Learn Everything You Need To Know About Jersey Shore When It Gets The Pop Up Video Treatment All Weekend On VH1


Ever wonder where the concept of Jersey Shore came from? Or the origin of the duck phone? Or most importantly, which cast member first had sex in their grandmother’s car? Well, you’re welcome in advance, because you’re about to learn everything about this show that you ever wanted to know, thanks to Pop Up Jersey Shore. All weekend long, VH1 will be airing special Pop Up episodes of MTV’s biggest show ever, and we have an early look (as well as some of our favorite pop-up bubbles from the show below) to share with you. A full schedule of Pop Up Video: Jersey Shore is after the jump, so put on your comfiest Snooki slippers and settle in for a long weekend of guidos and boardwalk debauchery, with commentary.
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Friday – 3/16
10pm – Episode 101 (P)
11pm – Episode 103 (P)

Saturday – 3/17
9pm – Episode 105 (P)
10pm – Episode 106 (P)
11pm – Episode 108 (P)

Sunday Marathon– 3/18
2pm – Episode 101 (R)
3pm – Episode 103 (R)
4pm – Episode 105 (R)
5pm – Episode 106 (R)
7pm – Episode 108 (R)

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  1. Diogenes says:

    Pop Up used to be fun, smart, and (When necessary), snarky.
    I came across this by chance. This new show is a disgrace. Have you no shame?
    Please slink off and never skank up our culture again.
    (Disclaimer: I know the way things work. The audience is the product sold to the advertisers; the stupider the audience, the more likely that they will respond to advertising. Thus you will probably get good ratings from the 50 percent of the population with an IQ below 100. Even better ratings from those with an IQ significantly below 100…)
    From a Snob. (And proud of it.)

  2. vicky says:

    ronnie you and sammi are a good couple

  3. Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!