Tami Roman’s Thoughts On Basketball Wives Episode 5: “It’s Not My Job To Blog, BUT I’m Going To Do It Anyway”


This season is bringing out the writer in everyone on Basketball Wives, that’s for sure. Between Jennifer and Evelyn‘s blogs, plus the regular recap that Royce posts for us here, we’re getting a ton of insider information and multiple sides to every storyline on the show, and for the past couple weeks, Tami Roman has thrown her two cents in on her website as well. So what’s Tami have to say about Monday night’s episode? Read for yourself. (As always, the ladies are verbose, so we have abbreviated this post and pulled some of the best quotes, but do yourself a favor and read the entire thing on Tami’s site.) Keep reading till the end, Tami definitely has some choice words not just for her cast mates but for her producers as well.

It’s Not My Job to Blog, BUT I’m going To Do It Anyway

Watching this episode made it official…it’s my turn to play the angry black woman. I don’t want to address to many things because I will see all of these ladies at the reunion and I’m much more of a face to face person, but here goes…

I want you to pay for my next therapy session because that is what saved your life at that birthday dinner. You have a bad habit of saying the wrong stuff at the wrong time. Now, I have forgiven you for that brief glitch in your brain, but that is the absolute LAST time you’re going to get a pass. I do like you and I know you are “simple” at times, so I’m willing to put this past us.

You hit the nail on the head and you know I think your ass is crazy, but you SAID that last night. I’m not a bad person, but I deal with people a certain way and I try to be upfront. I asked both you and Keisha to just come talk to me…you did that and she didn’t. I don’t respect a woman who isn’t forthright, especially at 30 something years old. Regarding your speech…girl go sit the hell down. That ish was crazy! You don’t even know Shaunie like that – you had been around her all of two times when you made that speech. It was supposed to be heartfelt, but you made it really awkward for her at her own party. Although, I hope they show you singing…now that was classic…

In the moment, your apology seemed sincere, but watching it back…girl, why you lie in my face…Sidebar: Your speech was comical. People really had to hear the whole thing because between you and Kenya, I have NEVER seen anything like it. You made a speech about yourself and tried to pass it off as something special to Shaunie. I hope VH1 releases the uncut version of some of these moments. I’m just saying…

Royce and Kesha

That little meeting in the country store – again the main crux of my beef with Kesha was edited out. In that moment Kesha said she would’ve went off on me, but she didn’t want to embarrass me. I see where this show is going and I have to take the good with the bad. Kesha will be the “edited” version of a victim and I will be made to look like the angry Black woman or the bully. It is what it is because I accept full responsibility for my REACTIONS. Other than that, NO words, speechless…I can’t…

Your face was priceless last night! Now here is the thing…you nor I handle things properly once we get heated….That clutch to the dome was funny as hell though. Your aim, the precision…chiiiilllleeeee.

PS- Shed and the editors, whatever Kesha is paying you, I’ll double it just so the viewers can get the truth. I can’t wait to see how you screw me over with the Tahiti footage.

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  1. maisie says:

    Tammi I think you are the only one on the show that is real, I think Jennifer gave that speech to let everyone know where she is coming from now. Stay true to the game Tammi and you will be alright.

  2. WhatEva says:

    On these reality shows, folks always want to blame editing. How is that? Clearly, you’re going off on folks like a mean girl/bully would. Tami, grow the hell up. You are not in high school. In the beginning, I really liked you.

  3. Real says:

    Tami, you claim to keep it soooo real but you never check your “friend” and I use that term loosely, Evelyn when she is wrong. She was wtong for being messy regarding Kesha and wrong for trying to hit Jen with the purse. Ya’ll are a bunch of ghetto bitter broads with issues. FYI: you re reap what you sow!

  4. Da Real says:

    I used to soo be team tami but You are officially delusional…u attack keisha not lets not forget meeka, but you was all cool wit evelyn the one who really disrespected you by sleeping with your husband…you are soooo fake and the sad thing is you always wanted to run all up in ev butt…you never wanted to give jenn a chance cuz you was already team ev your actions and face expressions said it all…im so disappointed in u and your dumb blog…u are truley a piece of work and wrong on all sides…grow up Tami cuz you and ev look stupid…btw last time I checked during ev speech shade was thrown at jenn she just couldnt handle the return…did anybody else find it funny how ev called jen a B but when the B-word was returned she couldnt handle it…lol priceless…you and ev are losers too bad you think of yourselfs as winners…ha!

  5. lifeistoshort says:

    Tami why are you so unhappy? You need to focus on you and not what other people say. Are you that unhappy with your life that everything someone says hit a nerve with you. I don’t see how you have any friends when you can say whatever you want but when someone else say something its a problem. Maybe that’s why kesha did not want to talk to you because you are VERY IGNORANT like Evelyn. I trurn when you and her or on I can’t stand to see woman act like that on tv. Whom ever reads this I would like for you to now that all black women do not act like this some of us are not jealous, angry all the ti me, unhappy do anything for money thirsty hoes.

  6. Keya Flanagan says:

    I respect all you ladies for what you do as independent women but when I watch this show and I love watching this show but really, it’s like we’re watching a bunch of teenage girls and you all are what in your 30′s close to 40…WOW is all I can say…but I understand business they need the ratings so there u go!

  7. Keya Flanagan says:

    Oh and that Kenya Bell..she is crazy…I see why she’s getting divorced….I would run too! lolz

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Actually Tami the editors did show the part you are referring to concerning Kesha. I remember it vividly because I said to myself, “You had the chance to speak your mind while Tami was confronting you, why didn’t you do it.” Only after you left did she make that statement that you are referring to in this blog. Know this I think you are correct and justified in being angry with Kesha. However, you have to change the venue of how you deal with people when they anger you. I think the saddest thing was that Kesha didn’t take responsibility for both craziness, speaking behind your back and her unnecessary comments to you all at her charity event.

  9. Takeema says:

    Everyone who watches “reality” television should know that the producers pick and choose the juiciest bits to air for the public. The rest gets tossed out with the truth. Tami, you are not an angry black woman. You are real and stay true to who you are. We all know that Kesha is banging a producer and that is why she is being portrayed as a victim. However, all I see is a bitter classless wannabe bride trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. I actually feel sorry for her. But I love me some Tami!!

  10. Belle says:

    Tami I love you and think you are the realist on the show EVER! :) I just want to know if this is the 4th season and you’ve been down this road before (with editing issues) why sign up for a fourth season ? The good ( money ) has to outweigh the bad (editing) but aren’t you endorsing this behavior if you keep participating ( not that I wanna see you leave because I really wont have a reason to watch)?

  11. Deborah medina says:

    I fast forward the parts of Kesha….Kenya….and Royce….the show is so boring this year on their parts….

  12. Mzz Fonseca says:

    I know that’s right Tami! Set the record straight!!!! I have read so many blogs making u out to be the bad person, when really you just are REAL! Can’t nobody be mad at you because you are un-willing to accept any BS. I knew that a lot was edited out of the whole beef with you and Kesha because from watching the show she doesn’t hesitate to talk behind someone’s back and then walk around and make it look as though her s**t don’t stank. I felt it was petty for Kesha to get upset about you asking if she was black or white because I am sure that she knows that from looking at her you would think she was just white and then when she opens her mouth you are like yup! she’s white….. I think that because you came into the show being Queen slap a haha””’ the producers enjoyed all the action and attention you have brought to the show so they now feel it’s ok to make you out as the bad guy all the time.
    Kesha if it was so hard for you living in your town maybe your mom should have moved you somewhere else. Try being a black woman that actually looks black almost anywhere in America and see how the judgement and turn aways from jobs and houses feel, then see if you will still want to complain because you don’t appear mixed. Some people would kill to be in your shoes.
    Royce this isn’t your fight Kesha isn’t perfect.
    Evelyn stop being a bully!
    Jennifer so glad you are no longer a puppy on Evelyn’s leash Congrats on growing up!!!

  13. blanko says:

    SMH@Tami… sorry sweet heart…you don’t get it. You are not “playing the angry black woman,” you are. Your blog rationalizes childish-ghetto behavior and it’s exceptionally sad you are the portrayal of a black woman on tv nowadays. Your weave, lips poked out, willingness to get violent, bullying, intelligence level, and whole persona are a black eye for black women of the world.

    “Girl, that aim with your clutch purse to Jen’s head!”-Tami

    Are you serious? God, please don’t let these birds continue to diminish the reflection of African Americans globally… please!?

  14. Syella says:

    Your reactions are yours. Regardless of editing, you are responsible for your own actions. If I swung on every woman who said something out of pocket or tried to ruin me with their own jealousy and foolishness, I’d steady be whipping behind or being sued. Keep some restraint on your emotions because in the end you’ll be rewarded for being a grown up. You reap what you sow. What they dish out will come back to them 10 fold. The drawback is, whatever reaction you give them will send the same attraction. I wonder how elevated your career and life would be if you didn’t allow people to take you down with them? Save that action and energy for your foundation, not giving attention to people who don’t deserve it.

  15. Nip says:

    Tami sound like you mad the way the producer have looking, u can’t get mad with nobody but your self. I want to no do your kids and family see all that’s been said about u. I use to be on your team no more.

  16. SHAUNACEE says:

    I personally like tami & royce the most, they keep it 100 at all times, & dont care what nobody think about them!! evelyn is so over rated, & jen need to grow some balls & whip her ass!! suzie….. suzie who!! thats how i feel about the whole thing!! its so funny how in the begin those same ppl judged royce & tami, now look at em!! smdh, lol!!

  17. PhatChic says:

    Tammi I was digging you last season I thought you was Kool and kept it 100. I see you this season as just being Messy. I know in real life I dont get down wit females that carry bones! Suzie is a follower with no back bone! Shaunie is just watching you fools makes asses out yourselves. Evelyn want to be tough! Looking for a meal ticket! She’s a HOE! Jen she’s kool she needs to get away from the drama! Move on and do like Royce did, dont attend any events with you nut cases! Last but not least the producers need to be KICKED in The BUTT these are not Basketball Wives!!! Not One of you are married thats why you all are so dang MESSY!!!!!! On a reality show acting like teenagers for a dollar! SADD!!!! Where is your Dignity?

  18. china says:

    O.K??? First of all it cant be that much editing in the world we all know how tami is from previous seasons if anything the editing probably helped her out in addition I dont understand why she is hatin on jen no they did not show her whole speech but she kept it positive from one professional to another.nothing is wrong with that.The comedy was really her girl evelyn she made a fool of her self with her speech and her actions but once again tami had her back and she suppose to be so real wrong is wrong people are sick of both of them.

  19. MSH says:

    OK, the SO has me watching this crazy show so I thought I would offer a man’s perspective.

    Tammy seriously grow up. My 9 year old displays more maturity than you do. The constant cursing, belittling and showing outright disrespect shows just how insecure you really are. For you though, it is pick and choose. You pick on Keshia because you deem her week because she’s more refined and demure and avoid childlike confrontations. That doesn’t make her weak because she refuses to go into the gutter with her antics, just means she’s an adult and behaves as such. You are all up Evelyn’s backside even though she is the one who truly disrespected you by first, sleeping with your HUSBAND, second alluding to you being a non blank factor over it and third advertising a shirt with the slogan she termed up for you. That is the ultimate form of disrespect, yet you sit and take it like a good little girl so you can be with the cool kids.

    Suzie, what is there to say, one look at her and a man already knows she will never be anything other than the sideline h*e. She’s not seriously/wifey material. At least she knows her place I guess.

    Evelyn, a huge disappointment, desperate and low self-esteem. She’s desperate to be a baller’s wife, not just a wife with a man who would truly love her and respect her. So much so that she is willing to let her to be husband cheat. Newsflash women, no man is going to truly respect you if you just openly let them do it without consequence. Evelyn, like Suzie is pretty much relegated to sideline h*e status and that’s pretty much how Chad is treating her. A person so desperate to be married but not marriage material. She’s also the reason for Tammi’s beef with Keshia. Keshia didn’t dog Tammi, she asked Evelyn how to approach her with what she was feeling and that SHE would be the one to talk to Tammi but Eve had to be the mean girl. Eve is also a punk. Big and bad against people she think she can beat but cowardly against everyone else. She thinks she can beat Jennifer so she bully’s her. It was a different story when it was Tami. So she’s a punk and unlady like.

  20. yolonda says:

    tami at the end of the day,we don’t personally know you so we don’t know what goes on behind closed-doors,If you are getting therapy for your issues,continue to do that but get lessons out of them,you said you wanted to improve your attitude,then do do,everybody is a work in progress,including myself,kesha should have talked to royce if she wanted advice not evelyn.

  21. Ohsotrue says:

    I don’t know why people always have to watch how to approach you and what they say around you. I have a damn “Tammy” in my life (related) who’s a copy version of you. It became too much work just to be around her that I had to excuse myself indefinitely and so did many others. Hopefully, therapy will help you find why you are “an angry woman”. You may need a new therapist because if you had grown you could have easily forgiven Keshia and started over. Since you have surfaced you have been nothing but angry and opinionated. Instead of watching you always give your ‘momma’ opinion it would be nice to see what is really going on, what type of growth you have done beside a Louie bag and bigger less hanging boobies…. Your pockets are now laced with funds but your brain is still laced with stupidity.

  22. ohsotrue says:

    If this is the best of the “basketball wives” then bring on the Sunbeams!!!!!! This is just a step up from ‘Bad Girls” and that is not saying much of anything!!!!!

  23. Miss Truth as she see's it says:

    Kesha looks black and sounds black. She is just country as hell ! If you can’t tell yall need some glasses. Her roots told me. I just thought maybe she could be a little of something more. But, her first race is a black woman. She needs someone to help her with her speech. Her speech makes me cringe..

  24. roamingaround says:

    Tami, I’m sure the producers are doing you a FAVOR by not airing ALL your bad behavior. If what we’re seeing is edited, I can only imagine the other footage of you being ghetto, classless, vulgar, mean and downright disrespectful. It galls me to see you give Ev hi-five for hitting Jen with her purse. But I guess ghetto celebrates ghetto. You and Ev thrive on P.D.A. (public display of aggression) and that’s what makes you a bully. Who died and made you chief of police on Front Street? Since you’re so big on people confronting you to your face, I’m going to tell you to the truth:
    You need a refund for that surgery because you’re big as a hippo and walk like one too.
    When you were slouched on the couch I counted 3 jelly rolls with 50lbs of cellulite from your knees to your dress line which makes me believe you have a machine gun booty. You do.
    You always look the poorest compared to the other women. You know you are.
    You can’t control yourself in public. We’ve all seen you in rare form.
    You are so messy and YOU started 90% of the drama this season. Own it and get over yourself.
    Lastly and sadly you blame everyone else for your bad behavior.
    Grow up and just know the general public sees you for the woman you are. When you change post like mine will change.

  25. Iris says:

    Tami my opinion and I been following the show since season 1 youre the realest in the show!!!!

  26. Ms Tami I love you and understand your past and what you are dealing with from your past. You are acting some what as a bully and a mean girl and I think that makes you not fun to watch anymore. I loved you from day one and thought you kept it 100% all the time, but stop with what you think and saying that you so not like her and calling the little girl a BI***!! I think that the 2 new girls do not fit in and they are really trying to get to know you. You are a strong powerful black woman and I have been where you been. You are going to have to let a lot go and let God!!! I wish I could sit down with you and really see the other side and not this evil devil ‘s sister that is on TV One thing that might help is yoga, or kick boxing to get some of that angry out. I my self go to the gun range and shot my 9.MM you should try it.

  27. Rupa says:

    I also was a team Tammi…but after this season started she just went from bad to worse, from honest to mean.

  28. CHILE PLEASE says:

    First off I think that it is so funny how everyone can support anyone who is “painted” to be a bully. What Tami fails to realize is that her fans believes that she is “real” because of what they show on television. If being real means that you get upset over the tiniest things, go out of your way to bully people a la Evelyn, or is content to wallow in your misery (despite small attempts at getting professional help) then quite frankly being as fake as Jennifer’s contacts might be the way to go. At the very least she seems to be moving on and making a career for herself– with an attempt to avoid all of the drama. I personally liked Tami when she was first introduced, until she went off on Jennifer over food stamps. From that moment on she has, not the producers, presented herself in the worst light. Get in control of your actions and stop trying to justify your bad behavior. Although Tami won’t see this nor care (and she shouldn’t as this is simply my opinion of the program) I feel like Team Tami really need to evaluate to whom they are lending their support, as Tami represents absolutely nothing worth being proud of or enjoying. Tami and her followers need to grow up and realize that it is THIS behavior holding you back and not some invisible force. Chile please you need to grow up, stop letting your past hold you back, and stop lashing out on people simply because you have been hurt.

  29. Sandra E. Wright says:

    Lord, Chile, Tami – What in the hell is going on in the Series world of yours. Girl this s*** is sticking bad. Although it is comical, it is also sad, to see a damn bunch of women who can keep from cutting each’s throats. And now you all might be going to Where? Tahiti, hell VH1 just can’t stop can they? Sending you lovely ladies all over to these nice places just to do what. FIGHT? – Here’s one for ya: Hey VH1, Give me and my family a story, and watch us run with it,,,,,,,,

  30. Pam says:

    Tami loved you since the “Real World” stay real, girl!

  31. steph says:

    I use to like Tammi, i like someone who will tell you the truth and stick up for what they believe in but it bothered me quite a bit how she handled Kesha and her ethnicity. That is exactly what is wrong with our world today..people make the issue of a person’s skin color a major aspect…and IT IS offensive. I have a 7 year old son that can’t comment on anyone regarding their skin color, in order to let me know who he is talking about he must describe what they are wearing, and me and his father do the same. We should be proud of who we are and everthing about us…its sad to see people belittle people and then think it is amusing. GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY!!!!!!! It is so sad to me to still hear people from all races talk down on other ethnic groups to, i guess, make themselves seem superior. smh BE WHO YOU ARE AND BE PROUD. ***the color of your skin DOES NOT make you who you are it is your CHARACTER

  32. angelpie says:

    Tami u r damn right eve ur my girl jst chille out mama!!!! teameve&tami

  33. Shaun says:

    So many young girls and mostly like her daughters are watching her. Each week, she tells these young women it is ok to act like a fool over someone else’s words. I understand that she has to somehow be interesting to remain on the show, but this woman is close to 40 if not already there. Stop cooning, fighting, and acting a fool for a paycheck. You are worth more than that even if you don’t believe it.

  34. just saying says:

    Tami you and Evelyn are bullys but remeber the lesson you are teaching this younger generation is supose to be to respect one another .Your lesson is lets drink and fight with one an other and be as classless as possible .It is pitafull to say you girls are fully grown . GROW UP ! Evelyn you will meet your match sweetheart ! That will be priceless!! You girls really need to trully get to know eachother before passing judgement on one another!!! Royce and Shauni in my eyes are the realest ppl on the show Jen I like you but please stand up for yourself when it comes to Evelyn young adults that are being bullied will be inspired by that. Suzie you are a hot mess girlfriend but you are who you are . Kenya you come off a bit strange but once again indaviduality is great . Keisha maybe you can give tthe GIRLS a lesson on how to act like grown respectable women!

  35. charlene williams says:

    Tami…..please stop playing the victim,, many of us have been abused,,,ok, you have been hurt but, you can get help and move past those issues. Yes, you need to LOVE people for who they are and not for pleasing tami. we are all unique individuals. Tami does not make rules for everyone to play by. That is not reality!!!! Tami you are not the center of the universe only in your thinking and of course that is very small mind and world. Expand your thinking and your distateful behavior will be replaced with genuine compassion,love and truth.

  36. steph says:

    on regards to how tammi came at kesha was ridiculous and is a PRIME example of where we are STILL at regarding skin color TO THIS DAY!
    that is exactly what is wrong with our world today..people make the issue of a person’s skin color a major aspect…and IT IS offensive. I have a 7 year old son that can’t comment on anyone regarding their skin color, in order to let me know who he is talking about he must describe what they are wearing, and me and his father do the same. We should be proud of who we are and everthing about us…its sad to see people belittle people and then think it is amusing. GOD DOESN’T LIKE UGLY!!!!!!! It is so sad to me to still hear people from all races talk down on other ethnic groups to, i guess, make themselves seem superior. smh BE WHO YOU ARE AND BE PROUD. ***the color of your skin DOES NOT make you who you are it is your CHARACTER

  37. Tee says:

    This is for Evelyn!

    Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

  38. ST says:


    I had sympathy for you when you first came to the show. You were waaay more humble then when you didnt have much. I saw your struggles early on, and we all have had to spend food stamps at some point. You immediately got into a fight with Jen when she wasnt familiar with food stamps. I even had sympathy for you when Evelyn told you TO YOUR FACE that she screwed your husband Kenny Anderson. Then, she made a shirt about you guys altercation, when she made you a punchline on a t-shirt. Remember “You a Non-mutha F factor”?! Remember that Tami? I still had love for you for YOU were the victim. Now you up in everybodies business causing drama between the girls. YOU ARE A BULLY. You ran Meeka Claxton off and she absolutely nothing to you. You picked that fight. I understand you want to be loved and wanted, but it seems like you are doing all this to look good for Evelyn. I used to like her to. She is very pretty on the outside, but butt ugly under her skin. She is no longer a dime, she’s a 5. Sorry Chad…Back to you Tami. There was nothing wrong with Kesha going to your ‘best bully friend’ Evelyn to see if she could help keep the peace. As just as bullies and drama mamas do, Ev brought you nothing but negativity from her conco with Kesha. You need to calm down before you run up on the wrong person and you get your feelings hurt. Do you still have that lawsuit against Ev about the “Non Mutha Effin Factor” t-shirt fiasco? If you are angry at anyone, it should be against Ev. I do appreciate how you have Royces back though. And watch the alcohol baby. You clearly cannot hold a few beers in you. Smoke a blunt or something, Alcohol doens work well with in your bloodstream. Stop bullying people and get it together.

  39. lena jackson says:

    I just wanted to say that I know that Shaunie is the director and she does not appear in many episodes; However, the show is based on DRAMA and that is what get everyone paid. I think Evelyn needs to really tone it down because she is really not a threat to anyone. Evelyn has no class and attacks anyone she can. Evelyn needs to leave Jennifer alone because Jennifer does not bother Evelyn. Evelyn attacks her every chance she gets. Evelyn will get hers in the long run because she is not to bad that she can’t be beat. I admire Tami for toning it down thus far, she is doing a great job at mediating between Evelyn and Jennifer; however, I am waiting for her to get some things going as well. The women on this show all have a common bond and that is getting paid for the drama that goes on, but at the same token, some (Evelyn) take it a little to far. Shaunie could do a better job at making sure things stay neutral between all women. Jennifer continue to be a CLASSY individual and stand your ground. Don’t allow EVelyn to intimidate you.

  40. Gina says:

    I generally don’t write on these blogs because I know this show is for entertainment, but seeing the way you keep going for Keisha has really gotten under my skin. Like Keisha, I am also a bi-racial woman. I understand what it is like to have people constantly ask about my parentage & to be asked a ton of questions about my hair, eyes or to be told their opinion of how I am supposed to look or sound. Not to mention my favorite question “do I consider myself black or white”. It gets old and frankly it is rude.
    When you first joined this cast I thought your personality was humble. I really liked & respected you. With each season I am starting to see you in a totally different light. Now it seems that everyone tiptoes around you because they are afraid of your outbursts. My heart truly goes out to you for what you experienced growing up. However, that doesn’t excuse or give you the right to beat others down because you are unhappy & wounded inside. I have learned in my 40 yrs is that hurt people hurt other people…. I’m glad you are getting help to heal what is damaged inside. Being someone who is wounded inside I hope you reflect upon what that feels like and reconsider inflicting emotional injury upon others.
    Why do women work so hard at cutting each other down? We all should strive at being Whole/Oue Best Self and helping others to so the same.

  41. delaine says:

    Tami I really like you alot even on the show but you are alot better than Evelyn she is like very messy and for her to have daughters she should never act the way that she does. And by the way is Evelyn even on the show she is not an X-Basketball Wife or Girlfriend she’s marrying a football player i wish i could meet her in person i would love to put her in her place. But you personally are my kind of woman keep up the good work. Team Tami

  42. Chas says:

    I knew Kesha was full of it. If she didnt sound so damn country we wouldnt think nothing of it!!! Tami please tell us what really happened on the reunion show!

  43. Team Kesha all the way says:

    How dare you tami sit there and think you have the right to judge people or make rude comments whenever,whoever you freaken want to. Tami isnt real and its ashame that you all agree with this disgusting human being. I know why no man wants her because she is a psyhco path. She hates on pretty young,classy women. And tami doesnt look full black herself so she needs to shut up. She says my behavior is exceptable. well honey you need to go back to school. Then she goes why should i care about kesha if nobody cares about mee. Be a tough girl. Well tami you be a tough girl. You just went to your therapist a few weeks ago and said ive been raped twice and it was really hurtfull. Nobody gives a Dammn. Why? Because you dont give a Damn about Nobody but yourself. Your a cold harder person and thats all youll ever be.

  44. Tami you’re my favor person on the show very head strong right to the point and just don’t give a f.keep up the good work.peace.

  45. Redice says:

    Tami needs to grown up !! i’m saying i was Team Evelyn but i’m Team Jennifer . Guuuurl please you’ve children they can’t be able to relate to yall !!

  46. Denise Crockett says:

    It’s so twisted that Tammi can be BFF’s with someone who slept with her husband and basically told her she was irrelevant but have irreconcilible differences with someone who made a statement she didn’t like. Tammi and Evelyn are setting very poor examples for their children but Jenn and Kesha are taking the high road and in the final analysis will have longevity in their careers.Tammi and Evelyn seem to be cut from the same cloth and seem to be on destructive path and seemingly much to their own doing.

  47. GANDRA says:


  48. Julie Vaughn says:

    Tami and Evelyn are overbearing, crass, and insecure. They go out of their way to be hateful to anyone new. Evelyn can’t stand anyone to challenge her. I don’t even see high school girls behave the way these grown women are acting. And Jennifer really needs to repeat Basic English class and I am not talking English 101, I mean elementary class. Her speech is deplorable. I really thought this year would be different for the ladies, same crap different day. Shaunie you can do better, please make it better.

  49. jazzy marie says:

    If I thought there was some slick stuff going on with the editing, I would bring it up at the reunion, where it would have the most power, and you could catch people of guard. That is where you will have your biggest audience, and would produce ah ha moments.

  50. Peach Valley says:

    One of the signs of a controlling spirit is when someone masks their own weaknesses by pointing fingers….are you really going to blame editing for your awful behavior? Really? Take responsibility for how you act ~ it’s always everybody’s fault but yours. Just because someone acts a certain way with you doesn’t mean you have to react ~ the fact that you go ballistic because somebody says something you don’t like shows your lack of intellect. He who angers you controls you – remember that.

    Stop watering down lies and trying to pass it off as the truth. The truth is that you’ve always acted like a fool – you acted like a fool on the Real World when you lied and got that guy kicked off of the show, and you’ve acted like a fool too many times to count on this show.

    One thing about it though – you only act a fool with people you think you can handle – Heather B from the Real World called you out years ago and told you what she thought of you to your face – you didn’t say a word then.

    Stop being so trashy ~ you are dang near 50 years old acting like you’re12 ~ grow up yamp.

  51. gail says:

    tami is sooo glad to be evelyn’s “new” Jen its a shame. she and ev r both loud, hateful women, with low self esteem.

  52. Nichea says:

    Tammi at this point Jennifer has outgrown basketball wives and the immature drama. She may not know how to handle you because she may feel a little threatened but Jennifer doesn’t need basketball wives for the fame or the money and she is past ready to move on. I think she really loves Shaunie but she knows just like everyone else that queen b is in it for the money so that fake ass set up of a birthday dinner was just to get it on and poppin so does Shaunie really think that Jennifer is not seeing right through her. Tammi you supposed to be so real, you claim to be so impartial with Jen and Ev. You talking about Jen’s speech was all about her self and what the hell was evelyn’s immature speech about. Her damn speech had nothing to do with Shaunie. Did you look at yourself, you was sitting at the end of the table and i would swear you and evelyn was so glued to each other it look like yall was a couple. Did you talk to Jennifer at all at the birthday party? we didnt see it. If anything you choosing to be stuck up under the most immature one of the show. Evelyn is young Jennifer is not even thinking about her tired ass. Somebody need to tell her chad is using her ass. Chad follows the cameras to stay relevant.

  53. Lynn says:

    I give this show another season maybe..People are tired of looking at his nonsense. I stopped watching it.Shaunie never tell whats going on with her. She is mothergoose and she has all her babies following her.

  54. Brenda says:

    Tami, I agree with you. So much is edited for ratings. People stay tuned just to see who and how you are going to go off on next. We know you are not an angry black woman or a bully, you are what keeps the ratings going. I don’t like Kesha because she thinks she is better than the rest of you all. We don’t see all the behind the scene stuff. Just like that edited your blog, they edit the show to. Keep your head up and keep doing you.

  55. Penny says:

    So you keep saying its editing that’s making you look like a donkey and they are working on Kesha’s side. Ok, where was editing when you tried to fight Jen??? Where was editing when you Donkey Konged Evelyn upside the head??? Where was editing when you mushed the hell out of Meeka???? Uhmm sorry hun, but nobody is buying the “its the editing that has me looking like an idiot every season speech” This is all you. I think deep down you know what a fool you look like on televesion and instead of owning up to the fact that you look foolish, you try to point the finger somewhere other than yourself. I really feel bad for you and Evelyn becuase they are really expoiting your ignorance. If it is all editing, then maybe you should pull the “editors” to the side and tell them you will not participate if they continue to make you look stupid-but I know you wont becuase you know its YOU and not the editors. You and Evelyn have teenage daughters. Yall need to grown up, seriously.

  56. serena says:

    Tami you are a disgrace to women of colour and you react to things as if you were illiterate. I cringe each time i see you on screen. I feel sorry for your children, if my mother acted the way you do on tv every week, i would disown her.

  57. Nichole says:

    It’s so sad to see grown ass women act like high school bullies. Some of you ladies have grown children too. Why don’t you guys focus more on your business. Damn.. We can look at local news & see all of the negativity. I’m not watching anymore . Hope you ratings go down. VH1 need to cancel yaw asses. For real, the same crap is now so boring.. YUK!!!!!


    Words from Tami BLOG– Shed and the editors, whatever Kesha is paying you, I’ll double it just so the viewers can get the truth. I can’t wait to see how you screw me over with the Tahiti footage.

    VH1 & BBW PRODUCERS – why are you putting up with Tami’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show?

    This little girl is wild, rude, and useless. Tami is getting hate mail all over the place. She disrespects herself, she disrespects her daughters, and she disrespects the viewers of the show with her offensive verbal attacks.


    KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE – Do not need an apology from Tami & Evelyn for saying what was truly on their cold-hearts and idiotic minds. Tami & Evelyn have done enough damage to themselves with their hateful behavior and offensive verbal attacks. The only thing KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE really need from Too Tall Tami & EVIL EVELYN, is fo them to stay in their own little miserable world. KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE keep smiling. Give Tami & Evelyn your support by issuing your signatures of approval for their NON-EXISTENCE. Tami & Evelyn cannot and will never be able to survive in KESHA, JENNIFER, ROYCE’s classy and successful world.

  60. Heartless says:

    KESHA,JENNIFER, & ROYCE stay focus. Enjoy your roles on BBW to the fullest. We wish you much success. Our advice to you is that TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beautfy of CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  61. Robin & Larry says:

    MESSAGE TO EVELYN & TAMI —- Your viewers are waiting patiently for the two of you to STOP THE VERBAL ABUSE & PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Because BBW is not DISNEY WORLD. BBW is not FANTASY WORLD. BBW is not HIGH SCHOOL. BBW is not ELEMENTARY. BBW is not a POPULARITY CONTEST. BBW is not a BOXING RING. BBW is not a WRESTING RING. BBW is definitely not a DAYCARE CENTER. The two of you are on a REALITY SHOW, so viewers across the globe are waiting for the two of you to recognize, that you are not before a live audience playing ring-around-the-chairs, with cartoon characters, and paper dolls. You are working with real people; you are working with human beings. Therefore, human beings deserve respect. Your viewers deserve respect. Your cast mates deserve respect, even though you do not respect yourselves. Your hostility, criminal behavior, and disgusting mind-set are very offensive to millions of viewers. VH1 needs viewers to support the show, and to maintain high ratings. If your violence and disrespect on the show continues, VH1 will continue to loose viewer due to low ratings, Boycotts and Petitions until they remove the two of you from the REALITY SHOW.

  62. Sherri says:

    STOP Tami..enough with the ridiculous editing excuses. This is who you are and your behavior in front of the camera’s. No matter what provokes your anger, what RIGHT do you have to physically and verbally assault someone. You behave like the lowest gutter trash and WE the VIEWERS are tired of it. I hope VH1 hears loud and clear and ends their contract with you. We need more like Royce and Keisha who speak their minds but do it diplomatically and not like wild banshees with the most disgusting language and behavior…it’s not cute and you don’t look hard you just look like a childish ass (ass in donkey). And this all applies to Evelyn as well. Shut them both down!! and get them off the show.

  63. LENARDO says:

    VH1 must stop the violence and verbal abuse on BBW. High ratings should never take priority over cast members safety and well-being. Laws against BULLYING are being enforced in our schools. VH1 should have zero tolerance for VIOLENCE for the REALITY SHOWS. Our children are practicing and acting out what they see on TV.


  65. ROBIN says:

    MESSAGE TO EVELYN & TAMI —- Your viewers are waiting patiently for the two of you to STOP THE VERBAL ABUSE & PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Because BBW is not DISNEY WORLD. BBW is not FANTASY WORLD. BBW is not HIGH SCHOOL. BBW is not ELEMENTARY. BBW is not a POPULARITY CONTEST. BBW is not a BOXING RING. BBW is not a WRESTING RING. BBW is definitely not a DAYCARE CENTER. The two of you are on a REALITY SHOW, so viewers across the globe are waiting for the two of you to recognize, that you are not before a live audience playing ring-around-the-chairs, with cartoon characters, and paper dolls. You are working with real people; you are working with human beings. Therefore, human beings deserve respect. Your viewers deserve respect. Your cast mates deserve respect, even though you do not respect yourselves. Your hostility, criminal behavior, and disgusting mind-set are very offensive to millions of viewers. VH1 needs viewers to support the show, and to maintain high ratings. If your violence and disrespect on the show continues, VH1 will continue to loose viewer due to low ratings, Boycotts and Petitions until they remove the two of you from the REALITY SHOW.

  66. VH1 END THE VIOLENCE says:

    OMG – These TAMI & EVELYN drink and fight every single place they go. They will eventually need AA. We have enough wars going on around the world. People getting hurt every second. Stop the violence, end end the violence now. If these females want to fight, they are in the wrong profession. They should become wrestlers and boxers. VH1 STOP THE MADNESS AND END THE VIOLENCE.

  67. Open Marriage says:

    I do no support Open Marriages, but I must give Chad Ochocinco some credit for his truthfulness. He is the first man that I have ever witnessed, tell a female that he will cheat and that he is cheating. We should give him much credit for being up front, open, and honest. Now if Evil Evelyn is satisfied with having half of a man, and half of a husband, I wish her good luck.

  68. Marta says:

    Jennifer, Kesha, & Royce —- stay classy, calm, cool, and collective and get the legal system on your side. Make the criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, and request that they be removed from the streets. Because, Tami & Evelyn are two of the most heartless, disrespectful, foul and unwise females that I have seen on National TV.

  69. Untamed says:

    I can relate very well to all of the posts. Because I love my children, I love my family members, and I love my friends. I thank God that they are not as evil as the females on the show. If my children, my family members, and my friends would behave like untamed animals, I would be a shame and very disappointed.

  70. maderma says:

    tami and evelyn act like they were raised by pitbulls

  71. Dimples says:

    As you can see from the blogs, no one likes you or Evelyn anymore. Both of you guys are bullies.
    Tami you like to see mess and start mess. I guess u forgot u was the JOKE of the 2nd season. Shaunie Ev talked about you and your clothes & your FOODSTAMPS!
    You didnt step to Shaunie who was the one that spilled yo beans on being on welfare!!!!
    Tami why dont you step to Shaunie since u like to keep it real?????
    No u not gonna step to Shaunie, u dont want to be off the show.
    U made a comment about Jen getting hit by a purse & that was funny to you???.
    What kind of friend or you? You are childish. You told Jen that you were still friends with her? yeah Right.
    Thats why Jen didnt invite you or Shuanie to her event, She sees through ya’ll.
    Ya’ll are (SUPER-FAKE) I’m glad Jen has other girlfriends.
    MY opinion is: I think all the girls are JEALOUS of Jen because she is NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL, has lip gloss cometics & fitness studio> So what she wears contacts.
    Tami your weave needs a touch-up. See you can talk about others . You need to look in the MIRROR too! You ain’t all what you think you are.
    Keesha- You don’t belong on the show. Shaunie dont like anyone younger looking than her and being prettier than her. Tami as a mother, how do you think your daughters see you. I’m sure they are ashame of you. If they are in High School, I’m sure alot of the teen-agers are saying Yo mama show is “GHETTO” and a Bully on TV. You do not put any Positive images on your personality.
    Jen-Please get off the show this season-I can see that they are planning something against you!!! I betcha Shaunie & Ev plan that day when that girl slapped you. Why wasn’t that edited. Who wants to see violence of Black ladies fighting. They are playing u for RATINGS!
    Tami you show is kissing Shaunie & Ev AZZ to hang with them.
    They dont care about you either, I guess u forgot how they use to talk about you.
    They only allowing u to hang with them since they kick Jen to the curb.

    Suzi-No one cares about you-Why are you on the show again?????????????
    Tami almost lit you up about the food stamp comment. ha-ha-ha
    Royce-Tami is not yo friend, she just want to hang with Ev & Shaunie she dont respect your friendship. You need to open your eyes, Royce & Jen-NONE OF THOSE GIRLS ON THE SHOW ARE YO FRIENDS! I don’t know why ya’ll can’t see that? We all can see it by watching the show. The show is what it is (A HOT GHETTO MESS SHOW)!!!
    The editing is what it is!!!!!!! Tami you are childils like Ev & Shaunie. Looking to see who can be in your CIRCLE? What women want to be in a CIRCLE at 30-40 years old. Thats jr. high stuff.

  72. Monique says:

    Evelyn you are tripping. Shaunie you are a smart business woman. But can’t you redirect your vision,so you don’t sell out your sisters to make money to get ratings? Evelyn you don’t act like a mother & a bride to be. You are suppose to be happy at this time girl. Why are you fighting & dropping the F bomb so much. I think you’re really anrgy at Chad because he’s a player. You’re taking it out on Jen because she told you to be careful with Chad. Instead of attacking her everytime you see her you need to thank her. Tami & Evelyn try a different way to get attention. Stop acting like high school bullies. Yall look like to crazy fools. Shaunie, you’re suppose to be the mediator, you’re full of S–t too. But Shaq said that when he busted you stealing his money.

  73. DJS says:

    Pls take a restraining order out on Evelyn. No one should have to deal with violence and intimidations just for being themselves. You have a God given right to freedom of speech, having your own friends and living your own life. Don’t let her run you off of the show, That is what she wants. She does’t want to have to compete with you, or for you to see that you were right even though you are not trying to rub it in her face and you have apologized several times but she is not gracious enough to accept or at least move on. If “THIS LIFE’ is chaos and bitterness and mad drama, I am happy you are not about it.

  74. TKNY says:


  75. Janice says:

    Jennifer — Always preserve your coolness and composure. However, always keep your head up when you are around the too wild crew (Tami & Evelyn). Never let anyone of these sneaky females get up on you and get in your face. Because they do not fight fair. They love to catch their target off guard.

    Royce can educate you in this area. She is a very wise young woman. Kesha & Jennifer needs to be educated in the area of hoodiness. The viewers know Jennifer has a high level of self-protection inside, but when it gets to that level, watch out Evelyn.

  76. Missy says:

    BBW – Please stop the sinful behavior. A Reality Show can have high ratings without excessive profanity and violence. Tami — Your response to Royce regarding Kesha, was very juvenile. You present yourself as a psychological untrained little girl. That always get their way kind of kid. The kind of kid that would totally humiliate the h– out of their parents in public.

    Tami- Your daughters conduct themselves like mature women. It makes us wonder did you have anything to do with their upbringing. How much of a mother role did you play in their life? Because these girls are attractive inside and outside, from what we as viewers have seen. It should have been a wake up call, when your own daughters did not want you as their business manager. Instead, it appears you have fallen to the deepest end of hell with your behavior.

  77. KeeKee says:

    Shaunie & VH1 Producers — You can make your money and get your crew under control at the same time. That is if you really want to get them under control. Too Tall Tami & 7 Evelyn must be put in check. The viewers will not continue to watch the show. Viewers will start a petition fodemanding VH1 to remove Tami & Evelyn from show. Viewers will boycott due to the violence, and excessive profanity.

  78. B J says:

    Well I am usually team Tami, That because Tami speaks her own mind, I like that.
    That cleared a lot up for me.(the editing your parts out) They are making Tami out as the bully. Nowadays people look down on bullying. Tami you are a Beautiful women. Money is good and always what is needed. But you have daughters. It’s one thing to speak up and have an opinion.Strength means do everything with dignity. You got the looks but whats coming out of your mouth is becoming ugly. It makes you look like you are old and jealous. of a young women, give wisdom.

  79. Cary Jones says:

    I love you because you always keep it real!!! There’s no fakeness (if that’s a word) about you. I agree Jennifer’s was all about her…..Isn’t it always??? As for the Evelyn and Jennifer situation….they just need to keep their distance between each other. That friendship is long gone, and it will never be the same between them. I suggest everyone comes to that understanding and not try to hash anything between them, if it does it has to come from them, and I’m not holding my breath for that one. Suzi needs to tone it down with the drinking because she obviously can’t handle her drinking and just says whatever comes to mind!!! I was waiting for you to catch her off guard when she came around the table, trying to apologize. Lets face it she was scared is hell when she saw her reaction, and she needs to be thankful you gave her another chance. I agree she is simple…there’s a lot of space in that head of hers.

  80. Sunshine says:

    Hi Tami, I love how you keep it 1000 (for the most part) and how you take the grown woman route and confront anyone your believe is out of line or wronged you in some way on the show. AND the majority of the times, you are absolutely correct, them “Bs” are usually real foul. I role like you role, I am going to speak on it and correct a “B” where she stands. At times, you are way to disrespectful and comes off like your being a bully — yes, you have improved, but come on lady. However, I learned that not everything requires checking a “B” and it is okay to let somethings go. I also learned that I had much anger inside of me and was a ticking bomb ready to explode and for some reason felt the need to always have the last word, prove my rightness, and let the world know that know one was going to treat any old kind of way. Until, I figured out, that I don’t have to always fight my own battles, it is alright not to have the last word, and that the world is not against me. Once I decided let some stuff go…I felt more at peace, I became more calmer, people noticed a change in me, people were no longer intimidated by me and in summary, I got along with more people (family and friends), was happier, was more positive, and more pleasant to be around. On another note, why isnt anyone telling Evelyn to chill out, everyone knows her finance is a hoe and she is ex-hoe (i think). She is taking up for a man that disrespected her on national television for millions of viewers to see…asking for a threesome — how awful. We have enough ABWs, your beautiful, authentic, and talented, you do not need the ABW label on your back! Side note — I like Kenya, I think she is a bit quirky, but sincere. Anyways, I wish you much continued success!!!

  81. Kathy says:

    Evelyn kisses Shaunie and Tammi’s but. Shaunie so she can stay on the show and Tammi so that the world won’t see her get her but kicked on the show. Shaunie is just using you both for ratings. If not for this show she wouldn’t have anything to do with either one of you and she actually promotes this crap and think she’s doing it incognito but everyone can see what’s happening. Fot those of us that are sick of the violence LET’S BOTCOTT SHAUNIE’S SHOE LINE AND ANY OTHER PRODUCTS SHE HAS. I BET SHE WILL CHANGE THE DIRECTION THE SHOW IS GOING IN WITH A QUICKNESS.

  82. Jasmine says:

    Tami, you are such a phony, fake human being. I wish you would get a real personality. You are a bully and very mean and negative. I see why your husband left you, your too evil and unbearable.
    You talk about people and gossip about everyone, but your the same one who was upset when you where talked about for being on welfare and other government programs. Please do your self a favor and buy some good quality indian remy hair because your weaves looks frightening.You must have got it done in brooklyn in someone’s basement for $25. Fake looking shiny synthetic weaves with no part are not a good look. There’s some great stylists in Harlem go shop around boo boo.

  83. sylvia says:

    Tami, I used to like you because I was rooting for the underdog especially when the girls were talking about you, your clothes and your weave. You have gotten hood rich and has just become a mean girl. You come off as a bully, ignorant and an embarrassment to black women, and perhaps the wives in the league are happy that you are no longer one of them. You can take the girl out of the street….

  84. Chrissy says:

    viewers let’s BOYCOTT BBW TOO much violence and women using profanity, how can we march for Trayvon Martin when we DISRESPECT each other on national tv. shaunie I CAN’T believe you continue to allow women to behave in this manner all for ratings I now know why Shaq divorced you you are VERY SNEAKY and SHADY watch out Marlon I’m sure she’s controlling you to!!

  85. karen says:

    Okay, you have a show with a group of “grown” women who act like teenagers. Gossiping, talking about each other before or after they leave the room.Evelyn thinking she all high class but wears “colored” contacts?!?! Where they do that at? Keep it coming!!!!! I love it!!!!! You thought I was going somewhere else with this, didn’t you? Tami aint gone rip me to shreds. No thank you!!!

  86. karen says:

    PLEASE forgive me!!!!! I meant Jennifer……

  87. Lizza says:

    @roamingaround……That was funny but so true

  88. I see you says:

    @Gail…I thought I was the only one who thought that!!!!!! She really is an Evelyn fan and is jocking for that position..i truly believe she gets off on the fact that Evelyn and Jennifer aren’t cool anymore.

  89. Karen says:

    This show is an embarrassment to black women!!!!You all might as well have on white face. As an adult, teacher and parent it is sad to see what a group of women will do for a dollar. You will regret this when your 15 minutes expires and you reflect on this in your older, hopefully wiser days. Please stop marginalizing us!!!!

  90. Tracy says:

    Tammi you knew Jennifer did not want you at her event she’s seen to many times how you act when you are at events. Besides you couldn’t use your food stamps at her event anyway. At least she had enough class to let you down easy, because she knew if she had told you that she did not want you there, you would have started a fight with her right then and there. It doesn’t matter how much money you or Evelyn make off this show, neither of you have enough class to attend any of Jennifer’s event…stay in your lane.

  91. Jane & Edward says:

    KESHA — We have some constructive advice for you regarding dealing with a group of nasty and resentful females (Tami, Evelyn, Kenya, Shaunie, Suzie).
    First, stand your ground. Stop backing down to those that are attacking you. Tami, Evelyn & Kenya are not a threat to anybody but themselves.
    Tami, Evelyn, Kenya, and Shaunie should be best friends forever, because they are all suffering from a psychological disorder. They are all broken-hearted, bitter, frustrated, greedy, self-interest, rage, lack self-worth, and lack self-respect)
    Too Tall Tami & Evil Envious Evelyn created the word UGLY. These two female monsters, mobsters, and gang-bangers can pay for all the external beauty they like, but the y cannot buy intelligence, a kind heart, self-confidence, self-respect, and self-love.
    Shaunie, you are either a pathetic human being, or you take pleasure in the hostility and war of words, or you use Tami & Evelyn act out how you truly feel inside. Because your reaction at your birthday dinner, was sicken. You really helped by saying Evelyn would hurt Jennifer. You knew you were supporting useless Evelyn’s violent behavior.
    There was not one thing funny or entertaining about Tami endorsing the confrontation, and you supporting and encouraging the confrontation.

  92. Dana & Gale & Samatha says:


    Tami & Evelyn, we would like to offer you some positive advice (from sisters to sisters). Please take do a NeNe Leaks and take look back over your past behavior on every single episode. Do this only if you really care about the image you are portraying. We are sure you will find that your behavior was and continues to be disgusting, distasteful, destructive, and very disrespectful to your family, your cast mates, your viewers, and yourself. Your behavior as adults and as mothers is in no way positive, productive, constructive, funny, entertaining, nor healthy. Your mean spirit is eating up your souls.

    The Radio personalities, Radio listeners, BLOGS, Social Media, and Viewing Audience (Nation-wide) are going viral with disapproval of your behavior, extreme dislike for you, negative comments. Please seek help from our creator and seek psychological assistance, before your careers come to an end due to Viewers Petitions to VH1, Boycotts VH1 requesting your removal.

    The show is promoting violence, thereofe, it is very unhealthy for adults and the non-adults viewing audience.

  93. KALES says:


  94. angel' says:

    @Jane & Edward,there have been many comments on point pertaining to Too Tall Tami and Evil Evelyn,but the best comment came from the 2 of you. It was very on point. I definitely co-sign.

  95. DAFANIE says:

    I know that we all have faults. However, as women, as mothers, and as parents we should always think about our children.
    Tami & Evelyn How would you feel it your children were being harassed by a BULLY?
    How would your feel if your children were slapped in the face?
    How would you feel if your children were being verbally abused?
    How would you feel if your children were joked in school, about your juvenile behavior?
    Tami & Evelyn, we already know your answers. You do not care, because you are all about making money. You do not care, because you are all buying materialistic things. You do not care, because you are all about pleasing yourself. You do not care because you are all about beautifying yourself.

    Well unfortunately, money cannot buy your children quality time, respect, and true love.

  96. Jayla says:

    Who the hell do you and Evelyn think you are?? I mean really? NOBODY has to come to neither one of you. “Oh they should come to me instead of going to other people and discussing the problem they have wit me?”. Um, isn’t that all you and Evelyn ever do??? Talk about people all day?? Ya two are just too much drama for being so old!!

  97. Jennifer & Kesha Take It To The Legal Level says:

    Tami & Evelyn are two old alley bats.
    They feel that the other female cast mates should honor them, at all times.
    They feel they can take control the behavior of every female cast mate on the show.
    Evil Evelyn & Too Tall Tami are mentally unbalanced. This is why VH1 should remove them from the show. They are promoting violence.
    Shaunie and the Producers of the show should put these two hateful females in check. The other female cast mates should not have to endure harassment on their job. There is a law in place against Harassment in the workplace.
    Kesha & Jennifer exercise your rights, take it to the legal level, and make Evelyn & Tami put you on their payroll.

  98. Teresa says:


    Tami, why didn’t you not let your best friend Evelyn, knows that her pictures are lacking sophistication and good taste. Mainly due to the black poster in the picture. The poster is making explicit and offensive reference to sex / bodily function.

    The pictures are great, but didn’t Evelyn’s pictures remind you, that she had sexed up your ex-husband?

    Evelyn can earn a decent salary working for Hugh Hefner.
    Evelyn’s pictures should be in a porn magazine and not on a VH1 BLOG.
    When will Evelyn confirm that she is a porn star?

    She has already done enough adulterous acts in the sporting field, to put it mildly.

  99. Teresa says:

    Tami, why didn’t you not let your best friend Evelyn, knows that her pictures are lacking sophistication and good taste. Mainly due to the black poster in the picture. The poster is making explicit and offensive reference to sex / bodily function.
    The pictures are great, but didn’t Evelyn’s pictures remind you, that she had sexed up your ex-husband?
    Evelyn can earn a decent salary working for Hugh Hefner.
    Evelyn’s pictures should be in a porn magazine and not on a VH1 BLOG.
    When will Evelyn confirm that she is a porn star?
    She has already done enough free adulterous acts in the sporting field, to put it mildly.

  100. Cindy says:

    I agree with two important points made on here
    1. Chad Ochocinco is using Evelyn and if Evelyn would swollow her pride and apologize to Jen cos Jen was right aobut him unfortunately Evelyn will get her heart broken before she sees this.
    2.some of the behavior of some of these women . Tammi is embarressing to women of color.
    Tammie is a beautiful girl until she opens her mouth and then she lets all black women down.
    Just sayin !

  101. ta says:

    tami do your thing keep it real dont let nobody walk ver you

  102. FAYE says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having wine glasses thrown at them, and slapped in the face.

  103. Laneeta & Darrius says:

    Our post comments are with intentions to save a life. The cast mates have children, family, and friends that love them very much. Money, Fame, and Fortune can never replace those we truly love.
    VH1– Should not wait until a major incident happens, before addressing the cast member’s health issues (mental and emotional).
    If a cast mate, mental and emotional state of mind is a threat to them self or anybody, then VH1 Management & Producers should removed them from the set immediately.

    High ratings, popularity, and signed contracts should never take priority of a life-threatening situation.
    It is obvious to viewers across the globe that Tami, Evelyn, and Kenya are suffering from mental disorder.

  104. Editing Issue says:

    Tami & Kenya — What is the big deal if it is true that Kesha is involved with a BBW producer and is receiving special treatment and more flattering editing on the show? Before Kesha can on the show, Shaunie gave special treatment to Tami and Evelyn. Shaunie continues to give Tami & Evelyn special treatment. As far as the editing is concern, Kesha is representing and it is very pleasing to the viewers. We do not believe there is an editing issue. Because the editing issue did not become an issue, until Pretty Kesha came on the show. It is very unfair to blame Kesha for Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie uncivil behavior on the show. If Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie would conduct themselves like real ladies at all times, they would be no need to worry about the editing.

  105. Sisters says:

    Evelyn & Tami, we would like to know how the two of you can be very attractive on the outside, and have such an unclean inside. The words that come out of your mouths are dirty, filthy, foul, rotten, heartless, and down right cold-blooded. You are living proof that beauty is only skin-deep. You have proven to viewers across the globe that, what you see on the outside can be full of insanity on the inside. Your thuggish behavior and foul mouth wipes away all attractiveness.

  106. Shaunie Birthday Dinner says:

    To see Evelyn outside of Shaunie’s birthday dinner, waiting for Jennifer to come out, so that she could attack her , was truly pathetic. Evelyn mental state actually flipped back to her elementary school days. Evelyn & Tami do you not know that fully developed (adults), mothers, and parents do not go around acting like a kids, wannabe bullies, hooligans, thugs, and gang-bangers. This was a sick sight to see. If Tami & Evelyn are so obsessed with warfare, then they should join the Army, become a Boxed, or become a Wrestler. Because, we do not need this type of physical violence on National TV. The two of you conducts yourselves like mentally undeveloped females adults. You are running around with an adult body, with a child mind-set. By spending millions of dollars beautifying yourselves externally, will not help your psychological state of mind. This is a serious issue, which needs professional attention.

  107. Pathetic says:

    Shaunie, you are either a pathetic human being, or you take pleasure in the hostility and war of words, or you use Tami & Evelyn to act out how you truly feel inside. Because your reaction at your birthday dinner, was sicken (Evi, Evl, Elv, Elv) . You really helped by saying Evelyn would hurt Jennifer. You knew you were supporting useless Evelyn’s violent behavior. There was not one thing funny or entertaining about Tami endorsing the confrontation, and you supporting and encouraging the confrontation.

  108. Demons says:

    KENYA KESHA, JENNIFER- We do not support violence, but we do support people defending themselves from physical attacks. There is no law in place that is against a human being protecting themselves from physical assaults. However, why are you afraid to stand up for yourself? Why do you let words come out of your mouth that you are not willing to stand behind? Why are all of the females on the set, acting as if they are lacking intelligence in the area of Reality TV? We are sure that each one of you signed a contract to be paid to have your entire life to be recorded and be shown on National TV (the good and the bad). KENYA, my dear, do you not realize that what you said about Evelyn being loose is recorded. Stand up for yourself, or shut up and stop the gossiping. KENYA KESHA, JENNIFER- Tami and Evelyn are not gangsters, bullies, or gang-bangers, they are cowards. They are just running all over a group girls that are afraid of them. They have not met their match as of yet. Tami and Evelyn are NOTHING but weak , jealous, brokenhearted, and emotionally destroyed demons. KENYA KESHA, JENNIFER you need to pray these demon off of you. No weapon formed against our Heavenly Father children shall prosper.

  109. NorCali says:

    Shaunie do you read the comments to the blogs? If so, then you must be doing this for the money & fame. You are in my opinion culturing behavior that is down right uncivilized and immature….your promoting violence, immaturity and bullying on national t.v. Your no worse than a porn producer, pimping out these women and using them like garbage. Can’t wait to see the backlash to all this so we can teach our young ladies of today that violence and bullying is not the answer, just watch BBW as proof.

  110. sheila says:

    tami, i’ve just watched the first few minutes and i want to thank you for telling the story about your mom and your relationship with her. i have the same issue with my mom so i understand. just had to write immediately because a lot of this show is fighting/bickering and this is a change, has substance and it’s great you are going to therapy. i really applaud you for it and being open with all of us viewers. thanks again!

  111. Why says:

    Tami you are the one who is crazy….crazy …crazy…and even crazier to be on this show. Really are you truly showing respect to women with your nasty mouth. I thought you had a organization or foundation that repersented young girls.What you are showing them is that you get a plate form and act an ass….shacking my head…

  112. Miami says:

    I was truly a fan of Tammy even though she at times can get crazy. After the last episode, I couldn’t believe how Tammy was acting toward Keisha shaking her head like she was an ostrich in heat. What is the big deal if someone talks behind your back? If you had to confront every person about this, you would never be done. Address it if is said to you directly otherwise act a lady and disregard what someone doesn’t say to your face. So sad to see grown women act childishly.

  113. alma says:

    the last show i seen with you attacking keisha, was a disgrace, you are a 41yrs old lady acting like you or 20yrs old. If you drink and it bring the bad out of you, coundeling is available for someone like you. know one like some one being BULLY. You are on a pleasure trip, that you did not pay for and your acting like a child. this will have me not watching the show anymore. You were one of my favorite persons on the show but now you STINK.

  114. Tmeekie says:

    TAMI yo as is crazy, you are looking really bad you are not making older women look very classless not the roll model we need to be, tami we all need money but wear do we draw the line remember God is watching.

  115. Jenna Stone says:

    I am absolutely disgusted after watching the current episode. NOT only is Tami rude and obnoxious, she is a walking contradiction. You cant tell someone to handle things a certain way – by coming to you like a woman—while you are exuding the perfect example of what a woman should not be– loud, overbearing, and for the fainthearted-just plain “GHETTO & RATCHET”. I respect any woman who can stake a claim to her faults, but the way you approach a situation is completely disgusting. You make not just BLACK women- but any WOMAN who acts like you do look just as they should-like the fools you are!

    You can keep it real by knowing how to control your attitude, your mouth and your approach- because you will never get anything solved. Now you may approach the next BI&%H and she may pull a gun out the second you pop off at the mouth- then I’d like to see how you handle that situation. Just because you claim to be a product of your environment ( “they way I was raised…and where I come from”) doesn’t mean someone hasn’t had it worse than you- and that next person may just decide that your mouth should lead to the end of your life.

    Please seek help and therapy. Please think about how you embarrass yourself and anyone associated with you. You dont have to let anyone walk over you, but you are still a human, and you have to live by the same laws as the rest of us. GROW UP LITTLE GIRL.

    Until you do, I will pray for you.

  116. Please Get Professional Help! says:

    Tami, watching the episodes this season I have gone from liking you (mostly) to absolutely hating you and wishing the worse that life can offer you. But I’m at a point now where all the hate is gone and I have started to really feel sorry for you. There is seriously something wrong. You see things differently from the way they actually happened and that’s not normal. Your friends on the show are not true friends because they don’t care enough about you to even be concerned. There are no excuses for your repeated bad behavior. The only positive thing you can do at this point is to really get serious about getting some help. A lightweight therapy session is not enough. Who can say where all your problems come from? It’s going to take deep psychological counseling and probably some meds to get the help you need. Your condition is treatable, but only if you want to change. At this point I blame Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie more than I blame you. You obviously can’t see it and you can’t help yourself. They have no excuse for sitting by watching and laughing
    when they have to know that something is terribly wrong with you. It’s not just the alcohol either, unless you are drinking 24/7. I have a friend about your age who has been through so much hardship, abuse and betrayal in her life that it would make your life look like a fairytale. Yet, in
    spite of all this, she is the sweetest, most supportive person I have ever met. She is always the
    first to step up when someone needs help and is the most giving person. Everyone just loves her
    and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say a bad word about anyone. She also has no problem
    speaking up when she sees something wrong going down. You maybe had no control over what happened to you in the past and there’s no point in continuing to relive it and let it define you.
    You are only wasting what’s left of your life by hanging on to the past. Let it go and do the best you can for yourself and your family from this point forward. This IS within your control. I’m still highly disgusted by your treatment of other human beings, don’t get me wrong. But as a human being with compassion for all other humans, I truly hope you can get the help you need.

  117. BasketballFan says:

    Tami, you seriously need and deserve all the negativity your receiveing right now…. Especially from Vh1, Shed, and the Editors….. Why? Welp, you accused them of being “PAID OFF” and being in KESHA’S pocket when you said, ( and I quote) “WHATEVER KESHA IS PAYING YOU, I’LL DOUBLE IT”…. Welp sweet pea, Shaunie is an Executive Producer, RIGHT??? Hasn’t Shaunie shown favortism to you and Evelyn??? Didn’t Shaunie and Eve REFUSE to film with Royce because she REFUSED to kiss their as??? Is that not BIAS?? Shaunie is a producer, RIGHT? And, didn’t Shaunie side with YOU when you bullied and picked on MEEKA and then get her kicked off the show? DID SHAUNIE NOT side with Evelyn on Jennifer and allow Nia to slap her and allow Evelyn to publicly bully/humiliate/intimidate her on numerous occasions??? Didn’t Shaunie side with Evelyn on Suzie/Vegas DRAMA! Shaunie side with you and Evelyn even when y’all WRONG! So shut up about Kesha has a PRODUCER in her pocket because you know darn well that you and Evelyn has had a EXECUTIVE PRODUCER in Y’all POCKET from day 1 hypocrite! Aint no fun when the rabbit has the gun…. LEARN FROM YOUR FAILURES Tami, OR FAIL TO LEARN! <– (which you're doing an excellent job of that already)

  118. Carla says:

    Tami & Evelyn…
    All I can say is im glad Evelyn daughter is an adult and Tami, you have two teenage daughters and i hope and pray they dont try to emulate your wreckless behavior…its just not cute!!!…I’ve been a fan of the show from the beginning but with your utter disrespect for others I cant even stomach watching it…Tami, all you’ve done was get drunk and try attack people since you came on the show…not very ladylike AT ALL!!!
    I understand that we as the viewers dont see EVERYTHING and that theres a lot of editing done before the show airs but there is no excuse for 2 BEAUTIFUL women to act like you do and in the real world both of you would have been dealt with by now…I have all the respect in the world for Royce because she’s the smallest in the bunch but not afraid to step to either one of you…maybe the others could learn something from her…Its sad that the women that wont back down to yall are too classy to be a part of such a classless production…There’s nothing positive that could come out of this…
    And Susie…somebody needs to chin check her ass…she’s always running her mouth…it never stops and she’s always saying she’s not getting in the middle of the drama but she IS IN THE MIDDLE cuz she runs her mouth CONSTANTLY!!!
    I could go on and on about what I feel this show has become but I won’t…Ladies, step it up and try to be better role models for the next generation if you’re going to continue to be in the spotlight.

  119. Lala Sanchez says: