Royce Reed Recaps Episode 5 Of Basketball Wives: “HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET HIT BY A CLUTCH PURSE??”


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.
I know its a bit late but, hey, I’ve been really busy…I do work lol. This blog is pretty easy and straight to the point. Nothing really happened, drama-wise so there is no real “Ooooooh chiiiilllleee” moments to write about…well, until the end.

In the beginning of this episode we see Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami sitting down for another round of drinks and discussing the confrontation she and Evelyn had with Kesha. I’m so happy it was noticed by the two how Kenya was seemingly enjoying the fact Kesha was getting told off. I’m also going to apologize for saying Evelyn was trying to start drama. After watching the conversation last week between her and Kesha, she didn’t seem to be starting drama, but I still wish she hadn’t gone back to Tami without telling her she was. But that’s my opinion and that’s how I handled it so I’m not being a hypocrite. I was kind of under the impression Shaunie felt Tami took it too far but never said it. Her facial expressions seemed to express that, but maybe it was just me. I hope Tami and Kesha can eventually talk it out but if not, I’m sure neither really care at this point. When the subject of Shaunie’s birthday party and who was invited came up I knew there was going to be some side-eyes for Jennifer. Although we all knew there would be some drama, it’s good Shaunie didn’t pick sides in choosing between Evelyn and Jennifer. As I stated a season or two ago, if you don’t have a problem with either party, invite them both and let them decide if they choose to show up or not. Keeps your hands clean. But like Tami expressed in her confessional, I’m sure a lot of viewers were hoping something popped off and had their popcorn bucket ready.

Moving on…
Lets just give it up for scenes that weren’t in a restaurant eating and drinking or in a store shopping!!!!!!
North Carolina was a lot of fun. That’s what it’s all about and I wish we could do more of that with my other cast members, but I don’t know if I can see Evelyn or Shaunie on an ATV hahaha! I enjoyed feeding the chickens, riding the ATVs and even roller skating although they didn’t show it.I’m happy I got to learn a lot more about Kesha and where she came from. I’m sure it’s hard growing up biracial and then not being able to knowor be a part of half your culture.Realizing exactly what she went through made me understand why Kesha is so sensitive about her roots and upbringing. Her family was a lot of fun and the pictures were classic. I still can’t get the picture with the big hair out of my mind. Too funny.

I did clear this picture with Kesha before I posted it.

Jenn, there are bougie country girls. That statement was a bit much and I’m sure a lot of people in the Carolinas aren’t feeling you right now. Not sure if you watch RHOA but Phaedra is the epitome of a bougie country girl…love herrrrr!!!

I was happy things were cleared up between Jenn and Tami in reference to her lipstick launch. Doesn’t seem to be any love lost so at least no one is choosing sides in terms of who will remain friends with Jenn vs. Evelyn due to the drama ensuing between the two. I nor Kesha was invited to the lip gloss launch or Shaunie’s birthday party so that’s why we weren’t there. Kesha and I were probably on the beach somewhere just having fun.

Next the conversation I had with Tami shows the strength in our friendship. Although Tami is upset with me presently, I don’t think it’s that serious. I came to her and expressed my feelings. If we are friends, I should be able to talk to her about any and everything including when I think she’s wrong. The conversation didn’t seem togo anywhere but I didn’t leave with scars and bruises so it still went well. It’s good to be able to agree to disagree, laugh it up and go to Lario’s for some ceviche right after.

Now enough of the cookie cutter stuff…It’s time to discuss The Birthday Dinner…dun dun dunnnn
OMG! First of all who let Evelyn have all those shots of liquid courage??? Y’all know how things get when people get a few drinks in them. This whole dinner was a mess. From the toast Kenya didn’t need to give to the second toast Evelyn gave slurring her words. I’m just shocked that they did all this in Phillipe Chow! But seriously though, did Jenn call Evelyn a bird? Did Evelyn tell Jenn to take the contacts out her face???? LMAO “I can’t” No, it wasn’t the time or the place to have all this drama but it was funny! When the yelling started it was definitely time to leave…BUT not without a memorable exit. All I have to say is HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET HIT BY A CLUTCH PURSE???Never turn or keep your back turned to an enemy…and you damn sure don’t stay sitting when they’re standing up coming towards you. We need to get Jenn is some basic self defense classes. I’m going to need her to at least learn how to bob and weave…just sayin…

Now I’m going to rewind a bit to the Suzie statement. Yes, she had some drinks but that statement thanking Shaunie for our bank accounts was unecessary. Tami wasn’t upset about her making reference to the food stamps, she was upset about the meaning behind the statement. I was taken a lil’ aback also. The statement was meant to be for the entire cast so I was also a little offended although I wasn’t there. Maybe that’s where her main source of income comes from, but I believe we all have other business ventures that were keeping our heads above water before this show. Evelyn was wearing red bottoms before this show, Jenn had her Birkin purses before this show, Tami was getting her residuals from all the sitcoms she’s been on and I owned my house, car, had my dance company, my book, etc. before this show. I’m not sure what Suzie was doing, but yes the check we get from this show is a nice supplement but its DEFINITELY NOT all we have. Hell, if that’s the case maybe we all need to start throwing drinks to make sure the checks keep coming. With that I end this blog. Holla! Im outtie!!!

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