Mob Wives – Episode 11 – My Whole Life Is Melting


This week is a story of how much the men we love can change our lives. For Carla, Drita, and Big Ang, their ex-husbands come with some baggage, but it’s carry-on sized compared to the enormous Smarte Carte Renee must wheel through security this week.

Woop woop! Drita’s a woman on the prowl! I love that Drita is the type of woman who could seriously have her pick of men, and yet she confesses that she has no game at all. Basically, her pickup lines involve asking men if they like to be punched, and then her punching them, whether or not they say yes. These subtitles basically tell a hilarious story of Drita’s night out.

At a certain point in the night, Drita spots a guy that seems vaguely familiar, and it turns out he knows Lee, which is an instant buzzkill for Drita. She takes one final shot and leaves, because she’s lost the will to punch any other men.

Big Ang, Karen, and Ramona shoot the breeze and discuss their family friendships because Ang’s uncle, Sally Dogs, was good friends with Sammy The Bull. They all reminisce about the good old days when they were flush with gifts and wiseguy money was lavished on them. Those days are long gone though. But if you were wondering where Big Ang got her personality, she tells a story of her mother sneaking vodka into the prison for her uncle with baby bottles hidden under her boobs. Oh, if only Mrs. Big Ang was here, that show would be amazing.

Even crazier than the baby bottle story is Big Ang’s arrest story. Her friend wore a wire to rat her out. “She had the wire on in the bathroom while I was peeing, and you hear it. On the tapes. Me peeing. That is the grossest thing,” Ang says.

“Lately I’m noticing a very big gap between Junior and I,” Renee says. “My spirit is definitely broken.”

Junior is about to be sentenced after his arrest from last year, and losing Junior is weighing on Renee very heavily, as is the fact that Renee still suspects that other women are still in Junior’s life. She addresses the issue that they aren’t very romantic toward one another and Junior basically calls her out for her bad attitude lately that turns him off. Which basically proves the point I learned from that episode of Square Pegs that men are pigs.

In her fragile state, Renee tells Junior that his going to prison “Is killing me inside.” He promises her “I’ll be here for you.”

But that’s a promise that’s about to ring hollow.

But before we get to that, let’s discuss the greatest opening line to a story ever, delivered, of course, by Big Ang, when she says “I have this husband…”

“I’ve been married to Neil two and a half years. When I met Neil at the Drunken Monkey four and a half years ago I thought he was very cute. And then all of a sudden everything changed. My husband is a cheater, sneaky, stay out all night drunk. From the minute we got married, it’s been nothing but a f—ing disaster. Dis-as-ter,” goes the tale of Big Ang’s marriage. Drita invites Ang out to speed dating, which Ang calls “for the really desperate” but more importantly, you can’t go from a street guy to a regular guy. “It don’t work!” she says. Carla’s husband Joe also has some opinions on speed dating, as he basically tells her what it is. “Did you speed date in prison, something I didn’t know about? He knew more than me, what the f—?”

But I don’t WANT Carla to go to speed dating, I want her to stay with Joooooe. I mean, when you hear “Her husband was in prison for six years and he was just released from a halfway house and they’re divorced,” sure, it sounds like I should not root for them as a couple, but I AM. They are so CUTE together. He’s complimenting her butt! And talking about how he walked in and thought “Wow, that girl is beautiful,” and when Carla asked him who he was referring to, he replied “Like, when I seen you.” I CAN’T.
I love this guy!

At the actual speed dating event, Drita is hilariously nervous about meeting these men, who all happen to be firemen. A lot of these men are from other cities, which Drita’s not into (“Long distance is no different than dating a man in prison”, or they’re engaged (??), or they’re weirdly aggressive (“Get your [divorce] paperwork pushed through and let’s press fast-forward!”).

Weirder still is the fact that these are men who “go to sleep, wake up, go to work…Like, they have alarm clocks.” Drita and Carla leave speed dating with no promising dates, but Drita did manage to dish out some advice to some of the men while she was there. “Never get married.”

Renee wakes up the next day to find herself alone and full of anxiety. Once again, Junior has left the house without saying goodbye, though he did leave her a letter.

This letter is shattering, confusing, and upending because it’s not just a confession that he’s turning himself in to the Feds, but it’s a goodbye letter. “Junior has turned himself in,” Renee says. “I’m totally freaked out because I don’t know who to call, so I start calling Nikole and Karen,” who eventually both arrive to her house.

“When you turn yourself in, where do you turn yourself in to?” Renee asks, making additional calls to Junior’s parole officer and various law enforcement agencies. “I’m stressed, I’m confused, I’m devastated, I’m totally in the dark.”

She calls Ramona and reads off a portion of the letter that states “I love you, I’ll always love you, this is our last day” which is probably the most devastating line of all because what the hell does that even mean? It’s so final.

“The whole goodbye letter is so weird to me,” Karen says, and she seems suspicious of Junior’s behavior. She’s also incredibly worries about Renee’s well-being because Renee is definitely in a really fragile place and she’s about to break down. “I’m ready to go,” Renee emotionally says, and it’s frightening because she’s very clear what she means by “go.” “I don’t wanna live,” she says.

She calms down long enough to call the prison to find out where Junior is being held, and at first, it doesn’t go well. The operator won’t divulge any information at all, so Renee ends the call, telling her to “Go f— yourself.” Nikole calls back right away and takes a more calm approach, although the operator is totally on to her asking “Are you the lady that just called?” but even though it’s kind of clear what’s going on, the operator manages to tell Nikole that she can actually see Junior from where she’s sitting and she knows his name. That’s an oddly chatty, TMI-move from an operator that refuses to give out any additional information. Karen is like, really?

Renee’s emotions start to manifest into physical illness and she runs to the bathroom to get sick and she begins to break down all over again. Karen literally boosts her up and has to hold her and talk her through the ordeal and again, it’s heartbreaking to watch.

But the worst is still yet to come…Renee, while on the phone with her cousin and explaining the situation, hears what’s going on on the other end of the phone, and it is the worst imaginable scenario.

“I’m on the phone with my cousin, who’s at my dad’s house,” Renee explains. “All of a sudden I hear a lot of commotion going on. After all the commotion, it becomes quiet on the phone and I hear ‘It’s the police’…I’m completely terrified, and I automatically know that they came to take my father away.”
Renee, who for so long has appeared as an imposing woman, intimidated by no one, shows us that right now, she’s a wife and a daughter whose life has been flung into chaos in the course of hours and she’s never seemed more diminutive.

“I can’t save my family,” she cries. “And I feel so helpless.”

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  1. Katie says:

    OH MY GOD.. 45 mins of Rene screaming bloody murder is PAINFUL enough. She should NOT be on TV anymore. She is clearly not healthy and not in the frame of mind to be filmed. Her sister should be ashamed of herself. And her rat bas ta dard of a husband should be asahmed of himself. He is the one who caused his father in law ( rene’s dad ) to get locked up. What a disaster. Please VH1.. GET THIS CHICK OFF TV.

  2. Lea says:

    Kinda confused when Renee gets the letter. … When Renee comes down stairs and begins reading the letter ( pan to the first pic above with the letter) she has on a purple nail polish and a different shirt. She gets upset from reading the note from Jr, goes to light a cigarette on the stove and comes back wearing a different shirt and red nail polish. This totally confused me and has me wondering if this scene is real or is VH1 having Renee hype this up along with everything else. Kinda disappointed, it took away from the pain I was witnessing Renee going through. This isn’t good for the show.

  3. Vanessa says:

    IDk if the ladies read these comments or not but in case they do…my heart goes out to Renee. God Bless and hang in there Renee. I heard of these news back in Nov. or Dec. and I felt sad for this family but seeing it tonight was horrible. I can’t believe her husband could do such a horrible thing to his SON!!! My daughters and I absolutely LOVE Mob Wives. These ladies are awsome and look like so much FUN to be around…

  4. Auntie M says:

    She can’t be hyping it up for the show… No way!.” I feel so helpless!!!!” When you are in this hard place, everything inside u, all the pain and fear, balls up like fire inside you! You suffer when they suffer and only someone who has been in those shoes understands EXACTLY how that feels. No one should ever wish it on anyone, no family should ever be put through it! It is a true tragedy and my heart goes out to Renee and all the wives and their children, and family, and the men. They are fearful on the inside, just as we are out here, and no one is better off than the other! We have to pray hard and find strength to pull through. Hold on tight to that bond that you have with your man no matter how far or for how long, never stop loving them and supporting one another!

  5. Debra says:

    I feel so bad for Renee. She reminds me so much of my sister who has passed away. Both are loud and forceful, but when faced with huge obstacles, they fall apart and need someone to pick up the pieces. My sister turned to drugs to get through hopefully Renee won’t get caught in that trap. She also might benefit from some hormone therapy. I don’t like where this is going, cause it now looks like Junior has ratted out some family members, and is probably either going to go to a high security prison or is gonna be put in witness protection. That will totally destroy Renee.

  6. latriece says:

    i love your show! ;)

  7. cindi says:

    Your fans are here 4 you Renee. You’ve been through alot, my prayers to you and your family.

  8. dawn says:

    i saw the nail polish too- and i have to agree- RUINED the show for me.
    CLEARLY this scene was reshot. COME ON VH-1- you need to adress this or hire new editors!

  9. Sharon from Everett, WA says:

    Honestly Renee, you have got to just stop with crying, screaming, and carrying on like a mad hatter. Stop it. ANYONE can control their behavior, and you do, only in a negative way.
    You may think people enjoy your theatrics, no they don’t, It gets old, and fast. Stop it!
    Go to the grocery store and get some calming tea, or get off the show, it seems you put on quite a show in front of the cameras. Truly Renee, no one likes these phony outbursts.
    It’s ridiculous.

  10. rosie says:

    So when she first starts reading the letter her nails r painted purple but when she is cOming people and freaking out her nails r red????

  11. rosie says:

    Lol I didn’t read the above comments I am glad others noticed it also it makes me mad that it is scripted…….. Whole show is ruined!!!!

  12. lori says:

    My heart goes out to Renee for all that is going on with her right now, but I have been watching the show and just want Renee to know that even though she has been through so much. She is a very strong willed woman who will show the world that it’s ok to breakdown when things get bad, but you can always pull yourself back up. You need your supportive friends, family, and don’t forget all the fans that support you Renee. We are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and ready to see that you finally get a break. Take care Woman and holla.

  13. HBIC! says:

    I watch the first two episodes in the first season and stop watching, I see this and read this I going to watch these video’s online right now. This is a sad story for any woman and I feel bad for her and her family.

    I did not read anyone comments before I posted. Maybe I can be wrong because like I said I watch two episodes in the first season.

  14. Jenn says:

    My heart goes for u and ur son Renee. I hope things get better for u and ur family.

  15. JAJAJK says:

    to the people who say it was re shot/ she read the letter earlier in the day and probably painted her nail some point in the day/ just aying

  16. BRENDA says:


  17. kimmiewho says:

    I would like to send prayers to Renee. I am so sorry your are struggling in pain with the loss of your family, Hang in there you are very strong. Also, to Karen for coming over asap to help your friend… that is what a true friend does..

  18. thelma says:

    i think i no why her husband was distance with her from the episiode i think rene husband rated ‘ her dad out and she needs to go to the doc to gt a shot of med to calm her down dam i had to turn the tv off

  19. Storm says:

    The nail polish issue didn’t bother me, what bothered me was:

    Carla’s husband, living at a halfway house, couldn’t go to Drita’s Halloween party because June’ya, a known felon, was going to be there…yet, Renee’s father, living at a half way house, is allowed visits from June’ya, a known felon.

    Hmmmm, that should have been the first tip off!

  20. Lee Lee says:

    It is ironic that Renee is now is Karen’s shoes when it comes to a snitch and loosing your family.The first season Renee despised someone like Karen and her family, but now the shoe is on the other foot. Karen lost her father while Renee is loosing her father and her husband! But like Renee said ” You can’t blame the government they are just doing their job.”

  21. Three says:

    Look I know reality shows aren’t “real” and are edited big time; aware of re-shoots and scenes/scenarios being set-up too. But to re-shoot either the scene in which she reads the letter with the purple nails, or the one in which she begins calling friends makes me call into question anything that has ever happened in this show and has lost all credibility. That editing was meant to lead us to believe that was all in one moment, with fluidity of emotion, and it was blatantly misleading and disingenuous. The fact is, Renee was either feigning the emotion (and that forced hand shaking she does which I find so silly) when she was reading the letter or afterwards and it’s insulting to the audience. This is one of the most put-on, over-the-top reality shows of all time. Renee behaves like a clown and is a bad actor. I don’t feel sorry for at all. This episode was the last for me. It’s just laughable. And if Renee isn’t feigning that silly, crazy, histrionic, behavior for the sake of the show, then she is a sad sad woman. A joke really. I mean, the screaming over the crumbs was with the same intensity as the screaming of her father being “picked-up.” Realy? Get a grip. Or a better acting coach. Or off television would be nice. For my own peace do mind I have to convince myself it’s an act and that that person doesn’t really exist in the real world. Ugh. Methinks this whole storyline was written long before they began shooting season two, and that it didn’t just conveniently unfold while the cameras started rolling during this time frame. Nope. Not very plausible IMO. I feel suckered with this one.

  22. Rae says:

    Question 1. – How can Renee reads the letter with black nail polish & black shirt & then turns around after lighting a cigarette with a purple shirt & red nail polish? ,
    Question 2 – How come Karen, the one she hated the most, is the only one there 4 her, aside from Monica?
    Question 3 – How can Renee’s sister/cousin (?), the producer of the show, allow Renee to practically “Die” right in front of the public? Renee needs serious counceling…..just sayin….I like her.

  23. Rae says:


  24. Margaux M says:

    Hey VH1 – If you want us to believe in the authenticity of the moments we are watching and have invested our time in, have some consistency. I get how “reality” television works. I’ve been involved in reality show tapings, etc., and unless you are an idiot, you understand that there is quite a bit of leeway in the term “reality”. Scenes are set-up, re-shot, there are multiple takes, etc., BUT at the bare minimum, the essence of the show needs to be as authentic as possible.

    Renee’s meltdown is BS. Next time you are shooting someone’s crying antics and huge revelation, make sure their nail polish is the same color!!!!!!!!!! Which version of Renee’s meltdown was really the true reaction to Junior’s letter???

    Take a few more minutes in post-production when you are editing together the show.

  25. Anna Trandicosta says:

    Dear Renee

    Don’t believe Junior did it to save his own skin. i believe he was threatened and he’s giving up himself for your son’s life. imagine the nightemare he went thru trying to make this decision…my son or my father-in-law. unfortunately he chose well. he knows his life now is to be very short. what a sacrifice for one man to make BY HIMSELF. What mental torture he must have been going thru not to be able to discuss this with anyone. no wonder he wasn’t in romantic moods. he knew it would be suicide for him to cooperate. But they may have threatened to make AJ’s life a living hell if he didn’t. One so innocent. what i would do? let him know i know why he did it and i agree with him and will love him to the end and forever. but don’t tell your son. he will feel the burden all his life if you do. God bless you and your little family and stay strong for AJ AND Junior…and yourself, too. You are now the glue that binds the 3 of you. I can feel your pain. i will continue to lite candles and pray for the 3 of you.
    Anna T.

  26. Crystal says:

    In this situation, i believe God is trying to put her life in order. God to me, took Lee and her dad to give her a reality check. The men in her life is causing her melt down. The estrange relationship her and her dad have should be broken and rebuilt, no daughter (even sons) should be without that their dad. Her husband Lee, chooses to be distant instead of the man she needs. When she removed his stuff from her house, last season, she should have kept it that way but she did what we all do, keep hoping for better days and let him back in. Her son, as stressed as he is and should feel under these circumstance, should want to be there for his mom but young men at that age tend to think selfishly and pull away from their parents. So Renee, from my heart it was necessary…so you can make yourself over to be an independant woman and mother you need to be for yourself and your son. This life, as i observed, doesn’t promise tomorrow…so take this time to take care of you…Like RuPaul says, how the h- you going to love someone else, if you can’t love yourself…Its okay to cry and scream, but you have to get on with your life