Kesha Nichols Shows Off Her Boy Band Moves And Clears Up Some Rumors On Big Morning Buzz Live


Kesha Nichols swung by Big Morning Buzz Live today to chat with Carrie Keagan about being the new girl on Basketball Wives, which she says was like re-living the first day of high school all over again. Carrie got right into it with Kesha, asking her if she thinks Tami will ever apologize so that they can mend their relationship. “She will never apologize,” Kesha replied. “I’m sorry, I don’t think she’s the apologizing type.”

A couple more fun facts we learned from this clip: she’s a former shoe model, she loves boy band choreography (New Kids On The Block, to be exact) and isn’t afraid to whip it out if asked, and no, she never tried to get Kenya’s husbands phone number. Watch the full clip of Kesha’s appearance above. Basketball Wives airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. BasketballFan says:

    Kesha, lemme ask you just one question sweets, how DID Kenya’s husband get YOUR NUMBER in order to text you honeydip??? It’s obvious you slipped it to him. You definately set the record straight for myself,Tami, and Kenya. And when you realized you were caught up, you told Kenya about it. I knew it was something sneaky about you… You seem like the “PRETTY LITTLE LIER” type of females to me… just my thoughts….

  2. IMO says:

    Love Kesha! Royce and Kesha are the only basketball wives I like, the rest have mental issues and rage problems.

    Stay sweet Kesha, don’t get trashy and high school like Tami, Evelyn, Suzi, Shaunie and Jennifer.

  3. URSULA says:

    ROYCE, we love your mature look this season . KESHA, we love your accent. The two of you presents yourselves as mature, sexy, and intelligent ladies. Stay real. Keep working on your friendship, we think you will develop a true sister-like relationship. Royce can teach Kesha streets sense, and Kesha can teach Royce business sense.

  4. PRETTY LADY says:

    KESHA, I can not DREAM OFw many men are barking up your beautiful tree. Just do not let anybody (male & females) knock you off track. Please stay far away from any male that has been close to KENYA. It is not worth your time and energy. KESHA do not get caught up in the madness and belittle yourself.


    KESHA do not need an apology from Tami for saying what was truly on her cold-heart and idiotic mind. Tami has done enough damage to herself by her hateful behavior and offensive verbal attacks. The only thing KESHA really need from Too Tall Tami is for her to stay in her own little miserable world. KESHA keep smiling. Give Tami your support by issuing your signature of approval for her NON-EXISTENCE. Tami cannot and will never be able to survive in KESHA’s classy and successful world.

  6. HEARTLESS says:

    KESHA, stay focus. Enjoy your role on BBW to the fullest. We wish you much success. Our advice to you is that TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beautfy of CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  7. Patrick says:

    Dear BMB Live,

    What’s with the news blurbs on Big Morning Buzz Live??? Grrrrrr…. totally un-related photos side by side your news blurb photos…. i.e. “Kim K. get’s powered” next to a pic of Jennifer Love Hewitt??? Or better yet Jason Biggs new American Pie photo juxtaposed a cameo of Josh Hutcherson??? … so i’m just here to wine about how annoying that it’s… that’s all :D THANKS!!! I still LOVE Big Morning Buzz Live!

  8. Angel says:

    Kesha, you are too classy to even worry about Tami and Evelyne. You come from completely different worlds and in her world, if you have class and a gentle heart , then you aren’t “really black” because apparently she thinks that in order to be “black” you have to be loud and ignorant. Let’s just say, Tami could never be a Michelle Obama. And Evelyne is fake and does things just so that she can look tough on the show. There’s no true motivation behind her getting an attitude at that dinner, But when someone’s lips are glued to someon’s behind, they have no choice but to follow their path. Keep your head up Kesha!

  9. Theresa says:

    Kesha, You are a beautiful bi-racial Woman, your intelligent and you have so much going on
    for yourself. I too went threw all the name calling and such. So keep your head high and just
    know that you are a very special Woman with a purpose in this life. Don’t ever let that name
    calling bring you to another place. Stay just the way you are. BEAUTHFUL!