Join The Live Chat With Royce Reed Tuesday at 3 PM ET To Discuss All The Basketball Wives Drama On And Off Screen


As our VH1 Blog readers know, Royce Reed writes a weekly recap of Basketball Wives for us and it’s always one of this site’s most popular features. Royce is opinionated, honest, and doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to talking about herself and her co-stars, and that’s why we can barely contain our excitement when we tell you that Royce will be joining us live tomorrow for a Face To Face web chat where she’ll be discussing tonight’s episode and ALL the drama that unfolds. And of course, we’re definitely going to ask her about her current drama with Tami Roman as a result of her most recent blog post published here.

If you’ve seen our preview from tonight’s episode, you know that there’s so much more to discuss, from her trip to North Carolina to meet Kesha‘s family, to Shaunie‘s birthday party which is just another battlefield in the war between Jennifer and Evelyn. So tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the show, and log on to tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET for our chat with Royce which will be hosted by Shirea Carroll from Juicy Magazine, and will feature Christine Imarenezor from, Tracy Scott from S2S Magazine, and me, Liz Black. We’ll recap the show with Royce for a few minutes before turning the questions over to the fans, because we know you guys could go for a little face time with Royce. We. Can’t. Wait!!!
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  1. gina says:

    When Evelyn was into it with Tammy you never saw her starting the drama with Tammy. But since she has been into it with Jenn she wants to be the bignbad wolfe. I guess she knows who to mess with. Old as dirt and still acting like a little kid. She need to get off the gas!

  2. Ms. M says:

    Evelyn is such a loser!!! How self-serving to pretend to give Shaunie a birthday toast but mainly taking digs at Jennifer. Shaunie, I hope that you were able to see how you were used in that moment. Evelyn didn’t give a damn about ruining Shaunie’s birthday dinner. It’s all about Evelyn embarassing the people that she is with. She doesn’t have any morals, class or character so she doesn’t get embarassed from yelling and screaming in upscale places. It blows my mind that she thinks that she is all of that with her hood rat mentality.

    My opinion is Evelyn is jealous of Jennifer. Jennifer had a solid, stable and wealthy upbringing and now that she is a business woman making her own money without using her body or anyone to do it just drives Evelyn crazy. Another thing, Jennifer is not afraid of Evelyn and that drives Evelyn crazy too.. She wants to bully Jennifer by talking loud and making threats about what she is going to do. Evelyn just go back to the hood where you came from, we would have more respect for you. You are not building a name for yourself by hating on people who have a right to speak and live as they want.

    Jennifer, I applaud you for not backing down to this fu*k a man on the first date, wanta be somebody but is nobody knockoff. Also, if Evelyn puts her hand on you please sue her, don’t let her get away with it. Evelyn feels that since she has once again gets to be in a role to be with another athelete who has money she has arrived. NEWS FLASH: Marrying someone who has money is not a success story. Marry someone who sleeps with other women and accept it is not too much to write home about either. Oh my gosh, what a lot to give up of yourself, your dignity, just to marry someone with money. Someone with dignity can relate to that statement.

    Tami, you are the bully with the bad clothes and bad hair. You are ugly from the inside out. I bet you don’t even know what that mean. You, out of all people try to bully Kenya and she hasn’t done a thing to you. Kenya is beautiful without weave in her hair and you can’t stand it. Kenya can say whatever she wants when she wants to. How dare you try to put her on blast for saying what she felt that she needed to say. The biggest joke is, you have joined team with someone who slept with your husband and then told you that you were a non mfin factor. What does that say about you as a person? You want to jump on all of these other people but you want to be friends with the person who has disrespected you the most. Hungry to be friends with a hoe, you don’t have too much going in your life do ya?

    Jennifer, I applaude your success. You are doing things the right way and it’s paying off. I wish you much continued success. You deserve it!

  3. Amias says:

    I love Royce. She keeps it 100 and can hold her own with anyone. Bravo to Royce!

  4. Magdalena Dawson says:

    What the hell is wrong with Evelyn she has lost her mind it seems like she is a trip . all they do is he said she said what the hell act like ladys not like thugs.thugs in dress lmao

  5. muffet says:

    Evelyn is trash inside and out. Her behavior is that of an alley cat/rat, filthy, odorous, nasty. Tammy is a bully and is cut from the same cloth as Evelyn. Birds of a feather do stick together. I watched this show a few times and this new girl who is of mixed race is a breath of fresh air. She is truly a lady and I commend Royce for forming a friendship with her. Speaking of Royce, she is extremely beautiful and pleasant so I hope someone notices and give her a show of her own or rescue her from the vulgarity. She and the new girl (I forgot her name) should remain friends as they are the only ones that have some class. Jennifer, please do not roll in the mud with Evelyn. She is uneducated, vulgar and crude and she can’t help herself. Chad will give her what she has coming and she will find out that you were right all along.

  6. BeBe says:

    It seems that we are now seeing the “real” Evelyn. Before she was the underdog – not a true basketball wife, and separated from her basketball boyfriend. Now that she has finally landed a pro sport fiance and soon to be husband, we are seeing the suppressed anger and envy that she had towards Jennifer. Jennifer was everything that Evelyn wanted to be – a wife of a pro-sport man, of a good background, with a sense of style, and class. Evelyn wants Jennifer to “recognize” her position as the underdog in their friendship — and well Jennifer isn’t playing along. Evelyn, Evelyn… haven’t you learned ANYTHING? Ochocinco could be gone tomorrow or 10 years from now – and you have just alienated a friend because you weren’t able to rub your “lotto” win in her face. Get a therapist already – you are looking stupid and “irrelevant” LOL

  7. Victoria says:


  8. JAZ says:

    I am really disappointed in Evelyn with the way that she is treating Jenn, they were supposed to be friends, she all gun hole on Jen but she was not that way when it was her and Tammi, but that is beside the point you grown you have a daughter and you are actting a little childish for me come on now, sit down and talk it out like adults and if you can’t work it out then go your seperate way but be adult about it

  9. Linda Ilog says:


  10. LaaLaa says:

    I agree with the post that Gina wrote. When Evelyn was mad at Tammy yes she made t-shirts that talked about Tammy BUT she never stepped to Tammy the way she is with her supposedly best friend. She is so full of it and so is Tammy because she does not seem to listen to anyone and tries to out talk them all the time. She should be getting at Evelyn for selling those t-shirts. Tammy God people talking in conversation is different from people talking trash behind your back. Also SO WHAT people talk trash all the time and you don’t have to have issues with everyone. I know drama sells the television show but DAMN…Tammy don’t rep the hood that way and Evelyn don’t make enemies with your friend. You are not thugs ladies. Also Susie is the one people should want to beat down with her big mouth.

  11. Felicia says:

    I am so glad that Jenn is standing up for herself. Evelyn, is a hatter, and wants to be the star of the show. I can’t wait until Shonnie check her. Everytime someone is celebrating a birthday, or something important; here comes Evelyn jumping on the table, throwing water, wanting to be the center of attention. I can’t wait unti Ocho dump her than she will be back in Jenn”s face kissing ass. Evelyn really need someone to kick her in the ass and I hope its Tammy…

  12. Felicia says:

    Evelyn is from the Hood, and she acts like a High School Brat with no control. Shaunie knows that Shack wont’ allow her to act like Evelyn; of course Shaunie has more class but I wish Shaunie really check Evelyn and really tells her whats on her mind and just speak up about her disrespectful activity during her birthday.

  13. Felicia says:

    Oh, I left out the word “RAT” with the word hood for Evelyn. She’s to old to be acting that way and her daughter has more class then her mom.

  14. Felicia says:

    One thing about it, Royce stood up to Evelyn. Royce is just young trying to do her own thing she don’t have time for those old ladys. Gina, Evelyn was really affraid of Tammy. Ms talk a lot’ I don’t know what to say about her. One thing. Tammy was about to kick her ass talking about food stamps. I don’t know why she went there. I think that was her way of telling Tammys business to the new girls. I guess Jennifer, friends saw the last shows and told her about being a kiss ass.

  15. Jewels says:

    Oh chad is going to cheat on Evelyn and she knows it to, thats why she is so upset with the things that Jennifer has said. Hell even Chad knows that he will cheat on her, that is why she made that statement in the one episode when she mentioned I want him to look back at these pictures she was taking so he could see what he had, the things that are Important to them are not the average pesons reality but you keep watching becasue it is so amazing to see that people are acting like this well I quess like they say, TV just entertainment.

  16. JoRaMa says:

    I think it’s just simply disgusting how Evelyn acted towards Jennifer. That’s what’s wrong with Evelyn now she thinks everyone scared of her. Jennifer is not scared of her she always underestimate her opponents just because they seemed weak when you are there doesn’t mean they are just to let her know that. Have you ever noticed when Evelyn gets ready to “fight” someone she throws somehting at them to distract them from reacting quickly so she can get licks in. Come on now stop talking big and not backing up what you say. Then she has her assisstant jumping in to the fight Eveleyn grow up you have a daughter who needs to have a mature mother not some wild, loose, uneducated, immature 40 something little girl raising her. Jennifer stood her ground and didn’t run or back down from Eveleyn I mean who is Evelyn I would sit there to because she is the last person I would be scared of or run from. Royce would fo beat her know dount she was glad security came because she knew what was coming her way. Jennifer was funny when she said “I’M COLLEGE EDUCATED I DON’T NEED TO EXPLAIN WHAT DISREPECTFUL MEANS”

  17. michelle says:

    Royce, you’re a beautiful girl… but why act like a bada%$? Honey, you’re too light to fight and too thin to win. Sorry, but it’s true, you’re lucky somebody hasn’t snapped you like a twig yet.

  18. Maranda says:

    Please tell me how your able to even be in the same room as those immature ass females, all they seem to enjoy is drinking and talking crap, except Tammy I like how real she is…how do you maintain your path without interruption from those chic?

  19. Maranda says:

    the msg michelle posted about royce being to thin and to win and to light to fight, thats bs she throws down…and dont ever underestimate a smaller thin chic, i happen to know first hand being thinner and shorter that, thats not always the case….ive knocked plenty of big ass chics out….and a couple men so come at it better then that!!!!

  20. Sophia says:


    Why is Suzie doing the most this season….. Is Kenya crazy, laughing at her friend then trying to console her afterwards like come on knock it off, I cant wait till next weeks episode…

  21. Berlinda Brown says:

    Hey Royce..Let me start off by saying God be with you on this show..But I just don`t see the fit in here you are so laid back why Basketball Wives???

  22. jasmine says:

    OMGGGGG Gina i totally agreeeee.. that what i was saying she never picked on Tammy nor Royce the way she is doing Jenn. Evelyn constantly disrespect and call out Jenn, yet when she was up against Royce and Tammy she NEVER acted in such discuss!!

  23. Rob says:

    I just want to say that you are the finest woman on the show, Royce. I watch just to see your smile.

  24. Arthur Majalya says:

    How come their is always altercations on every episode?

  25. boycot? says:

    Evelyn needs to grow the hell up she acts like she is jealous, there is just to something not quite right about why she is so damn angry. For someone who has a child you have no class sorry just saying!

  26. Anione says:

    royce reed she leave basketball wives and have her own show I think its a little to late for that
    idea but did you know basketball wives season 4 was the last season the show was cancled
    thats what I heard down in LA another thing BIG ANG Comming this july