ladies is really sad. I think about the potential you ladies have to positively impact young ladies and to see week after week behavior that is very shallow, catty and self serving makes me upset. So many angry hurting women who should be seeking healing but instead are paraded around and exploited. I am not sure at what point we started defining friendship as total agreement. I would have to be honest and say of all the women on the show, I would prefer to have Royce as my friend. She seems to be the only genuine person in the bunch.

  106. Real Talk says:

    Tami, please read this one. I don’t think you’re mean at all, and I don’t see you as a bully. I think that you are very real and don’t take anything off of people because of things you’ve been through. Other viewers look at what they see you do on the show without first thinking about the editing process. No one seems to realize that something had to happen to set you off before you go off. I know this, because I have dealt with that in my own life before, and still do from time to time. If you push a lion into a corner, it will attack, not retreat. I can tell that Kesha is not as innocent as she appeared to look on camera, and I’ve dealt with enough people like her to know that she basically “catted up” when you called her on her sneaky stuff. So, you looked like you were bullying her because of your size and her size and because she refused to say anything back to you cause she was scared/shocked. (I don’t know why she would be shocked though, unless she’s never watched the show before.)

    I want to say this too… I’ve recently learned that people can dish out BS, but they can’t take it when it’s given back to them. A lot of people don’t know how to handle that cut throat New Yorker attitude that you, Evelyn, and Chrissy have, but all 3 of y’all show that you know the definition of a real “ride or die” friend and being a “real chick”. On Love and Hip Hop, Chrissy was the one to be hated on as being a bully, and Evelyn has always been hated on as a bully or mean girl, now, you’re added in the mix. Personally, I love all 3 of y’all and appreciate the fact that you all can share so much of your personal lives with the judgemental world and still come out looking fabulous in the process. I can see so much of my(former)self in all 3 of y’alls actions, and that’s why I can say that if you keep working on yourself, you will continue to change for the better. Now, you will always be a real chick (cause I still am), because that’s who God made you to be, you just may change the way you react to certain things that go on. I just wanted you to know that every viewer doesn’t think you’re bad, because I don’t. Plus, if it wasn’t for the 3 of y’all, the 2 shows you’re on would be a FAIL, and then what would there be for the haters to talk about?

  107. Stephanie says:

    Tammi I was really starting to understand you when you started sharing your story but that was short lived when I saw how you treated Keisha at that table in front of those women. You are not trying to learn to controll yourself. You only want to act a fool and be a fool. That woman can discuss whatever she wants with Evelyn whom she was sharing her frustrations with and getting her take on the situation. You only want an audience and should and talked privately with her.

  108. togrownforthis says:

    I am so confused with this show. I can not figure out for the life of me why these grown a** women are arguing about small things. My 8 year old and her friends don’t have this many issues. Look when you get pass the age of 25 who cares about a friend…really.

  109. EBBY_CAKES says:


  110. clarence says:

    This woman is delusional. She calls her behavior real and upfront when it is basically irrational, rude, ignorant and simply childish. No matter how much they edit this show, the parts that are shown is enough to make a judgement of who you are. Sad that you have children.

  111. Leilani says:

    Tammi –> ***READ THIS***

    You basically shoot yourself in the foot for what you preach. You keep claiming that you are “REAL” and whatnot. BUT you do the same thing that Keisha did to you. You talk trash about people behind their backs. I think that because of your anger issues, you can’t handle the fact that people have opinions of you, too. They have EVERY RIGHT to talk about you as long as it’s not malicious. Keisha was simply addressing her concerns about the way you questioned her ethnicity. Just like you’re sensitive to “rape” issues because you’ve been violated at a young age, Keisha is sensitive about her ethnicity because she’s been discriminated for being mixed.

    So, how come it’s okay for you to talk sh*t about others but it’s not okay for others to talk about you? During the dinner, you attacked Keisha, calling her “b*tch” when she politely asked you to stop calling her names. The way you approached the situation portrayed you as straight up ghetto with no class. You want to use your fists more than use your head to THINK RATIONALLY. Classy women would sit down and talk about the misunderstanding. Name calling is what hood rats do. Are you a hood rat? If you are as classy you claim, reflect on your actions. You may be offended by what Keisha said, but for you to approach her the way you did was wrong. Now that’s a definition of a BULLY!

    Lastly, it puzzles me how you can be friend with Evelyn aka the woman who slept with your ex, Kenny) while you two were still married. She’s a phony and a two-face. Just like she can turn the other cheek on her best friend, Jennifer, she can do the same to you. And for Evelyn to relay what was said between Keisha and her shows what a phony she is. Remember this: Your circle of friends delineate your character as well. How can you hang out with a group of women who seek drama as their agendas for the day? Real classy…… NOT!

  112. TEAM ROYCE & TAMI says:

    Tami…….you are wrong about your friendship about Royce….we as viewers do not see what going on behind the scenes or what has been edited out…HOWEVER, do not let your friendship with Royce go to the waste side…There is NO ONE on that show that give 2cents about you off camera..and that includes ALL…Shady Shaunie….Evil Evelyn….Motor Mouth Suzie and Jennifer (I can tolerate her) and the new girls don’t count …they haven’t been around long enough….


  113. jackster says:

    This show really needs a makeover. My boyfriend and I watched it the other night and by the end of the show we were both feeling angry. Everyone is so negative. It’s not healthy for the women on the show and for all us watching it at home.

  114. NotaFan says:

    I still find it hilarious that Tami is so sensitive to every little perceived slight from all of the women, except Evelyn. The one person who treated her in a despicable manner and she could not be further up her butt. And Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie, you should have stayed behind the scenes because you, EVILyn, and Tami come across at three mean women who have no redemptive qualities. As I’m sure someone has already stated, Jen was the only one to visit Tami after her surgery and instead of remaining neutral she has to prove to the woman who called her a non-mf-factor that she’s on her side? If you can forgive Ev for sleeping with your husband you should be able to forgive Jen for not offering you a formal invitation to her event and forgive Royce for refusing to tell you you’re right when you’re wrong. But, I guess it’s more important to be down with Shaunie and Evelyn than it is for you to be a role model to your daughters and act like a grown woman.

  115. Sisters says:

    It is very hard for us to see Tami & Evelyn as pretty, because of their vicious and violent behavior. Pretty has no place in their personal description internally or externally. They are paying millions of dollars to beautify themselves, while they are placing their psychological problem on the back burner. Evelyn & Tami have shown to the viewers their true self. Their true self is very unsettling and very disgraceful. Self-indulgence is taking control over their life. They must realize Fame and Money comes and goes, materialistic things have very little value, but will always need their brains to continue to exist.

  116. BBETH says:

    Evelyn & Tami should get married. They are both emotionally challenged, violent, bad-mannered, scandalous, disrespectful, lack self-love, lack self-confidence, lack self-respect, foul, notorious, and wannabe bullies. These two females are pleading for help. Sorry to say, because the love of money (VH1 ratings, & Shaunie $$$) they do not care. Unfortunately, Tami & Evelyn’s Money, Fame, and Fortune cannot buy them a new BRAINS.

  117. rcdc63 says:

    Tami, all we see is what’s shown and you and Evelyn both come off as bullies, always trying to intimidate the so-called weaker ladies. If anyone has their own opinion seems to be a problem for the both of you. Royce voiced her opinion and as a true friend she should be able to do that whether you agree or not, the same as Jennifer saying what she thought about Ochocinco…you ladies don’t want friends you want followers i.e. Suzie!!!! Both of you come off like two unhappy ladies jeolous of a younger group.

  118. LINDALE says:

    Tami & Evelyn – have acted out the evil roles and violence enough. On the last episode Tami really revealed how emotionally unstable she actually is. Tami & Evelyn are not a females, Tami & Evelyn are not women, Tami & Evelyn are not mothers, and Tami & Evelyn are not parents. Tami & Evelyn are Wild/Angry/Masculine Beasts .

  119. Shay says:


    It is possible and likely that the viewers don’t have the full picture of what happened between you and Kiesha leading up to the confrontation. But here’s the problem: for someone who portrays themself as being tough, you explode over things that seem relatively minor. You go from 0-100 degrees in 5 secs. Control yourself girl! You have two talented and beautiful daughters, you seems to have a good business head. Let’s see more of that side. It’s not that I would expect you to change. I do like that your direct but you need to be respectful at the same time. Come on! I kinda like you but not when you act like ‘the angry black woman’.

  120. LOUISE & HARRY says:

    Tami daughters are beautiful and appear to be on the right track. However, there is no way in __ these girls lived with Tami and not be damaged psychologically. Tami’s abnormal behavior is an embarrassment to adults, as it would be to her children. These girls want Tami to stay out of their business and professional life. They do not want her insanity around them professionally. Tami’s daughters made this known when they hired a business manager and not Tami. We hope Tami’s daughters have a blessed future personally and professionally. However, we feel the girls emotional wounds will roll over into their relationships/marriages.

  121. ACTING OUT says:

    Tami & Evelyn daughters are beautiful and appear to be motivated professionally. However, I these girls are probably totally a shame of how immature and vicious their mothers are acting on National TV. It is one thing to act emotionally unstable in private, but to make it public can do much damage to them (personally and professionally).
    Grown women jumping on tables, slapping people in the face, and throwing wine glasses are all acts of outrageous and mentally unstable children.

    BRING ON THE PETITION, my signature is waiting.

  122. JANET says:

    Tami does not need an Execurtive Produce in her pocket, she need a mental stablity pill in her pocket at all time.

  123. WWWW says:


    I would not be surprised if Tami’s [ONLY TAMI'S] behavior loses a lot of devoted fans of this show. I love the drama but hate GHETTO TAMI. She is a loser looking for fame & attention [more so than EVELYN].

    Tami bullied Evelyn [to be her friend] Meeka & now Keisha! Talk about DESPERATE to be in the COOL crowd TAMI. You WILL NEVER be cool you are a ghetto-raised bully, who deserves EVERYTHING that happened to you in life – one exception: this show.

    BB Wives LA!!!

  124. PATTY says:

    Tami & Evelyn are not a bullies, they are only immature adults acting out like kids. This is why anger management “WILL NOT WORK” for Tami, and marriage will not work for Evelyn. These two need to be admitted into a Mental Rehab Facility.

    Tami & Evelyn are injured emotionally. Their past is running them raggedy. Tami & Evelyn cannot take their past abuse out on the other innocent females on the show. If they want to beat and slap someone, they need to turn around a slap the _ out of themselves or to turn around and slap the _ out of one another.

  125. Raechel says:

    Tammie is really a bully and her personality shows allot about her. She bullies the girls she doesn’t like. If she was a true friend to Reese then she should have taken the criticism with a grain of salt and admit that she acted hastily. But no she wrote a book on her blog defending her actions. I truly believe that hatred is a terrible thing and for the way she carries herself she should seek help. She should seek help for her anger and for being a bully. I was truly a Tammie fan up to the last episode where she showed a side of her she should have kept locked up.

  126. KINGSLEE says:

    What is likeable about anyone that goes around jumping on tables in rage, throwing wine glasses, and slapping people in the face? This is VIOLENCE. If you read the recent social network sites 99% of the viewers are not in support of Tami & Evelyn’s VIOLENCE. To add to the already disgrace, Tami had the nerve to try to make racial remarks to Kesha. It was wrong, wrong, and wrong anyway, you put it.

  127. URSULA[ says:

    If you noticed, Evelyn & Tami have not attacked Shaunie. Shaunie is their career and their paycheck. This is why we know these two are heartless. Viewing the last episode, we believe these two females will turn against their own family members to make that $$$. However, they are going about it all wrong. Because, VIOLENCE & Physical Assaults will eventually get them JAIL TIME, and not SHOW TIME.

  128. SISTERS says:

    If you noticed, Evelyn & Tami have not attacked Shaunie. Shaunie is their career and their paycheck. This is why we know these two are heartless. Viewing the last episode, we believe these two females will turn against their own family members to make that $$$. However, they are going about it all wrong. Because, VIOLENCE & Physical Assaults will eventually get them JAIL TIME, and not SHOW TIME.

  129. Gale says:

    @URSULA & @SISTERS – OMG I am sure there are thousands of viewers that agree with you, like I do.

  130. Dimples says:

    Tami this is for you….
    Tami you have changed throughout the seasons. Let’s take a look at you.
    When you first came on the show you met with Shaunie & told her you had a tough life & was on FoodStamps. Shaunie laughed at you & talked about your food stamps to Ev & Jen. Why did you get mad at Jen for making a food stamp opinion. Remember you told that to Shaunie. Shaunie is the one that betrayed you & Ev laughed & talked about how you dress & your hairstyle. You were NASTY & CHILDISH when you called the lady a B*****, she asked you nicely to not call her that & u did 3 more times. I lost respect for you!
    Secondly, Ev betrayed you and slept with your husband? Now you are Best friends with a woman who laughs & talks about you behind yo back. You sitting there laughing at Jen when Jen NEVER betrayed you. Jen always took time to talk to you. Now that you are in with Shaunie & Ev, u backstab Jen.
    This is for EV
    Ev is a friend to no one on the show. She’s selfish, jealous and stupid for wanting Chad so bad that she have no self-esteem to want to marry a man, who tells you up front he will marry you, but he will have other women in his life. Ev you are jealous of Jen, she was the only basketball wife. You made her leave her man, now that her & eric not together, you drop her for telling you ABOUT YOUR MAN!!!!
    For Shaunie-
    I don’t like you at all. You are a Lady Pimp! You let Ev say all those things to Jen and not try to stop the drama. I saw you laughing in the background & I do believe you told Ev to act up with Jen to get ratings! I see you as an instigator & I see that you are Ev flunky! You have never stood up to Ev when she has been wrong. You tell others to make up, what about the make-up with you & Royce???
    For Jen
    I like you Jen, I’m glad u woke up about Ev. She’s been jealous of you from the start. You are naturally pretty. I want you to keep STANDING up to Ev, she thinks she can bully you. I dont like violence, but you need to SLAP EV in the face & knock her out! ha-ha Jen congratulations on your lipgross. As you see Shaunie, Tami & the other so call friends didnt show. Jen don’t trust none of those girls on the show, you should leave the show its SILLY & STUPID this year. I hope you pressed charges against the girl who slapped you.
    Royce-For You
    You have matured on the show. I wish you & Jen could have been friends, but I see Ev started that beef with you & Jen. I see that you dont let the other ladies bully you. Whats the beef between you & Shaunie? Royce, Tami is not your friend, she talks about u behind ya back.
    Suzi-For You
    Get off the show, nobody care about you? You talk too much and u tried to act tough with Kenya Keesha. They both will knock you out!
    This season is TOO NEGATIVE don’t care about this show anymore.
    Would like to watch a POSITIVE show with Black ladies not fighting & degrading one another!

  131. April says:

    Its a shame. These women are 40′s-ish and arguing like high school girls. That is exactly why I stopped watching this show. Pathetic.

  132. Shaquana says:

    Everybody dogging her stop watching it and reading her blog ok. Yes she has issues but she is working on them and letting you all in on it. Stop bringing this woman kids in it they have nothing to do with it she is over protective of them good. Move on new subject.She not mad at jen but she was offended stated. As far as royce Im sure they are ok again stated how she felt. All in all her only big problem is Kiesha so I mean move on she did what the other members do and she blogged but because her name TAMI ROMAN everyone have issuse with it. Who really know what we truly dont see. This is a book that we (yall) are judging by its cover.I am a young female viewer and she is my role model. I have “associates” that say i am similar to her because i to dont take crap but if you get to know me Im a nice person so I truly wanna applaude Tami Roman and say CONGRADULATIONS on being real. You are showing growth and maturity. By the way I am 19 years old and could care less how anyone feel about my response.

  133. RENEA & TERRY says:

    @Shaquana, viewers are not dogging Terrible Tami, they are voicing their opinions based on how she conducts (uncivil) herself on National TV. After all, it is “REALITY SHOW”. Therefore, if she is keeping it real, the viewers will keep it real too. When Tami signed the contract to let the viewers into her private and professional life , she opened herself up and her family up to the viewers. She did not have to add her daughter to the show. See positive and negative opinions come with the deal. Viewers do not have to stop watching the show, and they do not have to stop reading her BLOG. I am sure these are adults on the BLOG, and they can make their own decisions as to if they want to read the BLOG or watch the show. Now you can make the decision to continue to read her BLOG as we voice our opinions.

  134. WILLOW says:

    @RENEA & TERRY – OMG! Thank you for having the viewers back. Unfortunately, Tami is dogging herself out on National TV by acting like an immature teenage girl that has lost her way. To be honest, VH1 should do them a huge favor and remove Tami & Evelyn from the show. Demand the both of them to seek psychological assistance, before allowed on the set again. VH1 should have ZERO TOLERANCE for VIOLENCE.

  135. PAULAP says:

    @Shaquana, we can understand why you made the comment to the viewers to stop reading Tami BLOG and to stop watching the show. Because you are only 19 years old. We can understand why you would be very sensitive to the situation as Tami daughters are. Unfortunately, Tami put her self and her daughters on blast when she signed the contract with VH1. So the viewers are keeping it real.

  136. ROBBIE says:

    I can appreciate Royce for voicing her honest opinion about the Tami & Kesha situation. However, not surprisingly Terrible Tami has turned vicious on Royce on her BLOG. This does not surprise me as a viewer. I felt Royce was smart enough to know the real Tami. After Royce, witness all of Terrible Tami’s nastiness with the other female cast mates. I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before Tami turn against Royce. Tami can not be true to anybody, until she can be true to herself. She must first acknowledge and accept that she is psychologically wounded. The way Tami & Evelyn conducts them selves on National TV is a total disgrace. Anger Management will not help Tami, because she is over the top out of control. However, I also know that Tami is well aware of her addiction to control. If at anytime she feels she is no longer in control of a situation, she goes crazy-lady, like a Jackie Christie. This is a very unhealthy attitude.

  137. ANGEL says:

    @URSULA & @SISTERS, keeps the truth coming.
    Tami & Evelyn are hurting from their past personal damage. They are taking their past out on innocent bystanders. Misery loves company. Tami & Evelyn needs Celebrity Rehab fast quick and in a hurry, before they harm themselves or someone else beyond recovery.
    Suzie – Is just plain messy. Being paid to go around and gossip about everybody. Just like a snake waiting to attack somebody/anybody gossip so she can spread it around. Suzie is a professional troublemaker. AA may be in her near future.
    Royce – Is in midst of a lot of life challenges (father relationship, mother role, upcoming marriage/wedding, ex-issues, role in a play, role in basketball wives). She can handle them all if she take her time, do some soul searching, prioritize her tasks, keep destructive and jealous people out of her personal and professional life, and more important; stay away from evil so call friends. Because negativity will only slow down her progress. We wish Royce the best.
    Shaunie – Is a silent partner, hide from view her weakness and breakdowns. Viewers are aware and talking about her past nasty behavior. However, she is being smart by gaining notoriety and making that $$$.

  138. So Irritated says:

    There is not bigger idiots on any reality show than you TAMI and EVELYN!! Too old to be that messy and CHILDISH!!! Anyone even associated with you should be shamed. GROW UP for once in your life.

  139. Kim says:

    I may be in the minority, but it’s really sad to see a group of grown women behave the way these women do at times on this show. I would like to note that I’m only an occasional viewer of the show, HOWEVER, every single time I’ve seen an episode, no matter which season, it’s been nothing but drama. I appreciate the obligatory “charity event” thrown in for good measure, but drama, violence, vulgarity, etc. seems to be the basis of this whole franchise. Can we be a little more creative? With so few positive images of black women on television it’s a shame to not use your platform in a more positive way. Just a thought.

  140. YELLAROSE says:

    Like so many others, I was supportive of Tami until this season. I say ditto to whoever wrote “Help Tami”. Yes, you have gone to another whole level…one of immaturity, ignorance and bullying. Girl, stop it!!! You’re too old for this “mess”. You and that shady, foul-mouth, low-classed Evelyn feed off of each other and no, you all don’t know how to act when you go out. Every charity event has been overshadowed because one, most or all of you had to show yourself. I’m sure the show picks up the tabs for the drinks but Tami, try ginger ale or lemonade because you drink waaaay too much and you are lit in most scenes. That’s when you get the most ignorant. Find the closest AA meeting, seriously.

    I had hoped that there would be some positive take-aways this year but here y’all go again! What gives? Why is it necessary to size up every new person who comes to the show? She gets ripped from head to toe, front to back and inside and out! Obviously, many if not all of you are defined by clothes or how good you think your weave is. And Tami, I know you didn’t have the audacity to talk about Kenya’s weave. Yours was a hot mess in previous seasons and not much better this season. Just truth…You all make women of all ethnicities look bad. It’s a shame that you all perpetuate all the stereotypes.

    Although Shaunie does not appear in the show very much, she is not without fault. This show is who she is…MESS. What is Suzie’s purpose on the show…other than transferring mess.

    Kesha, you are smart, intelligent, classy and kudos to you for being all about taking care of business. Get out while you still can. I’d hate to see you become one of them. Kenya, I liked what I saw of your video. I hope you do well. But I have to say you appear to be a doomed follower who is willing to sell your soul to be in the “IN” crowd.

    Please take this show off the air!!

  141. ANNA says:

    I must admit that my temperature go up, every time VH1 re-run the last episode, with Tami trying to put down Kesha. Tami does not have self-respect disrespects everyone around her, and she is not a very bright female. Tami is aware of her flaws and failures, this is why she so mad at herself. Kesha is a beautiful, smart, and professional WOMAN. We were so very happy that Kesha did not lower herself to Tami’s disgraceful level during the bicker. Tami’s behavior was very disturbing to viewers across the globe, social networks blew up with Tami hate mail.
    Tami really ruined her reputation, this time around, which she destroyed when she slapped Meeka in the face. Kesha keep being a REAL WOMAN (pretty, intelligent, and professional) and do not let anything like Tami take it away. In addition; Evelyn, Suzie, and Kenya are worthless females for supporting and enjoying Tami’s hideous behavior.

  142. Blackbfly says:

    Tami, I was never a fan and can not explain why I am so disappointed in your behavior. But I guess I saw some hope when you friended Royce. You are so immature, a bully and the ultimate mean girl. You have no class which is why you and Evelyn have bonded. She is the queen of no class. Jen is better off with out her. I pray you do get some help or see someone who can help you can work through whatever your demons are. Keisha may have someone in her pocket, but looking back how do you explain your behavior before Kesisha. The mean girl never stays on top because a meaner girl comes around to knock her down. At what point you you start acting like a lady and not scorned angry black woman.

  143. YOLANDRA says:

    Royce, now that Tami has proven her fraudulent friendship once again, pick up your true friendship and move on. You do not need such a troubled soul in your life right now. Your life is flourishing and you do not need destructive behavior around you. To be honest with you, I was very disappointed to see you around Tami period. You have exceptional qualities, which Tami’s lacks. Based on the show , your true personality shines.

  144. KATHYE says:

    Have a happy marriage Chad (CHEATER) + Evelyn (ROTTWEILER)+ Tami (PITBULL) = Total Disaster.

  145. TEAM NO ONE says:


  146. Tami Roman says:

    I don’t understand how she all of a sudden is better than everyone one else, When she was introduced to the show her weave and clothes she wore was a hot mess, take a look back at those episode they are funny. But she is a bully she always can tell people how to come at her but when she come at people all side ways. She need one good ass whooping on T.V and she will sit her ass down.

  147. Rebecca says:

    Tami, Evelyn, your past is no excuse to act out the way you two do. You are grown women acting like bullies, playground bullies. That is not the behavior of a lady, that is the behavior of an unstable mentally ill monster. You have daughters and you act like this? The histrionics, the bullying, the throwing drinks, the hitting, the pulling hair, how old are you?

    What an embarrassment to your families. You both need to seek some anger management courses and take them seriously. Throwing a wine bottle, really Evelyn? Jumping on tables, flying across the room to hit and pull hair Tami? Tami, you are treating Keisha horribly! Keisha maintained her composure even up against your vile toxic foul tongue. When ladies feel a need to swear like so many of you do on this show, you just show your ignorance. It is classless and trashy behavior. Very low class. I don’t care that you are on TV, the fame, the money, when you act as you all are, like immature teen age mean girls and bullies, expect backlash for being called out on your nastiness.

    You all point a finger calling one another messy, well you all act messy. Except Royce and Keisha, they are the only two RATIONAL ones on the show who act like ladies. Keisha, great job handling yourself up against Tami with grace and patient.

    Tami, Evelyn, get some help or on some medication for your passive aggressive behavior. Violence is never the answer, if you lack coping skills, seek help. You both have impulse control issues. Think before you speak, wouldn’t that be what you teach your own children?

    Keisha treated you like children at the charity event out of fear you would ruin it with your histrionics and violence, her fear was legit, for you all act like children and bullies and should never be invited to such events when you try to make them all about you and your drama. Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer……You show your lack of character with your immoral and unstable behavior, learn some etiquette. Jennifer, pull the stick out, you are not all that or above anyone, no matter whose money you live off of. The haughtiness of Shaunie and Jennifer are a turn off. What man wants a diva acting drink throwing, foul mouthed bully for a lady? Suzi, you are just a catty mean girl, who has a sick need to pot stir and then you sit back like you are clapping your hands at the distention you just caused?

    No wonder your ex’s left some of you, look at your behavior! Start doing your own inventory and stop doing everyone else’s on the show, you put down Mat for being violent to Gloria, yet Tami and Evelyn and even Jennifer act violent and full of rage? Jennifer, put your nose down, before you drowned, the stuck up behavior makes you look really ugly, same with Shaunie, not a one of you can take an ounce of criticism and you lash out at any of the women who dare tell you the honest truth about your behavior. You bully the new ones into submission or try to get them off the show. It seriously is adult bullying and it is really disgusting how Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer, Shaunie, and Suzi act. You think your crap does not stink yet you are showing the world it really does. Very messy.

    Some of you women need some serious psychotherapy. Shaunie, you are promoting violence and bullying, not a great example to be behind this show for your own children.

    I no longer will watch, it has just become a ridiculous show promoting women behaving badly with violence and bullying. Who would want to be in such a “circle” that you call yourselves. It is not how REAL ladies act.

    Check yourselves, you are wrecking yourselves.

  148. PAULINE says:

    First of all. Tami is not a BULLY. However, I do feel she is a WANNABE BULLY. A WANNABE BULLY always needs a crowd around to act out their hurt, because it makes them feel important and powerful. A WANNABE BULLY is someone that is suffering psychologically; they blame everybody for their past bad choices and past failures. A WANNABE BULLY always sneaks up and attack those that is a threat (mainly people they cannot scare). A WANNABE BULLY goes around destroying relationships and friendships with false-hearted plots. A WANNABE BULLY always pretend to be in high spirits, physically powerful, unafraid, tough, and can handle anybody, can handle anything and can handle any situation at any given time. A WANNABE BULLY silently agree and enjoys others gossip, backbiting, and hostility. In reality behind closed doors, A WANNABE BULLY is a very unhappy person, they are miserable, they are rundown, they cry uncontrollably and they struggle with major heartache. A WANNABE BULLY does not want anybody around them to be happy.

  149. Cheryl says:

    I just want to say first I love you above all the wives. I respect the fact that you recognize the anger, but also recognize that even though Keisha did not speak to you first that you can be a little intimidating.

  150. BETH says:


  151. Francis says:

    Royce i hope you read this because you are an amazing person and stay true to who you are. Basketball wives are a joke and i love watching them to see what fools they are going to make of themselves next. They are not your friends. Look at what Evelyn did to Jen. I could only laugh at how classless they all are. Shaunie included.

  152. PAULINE says:

    Tami and Evelyn are not BULLIES. They are WANNABE BULLIES. WANNABE BULLIES always needs a crowd around to act out their hurt, because it makes them feel important and powerful. WANNABE BULLIES is someone that is suffering psychologically; they blame everybody for their past bad choices and past failures. WANNABE BULLIES always sneaks up and attack those that are a threat (mainly people they cannot scare). WANNABE BULLIES goes around destroying relationships and friendships with false-hearted plots. WANNABE BULLIES always pretend to be in high spirits, physically powerful, unafraid, tough, and can handle anybody, can handle anything and can handle any situation at any given time. WANNABE BULLIES silently agree and enjoys others gossip, backbiting, and hostility. In reality behind closed doors, WANNABE BULLIES are very unhappy people, they are miserable, they are rundown, they cry uncontrollably and they struggle with major heartache. WANNABE BULLIES does not want anybody around them to be happy.

  153. Marie Brown says:

    She needs to be fired. She should’ve been fired last year for hitting a girl. That type of behavior is unacceptable and, honestly, no one wants to see it. It makes for good tv for a second and, then, you hate the person (and don’t want to continue watching them). I may not watch the rest of this season because of her. There aren’t too many good personalities. Kesha and Royce are the only reason that I am, currently, watching, but if Tami continues to act an ass, I may just stop supporting the show.

  154. Rebecca says:

    Abusive people always need to find a scapegoat to blame their behavior on (example, Tami trying to underlyingly blame editing or Royce or Keisha, for her poor behavior).

    Abuse can be VERBAL ABUSE TOO and Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer are verbally abusive people. They play it up for the cameras thinking it will make great ratings and make them famous, but instead they are ruining themselves acting like this. Probably humiliating family too.

    Tami, Evelyn and Jennifer, even Shaunie at times use non verbal actions too to try to intimidate as well as their mean girl tactics to also try to gang up on a new girl or on another who is talking to someone on the other side. Why they feel there has to be sides to begin with shows their immaturity. It is high school behavior, they all keep blaming others on the show for acting high school, but refuse to look inward at their own behavior.

    Abusers don’t want to look at their behavior, they want to find a scapegoat to blame (so and so made me say it or do it, so and so angered me) as if to justify or explain away their behavior.

    I don’t care what happened in their pasts, it does not excuse them being malicious and intentionally cruel to others on the show. Bullies or WANNABE bullies, one in the same, a bully is a bully.

    An abuser is an abuser, be it physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse. Intentional acts of intimidation are also abusive.

    Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer and sometimes Shaunie and Suzi, are all abusive, with their mean girl mob mentality when they get together to intentionally pot stir to antagonize or select their weekly victim.

    Grow up and act like ladies, look at your ages, act it.

    Keisha has impulse control and most times so does Royce unless antagonized. Keisha, stay classy, don’t let these bullying mean girls change you.

    Jennifer, you are no better then anyone else, the haughtiness is not classy nor ladylike. You can throw a drink at your ex, then get mad when he gives you a taste of your own medicine?

    You women throwing drinks and fists around, yet you made fun of Gloria’s husband being arrested for DV at one time? Look at how you act, behind closed doors are you this abusive to your children or the men in your life presently too?

  155. BOBBYE says:

    VH1 STOP THE VIOLENCE, Tami & Evelyn must practice self-control or be removed from the show. We can not believe VH1 offered Evelyn a contract with Ocho, this proves to the viewers that VH1 supports violence. BBW has highly upset viewers everywhere, due to Tami’s and Evelyn’s violent verbal & physical attacks. VH1 must STOP THE VIOLENCE or petitions and boycotts will take place.

  156. Sheila says:

    These girls have no excuse for their behavior. On or off the camera it is how you carry yourself. According to Tammy’s actions she is proud to be an obnoxious bully. It’s funny because people are becoming more and more aware of bullying and these girls get to see their behaviors in the end and season after season they are still the same bullies.

  157. MAKE THEM IRRELEVANT (too small to see) says:

    Jennifer you should keep Evil Evelyn’s name out of your mouth. Why are you not focusing all of your energy in your business and yourself? The viewers are aware that you have done some dirty deeds and gossiping too. Clean up your act, grow up, and stay away from the messy and nasty circle (Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami). I would never lower my standards to mention any of these four females’ names in any conversation period. They should be totally gone, forgotten, and invisible. Keep it moving. I must say, if you were smart you would not trust Suzie period. She is a faker, snaker, and snitch. I am a viewer and when I am out and I hear conversations about BBW, I listen, but I do not join in on the conversation period. I am too ashamed to let anyone know that I have watched such a violent show. However, after the last episode I am finished. Because I found myself disturbed and thought about things that would definitely lower my standards if spoken. If Evelyn and her crew wants to be IRRELEVANT, then make that happen by making them totally invisible/ too small to see.

  158. Elaine says:

    Shaunie doesn’t care because this is her money. The more they act an azz on tv, the more the ratings and she gets paid. Funny how Tami and Evelyn flock to Shaunie as if being her bff makes them more relevant. At the end of the day, Shaunie could care less. Her show and its ratings are more important than their friendship. They are just pawns in her game. Also, I find it interesting that Tami says the producers are editing the full conversations and yet no one else is acting like a total azz but her and Evelyn. They can’t edit that much out to make you look bad, you’re doing a good job of it all by yourself. Tami the big azz on tv. Evelyn the biggest ho on the show with a man that has other women on the side…smh.

  159. KING says:

    @PAULINE – your post is very interesting and I have a better understanding about BULLIES and WANNABE BULLIES. it is very true that a real BULLY, do not need a crowd to act out their violent and none-violent behavior. A real BULLYy is not sensitive to gossip and name-calling, they simply do not care what people say about them, and they do not care what people think about them. Therefore, I agree Tami & Evelyn are without a shred of doubt WANNABE BULLIES.

  160. Sarah says:


    You should have met with Keesha one on one (instead of with everybody else in that table), and given her a warning to not to talk behind your back. You guys did not know each other therefore she had no way of knowing your dislikes. Perhaps the fact that you are intimidating and get engered easily did not make it easy for her to come to you and tell you how she felt. If you are working on anger issues I think the last person you should hang around is Evelyn. She definitely bullies people around and if you do something she does not like, she does not forgive. Instead she wants to beat everybody up…bad example for her daughter! I think you are a good person and the show is using your temper to their advantage.

  161. Tami,

    You need to take responsibility for the way you behave. You cannot blame editing for your foul mouth and immature attitude. You size up who the weakest link is and like the predator that you are, you go for blood. Don’t get me wrong I am no hater, I rooted for you when you first appeard on the show. I felt that you were pretty, real and interesting, but now I feel like I am watching a replay of Middle and High school antics. Come on Tami, act your age, don’t let all the young ladies who watch feel that your behavior is to be admired, it is not it is embarrassing. You and your castmates are blessed to be able to live life large there are a lot of people who would love to be in your shoes and appreciate it.

    A fan

  162. Shanita says:

    I am very disappointed in this show!! Tami and Evelyn’s behavior is atrocious to say the least. It is unbelievable that the only platform they are showing women of color on is one filled with hatred, ignorance, and backbiting. Reading Tami’s comment about Kesha having an “in” with executive producers and them just showing part of the conversation may be true, but that is no excuse for her behavior. She has always had a nasty attitude and been mean, since she started on reality TV. I remember how horrible her attitude was back then, getting Kevin kicked off the show because of her “allegations”. I can’t believe she hasn’t matured in all these years!!! Evelyn is behaving like a child without any self-control. Cursing, screaming, and jumping on/across on a boardroom table has you looking like a joke. This is straight example of buffoonery. Women with tact and class do not behave like that, under any circumstances. I am going to conclude this blog by stating that I will not be watching this show anymore. It is promoting adult bullying and I will not support that.

  163. lisalove01 says:

    Tami, First I must say your insight is amazing. Your ability to see truth through the facts is from God girl, and not everyone has it! You are blessed! God is using you and He is not done yet. Keep forgivness in your heart, its just a test, no weapon formed against you will ever prosper! I am so happy you are back on t.v. I watched you faithfully on real world. You and your girls are in my prayers. God Bless. continue to follow God, and there will always be an open door,baskball wives and beyond.

  164. Beyoncca says:

    Kesha didn’t want to talk to TAmi about Kesha allegedly being offended. Kesha wanted to go through Evelyn, because that’s the only friendship that Kesha had planned on fostering. Kesha is that typical bi-racial chick that’s not confidence in who they are. I have Indian in me and I have always been asked “what are you mixed” . I’ve also been told “you have white peoples hair”. Those questions are commonly asked within the black community. Kesha definately has a overtone to her voice. Simular to when white girls date black guys and adapt to their surroundings and start using more ethnic jargon.

  165. Beyoncca says:

    I wish more bloggers would mention how much of a crappy friend Suzie is. Suzie’s the DEVIL. I want her off the show so bad. Suzie’s so desperately looks for Evelyn’s approval. It’s so hard to watch. Evelyn has made time for Suzie only after the demise of Jenn and Evelyn’s friendship.
    Suzie couldn’t wait to get back in Evelyn’s good graces, so that she could give Royce the dueces. Tami did nothing wrong by asking that breeder if she was white. I pegged Kesha as either white or hispanic, but definately not black like Kesha said she was. I want Kesha to know “your NOT black your bi-racial”. If your black Kesha, then what ‘s someone with two black parents “EXTRA BLACK”.

  166. maxie says:

    royce-hurry up and contract your own show . i will watch and so will everyone in my small country town. we are all sick and tired of the other silly women on basketball EX-wives!!!

  167. pepper says:

    Tami I have loved you since real world and felt u were the realist woman on the show and thats why i keep watching i felt like i could relate. But seeing the last 2 shows the issues with Keisha then reading ur blog , what u are saying about Royce…I’m like noooo Tami. As a strong woman i like having strong friends with thick skin so I feel you but also I want those same friends to be able to tell me when I’m wrong. Which i think thats what Royce was doing. After this last show you seem to be on team mean girls. “The popular girls”. In the past i liked that you were like a lone island, popular on your own. thats me too the life of the party without even being at the party. i miss that tami. maybe you can help keisha reach for her inner black woman.

  168. Roe says:

    Tami, Remember you are dealing with youngsters some are social misfits, and you dont play!!!

  169. TANNI says:

    Tami & Evelyn are dealing with young, attractive, smart, and self-respectful females (Royce, Kesha, Jennifer). In reading BLOGS everywhere, the only social misfits are Suzie, Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami. Tami is only playing herself right into self-destruction. She will eventually be off the show due to viewers petitions, boycotts, and hate mail to VH1. Tamie will be friendless (cannot be a true friend to anybody), and her daughters will be distant and unreachable.

  170. JAN says:

    @Beyoncca — Suzie Is just a rooster. Getting paid to go around and gossip about everybody. Just like a snake waiting to attack somebody gossip and go spread it around. Suzie is a professional trouble-maker. Suzie do not have a life. She presents herself as a teenage girl that is without anybody and totally lost. The only way Suzie can survive is to start trouble and fights. Then she lay back and enjoy herself, while the others rip one another apart. Suzie has been the gossiper of the show since day one. She just do not have a role and she is totally IRRELEVANT (too small to see).

  171. George says:

    Now I understand why Kenny left her for a white woman. Good move my man.

  172. Danielle says:

    Man!! Look at all the ami roman haters on this blog! WOW!!! so sad. You all are talking about violence, anger, immaturity, and all this other stuff, and you are doing the exact same thing that you claim Tami and Evelyn are doing. YOU ARE ALL WHACK! Keisha, Royce, Suzie and Jennifer are not innocent. They are all troublemakers and money hungry gold diggers. They are fake and phony and wannabe bourgeoise females. Don’t hate on Tami and Evelyn because they don’t hide behind a contract or camera…get a grip! GO TEAM TAMI/TEAM EVELYN!

  173. Choc says:

    I like you Tami. I also like you and Royce together. Please don’t break up your friendship. Royce really likes and respects you. It’s good you shared some of your personal background so that folks understand why it’s hard for you to trust.

  174. sandykats says:

    Tammi, why do you have to be so……….listen to your t………, everybody is not the same color you are nor do people appreciate you asking what color are they. Use your intelligence and think before you speak. You are a beautiful person, but your mouth make you look…….. Read what people are really saying about you. Be like Shaunie, keep your mouth shut! Don’t you know she’s making money by having you women look……….

  175. TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL (make them pay) says:

    Evelyn is not picking on Jennifer, she is flat out harassing Jennifer. My advice to Jennifer and Kesha would be to get a third party/legal assistance involved, before Evelyn & Tami provokes them into a physical altercation. Jennifer and Kesha should stay clear of Evelyn & Tami let them talk as much trash as they like. However, if they attempt to take it to a physical level, file a lawsuit fast-, quick- in a hurry. The same holds true for Kasha’s issue with Tami. If VH1 will not and cannot take care of the criminal behavior from Tami & Evelyn, make them pay. Jennifer and Kesha, your supporters/viewers already know that that Tami & Evelyn do not frighten you. This matter is not about fear. This is a matter of making your self-respect, moral fiber, and professional career a top priority. Hit those criminals’ pockets; make them pay you a salary for their physical attacks and harassment.

  176. BI-RACIAL PEOPLE says:

    People claim the race of their father’s. Therefore, if Kesha has a white mother and Black father, she is BLACK. Bi-racial people have a very hard time like any other race. Every race suffer and every race experience discrimination. The race issue should never be a part of the show, and it should not be a discussion on the show. It is a very sensitive subject. We already have enough racist across the world. We are all human beings and that should be good enough. Tami comments offended millions of viewers. The Social Networks went crazy with hate mail. We do not need that type of racial activity on National TV, in our schools, or our communities.

  177. SISTERS says:

    TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL (make them pay) — Evelyn is not picking on Jennifer, she is flat out harassing Jennifer. My advice to Jennifer and Kesha would be to get a third party/legal assistance involved, before Evelyn & Tami provokes them into a physical altercation. Jennifer and Kesha should stay clear of Evelyn & Tami let them talk as much trash as they like. However, if they attempt to take it to a physical level, file a lawsuit fast-, quick- in a hurry. The same holds true for Kasha’s issue with Tami. If VH1 will not and cannot take care of the criminal behavior from Tami & Evelyn, make them pay. Jennifer and Kesha, your supporters/viewers already know that that Tami & Evelyn do not frighten you. This matter is not about fear. This is a matter of making your self-respect, moral fiber, and professional career a top priority. Hit those criminals’ pockets; make them pay you a salary for their physical attacks and harassment.

  178. DAFANIE says:


    I know that we all have our faults. However, as women, as mothers, and as parents we should always think about our children.

    Tami & Evelyn How would you fee it your children are harassed by a BULL?. How would your feel if your children were being threaten to be slapped in the face?
    How would you feeel if your children were being verbally abused?
    How would you feelit if your children were joked in school, about your immature behavior?

    Tami & Evelyn, we already know your answers. You do not care, because you are all about making money. You do not care, because you are all buying materialistic things. You do not care, because you are all about pleasing yourself. You do not care because you are all about beautifying yourself. Well unfortunately, money cannot buy your children quality time, and true love.

  179. NotConcerned says:

    You ARE a bully. What’s sad is that you don’t see it, but it doesn’t make it any less true. You have been the one consistently attacking anyone who dares not fall in step with you. Kesha can talk about her feelings regarding you any way she wants to, just like you sit on your side and mutter little nasty ass comments with Evelyn (who slept with your husband and dismissed you on national TV). Why would ANYONE come and try to have a rational conversation with you when you act wild and crazy and emotionally unstable? No amount of editing can take out the fact you DO react that way each time. You’re the common denominator. You’re the problem.

    Royce can voice her opinion on it too, Tammi, I don’t see you keeping your mouth shut about situations not concerning you. You were laughing that Evelyn HIT Jennifer, who was not violent with her. What kind of person ARE you? You have problems. You getting help but you might want to seek another counselor or something.

  180. QUEENY says:

    Royce, now that you have cleared the air with the Tami issue, please move on. It is only a matter of seconds before Tami turn against you once again. Tami & Evelyn are not very happy about you and Suzie hanging out with Kesha. We are happy you had a good time with Kesha, but we have absolutely no comment about Suzie. Suzie was only there, to gather gossip for Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, and Kenya. First of all Tami & Evelyn should drink zero alcohol, because of their mental instability. Shaunie did not invite Royce and Kesha mainly because she knew Tami & Evelyn would have a problem with it. However, Shaunie so happen to invite Jennifer, knowing Evelyn would try to attack her. This was a setup and trap. Shaunie needs to straighten up her devious act. The viewers are aware of Shaunie’s hidden insecurities and flaws. Money cannot make them disappear.

  181. SHAYLA says:

    @TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL (make them pay) — fantastic post and great advice on how to handle being BULLIED in a professional manner. JENNIFER, KESHA, and ROYCE this is great advice for the three of you. There are laws against BULLYING in the workplace, exercise your rights. IIf VH1 cannot address the verbal attacks, defamation of character, and harassment (unlawful activity) then you three take it to a legal level. Your have all the proof you need in your hands, it is televised (National TV). Now the three of you take it to the legal level. The Social Networks are proof as to who are the BULLIES/criminals on BBW. Your supporters and viewers are in your corner, all the way to the courtroom.

  182. HEARTLESS says:

    TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beautfy of CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  183. Janice says:

    Do any of these females go to Church?
    If so, how can they face their Pastor and the congregation?

    They are fortune to have a job, food to eat, and clothes for their bodies, and shoes for their feet.

    There are trillions of people suffering from poverty, hunger, unemployment, under-employment; disabled cannot work, in nursing homes, cripple, blind, and homeless.

    BBW wake up, clean up your act, and thank God for mind, health, and strength.

  184. Ljoseph says:

    Tammie needs to grow up, yes you are a bully,but your bullying women that you know are afraid of you.

  185. KEEPINIT100 says:

    Everyone here GANGING up on Tami and whomever else, are all BULLIES too! So be quiet. It is a fact of life: psychological trauma is cause for attribution, which results in fight or flight defense mechanism. Tami has come to terms with why she reacts the way she does and when these things are repressed, her behaviour is what you get. So when you women on here have something to say about these other women, stop and check yourself. The last time you shouted at your child, the last time you argued with a friend, the last time you ostracized you man/husband…whatever. STOP JUDGING PEOPLE DAMNIT!!!!! These other women you are defending, whom I might add you dont know either, dont appear as innocent! I hate that people sit in their fat, lazy couch/sofa and watch people and JUDGE them! YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH THE SHOW IF YOU HATE IT SOOOO MUCH! In life, you win some, you lose some. Tami, Evelyn, Jennifer, Shaunie, Royce, Suzi, Gloria, Kesha, Kenya have all been wrong! They are human beings, they and us viewers just have to accept that fact. Whether they own up to it, admit their wrong and apologize is another story. You just cant please everyone!

  186. pat rackley says:

    First of all let me say that you are very beautiful women. , until you open your mouths. Evelyn why would you have an assistent. you couldn’t even keep your store open. perhaps .she is to assist you in acting a know she is using you why is she on the show? she is not a good fit. Love of a friend is rare. Jennifer loved you. so get it back and keep that together. you both are you stunning women. shine for your daughter , calm your blood pressure and take care of your health. we want you and jennifer back. stop picking on jennifer it makes you look ugly. as for tammie there is no help for her.

  187. AVM says:

    Correction: I meant monkey shoved it your butt.

  188. Can't Stand Tami says:

    Tami.Tami.Tami. When I saw you tonight on BBW I felt my blood boiling. But I prayed for you and Kesha. And I find myself hurting for you Tami as well as Kesha. Tami you have to grow up and realize you can’t make people like- nor respect you-you have no control over that.

  189. jillym says:

    Tami Why did you say you dont think Royce should not get involved but you do with evelyn’s drama.. You think you can tell people how to feel act but you can do the opposite. You talk behind peoples back all the time. So you can bully her and than she isn’t allowed to talk about it to anyone? oh but you can. I can’t stand you ..i hope they get you off this show but you crazy insane behavior make good viewing and puts a little money in your pocket .. I think its funny you are now evelyn’s new puppy.. I wish you acted more like a lady but that would be some amazing acting on your part. Just once we would love for you to take responsibility for yourself.

  190. drew says:

    Tamie your a a very sick woman. No amount of therapy will help you. I feel for your daughters and mother. I really feel for our race. Please leave the show. So many of people i know have stopped watching the show because of you.

  191. simone says:

    Tammi is a clown, just like all bullies. She knows who to jump at. Sooner or later she is going to pick the right one and that will be the end of all this hoodrat drama. Evelyn is another pretender. No way do these two clowns represent any woman. Just a bunch of classless hoe’s. Tammi and Evelyn need to grow up, what real woman runs around worrying about what someone has to say about them. Such a shame…

  192. All About Me says:

    I don’t know where to start and with you?

    Tammi– The Producers are able to edit what you put out there. I’m sorry things happen to you that makes you keep your guard…but you really need some home training and seek another counselor. Or better yet…admit yourself. Your such a embarrasment to ALL African Americans. Ms. Tammi I’m from the hood but never in my life have I’ve acted an ASS to picky on someone I know I can dominate. I’m sorryn but thats what bullies do. Your side kicks Shaunie is pimping ALL you ladies out. She’ll never be caught on TV jumping over tables and bully people. But she will talk about everybody and make her opinions based on what you and Ev tell her.

  193. Ann56 says:

    I wish that Tami and Evelyn would grow up. I know it makes for good television for some people. For some people it is embrassing. Two adult women acting like idiots for a pay check. Setting the worse example for their children and the young women who may be watching. Tami and Evelyn says where they come from you take a beating and keep it moving. Where I come from there are laws in the land and I believe they come from the same place that I do, the United States of America. You don’t put your hands on people because they say something you don’t like or talk about you to your face and behind your back. People can say anything they want about you as long as it isn’t slander. Which is against the law. But, you don’t have the right to put your hands on people. I notice that all of the people that Tami and Evelyn tried to attack or attack or so much smaller in physique than they are, with the exception of Jen who doesn’t fight and Evenly knows that. If they want respect than they have to show respect to others. It is so laughable how these two women demand respect when neither respect themselves. It is time for Evelyn and Tami stopped the alcohol drinking because when they get a few drinks they are bold and ready to intimidate the little person in statute. Evelyn finance disrespect her on a regular basis and she want to marry him. She never attacks him and he have said things to her far worst than anything the other ladies said. Evelyn and Tami need to admit they are bullies and need to get that under control. They are real adults in this world that don’t choose to physcially fight and act like fools. Where real adults come from people solved things in a mature matter. That is the real world!

  194. Lavine says:

    Tami….these responses are NOT working girlfriend! There is NO excuse for the way you treated Kiesha in Tahiti….you showed yourself to be the out of control BULLY that you are! Get yourself some help because you are truly damaged and there’s nothing you can say to the viewers to skew that with “editing”….PLEASE. Bottomline is YOU acted a damn fool….looked like a fool and show how insecure and classless you are. NOW, as a result, you have to respond (with no accountability, of course) like you’re the victim! We’re not stupid, and you thinking we are is patronizing! I and ALL of my friends and family have decided to boycott BBW as a result of you and your weak sidekick Evelyn! Shaunie is irresponsible for letting you continue to go on these despicable rampages and Suzie is a scary snitch! Kudos to Royce for calling you out on your BS…..guess the truth hurts!

  195. SusieQ says:

    Tammi, You are delusional ,edited version or not ,no one but a animal acts in the bullying manner that you conduct yourself ,I think Royce is and was your friend .She is tasting the truth that you are too blind to see .
    You are a bully and think with your loud voice and large frame you can imtimidate people ,grow up get some help ,you are embarrassing to watch and a terrible role model,plus I have started to switch channel when you and Evelyn start your gang girl fighting ,grow up!
    Shaunie,why would you want your name associated with this ,is this a good example for young black women?Whee are real basketball wives ,instead of girlfriends and live ins !Maybe because of the caliber of people they don’t wish to be associated.I loved the show but it definitely has changed,at least Jennifer has some class and made Evelyn look classier.

  196. You have a lovely daughter, Tami says:

    Tami, I saw the pic of you and your daughter at Pepperdine. She is lovely. Someone commented on your blog that you look like sisters. You aren’t believing that are you? You don’t even look related! Why would you embarrass your daughter by showing up on her campus dressed like that? You’re 41 for Christ’s sake! Dress appropriately for your age. If you’re trying to compete with your classy- looking daughter, give it up. Poor girl is still trying to smile. Bless her heart.

  197. degirl says:

    Tammie, girl if u have any one at home or from your HOOD that really care for u or depnd on u for money tell them the water is running dry .You dumb dumb woman when your fake azz friends finish using u to act a fool and raise the ratings they are going to leave a broken nonmanaged show and continue to live the high life while u return to the getto where your simple azz belong, i cant picture anyone hiring u. Well maybe a ford comerical as a test Dummy

  198. Suga says:

    Bulldog (Tami) was a bullie, she is no ones …MOTHER….Bulldog talks about everybody , does she thinks her butt is off limits…yeah right….Get over it b/c of what Keshia said…the truth hurt……and it cuts like a knife….Bulldog realizing it is awhole different matter….Royce told the truth about the situation, looking at it head on.

  199. dwayne says:

    Tami is a FOOL and I feel bad for her 2 girls.

  200. dwayne says:

    all of you on the show who has daughters, it will be sad when they are treated the way you all treat each other.

  201. dwayne says:

    Tami you are CRAZY take some drugs

  202. Lucy says:

    I get being angry, but you are a GROWN woman. You are supposed to be able to voice differences of opinion and even be angry without being beligerent. There is no excuse for the behavior you have exhibited on the show. Tomorrow I am going into a classroom of high school aged children and telling them that there are ways to handle disagreements that don’t involve physical violence. Please know that many children watch this show and like it or not they are trying to mimick the casts behaviors. Everytime you get ready to act like a fool, you should ask yourself if this is a behavior I would want or expect from my children. If the answer is no, don’t do it. The truth is, whether we think they should be, our children are watching. More that what we say, they are watching what we do. Before you think that I am judging you, please know that is not what this is about. You have right to live your life, but understand when you signed up to be filmed you took on another responsibility. To whom much is given, much is required! Our children NEED you to model good behaviors!

  203. seriously says:

    Punk a$$ was taking her purse..extremely immature. You DID steal her purse and hold it hostage.. she wasn’t right for talking about you but you need to check yourself . Making her beg for her purse…I thought you were taking steps to right yourself..sad.

  204. Macy says:

    So this disturbed by this evening’s episode. I am disgusted by Tami and Shaunie for letting this happen. I was almost to the point of tears. This was beyond bullying and more so domestic violence. You women are low lives

  205. TJ says:

    I am sorry, but no amount of editing can hide that you TOOK her purse Tami, period! And you look crazy when you try to say you took it so it wouldn’t get left, cause everyone was gone. There is no editing to that! I like Tami, but after last season, followed by this season, not at all. But I am truly disappointed in Shuanie. I always saw Shaunie as a class act, always. And I am sorry, but I guess your really not. I know you can’t control the women on your show, but I would think you would call them on the embarrasing behavior. I would have thought you would have said something to eveyln about jumping on that table, Tami smaking Mashonda for NOTHING last year, and Tami bullying Kesha. I don’t want to see the side comments, say it to them. Shaunie your the producer and I get the drama needed for reality, but this is beyond.

  206. CNYC says:

    Producer in pocket or not, you should have approached Keisha like a level headed woman. You are a pathetic. What example are you setting for your daughters! The moral of the show is decreasing and you sending such a negative message to young women. Your behavior is a clear example of why young teens commit suicide because of bulling. What a shame. You claim to continued fame is your bullying…congratulations!

  207. Liz says:

    Tami has ruined this show with the last two seasons!!! Shaunie you have no class what so ever you do how ever do a great job at pretending!! Evelyn well she’s marrying Ocho that’s enough punishment coming her way!! That is a given the dye is cast already!! Suzie I want to punch that chick so bad!!! Keisha get a backbone everyone bleeds baby!! Royce stop being friends with Suzie she’s bad karma!!!

  208. Lisa says:

    Tami, you are a BULLY! bottom line I used to like you but you really showed your aXX tonight… you are one Mad Black Woman… you looked so BAD, there was no excuse for your behavior that woman didn’t do anything that bad that you should have gone off like that…TERRIBLE!!!

  209. lisa says:

    Totally get where Tami was coming from, but the purse thing was way out of line! That was the act of a Bully! As for Royce. Have to agree. She should have kept her mouth shut if she was a friend and talk about it with Tami. Not twitter. Looks like another friendship out the window.

  210. Valerie says:

    Tami, you are someones mother. We’ve seen your girls on the show, they carry themselves like young ladies. Aren’t you ashamed, who do you think you are to demand an apology. You all need to watch Suzie, here she goes again keeping up mess. You are angry and you need a lot of counseling. Oh by the way YES your are a ‘BULLY”

  211. Reggie says:

    Tammi you’re full of excuses. It’s do as I say not as i do huh? Shut your fat mouth. One day you going to run up on the wrong one and then you will see how it feels to be on the recieving end of that bull. Watch yourself and see the true you and then you will realize first the camera does not like and second you aren’t as innocent as you claim. I hope the courts rule against you then you will realize how your actions bring these consequences.

  212. Lady "E" says:


    I have never taken the time to write a blog but I have to respond to your behavior. You are a troubled soul and it’s sad you have to deal with situations with such hostility instead of talking like a mature adult. I don’t care about what the producers edit out; you still look like a fool. You are the only person that has control over your feelings, so tame your anger. You need to look at the image that is being portrayed and change it. All money isn’t good money, be selective and have some standards. People that use nothing but profanity is ignorant, they have very limited vocabulary. It’s embarrassing to see a woman (No matter the color!) act a fool. You can talk about everyone but no one can say nothing about you, who are you? You haven’t met your match yet, but I’m sure Shaunie and the producers are working on it. Act like a lady and stop being a bully. Not a good look.

  213. Madman says:

    Really Tami?? Who are you to demand anything of someone else who is not child. You need to deal with your past because it is obvious that you are projecting your anger on others. Watch the show and ask yourself if you are proud of your behavior? Ask if yourself if your mother would be proud of your conduct? Ask yourself if your daughter would be proud of your conduct? Reach deep inside and try to grow from this.

  214. nicer than you says:

    Bully. Keisha should make an ‘It Gets Better’ video after her trip to Tahiti. Be ashamed, Tami. Be very, very ashamed.

    *By the way, your purse stealing nonsense was absolutely pathetic. You are too beautiful and intelligent for what you just showed the world. Dammit, I gotta do it again…be ashamed, Tami. Be very, very ashamed.

  215. CMOB says:

    Tami the fact that you don’t see where you are in the wrong, clearly shows that you are not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. You are angry, sad, & a disgrace to black women. You are a BULLY. You have some serious mental health issues that have not been address. Coming from the heart you need to get an handle on that before you end up doing something that causes you your life, or alot of years in prison. Just know when you bully a person they can be so upset that they hurt you.
    Evelyn you are no better jumping over tables and throwing bottles. You are an adult and you have a child. Why do you act like that. You suppose to be so happy with your man and have so much money so please explain why are you such an angry black woman b/c a person with money and a new man that she suppose to love would not be acting like you are acting.
    Shaunie, you are fake why would you allow your black sister make a fool out of them self on TV. You are there and you go back and watch the show and clearly you can see that Tami and Evelyn makes themself look like a fool and you sit back and say nothing. Royce & Jennifer act better than anyone on the show but yet you guys barely show them. I hope this show gets canceled. We are going to start a petition to get this show canceled. If yall want to continue to make money use some white women…

  216. Dee says:

    Tami, your punk ass BULLY!!!! You have fought just about everybody on your show. Perhaps you should take yourself off the show and take the time off to find peace within yourself.
    Honestly, your portraying yourself right now as a MEAN ASS, PUNK ,BULLY not a lady or a woman with children

  217. I think Tami was wrong. Even if Keisha would have own up to it, she still would had to fight two or three of you. I think Suzie needs her vocal cord pulled from her throat so she can stop talking. I just want to whip her ass (bad) myself. Who do any of you think you are? That no one in the group cannot say anything about. I think you all are using Suzie to find out information. That’s a dirty, low-down woman. I DON’T LIKE WOMEN THAT TELL EVERYTHING SOMEBODY ELSE SAY. Suzie is top rated number one of throwing someone under the bus. You need to grow up Tami.

  218. dee says:

    Tami, get over yourself, so she said something about you, it is not that serious………you talk about people also……….she did not sleep with your man or steal from you or slap your mama….so chill,………….stop making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  219. var says:

    Tammy you are the biggest bully /hoodrat I’ve ever seen. There is no way you could ever justify your actions. You mistreat everyone. I don’t understand why they [vh1] keep you around. I leave the room whenever I’ve had enough of you. You make all black women look really bad. You need a better therapist, one that is honest and not AFRAID af you. Please for your childrens sake, leave the show and get your life together……

  220. Tammy says:

    Shaunie is going to ask Kesha what is her solution to getting her stuff back? Are you serious? You are just as bad as Tami. If you, Tami don’t think kindly of people calling authorities on you, especially in a foreign country then you should behave yourself. SHAMEFUL! How old are you? Who the hell cares what you have been through? That’s no excuse for that type of behavior. Everybody has a story so get over it! Maybe Tami, maybe you should sit in an adult correctional facility for a while so you can do some introspection and sober up. These girls – not mature at all to be called women – think that fighting is the answer? I guess in your world there are no consequences for irresponsible and abusive behavior – THAT’S NOT THE REAL WORLD and everything that you have brought to the table that was positive has now been marred by your nasty behavior. Only an insecure person behaves like that, and you are clearly a HOT ASS MESS. I’ll say a prayer for you because “child” you need it.

  221. Brandi says:


    Who are you? You talk about everyone…so follow your own rules…Kesha whas expressing how she felt about what you said and trying to get insight on what your deal was, clearly to try and make peace but what she didn’t know is you’re crazy. I have watched all four seasons and this is my last…you should have been arrested for your behavior…and what’s worse is in my profession, I watch young women go to prison acting just like you everyday, not realizing that they live in reality. What type of women are your girls going to be? They are so beautiful, and have so much potential, but at your age, with your behavior, I am afraid they may not have a chance. Maybe you should look up what it really means to talk behind someones back, watch previous episodes, and focus more on your self…the best thing I can say about you is you’re a hypocrite…I am so sad for you, and so said that it took so long to be able to turn on the tv and see beautiful black women with their own show about them, and this is what we see.

  222. ktwats says:

    Royce is a nasty, trashy, wanna be actress-enough about her. Maybe Kesha is talking a lot, but as small children we were taught “… words will never hurt me”. Your therapy is not working or you would go on and live your life.

  223. Maria says:

    no matter what you are a 40 year old women is a shame what you did. now that you are seeing how people feel about you and no more team Tami and you had a heart attack, is that you say that save it please, oh and i do know where you come from so do i and i dont behave like you. stop saying that you making us look bad please!

  224. Ann says:

    I feel sorry for Kesha, she clearly don’t want to get into it with Tami. Tami knows the girl is afraid of her and she takes it to the next level. They are all grown ass women and there is no need for them to act like high school girl, no middle school girls running back saying she said this and that. I think they get off doing this especially when Tami is involved. Grow up ladies, there is no need to act like a bully Tami.

  225. Mary Lewe says:

    Would love to see Tami and evelyn from basketball wives step to sheree and Kandie from atlanta housewives.

  226. Bigred says:

    When I watched how you behaved and heard the profanity and how you disrespected all “Women of Color” on this show, I was totally saddened and disappointed that as an adult “Black” woman that you would disrespect our race as you did in this episode.
    In a country that has made great strides to dispel the myth that afro americans do not know how to act in public and knowing what the President of this country has to go through on a daily basis and surely you must know how this country is viewed by other countries. For you to put on this display is beyond words. You are a 40-y/o woman in the company of other black females putting on this display in your mannerisms, your voice tone, Keisha is not the only female that was afraid of you, I think that the television staff and your other castmates were afraid as well. If you had common sense, you would have looked at Suzie because it was her mouth that started this foolishness.
    If this is what it means to aspire to be like someone or to be a role model, truly I would be ashamed to be your mother or daughter not to mention being your friend. Is it any wonder that you are depicted as a divorced drunk that doesn’t have common sense, does not know how to act in a public place. If we had to choose whom to associate with, believe me it would not be you. You have embarrassed our race, our country, our president and certainly the show. If you knew how to act you might have an executive in your pocket, I’m just saying……Why not think about what you are doing, even if it is a show, have some respect for yourself, because you are being cast under your name. Anywhere you go, no matter what you do, you will always be viewed by the behavior that you display on this screen.

  227. Concerned Ex-Fan says:

    Tami; YOU ARE A BULLY!!!! You give editors footage to use! It’s funny how history repeats itself… I remember you crying wolf on the Real World yearsssss ago when the black gentlemen ripped a cover off of you after you were laughing and joking with him first!!! Remember that??? You CLAIMED you were assulted and that you were no long comfortable living there with him! He was kicked off the show based on your discomfort!!! Yet, you bully, verbally abuse and assult women on this show and this network keeps signing a contract and keeps you around! What a shock. You & Ms. Lozado should’ve been gone a lonnnnng time ago. It’s sad that you are that hungry for a check that it results in you emotionally harming other black women. Please use your income to get some REAL professional help! Not someone that VH1 produces arrange and send you to… seek out TRUE help… QUICK!!!

  228. Amy says:

    Tami, you’re a MEAN BULLY! Editing or not, we all saw you ‘make’ her ask for her purse. You did steal it. Taking it for ‘safe keeping’ would mean that you would have returned it to her when you saw her back at the resort…that excuse doesn’t cut it. And going through her bag…shame on you. She does not owe you an apology, so what, she talked about you, big fing deal. I’ll bet the camera crew talk about you too, are you going to steal their things? If anybody owes anybody an apology, you owe her one for stealing her bag. You’re a mean woman, period. Apparently your momma didn’t teach you the golden rule – Treat others as you want to be treated. You other ladies should have stepped in and had an intervention with that skank (Tami). And the fish thing…grow up. Some of you women have a lot to learn in life before you’re mentally gets passed down to your children.

  229. joanne says:

    Are you so insecure of yourself that you get so upset over what someone else says about you? You need to be the more mature individual and stand above what is being said. It’s completely disappointing. And the sad part is, you probably don’t see how wrong you were with your treatment with Keisha. And that is evident because you use the excuse of not having an “executive producer in [your] pocket.” Be mature, admit your error and don’t make any excuse for your behavior. Your behavior is sad and disappointing. I sincerely hope you get some help. And the “working on some things and working on myself” excuse needs to go away. You can only use that excuse for so long.

  230. ReallyPeople says:

    Umh people…..Did ya’ll watch the whole show and the previous episodes? Did you not see how Kesha was talking all this mess about Tami? Enough is enough, don’t provoke people. If you know someone is dealing with angry management, why provoke them. This is what Kesha did to Tami. We all know Tami’s personality, why go there if you know the outcome. I really think Kesha could of de-escalated the situation by just talking to Tami and apologizing upfront. If you know the wrath is coming, do something to calm the storm. I do not think Tami was being a bully, did she go too far with the whole pursue thing, maybe, but Kesha is not innocent in the situation either. Bottom line don’t say nothing won’t be nothing!

  231. Kathy says:

    Tami is a sad pathetic excuse for a role model/ human being. She is sending a horrible message to all the young ladies out there. She should be kicked off the show because of her bullying behavior. I know that if she continues to stay on that I myself, along with many others will no longer be watching the show. She needs more than anger management. I am a counselor myself and she is in desperate need of medication. She is clearly sick and her behavior against Keisha proved that. She is only apologizing because she has gotten so much criticism from the public. She clearly doesn’t mean it. She should be ashamed of herself, a Grown ass woman..especially since she’s a mother…Nice message that you are sending to your children . Bullying is NOT ok and you def. portrayed yourself in that manner on the show. SO SAD

  232. Alana_Alvarez says:

    Tami, do watch the news? Are you aware people are killing themselves behind the type of harassment you inflicted on Kesha? You need more help than your current therapist is providing you.

    You are an embarrassment to black women. You are 41 not 14, GROW UP!

  233. Upset mom says:

    Tami, you are a BULLY. Kesha should have called the police on you, at least someone would have stood up to you because Shaunie, Evelyn, nor Suizie did a damn thing. You are all to old for this behavior. I hope they take you off the show…you are not a role model in my eyes nethier are your other childish accomplishes that were present when all that bullying was going on. What do your kids think about your behavior, you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop blaming the past for your actions today.

  234. dennisfan says:


    Do yourself a favor and get some REAL help. You are not only a bully, but you are abusive. This is not entertaining. This is NOT normal. This is NOT “keeping it real.” This is keeping it real ghetto. I rooted for you in the beginning because I was a fan from Real World. I rooted for you when you were confronting Kenny. I can no longer root for you. The devil is running you, honey, and I mean that literally. Satan is using your pride and your lust for fame and fortune and using YOU to destroy lives by leading impressionable black women astray. You are showing women the wrong way. I cannot be more disappointed in you.

  235. katieb says:

    You just never matured. You are still the same 13yr old angry, envious, miserable, insecure girl you were then. It’s sad because you don’t even see what you are doing is wrong. So what if someone talks about you. Don’t you have enough self worth to not care? Everybody talks about someone at some point in time. The only people whose opinion of me means anything are the people I care about or those that have something to offer me (like job interviewers). Keisha must be a threat to you so you want to beat her down. You are a miserable, loudmouth embarrassment to all human beings, not just black women. Get some therapy, listen to what they tell you, use it and apply it to your life. If not, one day you’re going to bully up to the wrong person and heaven help you then. Everyone doesn’t do well with being bullied and there’s always someone bigger and badder than you.

  236. jules says:

    Tami you need more than anger management. You are a woman that says you were victimized when you were younger and have become the abused now as an adult.

    Congrats! You have become just like the one who abused you. I guess he won.

  237. keili nau says:

    tami.. YOU ARE A BULLY. you are took something a blew it way out of proportion… kesha did not say what you accused her of saying.. you said that you heard from royce and susie that they kesha told you that she would go off on you… are you that stupid? even the reruns of the exact scenes of kesha talking to royce and susie, kesha was basically saying that she could have gone off (like anyone) but she CHOOSES NOT TO.. unlike you.. you have lost my respect. you have no self-control.. how could you feel good about yourself when you bully someone to tears? shame on you and i feel sorry for your daughters for being such an out of control role model. here’s something real for you tho… stop blaming your actions on your past upbringings and put a leash on your actions. kesha said it best, you have “no self-control.”

  238. Nikki says:

    Are you kidding me? Hard to believe, but you are making yourself look WORSE!
    You sound like the guy who beats the crap out of his wife, then says “look what you made me do!”
    This isnt the world according to Tami, we all don’t have to live and abide by your rules. People handle things differently (thank goodness) and its a good thing Kesha didn’t get caught up in your bad behavior, and yell back at you. You need to sit in you house, and watch yourself on these episodes where you are having these melt downs and try to learn from it. And the fact that Royce doesn’t condone your behavior, and has the nerve to say it, shows that she might be your ONLY friend. The other girls are just sitting back letting you make a fool out of yourself, because they are not strong enought to tell you that you are out of control. Try to be humble, and just admit you did the wrong thing…period!

  239. dram says:

    Man…I’m watching this episode disgusted. I generally like Tami, but today was really sad. This episode was like Mean Girls. Whats’s even more disappointing is that both Ev and Shaunie didn’t bother to say anything at the time. If you were my friend, Tami, I would have had to let you know how crazy you were acting and how wrong you were. Real friends keep you grounded and tell you how it is even when you are wrong. The whole thing was beyond ridiculous and this little rant after the fact shows that you actually aren’t remorseful about your actions which is even more sad.

  240. jackson, tn says:

    Two words, GROW UP. Tonight was horrible I felt like I was watching a battered child being scolded for no reason. We all say things we regret but tonight was absolutely horrific. I cannot believe others stood by and let this happen to Keisha and this section was not edited out. I was in tears. The sole reason was i KNEW SOME YOUNG LADY WAS WATCHING AND THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. It is NOT OK to demoralize someone using all kind of profanity and disrespect. Its like kicking someone when they are down or watching someone helpless being assaulted. For all of the young girls watching this show tonight, this is not how a lady should ever act or carry herself. This is not the example we should be showing on how to treat others. Whatever happened to words rolling off and not offending us. I will not be watching this show ever again. Shame on you Tami. I could not believe your actions on tonight. I’m praying for you because obviously you have deeper unresolved issues. P.S. say no to ALCOHOL.

  241. dan says:

    Two words: Bi-polar….really Tami, own up to what you did and stop playing the victim role. Crazy broad. You obviously don’t care about your daughters, acting the way you do.

  242. Phyllis says:

    Im still trippin on the episode when Tami was saying that Kenya was trying to be Jen…Is it just me or did she turn into to Evelyn?

  243. Lorrain says:

    First of all I do see anywhere on thet show where u r respecting urself so why should anyone respect u. U havent earned it. The example u a setting for ur daughters is appauling.. ur ex should snatch up ur daughter n get them as far from u as possible cause eith what u are showing them they will start immitating you and in up in jail. (I belive the only reason ur r not in jail is because of that tv show. Not only r u a BULLY u r a LIAR. you know good n well that u took Keisha’s purse and stood ur ass in front of those cameras and lied about it. What R u teaching ur girls. Get some help soon, real soon. There is no way you can explain this stuff away. you r all kind of worng. Stop dinking if u can handle ur liquor.
    You made the statement about Jen bringing law suites into play. U were going to sue Evelyn when yall fought . Put the alcohol and whatever else down its clouding ur memory.

  244. Marie says:

    Tami, please save your excuses, no one is buying it. I know two rape victims and they do not conduct themselves like you. I know people from the hood and they do not conduct themselves like you. I work in a hospital and see gunshot and stabbing victims almost daily and it is done for much less than what you did to Keisha. You are a liar, bitter, evil, drunk bully. You are going to meet your match one day and you are not too far away from those welfare checks again. You are a bully in and out of the country. Keisha should have not only filed a theft charge against you but she should have asked the social services department to look at the last two episodes to show that you are a unfit mother and should have those children raised by their father or someone else more stable. No amount of editing could hide the theft of that purse boo boo. You need to own up to what you do and you need to stop talking about others behind their backs also. What I want to see though is YOU OFF THE SHOW. You are a poor example and unfit for the public .

  245. flo flo says:

    Tami, Tami,Tami. You have confirmed the meaning of Bi-polar if not straight-up crazy with an attitude to match.You posted every excuse as to why people don’t want to be around you., i.e., your husband oh!, and what about your own kids firing you as their manager??You a financial executive? Please tell me what bank you do your financing advising at so I can close my account if it is my bank.You also sponsor a girl’s group and do mentoring?Pity on those kids. Get some help before you have another heart attack.As Fred said “this could be the big one” and it could be too late to make amends. Wise up and make

  246. FLO FLO says:


  247. Deb says:

    You and this ‘circle’ of people are too hot for satan!!! GO away. Please cancel this show! No self control or maturity. You are a BULLY. You have no explanation for your behavior. Cannot blame it on childhood abuse. TAMI, EVELYN, SUZIE and yes SHAUNIE are negative drivers of the perception that women of color are mean and classless.

    I do not respect you. Just keepin’ it real.

  248. Guest says:

    Someone should inform Tami that it is a cop out to blame the way the show was edited to excuse your unnecessary bullying and childish behavior.
    Last year Tami was the most favorable and sympathetic girl on the show but she is totally out of control. There is no excuse for going threw someone’s phone or personal property! iT IS ALSO AGAINST THE LAW TO inflict bodily harm on another. Kesha may have been wrong in not telling you to your face how she felt about being asked if she was white or black but Tami you know you magnified this whole thing out of control and poured gasoline on it. Shameful and depressing for black women cause it gives us all a bad reputation as childish bullies!

  249. Anonymous says:

    My God! This is so very depressing!
    None of these women are even remotely likable but maybe Royce. Shaunie needs to step in and lay down some rules instead she instigates and tries to act so surprised when fights break out.
    No wonder Shaq is threw with her. Sad sacks!

  250. Guest says:

    The only way I can describe this pathetic show is it’s like watching a bad Train-wreck, you hate it and it’s tragic and pitiful but you can’t look away!!

  251. Thai says:

    Tammy you are coming off like a bully. First, people react differently in life and to life when there is some sort of abuse in their past. Some people are aggressive (you), some people choose to be passive aggressive (Kesha) and some choose not to allow it to enter into their adult life if they can control their surroundings.
    You are aggressive because you did asked for someone to be honest and upfront with you; which is your right as a person, but forcing someone to respect you in the matter that you wish is where the bullying comes in. I am hoping that you seeing a therapist are a real thing and not just for the show because it will benefit you in the long run.
    Kesha is passive aggressive because she really believes she is capable of going toe to toe with you by making little comments like, ” I could go off on her; like she is going off on me”. We all know that she is scared to death of you.
    My question to you Tammy is, why even go there with someone who is not going to say anything back to you or challenge you in any type of way. How about treating her like a “nothing” to you. Like I stated in the beginning of my statement, there are a lot of people who have been hurt and everyone reacts differently in and to life when there is some type of abuse in their past. Some people are aggressive (you), some people choose to be passive aggressive (Kesha) and some choose not to allow it to enter into their adult life if they can control their surroundings.

    In other words, save your aggressive energy for those who first bring it to you in an aggressive manner?

  252. KING ACE says:

    I HOPE THEY CANCEL THIS SHOW! I refuse to watch this show anymore. I will support any boycott or petition against this show. Tami is one disgusting human being. It’s so un-fair how Tami and Evelyn can curse, scream, intimidate and fight other woman who are obviously afraid of them. Young girls are watching this show saying this is how you handle your problems, and its so wrong! You are sending the wrong message out to young adults who are watching this show. I felt so bad for Kesha, Tami is such a bully. They dont deserve to be on T.V. acting like that. Tami and Evelyn are very evil and make us minorities look so bad in their actions that they display. I’m done with this show and will never watch it again.

  253. beatrice says:

    tami you are like an animal thats out of control, watching this episode you make me sick you should be voted off the show, i dont know what your education level is but you don’t need a college degree to be a nice person and your actions show that are an uneducated woman, an unfit mother, an abuser, a manipulator. how do you feel whatching yourself on tv acting like an unleashed mad dog, you are an embarassement for your daughters your familly, your boyfriend and society!

  254. Jill says:

    WOW Tami you are not even apologetic!!! Even after seeing yourself on TV – you blog and still try to bully Kiesha with your words. Now Royce. Are you Al Capone? People can say what they want!!! This is America. Kiesha was talking to YOUR FRIEND EVELYN asking how she should talk to you about how she felt about your race comment…that is DIFFERent from talking ABOUT you. She was preparing to COME to you. ANd her second comment was NO WORSE – she didn’t say anything BAD about you. You want these girls to bow down to you and be afraid. I don’t care how you and Evelyn grew up in the streets – take a look around you’re not on the streets anymore!!! The rules change in Hollywood! If you and Evelyn want to act like hood rats – get off tv and go back to the hood and feel free to live by the rules of the street! KIESHA you did nothing wrong. Royce I agree with you. You are speaking the truth…. but watch out… if it looks like you are going against Al Capone…be prepared to be BULLIED! Tami I can’t believe you are defending your nasty behavior. SMH!

  255. Jill says:

    ReSPECt???? Tami who have you respected? Why do you and Evelyn think you can curse somebody and scream at them and tell them to respect you? “where they do that at?” You don’t want respect – you both want to control the weaker or non-fighting women around you on the show. Then you want an apology??? If Kiesha or, Kenya, Jen, or anyone had done anything like what y’all have done and said to THEM…you would have went off. But if THEY say the slightest comment to try to stand up for themself – the 2 of you BULLY them until they have to call the police. Then you bully them about calling the police too!!! But we are NOT afraid of you Tami. Nor you Evelyn. And Shaunie – it’s all about the ratings for you. To sit there and watch her being bullied on YOUR show – absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!

  256. You are a bully says:

    Tami – you need to look in the mirror. You have some good qualities – but you are full of rage and you take it out on people – if that isn’t a bully I don’t know what is. Making Kesha beg was the worst — I’m done with the show until you are gone.

  257. wendy newton says:

    I have just got to get this off my mind. Who in the world does Tammie think she is .Tammie in case you dont know you are what they call a bully. How can you sleep at night the way you talk to people. W ho are you that you can’t be talked about. This show is going to the dogs. Do you not have any respect for youself. What happens when your children (2 daughters) grow up and think it is alright for them to act and talk to people anyway they like. Have you ever been told you have to show respect to get respect. you have really lose your mind on this show. What happens if the show is ca ncelled because of you? Where would your check come then. Is this what’s happen when some of us get a little money.

  258. Whattashame says:

    Poor Tammy, You are ignorant and pathetic. Your juvenile phrases, “If you were a real woman or You’re just keeping it real” are inflammatory and laughable. Let’s be clear, you are a CONFRONTATIONAL, ARGUMENTATIVE, IGNORANT BULLY. What shame you bring to your daughters and black women, correction all women. I am bewildered by your vacuous position implicating all this is due to editing…do you not remember last year’s incident? Meeka had every right to sue you and shame on Shed Media and VH1 and Shawnie. Your hate runs deep filled with toxic delusions of grandeur. Anger management?? ….Try animal training.

  259. LU says:

    Tami this episode was really upsetting, and extremely sad… once a fan but no more, tonight you made yourself look like a total idiot and a BIG BULLY!!! Which is so pathetic and sad because the thing about it is that regardless of what happened to you when you were younger there is no excuse for your behavior because you knew better while you were going off on Keisha there were more than several moments that you knew your response and the degree of how you responded was so over board that you knew you were wrong it seemed more sensationalized and more for the cameras and in-authentic, disingenuous…which really makes for crap fake reality tv…. This episode also made me sad looking at how the other ladies just stood by… true friends help you to stay grounded and help to bring order to things especially if you are acting a fool…Tami you really need to get a grip because you will end up in Jail…

  260. Whattashame says:

    Poor Tammy, You are ignorant and pathetic. Your juvenile phrases, “If you were a real woman or You’re just keeping it real” are inflammatory and laughable. Let’s be clear, you are a CONFRONTATIONAL, ARGUMENTATIVE, IGNORANT BULLY. What shame you bring to your daughters and black women, correction all women. I am bewildered by your vacuous position implicating all this is due to editing…do you not remember last year’s incident? Meeka had every right to sue you and shame on Shawnie. Your hate runs deep filled with toxic delusions of grandeur. Anger management?? ….Try animal training.

  261. Ashamed says:

    WOW!!!!. Just saw Shaunie speaking about the women and the fighting on the show.
    She said it took the woemen to see them selves acting a fool on VT to realise they are fools.
    YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THEY DID NOT KNOW BEFORE THEY SAW THEMSELVES ON TV ACTING AS FOOLS, that that is the way they normaly behave in real life and that it took a tv show to show their true colours and who the really are as women (girls), what a shame.

  262. Ashamed says:


  263. mary smettler says:

    When BBW was introduced on VH1 I was really excited, thought it would be refreshing to see women of color acting intelligent, but the last few seasons you have stood out as complete disrespectful fools, This show should be taking off of the air, Tami and Ev act like animals with no purpose, it is clear that they have low self esteem all sorts of emotional problems with such aggressive, terrorizing, malignant behavior, Some might say bullying is a part of growing up, which is really no excuse, but you Ladies are fully grown! You get an A in the stupid test, you are unteachable, This Bullying has ruined your reputation! You are everything I teach my daughter not to be! Tolerance for this kind of behavior is not except able to me, You need to pick on someone that can talk back to your stupid azz, However Ev said it right in the beginning You guys are a non Mff that’s real! and Myself along with million of women of color are refusing to look at this stupid degrading show any longer! why don’t you be unpredictable and act like you got some sense!

  264. BlackButtery says:

    @ Tammi, I first saw and watched you on the first episode of “The Real World”. During that time I like you as a person you were always real even when you got into it with your room mates. Unfortunately, it seem as the years has went by and you’ve had your share of ups and down….you have be come an angry, bitter, unappreciateive person. Watching the show whether things have been editted or not to be in anyones favor…have conveyed the REAL you. Now you need to be real with yourself and achknowledge, accept and try to retify who you truly are and that a BITTER WOMAN WHO BULLIES OTHER PEOPLE. need not only see someone to deal with anher management, you seriously need a psychologist…there are some deep rooted issues that you have not dealt with, which are causing you to act and feel the way you. Although I am digusted by your behavior, I feel sorry for you and really want and hope you get the help you need to be TRULY happy (its time to take off the mask covering the weak, needy, and helpless individual you are) Its ok to want and need help, love, attention, and comfort. But being mean and/or lod is not going to get you no where, but where you’ve been before (and you already have been there, done that). I will pray to God that he heals your heart both spiritually and physically (s/p heart attack), emotionally and mentally. I suggest you get a life coach or read some of IYA VANZANT BOOKS, starting with “The Value in the Valley: A Black Woman’s Guide Through Life’s Dilemmas”, “Yesterday, I Cried : Celebrating the Lessons of Living and Loving”,and the “In the Meantime…”
    GOd Bless…Like Young Jezzy said [You] NEED A VACATION…from BBW…. People are not lauging with you they are laughing at you…be smart and get it it together….IJS

  265. BlackButtery says:

    @ Tammi, I first saw and watched you on the first episode of “The Real World”. During that time I like you as a person you were always real even when you got into it with your room mates. Unfortunately, it seem as the years has went by and you’ve had your share of ups and down….you have be come an angry, bitter, unappreciative person. Watching the show whether things have been edited or not to be in anyone’s favor…have conveyed the REAL you. Now you need to be real with yourself and acknowledge, accept and try to rectify who you truly are and that a BITTER WOMAN WHO BULLIES OTHER PEOPLE. need not only see someone to deal with anger management, you seriously need a psychologist…there are some deep rooted issues that you have not dealt with, which are causing you to act and feel the way you. Although I am disgusted by your behavior, I feel sorry for you and really want and hope you get the help you need to be TRULY happy (its time to take off the mask covering the weak, needy, and helpless individual you are) Its OK to want and need help, love, attention, and comfort. But being mean and/or loUd is not going to get you no where, but where you’ve been before (and you already have been there, done that). I will pray to God that he heals your heart both spiritually and physically (s/p heart attack), emotionally and mentally. I suggest you get a life coach or read some of IYANLA VANZANT BOOKS, starting with “The Value in the Valley: A Black Woman’s Guide Through Life’s Dilemmas”, “Yesterday, I Cried : Celebrating the Lessons of Living and Loving”,and the “In the Meantime…” GOD Bless…Like Young Jezzy said [You] NEED A VACATION…from BBW…. People are not laughing with you they are laughing at you…be smart and get it it together….IJS

  266. Renee says:

    Tami you are a BULLY! I was soooooo disgusted and embarassed by your ignorance. You have been picking on Keisha from the beginning of the trip. You had a problem because she was coughing and asking Evelyn and Shawnie too many questions. Clearly the girl wasn’t interested in battling with you. But you kept going and pushing. You have two daughters. Would you like it if someone bullied them? What goes around comes around…REMEMBER THAT! You disgust me!!! and you deserve everything that’s happened to you including the heart attack!!!!

  267. oliver says:

    tami. when you said “you look like a liza not a keisha”, you said it to be a bully, people know how sarcastic you r with your acctitude and all. people could say what they feel and if keisha felt that way no matter to whom she speak first, at that moment you choose to be mad and start bully even more… i really like you at the beginning at the show but now you are out of control.

  268. Robyn says:

    I was so interested in this show because I realized if done substantively, it could really be helpful to thousands of young women who find themselves involved with athletes. Well, there has been very little substance but I’ve kept watching. But last night’s episode (Keisha leaving the next day after the fight) was rock bottom. I cannot watch anymore. Until this point, I believe Tami has evolved the most – acknowledging her anger management issues on camera and trying to understand and manage her actions takes an amount of introspection few people are able to exhibit. It hurts to dig deep which I think is why more people don’t. But hurt people hurt people and this argument with Keisha revealed illogic beliefs that underlie Tami’s view of relationships that contribute to her conflicts. In other words, anger management is but a part of Tami’s problem. I sincerely hope she remains committed to doing the hard work – if for no other reason than to be a model for others who are comfortable letting their anger rule their emotions.

  269. stephanie says:

    FACT your a nut!How old are you? Have you not learned any life lessons.we all talk about each other, It;s how we communicate,Or is the a right only you posses? When you do it.Do you not know how stupid you look? when your rolling your neck, an asking an answering questions like your talking to your child,(Lord i can only imagine).You dont want anyone talking about you,But yet you sign up each year to get filmed being you.Hmm im puzzled.Make up your mind are u sorry for your behavior or not.Yow wanna blame everybody but yourself,If you didnt act like an ass, they couldnt show you being an ass.Nobody cares where your from, We all know how hoodrats behave.It;s because they dont know any other way.You should now.Funnny how Kesha knows how to handle a HOODRAT like YOUSELF,All she had to do is mention the PO PO, lol.Grow up Tami.Try to remember you have to girls,that may try aan act like their mother with cameras off,an it might not go as well for them.Fighting solves nothing.Im sure you have had your ass beat a couple of times,,An yet u continue to want to fight.You have learned nothing in your over 40 years here on earth,I feel sorry for your children.

  270. dallday says:

    All people discuss other people without them being there at some time. That “talking about me behind my back ” is so high school. Yes Tammy you are a bully because if you thought for one minute your ass might get busted up you would not have carried on the way you did.

  271. Donna says:

    Tami you are full od IT!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a bully and you should be in jail. And you need to learn how to listen. Stop being jealous of others. And take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You have not change since the real world. Yeah I said the real world. You are still playing games. You are a liar and a no class bully.

  272. Donna says:

    Ok Tami you thought I was done. You have four of my family member who want ot kick your butt! How you treating Keshia made all of us cry. You are 40 years old. You are not a real woman. You bully that woman. You are no better than a rapiest and a man who beats on women. Words hit harder than a fist. You of all people should know how it feel when someone take your deny away. A person who rape a woman or beat a woman with they’re words need some serious help. Rape and beating on someone weak is all about control. You knew that Keshia was scared of you physically. You really need to take a good look at the video. And you are going to feel like a fool. Susie you talk TOO MUCH! Royce have all the right to feel the way she do about Tami. Because some weird way she really do like you and care about you. And if can’t see that and than you are not her friend. Friend will tell you when you are wrong and not make excusses .

  273. BeWhoYouAre says:

    wow … these comments are truly disgusting …
    someone wrote that you deserved to be raped, and that you are a bully.. and pathetic ..
    I agree with Tammy …These shows are edited to keep viewers who want to see drama .. duh else do you think reality shows on VH1 continue to thrive ..
    It’s because Tammy says whats on her mind.. DMX screams about how he’s never gonna stop cheating and having sex with other woman … the cast of Mob Wives curse at and beat each other up every other episode …. PLEASE .. Let’s be real …
    If you are signing a petition to get rid of this show .. you must also sign to get rid of Mob Wives, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Bad Girls club, Love & Hip Hop, and of the Real Housewives .. and most other edited reality shows … DUH
    I do believe Tammy as an adult couldve been a more calm in the way she handled things .. but just as she said .. if Kesha knows she is passive and scared to back up her words, or at least admit to her wrong doings than why would she say certain things… You are not gonna tell me this woman signed up to participate in Basketball Wives without seeing episodes or hearing rumors about the verbal and physical altercations … Every time something happens she is the first person running ..WHY DID YOU SIGN UP FOR SOMETHING YOU WERE NOT READY FOR??? her story isn’t interesting … she can get the boot and no one would care ..

    I like Tammy because she is consistent and honest … if Kesha would have just said “I did say that, I said it out of anger and frustration over the situation, I apologize and I want to move on from here” instead of running and being afraid ..the results would have been different.. Tammy may not have liked her, but she would have earned Tammy’s respect for being an adult and expressing herself and still commanding the respect the Tammy was not willing to give at that moment…. Running from situations gets you nowhere!

  274. CONCERNED!!!!! says:


  275. sophia says:

    Tami should be kicked off the show for harrasement, making threats, and for stealing. Isn’t this illegal? How can the producers tolerate this kind of crap. I’m boycotting this show.
    Kesha FYI..You can sue baby. You can SUE the hotel for not getting security help at the front desk, they just looked stupid when you asked for security, I’d be afraid to stay at this hotel now. They give out room keys to anyone without ID. and they do not get security when asked. You can sue Shaunie for entering your room and letting that thug enter. The other girl an sue the hotel for giving her room key to the other thugs, and sue for detroying property with fish crap all over the room. They actually put it in her coffee pot. Would you want to drik that crap? Poison, may cause death. I would be owning this show when alls said and done. Get a lawyer quick girls.

  276. Sylvia says:

    Good One Shaunie!!! You and your so called show are a joke. But then so are you and the friends you surround yourself with. What is this crap? It does nothing to elevate the perception of black women and only serves to degrade them. As for last is what I have to say. You better hope any black people with any kind of social status did not watch the show. Made yourself look like a fool standing by and not doing a thing while a BIG, UNCONTROLLABLE, IRATE, MEAN, BI-POLAR, BULLY did what she does best. And as for Tammy’s response letter…Blah, blah, blah. You’re crazy and nobody’s listening.

  277. Sophia says:

    I’m going to get a petitiion written up, and send around for signatures to get this crap off the air, also plan to provide legal help for Kesha and Kenya. Kenya needs to sue hotel and sue the show for entering her hotel room without her knowledge, and for spreading bacteria “fish” & what ever in her room and in her coffee pot. Kesha needs representation for Tami’s threats, YES SUE I know you two can get a big payday from this one. We have all the evidence and all the people involved. Caught all on tape.

  278. Brenda says:

    Tammy you R a big A.. bully and you should be ashamed of yourself! Anytime Evelyn, of all
    people, breaks down and cries says ALOT about you. Your treatment of Keisha was not cute and I hope your sorry a.. does not come back for the next season. You are a low life!

  279. 0915 says:

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing a grown woman darn near old enough to be my mother was acting as someone would in highschool. It was ridiculous. She is such a hypocrit and on top of that to think that everyone should have to watch what they say when it pertains to her. Get a f’n life. People are allowed to vent to others about something that happened to them. She does it all the time. Ignorance at its finest. There are better ways to address someone than to act a fool in public and using every curse word in the book to draw attention to yourself. YOU LOOKED IGNORANT!! Kesha looked more mature than you did saying nothing. AND to know that someone is scared of you and you continue to attack them is just straight up what I was witnessing Adult BULLYING!! And all that nonsense Shaunie is saying to make her look good is nonsense. She sat right there the whole time EACH of the bullying episodes occurred and did nothing but act interested.

  280. Monique Johnson says:

    Ive read what tami wrote and I understand her fustration. Yes we all know that the show gets edited to show the drama. But still in all tami, I think that even if it wasnt edited you still have issues. You are getting mad at keisha for having exec friends, but you really need to step to shaunie. She is the producer, there for she knows whats going to help her pockets out. As far as talkin to royce, Ive always felt that it was a bad decision, reason being is that in my opinion she is still trying to grow as well as all you all need to, but with her she goes how the wind blows. Fine example is her always going and listening to what every guy with a cute face tells her. Trying to get to the bottom of what someone says about you will always be a waste of time. You all need to focus on some real life issues instead of what she might have said behind whoever back. You all have children and its horrible that these topics are even coming up.are How are any of you impacting each others lives in any way if all you do is argue and fight. You may say yall do nice things and it gets edited out but I truley know that if all we see is the fighting and never ever see the good, than one is being done more than the other. Grow the he’ll up and stop the nonsense. None of you girls will never be in a,b,c or d class of the celebs.Do you see real money makers acting the way you all do. I sure don’t.

  281. linda says:

    Well Tami u r not innocent either-you can disrespect people and not suffer the wrath that u sowed, so what some one said something about you apparently it was true, u can go off on someone and they not have the right to tell you off, you need HELP TAMI”, no u donot need an executive producer you need to go home & raise them girls u got before they become a monster mash like their loon na tic mom. Tami u get exactly what u deserve, and what goes around, comes around yeah sista girl u will get yours along with them other fools on this show. Sponsers should pull out for Ms.Shaunie because she is sitting back collecting funds for this show,she is non existing,she needs to shut down everything before it gets any worse-I hope you do get sued,maybe u need a wake up call in court.

  282. slap says:

    Tami, is such a bully always picking on someone that wont fight back, thats s WEAK ASS BLACK LOW LIFE FOR YOU,,,,,,,

  283. Ms.Toni says:

    OMG!!!!! I usually enjoy watching these ladies but last night was utterly disturbing. Tami you are a bonafide bully. Evelyn had the nerve to cry…WOW!!! Shaunie, I cannot believe how you just sit back and watch this happen, what if that was your daughter? You all should be ashamed since you all have daughters watching their mothers on television acting like complete idiots. Kesha, get away from this trash. Susie, someone needs to wipe the deck with your a@$. You are a sh#t starter and you are just as much a bully as Evelyn and Tami.
    I feel like Kesha going to Evelyn was a sign of respect for Tami because she wanted advice on how to approach Tami about the issue she had, but ignorant Tami twisted that whole encounter up. Tami and Evelyn your day is coming and when it comes, it’s coming with a venegance, Tami be careful how you treat people, you’ve already had a mild heartache, next time you might not be so lucky, God don’t like ugly… you better get your soul right and get right with people you have wronged before it’s too late.

  284. CJ says:

    To all the women of reality tv. America is going through a recession, and instead of spending money on vacations, shopping or planning for the future, some of us can only afford to peek inside your lives, thinking that maybe we can be inspired or encouraged by those who are so-called better off than they are. You have been provided the opportunity to promote women in a positive way but instead most of the shows have shown women as caricatures of true women. I looked forward to this show, but after the first season, I refused to support any show that allowed women to be shown in such a negative light. You can pretty up the outside, but the ugly will always come out, I pray that you and all the other women of realty tv realize how many young women are looking up to you and toward you in these times. And after all that women go through from men, we should not expect or even tolerate this behavior toward each other. For those who are truly for the sisterhood and the real “circle” of women.

  285. Pam says:

    Tami, you are hung up on this “don’t talk about me behind my back.” WHY NOT? Who are you? Jesus was talked about. Please get some help. Your logic is seriously flawed. And to the VH1 producers, please get this woman off the show. Take a stand against bullying. This is not entertainment.

  286. shstarlight says:

    Tami, your ass is not sorry, you too damn evil!! I don’t care how many excuses you try to make up. There is no excuse in the world for you to behave the way you did towards Keisha. You behaved like you were possessed by a demon!! There are numerous people in the world who have been abused or more terrible things in their childhood and alot of them live normal lives and don’t take it out on people either! You just wanted to be purely mean at this girl. Tami, you are old enough to be Keisha’s mother or grandmother in these times. It was scary to look at you, you look and sounded so evil that it was crime shame before God’s eyes. You better watch it Tami, God gave you a warning not too long ago. Next time it can be worse, you too old to behave like this and your poor daughters, I just feel so sorry for them because if it was me, I’ll be ashamed too.

  287. LIBBY says:

    I could not believe last night’s show. It is

  288. Why Do You Think They Are Not Married..... says:

    The has beens on Basketball Wives are either divorced (Shaunie, Tammy and Jennifer), or never made it to the alter in the first place. Wonder why? What man, professional sports player or not would want these women? Jennifer is the only truly beautiful one and unfortunately ol ugly Eric did not treat her right. Everyn got left, these women are has beens who are on the verge of losing their looks and are looking to hook up with someone with money so that they can continue to do what they do best; plastic surgery, shop, eat out, travel and fight like fools. What is happening with the children of these ladies? Oh, I know they’re working moms so they delegate rasing the children to some else. Dummies!

  289. Ol Uglu Shaunie's Show says:

    Shaunie you outta be ashamed of yourself! You sit there smugly eash week as your friends make fools of themselves for your profit! Sure, its a job and one that not many would be proud of…..BTW, aren’t your hips spreading lately. Watch out girl…you may end up looking like Big Momma…

  290. lovely says:

    I think the issue is with Suzie. Why would she go back and tell Tami when she know’s how Tami is. She knows that Keisha was just talking and that she was just blowing off steam. For Suzie to go back and tell like a parrot, which is what she is, was very classless and if i were Keisha i would not trust her as far as i can see her. She is not a friend, she is Tami’s puppy.

  291. LMB says:

    Did anyone here reading this notice that Tami’s blog response was dated MARCH 14th, two whole months BEFORE the airing of last night’s episode. That means the well deserved fallout and backlash against Tami, Shaunie, VH1, and the whole mess of people involved had started even before any of us viewers lost one hour of our lives watching this pathetic episode!!

    Tami was always my favorite, but what she did was despicable. Shaunie and VH1 are the ones to blame here though for allowing an unstable person onto this show, then allowing it to get on the air to perpetuate bullying. Absolutely disgusting. If Tami truly does have “real friends”, like the ones she keeps claiming, then be straight up with her and actively seek out professional help for her. Ooops MY BAD-I forgot, Tami only wants ‘real friends’ who NEVER step to her to tell her the truth and who keep tolerating her abusive behavior. Sounds just like a bully to me. So keep doing you Tami, and hopefully you don’t suffer any consequences for your horrible actions. Isn’t that what preached to Kesha, as well as others who have not seen eye to eye with you?

  292. Cuddlee says:

    Tammi, let’s be real, everyone on that show is edited….Funny enough it is you and Evelyn that consistently end up looking like ghetto bullies.
    So, maybe if you stopped your disgusting behavior it would not end up on the show and you would not have to make up lame excuses.
    BTW you are not relevant enough to have an executive producer in your back pocket, not even your girl Shaunie ;)

  293. Abigail says:

    Tammy…who the hell do you think you are….to instruct people not to talk about you. You have no right to tell people what to do with their mouth…just incase you are not aware bully…it’s a free country. People talk about people all the time tell lies, gossip do whatever…there is no law against that. You would have been in jail if I were Keisha. Who cares if Keisha is innocent or not….she is very civil. You on the other hand definitively belong in a mental institution.

    Your level of reasoning is below a 2nd grader’s and you find it hard to acknowledge your wrong doings after acting like a complete _______

  294. Dree says:

    Really doesn’t matter if you say your not a bully. You have been pumped up by others bullies to be the Biggest Bully!

  295. Adriene Holmes says:

    Tami, you are bipolar. Just like you exercise your right to flap your gums, Keisha should be able to talk to anyone she desires. How do you expect loyalty and respect from someone who is NOT your friend. You don’t get it! You had no right to ask her about her ethinicity. It was impolite. You’re delusional in your thinking in that you are justified to put your hands on another person because they talked about you. You’re even more delusional to think that in the “hood” people don’t call the cops. Adults do not communicate with their hands. Assault is a crime *in Evelyn’s voice* boo boo. At 40 plus, you’re still throwing tantrums and have not learned how to communicate? It doesn’t matter what parts of the show gets edited out, nothing justifies bullying, violence, ignorance and stupidity.

  296. Mag says:

    Keysha is weaksauce and WACK! She shouldn’t have signed on the show at all. She seen the last 3 seasons, I’m sure she knew she wasn’t hanging with princesses. She is a motor-mouth boring chick like Suzie, with no purpose on BBW. Tami and Kenya should have slapped Keysha.

  297. Liz says:

    T a ME…..
    it’s all about her…. is she thought Keish was caucasian why ask what she was….Lieing Bully
    GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!!!! ….you’re not missing a screw….you are missing the compasion gene…and then some… if you act like a bully, talk like a bully, walk like a bully….uhmmm… BULLY!!!

  298. Libby says:

    I can not believe last night’s show. It is obvious to me that Tami is not good for the show. She is a bully and is a bad influence for young ladies. I do not care what she was told. she was totally inappropriate. I’ve always felt that she had a mental problems from previous seasons. Also, I can not believe that the producers would allow them to place dead fish in a hotel room as a prank. That is not a prank. That is distroying property. Not only can their victim not be able to stay in the room but other guest also will not be able to stay there for some time. Also, ladies, if you have a friend like Suze, RUN!!!!. she does not know how to be a friend. She always manages to get stuff started. The fish prank was her idea. I can not believe that these grown women followed through on it.

  299. mom says:


    I don’t normally blog or send responses however, I am deeply disturb by your actions. I have watched you since the Real World and I get that we have all have issues. However, your action are unacceptable, you are a mother of 2 girls. How is it possible for you to think that it is ok for you to treat anyone that way? If your came and told you someone had done those things to them, would your response be to toughen up..this the real world. I dont think so, your maternal instincts would kick in. You should have those instincts for all women. A bully is someone that will pick on someone who they perceive is weaker for whatever reason. And that is you, you know Keisha is not going to be aggressive or in your face. Therefore, you pride yourself on getting in hers. Damn right she hoave called the police and threaten your freedom, you refused to give her bag and went through her belongings and made her ask for her stuff….It saddens me that you justify it in your mind by saying that you did her a favor by picking it up. Dont blame the editing, coming from TV land I get how things can be manipulated, i really do. But at the end of the day, there is no EDITING for actions that never take place. I hope that you truely do some self reflection and really take a step back and make better decisions. One last question, when you were on the real world, if one of your cast mates would have said: you know you really look more like Shaniquewa , then a Tammy….How would you have felt. I dont think that you would have taken it so well. Just a thought

  300. Terri says:

    Tami, you can say “I am not a bully” and I would have to say I agree with you. WHAT YOU DID LAST NIGHT TO THAT POOR GIRL GOES WAY BEYOND BULLYING!! You actually sat there and laughed about what you did after like you were soooo proud of yourself. “Look at me, I just made a poor defenseless girl cry on national tv, aren’t I big and bad”. I actually cried watching this show and I watch a lot of reality tv but I have never witnessed what I witnessed last night. You sicken me and then you have the audacity to blame her!! You are a sick women. I always say I am done but this time I mean it. When a reality show makes me cry because I have to witness this senseless cruelty, then I know I have had enough. YOU ARE A CRUEL, EVIL, WOMEN AND I HOPE WHAT YOU DID TO THIS GIRL COMES BACK AT YOU TENFOLD…

  301. Audrey says:

    I just really want to see Tami and Keisha get along. I would like to see you two make up as you and Evelyn did after your fight outside the restaurant when she made the statement. Now the two of you (Tami and Evelyn) are the best of friends. You’ve made your statements and voiced your opinions. It’s time to move on. I think the two of you should start over (meet , discuss and iron out differences). As far as Royce, I understand where you (Tami) are coming from. REAL friends should not say things behind each other backs that they can’t say to their face. This should not be done. It puts a strain on the friendship.

    To Evelyn…
    I’ve always adored you and thought that Jennifer was not a TRUE friend. Just hanging on your coat tail. If you know what I mean. The past couple of episodes have really shown me and the viewers the true Jennifer and that she clearly has forgotten about her downfalls. She don’t want to have nothing to do with you or anyone unless they have something of substance.

  302. patricia says:

    Tammy you are a embarrassment to all women please get some help you need it, and Evelyn the same goes to you golddigger Susie keep your mouth shut and get your head out of the others behind. shaunie she throws the bone and hids her hands she makes all of you look like what you are Trash and you can’t even see it ,WAKE UP AND GET SOME help.

  303. Tami, I am sure u knew the camera was on, this is no reason for u too have acted a fool. I hope u don’t treat your daughters like this. Please, please u talk about everyone behind there backs, you need too be in jail cause u actually took her purse and then had the nerve too go thru it come on honey u are sick and one day sweetie u are going too meet your match and they are going too give u what u are looking for an ass whipping. you need too get off the show!!!

  304. Misscateyes99 says:

    Tami you said a lot in this blog but it sounds like you are making excuses for your actions. We realize that a lot goes on behind the scenes. In watching the show last night really showed a side of you that was not acceptable for a grown women with children.You are suppose to be an example to your children. I hope that you change from being a person that bullys others when you see the other person maybe weaker than you. You showed yourself to be a person with no morals, values or respect for yourself.


  306. Debra Gordon says:

    For starters, you can’t control what comes out of anyones mouth. Who do you think u are? Anger is not your biggest problem. You are simple and need to grow up. If you have never talked about someone, smack yourself. Do you have any skills? Go to school and try and learn something else to do. You are a bully and just haven’t ran into the right one yet that will ta-ta that ass. Shaunie is using all of you nuckleheads but what she don’t know is this show is about over.People are tired of your big mouth ass. I believe you got the hots for Evelyn. You are the only one that didn’t use this show as a stepping stone to something better. That is simple. I see why Kenny has moved on. You are a real joke and I hope none of your daughters feel the need to follow your steps.

  307. Kia616... says:

    There you go again…. Keshia did not say she wanted to go off on you nor did she say you were saying she wasn’t black enough… What part of that dont you understand…. Suzie got you to act a fool for browny points from shaunie and her spot on the show… Just like she did at shaunie birthday party with the food stamp thing… You have to realize you can’t control people… How to look, what to say, how to feel, what to think… Thats america freedom to do just about anything you want to do… If someone does comes to you and say, ” Well tammi I didn’t like when… or my feelings was hurt when…. I think you would get mad and still act a fool. Pay attention to things instead of just acting a fool…. And right on MOMS cause you could have taken your daughter side, but you told the truth… And that’s the definition of keeping it real…

  308. Nikki says:

    Let me just say I had enough of these grown ass supposed to be women acting like kids. Tami being a bully to those woman who won’t stand up to her. See with Tami she hasn’t met the right one. Susie need to keep her mouth shut and get her mouth fixed and stop telling everything that is told to her like a little baby always taddle taling. Evelyn please another who hasn’t met the right one and another bully,. Shawnie acting like she is innocent but right there in the mix of things. Really why can’t they act like they have class. Jennifer, Loye Ya!!!!!!!!!!! Call her what you want but you can’t call her class less. Kenya, just sit down and don’t try it. Kesha Love Ya too!! See this show has the wrong title none of them are basketball wives eveny Kenya said she is going through a divorce. See the REAL BASKETBALL WIFE IS La La now that a wive. So Susie, Tami, Evelyn and Shawnie take a class from La La. I keep watching the same old same on this basketball wive show just immature……..

  309. titi says:

    Tami I believe u when u say Keisha is not as innocent as she portrays on the show. If u know this about her, why do u allow her to get u so upset, that’s what she wants. We have all heard Keisha on tape call u names i just hoped u would have dealt with the situation much better. Keisha is an instigator not innocent at all just typical,….” Oh i’m not use to being around girls like these, i’m so classy right Keisha… your faker than a 3 dollar bill. Tami what goes around comes around, ma none of these women r your friends, especially Shaunie, if she was she would have stopped you.

  310. Royce u need too sue Tami if she does u like she did Keshia Monday night, put the big dummy in jail those girls will teach her some respect and have her big ass crying. Also let the hood rat go back on welfare.

  311. kiki1 says:


  312. Sher says:

    First, ladies (Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn) you have to realize that Keisha is someone “daughter” just like your daughters. Question…would you like someone to berate your daughter as Tami did last night ? Of course, not. You know …it’s bad enough people think we are crazy as hell but BBWives has definitely put the “Stamp” on it. I personally feel the show need a “time-out” until everyone can become “mentally” stable!!!

  313. soccermop59 says:

    If I hear this nonsense about “talking behind my back” I’m gonna scream. Tami, people talking crap about each other is just apart of life, friend. Apart of life. My God, this bullying your doing is not gonna change that reality. We want you to own up to this and get the help you desperately need. No amount of money or fame is gonna bring Tami Roman back to being a civilized human being unless you want it. For the sake of your family, please get off this show and heal yourself.

  314. vc says:

    Tami needs to fire her therapist….she has gotten worse!
    She doesn’t need a therapist…….she needs and exorcist! #justsayin

  315. winnlu says:

    TAMI you are delushional.there is no excuse for your utterly disgusting behaviour unless you are mentaly imcompetent. You cannot control what people say, people talk about people, whether it be friends or family members, and they are not always going to come to you and tell you what they said about you.If thats the case you will be fighting the rest of your life. grow up. I wouldn’t have a friend like you or Evenlyn, you two are phonies.If the network told you two to act like that, they did you a disservice. they have manage to turn the viewers against you. hope it is worth it.

  316. Star says:

    Really Tami…the true sign of maturity is admitting that you were wrong. Grow the hell up and stop acting like you are in high school. You are indeed a BULLY and now your venom is directed at Royce you should be mad at yourself because you posess no kind of self respect and command all this respect from everyone else, I feel sorry for you, you are pathetic.

  317. Elaine says:

    Sorry Tami but you are a bully. The words that come out of your mouth is horrible. How can you set an example for you kids with this behavior. If you and Evelyn continue to behave like Thugs the show will lose many viewers. Why do grown women repeat what others have said anyway.Susan you need to be quiet and stop starting crap.Evelyn you act like some Monkey standing on top of tables. The real world you’ll get knock right back across the room. Keisha continue to be classy if you agrue with fools you become a fool yourself.

  318. Ivygrl says:

    Tammi nothing you can say will justify your psychotic actions. You need help. Aren’t you ashamed that your daughters are reading and hearing about your negative behavior. When will you wake up and smell the coffee? You need psychological help. Aint no way around that. Drinking shots is not an excuse. You will be 50 years old and still acting a damn fool. No man is ever going to want you after this show.

  319. tardylady says:

    What is really hard to believe Tammi was on ‘The Real World’ about 20 to 25 years ago. I heard my kid’s TV on & recognized this voice. Finally the ‘voice’ came on again. Imagine my disgust when IT was Tammi!!! This woman hasn’t grown any at all!! She is the same abusive person on that show as she is now!! I’ve locked that show & will not let anybody watch that show again!!

  320. ladiiB says:


  321. Karen says:

    Here is the address for VH1 along with the phone number and fax number. HEADQUARTERS VH1 1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036
    Phone: 212-258-7800
    Fax: 212-846-1753

    A letter should be sent to each one separately. If we want results we have to initiate them! Address your concerns to: Steve Thompson Owner,

    Tom Caldaron President,
    Fred Graver General Manager VH1

    Write to these people to boycott this crap…please be sure to mention Trashy Tami and Evil Evelyn, but lets not forget Shaunie…she is the instigator and needs to see that we will not support this trash any longer

  322. Ooosolovely says:

    What is wrong with these women. They keep on listening to Suzie. They keep on say things around Suzie. When the $h!t hit the fan Suzie come out smelling like a rose. Suzie is the problem.
    She need to keep her mouth shut. They will find out what everybody say about each other when the show is aired.

  323. FrankieB says:

    Tami. Be a woman and apologize. I have two beautiful black daughters and I would never ever want them to be treated like you treated Keisha. I would not want them to treat anyone that way either. An Apology wont take away the pain you inflicted on that woman but it would be a start. The women on the show are supposed to be what women would aspire to be like. All you have that people would want is money. None of you act like you have any class!

  324. Sidebar says:

    Now Tammi, you claim to be big on being a friend and a woman. The only people you should have addressed in your blog were your fans whom by the way you referred to as the sidebar but more importantly how are you going to question Royce loyalty when you responded to your friend ( Royce) in a blog for everyone to see. You dont want to be told when you are wrong but a true friend would do just that. Now let me just say you know damn well you werent a friend to Royce because if you were you would have never mention to Evelyn that you miss her from being on the trip. Evelyn doesnt like her so why would she care one way or the other that Royce wasnt there. We call that a cheap shot in my hood! Real friend my a*% and since we are keeping it so real how about both Evelyn and Shaunie think your a*% is one of the countriest dresse they know…lol because if they talked about Jen’s breath and Royce’s clothes I know damn well they have discuss the way you look. Now Im a real woman and now I guess that even make us friends. Take it from someone from the south “YO A*% IS COUNTRY’. I dont know why you want use a stylist because you could definitely use it.



  325. Tasha says:

    If you look up in the dictionary for the defination of niger, you find Tami, hawnie and Evely’s picture in there. It’s a shame what people will do for money. They sell their souls for 15 minutes fame. Not all monies are good money. That show needs to be taken off the air because we as black people work too hard to try to fit in and prove to others that we are not what the media potrait us to be. Trevon Martin was bullied to death because he was black, many others lost their lives because of the color of their skin. It’s time to show a positive side and stop proven white people right. I am embarassed. OHHHHH!

  326. Ain says:

    Tami, people talk about me everyday of my life! Heck on some real ish if you wanna get at tha world for talking about you then you got alot of people to fight! Really thou get it together who cares if someone talks about you! U should be better than that and keep rolling! Taking someones purse ya I would of went hamm on ya! U got off easy on that one I was thinking you should of been arrested lol now that would of been some TV……ijs

  327. CheviTay says:

    I am not sure if Tami actually goes on here and reads the comments to her blog, but if wo I hope she reads this one.

    Tami, girl, I go way back with you to Real World. As a black woman I completely identified with you and your struggles on the show. I was ABSOLUTELY elated to see you appear or BBW because you were back and I would be able to see the person you turned out to be after all of these years. Last season I was completely team Tami when Evelyn did you dirty in the way you had to find out that she slept with your ex husband. I really appreciated the fact that you kept it real with everyone you encounterd, I even love the fact that you are completely unfiltered like I am and not afraid to speak your mind. I would tell everyone who inquired on why I watch the show that I watch because “my girl Tami Roman” is doing her thing. Girl in my mind you were a “friend” just because I related to you so much. After watching this weeks episode I was completely in shock by your behavior. I have read blogs upon blogs and statements upon statements about the show including this one. And I have to say that there is absolutely NO excuse you can give for the way you treated Keisha in Tahiti. Your excuses of editing, the fans not knowing, misunderstanding what happened, Keisha saying whatever she did that was wrong after you asked her to come directly to you to say it….not one bit of what you have been saying is justification for acting like a 6th grader at the age of 40. Clearly you were intoxicated and possibly not in the best frame of mind, but as everyone knows sometimes your “true” personality comes out when you have had a few drinks. As a fan I hope that you deep down are truly not the monster you portrayed yourself to be that day. Girl, you had made strides on your personal issues and self realization and I hope you continue to do so. But for now…until I see some behavior that as a fan I can identify with…..I will continue to be totally disappointed.

  328. charita fawbush says:

    I feel that all of this can be resolved simply by all adults being true adults and apollogizing. Tami and Kiesha should sit down one on one with or without a mediator and get it together even evelyn and jennifer and nia should do the same if u wrong u wrong own up to your lies and backbitting pranks and childish behavior millions of teenage/young adult women watch ya’ll and mimic ur behaviors if they are represented well then you accomplish greatness with in your viewing demographic and it is a reality show and in reality a person would appreciate peace than violence and mess in south carolina we call that being messy and suzie gets the snitch award for going back like a paid informant and keeping the mess rolling on and on. Why ya’ll cant be a different kind of show? one that represents ethnic differences,style and grace. Be REAL WOMEN HERE!!! REMEMBER CHARM SCHOOL LOL YA’LL MIGHT NEED A BBW CHARM SCHOOL THAT DEALS WITH THE UNDERLYING ISSUES THAT ALL OF U COLLECTIVELY SHARE(PAIN, PASSION,PURPOSE) NOW FOCUS ON THE HEALING DO BETTER TO BE BETTER. Still a fan always will be Im a pray for every last one of you all cause to us your a celebrity but to God your a soul and at the end of the day the way you live your lives is what you will judged and accountable for make your mark to strive for perfection not destruction!!! LOVE 2 U ALL!!!!

  329. Toletha says:

    You just really don’t get it, do you? Kesha was greatly victimized by you, and yet (based on your blog account of the history between the two of you), you have somehow managed to twist things around in your mind and convince yourself that YOU are actually the victim. Amazing!! From what I’m sensing from you, you have a bad case of entitlement where (in your dream world, at least), everyone who has an opinion about you and/or has an issue with you are mandated to discuss the particulars with you and you alone. (Notice the one word that keeps popping up — Y O U). In a perfect world, yes it would be nice if people came and said, TAMI, I DIDN’T LIKE THE DRESS YOU WERE WEARING THE OTHER NIGHT or TAMI, I WAS HURT BY WHAT YOU SAID, etc etc etc. But in the imperfect world the rest of us live in, there are no robots. People operate in their own way, and it may or may not be your way. Granted, there is nothing wrong with asking people nicely if they will please discuss certain subject matters with you or whatever, but no one is required to do as you wish — It’s their call. In other words, YOU ARE NOT THE CONTROLLER OF HOW PEOPLE SHOULD THINK AND BEHAVE! We still live in a democratic society complete with freedom of speech. And no one has a right to explode on someone else, threaten them with bodily harm and hold their property for ransom without some repercussions. You could find yourself wearing an orange jumpsuit! Fortunately for you, Kesha didn’t follow through with getting the authorities involved.

    So you need to get a grip and get over yourself because people are free to talk about you and/or discuss you to their heart’s content. And they can do it face to face with you or behind your back with someone else. At the end of the day, it is their choice. Period!!!! You might not like their choice, and you might get angry about it (I get that), but there is nothing you can LEGALLY do about it, unless they have defamed your character. That’s when you take people to court to air things out. But if that’s not an option, intelligent, mature people generally DISCUSS issues, not curse people out and threaten them with violence. I once had someone approach me privately and say to me, YOU HURT MY FEELINGS. Immediately, I apologized and was sincerely sorry. Imagine the outcome if I had been approached differently. It’s all about how we approach people.

    Nevertheless, Kesha is not obligated to discuss any of her thoughts about you with you. So, no matter what argument you give about what happened in Tahiti or why it happened, there will never be justification enough for what you did to Kesha. I don’t care what the editing team did or didn’t do, we all saw how you responded and what you said to Kesha as you turned your chair around to face her, and we all know that you refused to return Kesha’s purse unless she apologized. There is no way around that, and that behavior is just unacceptable. Even if Kesha lied (as you so indicated in your blog), that is still no valid reason for ANY of your behavior. You can’t go around intimidating people for lying and discussing you with others. Use the court system, if appropriate. That’s what we have it for. If not, you just have to grin and bear it if you don’t know how to have a proper meeting of the minds.

    Same thing goes for Royce. She can choose to air her feelings about you in your presence or not. Apparently, she chose to do it publicly. She did say it’s a job she does for VH1, and she did let the chips fall wherever they fell. Be that as it may, you can’t control what Royce does either. All you can do is frown on it and/or DISCUSS your feelings with her. And even though Royce was not in Tahiti to see things live, she saw exactly what everyone else saw on the episode — your bad behavior. There is no way to explain your way out of that. I actually applaud Royce because she (at least) did what Shaunie, Evelyn and Susie should have done, and that is pull your coat tail and tell you that were wrong. It’s too bad that Royce was not in Tahiti because friends try to keep friends from making a fool of themselves. Perhaps YOU need to re-evaluate what “real friendship” is because a real friend will tell a friend when they are being inappropriate. A real friend will not simply go along with something just because their friend is doing it. Yes, Royce could have told you her feelings privately, but that is something you will have to take up with her.

    At any rate, I hope you will continue seeking professional help. Maybe one day this will all sink in, and you will come to understand that nobody OWES YOU anything.

  330. Lucy says:

    Tami, I think your actions were awful and disgusting. What you did to Kesha is beyond belief. It was thuggish and unnecessary. If I was Kesha, I would have called the authorities, had you locked up, the key dropped in the ocean and continued on with my trip. Not only did you take her purse, you proceeded to go through her purse and even her phone while making comments that “she better not have a text in here about me”……

    BTW – Suzie is dead wrong for her part in this mess. Remember, you reap what you sow.

  331. Tammi have shown that she was a bully from the beginning frist with JEnnifer and the food stamps then Evelyn (she should have got that ass just kidding) then Meeka and now Kesha. VH1 should take her off the show. Royce don’t worry we as viewers are going to seen that pit bull home she already starting with you “who let the dogs out” Shannie

    P.S What’s the name of that resort? who gives keys out without asking for ID that was dangrous and down right scary.

  332. babydeejordan says:

    OK yall it’s a wrap…..Tami can’t hold her liquor! I knew once thet arrived at Taihi and complained about Keisha’s cough that it would be on and popping. They always looks for the weakest link and Keisha was it!!!

  333. JUSONE says:

    I really liked the Basketball Wives and have been trying to stay on board. Tami’s action was so ghetto and un lady like. She is a big ole out of control angry black woman who need to check her self in as inpatient in a hospital and get some real help. The show has turned into ghetto black women trying to be bougie but have no class. Suzie is always starting some mess with that mouth of hers. She should remember when Evelyn was on her case and had her spooked just like Keisha was. All again because of that mouth of hers. I was disappointed in Shawne because she was always my favorite but I remember when she was picking on Royce and to participate in putting dead fish in Kenya’s room was childish. Evelyn finally got to see how pitiful it looks when a grown woman is conducting her self like someone out in the streets. This show has run its course. Maybe these women don’t have anything to offer … it should be the ghetto blasting ex basketball housewives.

  334. PaigeTurner says:

    She’s delusional. What a nutcase. Monday night was like a molestation. There is something bizarrely masculine about Tami – it was like watching a sexual predator.

  335. A says:

    Tami, you are so full of it. For once can you just say your sorry and actually mean it with out the drama. What you did to Kiesha was unexcusable.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. SO WHAT..somebody talked about you behind your back. I can’t think of one person that has walked this earth that hasn’t experienced that, including JESUS.

  336. Done With This Show says:

    Tami, you will never learn. And what’s sad is that you’re a 40-something-year-old woman who doesn’t get it. You just don’t get it. And you’re writing this blog entry instead of apologizing for your filth. Stop trying to criminalize Keisha and Royce and this person and that person. Your actions speak waaayyy louder than Keisha’s words. You have such vile, disgusting behavior and I really wish you could look in the mirror and just stop! You ARE a bully, no one likes you because no one likes a bully. You are way too angry, childish and uncultured. The sad thing is you have a pretty face! Why not combine the pretty face with a better personality? You have the worst personality on the planet. You & Evelyn, actually. You’re both haggish and in need of anger management. ADVICE: GROW UP.

  337. deany says:

    Well, I am thoroughly disgusted with what is happening on BBW. I cannot believe people are in such need of money and fame they are willing to compromise or throwaway their dignity, diminish their character, and ruin their reputation and the reputation of their families by participating in the antics of this show. I cannot understand how the producers of this show and specifically, Shaunie, as an executive producer, a black women, and a mother of impressionable young girls, would financial back, encourage and participate in the aggressive and intimadating behaviors of Tami and Evelyn towards other individuals on the show. I am not sure how intelligient people can even stand to be in the same room taping such bullying without intervening at some points. I am wondering how these women even look themselves in the face after viewing their behaviors. I am also wondering if Evelyn thinks she will ever be Mrs. Ochocinco, even if he wanted to marry her, which he doesn’t, he is not willing to sacrifice and chowed out by his team for the reprehensible behavior of his uncultured wife and her friends. As for Tami, she is a broken vessel who needs to be forgiven as well as forgiving. She will never, be at peace and learn to accept herself or others until she develops a real relationship with God, the father. Her response to any situation is to use hurtful words or resort to physical violence. I am truly afraid for her in that she has not met her match and someone is going to hurt her or she is going to hurt someone and end up dead or in jail, Evelyn is the same way. Shaunie who is suppose to be the intelligent one in the group is just as bad if not worse than the others, because they are broken and need help, and she is using their pains to increase her bank account……with friends like these, who needs enemies. Everyone, please, let show VH1, Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami, that we will not stand for this any longer regardless of our race, ethnicity, or culture by refusing to tune it to such foolishness.

  338. Carolee Cannaday says:

    Tami, you are out of control even if they had edited what kesha had said you are older that Kesha and should not behave like you have you are acting like a bully and nothing that Kesha said was out of control Evelyn came back and told what kesha said then Susie came back and told you nothing that was said was disrespectful you and Evelyn talk behind your cast mate back all the time who are you guys support to be the Warden. I don’t believe in Facebook or blog, but I was so hurt and disappoited in how you treated Kesha that I goggle Shanuie O’Neal and found you I truly believe that Shanuie should have taken control of that situation. You and Evelyn should show respect if you want respect every word is a curse word and you guys always want to hurt some one . Tamie you also lie, you took control of Kesha purse and would not release it until kesha apology to you, you look at her personal phone how dare you. Shanuie should get you and Evelyn off the show. You owe Kesha a true apology. Respect is not given it is earn you don’t deserve respect from anyone on that show grow up both you are Evelyn. I will not be watching this show anymore if you and Evelyn behaviour donot change

  339. madmoma says:

    Tammie, raise your children not these ladies!! Who are you that you can’t be talked about to get respect you have to give it & you don’t know how. Find you someone to date or do something else with your life before you find yourself kicked off the show with your two faced self.

  340. jesbal says:

    Tammy the Bully…sounds like a mob wife. Stop making excuses for your lame ass actions. You are the big bully in school that torments the weak kid. Why don’t you do this: 1. take a copy of this episode to your shrink and show it to her. 2. Then ask for your damn money back! Because the only thing happening with your anger management is it ain’t being managed. And that’s because your problems go deeper than just being able to control your temper. Something is really wrong with your ass.

  341. kcGIRL says:

    Is this the apology for her atrocious cruelties?? OMG!!

  342. Jay says:

    STOP making excuses. Stop being a bully! Stop being loud and common. Stop Keeping drama going please. I used to like Basketball Wives before you joined. You have been a drama queen from day 1. You said on the show Keisha needed to apologize to you to get her purse. HA! I am tired of this messy click between you, shannee, and evelyn. I will not watch any more. A lot of my friends feel the same way. Shannee shoud be a woman and take the cameras away and not let you stay on the show. ***Throwing up in my mouth****

  343. Nina Simone says:

    In life people don’t say things the way you want them to say, this is the real world. Tammi as a former black angry female, Step up admit you messed up and stop making excuses. Take Keisha’s face off her body and replace it with one if your children, hows it fill?
    The day you stop taking the denial pill is the day you progress into the next step of becoming the beautiful woman your truly meant to be.
    Producers can only cut and paste but so much!

  344. tanrah43 says:

    Tami you need to stop making excuses about your behavior. You are making the situation worst by blaming other people for not agreeing with you. You should be setting an example for your daughters . Be a woman and admit you made a mistake. I can’t accept your apology because it is not sincere. You are a bully !!!!!

  345. Cleo says:

    I must say Kesha if you have an executive producer in your pocket as Tami says to excuse her awful bullying heaped upon you ,use them to get TAMI ROMAN off the show.Immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tami should be banned from the reunion or Kesha bring a body guard and do what Jennifer did file charges if Tami(hoodrat)Roman get out of line. She may be bad to some let’s see how she works out with her own kind in lock up, I doubt she can hang cause she is too old.

  346. totally disgusted says:

    Tami, It is absolutely amazing at the hypocritical behavior of you and your cast mates….I try to support black programs but I will ABSOLUTELY NOT BE WATCHING ANYMORE…..You attacked a defenseless person knowing that she was afraid of you. Seriously…I see she was not the only scary one, because your bullying behind brought her purse back when you thought she was gonna put you in jail in a foreign country, LMAO…You should have gone to jail and tried to make them respect your silly ass…that would have been a real story. You should not be on TV or visiting foreign countries, where people may mistake your behavior for the norm of African American Women, our ancestors have lost their lives trying to get people to not view us as animals, and no thanks to you, We are right back where we began. STOP, NO MONEY SHOULD BE WORTH YOU SELLING YOURSELF SO SHORT. I can only hope that you use some of that money to get you some real help…

  347. Arkansas says:


  348. Kari says:

    REally Tammi that is the excuse you are going with, “executive producer” in her pocket, what? Shaunie’s not your “real” friend. You be a “grown” woman and take ownership of your own actions. No one makes you do anything, and no editors can edit you badly if you do not act like that in the first place. And one more thing hasn’t anyone ever told you, that you can’t control what people say, just what YOU DO!!! Grow up!!!!!

  349. Evelyn says:

    TAMMY, first of all you where dead wrong for taking Keisha’s belonging. No matter what was said you are nothing but a bully. In this day and time when young people, children and teens are taking there lives for being bullied, you should be ashamed of yourself. YOU ARE NO ROLE MODEL TO ANYONE……. And stop putting everything off on “I have anger management issues” GROW UP… Everyone in life has some sort of issue, but they don’t go around being just down right MEAN and NASTY to people. You are EVIL to the bone. How would you like it if someone did this to your child. You need to pray and ask God into your heart and allow him to heal you and take away the “anger”, so you can treat people better and all that cursing, WOW.. really come on what kind of role model are you?

  350. Nicole says:

    i never ever blog, let along even waste breath on such trife shows as BBW, I am an intelligent, black professional…but watching these fools is simply because not a doggone thing on on Monday nite but these trife folks, especially that tami roman…to tami: who do you really think you are besides some gutta rat/homeless lookin (yea i said it, if you not hunny you sure look like you been beat to the face and wobbly body with a bag of pennies!)how dare you steal, yea i said it someone’s belongings then taunt them by scaring the bejesus out of them to get it back?!? Pick on someone your own size hoodrat! and while we all know your broke food stamp a$# will be back as this allows you to finally get a real LV bag, even though we do nothing but slam the show, VH1 need to fire your busted ugly butt, ratings or no ratings and quite frankly, most arent interested cause your anger/behavior is outter limits, embarassment to black women everywhere but all yall are!//how you gonna be all cool with evelyn who boinked your ex,told you was a non-motherfather factor, but all up her butt-cause she look betta than you and is simply as a whole better than you, all yall stink and you too Shaunie-yall all tricks but you tami, you was on folks nerves back in day when you got dude booted on RWLA-you was playing just was embarassed cause folks saw all your rolls and that face was too funny…if that were me, b we would have knock down drag out brawl, and you wouldve been in da hospital B, nobody likes a bully and viewers dont like you anyways-we did when you first appeared but guess $ (sure it aint much) VH1 paying you turned your homeless a%^ out…you cant guide a soul towards bettering their lives, offering input, companies? i would never buy a strand of hair from your broke, ugly, bully, busted behind-you are nothing and nothing to be scard of which is why you picked on a small little bird like Keisha, you looked like every part of you stunk and either VH1 needs to ax this show altogether-get rid of em al! , its a huge embarassment and folks like myself couldnt stomach show after Monday’s ep…Shaunie, its a given you all about paper, degrading yourself, i mean, you producing hoes who broke up your marriage, only can assume VH1 issued an offer you couldnt refuse? or just hood and stupid is all, i mean, didnt you get enough from Shaq in divorce-sick of you eggin on stuff, if you running things grow up and get over mid life crisis, shut down the embarassment-then again, too late, yall hoes have once again given other races to continue to SMH and confirm what they say about my people all along…but see me tami please! oh and one more thing, to the cheesy chick from Harlem (my daddy had a successful business in 80s-90s so know area very well) you wasnt even paid for smacking jen in face so beat it and please go put some tracks in that head, not cute and beyond stupid and embarassing-evelyn asst, just do that we dont wanna see no dumb chicks not even getting paid to embarass self, go ahead on B…lastly, so what tami you was raped, homeless, etc…life is what yo make of it, grow up, get past it and move on and i say this cause you got nerve to treat and tell others that, so take heed B-reflect your anger elsewhere, we are not interested and have never wanted to reach into tv screen and knock a light out more than i wanted to do with your trife behind on Monday…to Keisha, dont be dumb, tell Tami to kick rocks, girl she had you a mess, we all felt so sorry for you but also couldnt understand why you was taking it lyin down! girl go join a defense class or something! either way, grow some kahunas cause unfortunately there are folks out there like hoodrat Tami, and you just may run into an unfortunate sitaution like Tami (ugh) again…VH1-GET RID OF THIS CRAP SHOW! AN ATROCITY!!

  351. Ruby says:

    Bully: a form of aggressive or behavior manifested by the use of force or coersion to affect others Roaman’s behaviour was horrid. The way Keisha was intimidated was sad to say the least; in addition it also shows the way the person doing the bullying feels about themself. YOU HAVE TO BE MORE CONSCIOUS. There are children every day killing themselves because of people who bully others. This is not ok and as a Mother and adult and in a position to teach u must think before u speak.

  352. Yvonne says:

    Tami you are full of crap! Face the facts you are a bully and you need help! You are a disgrace towards black women and fit the stereotype of the “angry black woman.” It really amazes me that you are trying to justify your actions and putting the blame on other people. You need kicked off the show period and you probably just ruined your so-called career with all this madness. Maybe you should use the money from the show and get an education. The only thing that people can do for someone like yourself is pray for you because you need Jesus. That is all!

  353. Mickey says:


    You have some serious issues that requires therapy on a regular basis. How would you like that if someone did that to you? VH1 should not allow you to come back for next season. You really make our people look baaadddd

  354. Mickey says:

    oh yea Tami (hoodrat thug)… What do your daughters think of YOU!!

  355. BlackDiamond says:

    Let mi tell u frm a women whose done several consecutive years in jail for a violent crime……many assault charges across the US that Tami is not about that life. real gangsters/killers dont fight or argue wit scarey ppl. Ur strength is shown only when fighting some1 or equal or greater value. Ur “OUTBURST” are just that..nothing more. VH1 like high ratings let mi come to the reunion show….no talking!

  356. Sandi Dawson says:

    I can’t believe that you honestly do not understand why your actions are unjustified, inexcusable, and unacceptable. Do you really believe that someone “talking behind your back” is justification for your conduct? Particularly when every single episode features you and Evelyn doing exactly what you’re complaining about? The mere fact that you’re willing to be rude and obnoxious publicly doesn’t change the fact that you were talking about them behind their back. Also, it seems to me that if you knew Keisha had connections with the execs, you would’ve taken care NOT to wind up in the crapper, like you are now. Say goodnight, Tammy. (And take Evelyn with you since you’re so thick)

  357. Clt says:

    We get it Tammi, you were provoked and are not responsible for your actions. The fans aren’t buying it because 90% of us if given the opportunities and blessings you have been given would not waste it. 10% would indeed act a fool, these are he ones defending you. Keisha could say nothing to my face, nor behind my back to make me put my money and opportunities at risk. On another note, don’t you constantly speak negatively about the other women behind their backs, especially Jenn.

  358. Deletta More says:

    Tami, stop, cause you have made too contradictions. You demand the respect that you don’t give. You go off of hear say and go off on people based on hear say, yet Royce can’t go off of hear say from the same blabber mouth (Suzie) to state her opinions. STFU and stop making more of an ass out of your self…..smh

  359. Tami you need help girl says:

    Tami seriously, are you serious about what you wrote? You have a childish mentality, your maturity growth stopped in your teens and it shows the more you open your mouth. Your behavior from day one was outrageous. You can hide behind your liquor all you want but that behavior does not fly. You were so jealous of Kesha you could spit bullets, it is funny to watch your anger escalate the more Kesha gave you no reaction. You threaten Kesha, you take her purse, you open Kesha’s purse, you remove her iPhone, you go through her iPhone, you then go back in her purse and removed Kesha’s wallet, you opened Kesha’s wallet and go through her walletl on camera! Just because this happened four months ago does not mean a hill of beans, we the viewers are now seeing this. You are lucky this did not show four months ago because I truly believe you would not be working at your new show you are working on now. I am sure you have been on your best behavior with your new show and I believe you did not think the viewers were going to make you accountable for your actions finally. This was the last straw. Karma’ a comin and you can’t run or hide from it. You reap what you sow and God put that in the good book for us, the book of life called the bible. Vengeance is God and now you are paying four months later, Miss Think she can do anything. Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn should be shame. Suzie you set Kesha up nicely and you know it this was planned all planned and Shaunie girl you too will reap what you sow, there are no words how I feel about you but trash, Evelyn miss running across the table in your barefeet, oh my. All of you need to be ashamed of yourselves every last one of you (Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie and Tami).

  360. mimi says:

    Keisha dont think for one second that Shaunie or Evelyn care about you cause they dont! Tammi really? you take this lil’ ass girl purse and tell her you taking it & she can have it back only if she admits to what someone else said she said? Than when she put the po’po on that ass you come back talking about what you dont respect about her and how you saved her purse from being left because she walked off without it???? HUH???? Than you blog about what we didnt see Keisha do to you or say about you cause of editing and her connections and how you feels she was wrong and you had every right to take it to her ass, GIRL and I use that term loosely cause you act more like a animal,( you can pick which one) I dont even have word for you Tammi, I was a fan and I must say I’m the type to speak it and if I have to take it there with a ass kicking than so be it, but even I would have never done what you did to that lil ass girl, you get not 1 point for the Keisha showdown instead you losing big time, you and the inner circle, you all really need to grow up and act like ladies, if you didn’t give them so much ally, hood & gutter footage than maybe, just maybe you can have a leg to stand on. you played yourself all the way around, now you have let everyone on this blog know how blessed you are to have another show, now they going after that, big mouth trying to look big and getting stopped before it even starts.

  361. LORA LOMAX says:

    Tami i cant beleave you were so bold to bully that waoman and now you are a coward using excuses just aplogise and move on its like u have acut add salt then place a band aid over it .its sad that you could be mymom and your behavior is of a middle school girl myfriend and i did this same act took a girl purse “play agame cherry” looking at you take keisha purse for NO REASON I see how wrong we were yet we were in middle school almost 9years ago when you were 32 now i am 25 and you are 41 or sum what it is extreamly wromg im sad for you kids because what goes around come back around i love the show tey use to inspire to want great now im confuse grown women with a babnk account most us dream of behave like trashy no class monkey see monkey doo women wow shaunnie im sadded by you also its calld lead by example not allow because their grown thay said from first season they look up to you just goes to show if a fool want to b afool let the fool b afool WE GETTIN PAID EITHER WAY I LOVE YOU GIRL BUT YOU REALLY NEED TO SHAPE UP ITS NO WONDER HALFF OF YOU ARE DIVORCE OR NEVER MARRIED PS I THINK THAT OCHO IS A CUTTIE PIE

  362. Mariella says:

    Tami did a good damn job sticking up for herself! Kesha needs to cut the act where she makes people feel sorry for her pathetic ass. She said what she said and instead of speaking to Tami she went to run her mouth behind Tami’s back…
    No one likes a bad talker!

  363. @Mariella says:

    Whatever . . .

  364. elle says:


    I actually stopped watching BW not too longer after you started the show. You look a lot different, actually I would even go so far as to say pretty. However, your attitude, lack of class and meaness has completely turned me off once again. The last time I tuned in you had a beef with Evelyn, then Jennifer, and now Keisha. Wow is all I can say. Who are you to take Keisha’s purse, go through it AND her cell phone? Shame on Evelyn too. What is wrong with you? Same old same old, just different season. If Shauni had any class she would suggest you get the boot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little intrigue, but just not this diva crap you seem to pull every season is ridiculous. Grow up! What kind of an example are you setting for your girls ?

  365. raven3658 says:

    TAMI reminds me of Marla Thomas on Atlanta Housewives…both brought the shows down to the least common denominator. I have stopped watching both.

  366. Jose says:

    Tammy grow up. Stop being a bully and ghetto trash. You are too old to act this way over something sreomeone said about you. Anyone can say anything they want to say. We live in America. Stop trying top act like you did not steal the girls purse. Think about how would you feel if someone treated your daughters this way? You are a poor example of a woman and a mother.

  367. fabiola fabulous says:

    Tami, you are 42! I am just reminding you because you tend to repeatedly act like a tween bully from the “hood”. You are a GOD AWFUL example for your daughters, young impressionable women, and most importantly, black women w/ a media outlet. No one needs to judge you because you’ve made it clear from the REAL WORLD to BBW that you are gutter trash…aka Sewage as I like to call it. Get your life together and get over your mommy, daddy, ex-husband, man issues before your life is over. Life is too short to not be better than you were yesterday. You need a hug…A hug from a straight jacket in a mental institution. Get off the air and stop making stigmas of black women worse than they are.

  368. susan says:

    Tami why don’t you practice what you preach? You talk behind people’s back all the time, nobody has to report to you, who the hell do you think you are? The same way you have
    the right to your opinion about someone the same someone has the right to their opinion
    about you too. We all think you are trash, it was a good show until you came on. Do us all
    a favor GET OUT!!!!!!

  369. Donna says:

    I think Tami took it to far, and if alcohol do that to her do not drink, or less it. I have always loved Tami but this season she is different, too into herself and whats up with her mouth, she on something. Tami was better off the way she was last season or need more counseling I am sorry to say, Tami get it together we love you. Not good to be a Bully…..

  370. Compassion for Tami says:

    There are a lot of well-meaning comments and good advice on this blog for Tami. But she is not in a place where she has the ability to accept it. She needs serious psychiatric help. I don’t say that to be cruel. She is so far removed from reality that she actually believes the things that she says. She actually believes that she is justified in all her actions. That’s why I have moved from hating her after the last episode to feeling a degree of compassion for her. She really does need some REAL friends to look out for her. REAL friends would be more interested in helping her than sitting by and watching her self destruct.

  371. JAN SHELTON says:


  372. lotusmoon says:

    It really breaks my heart to see grown women of color behave in such a childish way. Susie talks too much and always seem to be in the middle of the drama, sitting quiet and she is weak as hell and scared of Tami. Jenn should have sued the girl who slapped her, you want to be big and bad put your money where your mouth is. Evelyn has good looks and is always dressed nicely but when she opens her mouth all her ghetto girl comes out, although I did agree with the comment she made about Jenn’s stuck up comments about how much money everyone has. Sometime I think this show has to scripted because women with the lifestyle these girls have should be in Milan shopping or something. I don’t believe I will be watching anymore these girls are off their rockers.

  373. yvonnedixon says:

    Tami – editing or not you still come off as a bully and very unstable. How could you look at these episodes after they are run and say you are not. You aeem to think you are the only person on the show who deserves respect and you give none to anyone. Shaunie seems to be afraid of you also and why do you blame the executive producers for showing your lack of character – you are the one putting it out there.

    I don’t blame you for not tweeting for a while – you are not sincere – you blame everyone else for your awful behavior, I mean really, have you warched the show where you stole Keisha’s belongigs and demanded an apology before you would give them back – come on you brute. I wish you the best on your upcoming show – but you are going to be a hot mess on there too just like on the Real World. You don’t like people telling you the truth about yourself or voicing their opinions if it’s not in your favor (hence Royce’s blog) or you call them out for not being your friend. If friends have to make you feel right all the time then whi would want to be a puppet for your or want your friendship. And lastly – quit lying yo yourself you talk behind everyone’s back. YOU NEED A MENTAL HEALTH CHECK IN A HURRY. YOU ALSO NEED TO COME UP WITH A MORE SINCERE APOLOGY TO KEISHA AND ALL THE CAST MEMBERS WHO HAD TO SIT AND WATCH YOU MAKE A COMPLETE A$$ OF YOURSELF.

  374. BVHill says:

    This whole situation is right out stupid and so uncalled for. You are always talking about people so who in the world do you think you are that people can’t talk about you whether to your face or behind your back because you do the same thing. Tammi you was my favorite and I thought for just a moment you was real but you are just as fake as a three dollar bill. In fact your are worse you have shown the worse kind of bulling I have ever seen. Tammi you cannot control anybody’s mouth because yours sure is not under control. Get a clue you was and is wrong no matter what was said or not. Grow up because the way your are carrying on is truly not about this life! Email me I will help you with your anger and bad attitude.

  375. Barb says:

    Tammi you are a horrible bully and should be ashamed of yourself.I hope you daughters don’t act like you, Shame on you

  376. srobinson says:

    What I can’t understand for the life of me is why not only Tammie but all the girls are worried about what is said about them behind there back amongst mutual friends. This is STUPID if you really believe that your friends and or associates are not saying things about you good bad or indifferent you are sadly mistaken. This is human nature to get things of our chest especially with people who share common interests and no each other. If one is secure with oneself it would not push you to such extremes when addressing what may have been said. GROW UP!!! The phrase “talkin about me behind my back” is so dumb and juvenile! PEOPLE ARE GONNA TALK ABOUT YOU EVEN YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS

  377. Just Realize and Say Sorry says:

    Tami, you are trying to salvage your image and pride with your statement above…but oooh child its too late. The camera doesn’t lie. Control is the real issue. Victimized children become obsessed with controlling situations and people and understandably so. But you are not that child anymore. Now you are the one who victimizes. The hurt, the anger, the bitterness has taken on a sick proportion and has you out of control. Time to forgive your former offenders, and let it go Tami. I know you are more than an angry woman. That’s the angry child who has been acting out in SCREAM since her abuse. It happened to you but it does not have to control you. You are very smart and attractive and articulate. But that part of you is really hurting you, and your family. Let it go Sister-girl.

  378. lyn says:

    Tami. You clearly the one with issues. Don’t try to explain how much keisha is not innocent and does a lot of lip boxing. You a woman who acts tough on the outside and your just sad and unhappy. You don’t even know what are important issues to fight about. Keisha could have gone off and did say that, but the fact is she choose not to do that. Tami for you to be upset and act like a crazy woman doesn’t make you a strong woman. In fact the look you gave Keisha at the table and the way you ask her about her race made me sick. SICK I knew there was something else in you. What the hell did you mean by that “something else in you? Are you for real? Being of mix race isn’t having something in you. Have you ever thought if you were ask that and stared down to get an answer how rude that would be? Have you stop to think that being black and white, latino and black, asian and black, white and hispanic, irish and german no matter what mix race you have blood in your veins and human being with feels and should be treated the way you would want to be treated!
    I’m not watch the show no more. I dislike the fighting from all the women, the fear and crying cause by the bullies, the two face, and it angers me that I’m watching a show that women have an enjoyment in ploting and planning to fight over pity issues.

  379. roe says:

    Tami, just give up. People will feel they way the feel about you and they are free to say what they want. If you were smart, you would listen through the grapevine about what is being said about you and improve yourself.

  380. rose says:

    Tami, do you realize it is a complete waste of time and energy to get worked up every time someone has an opinion about something you have said or done. I don’t CONFRONT people every time they offend me, it is wasteful. Everyday, people lose their children, a parent, a spouse, etc, and here you are creating so much anger in your mind over stupidness. I am so sorry you can’t control yourself. I am so sorry you are obsessed with controlling people’s opinion’s about you.

  381. keesha2 says:

    Tami is DELUSIONAL and dangerous. i think anything her and evelyn stars in should be boycotted. and not buy the products and send email to them, that we are not buying their products as long as they sponsor this show. the fact that shaunie brought tami back to keeshas room, for her to get assaulted AGAIN in her own room!? and susie is the scum you scrape off your shoe. all of them . keeshas got more class in her finger than all of them put together

  382. Barb says:

    Tami I think you could have handle the situation a lot better then what you did and I hope that watching this back only made you realize that is not how you want people to perceive you. As for Kesha yes you did talk about Tami and when she confronted you, you should have held your ground. And none of this would have happen if Suzie did NOT open her BIG mouth once again. She is a trouble maker! If you two are smart woman like I think you are, you would distance yourself from her (Suzie)!

  383. MOE says:


  384. Ckimmie says:

    Tami, well, I guess Kenny was right all along. You’ve proven that. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS AND YOUR ACTIONS ARE DEAFENING. However, the way you reacted to your own kids when they revealed to you that they didn’t want you as their manager because of your anger and explosive actions or reactions, explains how you can treat others the way you do.

  385. Lace says:

    People do not need to answer to you. It is none of your business what they way are think about you. and is never a reason to hunt someone down. YOU are a bully and you need to get help. and stop drinking. There is not other way of looking at it. If someone spoke ill of me, then i don’t need them in my life. If you stopped cornering ppl and just listened to the christ within you would know who you should have in you life.

  386. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Tami, you have clearly come up from fanny pack to designer bags thanks to BBW. It is no secret that you have new money and are trying to define who you are as a person. NEWS FLASH, you are all over the place with yours! Obvious results…… Self-Destructive behavior. It’s interesting that You, Shaunie, and Eve consistently try to prescribe medicine you are NOT willing to take. You all have the audacity to refer to Kenya as crazy…the way you ATTACKED Keisha, now that was friken crazy! The way Evelyn ATTACKED Kenya and others….that’s crazy! Keeping it 100%, Shaunie, Evelyn and others are all afraid of Tami because they know she is unpredictable and truly has mental issues. Even the way Tami talks is inconsistent. She switches from NY gangsta, to quasi-Puertorican, to proper English…Tami you crack me up. You talk about Kenya wanting to like Jenn, DAH, you want to be Evelyn. Funny thing is, the true puppet master is Suzie. She is the only one truly driving the sequence of events on BBW. She routinely drops nuggets of info that causes confusion among the cast mates, then sits back and watches drama unfold. You all don’t need a therapist, you need Jesus!

  387. Drama Free 007 says:

    Give me a break Tami (the Troll Devil). U say Keisha is not innocent and has a “producer in her pocket” . Be real, what u need in your pocket are a series of anti depression medication. U should be in a mental ward where u will be chained, shackled, tied to a bed and given shock treatments every 2 minutes. U are a old woman, hating on younger women. From the minute u came on the show u started drama by trying to fight Jennifer, then Evelyn, then Meeka. U were wrong for attacking Meeka as well. I liked the show much better when u weren’t on it. The show needs cancelling. No one cares “where u come from” U are seriously mentally unstable if u think ppl need to respect u and not talk behind your back when thats exactly what u do all the time. There is no justifying your bipolar behaviour.

  388. OSB88 says:

    EWWWWW!!!!! Did you miss out on your childhood or teenage yrs??? You sound like a little girl rite now. Get a life. You are not queen of the world, soo sorry to burst your I am queen Tami bubble, but ppl are going to talk just like you talk about them. Your like 40 something get it together at least for your kids!! Bird!

  389. veshti says:

    Tami you are a bully and a drunk; I call you a bully because you knew that Keisha was not ever going to come back at you. They say that most bullies have been bullied and so they act out their abuse on others; you were rapped and you have gone through hell in your marriage. It seems to me that the real target should be men , not defenseless women. Therapy will never work for you until you get on medication assigned to you by a psychiatrist and most importantly stop drinking. Tami when you drink at lot of hate and hostility is dredged up. To heal yourself why don’t you confront your abusers and if you know who they were turn them in to the authorities.

  390. a friend in miami says:

    Tammi and Evelyn i hate to say this but i am a personal friend of suzies and she talks so much crap about you all if you guys only knew well the other day i recorded her without her knowing and i would love to personally meet with you guys so you can here how she really is you would be shocked and you would be surprised to see who i am i personally am tired of her instigations especially when she has had one too many drinks come clean suzie you r not innocent!!

  391. Yolanda says:

    No explanation given by you could make me a fan of this show again. Where is it written that fighting is the only way to get respect in a disagreement? Tammi, I lost respect for you when you took to talking about Jennifer with Evelyn. Like I said before we don’t see everything that’s happening but the way y’all treat people is appalling. How come y’all don’t include Shaunie in the fights?? You know you could find a reason. It’s the ones you think lesser than you that constantly get picked on. I have have dislike for the character that is Evelyn as she is a distasteful hypocrite. Why is it ok for her to say things about everyone else’s lifestyle, dress and decorum and no one can say the same about her? Y’all are some shameless adults. It bothers me that I wasted time bing a fan from the very beginning for this nonsense….. Really!!

  392. Cheri says:

    Tammi, last I heard, this is a free country. People have the right to say what they want to say, to whom they wish to say it. To base your rage on third party utterings is self rightous. I know a BULLY when I see it. When is it so cool to be so ugly in your self rightious. It was really sicking. I was hoping you would see how it looks and rein it in for your children interrest.

  393. Yoshi says:

    Tami: You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a grown woman acting like an ignorant fool!! No wonder the general public have biases against black women ( you fit the mold to a T). You are nothing but a bully and you need to check yourself. As far as I can remember seeing you from the Real World until now you’ve had nothing but a nasty attitude, can’t wait till people stop watching you! You’re disgusting and will reap what you sew…!!

    I’ll be praying for you


  395. jill says:

    I love Tami, she’s the only one who really keeps her thoughts together long enough to verbalize them, Evelynn flies off the handle to fast, you never hear the full story!

  396. Work it out says:

    Tami, I am not going to put u down or call u a bully. U’ve heard all of that, but what I will say is regardless of what anyone says about u on the show or otherwise…let it roll off of ur back. If u don’t u must accept the consequences that come with it. Continue going to counseling…don’t stop! Find an anger management support group too. Go to a gynecologist, psychiatrist or an endocrinologist in order to get ur hormones check. Sometimes it can impact ur emotions. Drinking isn’t for u, not even socially, because one drink leads to another, which isn’t healthy for u. If u can’t stop on ur own, get professional help like an addictionologist, or find an AA mtg. Most importantly, u’ve got to feed ur spirit. Find a good church. Go somewhere u’d feel comfortable…u’d probably enjoy Joyce Myers, Bishop Jakes or Paula White…all who can relate w/ abuse issues. U have goodness within, but right now, ur not letting it win. Remember all of our battles belong to the LORD!!!!!!!!

  397. Jane Goodman says:

    I am a black woman and I have to tell you that you embarass me. You make me sick to my stomach. Susie you and that ugly mouth full of gossip and that disgusting lisp makes me want to vomit.

  398. jaki says:

    not only are you a bully, you’re a bully who needs 12-step…admitting you have a problem is the first step. otherwise, get ready to really see what ‘bottom’ looks like. you’re an addict. get help.

  399. Christol says:

    Trani oops I mean Tami, get over it you are dellusional and a bully. No one has to like you or agree with you. You talk about everyone. You are not part of the so called circle they are scared of you that is the only reason they tollerate you. Royce on the other hand is not scared of you. We all agree with Royce…and another thing lay off the booze!

  400. Meka says:

    I find it funny that all these people are speaking out about bullying by attempting to bully another individual. Right, Wrong or otherwise questioning Tami Roman’s parenting, sense, sexuality etc. is just immature and makes it so that even if you had a good point, it gets lost in all the bullsnot you all are emailing to this woman. I mean DAMN have you NEVER done anything wrong? When you did you probably did not have a good half million people lining up because they feel it’s their duty to “tell you about yourself” I’ll bet if we were to speak to each of your friends and family members we would find out all the crap about each of you that needs to be fixed or that you need to run to the alter to repent for. I’m sure you all mean well trying to defend poor little defenseless (grown aZZ) Keisha but remember JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. As Tamar Braxton would say “Get YOUR Life” #IJS

  401. Marlene says:

    Again….we are back in high school. The bully wants to make the rules that everyone else must live by..but does not live by them. Who does more gossiping. instigating and backstabbing than Tami other than Suzie? If you are bi-racial or mixed then Tami should have been sensitive enough about that subject to wait until she had spent more than a hot minute with Keisha. That was ignorant and classless. If Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzie want to have a CLOSED, PREDATORY circle. Do it…in the privacy of your personal jungle. Predation and the gang lifestyle can be viewed on Wild Kingdom and Gangland.

  402. BeeEee says:

    How many reality shows will be you be on where you can’t control yourself? From Real World to BBW, you still haven’ t learned to keep your hands to yourself. It is so embarrassing! You seriously need therapy and to stay off the television screen. You do nothing for the uplifting of Black women. What would our foremothers say about your behavior? Utter shame!

  403. Ann says:

    Tami u need me on the show i betcha u want bully no one else ur jealous of Elvelyn and Jennifer’s relationship thats why ur trying so hard to keep them apart..smh..ur day is coming and i can’t wait

  404. Rhonda says:

    Tami, Tami, Tami…where did you learn to be a friend? I’ve seen you berate people until they bend to your rules. You talk about all these women, except maybe Shaunie and my guess it you would talk about her too, except she is the one signing checks! What difference does it matter what Kesha is?! And when did she say you said she wasn’t black enough? As I watched, I believe she referenced being made to feel she wasn’t black enough by black girls she knew. May be what you are feeling is guilt because may be you actually ARE one of those girls. And as for talking about people behind people’s back, what is the big deal? it doesn’t appear she said anything that was disrespectful and only said anything to Evelyn because Evelyn asked her what she thought of you after meeting you. But what exactly did she say that was so bad. She didn’t say you are a trifling, loud-mouth, bullying chickenhead hood rat …for which after this season, you will forever be known.

  405. NeNe says:

    Tami just stopped with this ignorant soap opera! That was absolutely wrong and childish the way that you treated that young lady. The thing about it is deep down you know you were wrong. You can’t beat people up because they talk about you. If that’s the case you have all of America to beat up because everyone in America is talking about your ignorant a$$. Now your trying to fight Royce because she voiced her opinion, and that shows that you are a real BULLY!! You are too old to be worrying about someone’s nationality and mess like who started what. You should be a role model for all of the other young ladies because you are older then the rest of the ladies on the show. Your making black women look bad, and I know your daughters are really embarassed. That shows how selfish you are because I know you didn’t have them on your mind when you acted that way on national television. The only thing Kesha said is that she could have went off on you but she didn’t because it wouldn’t have made since. You let Suzie messy a$$ make a damn fool out of you. Why would you believe anything that liar and mess keeper has too say. I pray that GOD heals your heart before you end up hurting someone, or someone ends up hurting you.

  406. bosslady says:

    come on lady,really do you honestly here yourself bypolar to the fullest….

  407. Angela says:

    I want to know why Tammi feels like everyone has to abide by her rules. GET OVER URSELF! keysha has every right to discuss incidents that involve her w whomever she wants to. her telling someone what went down between u and her and how it made her feel is her right. when someone ask her what happened or how she feels what do u expect her to do? say i have to wait until tammi is around so i’m not talking behind her back?r. do u do the same as ur asking her to do? NO! u evelyn and shaunie talk about everyone outside of u 3 stooges! it was ok for u all not to acknowledge jen, but not for her to not acknowledge yall. u stooges do a lot of talking out the side of ur necks! If u were my “real friend” I would check ur actions too. there is no way in hell i would sit back and allow my “friend” to bully anyone. ur friend is suppose to let u know when ur wrong, instead of sitting back like those cackling hens shaunie, ev, and suzie. they were just as wrong as u were for not taking up for a human being. furthermore, who would want to discuss anything w u based on ur prior behavior? u r not a person someone like kesha can sit down and have a decent conversation with. i understand tv can be edited, but u gave them the behavior to use against u. I’ve seen past interviews of u where u’ve said the show pays u to act the way u do. u thought in ur own disturbed mind the world was going to agree w ur actions, but since they have not, u want to claim the victim! i hope u’ve learned from this that all money is not good money! U have ruined ur character. Please look up the definition of bully, cause sweetie u r one. u define every part of the word!

  408. nisha rivers says:

    All I have to say is hood rat,hood rat,and more hood rat.

  409. b says:

    I am upset at myself for watching this show. What is its purpose? I has not interesting story line. Shaunie is the only one really profiting from the show. What are you showing your adult daughters with your disgusting actions? A person who curses all the time is showing how limited their vocabulary is. How do you all feel when you sit back and look at this show? How can you praise God with such filthy mouths? You should all feel ashamed of yourselves. No wonder you are all alone. Wives?

  410. tcs108 says:

    Remove Tami and all negative bullying antics or cancel the show. The editors can’t edit what material that’s not given or provided. I imagine the editing only showed a simplified version of what really happened. Stop the lies and promotion of bullying. Please sign the petition at to cancel Ev and Ocho “irrevelant” show and a end to BBW.

  411. Dina says:

    Definition of a bully: blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker. If the shoe fits Tami……….. This is ALL you do to EVERYONE!!!! Sorry but you lost a viewer. This type of behavior is condoned by Shaunie because she sits there justifying it by asking you back each season. Bye Bye BBW. I thought you had more class but most of all more compassion.

  412. Keda says:

    Tami you are my twin. LOL. For real.

  413. Maddie says:

    I use to like Tami cause she was real now I wish she would get cut off the show. Tami is nothing but a bully because if Keisha was to do something off cameras the way she saying she does then u get it straighten out OFF the cameras and not let the public think u a bully. But you cant do that cause in reality you are showing your true colors. When you asked her what race she was you did say she didnt look black like who the hell cares what u think a black person should look like? You sound n look so ghetto is pathetic and this is from someone who was born and raised in the South Bronx. You are a disgust to the human race. You are not what black people should be proud of. Girl take the advice and do something positive. I understand you went thru an ordeal when you were young but you’re not the only one and the world does not have to pay for someone elses hideoous acts. Take control and tell urself I’ve overcame this and it’s not going to ruin the rest of my life because it seems like that person is still in control. Show ur kids that ur a strong black woman and being sweet will catch more bees than being sour.

  414. Pro Tami says:

    Its a shame you lame ass women out there are threatened by a woman being natural and organic in her expressions and responses. I love the imtimidation Tami causes you and yall don’t even know her and then to hear she is working out issues of child hood rapes, kidnappings and assaults, you would begin to understand her disposition I do and when you are left to defend yourself in a monstorous world, you become your own super hero, I pray everyone judging her is judge just as harshly. I am not a murderer but I love kicking my enemy’s ass. She’s the same way.

  415. Tomlynne Jefferson says:

    Tami please with the bs girl cause that’s exactly what you act like Keesha didn’t seem to be lip boxing with you as a matter of fact you did all the talking they can’t edit that much there is no reason for anyone to hide how she act if any they would show you two in a confrontation so people wouldn’t think you’re a bully since bullying is the reason people (kids) are harming themselves or others. If Keesha would have come for you we would seen that so people would no that she can act just as indignent as you or yes women.Cut the crap and except the fact that you can’t justify your actions we don’t believe you

  416. Theresa says:

    last i heard we all have freedom of speech , she can say what she wants to , to whom
    ever she choose to , she has no obligation to tell Tammi anything at all…..everyone does not come from the streets …… Tammi not even a good bully….bully someone that will fight back !!!

  417. Tami you are a bully. Because of you and Evelyn I will boycott BBW. From day one you came on the show fighting. The ladies that you bully should press charges if you attack them, I know I would. The ladies you harrass have more class in their finger than you do in your body. I hope you and Evelyn realize how ghetto you’re acting Shaunie isn’t much better that you. She sits back and and condone this behavior. Jennefer, Royce and Keisha are ladies compared to you. Grow up both of have children and need to lead by example.

  418. momof2 says:

    Tammy – there is never a reason to act like you did, regardless of what anyone says about you. You have to be the bigger person. Watching that episode, i was embarrassed for you. I would be mortified if I acted like that anywhere….let alone have it air on national television. Nothing you can say could excuse the filthy, nasty conduct you displayed. You are a beautiful woman on the outside….now, if you can only get the inside to match. It’s really hard to look past how you act to see your true beauty. Rise above your past, don’t use it as an excuse to act a fool.

  419. stopthemadness says:


  420. RAMONA says:


  421. magalie says:

    Jen is a hypocrite but she is right. She had no issue wt you girls fighting eachother, but once it happened to her she drew the lines in the sand. Once you hit someone you have crossed the point of no return. She is right by not wanting to be friends wt Evelyn. Jen has a little more class. The rest of you need to understand you hve no right to hit. Period. NONE. The bizarre thing “Suzie is always stirring the pot and she gets away wt it. She needs to fixe her teeth. Had to say it. She has diarrhea in the mouth. If Tammy was upset, why I do not know. Jesus Christ got talked about and no one can talk about you???okay sista????. YOu have got to be kidding me. You are delussional. Thank the show for bringing you bakc to life and now you are badder than bad…..OMG…Who knew…

  422. Denis says:

    Tami you are TRASH and no matter how many anger management classes you take……you will always be the same.

    Some advice to Shawnie…….get rid of Tami before you have a HUGE lawsuit on your hands.

  423. tammy you are so beautiful but you are in denial if you dont think you are not a bully you had no right to hold on to her purse she doesnt have to act the way you think she should act are even handle it your way you feel you always have to be in control you wasting your therapies money you dont try hard enough to stay calm you keep saying it could have been worst well if worst is worst than your behavior now please do us black women a favor associate yourself with your other heritage cause this is ridiculous you are to preety for this non sense bully

  424. Nicole says:

    Keep it real Tammy… you cant lip box with out being ready to box and that is the big issue… if she said something confront her one is saying don’t do that .. yeah you mad but in both situations this season you were doing more talking then listening which means you just want to hear your self and really don’t want to hear the other person so what is the point… You let Suzie loose lips agitate you with drama and then you come full force … all the crap you talk about people behind there back you don’t even give anyone else the common courtesy you keep wanting people to give you… and that what makes you a hypocrite and a bully….

    It is not the confronting… you should confront … but Boo Boo you not looking hood you looking really stupid these days and you need to make some changes .

    And Royce is doing the right thing … if she your friend she should be able to have a back bone and tell you how you acting is not a good look… maybe if Shanuie and loose lip Suzie would you wouldn’t have looked so foolish in Tahiti.

  425. Anita says:

    Tammy, first off you have a very warped sense of right and wrong, truth and lies. When you first joined the show I really admired you for standing up and having the nerve to be real. Those ladies acted “stuck up” and it was refreshing to see someone not afraid to be who they were. Let’s be honest, when you came on the show, you definitely needed some help with your hair and wardrobe, but at least you kept it real. Hmmm, two seasons later, you got a new do and a upgraded wardrobe and now you act worse the other ladies ever did ( well maybe except for Evelyn). The long and short of it is, if you came on the show to further your career, you FAILED. The only thing that I see is a bully. When I saw the episode of you bullying Kesha, I was outraged. You really need to take a long, hard look at yourself. I hope for your sake that this situation makes work on your anger management issues and your warped sense of entitlement. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT DISRESPECT OTHERS!!!!!

  426. Rosa says:

    Tami, it must be nice to torment and bully the little and the younger ladies on the show. Why would you treat Keshia that way? If she wants her purse she is going to have to ask me for it, wow really? You and Evelyn both pick on individuals that you know can not fight….that makes you look real good….every DOG will have their day, and the 2 of you will have your day! Be careful who you step to like that because everyone is not going to tolerate your madness. I am going to join the boycott against this show because people need to know that black women do not act in this manner, just jealous tramps with broken hearts….and now that I know that Shaunie is one of the producers, this show is a wrap! You and evelyn should be ashamed of yourselves, Go Royce & Jennifer! Continue to conduct yourselves a women!!!

  427. Ingrid says:

    Tammy is a bully. No grown ass women should behave that way no matter what the circumstances are. A women should get up and walk away that is what a grown person does. She has an anger problem and she needs more than therapy. She needs medicaiton as well. She should be emabarrased about how she behaved. I hope someone kicks her ass that is what she needs. She picks on weaker people. A BULLY.

  428. Earrliee says:

    Tami, you have been a bully from the jump! From the beginning of the show you have had run ins with everyone and have even bullied the others whether they admit to it or not! You Tami are a poor representation of a friend! In addition, you are completely classless in your childish bullying ways! Totally disgusting the way you conduct yourself! There was no reason at all for you to treat Keisha that way! You could have handled yourself and the situation better than that! Is this the example our young ladies are looking at as a teaching of how to be a classy lady? #COMPLETEFAIL!

  429. Earrliee says:

    @Candace: Very Well Put!!

  430. Nancy Fletcher says:

    Clearly, Tami, you don’t understand the word “bully” You are exactly the type of person that takes pride in the fact that you can bully anyone you please. I’m a 50 year old woman, and, up until Monday, watched “Basketball Wives” now and then. No more. What you did to Keisha and they way you spoke to her, intimidated her and refused to give back her purse was nothing but you being a bully and showing the classless person you are. The fact that Shawnee and Evelyn sat there like idiots and allowed you to get away with it shows their level of classlessness also. If the incident was all about “getting ratings” – No doubt you accomplished what you set out to do. It’s disgusting to watch grown women act that way. It”s obvious how you were raised.

    Once a bully, always a bully. No doubt in my mind that you sleep well at night despite the anguish you cause. Maybe you need to learn that old addage, “sticks and stones”. It doesn’t matter what Keisha said or didn’t say. YOU had no right in refusing to give her purse back, you had no right to bully her OR anyone else on the cast and only you know the type of person you are because you obviously do sleep well at night.

  431. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Hold up, attention to the MIC; Tami’s psychotic and her weave’s too tiiight!  She’s full of envy, always in a frenzy; Gettin courage from the bottle, like Spuds Mackenzie!  Confused, yes;  Drama, yes; any SITUATION she’s a hot “a” mess!  A great big bark, with an itty bitty bite; the Mean Girl Posse got scared the other niiiight!  Tension got heavy, Kenya was ready; and the whole dang crew started acting more friendly.   Lol, lol……Seriously, Tami I hope you’ve learned from your destructive ways. 

  432. RealityCheck4RealityChix says:

    Hold up, attention to the MIC; Tami’s psychotic cause her weave’s too tiiight!  She’s full of envy, always in a frenzy; Gettin courage from the bottle, like Spuds Mackenzie!  Confused, yes;  Drama, yes; any SITUATION she’s a hot “a” mess!  A great big bark, with an itty bitty bite; the Mean Girl Posse got scared the other niiiight!  Tension got heavy, Kenya was ready; and the whole dang crew started acting more friendly.   Lol, lol……Seriously, Tami I hope you’ve learned from your destructive ways. 

  433. leeloo says:

    Just because you were raped, abused in some form or another does not give you a license to be “unhinged” or lash out at people because you want to or because you think that they deserve it. Wrong is wrong. I say that coming from a similar background that Tammi has had …. I had to re-learn to react to things in a different manner. I am not perfect, more of a work in progress but strong enough to realize that it is okay to walk away from an argument, it is okay to not lash out, it is okay to turn the other cheek and even smile and a Bully is still a Bully.

  434. PoorTamiSike says:

    ugh it’s always someone elses fault. how about claiming your own ish for ONCE. there aint that much editing in the world Tami. Don’t know who u tryna fool. Yea, Kesha gets lippy on the interviews during the show, but Kesha has no problem TALKING to people. She got a lil sass, she said you were sad to your face. But she ain’t stupid, you dont know how to use your words, your worse than a caveman. (a caveman with alcohol). So while your lil childish fits may get you in a rage and you wanna fight, that don’t mean the rest of us adults and people with things to lose wanna put those things on the line for your dumb ass nonsense. n PS maybe if you acted right you too could have a producer in your pocket. nasty skank.

  435. Jackie Gunby says:

    Tami if you were my daughter, mother, sister, or friend, I would be so ashamed of you. When people call you ghetto, that is an insult to every black woman who currently lives, or who ever lived in the ghetto. You are a bully, instigatior, and oh so jealous of all the young, classy women on the show from which you, Evelyn, and Suzie are not a part of. Shaunie is trying to save her career and distance herself from you. I can see why your husband left you and sought solace in other women, I wouldn’t stay with you either. And if your daughters want to be successful, they should leave you out of their careers.

  436. Charlotte says:

    i cannot for the life of me understand why Tami and Evelyn are ALWAYS talking about people disrespecting them……..surprise, surprise, they seem to disrespect EVERYONE and they think that’s ok. They act like they are queens and are to be put on a pedestal or something…..what a joke. I PERSONALLY HOPE THIS SHOW IS CANCELLED AS IT REALLY MAKES BLACK WOMEN LOOK LIKE GHETTO RATS and that’s pretty sad I think. These women are NOT ladies in any way, shape or form, but one minute they are raving manaics, then they try to act all meek and sweet and make themselves look like FOOLS. It looks like, from the conversation with Shaunie and her pastor, that she’s feeling the rath of the viewers about these low life women and the show as Shaunie is the Producer (what a joke)…..if she thinks and wants to be such an upstanding business woman then she needs to ditch this group of losers and get involved with something that upholds the black woman instead of tearing them down like this show depicts. If Evelyn gets her own show then VH1 has really hit the bottom of the barrel for sure……..and her marrying Chad is really a joke…..does she really think he is going to be true to her…….maybe she thinks by marrying him, if it doesn’t last, which it won’t, she will get a big settlement from him………BINGO!!!

  437. Arleen says:

    I truly feel sad for you Tami… You are 40 plus and your behavior was so criminal that If I was on that show, I would have my lawyers waiting on you also. You don’t make sense at all. You sound real crazy, act real crazy and guess what, you ae crazy… Everything is a confrontation. Who cares who talking about you, I’m talking about you, and I don’t like you. so what you gonna do, come through the computer, hack the computer to get to me… Crazy lady, you need to invest in a good Psychiatrist not anger management…. You can’t be friends with nobody if you can’t be true and be friends with you….

  438. Always Knew Tami Roman as a fake one says:

    Tami Roman is a delusional idiot. I am trying to figure out why everyone is just seeing how fake she is, because she could no longer hide behind the weave and the real Tami showed up. Does anyone remember when Tami went to fight Evelyn and serve her with a lawsuit, about those t-shirts, that she herself had on a t-shirt that said, ‘It wasn’t not funny!”. This is the line she used when she faked that whole episode on Real World and got that dude David kicked off the show an ruined his career, because at that point getting kicked off was a bid deal. So, then she goes to bring a lawsuit on Evelyn and here t-shirts when she was being a big a$# fake hypocrite, because she did the same thing to that guy David. Now, she is big and bad telling everyone that where she is from they don’t file lawsuites, when that is exactly what she threatened Evelyn with and not one person called her on it, no even John Salley and Vh1. Tami is a fake and now exposed. It is said that she and Evelyn think otherwise and that people can’t see them for what they are, mean, bitter, juveniles who need to grow up! Keep that real!

  439. disgustedblkfemale says:

    Tami who do you think you are? As a mom i was blown away by the way you attacked Kesha on this episode. Bullying 101 is what it is called. You are a true definition of a Hood Rat a ghetto hot mess. Pick on someone your own size. What would you do if someone treated your daughters that way. DISGUSTING is the word. I will not be watching this show anymore. You all need to grow up, you give black women a bad name.

  440. Janay says:

    Royce is being your friend by being honest and real with you. How can she overstep her bounderies when it was you that brought it up to her? Thus dragging her into it. It blows my mind to watch this show and see Suzie who is by far the biggest backstabbing, traitor and trouble maker on the show, just keep on sitting back with a smile on her face. After she stirs and starts all this mess. She is the instigater in at least 85% of every problem that comes up. Tami you go on and on about being real and not want to be bothered with anyone who isn’t? Yet you keep on playing yourself by acting like some hood rat every time Suzie or one of the others pulls one of your strings. You are a bully and a fool.

  441. Michelle says:

    Why is Tammy always talking angrily with food in her mouth and pointing a fork. Golly, she’s like a bulldozer ready to plow over everyone. U notice her pride when she blogs, ” I DONT USUALLY DO THIS OR DO THAT BUT.” Settle down, she is so exhausting.

  442. Kay says:

    If I recall Tami talked about Jen all season but she was in a “neutral” position. Just because you are friends with someone doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they say. Wrong is wrong and if the shoe fits wear it. FYI Tami you are a bully. You just want everyone to like you and praise you but with good comes bad. And thanks for BLOCKING me on twitter for calling you Evelyn’s sidekick/follower. It goes to show me that you only want people to say damn tami going off on her or tami is so real but I call it like I see it.

  443. mea johnson says:

    i think u are a bully …and although the scenes may have been edited but if you would have handled that situation better i dont think it wouldve came to this….this is your image this is who you made the world view you as…..i think you and evelyn is a hot ass mess….jenn thats wat she get …..but u need to resposibility for your own actions u live by a double standard you can do but dont to get done…..HOT ASS MESS……as far as you guys representing the black community….i feel you guys are no different from no other girl friends in real life or on other reality shows….make your money but keep it 100….right now you are .5….thats alll

  444. ms fay says:

    Tammy you should be ashamed of your self , you would not like any one to treat your girls like that , you should not treat people like that, you should have been locked up for stealing that ladies purse and only brought it back becaouse she was going to the police , you are a grown adullt , You kiss eve’s but soooo much to be in her circle and she use to sleep with your husband while you were married but you kiss he be hind and go after kiesha be cause she may have said something about you be hind your back grow up please i dont get you.

  445. Dorothy says:

    Your outbursts are using caused by alcohol and maybe u need to get help in that area also. I see a bully who use the alcohol as a motivating factor to explode and act a ass. A true friend would be able to tell you what she believes and while it might not be pleasant to hear you know that it is coming from a good place and it should be easier to hear and deal with from a friend’s perspective. That’s what friends are for, not to be a yes person and condone you when you are wrong. These same people, by the way that dogged you during your first season, who slept with your husband (at the times), who you fought with and threatened to bring a lawsuit against (this all sounds so familar to this season, different season, differentt participants, same old bull) except you are still loud, louder than Suzie with the overbite, but still the same type of sneeky underhanded backstabbing person that she is. Whether you kiss ass quietly or you kiss ass loudly, you are still kissing ass, non-the-less. Evelyn seems to have tamed you and Suzie. Bad girls running up behind the bully leader. Shaunie is in your corner becaue she have you all jumping through hoops for her. Have you noticed that she filmed egging the bad girls on. How much to we see of her personal life with her boy toy. She the ruthless ringleader that pacify the group by offering trips, where the group always go to show their asses. As kids we would say “no home training”. Please note that your friends let you be a big bully but didn’t uphold what you did either in the one on one interviews. Learned who your true friends are and you will be a better person. Evelyn still refers to your bad weave from your first season in underhanded ways, but thats ok because she’s your friend. Bottom line is the show has made all of you rich and ghe money is speaking tons. Class take a backseat to everything else! What is Shaunie’s title on the show? Don’t you have her in your back pocket? Woman up Tammy!

  446. Tina says:

    Tami? Grow the EFF up. You have kids, for Gods sake. What is wrong with you? Bipolar much?

  447. Tina says:

    Furthermore, VH1 you need to cancel this show already. By the looks of it, not many people will be watching the Hot mess Basketball wives anymore. So you WILL be losing ratings and most importantly, money. Get it together.

  448. cYn says:

    Tami…the loudest one in the room is the dumbest one in the room! For Pete sakes can you please stop revealing how unlearned you are.

  449. viewer of bb wives says:

    stop drinking and thats a quote from all your so called friends .you get stupid when you drink forget anger management try AA

  450. VEGAS VIEWER says:

    Are we forgetting that this is the same Tammi from the REAL WORLD? Nothing has changed about personality! One would think that a women would grow up after marriage, having children, overcoming a divorce…but this “woman” is still as childish as the day we met her on the REAL WORLD. Tammi will always be employed by TV…because she makes black people look ignorant, uneducated and unable to handle their emotions. I am really disappointed to know that this type of show is being produced by a black woman. I feel sad for these women, because you can’t erase and/or delete your role in our history.

  451. Sharon says:

    Tami, we all saw what Kesha said and Suzie misled you. Suzie is what I call “messy” and what my friend Melissa calls “an earth-disturber”-always kicking up dust. Kesha basically said she COULD HAVE gone off on you..could have acted a fool accordingly, but she didn’t. She did not say she that she wanted to go off on you or that she planned to. In other words she took the “high-road”. Suzie distorted what she said just as she does with everything she repeats. Suzie is like a mole or saboteur in the group.

  452. M.J. says:

    I was proud when I first saw you in action. I was elated that someone finally put Evelyn in her place. I’m over it now. You really need to re-evaluate your actions, and WHY you feel the need to be the loudest, or the meanest, or the most ghetto of them all. You are very beautiful, and have displayed that you can also be very articulate. You need to display your more favorable assets and start exploiting your platform and not be exploited. Black girls rock…but you are just rocky.

  453. Grace says:

    Tami –

    First of ALL, you had NO RIGHT to take Keisha’s purse and for BAGERRING her in the manner in which you did. Just because you wanted HER to admit whatever you CLAIM she needed to admit does NOT justify you taking her purse and refusing to RETURN IT upon request. AND to add insult to injury YOU read her cell phone too!!! You crossed the line big time Tami and you know it. If Keisha did NOT want to discuss the issue, your trying to FORCE her into a confrontational discussion was NOT productive, nor was it smart legally. YOU became nothing but a BULLY on national TV.

    Had Keisha done that same thing to YOU, you would have gone ballistic yourself. SECONDLY, you had no business drinking the HARD liquor if you don’t know how to control your anger-management issues. YOU were totally out of line when it came to the whole Keisha issue and despite your trying to justify your behavior and blaming HER…. you should have OWNED UP and returned her personal belongings pronto!! I would have called the “po-po” on your ass too!! Bottom line.

  454. Mrs Officer says:


  455. Mrs Officer says:


  456. Abies Ikechiuku says:

    Tami, you are a bully, You need to be ashamed of youself, If someone bully your children that way, How will you feel? You are just a big fool.

  457. Delores says:

    Tami you are one mentally mixed up female. Why do you thing everyone has to answer to you and you sick way of thinking. You are the biggest bully on tv. When I look at you you remind me of all the violation you srffered in your childhood and you are still beating up everyone who does not bow down to you because you believe you are entitled to respect. Eventhough you have none for yourself or anyone else. You need to come down off your dirty white horse and plant your feet on the ground Pride comes before a fall. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!

  458. rosemary williams says:

    i dont hate u i just dont like u u are a bullie u and evelyn is fake she had all of those fake tear try to said the she sorry and she going to change so u will watch her new show not me i dont want see ur face

  459. ChicagoAdult says:

    Tammi YOU ARE the MOST IGNORANT woman ALIVE. She’s worse than Evelyn – which isn’t saying much! Keshia is a good one – I would have called the POLICE and Dared YOU to do anything about it!

    Shaunie should be ASHAMED of herself for producing this foolishness and not telling YOU (TAmmi) and Evelyn that YALL are TRASH!!! Pure GARBAGE!!!

  460. Classy says:

    Regardless of the editing, you came across as a bully. You could have handled the Keisha situation with class and dignity not like a hoodrat. I guess that’s how you handle things. It didn’t look good and you knew that the producers make you all look like characters. It is up to you to keep it classy.

  461. pix says:

    Tami, I am offended that someone give you a chance in life. How do you feel about this statement? you seem to be always offended by what someone says.
    It’s sooooo sad to see you want to appear as embracing blackness but have no concept of what being black is about. You talked about going through life as rough yet you continue in the public eyes to treat “life” rough,along with hate and bitterness.
    I could clearly understand that the root causes of your ranting rave and bitterness is due to the fact that your BLACK KING found happiness in a WHITE QUEEN. Get over it!
    You make yourself look so wrong and then you have the nerve to cry, shameful!!!
    All the ladies on the show are to be respected and you that had carried the most baggage is still in the public eye displaying yet more baggage.
    The expectation was for you to show that you have succeeded with greatness with the opportunity that was given to you.
    Stand proud and tall and be the example to the other ladies by your strong character. Instead, you resorted to cowardly and insecure behavior, almost wanted to come and give you a blanket and a baby bottle when you throw those tantrums.
    You made yourself look so disturbed and crazy, delusional and helpless.
    Then you have the nerve to call the other ladies weak and meek.
    Tami, you are the weakest one, this is your reality.
    People with strength never prey on the weak, Owns their ability to stand strong and is comfortable with whatever life brings because of the ownership of their strength.
    So my dear, rethink your life because the money that you are making by assassinating you strength will disappear and then you will have nothing to stand on because you would have exhausted all the elements of your being that would have made you great!

  462. sherangel says:

    Question for everyone: How many time does the B-word and M-F word is said on each show?. I am sitting here watching the reunion and every recap the B-word and M-F word is excessive. Shaunie states the she wants everyone to “grow”. Well, in the business world using the B-word and M-F word in every sentence you open your mouth won’t get you very far. Plus, as an executive producer and mother…you should know better. Do you your children hold conversations with you using the B-word and M-F in every sentence when they speak to you? You lead by example, lead by example!! Evelyn and Tami need their mouths wash out every time they say it.

    As for John Salley….what a big foot wimp.

  463. Pepper says:



  464. maxine perry says:

    Hello, Ms. Tammi, my thing is this, and i know u probably dont care, but here it is again, you would not let anyone, nor would I, do to a daughter of mine, what you done to keisha, and you know
    But what really gets me, is the fact you and i both have similarities, as far as being raped, in our life time, and i feel what you have been doing to keisha is just another form of rape, to be raped as you know is hurtful, shameful, and makes you feel you did something to make this person do this, or wonder what did you do, and you feel violated, nasty and just worthless, all these things i felt as a victim of a rapist, is the same way a person feels when they are being bullied…. and if you say NO! i did not bully her, then i would say, to you,, then u have RAPED her!!!! js

  465. shasha says:

    It is ones right to share there feelings about someone in a private conversation with a friend
    “,what you call, talking behind your back” …..
    they are not obligated to come to you and tell you what was said because they mentioned your name…. That is ludicrous! Actually the person deemed untrustworthy, is the one who came back and shared what was said in confidence.your behavior makes you come across and someone who is Ignorantly Superior.

  466. GENIE23 says:

    ….and in the beginning, Tami, I did like you.

  467. Etteval says:

    Tami, why does it matter what Keisha said behind your back, she was just talking, and Sneaky Suzie is really the cause of all ya’ll problems. You had no right keeping her purse and then on the reunion special give that fake apologize. You and Evelyn are bullies, why do you both act as if no one is allowed to say anything about you two, when both of you clearly talk about everyone and anyone on the show and they bet not dare say anything back…that is bullying!

  468. etteval says:

    John Salley is a joke…he was so one-sided in the reunion special. Star Jones should have been up in that piece…I bet all ya’ll would have shut up!

  469. lissy says:


  470. Tami says:

    There are no words for you girl but a hot mess. You can try to be dignified all you want but girl you are a hot ghetto mess. Chiming in on Jen and Evelyn’s situation really Tami…you of all people. You have enough mess regarding your character to stay in your own lane when it comes to chiming in on somebody elses conversation. You drink and then act like a pure drunk on national television. A lush that lashes out when she drinks how cowardly of you.

  471. laydeebee says:

    Not one of them is truly sorry……crocodile apologies…just like their tears. You can read it in her response. Still trying to justify her immature, childish behavior…pointing fingers. Wah Wah Wah…it’s her fault. Done done done..with these fake women. Bottomline…they give ALL woman a bad name!!

  472. kissmylips22 says:

    Tami plz grow up

  473. mike says:

    Tammi you are a Big can you pick on Kesha and hate her but yet the queen W**** of the show Evelyn talked about you like a dog , slept with your husband at the time and then told you in your face you was a NON MOTHERF****** FACTOR, AND THEN MADE PROFITS OFF OF IT. When you came on the show you were my favorite, but now you have change for the worst, i dont’t know if its the money are you mental illness.You a a very evil minded person, come down out of Evelyns butt and quit co-siging to things that have nothing to do with you.Reality check go up to the mirror and look at it, tell me what you see A DRUNK, ,BIO-POLOR, IGNORANT HOT GETTO MESS. Im glad S2S drop you. I seen you on Wendy Williams show and i did’t believe anything that came out of your mouth, your daughters should be very same of you. You and your pimp Shaunie and Loose Evelyn trying to do damage control now.O buy the way tell your girl Evelyn she is Chad equal,to W*****. Because on tv he treats her like s***. CHANGE BEFORE ITS TO LATE,BECAUSE RIGHT NOW YOU EVELYN AND SHAUNIE ARE WELL HATED. Just keeping it real.

  474. Loraine says:

    Tami, Tami, Tami….Methinks the “Lady” (I use lady loosely, we all know you are not one) doth protest to much!! You are a predator & a bully. You showed your true self, no matter how many times you say or write about your ‘innocence” “editing” etc., your actions showed the real you, they sure did not edit the cruelty of your words nor the bullying of you actions, unless my eyes deceive me, they are your actions and own words. You actually think the more & louder your speak you will get people to believe in your own insanity, no people are not that gullible.

  475. Faye says:

    Tami, You do not like nothing and nobody.You apparently do not like yourself. If it ain’t your way it’s no way. Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzi are afraid of your schizophrenic paranoid behind. I hope you are not paying your therapist, you can get better advice from a crack-head on the street, You hate your mother, you terrorize your children, and ran your man away. Who wants to be around a bitter, nasty, vile person like you except someone just like you? (Did I see Shaunie, Evelyn and Suzi raise their hand). You all are not married to or dating the basketball players anymore. The real basketball wives would not lower themselves to this madness. Please rename this show, – Diary of the Mad Ex Basketball Wives

  476. Ivey says:

    Tami Really?? I think you were manipulated but I think that task was Evelyn, Shaunie and Vh1 producers. You were made to look horrible and your blog is not helping matters. You cant expect others to behave differently than you behave yourself. Everything you said to Keisha and Royce can be said about yourself. Your anger is misplaced. I agree that the public only sees the edited version however there is enough to see clearly you behaved way way out of line. Keisha is a grown woman. Grown women can say what they want and to whom they want to say it. Your behavior during the entire season was as if you were the matriach of the clan and entitled to more respect than the other cast members. I do think however you was manipulated and misused! Your counterpart Evelyn is the core of all of this!! I will not watch next season if Evelyn returns as i believe she is a money grubbing, self loathing, jealous and pathetic individual. Although very beautiful physically her behavior has deminished her looks to that of a troll! Sorry Tami that this season did you and the other cast members a terrible disservice.

  477. SweetMottives says:

    Tammy why do you think anyone owe you an explanation and if they dont confuse you resort to violence? Really? Shaunie? Eve? Please cast some real women because trust me NONE of that would have happened and a no violence is needed when you have the ability to resolve any disagreement with intellignce, respect and wisdom! POW!

  478. Celine says:

    Tami, get a grip girlfriend… Why do you think everyone must “co-exist” as you are so fond of saying by your rules? Sadly, I believe you are in the grip of a progressive disease–alcoholism. I sincerely hope the show gets cancelled and you go into rehab and get the help you desperately need as your life, your career and your future depend on you getting sober. I have been there, done that and I had to embrace sobriety before I could honestly look at myself and make changes to lead a productive life. If you can’t do it for yourself yet, do it for your daughters…

  479. qw says:

    Tami,did you respectfully discuss with Royce that you no longer wanted to remain friends with her?, no, you told it to Evelyn and Shaunie first, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander Kesha is not your child, she owes you nothing but she should have had you arrested for going through her bag, you owe her an apology. As for Jen, you said she drifted away from you, damn, all you did was laugh behind her back, with friends like you, who needs enemies. Why is it you never acted a fool when Evelyn was talking about your clothes and that two faced snake Shaunie was snickering behind your back? I hate to say it, but it need to be said, “God don’t like ugly” hope you learned your lesson and get the help you need.

  480. CALIRAISIN says:


  481. linda polk says:

    tami u were wrong an u are still wrong u always choose the weakest link, u an Shaunie new that Nia was going to slap Jenn u both want that to happen. A person does not have to be a punk just because they press charges against the other an if i were Jenn i would have sued Shauine to, Jenn an Kesha two grown women does have to do things the way u all think.

  482. mona lisa says:

    Why is everyone upset with Tammie, as we all know she just hood what else would you expect.

  483. SHAUN says:

    Tami let me tell you that a real friend will not always agree with you!! A REAL FRIEND will tell you when you were wrong, and YOU WERE WRONG. No matter what you say and how you try to justify your actions, you cannot explain your behavior. Part of recovery should be admitting the truth, and clearly you still cannot do that. If someone would have spoken to you or your children that way, you wouldn’t have it.. And you know it!!! So own up to what you did, just like you told Jen to do, and quit blaming everybody else and blame yourself!

  484. rdgval says:

    Tami you may not be a bully, but you look like a scary bully on TV. People should stay away from you. Youi will cause harm to someone over something that does not make sense. You will do not understand that you should not hurt people.

  485. lisa says:

    Tami you said that for the rest of the season you won’t be blogging.While you’re not blogging take that time for yourself to get some HELP. Work on your ATTITUDE. Get help with your BULLYING, get help with your ANGER,and get help with your DRINKING !
    You’re real MESSY especially when you drink and take your new BFF Evelyn with you when you go to get help God knows you both need it!

  486. Tami says:

    BIG TIME BULLY….Well, glad you’re off food stamps at least but on Real World you bullied cast mates too, no surprises. Leopards never change their spots.

  487. AMH says:

    Tammi, Tammi, Tammi, Tammi, you use words like,:don;t talk behind my back,being grown women, respect me, be a real woman, but, you bring no real meaning to theses words because you have done to everyone on the show except Royce, what you have asked them not to do to you. How dare you think you deserve all the respect and honor when you give none back. We have all had some trauma in our lives but, there is a way to express yourself other than putting your hands on another person. You act as if you are an animal with no ability to reason and resolve conflict in a manner that is respectful to yourself and others. The producers do not have to make you look bad, you do a good job of that all by yourself. No person, epically at over the age of 40, could cause me to retaliate in the manner hat you do. ,
    You are running with the wrong crew. Ev. is rubbing off on you in the wrong way. YOU ARE NOT EVELYN AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO BE-SO CUT IT OUT, STOP IT.I BET WHEN YOU SAW EV. ON THE COVER OF JUICY AS THE NO.1 MEAN GIRL, YOU THOUGHT, OH I MEAN YOU
    WANTED IT TO BE YOU NO MATTER WHAT WE GO THROUGH IN LIFE WE look in the mirror and say i like that person , i wish you could do that for you. Don’t sell your soul to the devil9vh1) for that chump change and a few minutes of fame. Would you want you final legacy to be she was the BULLY on BBW’S I would hope not. Get it together,, children act the way you do because they do not have the tools to reason and resolve conflict. That is why children will run and kick you in the shins when you take their toy away. I would hate to see you off the show but, I’d rather you be fired if your childlike behavior continues and Iwould stop watching because of you and Ev..

  488. magalie says:

    You had the nerve to call Jennifer a hyppocrite. Look in the mirror girl.. You do not think you are a bully then what do you call yourself. Intimidating peoples, wanting to beat them up….Girl get over yourself. You will meet your match may be Evelyn was it. That is why you are sucking up to her and trying to be her friend because she could handle you. You are so so sad….Not sure therapy can ever help you.

  489. FeistySpider says:

    Wow. Tammie you haven’t changed since your days on The Real World.
    You need a new therapist b/c the one you have is not working. There is no reason for you to act the way you do as a 40 something year old woman.

    I wish you peace and blessings.

  490. Bella says:

    Tammi, you make me sick to my stomach! You give a bad name to black women. If our children grew up with your mentality about what respect meant, this world would be even crazier. Are you going to fight every person that talks about you behind your back?? If so, you mine as well be in a boxing ring, because you’ll be fighting your entire life. Kesha hardly even knew you. She OWES you NOTHING! She aint ya girl. She can say WHATEVER she wants about you and she did. And it wasn’t even that bad. Get a life, grow up! I hope your children don’t turn out to be bullies like you.

  491. Yolanda Reyes says:

    Tammi, I hate to say it GROW THE HELL UP….You could have kept what you just said…You do the same thing they do …talking behind their back..You have manage throughout the entire seasons to bully someone…Amazing, that you don’t see it..but bullies don’t normally see it until later. STOP USING WHAT HAPPEN TOO YOU CONTROL YOUR LIFE…YOU KNOW HOW MANY OF US BEEN RAPED…PLEASE….I can only hope that your daughters don’t be ostrasize for your behavior…THINK…You ladies call yourselves WIVES…WHAT kind of men did yall marry or was marry too…It’s not about what kind of a person they are it’s what we saw and you potrayed…YOU ARE A BULLY..THE ONLY REASON WHY YOU ARE APOLOGIZING IS BECAUSE OF THE RESPONSE….RATINGS GOOD…IMAGE DAMAGE…So you tell us what’s more important money or image….Don’t sell yourself to the DEVIL…We can see in your blog that you are angry…You last sentence in your blog sounds like a child crying out for attention, well you got that ….I wonder who will hire you after the season…Your best bet is to keep hanging with your sidekicks who are afraid of you Shaunie and Evelyn…you always can be their assistant.

    Faithful Viewer

  492. Naturalchica says:

    I really want this show off the air!!! Like I no longer want to see these women ever again!!!
    What needs to be done people???

  493. Boggie says:

    Tami is a bully, because she has finally left the WELFARE line she thinks, she’s all that.
    She is still GHETTO and a Bully. She also didn’t have the goods to hold her husband.

  494. Tamara says:

    You coming on this show has brought it to a whole new level of cheap.. You are a Bully and no matter how you may try to point at other people saying they are not innocent _ which we know cos we are not kids _ you are still a bully.. No one owes you anything.. It is such a shame that a grown woman like you goes around acting like an animal.. It is very sad.. Looking through someone’s purse _ how cheap can one get.. I feel really sorry for Evelyn cos you are riding her for her fame.. imagine if Evelyn was not talking to you.. who would you hang out with??

  495. Lee says:

    Dear Tami,
    Once again, it sounds like it’s your way or the highway. Get over yourself. Please, please, please understand that it really doesn’t matter what others say about you behind your back. What does matter is how you react. Your reactions with constant verbal abuse and excuse making are exhausting and over the top. Try to respect the fact that Kesha and Royce are grown women, not your children. Editing or not, what’s undisputed is that your behavior/reactions were deplorable. So, please stop trying to explain it away with ridiculous excuses. Just accept that you are a bully (but continue to seek professional help), and if your “friends” don’t see things your way they are humiliated by you, then banished from your “sisterhood”. You do have a really foul and disgusting vocabulary. You also talk about others behind their back. Why is it okay when you do it? That being said, just stop talking about Kesha and Royce and move on to share the positive things that you and Shawnie claim are going on in your life.

  496. linda polk says:

    tami its sad to hear that you had a heart attack, but you need to be a better person God is not please at all with you

  497. EloiseM. says:

    I knew I really liked you Tami. Not only like you, I appreciate you. I admire your complete honesty, keeping it real, okay just being 100% truthful all the time. You are a true friend to Shaunie also. You have not forgotten the bridge that brought you across; like Jennifer has. I only wish you the very best of everything life has to offer you in NOW AND THE FUTURE. It is a pleasure just watching you each time I watch this show. Stay that way. Much love!!!!!!

  498. cas says:

    VH! please show this email, you keep not doing so, let me start thinking you are getting pretty messy.

    Tammie you came on Wendy Williams trying to redeem yourself but then u go back to being a disaster. I don’t know what is going on with u. U said where u are from people take their
    whooping and keep moving. Did u get a few of those and it now affecting you? You don”t behave sane you are a total mental disaster. I kinda feel bad for you sometimes, but when u start bullying people at that level , that compassion just go thru the window. Did u forget how you wanted to sue Evelyn? I do think u need more than in office therapy. I kinda suspect you and your dear friends Evelyn and Shaunie got carried away, thinking viewers were entertained by this drama. Now it all backfire on u guys.
    I do wish u well though , go get some help and I am sure you will become a better person.
    Oh and I do believe Evelyn’s actions, is one of the reason her man got cut. The Patriots
    could not allow the other wives to be exposed to that kind of violence. SAD

  499. EloiseM. says:

    Why is my comment regarding Tami not showing? Is this site rigged to reflect ONLY NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT HER? Tami is the most real person on that show. She does not forget the bridge that brought her across like Jennifer; who is a total FAKE.

  500. Lisa says:

    Tami, you are truly a mess! You are still a hoodrat and on the reunion part 2 you continue to bully Kesha. You have the nerve to act like that you were doing Kesha a favor by holding her property and refusing to give it back. It was apparent that the only reason you gave her property back was because she filed her pursue stolen with the hotel’s front office. You have an opinion on everything, however, you do not apply half of what you say to self advancement. What is really sad is that you blame Kesha’s actions on how you act. You are the elder in the situiation and should set the example. You are a disgrace as a 41 year old black woman and she will really need to dig deep boo! You still talking about # haters on twitter.

  501. Ted says:

    Tami is a bully !!!!!!!!!!!

  502. One thing that is clear on this show TAMI-IS YOUR ARE A DEMON BULLY! Royce you did the right thing on all account for speaking with this THING. If this demon doesn’t want your friendship, all the better. Stick with Keisha. Keisha you are so love by many.

  503. Syl Mooreno says:

    Tammy is a bully! She has been since the show started. Tammy is a BULLY with capital letters. She needs to own it. And Suzie loves to see you act a fool and you fall for it every time.

  504. Syl Mooreno says:

    Be clear, Tami…You are a fool.

  505. Linda says:

    Tami is too old to be acting like a mean middle school age girl. One may anticipate this behavior from young teenagers; but certainly, this is not the proper decorum of mature adults Tami needs to take responsibility for her immature, mean-spirited behavior and stop putting the blame on others..

  506. Ladi J says:

    Hey Tami, what’s up girl?? I watched this episode just like everyone else. I believe you were right to be perturbed after hearing what Keisha was saying about you. But don’t get me wrong, I do feel you could have approached the situation in a more appropriate fashion. From the beginning you were 100% with Keisha in letting her now if there was anything she had to say about you, to say it to you. She is NOT innocent in this and I can’t stand to see that everyone is falling for her crap. She openly said what she said in a sarcastic way and mind you, she was laughing as well when she said it. Yeah she was. I’m with you with the exception of your actions during the Tahiti retreat. I applaud you for your sincere apology and it’s evident it was not accepted. So be it, move on. It’s mighty funny how all of a sudden she got balls to talk back during the reunion show (only because there was a promise of no violence) and she took complete advantage. I know it took all of you to not run over to her and shake the Sh&$ out of her, Big Up! The one thing that I am disappointed in you is, not putting Evelyn in her place about Jen. You know like everyone else, Ev had no real issue with Jen, and her actions were just insane. And the issue with Nia, just ludacris! I believe you didn’t know what was going to take place, but Shaunie and Evelyn did, that was evident too. You know they were wrong all the way, but you chose not to say anything. Why? Instead you took their side…no questions asked. Now the situation with Royce, I agree 100%! Royce should have stayed out of it. It sure seemed to me that she did take Keisha’s side without hearing yours as well. You are right, a true friend would have stayed neutral or rather RECIPROCATED! LOL! Last but not least, please stay away from Suzie..she’s nothing but a trouble maker in every way, then stands aside and watch everyone else go ballistic. Nothing to say about Shaunie, she’s just pathetic, to keep it mild. Keep working on your anger management, I think it is doing you a world of good. Good Luck to you in all your future endeavors and be a good example to your lovely daughters. Peace!

  507. Mrs. M.W. Jones says:

    To the lead cast of Basketball Wives! I hope this post finds you.

    Shaunie & Evelyn: If you can’t tell a friend when they are wrong, then you are not truly a friend. For you both to sit there with Keisha (Evelyn shedding crocodile tears) after being BULLIED by Tami and pretended to be sympathetic was outlandish. That’s when the show took a turn for the worst. You both played the roles of side-kicks to a bully. If you don’t stop it, then you are more a part of the problem than the solution. True friends have each other backs, but wrong is wrong! Just as Tami was toward Keisha, you were just as wrong. Shaunie, you can’t be a queen Bee and not know how to run your castle. By the way, Ev, you and Chad are doing the most!

    Royce: I commend the fact that you keep your distance. Continue to not sell you soul for $$$$. At the end of the day, you can live with yourself. If it means losing Tami as a friend, so be it. Perhaps she was never a true friend from the beginning….Remember, reasons, seasons, or a lifetime. It showed the world that you are more of a friend to Tami than Shaunie and Eve. Perhaps, Tami will one day realize that. Keep doing the positive things so that our youth can see that life is not about jumping over tables, disrespecting each other, and bullying.

    Suzie: You are just pathetic. You never take responsibility for what you say or do. Every time someone tells you something or express how they feel, it’s not to be recorded and brought back to the group. That’s call a “Mess Starter.” Some people are willing to do ANYTHING to be accepted at any cost, and you, my dear, are one of those people.

    Keisha: You are new to the show, Sweetheart. You must know that some people are willing to do ANYTHING to stand out and be noticed. It’s more than acting for some; some will sell their soul. I know your type. You are not controversial. However, you can’t express how you feel to people that don’t have you best interest at heart. Continue consulting with Royce. That way, it stays between you and her. Suzie has a hidden agenda. The more she reports back, the more she feels her spot in the group is secure. Allow Royce to be your role model. She is the only character who has used this show a stepping stone to the next chapter of her life.

    Tami: You were once my favorite…how did you allow yourself to slip to the lowest level possible…bullying? I have a group of 20+ ladies that come over to my home to watch Basketball Wives. We have since stopped. I am so disappointed in your behavior. You cried crocodile tears on the Wendy Williams Show and doubled back to the reunion show just to renegade on everything you said. You BULLY Keisha. You know you did, Tami. People have a tendency to say I apologize for the way I said something, but not what I said. What is that? That’s not a true apology. That’s like saying I apologize for robbing the bank, but I don’t apologize for killing the bank teller. Take your lick! Own up to what you did. You mentioned, something to the effect that Keisha just doesn’t know how to defend herself…HELLO…victims of bullies don’t, sweetheart. Everyone is not as boisterous and un-coot as you. Keisha is not argumentative or controversial. Her expressing how she felt about a situation was not directed at you. She was simply confiding in someone as to how she felt. You all do it all the time with one another. Then you said, if you would not have taken her purse, someone would have stolen it. You could have easily given it to Eve or Shaunie to bring to Keisha’s room. Better yet, why not bring it to the front desk and tell the front desk clerk which room the person is staying in that it belongs to. But, knocking on her door yelling, open the door B—- is not a way of saying let’s clear this up. You mentioned it would have taken 15 minutes to clear it up; it would have taken less time than that if it would not have happened. Don’t allow the producers and directors of VH1 to put your career in jeopardy. You, like I, know that Basketball Wives will not be around forever; actually, it may be over sooner than you think. Be true to yourself. Remember, Tami, the same things that make you laugh, make you cry. It doesn’t always come back to you but through you…meaning your daughters being bullied, and that’s not fair to them. I really thought you would have taken Keisha under your wing. Instead, you put her in a choke-hold.
    DEFINITION: Bully – a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion to affect another or others
    Go back and look at that episode and ask yourself, “Did my behavior on that episode exhibit the definition listed above?”


    Mrs. M. W. Jones “”
    Much love and success to you all.
    P.S. Forgive my grammatical errors…I was on a roll. :-)

  508. July Fly says:

    I just want to say that I think John Sally’s comments at the end of the reunion were beyond redemption! He calls out almost EVERY person that watches the show (and pays his salary) as small minded and mean and not worth their(bbw) time(basically). I must say I will NOT be watching the next season!!! It is disturbing to say the very least that the girls who got bullied were made out to be weak, when no one I know would have tried to talk sense to a drunk or hostile woman with physical violence against others in her past. I sure hope these ladies watch the show all the way through again so they can understand why 99% of the viewers are disgusted with the behavior they displayed.

  509. Tami, you are a hypocritical liar. You want to make rules of behavior for everyone else but refuse to conduct yourself with basic human decency. You definitely have a huge alcohol problem. Then you add all your anger into the mix and the result is a train wreck. Then, once you’ve sobered up, you have to spin your bullying into a teachable moment. You, lady are aren’t in charge of your own nasty mouth but somehow feel the need to school everyone else. Don’t think so , girlfriend.

  510. armn j. harris says:

    VH1 Please take this show OFF THE AIR111111111. There should NOT be a fifth seasion11111. Althrough Tami apprears to be the BIG BULLY, SHAUNIE IS THE BIGGEST BULLY OF THEM ALL.

  511. Melinda L says:

    Tami, You are being showed by how you acted. You can not blame anyone except yourself. On the show, you have power over the new girls & you show it with that attitude. Now that all the fans have turned and not a fan anymore, you have more excuses than anyone else on the show. Keisha has a lot of class & it shows by her actions. What she said about you, was nothing compared to the bullying from you. You never gave her a chance from day one. Yes, you may have talked to the girls, made fun, but you also talked smack behind their back. The rat pack on this show: Tami, Shaunie & Evelyn. Kenya & Susie is a couple of wanna be with a loose mouth.

    You were not sincere with your apology & the fact that you deny that you are a bully. Really would of been nice if Keisha would of had charges pressed on you for your actions on the trip, let alone this season. You need to stop drinking, take a bullying course & be a positive role model. I would never promote violence or have a screaming match over such trivial matters. Was a fan since real world – but not any longer. I am glad that Jen pressed charges, that is what most people do in the real world. Physical or verbal violence should not be acceptable for anyone & that is the lesson that you should of learned & apologized for. You had an audience of millions of people & you could of made a difference. Instead you promoted bullying with all your excuses. Really sad :(

  512. Tami, I just recently started watching the show. I caught up on ONDEMAND. At first I thought that you were funny and reminded me of my older sister, who I loved. Now I feel your reasoning behind “Bullying” Keisa is insane. You’re are going to get all crazy because someone talked about you behind your back. That mentatility should have gone from your mind the moment you had your first child. I don’t care what has happened behind the scenes, you have no right to treat anyone in that manner. You bullied her again on both reunions. You need serious help and probably medication. I feel badly for you. I hope and pray that your mental illness is addressed. You really do believe that you are not a bully. I am soon to be 62 years old and I know that if you continue with this type of reasoning, you will destroy yourself. I still love you. It is up to you to be okay or not. Think clearly.

  513. Lisa says:

    This girl is a bully, I don’t care what anyone says, she’s a BULLY and a poor excuse for a grown woman with kids to act this way. Grow up Tami and get a clue. And she has her 2 stooges Evelyn and Shak’s ex as her little on lookers and instigators. Very pittyful.

  514. Sheryl says:

    The only reason Tammi talks so much is that NO ONE has popped her in her mouth. She is the biggest BULLY ever.
    Tammi, you have forgotten to remember you have daughters and the same way you treated Keshia, COULD one day backfire on you. Keshia has a mother that YOU clearly disrespected. You claim to be in therapy for your anger. I think you are using that as an excuse to act-out. You cannot continue to hurt people and then think you can aplogize and everything will be okay.
    REMEMBER: Everything you do, GOD is watching YOU!

  515. zhinee says:

    tami you hav always been my favorite, girl you need to know i’ve got your back front an side
    listen friends make mistakes . please take your own advice and apply it to you and Royce’s
    situation forgiveness is something thats irreplacable .i think Royce throught she was a close
    enough friend that she could come at you like that i don’t think there was any malice
    intended. true friends die hard. may you all be BLESSED!!!

  516. Andrea says:

    Tami is a BULLY and a hypocrite!

  517. Carmen says:

    If it looks like a bully and talks like a bully, guess what? It’s a BULLY!!!

  518. elisa says:

    Tami, I feel that you are not approaching this situation in the appropriate manner. I can understand your frustrations in regards to Keisha but you have demeaned and attacked her twice for her talking about you behing your back. Sweetie, Evelyn and the others did this to you when you came on the show. You had issues with Ev about the T-shirt, remember. And as far as those who take the gossip back to you EV, Suzie, and Shaunie, why is it when Keisha says something in regards to you why are these LOYAL friends not saying, “Tami is my friend and I don’t want to get involved.”Maybe it’s because they ain’t that loyal, I believe that Royce is the true friend, she is not intimidated by you. She listens as friends of both to try to help them mend thier problems. Something you have been doing with Evelyn and Jennifer. Think about it because Keisha probably would not be talking about you if the other ladies weren’t bringing your name up. No you are not right in regards to your behaviour with the purse, her cell phone and your telling her how to cough the next day you was up coughing and did not cover your mouth.
    I do like you and I feel that you are very pretty but you don’t allow yourself to reflect on your own bad behaviour. Take the bad from the back and make something good, let those who hurt you back then know that they have no control over you. These are the people you have to let know that you would appreciate them not talking to you, about you, with you and or around you those who violated you. Let them know their actions will not influence your life that the negative is OUT!
    Look to be a better person and go to Keisha and state to her that if you could make amends with Ev why not with her. This way you can have more peace in your life, but remember not everyone is a friend, sometimes the people who bring us the gossip are the ones we have to be careful with. They seem to enjoy seeing us lose our cool, Yes, I can relate to you. I am very careful now about what I say and to whom I say it to.

  519. Andrea says:

    If it acts like a bully and talks like a bully, guess what?…..YOU’RE A BULLY!!!!

  520. go away says:

    go away u really think u are not a bully i pray they take you all off tv

  521. Ann Taylor says:

    Tami and Evelyn — you are a set of bullies — and you both seem to be one always angry SOB! But I leave Evelyn to Ochocinco — he will deal with yuh case. As for Shaq’s ex. she pretends and doesn’t have the balls to say anything to the bullies -trying to play ‘miss peacemaker’. I am dumping you also the in bully trash can. Come to Jamaica let us get you some real ghetto gal fi buss yuh ass. Stay sweet Jennifer — I am glad you sued the one who hit you. Yuh couldnt kick her in her you know what. No then you would be like them.

  522. Francis says:

    Tammy going to church and therapy is not enough you have to put these things into practice. It doesn’t matter what Keisha said about you to he friends that was private. People will talk about you till the day you leave the earth, but you can’t go around trying to avenge yourself again everyone who talks about you. You need to have a mentality of “so what who cares” I promise you ,life will be better for it. You need to exercise MERCY, cause one day you may need someone to show it to you. I think Keisha showed you mercy by not pressing charges.

  523. Maria, Maria says:


  524. javie says:

    give it a dammmmmmmmmmrest home girl…….all of you talk about each other, in front of and behind backs……what makes all of you (mostly you and Ev SO IMPORTANT , THAT PPL can’t talk about you……….NEWS FLASH………….REALITY SHOW…………all of us watching are TALKIING ABOUT YOU……..WE DON’T KNOW YOU, BUT WE SEE YOU……..AND YEAH……you are and have been bullying………….you say Keisha can’t stand up for herself…….but it’s a fool who sees a problemm and runs to it…….she handled ALL of your outburst in the best way…….she left YOUR space………….for the love of money you took this part, Shaunie set it up for the love of money…….wake up…… should move to LA and pursue your acting, (I liked you better), if you’re not like this then, show us………don’t tell us………..a fan whose hanging by a thread

  525. ok says:

    girl u are pitiful, u need to sit down and watch all the episodes of bbw and see what a ass u made of yourself on tv. I personally wouldnt even want to show my face on tv again, and you’re in your 40′s, u need god because i think he’s the only one that can help u. do u go to church? If not u should , u said that and she said u said this really tami, my 12 year old goes thru that type of stuff wow little girl u are a mess

  526. winnlu says:


  527. Jay_Dub1 says:

    Tami is SMART. That’s one thing anyone can say about her. She knows how to argue and spin things in a way that deflects any responsibility from her. The problem is, she feels like most of the watchers ain’t really smart enough to know what they’re seeing. I think she thinks we’re so ignorant that, we believe what we’re seeing isn’t exactly how it is so she’ll tell us how it is. She is a BULLY. She and Evelyn both are. We’ve seen Tami act bullyish/thuggish/aggressively with Jennifer, Meeka, Kenya and Kesha. She tried to attack Jennifer, she sucker punched Meeka, she tried to intimidate Kenya and she bullied Kesha. Unfortunately, for her, a lot of her fans(even the most hard-core ones) saw it for what it was and her actions backfired on her so she’s trying to clean it up. She wants to make like everything was edited to favor Kesha over her, when we all know that’s not the case. Then at the reunion, she tried to deflect and come at Jennifer for her bullying ways in the past, without acknowledging her own ways. The woman is a hood hypocrite.

  528. Dee Rock says:

    Say what yall want I will still like Tami.. Yes she went overboard but at the end of the day she was the only real person on the show.. Jennifer is so caught up on herself, i don’t even think she know what planet she is on.. Royce is to damn needy, I never seen a person go thru episode proclaiming love to every man she meets. Suzie just need to go somewhere, keisha and Kenya are just waste. They bring nothing to the show.. Shaunie doesn’t need to do anything but collect a check. She took this and made it a hit and now thats a successful Blk woman.. It is not her fault you have individuals who lack dignity she kept it classy and made everyone become something or relevant as Evelyn would say… No one new Evelyn, Royce, Jennifer, Suzie, Keisha or Kenya.. We knew Tami because of Real World but honestly who are these chicks? i will stay a Basketball Wives fan, I know I won’t be watching Evelyn and Ocho show that I do no.. It is what it is and each will have to take account for there own actions and I believe Tami will recognize her faults to make her a better person one day. Because that’s what life is! We look at ourselves and recognize our faults and try to make it right. So I conclude; if you are perfect person and never done anything wrong or harmful, then you are more than welcome to cast your stones.. Go ahead your perfect remember

  529. Valencia says:

    I have always agreed with you Tami, and I’ve said the same thing.. Kesha is NOT innocent, and has done plenty of lip-boxing behind the scenes. You shouldn’t stress about it one bit! @ the end of the, if people look beyond the outburst, you have always been real! Keep it that way, which I’m sure you have no problem doing! #Tami’s fan!

  530. ash101 says:

    As I am reading the comments on this past season of the show I am just amazed by how everyone wants to say that Tammi is a bully but some of you guys are being a bully too by saying negative stuff about Tammi or any other woman on the show. True that Tammi was kind of harsh what she said to Kesha could of been better, but Keesha wasn’t innocent instead of her saying what she had to say to Tammi she talked about her behind her back and also by doing interviews with radio stations and blog sites. Me if I tell someone just keep it 100 thats what I would expect for them to do, but guess what there are people that cannot keep it 100 and can talk the talk all day long but when asked or given the chance to say what they got to say the don’t do it.. So those who are saying negative about the show or about the women on the show you are kind of being a bully too…So be careful by what you say and how you say things.

  531. norfolkgirl1 says:

    Tami…you ARE a bully!!!