An Exclusive Chat With Kesha Nichols About Her Onscreen Conflicts, And How She Might Bring Some Muscle With Her To The Reunion


I sat down with Kesha Nichols this week to talk about her life as a basketball wife, and I think we had a great little chat. We took some photos of her for an upcoming post, we asked her about her most embarrassing childhood story (it’s a doozie), and of course we asked her what in the world is going on this season between all the women, and she was, much like she is on the show, honest, but not pot-stirring. She told me that filming wrapped on season four (an unprecedented twenty weeks of filming) this past weekend, so for now, she’s back in New York City, working on her dance company, Sugar and Spice, and enjoying the freedom that comes with the off-season. Of course, there’s always the reunion. We’ll get to that.

There’s been some drama online between Tami and Royce and I was wondering if you would talk about that and tell us how it’s affected you.

As far as Royce and Tami, I have nothing to do with their friendship and relationship. I have gone to Royce as a friend telling her my concerns, but I’ve never given her my opinion of Tami, I’ve never said anything bad about her. Royce is her own person, they have their own relationship, and she chooses to speak to Tami about Tami’s behavior, not for me, not because of me. Whatever is going on with them is between the two of them.

Tami has made it clear that she wants people to come to her with problems relating to her, but it’s natural for people to just talk to one another, I think, about their relationships with others. So how do you deal with it, knowing she has this strong feeling of how she wants people to treat her?

I do and say as I normally do. This is a reality show. In my life, I’ve never had someone say “This is how you treat me.” She said in the last episode “I don’t know Kesha from a can of paint,” well, I didn’t know her from a can of paint, so I won’t automatically walk up and have respect, you earn that. You build a relationship with someone, and before the foundation was even there, she just, like, ruined it and just like in real life, I stay away from people like that, I have no desire for that negativity in my life. I’m done.

I think the returning cast has all had this line of thought that you and Kenya already knew who they were and what they were about, so it’s their time to suss you out. Do you think that’s fair?

First, my life didn’t start the day that I came on this show, I have been on this earth for many years and I don’t judge people by what I see on TV, I wanted to get to know them as individuals. I had my conversation with Evelyn because I did know how Tami was to see how I should approach someone who has a short fuse and she went off on me for trying to figure out how to handle her. I had never met her, and you don’t give your opinion and start asking personal questions of someone you don’t know so early.

In this past episode, you bring Royce and Suzie to your family home, what was that like?

If you know me, then you know my family. If you’re in my life, then you’ve met my family. I’m really, really close with my Grandma, my Grandpa, my mom, and all my cousins. I’m an only child and an only grandchild, but my family is huge, my Grandpa has twelve brothers and sisters, my Grandma had eight brothers and sisters, and they have kids who have kids and for Suzie and Royce and everyone watching, I think once you see this episode you’ll realize why I am the way I am, I don’t have any ulterior motives, I’m just Kesha and that’s all I can be.

What did you think of Suzie showing up in her fur vest, she seemed a little out of place.

I mean, I didn’t think she was going to come out in overalls [laughs]. I mean, Suzie is going to be Suzie no matter where she is, so it was funny when I drove up in my Grandpa’s truck; Royce loved it but I think Suzie eventually got into the swing of things. It was just really nice, my favorite part was just having the crew there, the producers and the camera guys and just having them there eating chicken and dumplings meant a lot to me.

What’s been your favorite part of filming?

It’s definitely been an interesting opportunity to see how reality TV works. I really loved being in Miami, I have never spend a lot of time there. I wasn’t expecting to be BFFs with anyone, but Royce, I just love her and I’m so happy we have our friendship, she’ll be in my life for a long time.

What’s your relationship now with the rest of the women?

Evelyn has said a few times in her interviews that I came into this thinking it would be one thing and really it’s not. I thought the girls really hung out with each other in real life and they were down and the cameras just came to just follow what they were doing, but it’s not like that. Things are set up. I probably wouldn’t have gone to have drinks with Jen or gotten to know Evelyn, but I would say I have a cool relationship with Evelyn, but I don’t really speak much to the other women.

What do you anticipate happening at the reunion?

Um, I’ll probably show up with some bodyguards. [Laughs] No, I don’t know, I’m not looking forward to it.

[Photo: Colin Gray/VH1]

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