An Exclusive Chat With Kesha Nichols About Her Onscreen Conflicts, And How She Might Bring Some Muscle With Her To The Reunion


I sat down with Kesha Nichols this week to talk about her life as a basketball wife, and I think we had a great little chat. We took some photos of her for an upcoming post, we asked her about her most embarrassing childhood story (it’s a doozie), and of course we asked her what in the world is going on this season between all the women, and she was, much like she is on the show, honest, but not pot-stirring. She told me that filming wrapped on season four (an unprecedented twenty weeks of filming) this past weekend, so for now, she’s back in New York City, working on her dance company, Sugar and Spice, and enjoying the freedom that comes with the off-season. Of course, there’s always the reunion. We’ll get to that.

There’s been some drama online between Tami and Royce and I was wondering if you would talk about that and tell us how it’s affected you.

As far as Royce and Tami, I have nothing to do with their friendship and relationship. I have gone to Royce as a friend telling her my concerns, but I’ve never given her my opinion of Tami, I’ve never said anything bad about her. Royce is her own person, they have their own relationship, and she chooses to speak to Tami about Tami’s behavior, not for me, not because of me. Whatever is going on with them is between the two of them.

Tami has made it clear that she wants people to come to her with problems relating to her, but it’s natural for people to just talk to one another, I think, about their relationships with others. So how do you deal with it, knowing she has this strong feeling of how she wants people to treat her?

I do and say as I normally do. This is a reality show. In my life, I’ve never had someone say “This is how you treat me.” She said in the last episode “I don’t know Kesha from a can of paint,” well, I didn’t know her from a can of paint, so I won’t automatically walk up and have respect, you earn that. You build a relationship with someone, and before the foundation was even there, she just, like, ruined it and just like in real life, I stay away from people like that, I have no desire for that negativity in my life. I’m done.

I think the returning cast has all had this line of thought that you and Kenya already knew who they were and what they were about, so it’s their time to suss you out. Do you think that’s fair?

First, my life didn’t start the day that I came on this show, I have been on this earth for many years and I don’t judge people by what I see on TV, I wanted to get to know them as individuals. I had my conversation with Evelyn because I did know how Tami was to see how I should approach someone who has a short fuse and she went off on me for trying to figure out how to handle her. I had never met her, and you don’t give your opinion and start asking personal questions of someone you don’t know so early.

In this past episode, you bring Royce and Suzie to your family home, what was that like?

If you know me, then you know my family. If you’re in my life, then you’ve met my family. I’m really, really close with my Grandma, my Grandpa, my mom, and all my cousins. I’m an only child and an only grandchild, but my family is huge, my Grandpa has twelve brothers and sisters, my Grandma had eight brothers and sisters, and they have kids who have kids and for Suzie and Royce and everyone watching, I think once you see this episode you’ll realize why I am the way I am, I don’t have any ulterior motives, I’m just Kesha and that’s all I can be.

What did you think of Suzie showing up in her fur vest, she seemed a little out of place.

I mean, I didn’t think she was going to come out in overalls [laughs]. I mean, Suzie is going to be Suzie no matter where she is, so it was funny when I drove up in my Grandpa’s truck; Royce loved it but I think Suzie eventually got into the swing of things. It was just really nice, my favorite part was just having the crew there, the producers and the camera guys and just having them there eating chicken and dumplings meant a lot to me.

What’s been your favorite part of filming?

It’s definitely been an interesting opportunity to see how reality TV works. I really loved being in Miami, I have never spend a lot of time there. I wasn’t expecting to be BFFs with anyone, but Royce, I just love her and I’m so happy we have our friendship, she’ll be in my life for a long time.

What’s your relationship now with the rest of the women?

Evelyn has said a few times in her interviews that I came into this thinking it would be one thing and really it’s not. I thought the girls really hung out with each other in real life and they were down and the cameras just came to just follow what they were doing, but it’s not like that. Things are set up. I probably wouldn’t have gone to have drinks with Jen or gotten to know Evelyn, but I would say I have a cool relationship with Evelyn, but I don’t really speak much to the other women.

What do you anticipate happening at the reunion?

Um, I’ll probably show up with some bodyguards. [Laughs] No, I don’t know, I’m not looking forward to it.

[Photo: Colin Gray/VH1]

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  1. Linsey says:

    It was very heartless and foul how Evelyn addressed the issue between Kesha with Tami. It was ruthless, cold-blooded, and totally nasty. Evelyn was never interested in being a friend to Kesha from the start. We were upset when Kesha trusted Evelyn period. Kesha is very gorgeous, elegant, and professional . Unfortunately, with those great qualities, Kesha will never fit in with such classless females. We would be very unhappy with Kesha, if she ever tries to be friends with any of the cast member, except Royce.

  2. Keisha is a Lady says:

    Keisha is a beautiful woman who acts like a lady! (Royce is too)… The other gals could learn a lot from Keisha’s morals and manners.

    Stay sweet Keisha and stick to your convictions, don’t let the ugliness of the others rub off on you. Stay strong with your manners and charm, it is the epitome of what a lady should be!

  3. WE LOVE KESHA says:

    Kesha, we are glad to see your BLOG. Keep being Kesha, because we love how you handled the situation between you and Terrible Tami. We were so proud to see, that you did not bend to Tami’s uncivil behavior. Viewers across the globe did not like the manner in which Tami confronted you PERIOD. The Social Networks were overloaded with Tami & Evelyn’s hate mail. You did not deserve such ill treatment. Tami is a distraught female. We say Tami is a female because she is not deserving of the title of WOMAN. Kesha, do not trust any of the cast members, except Royce.

    Tami is emotionally challenged.
    Evelyn is evil and emotionally challenged.
    Kenya is a distraught soul.
    Suzie is a sneaky, two-face, snake in action.
    Shaunie is all about the money. All of the female cast mates can destroy one another, while Shaunie lay back, watch the fights, and earn big bucks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Whateva! Kesha is supposed to be the sweet, Southern girl who is so innocent! PUH-LEASE!
    Next week’s episode shows her throwing Kenya under the bus, like everyone else on the show. She is no different…she just hides it better than the rest.

  5. SISTERS says:

    We must admit that our temperatures goes up, every time VH1 re-run the last episode, with Tami trying to put down Kesha. Tami does not have self-respect, she disrespects everyone around her, and she is not a very bright female. Tami is aware of her flaws and failures, this is why she so mad at herself. Kesha is a beautiful, smart, and professional WOMAN. We were so very happy that Kesha did not lower herself to Tami’s disgraceful level during the bicker. Tami’s behavior was very disturbing to viewers across the globe, social networks blew up with Tami hate mail.
    Tami really ruined her reputation, this time around, which she destroyed when she slapped Meeka in the face. Kesha keep being a REAL WOMAN (pretty, intelligent, and professional) and do not let anything like Tami take it away. In addition; Evelyn, Suzie, and Kenya are worthless females for supporting and enjoying Tami’s hideous behavior.

  6. SHAY says:

    Kesha stay real, fo not let money, fame, and fortune ruin your exellent character. Money is the root of all evil, and evil is taking over BBW.

  7. Gandy says:

    Kesha we love your BLOG and we love how you answered the questions from the interview. Please be prepared to speack up for yourself at the reunion. You are a real woman, and we know without a doubt that you can handle yourself appropriately when being attacked by vicious females. Handle your business Kesha. Get educated before the reunion. Terminate these evil females with professionalism, smarts, and educated feedback. We love Royce too, because she can handle these female fleas like a real woman.

  8. IRRELEVANT (too small to see) says:

    MAKE THEM IRRELEVANT (too small to see) March 19, 2012 at 11:41 am
    Kesha you should keep Evil Evelyn & Terrible Tami at a distant. Never lower your standards to mention any of these five females’ names (Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, Suzie, Kenya) in any conversation period. They should be totally gone, forgotten, and invisible. Keep it moving. Suzie is a faker, snaker, and snitch. I am a viewer and when I am out and I hear conversations about BBW, I listen, but I do not join in on the conversation period. I am too ashamed to let anyone know that I have watched such a violent show. However, after the last episode I am finished. Because I found myself disturbed and thought about things that would definitely lower my standards if spoken. If Tami and her crew wants to be IRRELEVANT, then make that happen by making them totally invisible/ too small to see).

  9. listen sweetie donot get into that group. its nothing but DRAMA1DRAMA1DRAMA1. especially watch EVELYN shes a snake in a dress!!!!!!!. anyone who turns on their best friend about a damn blog is not trust worthy of being a friend. SHAUNIE is a great person. JEN is just CLUELESS. just be careful ok

  10. Nicole says:

    Im so tired of people judging Kesha. They just want what she has beauty,elegance,class and shes very smart. They really hate on the pretty girls. Evelyn looks like the demon. Remember that movie. Tammi needs to check herself into some kinda institiution. why? Its so obvious that her therapy isnt working. Like royce said the fact that you say rude and nasty hurtfull things that are not called for is wrong. The worst part is tammi doesnt care at all. Thats what royce was tryingto tell her but noooo you can never tell that girl anything. She wont listen. Now i see why her ex husband signed a prinup on the day they got married behind her back. She is crazy and he new she would try and take all hs accets. Shes a bad example for anybody with mental issues. Wonder if she has been diagnosed with some rare disease called Mean spirited

  11. QUEENY says:

    @IRRELEVANT & @SHIRLEY A. BROWN — Love your posts. But, I do not feel Shaunie is trustworthy. She has not displayed any sense of concern for the girls fighting. Shaunie maybe a smart business woman, but she is not in anyway a mentor. Kesha do not trust Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, Kenya and Suzie period. Kesha stay cool, calm, aware, gorgeous, and intelligent and you will be successful.

  12. DELORIS says:

    Kesha, stay focused, and keep your enemies in eyes view. Do not fall into hateful traps and do not fall for evil setups. Tami & Evelyn are a threat to themselves, because they are so money hungry. We truely believe Tami & Evelyn will turn against their own family and their children, all for the love of Money, Fame, and Fortune.

    Kesha your fan base is growing by the minute. You had so much love and support from viewers across the globe after the last episode (Tami name calling and racial remarks) it was amazing. Social Networks were crashing from Tami hate mail.

  13. Bee says:

    I appreciate VH1 and Kesha shedding light on biracial individuals and how offensive it is for people to ask “what are you?” Why does it matter? So you know how to treat me, talk to me? If you want to know about a person’s ethnic background take a minute to get to know them!!!!!

  14. Danielle says:

    Shut up! You are fake and whack! You are an instigator and a liar! Your fifteen minutes of fame are almost up. I am from the country as well, and that don’t make you any better or more down to earth than anyone else! You are just trying to capitalize on a situation that makes you look like an idiot! Have some respect for yourself and be real and truthful. SMH! You are whack! You give bi-racial people a bad name!!!

  15. lajon says:

    Kesha I have to that U opened youself up and allowed viewers to see who you really are and where u come from.. U may not belong on “REALity TV” why because u come across as genuine and thers no room for that on “reality tv”

  16. TEAM KESHA says:

    Kesha keep your head up, stay focused on Kesha. Keep working on your dance company, Sugar and Spice. We would love to see you dance on the show. We are sure the other female cast mates will just roll over in hate. Kesha you a gorgeous young lady and truly blessed to be an original. Kesha represents Brains and Beauty.

  17. KAYLA says:

    Kesha you should be proud to hear the viewers positive feedback. You have supporters on all the Social Networks. You are doing an excllent job representing CLASSY WOMEN.

  18. LANA says:

    Kesha, my son in college, just love you and your accent. You and Royce are classy ladies.

  19. i love the show you is one of my favore.

  20. Beyoncca says:

    Kesha is so phony. I ‘m tired of bi-racial people claiming their “BLACK” instead of owning their race. If your so proud call yourself a bi-racial women instead of a black woman. Why would you want to claim the black and deny the white. You were raised by an entire family of white people, so why do you identify yourself as an African American Woman, which is what Kesha said to Evelyn.
    I am mixed with Indian and all my life I’ve been asked ” what are you”. I’ve been told by kids and adults “you have white people hair”. Tami did nothing wrong. I’ve never taken offense. That question is commonly asked in the black community. Kesha hasn’t been raised around any black people and it shows. Black people have so many REAL reasons to be offended that being asked “what nationality are you ” are the least of our concerns. I believe Kesha’s that typical mixed person that resents anyone darker because they think that’s the way to prove your blackness, the darkk skin. If Kesha had darker skin I doubt she would be so easily offended. I’ve been around bi-racial people and they try too hard to “prove their blackness” by either talking extra ethnic or using ethnic gestures. They do too much! Be yourself.
    Team Tami

  21. Misty says:

    I love the show, my dvr box records all seasons of basketball wives. My only problem is… women mainly black women, why be so darn ignorant. The ladies are all beginning to make me not want to watch with their ugly ghetto ways. Tammie looks like a crab and demands too much respect but doesn’t give out respect. Royce is ok but reminds me of a premature baby. Susie the zebra is a mess starter and clueless, I have yet found her purpose on the show. Evelyn is the talking lion and needs to set an example for her child. I like keisha, Kenya needs to sit in the corner. Jen is doing what real women do, focus on self and self improvement and motivation, she still looks like something off wizard of oz. I wonder what the heck is wrong with the basketball husbands. Ron Artez wife was so popped they took her off, I bet because of the ratings, she’s undergoing reconstructive surgery or something.

  22. TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL (make them pay) says:

    @Katrina — Evelyn is not picking on Jennifer, she is flat out harassing Jennifer. My advice to Jennifer and Kesha would be to get a third party/legal assistance involved, before Evelyn & Tami provokes them into a physical altercation. Jennifer and Kesha should stay clear of Evelyn & Tami let them talk as much trash as they like. However, if they attempt to take it to a physical level, file a lawsuit fast-, quick- in a hurry. The same holds true for Kasha’s issue with Tami. If VH1 will not and cannot take care of the criminal behavior from Tami & Evelyn, make them pay. Jennifer and Kesha, your supporters/viewers already know that that Tami & Evelyn do not frighten you. This matter is not about fear. This is a matter of making your self-respect, moral fiber, and professional career a top priority. Hit those criminals’ pockets; make them pay you a salary for their physical attacks and harassment.

  23. BI-RACIAL PEOPLE says:

    People claim the race of their father’s. Therefore, if Kesha has a white mother and Black father, she is BLACK. Bi-racial people have a very hard time like any other race. Every race suffer and every race experience discrimination. The race issue should never be a part of the show, and it should not be a discussion on the show. It is a very sensitive subject. We already have enough racist across the world. We are all human beings and that should be good enough. Tami comments offended millions of viewers. The Social Networks went crazy with hate mail. We do not need that type of racial activity on National TV, in our schools, or our communities.

  24. Keep it Real says:

    When did Tami and Evelyn become such BFF’s. Wasn’t that long ago that Tami was itching to woop up on Evelyn a**. Now they plotting and as Evelyn says they’re good at figuring out whose lying…please!! Evenlyn set Kesha up at that dinner and opened the floor up for Tami to go at her for basically nothing all. It was horrifying to watch. Kenya laughing wasn’t no better and why is Suzie the tag along for everything. Kesha even shouldn’t even concern herself with them.

    Evelyn was talking about Jen was smelling her own pee pee (such an unclassy thing to say) but if that’s the case I think it’s the other way around. Evenlyn just mad that Jen ain’t kissing that behind. She’s her own woman now and moving on from the drama in her life not needing a man to define her. Evelyn think Ocho is the ish and he isn’t get a clue!

  25. oh10 says:

    Kesha should have never said anything to that two-faced Evelyn. Evelyn is a troublemaker and looks like a super hating drama queen. How could Chad like someone with such a horrible hating personality? She just had to go and open her mouth at Shaunie’s party and make herself look like a fool (once again). Jennifer keeps it classy…..

  26. I Speak The Truth says:

    VH1 needs to remove Tami and Evelyn. It is sick that VH1 is promoting grown women assaulting one another and bullying. Shame on Shaunie for being behind it all and encouraging it, you are what you participate in.

    This is NOT the way grown women act, this thug mentality is sick. You can dress up in all the expensive clothing and shoes you want to, but when you act like that you are not a lady, nor one with any class or character. A lady who reverts to foul language, abusive behavior, physical or verbal, just exposes herself as a simple minded low class imbecile. Tami and Eveyln show their ignorance, and almost seem proud of acting like thugs trying to intimidate others into submission or chase them off the show, it is disgusting behavior. Shaunie seriously should be embarrassed that she is teaching her kids that this kind of adult behavior is ok.

    It so is not ok. I imagine all of their ex boyfriends and ex husbands are glad to be rid of these women acting like this, Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie should not have kids, role modeling and participating and encouraging violence and abuse, is NOT good parenting!

    Jennifer’s haughtiness is ugly too, not near as ugly as Tami and Evelyn’s abusive behavior, but it still is ugly the way Jennifer looks down her nose at others and their lifestyles. Suzie is a pot stirrer who sits back ringing her hands with glee when she gets everyone riled up. Shaunie just smirks at it all because she exploits these women for her own financial gain.

    VH1 seriously needs to fire Tami and Evelyn. To continue encouraging this kind of violence and abuse is reckless and jeopardizes the safety of others. It is not ok.

  27. Keisha is a Lady says:

    @Danielle, Kesha and Royce are the only ladylike rational women on that show! They don’t stoop to the levels of foolery and violence that the other mean girls on that show do.

    I think the way Kesha responded to Tami was great, made Tami look the fool. Well actually Tami and Evelyn make themselves look foolish, Kesha just has a lady like way of responding and does not stoop to their level of ignorance.

    Good for Kesha and Royce for staying sweet and not stooping to the level of ignorance that the rest do.

    I love her manners, her morals, and that she stays true to herself. Don’t cave to the levels the others do Kesha and Royce.

  28. WILLOW says:

    I agree KESHA is a classy young lady. As they say, the first impression is a lasting impression. It is obvious that Kesha has many supports and the viewers are loving her. BBW needs more women on the show like Royce and Kesha.

  29. QUEENY says:

    Tami & Evelyn are not very happy about Royce and Suzie hanging out with Kesha. We are happy Royce had a good time with Kesha, but we have absolutely no comment about Suzie. Suzie was only there, to gather gossip for Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn, and Kenya. First of all Tami & Evelyn should drink zero alcohol, because of their mental instability. Shaunie did not invite Royce and Kesha mainly because she knew Tami & Evelyn would have a problem with it. It was obvious not a party for CLASSY WOMEN. However, Shaunie so happen to invite Jennifer, knowing Evelyn would try to attack her. This was a setup and trap. Shaunie needs to straighten up her devious act. The viewers are aware of Shaunie’s hidden insecurities and flaws. Money cannot make them disappear.

  30. Yvonne says:

    Keisha that was really cool how you handled that situation with Tami. I know it was hard, but you proved to be the bigger person. I know your family was very proud of you. You didn’t allow Tami to pull you down to her level. I don’t know how long your personality will fit in with this show; clearly, you are not in the same class as some of the others or ‘the circle’. Regardless, stay true to yourself. Wishing you the best.

  31. SHAYLA says:

    @TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL (make them pay) — fantastic post and great advice on how to handle being BULLIED in a professional manner. JENNIFER, KESHA, and ROYCE this is great advice for the three of you. There are laws against BULLYING in the workplace, exercise your rights. IIf VH1 cannot address the verbal attacks, defamation of character, and harassment (unlawful activity) then you three take it to a legal level. Your have all the proof you need in your hands, it is televised (National TV). Now the three of you take it to the legal level. The Social Networks are proof as to who are the BULLIES/criminals on BBW. Your supporters and viewers are in your corner, all the way to the courtroom.

  32. KAYKAY says:

    @Jennifer – KENYA ought to have been thrown under the bus, after enjoying Tami vicious behavior towards KESHA. Unfortunately, KENYA is a complete ball of mess on her own. KENYA presents herself as a very shaky female, bamboozled female, that is very hungry for money and fame. KENYA proved her desperation when she went to TOO TALL TAMI for advice and assistance. TOO TALL TAMI own daughters do not want business advice from their won mom. However, the viewers do believe SHAKY KENYA, EVIL EVELYN, and TOO TALL TAMI should be the best of friends. They are all counterfeit and untrustworthy.

  33. LENARDO says:

    @ROBIN, we agree with your post. VH1 must stop the violence and verbal abuse on BBW. High ratings should never take priority over cast members safety and well-being. Laws against BULLYING are being enforced in our schools. VH1 should have zero tolerance for VIOLENCE for the REALITY SHOWS. Our children are practicing and acting out what they see on TV.


    KESHA do not need an apology from Tami for saying what was truly on her cold-heart and idiotic mind. Tami has done enough damage to herself by her hateful behavior and offensive verbal attacks. The only thing KESHA really need from Too Tall Tami, is for her to stay in her own little miserable world. KESHA keep smiling. Give Tami your support by issuing your signature of approval for her NON-EXISTENCE. Tami cannot and will never be able to survive in KESHA’s classy and successful world.

  35. HEARTLESS says:

    KESHA,JENNIFER, & ROYCE stay focus. Enjoy your roles on BBW to the fullest. We wish you much success. Our advice to you is that TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beautfy of CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  36. Ty'Calier says:

    ..@Beyoncca if u r bi-racial wt race r u? & if u r nt dark skin u r nt concered black wt world do u live n…Kesha is a lady u all should try n b one someday.. TEAM REAL RESPECTABLE LADIES

  37. margo says:

    I don’t think you belong on the show-You are too scary. I think you threw Kenya under the bus and if you are so loving and kind hearted. I think you wouldn’t have done that. Kenya was just going off your constant negative feed back-I don’t think you realize how negative you were being. You kept rolling your eyes-non-negative non-verbal communication and you kept saying “I don’t want my name on this” We all understood but if you could have handle it in a constructive way-then Kenya would have gotten it. I believe she would but by you saying things made her feel you were attacking her-but I don’t think that wasn’t your intent-but you seem too snobbish about it.

    Yes she laughed at you but so what Everybody laughs at each other and they all talk about each other-they don’t all own up- so why should Kenya-and plus God is the one we all have to answer to. Scary people don’t belong on Basket Ball Wives.

    You can do better