Basketball Wives Episode 5 Sneak Peek: We’ve Got A Lot To Talk About


This week has been pretty crazy, what with the cast of Basketball Wives taking to the internet to recap this most recent episode and call out their fellow cast members for their behavior on and off the screen. So in this week’s sneak peek, the ladies get together to talk about the last time they all got together to talk. Tami tells Shaunie about her confrontation with Kesha, but the drama is about to get even more heated because Shaunie is having a birthday party and everyone is invited. Ohh boy. Meanwhile, Suzie and Royce are down in North Carolina visiting Kesha in her hometown and the farm she grew up on. “Going from L.A. to Las Vegas, I’ve driven past farms, but I’ve never been on a farm,” Suzie explains. So this is going to be interesting.

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  1. Marlene says:

    Basketball Wives? There’s not a basketball wife in the group. A name change is in order. The behavior of the women so far this season has been despicable. Evelyn is back to the filthy mouth and fighting; defending a grown man who has admitted that he is unfaithful. Tami is continuing the intimidation and being just plain rude thing. Suzie is back to carrying stories which is what got her in trouble initially. Jen is not taking responsibility for anything. Shaunie is sitting back and watching the nonsense….some Queen Bee. Royce seems to be the only one who is moving on and staying away from the “hood rat” drama. Kenya and Keisha….not sure about them yet. At the end of the day..remove the drama and you have nothing. If these women have substance it has been not been portrayed on the show. What is being portrayed is the same stuff you can see at any bar or on any corner on Saturday night. Very disappointing and a black mark for women of any ethnicity.

  2. Blackbfly says:

    @Marlene, I was going to leave a comment, but you said it all. What I will say about Jen is a least she is standing up to the classless Evelyn. Their beef is that Jen is just to scared to tell Evelyn that she is making another mistake with another cheating ball player. Can’t be friends with someone if you are afraid to tell them the truth. Royce and Keisha should keep it moving… They would be better off staying away from the drama!

  3. Teresa Jernigan says:

    Jennifer, I can see that you were a good friend. One day Evelyn will too. Stay the course and
    good luck.
    Royce, you are a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of you and sometimes
    other woman will try to destroy you for that. And remember Father Knows Best.
    Tami, I too was locked up and tortured for days. With therapy and the proper education I can
    make a run for the oval office. I would like to be your friend.
    Suzie, there are war criminals out there that are longing for a beautiful woman to show them
    the road to redemption.
    Evelyn, you could lead Puerto Rico to statehood.
    Shaunie, you look like cleopatra, you can lead an African Nation out of despair.
    Would you ladies please join me in my journey to something greater than ourselves.
    It’s time to take care of Gods vagina

  4. J. Marie says:

    Evelyn, you are a pretty woman, but your behavior is terrible. No matter how you feel about somebody you can never physically touch them. Everybody is puzzled as to how for three seasons you talked so much garbage about Jennifer and Eric , and the minute Jennifer voices her opinion about ocho you get upset. Stop it, you are over 35 years old, you have a daughter in college, and you are getting married. Learn how to agree to disagree, but conduct yourself as a lady at all times. Stop arguing, fighting and cusing in public places, it is not a good look. When it is all said and done, Jennifer will be there for you when the rest of your so call friends won’t. Stop being so messy, Kiesha talked to you in confidence, just like meeka did last season and you went back and repeated everything. Grow up, please.

  5. Queen says:

    Honestly Tami, you need to tone it down…..your being mean and America is starting NOT to like you. Who gives you the right to act like that and pass judgement! You’ve changed and your acting like a trouble maker and it’s not cool. Most of you girls, including you Tami, are acting like middle school girls. I might have to find something else to watch in this time slot.