Couples Therapy Star Tashera Simmons Says She’ll Never Love Anyone Like She Loves DMX


You may not know very much about Tashera Simmons at the moment, but if you tune in to Couples Therapy, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on VH1, you’ll get an intimate look at the woman whose other half is rapper DMX. Tashera and DMX have known each other for an astonishing twenty five years (though they’ve been separated for six years), and in this interview with Cherry Martinez, she opens up about their relationship. Consider this interview like a primer before the show tonight. The issue with their relationship lies partially in the fact that her husband has fathered six children with other women while still married to Tashera, and still the woman is a picture of calm and grace. “Something about him just struck a chord with me,” Tashera says. “He’s all I’ve ever known.”

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  1. kim says:

    i want to correct the statement i am not using bipolar as a excuse

  2. lucy says:

    Tashera i can understand i myself will never love anyone the way i loved my childs father. He looks just like DMX fell in love 13 years ago and hate to let go but i have to move on and so do you.

  3. Tisha says:

    I was watching the show and I really cant believe DMX loves his wife! If he did he would not talk to her the way he does nor would he treat her the way he has. She needs to cut her losses and find someone to love her the way she should be before it is to late!

  4. honeydew4u says:

    Wow Tashera. I just watched the show. Wow. if you could see the look on your face when your husband talked to you the way he did. Even I felt sorry for you and I usually dont feel too much for ppl who make their own beds… But you really need to accept that when ppl show you who they really are, believe them. He is showing you no love. Believe him. He is showing you disrespect. Beleive he does not respect you by sleeping with and fathering 6 kids while married. That is very sad. You need to thank God you dont have AIDS or some other unthinkable disease/illness. You should run while you still can. Sounds like he will be just fine without you.. Seek therapy (and God) to build your self esteem and move the hell on already!!!!

  5. tina says:

    I was really looking forward to watching this show. Right up to the first half hour. DMX has ruined the entire show. The woman he is with needs to be in therapy for wanting to be with a man like him. I’ll wait for another show and hope the VH1 can pick characters that are interesting, not gheotto and discusting like DMX! Gross!!

  6. shy2330 says:

    Tashera darling, you need someone to treat you an to love you as the wonderful woman you are, an stop wasting time on this loser, he has children outside of your’ll marriage he verbally abuse you, an treats you like you are a worthless, you deserve much better and you need to set a better example for your children.