She Said/She Said: Jennifer And Evelyn Recap Basketball Wives Episode 5 On Their Blogs


Both Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams will be maintaining their own blogs this season in order to give their own sides of the story presented onscreen on Basketball Wives. We’ve been checking in with these blogs each week, as well as posting Royce Reed‘s recaps which are exclusive to the VH1 Blog to give you guys the most comprehensive coverage we can. (And when the other ladies feel the urge to recap, we don’t leave them out either!) This week, though, Jennifer and Evelyn address their fight at Shaunie‘s party. Per usual, we’ve condensed their posts, so head to their sites to read everything they’ve written.

Jennifer says:

Phillipes, Phillipes! SMH! Where do I start? Let’s just say the drinks were flowing and that is normally when things go left. First off, my speech was not about myself it was about how I thought Shaunie was a good example for me to look at because I feel she made the best out of a negative situation and she is now happy. But again, the beauty of editing! As you have watched me for three seasons now, I am never the loudest one in the room, I do not try to be nor do I want the focus on me. Overall, I think what happened at Phillipes was immature and unfortunate. Sadly, sometimes when the red light on the camera comes on you never what you are going to get. I call it the Red Light Special! “You ain’t about this life.” Hmmm, what life is that? The life I am about is trying to be happy and making strides to be an independent woman. Overall, I hope Shaunie enjoyed her birthday despite the drama!

“Jennifer has changed.” Now all of a sudden if I’m out in NYC with my friends outside of the show it’s a problem? It is refreshing to not have to talk about the drama of Basketball Wives all the time. And we all have friends outside of the show. I have always split my time between Miami and NYC so its obvious I am going to have friends here. I am single and why not enjoy myself? It’s so easy to point the finger and say what someone else has done but try pointing it at yourself and see what happens. We all have flaws and make mistakes. All I can say is I am happy with the direction my life has gone and the family and friends who now play a role in my life, I am not going to let the pettiness upset me.

Evelyn’s up next, she writes:

The reason why we were laughing during Kenya’s speech is because that was only our third time filming with her so for her to even feel like she wanted to give a speech, shocked the sh*t out of us. We didn’t know Kenya from a can of paint and it was all very strange.
Oh Suzie…that alcohol is a BEAST. You know, I grew up on welfare; I had my daughter on welfare and on WIC. No one wants to be reminded of those hardships during a birthday dinner in front of everyone. However, if Suzie were sober, she would have NEVER said that. Listen, I am going to be all the way real! We were all having a cool time and I was buzzed prior to the second toast to Shaunie, so I know how Suzie must have felt because had I been sober, I would have never given that second speech. I’m glad I made that comment about loyalty though because being a “loyal friend” is important to me and Shaunie has been a loyal friend that has NEVER changed.
What makes me so angry is that Jen really doesn’t get it and she keeps telling people she doesn’t understand why I’m so angry. AGAIN, when you are supposed to be a LOYAL friend, you just don’t go popping off at the mouth on the radio or turn to a blog to talk crap about your friend and her man. Jen isn’t the type of person to sincerely apologize and this is where a portion of my anger lies. Jen’s thought process really is that transparent! Because she’s a college graduate and grew up a certain she thinks she’s better than everyone else. My thing is, even if that was my situation, I would never talk down to anyone else or ever talk about someone’s livelihood or how much money they have in the bank during an argument.I don’t care about any of those things and would never attack where someone came from.
There is so much going on behind the scenes that you guys don’t see. It may look like I’m getting angry for no reason but there is so much more to the story and I can’t WAIT for you all to see the real deal. As the show progresses I promise you ALL will have an A-HA moment and be truly AMAZED.
In spite of what was aired, we were all so excited to be at Shaunie’s dinner! It wasn’t all drama, I promise! I’m hoping on the next week’s episode, production will air some of the REAL fun we had.

Oh, and although it doesn’t have any bearing on this drama, Evelyn also makes a pointed comment toward Royce in her blog, saying “Who the hell does Royce think she is, Dr. F’N Phil, with all of her opinions. Tami has been nothing but loyal to Royce and in my opinion is the only reason Royce is still even relevant. I’m just saying. She needs to be real careful with that.” We turn this over to you all now…discuss!

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  1. Marie says:

    OMG!! Shut up Eve, Im so tired of her trying to act like she is little miss perfect when 95% of the drama is because of her. She doesn’t know the first thing about being LOYAL, in any relationship, rather its friendship or partnership. BOOOOOO I’m so ready for her 15 minutes to be up.

  2. MultDarealdeal says:

    evelyn and jen both of yall are some very stylish beautiful women. but dummies why are yall letting pettiness ruin yalls friendship. do yall know the other ladies on the show are lovin yalls arguments. stop it real friends dont fall off and ev u talked about jens hubby so whats the different? yall all need to take your energy and use it against the bully tammy since all of you are afraid of her. shes able to do and say whatever and yall do nothing. she knows all yall scared. and notice at shaunies drama day dinner she never said please act like ladies and no trippin at my dinner. did she? No! she wanted the drama she is so messy i cant stand her

  3. Shy Syl says:


    Ochocinco’s baby’s mamas should not allow Evelyn around their kids. She is successfully being an embarassment for her own! Great example Evelyn.

  4. CS3 Fan says:

    Evelyn, you are jealous of Jen. Get over it and move on. You wanted her to die of envy when she saw that ridiculous ring that Chad bought you, but she was like “uh, girl, maybe try something new…” and that P*SSED you off to no end. Now Jen is single and loving it and It’s so freaking obvious that you hate her for it. I agree with all the other posters that you should be thinking of the HORRIBLE example that you are setting for your daughter.

  5. Sha says:

    Evelyn and Jen, both of you use to my be favorite Basketball wives out of both shows;(only watched LA version 1 time turned me off from the start) I really respected both of you game, it was my only reason for watching the show. This season I have lost respect for the both of you; I understand both of your viewpoints, it hurts when friends hurt you. But one thing I want you both to know is that sometimes when people come into your life they are only there for a season and when that season is over it is time for us to move on and take what we have learned and use in our next friendship/relationship. I have become so disenchanted how you both are handling this as minority women; girls look up to you both they want to be like you. Evelyn you have a daughter is that the image you want to portray to your daughter always in the mix of drama. You are about to celebrate a very special day in your life celebrate that dont let the hype change you; you are a strong hispanic women setting new goals raising young girls dreams of making it; dont let BW be your legacy.

  6. Kells says:

    Like Royce said “fake friendship.” These women are very high school. So what Jenn wants to hang out with other people. It’s surprising they can see themselves on this show and not understand why she wouldn’t. They are disrespectful, rude, loud, obnoxious hoodrats half of the time. Kudos to Jenn for figuring out she’s above it.

  7. GALE says:

    Jennifer – Can be easily won over, and easily sucked in to the female crew mess. Jennifer is sexy and business motivated. She should look to Shaunie as a business mentor only, but do not trust her and do not talk about any of the female cast members in Shaunie’s presence. Jenn should keep silent and keep Evelyn at a distant. The future will reveal everything she has said and everything she has told her about Chad.

    Keep Snake Suzie out of your presence. She is not a friend; she is a sneaky troublemaker.

    Do not trust Tami, she is not a friend to anybody on the show, including Shaunie. It will be only a matter of time before Tami turns crazy-lady on Shaunie.

    Evelyn is upset with Jennifer because she is being honest about Chad. Evelyn is not only mad at Jenn, she is mad at t he world. Chad admitted on National TV that he is cheating, and will continue to cheat (with and without her).

  8. Iggy's Mom says:

    Jen, keep it classy. No matter what happens on the set, even after all the editing, you always come out on top. You still hold your head high after all that you’ve gone through and as you mentioned in your toast, life for you is only progressing (as with Shaunie). The haters won’t like that.

    Evelyn, what’s happening to you? Why are you so “Extra” this season? You’re a beautiful bombshell on the outside, you’ve got street cred, and you’re about to marry a handsome athlete. Everything that you’re portraying right now is SO negative and unattractive. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it…..the cameras are showing us all. You’ll regret it later if you keep up this behavior.

  9. SISTERS says:

    Jennifer – Can be easily won over, and easily sucked in to the female crew mess. Jennifer is sexy and business motivated. She should look to Shaunie as a business mentor only, but do not trust her and do not talk about any of the female cast members in Shaunie’s presence. Jenn should keep silent and keep Evelyn at a distant. The future will reveal everything she has said and everything she has told her about Chad.

    Keep Snake Suzie out of your presence. She is not a friend; she is a sneaky troublemaker.

    Do not trust Tami, she is not a friend to anybody on the show, including Shaunie. It will be only a matter of time before Tami turns crazy-lady on Shaunie.

    Evelyn is upset with Jennifer because she is being honest about Chad. Evelyn is not only mad at Jenn, she is mad at t he world. Chad admitted on National TV that he is cheating, and will continue to cheat (with and without her).

  10. PAULA says:

    @SISTERS & @GALE—- I agree with you. Jennifer needs to get smarter in the area of true friendship, when to speak about somebody, when not to speak about somebody, who to trust with her remarks, or just do not talk about anybody at all. Stay focused on Jennifer and her business venture.

  11. BOBBYE says:

    VH1 STOP THE VIOLENCE, Tami & Evelyn must practice self-control or be removed from the show. We can not believe VH1 offered Evelyn a contract with Ocho, this proves to the viewers that VH1 supports violence. BBW has highly upset viewers everywhere, due to Tami’s and Evelyn’s violent verbal & physical attacks. VH1 must STOP THE VIOLENCE or petitions and boycotts will take place.

  12. Evelyn, I know that you were ” buzzed” at the b-day bash, but my question to you is, why did you have to hit Jennifer with your purse?!! You gave your toast to Shaunie, and Jennifer had the right to give her toast, she was invited after all! All the cursing and violent behavior and Tami exhibit is so unlady like, I just do not get that. You guys are too old for that type of behavior. And why was it ok for you to blame your action on the liquor, but not ok for Suzie to say what she said to Tami.
    And as far as Royce goes, she had a right to talk to Tami about the way she made Keisha feel.Tami claims that she know why she is angry, but she continues to take that anger out on anyone that says something that she does not agree with. Its seems that it is ok for the three of you to talk about everyone, or anything that is going on, but no one else can do the same!! Come on, it is the nature of the beast!!!!! Maybe when you all decide on the get togethers that you have, to try and work things out, leave the liquor, out of the equation, you might have a better outcome!!!!

  13. ddwatson says:

    Yes Evelyn you idiot people do have bathrooms in the South. You are making yourself look like a dumb fool and disrespecting your Southern fans.

  14. shappy says:

    I really think you guys to grow up, you are pathetic women that uses f.u’s like it nothing. Despite you(EVE) and Jen difference’s, i never really seen true friends act the way u guys do… You need other friends, and it surely doesnt hurt to have new ones. Me and my bestfriend have been friends since middle school, I been married , divorce , and raise my kids and me and bestie has never missed a beat. And mind you we only see each other twice or maybe three times a year. So being loayl has nothing to do with hang with the same crew. You guys have a story but we can see it for all the foolish that’s displayed. And Shaunie you need to get some balls, or get a new set of friends. Oprah has many friends but does Gayle act any differently. So ladies if you want real friendship example look at them , and not the foolish that displayed before us. ROYCE you are down to earth , and always have been yourself.

  15. ddwatson says:

    Correction- Jennifer is the idiot we do have bathrooms and you have disrespected your Southern fans.

  16. says:

    Well, what a shocker, Tammy and Evelyn go hood again!!! ;) I get that Everyone keeps saying Jenn has changed, but if I were friends with a group and there was always drama with the same people, I would distance myself. Why would I want to hang with the people that always have drama. And if we’re really friends, why doesn’t someone say to EVELYN, “you could have handled that better” or, “you’re out of line acting like that”? Jenn is probably wondering, are we really all friends? Doesn’t seem like it to me as a viewer. Tammy is a wild dog and poor thang is lost in Angry Land. She is allergic to the word class. Divorce is hard, people change, people grow apart and go in different directions. Evelyn seems so angry and at someone that she said was a real friend. There are always two side, and I am sure Jenn may not be so innocent, but that is not how you resolve issues, especially with a friend. The toast was way out of line, get it together, how rude. Settle your grievances like women and stop showing you ASS to the world. I pray Tammy is not still mentoring girls, because who is she to be anyone’s role model. I am sure there is a deeper story when it comes to Evelyn and Jenn, but Evelyn’s behavior is so wrong and unbecoming. Despite how you feel, you must conduct yourself as a lady. If you get pulled out of character – (that’s the running excuse that everyone uses), then recognize and figure out an alternate way to handle the conflict and resolve it like women. These women are delusional, they (meaning Tammy and EV) can say whatever they want, how they want, but as soon as someone retorts, they revert to violence and yelling and slander. They are a hot mess, and they will never be happy. Who hits someone at the dinner table…and what life is she talking about. Now you got a pro baller with some cash and now you’re on top of the world. Everything that glitters, isn’t gold. She’s nuts and Shaunie should have said, “not now, we’re at dinner boo”! But, why mess up the money flow…let the drama role! Wow, what people will do for fame and fortune. As for Kenya – she’s nutty and she’s funny because she is so nuts and doesn’t know it. JENN – I don’t blame you – get away from the chicken coop! They all suck and they flock to drama. I hate to say it, but you’re EX – ERIK did tell you about Evelyn. We all have to learn who our friends are the hard way.

  17. PATTY says:

    This post is not to beatdown these two females, but to be honest and open. Tami & Evelyn are not a bullies, they are only immature adults acting out like kids.

    This is why anger management “WILL NOT WORK” for Tami, and marriage will not work for Evelyn. These two need to be admitted into a Mental Rehab Facility. Tami & Evelyn are not a bullies, they are only immature adults acting out like kids. This is why anger management “WILL NOT WORK” for Tami, and marriage will not work for Evelyn. These two need to be admitted into a Mental Rehab Facility.

    Tami & Evelyn are injured emotionally. Their past is running them raggedy. Tami & Evelyn cannot take their past abuse out on the other innocent females on the show. If they want to beat and slap someone, they need to turn around and slap the _ out of themselves or turn around and slap the _ out of one another.

  18. Carla says:

    I agree with most of you that Evelyn and Tami need to be stopped! all that fighting and cursing I agree with most of you that Evelyn and Tami need to be stopped! all that fighting and cursing is so disrespectful and it’s not a good look collectively for anyone that’s involved with this show. I think that Evelyn is somewhat jealous of Jennifer. I didn’t see anything wrong with what Jennifer said to “HER” about Chad besides it’s not like it wasn’t true ,and look at her she’ll do anything even put herself respect on the line just to have him (sad) I really think that’s what this is really about Jennifer being right. and Tami is just plain stupid.. PERIOD! Shaunie is a messy pimp that is making ALL of them look stupid. I say a petition need to go out to VH1 to remove this mess not all woman act in such a way. I have a ? why aren’t these ladies being arrested for public intoxication


    Shaunie should have had a talk with Jennifer and Evelyn separately, prior to the Birthday gathering, to see if they can be in the presence on one another without ruining her party? If they cannot tell them, do not attend. Shaunie already knew it would be a fight, this is more drama and more money in her pocket. The more these females act like fools, the bigger salary Shaunie will get and VH1 ratings go up.

  20. Yvonne says:

    Not sure what portion of the drama is for television and what portion is real. If a friendship becomes rattled over an offense and then escalate into something off the charts and fades out, makes you wonder if it was a true friendship in the first place. Strong friendships survive the storm. However, once respect and trust is lost, maybe it’s time to move on. I appreciate the fact that Jennifer stood her ground and did not allow Evelyn to push her around like she did Suzie. Funny how, when Evelyn was at it with Tami, she never stepped to Tami like that. Evelyn’s smart, she has the character of a predator, she picks and chooses her battles. Also, with the second toast; which was, of course, directed more towards Jennifer, could have been saved for another time and not at Shaunie’s birthday celebration. There is a time and place for everything. Of course, the viewing audience is not aware of the full scale drama behind the scenes. Never the less, Jennifer remains poised and lady like; while Evelyn looks like an angry out of control mad woman. Never let anyone make you lose your cool to that degree. Never let them see you sweat. Evelyn is a beautiful woman, appearing to have it together on the outside- coming from underneath, pressing through, and making it; but her wild bullying behavior voids it all. She gets angry over situations and then proceeds to treat people like a grown-up female bullying thug- taking it to the nth degree. Too much stress. Lose the strife. Most real bullies act out of fear. Even if Jennifer was wrong for what was done, Evelyn as usual, behaves like the antagonistic bully. But again, what’s real and what’s for the ‘red lights’. Real or not, I’m tired of grown women behave wild and crazy on or for television. So over it. …It’s the sign of the times. Kudos to Jennifer for holding her own, staying poised, and moving on.

  21. gladys says:

    evelyn is so not lady like her behavior is discusting jen acted the correct way like a woman not like an animal is not right to act this way in public so ghetto.

  22. TSW says:

    I usually don’t have a lot to say about these shows but I have to speak on this. People seem to forget how loyal Evelyn was to Jennifer in the past seasons, no matter what she was going through. Evelyn was there for her during her back and forth decision to divorce Eric. I don’t remember her judging her either way, as well. Whether she decided to work it out with him or divorce him, Eve had her back. As a friend, if Jennifer ever had a problem with Eve being with Ochocinco, because she doesn’t want her to get hurt, that is totally understandable, but the thing that Jennifer does not seem to understand…is that if she was a real friend, she would have expressed her concerns directly to Evelyn, in private!! Not on a radio interview, not on a damn blog! I would be upset as well if someone who I have been cool with, put my business on blast like that. That is not a friend. That is someone who only cares about themselves and judges others. That ain’t cool!! I agree that it’s petty to let a friendship go over this but with friends like Jen, who needs enemies? I’ve been in a situation when friends turned on me when I needed their support most. It doesn’t feel good. So I’m totally on Evelyn’s side with this. Maybe 1 day, they can reconcile but I really don’t see it happening.

  23. gladys says:

    evelyn is rude laughting at the other girl when giving her speach so rude i was so proud of tammy when she got angry and was able to compose herself the other girl cant drink she is very sloppy when she drinks she should be home alone drinking because she gets diariah of the mouth and says dum hurtful things.evelyn needs to tone it down alot no one likes to do buisness with people that get so angry its not good to behave this way all the time when you are on tv.

  24. ohsotrue says:

    I have to agree w/Evelyn, Jennifer just doesn’t get it, she didn’t really get it in Italy although and cried and apologized like she did. If she had a problem or comments about Evelyn’s relationship then she should have gone str8 to Evelyn and not the radio or Twitter. When Evelyn talked about Eric she said her opinion to Jennifer, that is what friends do, they don’t have to agree. I understand Jen is making changes with her life but dear you act like you two were married for 15 plus years, have 5 properties to split and 6 kids, please. One or the both of you are holding on because what is this a 2 year divorce? Your divorce seems longer than your marriage. Jennifer should take a look at the way she comes off on TV, like a snotty B, and those that watch are the one’s she expects will buy she lip gloss so let’s try and be humble. I haven’t heard what is so special about her line, other than it seems like something over the counter. Bless Royce for being the only one to tell Tammy when she is wrong. Who the hell is Tammy now that she feels one must get her approval. If there are going to be new girls on the show Shaunie I would think you would take the lead in making someone feel welcome instead of being attacked. Shaunie (I would think) should be everyone’s voice of reason but she always takes the back seat and doesn’t really chime in unless it’s a group discussion and even then her opinion is weak and doesn’t display leadership quality. ——– was bullied and now Keshia is being bullied by Tammy so Shaunie it is time for you to tame that bull……. Kenya, no words. Susie, wow, red necks???? I didn’t get that from Keshia’s family and I think you need to really know the meaning of “red necks”. That was just as wrong as the food stamp comment. Susie needs another reality (ha!) check, she never explains what happened correctly and should have told negative Jennifer what she learned, the fun she had and how one shouldn’t judge what they don’t know. Oh and really Jennifer you thought you invited Tammy and Shaunie, but you remembered to invite Kenya of all people hhhmmm not believable!!!!!!

  25. Real says:

    Evelyn is trash on this show. What grown woman speaks so uneducated as she does and swears so much? She has a toxic tongue and an impulse control issue.

    Jennifer acts stuck up and self righteous.
    Shaunie is fake and a mean girl who hides behind the show and sits back in delight watching everyone fight, she never speaks up or is real, she conforms with the mean girl high school crap.

    Tasteless women.
    Suzie is a fence rider and her uppity attitude when visiting Keisha’s family farm, was just shocking that someone thinks they are so above someone else or the way they live.

    I like Keisha and Royce.

    Evelyn needs medication, STAT, she uses men for her living and I feel so sorry for her daughter who has to watch her Mom act like an immature mobster with a filthy mouth on TV. What guy wants such a messy mouthy classless thing.

  26. Truth I Speak says:

    Evelyn, go find God, find a church, a pastor and start saving your soul, you are selling it to the devil on National TV.

  27. Ruthie says:

    As far as I can tell Tami, Suzie, and Evelyn are always noisy and disorderly. I really do not think drinking has anything to do with Suzie’s comments. Alcohol only gives us the freedom to speak what we really feel inside of our heads. Evelyn, Tami, Susie, and Shaunie are two-face, distraught, and full of rage and bitterness. We are adding Kenya to the list of distraught souls too. We would love to see the entire cut out scenes. However, we are turned off by the vicious female’s uncivil behavior.

  28. jajamimi says:

    Royce is relevant because she is so down to earth and real. She is the only one that viewers can relate to as a real life friend. Funny since she has a degree in theater but everyone else are either really good actors or are from another planet. I don.t know ANY women like these women.

  29. If It Quacks Like A Duck says:

    Evelyn needs a psychological evaluation for bipolar disorder and borderline personality.
    Tami too, the way those two have such highs and lows and lack impulse control and lash out with abuse, is disgusting.

    Evelyn, take some etiquette classes and remove the F-word and overuse of the B-word from your mouth, you sound trashy and act like an ugly thug.

    When either of them start drinking it is as if they go manic with their histrionics and crave the chaos and drama. If it is to just play for the cameras, that is narcissistic and sick.

  30. LINSEY & LISA says:

    It was very heartless and foul how Evelyn addressed the issue between Kesha with Tami. It was ruthless, cold-blooded, and totally nasty. Evelyn was never interested in being a friend to Kesha from the start. We were upset when Kesha trusted Evelyn period. Kesha is very gorgeous, elegant, and professional . Unfortunately, with those great qualities, Kesha will never fit in with such classless females. We would be very unhappy with Kesha, if she ever tries to be friends with any of the cast member, except Royce.

  31. LINSEY & LISA says:

    It was very heartless and foul how Evelyn addressed the issue between Kesha with Tami. It was ruthless, cold-blooded, and totally nasty. Evelyn was never interested in being a friend to Kesha from the start. We were upset when Kesha trusted Evelyn period. Kesha is very gorgeous, elegant, and professional . Unfortunately, with those great qualities, Kesha will never fit in with such classless females. We would be very unhappy with Kesha, if she ever tries to be friends with any of the cast member, except Royce.

  32. janet says:

    Its amazing how we can do things to people and expect to be forgiven or “lets not make a big deal out of it”, but when its done to you its a problem.Talking about Evelyn now. Remember when Jennifer was going through her issues with her husband then…well Evelyn talked about Jennifer’s husband and even encouraged Jennifer to cheat on him. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Evelyn was buzzing in Jennifer’s ear when she didn’t have a man and now Jennifer is by herself and wants to do what Evenly did to her, Evenly have a problem!

  33. BELLA says:


  34. Sharon says:

    To the person or people saying that Jennifer is stuck up….this is the problem in America, when a woman conducts herself with dignity, is not confrontational and does not act like a low life guttersnipe…. people say she is stuck up..when will this self hating among women stop when???

  35. Andrea D says:

    I thought you are real ! You called of your wedding because of rumor’s and we all know what they are but this season we are seeing you with your Mister Penny Nickel talking about that he wants to bounce on top of other chicks if he likes them and you are ok with that. I think you got bought by his $$$ and his ever more disappearing fame. This is where your anger issue’s come from and the fact that no matter what you achieve in your life you know it is always transparent by your attitude and character that you come from a Food stamp back round.
    You have talked smack about every single lady on this show oh and YES behind their back so
    don’t act so terribly insulted when it happens to you. My best friend can say anything about me, my family and my relationship BECAUSE SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND~
    A friend can say what ever she/he wants without being jumped on Period …. you are as fake as your nails, hair, breast’s and who knows what else is fake on you it is transparent that you are not a happy person. Oh and btw please you don’t have to label me a hater because you ” ARE ” I happen to live a very financially secure live with multiple sources of income through my companies and investments. I just think you need to work on eternal happiness and stop to excude such a nasty core !! Best of luck to you on however you end up~

  36. Stacie Wash says:

    Question. When did loud mouth, chickenish, hood rat behavior become cool???? Second question, when did 40 become the new 15. The way you all talk and constantly go behind each others backs talking about what the other person said and did makes me think about my teenage daughters. Here I am as a mother telling them that women don’t behave in that manner but low and behold here you all are proving me wrong. You women can’t go any where without making a spectacle of yourselves!!!! Grown women who run businesses and families have no time to argue like a pack of hyenas(aka dirty looking, scraggly, scavengers that do a lot of cackling). You all are talking about how your bank accounts are looking better and that you are working on your brand but you look and act like the same ole broke down skully wags that I see in the streets. You can put lipstick on a pig and it still won’t be pretty. I think Jen gets under Evelyn’s skin so much because she is dismissive towards her when she acts like a fool. It kills Eve that Jen can say slick stuff out of her mouth all while still being graceful and poised. That’s how a woman handles a situation!!!! Say something slick, BET!!! I can say something slick too but I’m not going to get up and make a fool of myself like you! Evelyn the fact that Jen keeps her calm with you and only gets out of pocket when you start yelling makes you look like an angry lunatic. PLEASE for your own good chill out and act as pretty as you look because everybody knows you could look like Halle Berry but if you act like Shanae nae you will still be viewed as an ugly woman! You make yourself look emotionally unstable! NOT CUTE!

  37. Sadden says:

    After watching BBW last night I am so sadden that black women would get on national television and act such a fool. My thought process on the whole show is that Evelyn needs to get somewhere and sit here tired self down and grow up and be a mother to a child and stop defaming your character just for a piece of change it just tasteless. Tami, there is just no hope at all for her you know that ole saying you can take the women out the hood but you can’t take the hood out the women well Tami is a excellent example of that old saying. Shunnie strike me as they type of person who throws the rock but hides her face always trying to remain neutral when she just as much as part of this mess trying to look all innocent with that noise flaring up like a bull . Jen, I really don’t have much to say about her yes I think she have changes in her life and out grown that petty mess that is going on nobody wants to be among that type of crowd where you have to be careful what you say scared it might get back but it will something totally different at the end. Royce, she ok I think I can related to Royce better than any of them on show she is a little more down to earth and you have to admitted she is they only one that has the courage to confront Tami the wild beast about her wrong doing. And now I saved the best for last SUSIE the SNAKE girl go somewhere and sit you non talking can’t understand a word coming out of your mouth self down I am so serious when Susie talk I put my TV on mute just so I can’t hear her talk it just sicking me that you try to be so much. When will these women realize that they have sold their soles for 15 minutes fame wake up ladies and stop letting VH1 make a fool out you all.

  38. anastasia says:

    We all love BBW and we all have our faves, its nice to be able to voice our opinions be they negative or positive. If we dont have “friends” that act similar to these women then we dont have friends at all, its all relative. In my circle there is a Jen, a Tami, a royce, a Suzie, a Shaunie, and an Eve, and im sure you do too. Friends get with other friends and talk about other friends, but we still love each other, we know we all have our own personalities and there are some of us that can take critisism and some cant, but when at least 2 of us get together we talk about the others, not just women, men do it as well, its human nature,its what we do. Its usually not meant to be malicious or hurtful because eventhough we might stop speaking for a while we still love each other. I love Evelyn and I love Jennifer but in my opinion Evelyn is a true friend because she was there when Jen was going through her divorce, but Jen has never accepted Eve’s pending marriage. We have a divorce rate of 52% in the US but that doesnt stop us from getting married, there are so few faithful men (and women) but if you have one you are truly blessed. In my circle I try to be the peace maker and a true friend but I know we all say hurtful things that we later regret but forgiveness brings peace and stronger bonds. Without Evelyn and Jennifer and Tami, how many of you would watch? just a thought

  39. Audrey Brown says:

    Evelyn- she is just a punk a– bully. Only continue to go after Jen because she won’t fight back.
    Evelyn didn’t go after Tamie that hard. I would like to see Evelyn fist to fist with some of those MOB WIVES, They will knock out Evelyn’s HORSE TEETH. LOL

  40. AJ says:

    I’ve never been crazy about Ev or Jen, just always seemed to act too extra. However, in this instance I am all the way with you Ev. Just had the very same thing happen to me and I know how painful it is when it’s someone you thought was ride or die. My knumbskull of an ex BFF is just like Jen. Not only does she not get it, but her entire world is a fantasy so however she wants and sees it is how it is. The hardest thing in the world to do is let go, especially when you can admit to having a temper. Had I seen her in the first few months following her betrayal I would have busted her face wide open with a toothpick (that’s how angry I was, anything would have worked), that’s how forceful my contact would have been. But then it was just eating at me with the trying to figure it out so much that I had to turn to prayer. I just prayed to God to please let me let go of it. Then when you look back you start noticing that you knew a long time ago what they was about just never thought they would be like that with you. So after assuming some of the blame for EVER even being her friend it started to slowly ease away. I don’t hate her now, but I don’t like her. I don’t wish her any bad, but I don’t wish her any good. If I saw her in the street tmrw. I would act just like what she is to me….A STRANGER, because I never knew that person and that’s what a stranger is. Hold your head, tongue, and just move on. It’s Over. She said it and that’s that, time to do you and let her do her. That season of you and her are over…

  41. Sarlo says:

    Evelyn, I really don’t care WHAT is going on behind the scenes and I don’t believe a word of your post. You need some serious lessons in how to control yourself in situations where you get angry because obviously no one in your life has ever taken the time to do that. You have no idea how to take the high road or keep your mouth shut. I grew up poor in the projects and knew many trashy, pretentious girls like you. You are beautiful and rich now, but you are still just ghetto trash. And you prove it every time you throw a fit like you did at the birthday party. It’s really sad.

  42. Sarlo says:

    Just another thought: I think it’s very sad that these ladies, all so beautiful on the outside, with so much going for them, would act the way they act on syndicated TV. Where is the shame? The embarrassment? The ones who have children…don’t you care what kind of example you set?

    And keep in mind please that white people watch these shows which perpetuates the stereotype of the “angry black woman” and think we are all like that. I hate that. And no, I do not watch the show regularly; my 23 year old daughter does (which I HATE) but I know she watches it to laugh at the “booghetto” chicks as she calls it. She is laughing AT YOU, not with you ladies. SAD.

  43. Jai says:

    I understand that Evelyn is upset about Jennifer’s comments, but let it go already. You all come from two totally different worlds and were never on the same level. I feel like Evelyn trys tooo hard to be something that shes NOT. Evelyns insecurities within herself makes her angry at Jennifer. Jennifer came from money and like you said yourself Evelyn you came from welfare and WIC. SORRY! IT’S NOT THE SAME LIFE JUST CAUSE YOU KEEP GETTING INVOLVED WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.

  44. Choc says:

    Evelyn, you need to move on and leave Jen alone. You two are not bff”s anymore. You’re almost 40 and you act like a high school girl. You have a grown daughter, you’re about to marry a man who doesn’t love you enough to commit to you 100% and wants to “bring people home for threesomes” It was just a matter of time that Jen would grow tired of being your “co-signer” and allowing you to control her. I never saw what the 2 of you had in common anyway. Jen is classy, college-educated and doesn’t sleep around for handbags. Your behavior toward Jen at dinner was totally uncalled for. You accuse Jen of being “all about herself”–actually that is you. That dinner was not the time or the place for you to verbally and physically attack Jen because she “doesn’t want to play with you anymore”. GROW UP! And I know you didn’t graduate high school, but see if you can complete a sentence without using profanity. Take some night classes and try to get your diploma and focus on yourself and leave Jen alone! Nuff Said!

  45. kudos to you jen (: keep it classy and keep it moving. you’re definitely above the pettiness. let eve argue with herself. she’s just making herself look really dumb and immature.

  46. lashawn says:

    in my opinion you are a bunch of adults acting like children especially evelyn my advice no my suggestion to you ids concentrate on your wedding

  47. lajon says:

    At any rate kudos to you shaunie you and your crew have put together a fine reality show and i use that term very loosely but it hAS drama,catfights,fashion,and just good humor i mean i laugh alot when i watch this show but i love the way you stay above it all IT PAYS TO BE THE BOSS… Heres to you shaunie,,, one question,, who’s raising all those kids?? Shaq??

  48. carmen says:

    I feel that Evelyn just needs to move on with her life!!! Enjoy the Fact that she is engaged to be Married. Leave Jennifer alone cause she is enjoying where she is at in Life! In for Evelyn to get on Jen’s Level!!!! Because everyone knows that Jen is ‘About This Life.’ After all she was Married to Eric Williams a known former Basketball player! In Evenlyn just had a child out of witlock with one!!!!!

  49. nodnarb9 says:

    Jenn needs to take a fighting or self defense class and give Evelyn the ass whipping that she has coming.

  50. **TRUTH** says:

    Evelyn—-you keep talking about Jen talking about Chad and you on the radio, however, she had already told you how she felt about him and your relationship before you had left for Italy. That’s the way it appeared last season on the show before the very last show. Either way, you were told, how she felt. You’re so upset with Jen for her LOYALTY, look in the mirror. She never left you, she didn’t like your choice of men, why was that Evelyn ? maybe because you were on her sofa crying about how you DO NOT EVER WANT AN ATHLETE. You keep saying Jen doesn’t get it but do you? So what she’s talking about him, she didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and U know it and now you have followed in his footsteps. So what, you have been the disloyal one, up there talking to someone who you claimed to love like they were dirt. The sadness is you’re so blind by yourself and everyone in your ear that you have really lost a friend. After the way you have spoken to her, demeaned her and completely disrespected her I expect nothing less to come out her mouth when she speaks about you or him. HAHAHA, Shaunie said to her, “I’m glad to see you stood up to Evelyn and didn’t back down”, uh, I’m sure she was. The fact that you put that clutch to that woman’s head and Tami’s emotionally backwards behind laughed showed just how low the both of you are. You do that to Jen because you know her character and you know she’s not going to fight back. Yeah, that’s a bully and maybe that’s why you haven’t been able to get pregnant again. You daughter has more class than you do. Unfortunately women like you don’t learn until you walk into the wrong person. Let someone do you the way you do with others, scream on camera after that EVELYN.





  51. Mary Thomas says:

    Although I like Evelyn i think her comment about Kenya speech is very stupid. Kenya was invinted at the party and she s a part of the show so it doesn t matter if it was her first or third time she was being filmed. If Shaunie thought she was an outsider she should not invite her period. I am with you one hundred regarding Jennifer she was very disloyal towards you but you could have at least be the better person and confronts her in private. In the end i don t like Jennifer she s fake.

  52. Diana Haywood says:

    I think that Evelyn is the the most ignorant female I have ever seen on any show. At her age and with a daughter who does the things and says the things that she does. She has not run up on the right SISTER yet. Oh, yes she did she ran up on my girl Tami, who I love to death. Baby boy should think twice,no six times before marrying this chick. Run baby run while you can.

  53. Charity says:

    I’m proud of Jennifer for speaking up for herself. Evelyn is a bully, she’s ignorant. Wasn’t she the main person on the first season talking about how she didn’t want any drama? Wasn’t she upset last season that OCHO had lunch with some chick and she was upset?? Interesting. When did she become so gangsta?? She only acts like that towards Jen because she knows Jennifer is a LADY at all times and would never stoop to her level. She doesnt seem too happy with her life right now. I think this is a bunch of silly, childish women. What happened to the positivity that was suppose to be shown? Yeah….About that???? They need to get rid of this show just like the Kardashian show. I think they’re all pathetic and no wonder why ONLY Jen, Shaunie and Tami were wives. Not the other ignorant tricks. I fast forward when Evelyn is on. I only watch when they are all together. She is disgusting

  54. All Smilz says:

    Poor Jenn :( You know they say the camera can be a dangerous thing when good editing is involved. It is so obvious Jenn is being made to appear shallow when the real culprit is her freenimie Ev Jenn,keep your head up girl..the haters will soon be revealed. I can’t undertand why Ev is still fighting at her age? I see nothin wrong with airing out your differences but why the physical? What is wrong with her that she feels it’s ever okay to hit someone because you disagree with them. Like Jenn says “keep it movn’ “. Ev is setting a bad example as a mother and a lady. A little anger management and some volunteer work in a battered womens shelter may change her way of life. Thank you Jenn for not being about”this life”

  55. Beyoncca says:

    Did anyone notice that Kesha wasn’t invited to Shaunies birthday bash. Perhaps Shaunie can recognize phony and since Kesha called Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn “Deddie Downers” I believe she won’t be included in much.
    Kesha is so obviously desperate for Evelyn’s acceptance. So much that she, just meeting Evelyn still feels she should tell what Kenya said about Evelyn. Kesha is a snake. I hate the whole I’m bi-racial but I identify myself as a BLACK WOMAN, is pathetic, Girl “OWN” who you are and who your mother is. Don’t solely claim the black while denying the white. So typical behavior of bi-racial people. Own It Girl!

  56. Tiny Bird says:

    oops. I misspelled “RECEIVED”

  57. Ashanti says:

    I stopped watching this show for one reason, Evelyn! I used to love me some basketball wives and enjoyed supporting the show. But I let it go this season. So tired of seeing beautiful and otherwise classy women behaving like trash. Cursing like a sailor will make the most beautiful woman ugly. Jumping bad like they are the incredible hulk, suddenly able to whoop everybody around them. Right. I dont recall her acting so tough when Tami had beef with her. Yet, she has the nerve to actually hit Jennifer?! Look, if you are done with someone, then be done with them. But the name calling and fighting is juvenile and unnecessary and only brings yourself down. It is good to know though that this show certainly is not representative of the real basketball wives out there. I look forward to some redemption from the new Atlanta show.

  58. miss lawsuit says:

    Jennifer you should have Gloria Rachel Allred on retainer! I would file lawsuits against Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, and anybody else responsible for security. The way I see it you have been attacked on two separate incidents. This would explain why Shaunie hussled Evelyn up out of the restaurant because Evelyn attacked you with her purse. Yes, Tami pointed it out! It is called assault.
    At the end of the day Evelyn is upset because Chad is cheating on her. Jennifer tried to warn her, but she was too full of herself to hear the truth. At the end of the last episode all Evelyn could do was cry and ask Chad to wear a condom and tell her about it. Really.. um okay Chad will be on the moon next week wearing a Trojan while screwing another woman besides his bride to be not!

  59. toni says:

    and with that being said…..someone once told me that when someone says “she thinks she’s better than everyone”, what they are truly saying is YOU don’t think you’re good enough!! The statement in it self is true reflection how you feel about YOU. Take that how you want to but, when people have true self confidence, no jealousy, and high self esteem, there is no one in the world who can make them feel like someone else is better than them. You ladies are wayyyy to old to doing all that fighting, and drama. Wishing Shaunie would rethink the direction of her show, and cast members. What could be great is now typical and stereotyped. None of your roles do anything to uplift your race, or character. And sadly, NONE OF YOU ARE BASKETBALL WIVES…LOL!! THE SHOW IS A HOT GHETTO MESS!! PERIOD!

  60. KharaL says:

    Maybe it is just me.. however, I thought that Jen, told Evelyn last season, that she was not excited about her relationship with Chad. i thought that was already discussed. discussed in miami, italy and the reunion. so, why now again are we discussing what jen said on the radio? just to have something to talk about. are you really that angry evelyn, that you would attack someone because they said ” something about your man?” your man.. your man, who told you that he is going to see other women, when he is on the road, your man who had a reality dating show, your man, who is not going commit to you at all BooBoo. yes, ” your man” girl please, yes girl/ child. women, do not conduct themselves like children, it doesn’t matter how many louboutin shoes you wear, how good your weave is and, what you drive. you are the definition of ” Hood Rat” you made a come up, with athletes. your a Jump Off. clearly, they all would date, show you off around town, but none will marry. ” about this life?” really, Jen was actually married. Tammi, take the woman out the ghetto, but she stays ghetto, guzzling beer like water, cursing, someone isn’t black enough. really? but ratings are good. i guess, because we all tune in to watch the ghetto women act like they have class.

  61. Carla says:

    I’m sorry I am so confused?????? What exactly did Jen say to make Evelyn so mad? Was it that they date diffrent type of men? was that it? And if the information is being edited then I gues wae the audience are going to remain confused huh? This is a great way for adult women to act WOW

  62. teamjen says:

    I like Jen. She has a level head and has risen above the negativity from her spouse and fake friends. Keep being you Jen. You are going through a lot and do not need all of the extra drama in your life. Stay focus and positive on being a great example of a lady of class.

  63. Tt says:

    Evelyn what is wrong with you . Why are you soooo angry. You really give black women a bad name. So GHETTO! I’m team JEN. She is still classy.

  64. lifeistoshort says:

    I have yet to see the fight I turn the tv when Evelyn and Tami are on but I have heard a lot about it. Jenn be fake wish her the best don’t tell her the truth. Some people you just have to let make their own mistakes. Maybe this time Evelyn will learn her listen and become a more caring person and then find a real man. This is the only type of man that she can keep because no one else will dill with the type of person. Even though she might say she is happy she is not. Because, if she was she would not care what you think. Jenn you now what she is dealing with and everyone does not deal with things the same. Take her to a spa just you and her tell her to listen and you listen to her try to understand where she is coming from even if she is wrong. Everyone is different and some people try to put up a front she has feelings like you and you can tell by the way she acts that she is hurt. Untill she realize money and things does not make you happy she will be unhappy.

  65. maderma says:

    is evelyn even black?!?! if not, it ‘s sooo sad because, she’s is making black women look terrible becuase the show is predominately black.

  66. NotConcerned says:

    I think it’s funny Evelyn doesn’t want Jen speaking about her relationship but she was putting Jen and her dating/divorce on blast on the show in her one on ones. So Evelyn can shutup and learn to act like a lady and just end the damn friendship instead of constantly trying to attack someone because they DARE have a voice. Classless. That’s what she is. Getting played on national TV, Chad basically told you he might cheat and you still engaged like a dummy.

    Focus on that crazy ish, instead. Fix THAT!

  67. J says:

    I think the realist comment made on this site would be the one made by anastasia. Like Anastasia said we all know or how these kind of people around us. At the end of the day this is a ” reality show” therefore you are going to get what the producers what you to get. Every one is dogging Evelyn and Tami but you already know from season 1, 2 and 3 what you are going to get yet you keep watching the show. I guess I dont understand why it’s such and issue with Ev sleeping with this person and that and marrying Ocho and everyone makeing comments about Ocho but you have shows like Bachelorette and Bachelor where you get what 20 different guys or girls that you dont know from Adam and you get to pick which one to marry??OK. Yes, Evelyn shows her ass but Jen is not a saint. Just because she sits there and doesnt say anything doest make her classy. There are alot of aspects to being classy and just because you dont scream and holler makes you classy. However you can make ridiculous comments such as ” do they have bathrooms” really??? A classy woman wouldnt make a comment like that yet an ignorant one would. That was complete disrespect to all southerners however no one is voicing there opinion about that everyone is more focused on her not getting in a screaming match with Ev. At the end of the day if there was no drama or ignorance no one would watch the show or have anything to talk about on the blogs. I have yet to come across a ” reality show” where everyone lives in a house with a white picket fence. The Housewives addition..New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, OC and Beverly Hills is just as ridiculous minus the prophanity.

  68. Teresa Simmons says:

    It does seem like Evelyn is angry all the time towards jen and the reason seems so childish and stupid. Jen probably does not feel the need to apologize because she probably feels that Evelyn wont forgive her anyway. Overall, i believe that they were die hard friends and should kiss and make up. All this drama is good for a show, but good friendships last forever. I go thru stuff wih my girls all the time, but we know how to make up and we are not childish. Come on yall grow up!!

  69. terri says:

    OH Evelyn Please, Your man…hahah, wants to be a therapist for EVERYBODY….u funny, be realistic BOO BOO, JEN KNOWS how your relationship is going to be with an athlete thats why she was trying to warn ya dumb ass. She was not talking ABOUT YOU she was keeping it real!!!

    TEAM JEN!!!

  70. Wanjiru says:

    Love you Evelyn. WIth all you craziness and all. You are the REAL DEAL. Beautiful inside and out!

    Jen, give us ALL a break. Most of us have been to college – that doesn’t make you better than anyone else. You are a fake, wanna-be! I don’t even know why ANYONE thinks you’re “boogie!” What it is is that you TRY to be, but you wouldn’t know what a true “bourgeoisie” life-style was if you were staring it straight in the face.

    I can tell you something about that! I live it, every day.


  71. Donna williams says:

    Evelyn is a hater she is so childish she needs anger management. Why is she so angry with Jen over a man please. She needs to really take a good look at herself.She needs to was her mouth out so unladylike…..Grow up.

  72. I have loved you, Tami, Jen, Royce, and Shunie from day one. But!!! I do not like the drama, if the show is only going to show the viewers (us) half of the story how are able to have a judgement. I do not like Kenya, nor Keshia Why are they even on the show. I think you should be a little nicer and not be so mean, that is not a good girl. Jen is not a out spoken person and seems to have trouble speaking from her heart. (That second toast was nasty) I have friends that are acting like Basketball wives and I am in Jen’s shoes minus the divorce. You ned to let go and let God!!

  73. LOUISE says:

    EVELYN — Is a very troubled female running wild. She is very unhappy with herself. She is very unhappy with her life. She is very unhappy with her relationship. EVELYN — Is mad with the world. She is crying out for help and do not realize it. EVELYN — Should never let an issue or disagreement about a man destroy a true friendship, which I never believed Evelyn, was ever a true friend to Jennifer. EVELYN — Should seek psychological assistance and take her (suppose to be friend) Tami with her. EVELYN & TAMI — Anger Management will not repair your problem, if you do not accept you have a serious problem. EVELYN & TAMI — Anger Management will not affect your brain, heart and soul, until you acknowledge that you have a serious emotional problem. Mental Assistance and Anger Management will be a waste of time and money, if you keep closing your eyes to your problem, if you keep faultfinding, finger-pointing and playing blame-games. You cannot go around like little kids, physically abusing innocent people because of your lack of confidence, faults, and unhealthy childhood.

  74. Tiff says:

    Evelyn, Evelyn Evelyn! I think everyone knows by now that you are upset with Jen, we all got the memo on that one. However I wish you would take into consideration that you have a beautiful daughter that is finding her way thru this thing we called life and while she goes on that journey she will make some wrong turns, get into disputes, rub someone the wrong way etc. Simply because she is human. When she does I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to deal with her the way you deal with people when expressing your frustrations. So when u decide to raise your hand to hit someone remember it will come back to you two folds, not to you but to the ones you love the most so that you will be able to see where you went wrong. It often makes me wonder if Jennifer was ever a friend to you because of the way you go at her. I may be wrong but that’s the message you give to us viewers and Jennifer of course. So please if you ever read this try n change for your daughter sake.

  75. charlene williams says:

    Evelyn… were crying out to jen..because she hurt you but I realize your expression goes much deeper…(father and daughter=abandonment issues)….get therapy,,,move forward,,what’s done is done….also do yourself a favor do not get married,,YET….you can’t control no one but yourself..remember your days and nights of crying about your dad,,if you marry this man history will repeat itself..he can not replace your dad or any other relationship that you have lost in the past..

  76. charlene williams says:

    jen…Umm your biggest consumers will not be upper-class people it may just be low – to moderate class people. so,,please be tactful when you are trying to push your products. I see your weave posters in some of the biggest inner cities aka (ghettos.) You need a make-over Not for physical appearance either!!!

  77. Cynful says:

    I’m going to address several issues here: 1) Every1 that judge the ladies of this show (in reference to being ghetto and negative), you’re still watching because you ARE or KNOW these women. Stop hating, the business essence of ‘reality shows’ is to sell televised drama PERIOD, all reality shows consist of drama, messiness, and many moments of immature actions!!! The fights, sex, alcohol, and so forth is where the viewers are borne and RETAINED, hence YOU ALL ARE STILL WATCHING, TUNING IN, BLOGGING, ETC… 2) I dislike the band-wagon parallelism of ‘Ghetto’ as negative, bad, and sub-human stigma – in a different perspective: Many great leaders, professionals, and simply PEOPLE came from the “ghetto” and I’m sure that being from the “ghetto” provided them with the tenacity to withstand many travesty to become who they are now. Not every person who portray their selves inappropriately from the ‘ghetto’ nor know nothing about living in a “ghetto” environment. 3) Evelyn, I really believe that you are stressing with Jennifer over her Chad comments courtesy of Chad’s provocation. I’m willing to bet that Chad has strongly (if not continuing to) motivate your ‘hate’ of Jen right now – so many times women will allow their man to redefine their relationship with the people in their lives who have the capability to anchor their good senses. Jen, feels the way she feel about him, PERIOD – yet she respected the fact that you felt portrayed and she apologized, attempted to apologize repeatedly… I knew it would come a day when Jen would stand for herself and you would be upset because she don’t need you to validate her. Didn’t you expect that once Jen matured and persevered from her martial travesty that it would affect her entire being, Jen, became a new and liberated WOMAN and now EVERY ONE is EXPENDABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS – LOL. Although she would rather retain y’all friendship, stop being senseless and take her comment as a expression of a concerned friend. My girl Tami, wow I so get who and where you are right now – I was and in some instances still is this person. Continue your journey of self-assessment and improvement, you’re making great strides!!! Kesha and Kenya are still NFF for me right now… SUZIE is straight garbage, messy, trashy, and vomit!!!

  78. RahRah says:

    There is no way I would invite Ev or Tami to my house..loose cannons, loose screws, I mean they are just foul. Better have 9-1-1 on speed dial or hire referee and charge admission.

  79. Julie says:

    Money does not buy class, just things that rust, wear out, become outdated, or irrelevant. Evelyn please let it go with Jenn, it takes you to a place that negates everything you are trying to do.

  80. tiny007 says:

    Evelyn, too me that’s a real stupid reason to be mad @ your so called best friend. It look like you are jealous of her and you really look bad and stupid. Tammy disrespected you way worse and you’re all up her@@@.

  81. Butternv says:

    evelyn Is an ignoramous , I feel for Jennifer she should continue to stand up for herself to a bullying portrayal of evelyn. Who would watch her as a couple with Chad ,,, not I ,,, ugghghhh she, evelyn is the epitome of ugly.

  82. CNOTE says:

    Ladies, Ladies, if I may call you ladies. Get it together!!! WE WANT TO SEE A GREAT SHOW. NOT THE FIGHTING. Eve, Jen is suppose to be your so called best, close friend. You both are being so immature. This is why you really can’t have true friends, because somebody is going to do something sooner or later that the other one does not like. Evelyn, FORGET ABOUT THE BLOGS. People are writing about you and Chad. Girlfriend or no girlfriend. You are so angry at Jen, because a lot of what she and other people that want tell you in your face is true about Chad. Instead of stepping back, looking at Chad for what and who he is and know in your heart and his that he IS NOT ready for a monogamous long term relationship. Give him some more time and see what happens. Get your friend back or not., but you have greater things that should concern you now, not blogs and what other people are saying about you behind your back. Get your life and don’t let him hurt you!!!!!! How are you going to treat your other so called best friend Shaunie when something hits the fan. And it will hit the fan, sooner or later.
    Don’t be a bully! It doesn’t become you. Stop listening to that HE SAID/SHE SAID sh!!

  83. miss.typerster says:

    I was so excited to watch this cat-fight on Basketball Wives but I ended up working late. My co-worker at DISH filled me in the next day though. She said stuff hit the fan at Shaunie’s birthday party. I went home and logged onto DISH Online on my computer to see for myself. I would have been embarrassed if I was Shaunie with Evelyn acting like she did. I like Evelyn but there is a time and a place for that. I wasn’t feeling Suzie’s comments either.

  84. chilliny813 says:

    Honestly ladies (Jen & Evelyn), I am quite embarrassed to a be a Black woman just by watching this season. I mean, my goodness…we get it, you two don’t get along but how old are you? Evelyn, you have a very beautiful daughter that you praise about and how much you want a better life for her but act like a child on the air. You treated Suzie the EXACT same way that Jen is now being treated…but…you two are friends again?!?! ==>confused face<== Just because you two don't get along doesn't mean that you have to have a verbal and sometimes physical confrontation. Let us see more about the positive things you guys do like charities and what about your businesses and less fights. Black women are about way more the two show is depicting and if it continues the way it is, you will start seeing less viewers. I am in my 30s and have outgrown the Jerry Springer type of shows. We have to do better ladies!


    KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE – Do not need an apology from Tami & Evelyn for saying what was truly on their cold-hearts and idiotic minds. Tami & Evelyn have done enough damage to themselves with their hateful behavior and offensive verbal attacks. The only thing KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE really need from Too Tall Tami & EVIL EVELYN, is fo them to stay in their own little miserable world. KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE keep smiling. Give Tami & Evelyn your support by issuing your signatures of approval for their NON-EXISTENCE. Tami & Evelyn cannot and will never be able to survive in KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE’s classy and successful world.

  86. HEARTLESS says:

    KESHA,JENNIFER, & ROYCE stay focus. Enjoy your roles on BBW to the fullest. We wish you much success. Our advice to you is that TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beautfy of CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  87. dee rose says:

    I think evelyn is a loud gold diggin ass….She’s very wordy (if that’s a word) but she never say anything worth listening to. What is her point !!!! She want to make sure she have two babies so she can be set for life. Can’t be on VH1 for ever… or tv with no talent… and only a BIG MOUTH!!!!

  88. Laura says:

    Evelyn & Jennifer altercation is all about Chad. Evelyn cannot accept the truth from Jennifer. When Evelyn knows, what Jennifer is saying to her about Chad or in the media is true. Evelyn should be bad at Chad. If Chad has a problem with what Jennifer is saying about him, he is a grown man, let him handle the situation. Evelyn is attacking Jennifer, because she feel Jennifer is the weakest link. Jennifer comes across as being laid back, calm, cool, timid, and a little wimpy. My advice to Jennifer is never let anyone stand over you or come towards you in a threaten manner. Jennifer & Kesha take some battling lessons from Royce (the little fire cracker).

  89. Pinnakal1 says:

    Jennifer please continue to be classy and true to your nature. You are independent, came from money and knows what “this life” is all about. Evidently Evelyn knows there’s some truth to the statements that were made and feels insecure. Evelyn appears to be so unhappy and unsure of herself, so angry. Also, Jennifer stay true to your real friends because most of the females on the show are so messy and seem to feed into negativity.

  90. Pinnakal1 says:

    Royce and Jennifer seems to be the most sane out of all the women. Kesha maybe too but the verdict is still out on her.

  91. andy says:

    Jen, you talked about having a college degree. did you know that was the way of the Gentiles. Question: Do you know the way of God and his promise for us? In the Name of Jesus Amen. We may laugh now, but many of you all will cry later. God said, “Turn from you wicked ways and seek my face and then shall you sins be forgiven.”

  92. exparte says:

    Evelyn, I kinda feel your pain. I think Jenn was 100% WRONG! And I do believe that you guys could get pass this if Jenn would apologize from the heart and not like she doesnt get it because she does act like she doesnt! And Jenn, you really need to realize that you were WRONG and if you are really sorry as a friend you would not act like Evelyn does not have a reason to be upset. I dont really agree with Evelyns outlash behavour but I do understand why she is frustrated. Jenn you just act like you dont care! Get it together Ladies!

  93. Janice says:

    Jennifer – Just break it down to Shaunie & Tami that you are not interested in hanging out with the too wild crew. If you are afraid that Shaunie will some how get you removed from the show, consider it a blessing. This would help to have more time to invest in your self and your business.

    Jennifer – Stop the timid behavior. Stop walking around on eggs, these females are not going to do anymore to you than you let them do. Tami & Shaunie are not on your side. Shaunie is all about the money. She has a business, but she does not know how to handle her business. Eventually, it will slip right out of her hands. Dirty deems, never work in our favor.

    Jennifer — It was good to hear you have other female friends. However, you should keep Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie, and Tami names out of any conversation. When their names come up, just say next subject please. That should be good enough. Tami is not a friend to herself, so do not feel she is your friend. Keep your life moving. Make these females too small to see. You really need to seek assistance from Royce on how to handle these vicious females. Royce does an excellent job interacting to Tami, Shaunie, Suzie and Evelyn. Royce stay alert and in the ready to switch attitude mode at all times.

  94. Cindy says:

    Evelyn, you are a disgrace to both WOMANHOOD and MOTHERHOOD! No wonder your daughter wanted to go to school in California! What self-respecting woman behaves the way you do and in public no less!! Kick Chad to the curb (money isn’t everything), stop being jealous of Jen (she’s got class/college degree/her OWN money) , and go back to school and get your diploma!

  95. Melia says:

    Jen u have got to stand your ground! And Florida has a law on that! Even Shaunie fears what Evelyn will do to you. On the real, none of the women on the show will bust a grape. Especially not Tami big bull self. I remember how weak she was when she got David kicked off the Real World. Jen, don’t let Evelyn talk to u like that. Talk that noise back to her. If she hits you, sue her for what she got and what she will get. Make her pay for wanting to be in the limelight. And you need to go on and expose her. And to think she wants more kids. She needs someone to show her some manners and help her grow up.

  96. Chrissy says:

    viewers let’s BOYCOTT BBW and that ANGRY BIRD Eve new show with CHAD enough of our Black women acting like uneducated idiots!!! eve and Tami are both were teen moms is this the way you want teenagers and/or teen moms to act I watch TEEN MOMS and the DO NOT behave in this manner how dare you continue to play our race STOP ALL the unnecessary DRAMA. Tami if you are still affiliated w/ that youth organization they need to look @ how you act on BBW and make you resign GET YOUR LIFE Eve and Tami

  97. Evelyn is mad at her self says:

    Jennifer — Evelyn is very angry at herself for making a bad name for her in the men sports arena.

    She is mad at Chad for admitting he is cheating and for admitting he will continue sex-up other females.

    She is angry at the world, because she cannot erase her dirty filthy past sex life, that the whole world knows about.

    Evelyn can make all the money in the world, but she can never buy happiness, true love, and self -respect.

    Jennifer, consider all of these things when you see Evelyn acting out. Just look/stare at her like Kesha looked/stared at Tami, when she was belittling herself on National TV.

    Kesha made Tami look lower than low.
    Kesha made Tami look very foolish.
    Kesha was in control of her actions. But, I bet anything Kesha can handle her business if ever put in a threaten situation. Because Kesha is a country girl.

  98. Deandra James says:

    Ummm Evelyn, the last time I checked, u were a basketball FIANCEE….not wife. U didn’t make it down the aisle…so making that comment about Jen not being “about this life” was actually directed @ yourself….Jen lived the life of a basketball wife for years so SHE knows exactly what it’s about. Now, if Jen needed to vent her opinion about u and your latest flavor of the year, she should have done so to your face. However, knowing the ignorant fool u are, you probably wasn’t gonna listen anyway. If I remember correctly, she DID try to tell you her opinion of Chad last season and what did u do?? U acted like a jackass. Anyway we all understand the drama is all for ratings and so that you can get an even bigger paycheck next season. I hope Jen grows some cajones and knock your simple ass out by then….deuces

  99. AJ says:

    I don’t think that you are real. You were in to it with Tami and now she’s your best friend. Why?? because she squared off with you and beat you down. You since have gone on to pick on one “weak” person after another. If Jen was really your friend all of these years then you should have been able to have a one on one conversation with her about what you felt was an inappropriate statement that she supposedly made about you. You don’t throw away a real friendship over nonsense. Unless you are “jealous” of her for some reason.
    Clean up you act and stop calling people the “B” word all the time. You had better be glad it’s Jen, cause girl, I can see numerous reasons to clock you between your eyes. And if I was yo friend that’s exactly what would have happened by now.

  100. S.G says:

    I love Evelyn and Jennifer is okay, but I don’t like the fact they are fighting and not getting along! I think that Jennifer should had stayed out of it and let Evelyn learn by her own mistakes, and Jennifer should be there for her no matter what happens. I see that Jennifer does’nt want Evelyn to get hurt or step to Chad’s level! So to Jennifer and Evelyn I hope in the near future that they will become friends again, but not to close like they use to be.

  101. team jen says:

    evelyn she makes me sick>> team jen all the way!!

  102. patrice says:

    Evelyn, Please grow up. How old are you. You are the most insecure person on the whole show.
    Jen seems to be moving on. You only talk the talk when somebody is around. Why do you have to prove you look so tough. I feel sorry for you. What does your daughter think? Royce is the quite a lady compared to you. She is drama free and down to earth. With that I pray you will get it together, it is not all about the clothes, looks etc.. Don’t get me wrong looks and clothes are nice, but when it is all said in done, what do you have on the inside?

  103. ken Cole says:


    Is engaged to be married, and still miserable…she’s not happy. Girl, deal with your issues…anyone that mad, toxic all the time has unresolved hurt and pain. That statement…”not about this life,” clearly…that “life,” is not filling you painful void of a heart!

  104. Tee says:

    Team Jen totally. She is so classy! Don’t stop to their level Jen! Be a lady! It shows that you are happy! Leave that miserable circle of hood rats be!

  105. Why says:

    Grow up Evelyn…I can see why you are single your are full of your self. You get a national TV and allow some other women to get you out your hook up. If you truly wanted to deal with her being Jen then you know where she lives. But instead you get on TV where young and girls who are trying to find there way are watching you.Grow up take this option to do something positive, productive with your life….all I see is trash coming out your mouth…

  106. Lisa says:

    Evelyn is making herself look worse and worse with this whole Jen thing. It seems all you do is eat, sleep and think Jen! You should be so happy and busy planning your so called happy wedding. You appear to be very bitter and jealous of Jennifer. Some loyal friend you were telling her so called business like you did. You are stooping lower and lower and it makes you look more and more crazy! Obviously, you are very jealous of Jen and her new friendships with people. Why don’t you try and make yourself look a little better and apologize to Jen for all your nasty ways and behavior to her this season??