The Cast Of Mob Wives Rallies Around Renee On Twitter To Show Their Support


It’s one thing to live through a nightmarish family trauma (let alone two in one day, as Renee Graziano did on tonight’s Mob Wives), but what has to be even more painful is watching it all play out on TV again, months after it happened. Renee has had to relive the pain she dealt with as Junior turned himself in (after falsely promising he would always be there for her) as well as listening on the phone while the police took her father in. So what did she and her cast mates think as they watched the scenario back on TV? Here are their live-tweets from tonight’s episode. Renee, we know this is tough, but your girls (and the rest of us!) totally have your back. And if you want to discuss the episode on Twitter, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #JuniorsSecret.

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  1. kelly says:

    So sorry Renee..Keep your head up you are a strong woman..

  2. Aly says:

    Big ang! Love you! What’s the name of the food store you and Drita were at on tonight’s episode! I must go there!

  3. denise says:

    Its was heart breaking to watch been through this, my family also connected to Carla Facciolo so I know that life style. But Renee has to be strong pick up the pieces and go on with her life. I waited for someone 23 years. Then realized one day I was done with it. So yes you can escape this life style. Be strong Renee you have a son that needs you.

  4. Diana Toraya says:

    Renee and A.J, Im soooo sorry about what Junior has done to your family. I want to express my deepest thoughts and Prayers for you and your Family in this Horrible time. I got you back and if u need anything im here. Remeber God has Got your Back.. Stay Strong . Much love, Diana

  5. Jenna says:

    Renee and AJ I am sad to hear about the news of Junior. I believe he was distancing himself from you and AJ since he knew he caught this 2nd charge. He really was trying to protect you and your son. I wish that he could have told you sooner so both you and him could work things out. I believe this knowledge was just eating at him and that is why he couldn’t face you and left the letter. I am so sorry you had to find out this way.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your son and your family at this time. I know you don’t know me but if you need a shoulder I am there for you.
    Stand strong in your faith and make sure you have a good support system.
    Take Care Renee,

  6. Electra Thomas says:

    Renee. I truly adore you and I am so sorry for the situation with JR. But as you know your son will need you know so, I will keep the both of you in my prayers … Love is a very difficult thing , and you are such a beautiful woman, you won’t be alone lone if you let yourdelf enjoy life. Stay strong and God is always with you … Stay strong because you are that superwomman..

  7. joann says:

    renee, your a strong beautiful lady think positive you have a wonderful son everything will be okay we love you!!!!

  8. Debbie Benavides says:

    Hey Renee, it hard to go thru rough times, but hang in there, you are a really strong woman

  9. Audrey 'Huff-Stuff' Fulton says:

    My prayers goes out for you Renee; I can only imagine what you may be going thru, but you must remain strong; I realize that you may love both your ex-husband & dad very much, but you MUST learn to love yourself even more; besides, you have a son (AJ) that needs you, for who knows what life changes may bring to him; and by you going thru this TEST, yes TEST, the Good Lord will bring you thru to be an even my stronger vessel; be patience and pray, and you will come through on the other side; My prayers are with you and your family:-)

  10. Mari says:

    This is such BS, why is Carla just posting this LAST NIGHT, when this happened months ago….this show is starting to lose a fan….#teamDrita

  11. Judy says:

    Renee, My heart broke for you girl, but I see an inner strength in you that will and will always overcome the obstacles that is thrown into your life, I’ve gone through what you have (somewhat) and I know how that loneliness and desperation fills a persons thoughts. I never believed I would get through it but THANK GOD for my children and the lessons I HAD learned before that tramatic experience, I know you have that same determination that I have, and I KNOW GIRL YOU CAN, AND WILL OVERCOME THIS!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you and AJ. Stay tough girly :) All my love and positive thinking to you.

  12. Jacy says:

    TO ALL OF THE MOB WIVES GIRLS::: IT IS TIME TO PUT DIFFERENCES AND HOSTILITIES BEHIND YOU AND RALLY AROUND OUR GIRL RENEE, I know I don’t know any of you but I feel as if I do, and I see a strength in the friendships that have tried to be defeated through selfishness, self destruction, and misconceptions. Don’t let what is precious (friendships) be destoryed through stupidity. Thoughts and prayers always

  13. Michele says:

    Seriously now…get over it! You get exactly what you deserve along with the life style and the fact that you go on tv exploiting it all?? I mean do you really have nothing better to do??

  14. dawn says:

    yes- very sad. but can someone explain why she is wearing BLACK nailpolish when she reads the letter and then goes to light a cigarette and goes back to call nikole and karen, but her nailpolish is RED AND CHPPED?? come on VH-1- GET IT TOGETHER!
    clearly this scene had to be reshot and the drama recreated, but we didnt need to know that. FIRE THOS HORRIBLE EDITORS.

  15. Brian Denniston says:

    Renee says she will waite the 7 years for Junior. Who wouldn’t waite?
    The man is GORGEOUS !
    Junior (Hector) Pagan should be People Magazine’s next Sexiest Man Alive !

  16. Tonya Rearick says:

    I loveeeeeeee this show.. However, Renee sooo needs to get a grip! I think, as women, we have all felt this way. and worse, internally at different times. With all that we go through, as women. However, that’s when you have to reach down and pull it out!!!!! And not let it show through on the outside like that.. It’s embarrassing. And, if not for yourself, good grief, for your child!!!!! He needs SOMEONE… That’s where you should get your strength, from knowing you have a son whom looks to you for support and strength. In my opinion, and I’ve been through A LOT!!!!! You just have to show strength in order to maintain dignity as well as the support for your child!!!!!! GET A FRIGGIN’ GRIP!!!!! GOOD GRIEF!

  17. Tonya Rearick says:

    Thanks Dawn, for pointing out the nailpolish thing… I love the show but,,, knowing that makes me not think so much of it.. I mean, Im sure they edit and whatever but,, I felt it was a little more “reality” than,,, obviously, what it is!!!! ugh,, that SUX!!!!!

  18. Renee, be strong for your Son, you have always been his rock and support when his Father hasn’t been able to be there for him… the girls are there for YOU and to give You support as well as your TV watcher family….. you’re in my thoughts and prayers….<3

  19. Nancy says:

    I feel bad for Renee because she as a good wife want to take care of her family and for her to be slapped in the face with her husband ratting out and putting her father at risk is a hard thing to deal with, let alone on a TV show. Renee has some balls you are a strong women.

  20. Colleen Simpson says:

    it was horrible to watch…my heart broke for her. What men do to women. I wish we could all just give her a big hug.

  21. CUTIE says:

    I cried with you Renee when i saw the show. You have to pray and say to yourself it is not forever! Junior will come back to you, your dad will come back to you! we all just have to pray. Renee GOD BLESS YOU and AJ and your familia!!!! My heart goes out to you!!!!!

  22. Dawn says:

    BTW, whoever edits the show should pay more attention to detail. I can’t be the only one who noticed the nail polish fiasco. Come on people. That aside, Renee, you were the one who had the balls in the family. Don’t forget that and hang onto it, you’re tougher than you think.

  23. Elaine says:

    This happened back in late December or early January, why is everyone acting brand new about it?

  24. cathy says:

    Renee,you’re not alone.You have me on your side and you taught me how to be strong….I was crying hysterically last night.My prayers are with you and AJ.I know what a broken heart and disappointment is.I look up to you and the rest of the girls like family ever since season 1 began.I watch the show every week….I’m not going anywhere cause I know this a difficult time for you and your son.

  25. Adrenne says:

    Renee, your father lived and honored the code all his life. That was the reason why he was dead
    set against this Mob wives SHOW. He knew it would ruin this secret society. He was being watched in his sleep and all this on a microscope. Can we get the details on why Jr. is at the top of the list for being the RAT. YOU LIVE BY THE CODE AND YOU MUST DIE BY THE CODE. Should keep it on the down low. Damage done already. My prayers are with your dad. He was the one that stayed TRUE! Your dad knew this was AGAINST everything he believed in all his life, so he had to turn his back to you. Killed him too. All the families that were broken up because of this RAT.
    Way back at the being of the show youwere told about Karen, you were told to stay away from her and not to talk to her. Your should have kept you distance. Your Papi was right all along. He is suffering now.

  26. Tess says:

    Renee you need to realize who ur true friends r!! Did u call karen instead of Carla cuz she had experiences with snitches? I dont get it..You shoulda dumped jrs ass when he got that girl pregnant! For Good! Im prayin for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And DROP THAT BOUTHANA RAMOANER! She doesnt even like you! She rolls her eyes and makes faces at you and said she wished she had a muzzle for you! Stick with ur real friends

  27. MB says:

    I don’t know the lifestyle, but I DO know a brokenhearted woman when I see one. Renee, we never get to pick who our heart chooses. I can’t imagine the torment of what you are going through. I can only borrow my Mom’s words of wisdom: WOMEN ARE LIKE TEABAGS, THEY NEVER KNOW HOW STRONG THEY ARE UNTIL THEY ARE DROPPED IN HOT WATER.
    IF GOD BRINGS YOU TO IT, GOD WILL GET YOU THROUGH IT.(I really believe the second one but, sadly, God’s schedule and mine are COMPLETELY different).

  28. E. Hopkins says:

    We got your back from Jersey. Renee, a rat is a rat and that is the end of the story. Wait till Jurior see’s the sunshine but only for 1 minute. He did this while knowing he was even on a TV show? Is this a joke or what?

  29. Hazeleyesnatl says:

    I am watching the latest show of Mob Wifes. This Renee chic is crazy. She is so full of drama. This lady need to check herself into a hospital and go on the crazy pills. Even her son don’t want to be bother w/ her sometimes b/c he knows how crazy she is. She needs to serious help and her being on the show is not helping.

  30. hazeleysnatl says:

    I am reading a lot of the comments. I can’t believe that u guys r falling for this. They know what is going to happen before they started taping. I just have a hard time believe that her husband turned himself and on the same day, her father gets locked up. Wow!

  31. Tobi Brownlow says:

    Dear Renea-
    I am a fan of the show! It is not typically the type of show I would normally watch – but I find you, the girls, and your lives so interesting – Not to mention BRAVE! There is no way I would ever put up with what you have had to with Junior! You have a beautiful soul and you deserve better! I know you love him that is obvious, but sometimetimes the things we want the most aren’t always the best things for us. With time the pain that you feel will begin to subside, but the betrayal will always be a scar on your heart, wear it proudly, a symbol that no man will ever have the opportunity to hurt you again in this way. I believe in you. I hope the very best for you and AJ. My thoughts and prayers are with you – be strong!

  32. Toni says:

    I remember the first season, the first episode I believe. Renee had such an issue with Karen returning because she was the daughter of a snitch. Now the tables are turned. It just shows that anyone is capable of becoming a snitch when faced with time. It is true … her life will never be the same.

    P.S. – Her sister tweeted that these episodes were hard for her to make. Money will make you do anything.

  33. Missi says:

    Renee when I saw this episode I sat on my couch and cried and my heart broke for you. Im not sure why but you remind me a lot of my mother.. And when I saw this it just killed me. You are a very strong women and you can get through this. You have a lot of wonderrful women there for you. You are in my prayers Renee.
    Much Love,