La La Anthony Gives Us An Exclusive Pre-Season Interview, Reveals New Full Court Life Cast


We caught up with La La Anthony recently — which is a miracle because the woman is doing SO much lately — to talk about the new season of La La’s Full Court Life and all of the other projects she’s juggling these days, and after our chat, we have to admit that we’re so excited for season two. In addition to the regular cast of characters that we know and love, La La’s bringing in some new faces, including radio DJ Charlemagne to the show, which you know is going to add some spice and drama to the mix. La La also talks about her new film, Think Like A Man, and who she’d vote for as the Greatest Woman In Pop Music. La La’s Full Court Life premieres on March 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
I’m excited for season two of Full Court Life, what are some new things we can expect from the second season?

Thank you! I think we’ve upped the ante some, we’ve added some more characters, Charlemagne being the main new one that we’ve added from the radio. You know, he’s a shock jock and he says what everyone else is scared to say, which can be good and bad at the same time, but I think it offers people a string opinion to talk about when we’re dealing with issues on the show, so I’m excited to have him be a part of it.

You’re probably going to have to bleep him a lot.

Um, I think from what I saw there’s a lot of bleeping. You know, he sparks a different opinion and brings a healthy debate to the show.

You’re so busy, you’ve also got a movie coming out, all of this is happening at the same time.

Yes! Think Like A Man comes out in April. I loved the Steve Harvey book so whenever you see something you love turned into a movie, it’s always exciting, and I think they did beyond justice by it. And just to be able to work with Kevin Hart and Taraji Henson and Gabrielle Union and all these great actors and actresses, it’s a great experience.

We did a Greatest Women In Pop Music bracket recently on, I was just wondering who you would choose if you had to pick the greatest woman?

Huge Katy Perry fan. But I think Nicki Minaj can go in the pop music category now, I’m a huge fan of hers and she’s also a friend. Those are the two that jump out in my mind right away.

Lady Gaga was our winner, but Katy Perry was definitely in the final 8.

I suspected she was the winner. I’m a big fan, but I figured everyone would have picked her.

Your make-up line is out now too.

Yes, Motives For La La. I’m excited, I’ve always wanted to do a make up collection, and I came out with this capsule collection that focused on beauty in every shade, that’s our slogan. I focused on foundation for African-American and Hispanic skin because I feel like everyone has issues finding the right foundation. I was just told we had to triple our order so I’m really happy that it’s doing so well.

Coming from a VJ background, is it different doing so much press on the other side of it, you’re the interviewee now instead of the interviewer.

I think maybe it was a little more weird in the beginning and I had to get used to it, but now I think I’m also a little more sensitive to the other side because I had to do the other side. It’s just interesting because of the goal I had, and now I’m seeing it kind of happening.
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